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Belle Tire UPSALE LIARS!!! 33535 Ford Road Garden City, MI 48135
By -

GARDEN CITY, MICHIGAN -- I went to Belle tire to get 4 new tires for an 01 Taurus I just recently acquired. AFTER the new tires were installed they tole me they couldn't do an alignment because I needed front\rear struts, front lower ball joints, front outer tie-rod ends, and rear sway bar link. OK, apparently this cars needs tons of work but that is OK since I got it for $500.00 and had recently been out of work and flat on my ass all year. It just would have been nice if the told me they couldn't align my brand new tired before they installed them.

Anyhow, I took the list Belle Tire gave me and told them I'd be back in a few weeks because I could not afford the 1600.00 plus dollars they wanted for the work that needed to be done. I took it upon myself to order the parts online and install everything myself. My total cost was 600 and that included new rotors\pads, and shoe\drums. Saved myself 1000 but it was a lot of work. Anyhow, I finally was finished with the work so I took the car back to Belle Tire to have the tires aligned and the manager told me he would be done in an hour and he would call my cell when he was finished.

After going home to get my wife and returning the manager told me there was a "problem". He said they couldn't do the alignment because the lower ball joint was a "4" and the alignment would work. He said the ball joint nut wasn't tightened and the drive up there must have damaged it.

BS. Because my father in law and I replaced the ball joint and he is a retired certified mechanic. Also I only drove the car 1/2 mile up the road to Belle Tire. I asked him how much to replace and he said 250 plus 65 for the alignment. I told him to just align the tires and I'd take my chances. I asked him how long until the car would be done and he said not long. I asked if it was going to take an hour because I'd rather go home 1/2 mile away for an hour rather than wait and he said it wouldn't take that long. So I asked a THIRD time how long it would take and he said 45 minutes. So I left and went home and they called my in 30 minutes to tell me it was complete.

After I picked up the car and drove home it smooth and quiet as can be. Belle Tire lied to me about my lower ball joint being bad. Then they got mad at me and wasted my time because I refused to have them fix it and told him to just do the alignment like I asked in the first place. I assume they figured I just spent all that time and money having the car fixed so they could upsale me $250.00 on an each ball joint change because it was all just replaced. And yes I was in dress pants and a sweater. Must have looked like I didn't know anything even though I'm an automotive test engineer and for the most part mechanically inclined.

Crooks. I was pretty upset with Belle Tire and can honestly say I won't go back. Simply because the managers attitude was so rude and they wasted my time. If they truly believed the ball joint was bad they should have called me while it was on the rack because I would have had the alignment done regardless. Whatever. That's my 3cents.

Bell (HELL) Tire
By -

OSHTEMO, MICHIGAN -- Belle (Hell) Tire and Discount Tire to Rescue. January 9,2009: I sent my son to Belle Tire 6780 West Main Oshtemo, MI 49009 to purchase a new set of Goodyear TripleTred for my 2007 Grand Prix with about 40,000 miles on the car. Bought set of tires. January 16 or 19: Son went back to Belle Tire because of tire shake. They rebalanced all tires. ** at Belle Tire gives a quote for tie rod ends and says there is a bent wheel (out by ¼€). I called and talked to Chad and I refused repairs. I had my son bring the car 60 miles to my house to my auto shop.

January 20, 2009: Appoint at my auto shop and my bucks to check it out: no bent wheel, no bad tie rods, and no bad front end parts at all, so no repairs needed. What a surprise. My mechanic rebalanced the tires and suggested that we had bad tires. January 23-30: I called Belle Tire and asked for a regional or district manager. I got a guy named ** and I discussed my problem. We made an appointment for February 9, 2009 at 5:30 pm.

February 9, 2009: I took off work early to make the 5:30 appointment (I work to 5:00 and it is an hour drive). ** put the car on the alignment rack, we waited, he came and got us, nothing wrong with front end. ** offered to balance tires, said that the quote for front-end repairs should never had happened (nothing wrong) and gave us his apology. At this time I asked him what he was going to do about the scratched wheels from the tire changer? (Car had OEM tires on when I purchased the car two weeks before the tires were installed) I had inspected the wheels just before the tire purchase; they were like new, no scratches or nothing. ** would do nothing for me.

