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Not Right
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WORCESTER, WEST VIRGINIA -- A man from Ben Franklin Book store on Salem St Worcester go's across the street, to the Worcester Library, and takes 10 to 20 free books at a time an then sells them. That is not right.
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Slimjim on 07/17/2008:
Aren't the books stamped "property of Worcester Library" or something like that? Doesn't the library require the books to be signed out?
Anonymous on 07/17/2008:
My library has a shelf of books that are free for the taking. The library is through with them and if not taken, they are discarded. It seems likely that the library is aware that this guy owns a book shop, and would stop him if they thought it was a problem. In any case, did you mention it to a librarian?
caa on 07/21/2008:
How does this relate to restaurants?
ejack053824 on 07/21/2008:
They have good restrooms?
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