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Belle Tire certainly does a great job in advertising-too bad it's all FALSE!
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19601 LIVONIA, MI, MICHIGAN -- In Feb 2009, I hit one of Michigan's lovely pot holes and yes, immediately had a flat tire on the right front. I took the car to Belle Tire, Livonia (Middlebelt Road) and they advised me that actually both front right tires had been impacted. They didn't have my original tires, Michelin's in stock so they recommended Goodyear Assurance. Put two tires on walked out $500 poorer.

September 2009, I decided it was time to replace the 2 other tires and went back to Belle Tire, Livonia, again another $500 poorer, but thinking hey, I have another 50K of tires on my car, felt OK.

I was surprised in November, when my drivers side tire went flat, gee, had a bulge in it. Took it back to Belle Tire, showed warranty papers, blah, blah, and yes, even under warranty they charged me $96.

Jan 2010, car is shaking, vibrating, all the crap associated with balancing and alignment. Took my car this time to the deal, surprise, needed balancing in the worst way and again, there was a leak in one of the tires. My dealership did the leak fix for free, umm....and charged me 1/2 of what they usually do for a balance.

April 2010, Car is vibrating, gas mileage ridiciculous. Take it to a friend, who looks and says, umm, both front tires (the new ones -from Sept) have serious bulges and I don't know how you even drove here! Very dangerous situation. So, now, I won't deal with Belle Tire, because they are not standing by the tires they sell, they wanted another $65 to fix the one and about $90 to fix the other.

NEVER AGAIN---I hate these tires, but for now, I went direct to Goodyear and purchased the tire I needed directly from them. It cost me $200, but believe me, I'd rather deal with that then the stupidity and lack of customer service at Belle Tire.

I probably wouldn't recommend Goodyear Assurance either, if I had an extra $1000, I'd go back to my original tires, Michelin's' -that were GREAT!.
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scubba57 on 10/05/2010:
First off Goodyear tires don't cost 250.00 a piece... If you don't buy a ROAD HAZARD WARRANTY then you pay for the part of the tire that you used! SO you got the free prorated that came with the tires, so you were charged. Same as any other company! Belle is great that help with Michigan economy and do free tire repairs. where can you go and get free service? Your job,Probably not! Think next time before you post and look wrong!
TIREMAN2011 on 07/11/2011:
First of all, Belle tire charges $15 for flat repairs, if u didn't buy tires with ROAD HAZZARD. Second, I work there, and we are told to repair tires with flats on the sidewall.....Very unsafe!!! We try to cross rotate tires when they have the common, "tire pull", which doesn't always work. And they hate doing warranty on tires, so they will find a way to charge you something, seeing as its a loss of commission for them. I'm not happy with how we do things there. We put many people in danger sending them out under these conditions. Just warning everyone!!
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Over 2 years of run-around
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ALLEN PARK, MICHIGAN -- My problem with Belle Tire began over two years ago. I purchased my Kelly-Springfield tires from Belle Tire store #63 (White Lake) in September 2007. I have gone to considerable expense, inconvenience and aggravation (over $700) to replace many parts on my vehicle that did NOT need repair or replacement at the recommendation of Belle Tire employees. Throughout my experience with the company, it became increasingly apparent their diagnosis was to avoid replacing their tires and/or to avoid honoring the warranty that was purchased with the tires. Each subsequent repair provided no relief of the problem I have experienced since November of 2007; a considerable “radial pull”. At this point, it is my opinion, as well as the professional opinion of multiple outside documented sources, INCLUDING the manufacturer (Kelly Goodyear), that these tires are indeed defective. That being the case Belle Tire's position of pro-rating the replacement cost is absolutely ridiculous; these tires have been bad since the beginning of their service life! Their position basically amounts to paying twice for the same product. Even with almost 30 pages of documentation to support my position, the stores, the regional managers, and even the corporate offices say the only thing they can do is pro-rate my tires. This is absolutely terrible customer service!!! With the winter driving season forcefully upon us here in Metro Detroit, I am concerned and uncomfortable with tires that perform so poorly as well as create severe problems with the proper steering/driving capabilities of my vehicle. At this time, I'm concerned not only for my own safety, but for that of any other driver on the road should these tires fail. Some of my best friends are in upper management and responsible for employee training programs. This story will be told over and over to hundreds of individuals to make an example of exactly how NOT to provide customer service in ANY industry.
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bcd on 01/13/2010:
“I have gone to considerable expense … to replace many parts on my vehicle that did NOT need repair or replacement … I am close friends with several professional mechanics …”

