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Dealer Wrecked My Car

CINCINNATI, OHIO -- Took 1 year old vehicle (wife’'s car) in to Beechmont Toyota, Cinti, OH (bought new there) for oil change. Dealer wrecked car (literally), agreed to repair, but only at their body shop - took 3&1/2 weeks to get back. Was given excuses from Service manager every time it was purportedly done and different excuses by body shop as to delay. Even at last minute when at dealers for pickup time when it was supposed to be ready they found another damaged part. (found bent motor mount after I came to pick up, they pulled one off a used vehicle on their lot. Why didn't they see in the prior 3 & 1/2 weeks they had my car?)

Would not give me any paperwork showing what they had repaired! Would not give me any guarantee as to work done! Don'’t know if generic or “Genuine Toyota” parts were used. They gave me no time to look over vehicle or to test drive (end of day, of course) Paint has flaws where damaged. One fender, loose in corner, other fender on crooked. Wires damaged under hood. Bolts missing, bent parts on radiator. Under hood paint not right in color and in wrong spots in engine compartment. Service Manager blew me off with a “sorry”! Only after contacting Toyota did he call about sending me some paperwork, but don’'t have as yet.

General Manager agreed to “Bend Over Backwards” to answer my concerns and work something out. (Among which had car appraised at about $2,000 plus less than what current wholesale should be). Went back to dealer, was passed off from General to Sales Manager to Sales Rep. Poor guy, all he could say was can we make a deal on a trade-in. They offered several deals, all involving giving me less than wholesale book value for my car and buying theirs at full retail. Gee, I have a hard time being enthused about giving them my 2001 model plus $3,900 of my money for a 1999 model! I ask, who is supposed to bend over? “OH WHAT A FEELING”

How much more was not repaired? How much will this cost me in the future? I had a one year plus old vehicle in perfect shape, now I have a repaired wreck worth less! It appears that Management at Beechmont Toyota really doesn't want to help me, only give me lip service and stick it to me however they can. This car, which my wife's car, she now refuses to drive. Don’'t know if repaired correctly. Don’'t know who might have my key. Don’'t have any reason to trust Beechmont Toyota. I'’m so sorry ”because I bought my new Toyota from Beechmont Toyota”. Does anybody know where I can get a copy of Patsy Clines “I’M SORRY”?

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