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Towing scam
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WESTWOOD, NJ, NEVADA -- Bennett Kay towing is out to get all of us that drive in bergen county NJ. They run a operation that is called "predatory towing" this means that if you park in a no parking area for maybe 2 minutes to get your coffee they come along and lift your car in the air and will tell you that you can have your car back now for $150-$300 (cash) or they tow it to their slum at 9 forest ave. paramus, NJ for $600-$1000 with a $60 storage fee per day of coarse and it is perfectly legal in most towns in our area! I was parked at the Seville dinner in Westwood I ate there and walked off the property to get dessert and the Bennett Kay driver said after that I was trespassing on private property! I had to pay him $150 to put my car down and my wife protested his actions and he told her to shut the f**k up in front of the police officer! The officer said he is using his freedom of speech!!! He was over three hundred pounds and my wife is around 100! Bennett Kay uses employees that have police records as long as my leg and our towns are allowing them to roam our streets!! We must end predatory towing talk to your town officials to end the no limit towing prices the bad people like Bennett Kay towing are allowed to get away with. Boycott the Seville Dinner in Westwood NJ you are not safe to park there I promise you!

If you know anyone that has been affected by one of their towing scams you must report them to the Better Business Bureau. Please go to the link for the BBB below.

Bennett Kay Towing, Inc.
9 Forest Ave.
Paramus, NJ 07652

Go to "File a Complaint" on top of the BBB home page and click on the business button.

All of us matter, we must stop these people with there abusive business!
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User Replies:
topher63076 on 06/17/2007:
You said yourself you were parked un a no parking area so they were doing what they should.
CrystalSword on 06/17/2007:
If you read that again...he wasn't in a no parking area...he was at a restaurant and left it there while he walked elsewhere for dessert...
What he said was "They run a operation that is called "predatory towing" this means that if you park in a no parking area for maybe 2 minutes to get your coffee they come along and lift your car in the air and will tell you that you can have your car back now for $150-$300 (cash) or they tow it to their slum at 9 forest ave."
This did not mean he (bill1945) was parked illegally.
Some places, even in strip malls allow you to park in front of their store only if you are a patron there, which he was for dinner...then he he was no longer a patron while parked there. (We have a little strip mall here and there is an antique store that takes up about five spaces right in front of the store, and she will have you towed if you aren't inside her store...if you go in and buy something and you want to go directly next door to get something from that store, you'd better move your car!!)
yoke on 06/17/2007:
I would never eat at the diner again! They are the ones who contrat with the towing company to tow cars of people not in their restaurant.
runaway on 06/17/2007:
The towing company must have a contract with the business - shouldn't you be discussing their parking policies with them? The towing company was simply following orders of their "employer".
As far as parking in a no-parking zone, I'm all for the towing company on that one! Don't like it, follow the signs and DON'T park there, or pay the price.
bill1945 on 06/17/2007:
OK... I understand that yeah people should not park in private lots if your not going to the business that owns the parking lot I'm 100% with you on that. I paid a bill to the Seville Diner and walked off the lot for two minutes!!! Let's say I was 100% wrong for arguments sake... do you think that these rouge tow drivers should be able to charge you $150-$200 for hooking up to your car? Do you think they should be able to charge you $500-$1000 for towing your car 5-10 miles???? Look up predatory towing the state of CA banned it. I have sources that tell me that the Seville Diner gets a 40% kickback on every tow which is all under the table cash. They made around 15-20 tows on the night of 6/16/07 with a low figure of $6000 that was all cash and off the books. So, do you think Bennett Kay towing and the Seville Diner or any other business that does the same should be allowed to have this tax exempt all cash business? Should we let these towing business make 200k-400k a year off our local citizens with these all cash scams? Maybe we should just act like fish in a barrell, and hope the guy next to you gets shot, and prey they go away with their prize and leave the rest of us alone.
ejack053824 on 06/17/2007:
I would have fun with that company if the fatass tow driver told my woman to shut the f&#k up. Don't get mad Bill1945...GET EVEN!
warddw1526 on 06/18/2007:
Not sure what ejack has in ind for getting even. You could make fake tow calls asking for their service. Probably should do it from a pay phone though.
bill1945 on 06/18/2007:
Thanks for the ideas you can Skype them at 201.843.5354 24 hours a day and the number will come up unknown... but that might make us as bad as them.

We are starting a campaign against the Seville Diner for subjecting our locals to criminal and abusive tow drivers and for a business taking off the books untaxed cash kickbacks from the profits of their tow operations.

We are developing websites and roadside signs with the website link to alert the community. So be on the look out! If you know anyone in your local government ask them why are they allowing this harassing business in our towns? Fairlawn stopped it. Visit these websites for information... They should be up by 7/1/07
Please spread the word. This really can happen to you... I happened to me.
Anonymous on 06/18/2007:
This is an issue to be raised with your local city government. Some towns are passing ordinances prohibiting 'predatory towing'. Talk to your councilman or whatever… Start a grass roots movement. The good thing about city government is you only need about hundred followers to get something done. Good luck!
bill1945 on 06/19/2007:
Bennett Kay Towing drivers arrested yesterday for stealing numerous items out of the cars that they impounded from the Seville Diner towing scam on 6/16/07. News to be reported in the NJ Record on 6/21/07. Boycott the Seville Diner in Westwood NJ.
Ksoc19 on 08/01/2007:
I did not experience Bennett-Kay at the diner you are talking about - they are the Essex tow company for AAA. They were over 3 hours late. They refused to tow the car based on their own policy, and they tried to get $500 from us. Then, as I was on the phone with AAA confirming their "policy" was wrong, the driver closed his door and drove off. I talked with AAA all night, Bennett-Kay was completely wrong. This morning I called Bennett-Kay. I was hung up on twice. Then yelled at because I suggested they review their policy. I don't know what can come of this. But something has to be done about this company.
bill1945 on 08/18/2007:
Just be happy they didn't rob you at gun point. The one tow driver they use Dave Puch (tall, heavy, lots of tattoos) has a criminal record for assalt and battery and recently was convicted with stealing items from the cars they tow. AAA should not be using these people for their customers. You should ask AAA why they use a tow company with a criminal history, and why they would subject you to dangerous people.
SUPERTOWMAN on 12/21/2010:
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