February 16: talked to ** again, he agreed to have the tires rebalanced or replaced at the Portage store per my request. Son took car to Portage store that week and they replaced one tire and rebalanced all tires, took for test drive and tires shook, returned and replaced one more tire, test drive and seemed OK. Within two days tire shake is back.

Between Feb 10 and March 5: I found the phone number for Don Barnes, CEO of Belle Tire and I left no less than 5 messages for him. No returned calls from Don Barnes. March 5, 2009: I called Don Barnes again; I got to talk to him. He was very helpful and wanted to know if I had pictures of the wheels. Asked for me to send and he gave me his cell number. Same Day, I emailed pictures of the wheels. Mr. Barnes called me and said that they would replace the wheels and they were on order and should be in by Feb. 10 at the Portage, MI store. I was not happy with the Oshtemo store after ** had tried to replace front-end parts that were not needed. Sound good.

March 13: I called Don Barnes to ask about wheels, will check and call me back. March 13: ** called me (per talking to Don Barnes) ** said they cannot get new wheels and they want to put their 16'€ rims and tires on car and send wheels to Keystone for remanufacture. About a 4 day turnaround. I asked ** several hours to evaluate his offer. I went to local Cadillac-Pontiac dealer with the car. Local dealer can have wheels in two days, in stock at dealer warehouse. I called ** and gave him the dealer and part number and price. I said that his wheels on my car would be like holding my wheels hostage; I was not comfortable with that option.

Don Barnes called me back and said he needed more time to get wheels at his cost. I told Mr. Barnes that I wouldn't be held hostage with my wheels gone after the track record of Belle Tire this far. Don Barnes wants more time to get wheels. I said that is fine.

March 17: ** called and told me that wheels will be at the Portage store today and ** will call when in. 11:30, ** called and wheels are in. We made appoint for 2 pm for install. 2:00 pm, my son called from Portage store, 1 wheel is not same color as other 3 wheels, paint has over spray - obvious that the wheels are used and not any better than ones on the car now. We refused to take the wheels offered. Don Barnes and I had agreed that I would get either New (OEM) or remanufactured (Keystone) wheels. Offered wheels were neither. I called ** and he offered a new set of Belle Tire wheels.

I reminded him that new wheels will not resolve the tire shake and that I liked the stock wheels. I just want to be restored to my condition before I came to Belle Tire. No I do not want your wheels, thus far you do not stand behind your products.

I called Don Barnes and left a message. I got no return call. March 25: I sent email to Don Barnes asking again for resolution of this issue, I just want to be restored to my condition before I came to Belle Tire. Don Barnes returned the email and the gist of it was "€œWhat is it exactly that you want Belle Tire to do because it seems that everyone of our efforts are going by the wayside?" This is the last that I heard from Don Barnes.

April 3: I sent an email to Don Barnes asking for resolution to this issue. I still have damaged wheels and tire shake. Discount Tire Benton Harbor, Michigan to the Rescue. I call my local Discount Tire and made an appointment with **. Had my son bring the car 60 miles home and took the car in and they inspected the wheels and tires. Had some out of round tires and they ordered new set of tires for us. Several days later we returned and had the new set installed. Problem resolved with the tire shake. I still have the damaged wheels on the car, obvious damage from Belle Tire and their tire changing personal and equipment. Belle Tire Sucks.

Watch out for Belle Tire
By -

WHITE LAKE, MICHIGAN -- It all started on March 9, 2009. I visited the Belle Tire in White Lake Michigan to purchase new wheels and tires. I was looking to get chrome wheels instead of the factory machined. I purchased a set of MKW 20” chrome wheels along with 275/55/R20 Pirelli tires. I was there for about 2.5 hours for install. I had to return about a week later due to a bad vibration at the speeds of about 70 MPH. I do not take the freeway very much to get to the speed of 70 MPH. When I went back they re-balanced the tires and said that they were off for some reason. I was there for about 1 hour for balancing.

After about another week or so later, I had to return for the same reason… A vibration! They once again re-balanced them and sent me on my way. I was there for about an hour for balancing. They still can't figure out why it is off balance. They said that they were going to duck tape my weights to the rim! He asked me if I wash my truck. Obviously I do. He said it could be throwing the weights. Another week or so went by and the vibration was there again. I then decided to go to the Belle Tire in Commerce Michigan to see if they could fix this issue. I got there and told them about my situation and they said they would check it out.

