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Very Questionable Workmanship
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BELLE RIVER -- Just a warning, at the very least you should be careful when considering a purchase from Belle River Auto Centre. Their workmanship is not impressive:
1)Missing fasteners holding the door together (almost every one was missing on the door they worked on). Theres a hardware store across the street from these morons...
2)Mismatched paint on plastic to hide a crack (it looks much better without the paint, I have no idea why they painted it...) They did a good job gluing the crack together, I probably would have never noticed it.
3)One of the seatbelts fell off, a bolt vibrated out. As improbable as this may have been, had a collision occurred prior to the bolt falling out a very serious injury could have resulted. Not the drivers seatbelt but I would not be surprised if there is some sort of vehicle regulation that doesn't allow half-a$$ installation of seatbelts.
4)Paint dribble on the gas cap door. What I don't understand is why they did not just repaint it.
5)Super glue over a scratch. The glue hides the scratch most of the time but with the sun at the right angle it amplifies how noticeable the scratch is. Additionally, repairing that scratch went from getting one of those little tubes of paint for fixing scratches (I assume it would not buff out) to probably repainting the whole area since getting the glue off would be so difficult...) Besides the fact that there are a bunch of small scratches... I knew about them and did not care but I don't think much of you having been too lazy to fix them when you clearly repainted portions (and your a collision repair center)...
6) Vents in dash don't work. Conveniently forgot to mention that?
7) Hub cap was jammed on incorrectly restricting access to one of the valve stems. I think a monkey should have been able to tell how those hubcaps go on... Just a hint, they don't go on such that you have to fold the valve stem over and jam it up against the rim such that the hubcap won't come off or go on...
8) I will give you credit here, at least you put fasteners in. However, you put fasteners in that were too long such that when you screwed them in you dented the bodywork outwards... It took me a while to figure out how you accomplished something so idiotic...

I should mention the price was very low and these are small issues. Like I said, just be careful.
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Angry young student on 01/07/2014:
Brought my car in to replace a flex pipe, they assumed because I am a young girl that I did not know anything about my vehicle. A flex pipe alone is not expensive, not more than a $20 part and no more than 1 hour of labor. It should not have been more than a $150 visit, and they tried to charge me $850! The crook mechanic tried to say I needed a new catalytic converter, so I made him "show" me where exactly it was damaged. He pointed to the flex pipe and I KINDLY reminded him that, the flex pipe is SEPARATE from the catalytic converter. Then to cover it up they said they were able to "find alternatives" to fix the car for around $200. They are crooks and you should never shop there!
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