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A Major Water Leakage Problem! It's A Brand New House!
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DUMFRIES, VIRGINIA -- I've purchased a Brand new townhouse built by Beazer homes Virginia on March of 2006. Then approx a year & 2 months later (May 2007) I've hired a contractor to build a deck & once the deck was finished, I started having this water leakage problem right by the sliding glass door in the basement which was right below the deck. So when I started having this problem, I assumed that my deck contractors messed up or did something wrong along the way so I've asked my contractors to fix the problem. Well since I've asked my contractors about the problem they came out more than 4 times to do whatever they could do. So finally I got sick of waiting & scared that I'm going to have a major mold problem, I've contacted the County to complain. A few weeks later, the county sent out an inspector & after looking at the problem area the inspector told me that he thinks that it's not my contractor, but it's BEAZER HOMES who poorly installed the sliding glass door in the basement. The reason being is, before I had a deck, the water couldn't travel well enough to cause a water leakage problem in the basement just by the siding but once the deck has been built, it's just so much easier for the water to travel from the deck, to the siding & into the little cracks by the sliding glass door to end up on the drywall of my basement.

Beazer Homes - Water Leakage Problem Example 1 Beazer Homes - Water Leakage Problem Example 2

Since then, I've gotten Beazer to come out & told them what was going on & Beazer, AGAIN told me that it's my deck contractor who didn't flash well so I need to get this problem fixed by my contractors, Not Beazer. So Again for the last time, I've asked my deck contractor to come out & Re-Flash the area Beazer told me about. Well it's been a few days since my deck contractor fixed the problem but the water leakage is still same & I've told Beazer that it's you who messed up on putting the sliding glass door. I'm writing this complaint because Beazer is totally ignoring this problem now & told me that if I want to contact anyone in consumer complaint department then go ahead and do so that's what I'm about to do. This is just wrong for them to ignore my complaint & they are just keep blaming it to someone & trying their best to avoid the whole situation!!

It looks like my sliding glass door is about to pop out now because the dry wall has been severely water damaged that I can see the frame of the sliding glass door! The paint is peeling off & I see water marks everywhere on top & side of the drywall & when it rains, it pours so I always have to leave a waste basket right underneath!!! I check every time it rains & I always find a good amount of water in the waste basket & my house is only 2 years old!!!!!
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Hugh_Jorgen on 04/29/2008:
Apparently Beazer built the home and installed and flashed the door just fine, as you had 14 months of rainfree service.

You and your deck contractor changed the flow of water around the door by building a deck and changing the way the water flowed around the door - it was (and is) up to you and your deck contractor to deal with the new flow of water.

Rather than spend time complaining, you need to find someone that can fix this before you have real problems with rot and decay - it's doesn't take long for wet wood to rot. Good luck with the repairs.

Slimjim on 04/29/2008:
I agree with Hugh. The deck is the only change from a non leaking situation to a leaking one. Had the inspector put in writing the original builder was at fault, you may have a case. Maybe you can hire your own inspector to offer a written opinion on why it leaks. Other than that, it seems the decking company should be working with you on diverting the water from the trouble spot. Maybe Beazer has a point about the flashing (of lack of) installation. Anyone else in the complex have a similar deck added you can ask and see if they encountered problems?
vacat on 04/29/2008:
FYI I've built a deck for my rental unit which is right down the street from my current house at the same time... and my neighbor also built a deck at the same time, so we are talking about 3 decks at the same time and one contractor. The other 2 houses are fine, no problems at all & yes I'm going to have to get this fixed but it's going to cost me a few thousand bucks so I've been trying to see if I can get Beazer to admit their fault & pay for it.. oh well.. I know that I'm going to have to get it fixed anyway but I just wanted other people to know about this case. Thanks for your post!
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