They said they checked the balancing and it was off by almost 2oz on each tire. I was there for about an hour for balancing. After about another week I had the vibration again and went back to the Commerce store. He said that the balancing was off again, so they re-balanced them. Once again another hour wait. After that I went right to the highway to test and the vibration was still there. I went back to the Commerce store to get my money back. He stated that I needed to go back to the White Lake store where I purchased them as it would affect his bottom line and he didn't make the sale.

I went back to the White Lake Store and asked about a refund and I was unable to get a refund even though it was within 30 days and had all these problems. I then called corporate to help me with this issue. Of course there is no one to talk to and you have to leave a message. I received a call back two days later from a guy from another Belle Tire store trying to help me out. I explained the issues. He told me we would get the vibration fixed and they just need some time. So they ordered the same rims MKW but in 17” and new tires. They put those on the next day and I was there for another 2 hours or so.

Once again there was a vibration! Went back and they did the re-balancing thing a couple more times. Nothing worked. They said it might need to be Road Force tested and they don't have any of those machines in their shops except there training office downriver. I would have to leave my car for a couple of hours and also make an appointment to take it down there. That would not work as I use my car for work every day. I took my car to discount tire as they have the Road Force balancer at all their locations. They said with it being new tire and wheels that it was probably a balancing issue. They balanced them and found that it was off about 1.5 oz per tire.

I went back the next day because that did not fix the problem. They then road forced balanced them and said they were off by a little bit, but there was still the vibration when driving. So I spent $80.00 for Road Forced balancing and $40.00 for the initial balancing at Discount Tire, on top of the $1357.00 I spent for the initial wheels and tires.
I went back to Belle Tire with the report from Discount tire and told them wait they had said about the wheels not being compatible with my vehicle due to the offset in weight. When you look on MKW's website and check out a 08 Expedition XLT it says that those wheels are not compatible with my truck.

So Belle Tire ordered another set of wheels and tires. These ones were shipping from California and would take 5 days to get here. It was a little over a week before they called me to say they were in. I went in to have them installed and they would not fit over the brake caliber. These were Force Blunt wheels, also not compatible in a 17” for my truck on their website. So he said he needed to re-order and it would take about a week to get them but he was ordering them in 18” so they would fit. After a week went by I called to find out when they would be in. He said that they were making them.

I was leaving for out of town that upcoming weekend and my truck was not drivable on the freeway due to the bad vibration. They ordered a different rim (an Ultra) to be delivered that day. They came in and they put them on. The next day I called back to tell them that it had more vibration that it had in the past. I then started looking for a set of factory wheels (OEM) since I sold mine thinking that I would not need them any longer. I found a set for $1150.00 for just the four wheels. I purchased them and took them to Belle Tire to install. They used the original Pirelli's that I had on the first time with these wheels. I got on the freeway to test and finally no vibration.

I was so excited I had no vibration, the first time since March. I made it about 15 miles stopped ate dinner. After leaving, on the freeway it started to vibrate really bad again. I called the tire place that I purchased the OEM wheels at and he said bring it to him and he would look at it for me. They closed at 5 pm but would be happy to stay after to help me out as I was going out of town the next day. He took a tire off just to check the balance and while it was spinning you could hear something in the tire. He took the tire off the wheel to find the tire pressure sensor floating around in the tire which was installed to rim with clear packing tape.

So he took off the other three tires to find that each sensor in each tire was floating around and all installed with packing tape. He re-balanced them and it ran perfect! I went back to Belle Tire the next day before I left for out of town and showed him the picture I took of the packing tape around my wheels which they used to install the sensors instead of the clamps. He then stated he knew about it and said they have been using zip ties, packing tape, etc to hold these on! I was so upset! All these issues I have had with vibration and they are using packing tape! What a joke!

I have now spent money at Discount Tire, Belle Tire, and the local tire shop, plus the cost of my OEM wheels. I have now spent $2747.00 between all three places just to eliminate the vibration. I asked for a refund for the wheels the day that they installed the OEM wheels. He stated that they would have to mail me a check even though I paid with my credit card. After finding out that they taped my sensors to my wheel I want a refund of everything that I paid for. I paid for new tires, wheels, lug nuts, sensor clamps and install.

