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Great Dealership Great Guys
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PASADENA, MARYLAND -- I was in a bad need of a vehicle, and this was not a good place to be in because usually this is when you get ripped off. I went to Beltway Auto Mart and met Kyle who showed me a couple of vehicles. I test drove some and liked the 2002 Ford Explorer Sport. My credit was shot and they worked with me and got me financed. I felt it was a little pricey but when your credit is bad what can you do? Well after I bought the Truck that night I noticed the dash lights were out on half of the instrument cluster. I called Kyle and Gregg said to bring it in and they would get it fixed. I picked up the truck at 6 pm and it was fixed. Saved me $360.00 that ford was going to charge me. Great place good guys!!! A++++
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Alain on 10/09/2010:
A used car dealership in the D.C. area that actually helped you? That's really somewhat remarkable!
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Understanding Odometer Readings
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MARYLAND -- I read an article on here about a someone stating that they bought a vehicle and it has odometer fraud cause of a Inspection Sticker.

This is not how it works. First off it is very possible the vehicle had more miles on it at one time in the past. If the odometer had to be replaced due to malfunction, than the new odometer or new, used odometer would read 0 or what was on the replacement odometer. The inspection station that inspects the truck can ONLY WRITE WHAT'S ON THE ODOMETER AT TIME OF SALE. THE DEALER CAN ONLY ADVERTISE WHAT THE ODOMETER STATES. When the truck is sold the paperwork that the dealership fills out and asks you to sign will have the information concerning the odometer and it TRUE MILES UNKNOWN. When it comes down to it you should always ask for a History Report on a vehicle and always READ YOUR PAPERWORK.


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Didn't honor warranty
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PASADENA, MARYLAND -- During first test drive of vehicle I noticed the check engine light was on. I brought this to the salesman attention who promptly got out of the vehicle and advised my gas cap was not tight and he would have his guys reset the light. Needless to say it came back on after I purchased the vehicle. I informed them of this and after driving to their facility twice (over 50 miles each time) they had a mechanic look at it who advised "it's emissions BS, I don't work on that" I informed Beltway of this and they now advise it's not their problem.

Beltway has refuse to answer any emails and also refuses to answer the Baltimore BBB who has this case for action. STAY AWAY FROM THEM, THEY ARE A RIP OFF.
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jktshff1 on 01/13/2008:
A lot is being left out here.
How did you get a warranty on a 2001 model car and what does it state?
How many miles are on the car?
Starlord on 01/13/2008:
Warranty? On a seven year old vehicle? Show me where Beltway is, cause I want to go there and buy a car. Every used car lot I have seen either only sells their cars 'As Is,' or they will sell you a warranty that will cost you more than any part that breaks will cost, and excludes a ton of stuff, like gas caps that cause your Check Engine light to come on. Used cars are usually in a state that a dealer offering a warranty is a fool.
fancfre on 01/13/2008:
The warranty was an in writing 30 day covers everything. Like I said they at first wanted to honor the warranty but soon backed away. (I bought this vehicle for my Daughter as her first) If you want to go to Pasadena Maryland to purchase one they all have warranties...Good luck
Anonymous on 01/13/2008:
State of Maryland requires a 30day/1000 mile warranty be provided on state inspection items at a min. Guess what! Check engine light is part of that. You need to contact the MVA in Glen Burnie, go to the dealer licensing and regulations on the second floor and file a complaint. That should get a much better response than the BBB could ever get. Good Luck
Starlord on 01/13/2008:
Interesting, thank you. Just proves Maryland is a weird state.
fancfre on 01/14/2008:
dealerdirect..Thank you, these people have done this before and I think they should be stopped
jktshff1 on 01/14/2008:
see, someone here has a good answer!
DebtorBasher on 01/14/2008:'re overdue for your 4th star!
jktshff1 on 01/14/2008:
whatta bout my 3rd???
mydogbozo on 01/31/2008:
Dealerdirect is correct. I spent 12 years in car dealership befre wising up andgetting out for good. Go to the MVA and complain to the Maryand State Inspections Division. Beltway Auto Mart mostly acquires their vehicle at a few different auto auctions. Auto auctions mainly deal with vehicles (mostly high mileage) that were trade-ins and rather than trying to sell them at large dealerships, the large dealerships take them to the different auctions. Where, at that time, the small independent dealer buy them and try to resell them. Also, at these auctions are, what as known as "manufacturer buy-backs", and these are cars that were repurchased by the manufacturers for different reasons. Mostly because they are vehicle which were deemed "unrepairable". But after "Joe Fly-By-Night Motors" buys the vehicle, they DO NOT have to advise you by law that they acquired it as a buyback. I can go on and on. You known there are a lot of these "Hurricane Katrina" cars, which are flood damaged, that these small dealers are trying to patch up and sell. After a vehicle has been flood damaged, the Electronics are NEVER the same and the ENGINE (EMISSION) LIGHT will come on continuously, no matter what you do or regardless of how many times a tech resets it. I wish you the bast.
buddymastin on 02/02/2008:
I also bought my vehicle from Beltway Auto Mart. I noticed problems on vehicle before buying. Thay told me to bring it back next week and they would take care of it. when I bought it back the next week they kept the vehicle all day then they told me they would not spend one penny to fix my vehicle. I contacted the Attorneys general office and BBB. BBB wanted to charge me to help and the AG office said they could not force Beltway to do anything. Don't believe a word Beltway says. Once you walk out the door you are on your own.
mydogbozo on 02/02/2008:
I know where this place is. About 2 miles south from the dealer where I used to work. A fly-by-night dealer most definitely.
fancfre on 04/09/2008:
Just an up-date, the BBB has offered arbitration but Beltway has not responded. (shock) At this point I can take legal action against them. Some may say it's not worth it but who knows what a judge may do in these times.
vcs on 05/30/2008:
I bought a Mercedes they said the a/c was low the sales person said the charged the a/c it was low and come to find out id needs $2k in repairs also the warrente they sell DO NOT GET IT I sold the car and I asked for a refund on my extended warranty I spent $2k on that and I owned the car for 1 year and they said I get no refund so I am out everything DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM THEY ARE SHADY also when I drove down there and I noticed the side light was broken they said it was a eBay car so I had to repair that and they did not tell me the pixles on the dash were out cost me $400.00 they said I am on my own to fix it so I am out k3K DO NOT DEAL WITH THEM!!!
vcs on 05/30/2008:
john and his little weasel's all that company is get you'r money and run and they even forge info on credit application's as what I was told they told me I was a doctor and I am only a driver so watch out for them, can you say FRAUD!!!!
99svtlightning on 06/13/2008:
Stay away, far away!

