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Mission Tires On My New 5th Wheel Trailer
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TUCSON -- I bought a new 5th wheel trailer hitchhiker discover America, April of 2009 put about 3500 miles on it and had a blow out on the side wall MISSION CHINA tires 235/80R16 ST tires pure junk tires. No warranty on tires HITCHHIKER AND BEAUDRY would not do a thing I didn't think they would. These tires are only rated for 55 mph only. I took all 5 off and put on LT235 85 R16 they are a little taller but they don't touch.

If I had to do it over again I would have them change out the tires to AMERICAN made LT tires before I bought the trailer, I have had many trailers and the ST tires are never any good.
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Hugh_Jorgen on 08/07/2009:
You might want to rethink the use of Light Truck (LT) tires on a trailer. Because of the extreme loads placed on the sidewalls of trailer tires when executing a turn, trailer tires (type ST) are manufactured with much heavier sidewalls than car and truck tires. They also have much better UV protection than standard tires because that trailer tires spend a lot more time sitting out exposed to sunlight.

While I know "lots" of folks use LT tires on trailers, you might want to read some of RV forums online and read some of the threads on this very topic. Using an LT tire in a non-approved application will probably void any warranty you might have.

Goodyear Marathon ST radials have always given me good service. While I have read that some of the Marathons are now made overseas, Goodyear has always stood behind their products.

One last thought - the biggest causes of tire failures on trailers is underinflation and overloading. You might put your trailer on a truck scale to see if you are overloading your new trailer. I have seen a lot of newer trailers that only have a few hundred pounds of carrying capacity before exceeding the weight rating listed on the data plate.

Good luck and safe travels.
wineless in Raleigh on 08/18/2009:
I had a Mission tire blowout on Sunday 8/16/09. On the tire is an 800 phone number you can call. Mission tire importer is in California, and when I called, they offered to replace the tire, or reimburse me for the replacement cost of a different tire. The may also pay the cost of repairs to my fifth wheel, which sustained damage from the tire tread as it pealed off.
The people were very helpful. All they need is your blown out tire returned at their expense so they can determine if the cause was a mfg defect.
wineless in Raleigh on 08/18/2009:
One thing I forgot to mention is that Mission has a 4 year warranty, beginning at the date of manufacture. They will explain it to you when you call them.
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Breaudry RV in Tucson AZ - Complaint
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TUCSON, ARIZONA -- We recently needed some warranty work done our new 2008 Monaco Diplomat. Some major issues like an air leak came up which needed immediate attention. After talking with Monaco about them, they directed us to Beaudry RV in Tucson, AZ.

We got an appointment and with through the problems with the coach. I hand the service advisor a list of things they may need attention. I specifically stated to her not to do anything that was not covered by warranty. Sounds clear enough.

Not to bore you, but to give you an idea of what they were to work on I list two of the problems:

One problem was the curb rear slide would sometimes stick when it was going out, and need to stop and start several times before it would complete the full extension. The problem was intermittent.

Another problem is that the air horn module started blowing fuses and melted the air line that feed air to the horns. I was able to temporary patch it with the help of Monaco Technical Support till I got to Beaudry in Tucson. The technician at Monaco stated that I should still be able to use the street horn. Well that didn’t work either. HERE IS THE KICKER: I told Beaudry that I did not think I had a street horn (just a air horn), but the technician at Monaco said I did.

HERE IS THE RIP OFF: When I went to pick up the coach they would not release the coach until I paid them nearly $200 for diagnostic charges on items that they were unable to fix. One of the things that charged me for was telling me that there was no street horn for this coach. I said that when I checked in, but it was Monaco’s Technician in Indiana that said that I should still have a street horn. When I complained about the charge they said to take it up with Monaco.


RECOMMENDATIONS: If you are travelers like us, don’t stop at Beaudry RV in Tucson, AZ for service. I can’t speak for the other two locations, but I am sure that they are all run the same.
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Hugh_Jorgen on 04/24/2008:
I would take this up with Monaco and see if they will refund your $200 - generally, their reputation is very good.