After these 6 months of torture, all I ended up getting from Belle Tire was a set of tires. I visited them about a total of 18 times not including the other places I had to go. I fell that I am entitled to a full refund on my credit card like it was paid for.

Don't Go Here!
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Rating: 1/51

ROYAL OAK, MICHIGAN -- Do not go to Bell Tire if you care about your car or your safety!!! I brought my car in for them to check when it was hiccuping and jolting strangely. I knew nothing about cars and trusted them to diagnose and take care of it. They looked it over and gave a diagnosis. They charged me $450 to change plugs and wires that they quoted, then another $75 to turn off my check engine light, which they simply added on without asking me prior. They didn't check the oil before resting the light. Within 5 days my engine blew.

Apparently because of two errors on their part, as I have learned since: Gas got into my oil when the car was misfiring causing poor viscosity and the oil was low. The combination blew my lifter, thus my engine. When I came back to this location complaining that they turned off the light and didn't check the oil, they towed my car to their "friendly trans shop" with the Bell guys, manager included, all saying it "sounded like the transmission" to them. Their trans shop agreed with my other two diagnoses, blown lifter due to low oil and gas in oil. I'm a single mom, working 3 jobs and a grad student and they wouldn't take any responsibility.

I'm basically broke and this was a very big deal for me and my little boy. I had to sell my car on Craigslist "as is with blown engine", 5K less than it was worth prior to Bell touching it, and borrow down payment money to lease another car. This was after spending almost 2K at Bell Tire earlier in the month on Ball Joints, U-Joints, and then plugs +. I feel very used and thrown to the curb by their neglect and lack of accountability when I trusted them with the smallest detail of checking the oil.

Thanks for absolutely nothing Bell Tire, when I asked you to take responsibility for your mistake and you have insurance for errors like this. Shame on you guys, you took advantage of a single mom who trusted you, knowing very little about cars. All potential customers consider your self-forewarned, this could be you.

Belle Tire certainly does a great job in advertising-too bad it's all FALSE!
By -

19601 LIVONIA, MI, MICHIGAN -- In Feb 2009, I hit one of Michigan's lovely pot holes and yes, immediately had a flat tire on the right front. I took the car to Belle Tire, Livonia (Middlebelt Road) and they advised me that actually both front right tires had been impacted. They didn't have my original tires, Michelin's in stock so they recommended Goodyear Assurance. Put two tires on walked out $500 poorer. September 2009, I decided it was time to replace the 2 other tires and went back to Belle Tire, Livonia, again another $500 poorer, but thinking hey, I have another 50K of tires on my car, felt OK. I was surprised in November, when my drivers side tire went flat, gee, had a bulge in it.

Took it back to Belle Tire, showed warranty papers, blah, blah, and yes, even under warranty they charged me $96.
Jan 2010, car is shaking, vibrating, all the crap associated with balancing and alignment. Took my car this time to the deal, surprise, needed balancing in the worst way and again, there was a leak in one of the tires. My dealership did the leak fix for free, umm... and charged me 1/2 of what they usually do for a balance. April 2010, Car is vibrating, gas mileage ridiculous. Take it to a friend, who looks and says, umm, both front tires (the new ones -from Sept) have serious bulges and I don't know how you even drove here! Very dangerous situation.

So, now, I won't deal with Belle Tire, because they are not standing by the tires they sell, they wanted another $65 to fix the one and about $90 to fix the other. NEVER AGAIN - I hate these tires, but for now, I went direct to Goodyear and purchased the tire I needed directly from them. It cost me $200, but believe me, I'd rather deal with that then the stupidity and lack of customer service at Belle Tire. I probably wouldn't recommend Goodyear Assurance either, if I had an extra $1000, I'd go back to my original tires, Michelin's' -that were GREAT!.

Over 2 years of runaround
By -

ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN -- My problem with Belle Tire began over two years ago. I purchased my Kelly-Springfield tires from Belle Tire store #63 (White Lake) in September 2007. I have gone to considerable expense, inconvenience and aggravation (over $700) to replace many parts on my vehicle that did NOT need repair or replacement at the recommendation of Belle Tire employees. Throughout my experience with the company, it became increasingly apparent their diagnosis was to avoid replacing their tires and/or to avoid honoring the warranty that was purchased with the tires.