I went to look at a vehicle there this past week. It had an inspection certificate, but the emergency brake was broken. Looks like they cleaned the car up, but did nothing mechanical. Even the oil was dirty!

OK, so I decided I'd move forward and make an offer. It was advertised in AutoTrader, which led me down the path to Beltway Auto Mart. I offered them within $500 of what they were asking. The response was no? So, I asked why? I guess they had quite a few calls on the car that day and decided not to honor the AutoTrader price. On their website the car was listed $2000 higher. This wasn't a mistake, it was simply a waste of my time. They advertised it lower on AutoTrader to sell, received a few calls and decided to up the price.

I'm sure the people calling didn't find the car on their website, that's for sure. It was found on AutoTrader and at the price they were asking, was reasonable at best. For $2000 more, they are out of their mind. They didn't even want to barter...very bad business practice!
FAIRMINDED on 07/13/2008:
My Experiences. Theres TWO Sides to every story. If these were valid claims, the MVA would have made the dealer fix the problems for these people. I know MVA LAW. The State of MD & The MVA are both CONSUMER DRIVEN. MEANING they look out for the consumer in EVERY instance UNLESS THE CLAIM IS COMPLETELY UNFOUNDED. SOUNDS LIKE THEY ARE UNFOUNDED. EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION. MOST OF THEM ARE BIAS AND FROM WHAT I HAVE READ HERE IS A BUNCH OF JUST THAT BIAS OPINION'S.
fancfre on 01/29/2009:
After over a year I was contacted by the BBB. They stated the Business wanted to go to arbitration on my case. I got all the paperwork needed and sent them in. The BBB advised the Business might just settle and pay my repair bill....shock of all shocks the business now has refused to go to arbitration.
Annoyed1976 on 07/13/2009:
This place is one of the worst shadiest dealers in the area. My car only lasted maybe 6 hours!! I have filed many complaints including MVA and I got a lawyer. I can;t even drive my car. This place bites and needs to be shut down.
FAIRMINDED on 07/13/2009:
Annoyed1976, Sounds to me like your just bashing a dealer without any merits. Why do you not explain your situaiton, instead of using the method that you did. I would be careful, there is not a fact in your statement. Without fact you may be in jepordy of slander... Be careful. Try to state facts and only facts.
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Odometer Fraud
Posted by on
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- I purchased a 03 Ford F150 from Beltway Automart it was a nice truck. Until I found 2 different inspection certificates in the glove compartment. One of them from Beltway Automart and one from the previous owners. Beltway Automart listed the truck as having 73,000 Miles on it & the previous owners said 155,000 Miles on it.

To make a long story short don't buy anything from these cheats. We are in the process of filing papers on Beltway Automart. This is a warning stay away from these cheats!!!
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Anonymous on 02/05/2009:
That's pretty condemning evidence. Texas DPS takes a dim view of odometer fraud. Good post, and helpful.
Anonymous on 02/05/2009:
It is more than a little difficult to change an odometer setting, but assuming they did, the state records the mileage when they perform the state inspection. You should be able to go to them and ask them to provide the mileage reading from the most recent inspection. If it is over 77,000, take it to the police.
FAIRMINDED on 03/28/2009:
What was the purchase price of your vehicle? Was it less expensive than other vehicles that compared to it on the market? If it was, this may have been the reason for its LOW PRICE.
To my knowledge. A Maryland State Inspector has to write down on the Inspection Certificate, EXACTLY WHAT IS ON THE ODOMETER AT THE TIME OF INSPECTION. The vehicles history report has absolutely nothing to do with the mileage being correct or not. The inspectors job is to only record the milegae that is displayed at the time of Inspection. As for the dealer that sold the vehicle. They have to advertise the mileage that is on the vehicle at the time of sale also. They can not state anything but what the Odometer Displays. The paperwork that is signed at the time of sale, should have something on it that discloses the odometer's error. This vehicle sounds like it had an odometer problem (WHICH all these Digital Odometers do nowadays. COMPUTERS! HUH!). This would warrant replacment of the odometer. The vehicle has to have a mechanism that records Speed and Distance. It sounds like an unfortunate situation, but ask yourself. Why did I buy the vehicle to begin with? Is Price and it's condition? If yes than you had to be happy at on point of your purchase. Right??
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