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Beware Of This Company
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BRIDGEVIEW, ILLINOIS -- I purchased a 1400.00 dollar Sterns & Foster mattress with 10year warranty. called eight months later 12/09 about sagging. Was told had to pay 99 dollars for factory inspector which I paid. If inspector deems defective will replace no questions asked by store manager Tom. Inspector deems mattress defective and replacement scheduled 12/11. Delivery boy knocks on door and starts asking why mattress is being replaced ? He says let me have look first. I'm confused at this point thinking he should just be changing out mattress. He then goes so far as to say, "you got #$@^&@#" it doesn't matter what the inspector says I always do this. I have the final say. I have dealt with Carsons and American Mattress before and would never go back to Bedding Experts. I was very surprised a company this size doing business this way.

I have phoned corporate but they fail to respond. Also the 99.00 dollars paid for the inspection is gone. This is a real scam. I have a BBB case opened but Bedding Experts fails to resolve.
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User Replies:
joe321 on 12/16/2009:
Thanks! Good to know Bedding Experts don't honor warranty.
goduke on 12/16/2009:
Ouch. The BBB only works insofar as the company really cares about their reputation with the BBB.

You might want to go the route of the Attorney General's office for your state. They can usually apply a bit more pressure that the BBB can.
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