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What good is a gift certificate
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SHELBYVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I went into the Beef O Brady's in Shelbyville Ky on 6/28/2011. I had been given a gift certificate from my boss to be used. It was giving to him for a mistake that had happened in Corydon, IN. The restaurant in Shelbyville would not honor the gift certificate. Nowhere on the certificate does it specify where it can or cannot be used. I live over an hour away from Corydon. I work in the restaurant business and if it doesn't specify a specific location we are to use the gift card, certificate, or coupon. Now I am holding a$10 Gift Certificate that is of no use. I did explain that it was for a mistake made and I was still told I couldn't use it. The employees had to call the owner to see if they even could use it. I never saw a manager or was contacted by one. During our visit a man came in and introduced himself to a Hostess and said he was the owner. If I was the owner I would have been checking to see if the customer in question was still there and be sure of the certificate. He never came by either. There were people sitting at the bar and they were going in and out of the kitchen area.

I just would like to be able to use this Gift Certificate where I live. I guess you all don't care when a customer complains because you hand out a certificate that is of no used to them.
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