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Expensive And Did Not Work
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Did a search for "moisturizers" and saw many ads for a product called Bellaplex. Clicked on one and was directed to their "site" (which is really a part of urban nutrition)- and read testimonials about this wondrous product, so I ordered some and DID NOT get involved with their so-called free sample which involves "autoshipping".

This very expensive cosmetic didn't do anything for me and I would strongly recommend that an individual try an Avon product, Oil of Olay, etc at a much cheaper price as their claims are too good to be true.

Also IF you want to get involved with them and their free sample---CAREFULLY READ the fine print about RETURNS and the LIMITED TIME you have for returns as there are complaints about this basically due to NOT READING their statements.
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Anonymous on 02/26/2008:
Thank goodness you did not get involved in the 'autoshipping'.

If you are looking for a truly good moisturizer, I'd recommend Eucerin. It's a little bit pricey, but, you can buy it right off the shelf, and, for me, it works.

Thanks for the heads up!
Principissa on 02/26/2008:
Leela, hubby uses Eucerin for his hands. They get really dry from working with the coal dirt and rock dust all night. It is expensive, but it works really good. Another good facial moisturizer is Cetaphil. It's good for sensitive skin, I used that for my son's eczema. Oil of Olay complete with spf 15 is what I use daily and I love it.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 02/26/2008:
I use Oil of Olay daily as well. It works great!!
Principissa on 02/26/2008:
MS my mom still uses the original pink Olay and Pond's cold cream and she has the most beautiful skin. She turns 50 this year and doesn't have a wrinkle!
Anonymous on 02/26/2008:
I use Eucerin too. It's good stuff, my dermatologist turned me onto it. Every time I go to his office I grab all the little samples out of the bowl when the nurse is not looking.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 02/26/2008:
My mom used it everyday since I was a little girl. She was 58 when she passed away and everyone used to comment that we looked like sisters instead of mother and daughter. I have a 21 year old son and on one believes that he's my son. Or they think I had him as a young teenager. Oil of Olay is the best.
Anonymous on 02/26/2008:
Awesome, SB. I always look in all the little drawers, while I'm waiting!
Principissa on 02/26/2008:
LOL Leela, I went to my GI doctor the other day and he actually asked me if they stocked the drawers good enough when he came in.

MS that is so sweet! I'll be 28 on March 16th and I've actually been asked if I was my kid's babysitter. My oldest was like "she's not a babysitter, she's my mommy! Sheesh."
MSCANTBEWRONG on 02/26/2008:
God bless Oil of Olay! :)
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