Maybe you should have consulted with some of your professional mechanic close friends prior to the considerable expense.
Ponie on 01/13/2010:
'...these two tires are indeed defective.' I know about as much about cars as I do computers--which is practically zilch. But, when replacing tires aren't you supposed to do all four of them at one time? Be that as it may, if Allen Park's location is giving you a perceived problem, come out to the Maple Rd. store in Troy. I had them put four of them on 18 months ago, and the service has been top notch. That is if there really *is* a problem with the tires.
redmx3racer on 01/14/2010:
So when did you first take the tires in? 11/2007 or relatively recently? If you noticed the problem in 07, and then drove around for 2 years, I can see why they are not willing to do much for you at this point. And if you are so concerned with safety-suck it up and buy new tires, keep the old ones, and keep fighting. If I was worried about safety, I certainly would not keep driving around an unsafe vehicle while I fight with a store.
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New Tire Purchase
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Rating: 1/51
DEARBORN, MI -- Contacted Belle tire in Dearborn to get a quote on 2 new tires for my F150 4x4, after receiving a better price than everyone else, I chose them.
What a mistake, went to their location and ended up dealing with their manager Ash, thinking I was all good. He comes out and tells me I need 4 new tires due to a 3/32" difference in tread and that I could possibly have issues and sue over transmission problems, which I could understand on a all-wheel-drive vehicle, but not a 4x4 where you have the option to turn off the system.

They give you the best price to get you in the door and then GOUGE your pocketbook.

When contacting HQ, they informed me this WAS indeed a policy, lol, Why are customers not told this when quoted over the phone?? And they still wanted to sell me tires.

Businesses like this is why our economy sucks!!!
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Double Check Their Work....
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Rating: 2/51
MADISON HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN -- My second time visiting this store for tires and alignment. They are friendly and fast, my car sat home all weekend after I visited the store Friday...walk out near the car to take trash out and notice some of the lug nuts (5 out of the 20)way off of the studs (literally on the last thread)....I'm 2 weeks away from making a 1,600 mile round trip to Mississippi and don't think I have to be going over their work like this after I pay them to do it properly. If I didn't notice this and had a wheel fall off on the freeway potentially causing a major accident, they would have quite a lawsuit on their hands.

So if you are going to visit a tire shop, make sure your wheels are on all the way after could be in for a surprise that you definitely don't want to happen.
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Tire Replacement Disaster
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Rating: 1/51
CLINTON TOWNSHIP, MICHIGAN -- My stepson brought a car in to get new tires. When removing the tires the mechanic broke a stud for the lug nut. The mechanic pulled the caliper and tried to get the stud out. He was When he put it back together he put a brake pad on backwards. When the car got back home the car was growling when the brakes were applied. The backward brake pad wound up chewing up the rotor. I wound up replacing the front pads, rotors, and I knocked the broken stud out. Belle Tire took no [responsibility]. I would up eating the cost of the rotors and brake pads. Would I go back no. A letter to Allen [snip] did no good.
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The only place I trust
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ROYAL OAK, MICHIGAN -- I have nothing but good things to say about the Belle Tire in Royal Oak, MI on Woodward. They have ALWAYS impressed me. Whenever I get a price from the dealer for repairs, I find that Belle Tire is almost half the amount. The dealers tack on labor for everything. There have been times when Belle Tire didn't even charge me because the problem was so small or they checked out he car and there wasn't a problem. The dealer would have charged me a labor charge -- at least. The guys at this shop have been there forever. I asked one of the repairmen if he ever thought about opening his own shop and he said he'd never leave Belle Tire because it was too good of a company. They are not going to risk a bad reputation.
This is not true for all Belle Tires. There is one in Beverly Hills/Southfield that I had very bad service. Now I only go to the Royal Oak shop.
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MissLeopard83 on 08/08/2011:
It's always nice to find a company that stands behind their work and gives the customers the benefit of the doubt. My non-dealer repair company charges $60 just for inspection regardless if there is a problem or not.
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I think of Belle Tire every time my brakes lock up!
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LAKE ORION, MICHIGAN -- I think of Belle Tire every time my rear brakes squeal and lock up! And it only cost me $400.00 for them to stick me with this problem. The Lake Orion location insisted I needed new rear drums when I brought my pickup in to check out a minor noise in rear end. And, what a pain in the rear end they have been! Less than a week after the "repair", I was forced to stop at the Plymouth Belle Tire location to see what was causing a loud thumping noise. Oh, nothing much, they said. Just the wrong sized rear brake drums installed for my vehicle. They "corrected" their error, and later I left for my trip to Texas. Now the rear brakes lock up regularly, especially in the warmer weather. Guess I'll have to get the Belle Tire repair repaired, probably for another $400.00. My assessment: You go to hell when you use Belle!
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Anonymous on 04/13/2011:
Your brakes regularly lock up and you are still driving the vehicle on the road? It is a crime to knowingly take a defective vehicle out on the road and put the lives of others in danger. Please fix your vehicle for the safety of others.
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No return of tires
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TROY, MICHIGAN -- Belle Tire does NOT return tires when you purchase winter tires unless you specifically ask. My daughter took her all seasons to Belle Tire to replace the winter tires which were one year old. They replaced them but did not return the near new winter tires and she did not know enough to ask for them. This year I bought 4 new winter tires and they did not return the all seasons until I demanded them. They claim the throw them out. I suspect that employees have access to them and sell them on a secondary market. The manager denies this and says it is not there policy to ask if a customer wants the tires returned. Why wouldn't I want then returned when I'm just switching summer and winter tires!!!!!!!! Belle Tire: change your policy!!!!!!!
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Skye on 11/28/2010:
Maybe you should have told your daughter to ask for the tires, since she did not know. I've never had my old tires returned to me, after buying new ones. They send them off for recycling.
Anonymous on 11/28/2010:
Well they sometimes DO sell the used tires if they are still in okay condition, which really suckes. Not only do most tire places charge you a disposal fee, they sometimes SELL your tires and make money off of them. Its not customary for places to ask you for your old tires back, its the customer's job. You would THINK a place like that would ask you if you want your almost new tires back, but then again, most places are dishonest anyway and will do anything to make an extra buck.
unhappy999 on 11/28/2010:
I thought getting different tires for winter was a thing of the past. I just keep the same tires all year round and replace when necessary.
Skye on 11/28/2010:
Good point unhappy. All our vehicles have year round radial tires.

