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Bedrosians Tile
1515 E. Winstone Road
Anaheim, CA 92805
714-778-1800 (ph)
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The tiles the customer sees in the show room are not what the customer gets
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SO SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Joe Sampson said, “We do this to all our customers. They sign a contract.” The judge replied, “Yes, but the customer has to get what you advertise in the show room.”
On 06/21/06, I pre-paid for 2600 square feet of travertine tiles from Bedrosians warehouse/showroom totaling almost $14,916.85. Mrs. April Martinez the saleswoman said that if I did not like the tiles I did not have to accept them.
When the tiles came to your warehouse at the above address on 7/11/06, Angelo and I inspected them in front of Mrs. Martinez. We saw that about 33% of the tiles were badly chipped and cracked. About 50% of the tiles were very dark and ugly, not resembling the floor tiles that are in the showroom. Mrs. Martinez had promised that the tiles we ordered would be very similar in color to the tiles in the showroom. She did not say that a third of the tiles would be delivered damaged.
I asked Mrs. Martinez to reorder the tiles but she refused. Then I asked for my full refund and she referred me to Joe Sampson, the store manager. After he talked to us a few times and received our letters through the credit card companies, he refunded me part of the money but charged me the full restocking fee of $3486.00. Restocking fees are only to be charged by law if I refuse to pick up an order conforming to what I ordered. I did not order the damaged or dark ugly tiles that were delivered in my name to the warehouse. Joe Sampson would not allow me to reorder and receive undamaged tiles similar to the advertised tiles in the show room nor would he refund the $3486.00 to my credit card.
My son Fabio spoke to Joe Sampson by phone and arranged to inspect ALL the tiles in his presence. However, Joe did not keep the appointment the first time Fabio went there. When Fabio went to the show room a second time, Joe instructed his employees not to allow him to inspect and take pictures of ALL the tiles.
Documented dates that I contacted by phone or letter April Martinez and Joe Sampson were: 7/11/06, 7/19/06, 8/09/06, 8/12/06, 9/6/6, and 1/31/07. This does not include the other seemingly countless times I called April and Joe to try to resolve this matter justly.
I finally won a small claims court decision which forced Joe Sampson and Bedrosians Tile to give me back the $3486.00 plus 8% interest for all months he unjustly kept my money. The parent company is listed below.

Paragon Industries
FRESNO, CA 93722

I hope that Bedrosians Tile & Marble and its parent company Paragon Industries are held accountable for routinely deceiving their customers about the quality of their merchandise. Customers who are defrauded by a business they purchase goods or services in good faith should not have to go through the labor I did to win in a small claims court.

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