Each subsequent repair provided no relief of the problem I have experienced since November of 2007; a considerable “radial pull”. At this point, it is my opinion, as well as the professional opinion of multiple outside documented sources, INCLUDING the manufacturer (Kelly Goodyear), that these tires are indeed defective. That being the case Belle Tire's position of pro-rating the replacement cost is absolutely ridiculous; these tires have been bad since the beginning of their service life! Their position basically amounts to paying twice for the same product.

Even with almost 30 pages of documentation to support my position, the stores, the regional managers, and even the corporate offices say the only thing they can do is pro-rate my tires. This is absolutely terrible customer service!!! With the winter driving season forcefully upon us here in Metro Detroit, I am concerned and uncomfortable with tires that perform so poorly as well as create severe problems with the proper steering/driving capabilities of my vehicle.

At this time, I'm concerned not only for my own safety, but for that of any other driver on the road should these tires fail. Some of my best friends are in upper management and responsible for employee training programs. This story will be told over and over to hundreds of individuals to make an example of exactly how NOT to provide customer service in ANY industry.

Unsatisfied - Pissed - Lost All My Business
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Rating: 1/51

TAYLOR, MICHIGAN -- Let me start off with I have been going to this business around 17 years for all my vehicles needs. I bought a set of Toyo open country tires for my truck from them and also had an alignment done at the same time. After they were installed and I left the parking lot I immediately noticed the truck was extremely difficult to drive and maintain lanes. I went home (around 3 miles away) and checked the tire pressures and the front tires were 28 and 30 pounds (way under pressure) and the rear tires were at 82 and 84 pounds (way over pressure). I then called the Belle Tire and explained what happened and they said bring it back.

In my driveway I personally inflated the tires to the correct pressure front and back. I went to drive the truck again and my truck felt like it was on ice or driving on a bed of marbles. I could not control the truck properly. I then took the truck back to Belle Tire Taylor and Rick (the manager) took my vehicle for a drive and came back and pulled it directly into the alignment bay. It stayed there for about 15 minutes and then RICK came out to the waiting room to tell me he thought the truck drove fine. Then Rick decided to tell me I need new shocks.

So I left the business and ordered BILLSTEIN SHOCKS (top of the line shocks)for all 4 shocks plus I ordered a new BILLSTEIN steering damper shock. I installed all 5 shocks and the truck still was all over the road. Mind you my truck handled perfect before the new tires were installed. I took the truck back up to Belle Tire Taylor and told RICK I wanted to get new tires installed under the TOYO 500-mile 45-day guarantee. I knew it was a bad set of tires but Rick kept telling me its not the Toyo tires - he has sold thousands of tires with no problems. We got into a small argument and I left the store.

I drove down to Belle Tire Southgate and explained the situation to the assistant manager RICK and they warranted all 4 tires with no problems. I got all new tires put on the truck at no cost to me. I thanked the assistant manager Rick and drove the truck home. The truck drove perfect as soon as the new tires were installed. No weaving or swaying. Now I will give all my business to the Belle tire in Southgate Michigan. I have 3 vehicles that Belle Tire Taylor will never see again. The Taylor stores sales people have all been nice and courteous to me except RICK (the manager). Thanks to Rick he lost all my business.

Unsafe Tire
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Rating: 1/51

JACKSON -- About two years ago I purchased two front tires for my Chevy truck and had an alignment done at the same time. The drivers side front tire had worn very much on the inside and this concerned me as I also noticed a bumping noise from the drivers side front when driving. I took my truck to the Belle tire store where I purchased the tires and explained the problem to a man at the front desk. I should mention the passenger side front tire did not show the same wear problem. The man at the front desk said they would be happy to check the alignment and tire.

They did and the man from the front desk told me the alignment was off but not enough to be a problem and that the extreme wear was caused by not rotating the tires. I was also told that as my truck was a 4 wheel drive they could only sell me a set of four tires. I did not have the money for four new tires so I left the store. When I got home I decided to rotate the two front tires. When I removed the tire I had complained to Belle tire about it had two bulbs on it and the cords were showing through.