GenuineNerd on 11/28/2010:
Some areas get so much snow that all-season radials just won't cut it...that's why winter tires are still sold (the Bridgestone Blizzak line is a best seller.) Most people that use winter tires buy an extra set of steel wheels just for the winter tires, so they won't have to have a tire shop dismount the snow tires and remount the all season tires (or vice versa). And winters around the Great Lakes can be brutal snow-wise.
Anonymous on 11/28/2010:
Western Washington tire dealers still have a pretty brisk trade selling studded snow tires every year.
Carguy6664 on 11/29/2010:
So I guess your complaint should be about your daughter and not the company then...
hockeytown on 02/15/2011:
First of all All Season tires will not beat snow tires in the snow.

I go to Discount Tire for my snows and they bag the radials and put them in my car for me. No questions and no disposal fee either.
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Belle Tire = Never Again
Posted by on
MICHIGAN -- Here are a few of my bad experiences with Belle Tire in Sterling Heights, MI.

1- I brought my '95 Ram 3500 dually in for a vibration at higher speeds. They tried telling me ALL 6 of my wheels (steel) were bent. After replacing a boat load of parts myself, the majority of the vibration went away when I changed the rear axle in the truck, so, I am led to believe they were just trying to sell me a new set of wheels.

2- I had brought in my '96 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 (extended cab/shortbed) for an alignment a long time ago (7-8 years) to the same location. They aligned the truck & I went on my way.
This past winter I brought my other truck in for an alignment. It was the same truck (extended cab, shortbox, 1500, 4x4) as the '96 only instead it was a '95. After sitting & waiting for an hour & a half, they finally tell me that my truck won't fit on their alignment rack....what? It fit before! My mother's '98 Ram quad cab 2wd has also been aligned there numerous times & its' nearly the same wheelbase.
I think somebody just didn't want to do their job that day.
The 'manager' apologized & referred me to another Belle Tire 4 miles away & offered a discount. So, I decided to waste more time & go to that location. They told me I would have at least an hour wait, so I said the hell with it & drove it to an independent shop & got the alignment done.

3- Final story....I brought a Dodge Diplomat in for a wobble....I didn't notice until after I got home but one of the rear tires had a BIG blister in it.
I guess Belle Tire didn't even check the rear tires as they just wrote up an estimate for a new steering gearbox & assorted other front end parts to the tune of $800+. I told them no way & went home - where I discovered the bulged tire.

I do know my way around my own vehicles to an extent & I do all my own work whenever I can. But, this place WILL try to take advantage of anybody. I have also heard of complaints from other independent shops about Belle Tire & that they will try telling customers such & such is wrong or broken on their car when nothing is wrong.

I will never go back to Belle Tire again.
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Do not buy from Belle Tire
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KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN -- We bought 4 new tires in July 2006 from Belle Tire. We started having vibration problems shortly after. In July 2007 they replaced 2 of the tires for being defective because I had bought the lifetime warranty and while we were there told me that I needed new shocks and struts on the van and it was dangerous to drive. We borrowed a car for our trip the next day then we took the van to 2 different dealers to get another opinion and both said that nothing was wrong with either the shocks or struts and gave me the computer printout of where it was on the diagnostics machine. The tech had quoted me $600 for the struts to be put on.

Needless to say we did nothing. The tires were still vibrating and we took it back several more times, finally they replaced the other 2 tires and charged us $150 because the warranty is prorated based on mileage it is not a tru lifetime warranty even though the technician said they were faulty. This still did not fix the problem and went back a few more times. The manager finally talked with another manager at a different store and they decided that the Honda Odyssey was not designed to have the Kelly Springfield tires that their sales person origianly sold me because of a load and speed rating on the tires. They then said they would put on 4 new tires, but would charge me $96. A total of $622 in 1 1/2 years.

The problem is fixed now, but I filed a complaint with the BBB and one of the corporate managers called me and was very rude to me and told me that the 2nd set of tires should not last 40,000 miles and that it was a wear problem and not a defective problem. After telling him what his managers said he informed me that he had never heard of such a thing. I told him that they obviously have a training and communication issue in their company then he got more rude and mean. I told him I did not want the original money I paid for the tires back, but wanted the extra $250 and was not arguing anymore.

According to him it will be up to the BBB if they find them at fault. So we will see what happens, but we will NEVER buy from Belle Tire again.
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