I gave up on Beaudry when a friend here in my town was buying a new motorhome - Beaudry advertises heavily in RV magazines and claims they will beat anyone's price. He called to compare their price to what he was getting here - they required a non-reundable $2000 deposit before they would quote a price.

They claimed it was to make sure he was a serious buyer and when he bought from them it would be applied to the purchase price. He just wanted to know if the discount was going to be substantial enough to make it worth traveling across the country, but they absolutely refused to discuss it until he gave them a credit card number. Needless to say, he bought his motorhome locally.
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Questionable sales tactics
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TUCSON, ARIZONA -- Customer Service Manager,

As a frequent user of your company, I feel obligated to share with you my experience.

On the afternoon of Tues, Feb 27th,my father, Karl H. Nilsen, decided to waste some time looking at the new RV's at Beaudry RV while he was waiting for a part to be installed at Camping World. An overly anxious salesman accompanied him trying to sell him on this 2000 Dynasty 40 foot King So. My father told him he wasn't interested in buying. He was just curious and wanted to look but the salesman kept badgering and cajoling him saying things like 'Let's just run the numbers and take a look at it for fun'. My father was tired and sick from a bad cold, lonely and emotional drained having just returned to Arizona from his son's funeral in Washington. In a moment of weakness he was tricked into signing the contract to purchase the RV for $274,000.
In the morning he realized he could in no way afford the new RV nor did he even want it. When he returned to your dealership and told them he didn't want to purchase the RV he was basically told. 'Too bad. We have a legally binding contract.'
I cannot believe that a large well-known company such this would conduct business in this way. I will be contacting the Arizona Attorney General tomorrow (3/2)to find out exactly what Arizona law says but even if you have the law on your side do you really want it to be known that you prey on the elderly to trick them out of their life's saving and even worse- put them deep in debt?

I'm sure this is just a big mistake that you are more than willing to rectify. My father is very distraught over this situation so I would very much appreciate it if you would rectify the problem immediately. Over the past year we have had to grieve the lost my mother and brother. I don't want to lose him too.

To help keep me and my father as potential future customers, I would like you to please call him today at 253-229-7442 and let him know you will cancel the contract and hold him harmless.

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User Replies:
elainenp55 on 03/02/2001:
I have been on the phone all day trying to work with this company. We even oftered them $2000 to stop the procedures. They have be very unco-operative and unresponsive. They just keep repeating their montra "Karl is the legal owner of the new motor home." I am contacting the Arizona State legislature. Perhaps we can get the laws changed. I have never been involved in getting an initive on a ballot but I think it's time I tried. It may not help us but it might spare someone else the agony.
Anonymous on 04/24/2001:
Try your attorney general too! I looked the address up on this site:

1275 W. Washington
Phoenix, Arizona 85007-2926
kokocrazy on 01/15/2006:
I too had a horrible experience at Beaudrys. Luckily I didn't make the purchase but I was preparing to start yelling and swinging my purse to "escape" the office. I fully expected the back up sales man to block the doorway to prevent my exit. They employ extremely pushy and high pressure tactics. My encounter with Beaudry's was infuriating and insulting. Ended up making my purchase at Freedom RV. Great group of guys and so far, good after the sale service.
bonnydoon on 09/02/2007:
We also had a bad experience at Beaudry's. We bought from them but had many problems in the process. We did a factory order and when our unti was scheduled to go on the assembly line we still had unresoved issures on our build sheet. Also there was a promotion cash machine the day we bought it and my husband won approximately $400. It took five phone calls and several months after delivery of the motor home before we finally got the money. I was ready to call Consumer Affairs.
We will never buy anything from Beaudry's again nor recommend them to anyone.

Linda B
Dave W on 05/11/2010:
My wife and I went through the same thing we were talked into putting $29,000.00 down to hold a RV to see if we could get financed when we could not Beaudry is now trying to keep the money. These people can not be trusted they will lie to get your money.
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