My complaint is that if Belle tire did inspect the tire and check the alignment why was I not informed of the unsafe condition of the driver side front tire. Myself and my family's safety was endangered due to their lying or their failure to do what they said they did. This is not over, I am going to return to Belle tire with the tire in question and see what their reaction to this problem will be. I will return here and describe what happens.

Resolution Update 07/16/2013:

Belle tire acted quickly and resolved the issue I had with them Good company, will buy more tires there.

Company Response 07/01/2013:

Good Morning,

Thank you for bringing your recent experience to our attention.

I would like to review your invoice with our team and follow up with you. Could you please send an email with the name and phone number associated with your account to

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I look forward to working with you to resolve this issue.


Kelsey Ruder
Belle Tire

Belle Tire = Never Again
By -

MICHIGAN -- Here are a few of my bad experiences with Belle Tire in Sterling Heights, MI. I brought my '95 Ram 3500 dually in for a vibration at higher speeds. They tried telling me ALL 6 of my wheels (steel) were bent. After replacing a boat load of parts myself, the majority of the vibration went away when I changed the rear axle in the truck, so, I am led to believe they were just trying to sell me a new set of wheels. I had brought in my '96 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 (extended cab/shortbed) for an alignment a long time ago (7-8 years) to the same location. They aligned the truck & I went on my way. This past winter I brought my other truck in for an alignment.

It was the same truck (extended cab, shortbox, 1500, 4x4) as the '96 only instead it was a '95. After sitting & waiting for an hour & a half, they finally tell me that my truck won't fit on their alignment rack... what? It fit before! My mother's '98 Ram quad cab 2wd has also been aligned there numerous times & it's nearly the same wheelbase. I think somebody just didn't want to do their job that day. The 'manager' apologized & referred me to another Belle Tire 4 miles away & offered a discount. So, I decided to waste more time & go to that location.

They told me I would have at least an hour wait, so I said the hell with it & drove it to an independent shop & got the alignment done. Final story... I brought a Dodge Diplomat in for a wobble... I didn't notice until after I got home but one of the rear tires had a BIG blister in it. I guess Belle Tire didn't even check the rear tires as they just wrote up an estimate for a new steering gearbox & assorted other front end parts to the tune of $800+. I told them no way & went home - where I discovered the bulged tire.

I do know my way around my own vehicles to an extent & I do all my own work whenever I can. But, this place WILL try to take advantage of anybody. I have also heard of complaints from other independent shops about Belle Tire & that they will try telling customers such & such is wrong or broken on their car when nothing is wrong. I will never go back to Belle Tire again.

Do not buy from Belle Tire
By -

KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN -- We bought 4 new tires in July 2006 from Belle Tire. We started having vibration problems shortly after. In July 2007 they replaced 2 of the tires for being defective because I had bought the lifetime warranty and while we were there told me that I needed new shocks and struts on the van and it was dangerous to drive. We borrowed a car for our trip the next day then we took the van to 2 different dealers to get another opinion and both said that nothing was wrong with either the shocks or struts and gave me the computer printout of where it was on the diagnostics machine. The tech had quoted me $600 for the struts to be put on.

Needless to say we did nothing. The tires were still vibrating and we took it back several more times. Finally they replaced the other 2 tires and charged us $150 because the warranty is prorated based on mileage. It is not a true lifetime warranty even though the technician said they were faulty. This still did not fix the problem and went back a few more times.

The manager finally talked with another manager at a different store and they decided that the Honda Odyssey was not designed to have the Kelly Springfield tires that their sales person originally sold me because of a load and speed rating on the tires. They then said they would put on 4 new tires, but would charge me $96. A total of $622 in 1 1/2 years.

The problem is fixed now, but I filed a complaint with the BBB and one of the corporate managers called me and was very rude to me and told me that the 2nd set of tires should not last 40,000 miles and that it was a wear problem and not a defective problem.

After telling him what his managers said he informed me that he had never heard of such a thing. I told him that they obviously have a training and communication issue in their company then he got more rude and mean. I told him I did not want the original money I paid for the tires back, but wanted the extra $250 and was not arguing anymore. According to him it will be up to the BBB if they find them at fault. So we will see what happens, but we will NEVER buy from Belle Tire again.

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