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Worst customer service
Posted by on
I love coffee and got a Bennoti espresso machine as present from friends 3 months ago. After I unpacked the machine and turned it on I found out the water tank has a crack. I searched for the company online and found email and phone number. Email does not work at all, but I was able to call. A very nice lady promised to order a water tank and mail it for free, it would take about a month until I receive it. I was impressed about this business and looked up the internet for their other products, wrote a list with coffee cups I wanted to try.
The month went by, nothing came. I called again, the lady said it should arrive at their place soon and they forward it. Another two weeks went by, I called again. The employee told me the tank has been sent this Friday. Nothing arrived, I called AGAIN. This time a pretty unfriendly employee said the piece can be ordered, it takes about a month and I have to pay for it.
So much for good customer service. Now I have a machine which is useless without tank. My friends are from Europe and after went back from vacation did not keep the paperwork. I will try to find out who to contact about this company. I do like the machine and would like to use it. I don't mind buying the coffee cups which are not inexpensive either. But getting a machine and not be able to use it is wrong and I will definitely tell everybody I know about it and see if there is a consumer protection who can advise me.
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Skye on 09/11/2010:
I'm not sure why you didn't keep the paperwork to the machine, since they are very expensive. Can you contact your friends in Europe for the receipt, and find out if you can do an exchange for the entire machine?
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Bennoti Coffee Maker Without Instructions
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SULPHUR, LA, LOUISIANA -- Hi! I got a Bennoti coffee/cappuccino maker as a gift and have been unable to get any instructions/paperwork at all!!! This is extremely annoying since I have had 2 strokes since I got this machine and cannot get anybody to kelp me at all (ie: these people are more lost than I am, and I have had 2 strokes, so...Isn't that a sad situation. Help me, please ya'll I've tried everything...Even paid a repairman to try to make me some instructions...But I shouldn't have to do this...) Somebody help me please...I have had people see it in a box on my kitchen cabinet and everybody wants to know how it works, how the coffee tastes, etc...And I can't tell them a damn thing (sorry...)But if you only know how ignorant this sounds to me but anything you can do would be greatly appreciated...Also, could you send me a letter by mail , as I cam not the only one using this computer and I don't want to miss this note, ya know).

This may sound silly to you, but it's really a pain in the butt to me. Thanks in advance for your assistance....Help please!!!!


Patti Evans
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madconsumer on 11/11/2008:
sounds like you were given a used applicance. perhaps the sender used it, did not like it, and then passed it along to you. of course after they lost the instructions.
GenuineNerd on 11/11/2008:
This may help...I don't know offhand if you tried contacting the manufacturer:

Bennoti's website

Customer service telephone: 1-800-399-9390

Maybe someone from Bennoti could send you instructions for your coffee maker if you give them the model number.
Principissa on 11/11/2008:
You could also do an internet search for a user manual by typing in instruction manual for Bennoti (put in model number).

You don't say if you've contacted Bennoti about this, but maybe you should. I'm sure they would be willing to send you a manual if you ask.
Anonymous on 11/11/2008:
Google and take it easy Peps! Getting all worked up over some coffee maker isn't helping your health one bit.
theinnovationstore on 05/09/2010:
This may be far too little far too late, but I have the Instruction Manual in a .pdf file which I can email to anybody that needs it.

You can obtain the capsules you need on Kijiji or eBay. Just perform a Search on "Bennoti". The capsules are now called Espresso Cap.
Casey on 11/15/2011:
Hi theinnovationstore! I am in the same situation, I bought this used and wasn't given the manual, could you please please PLEASE send me the manual (if you still have it??) Thanks!!
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Posted by on
ORANGE -- As we all know we get sucked into something that seems like a good deal, but end up with a big hairy beast we don't agree to.

This is my first, not last, warning against the Bennoti Inc Bennoti Coffee Machine.
On Dec 4. 2006 I bought into the order of 4 capsules of coffee for $107. with a free coffee machine. Well the idea that nothing comes for free, believe it. It was supposed to be $138.42 for the machine and coffee shipped. On Dec 7, 2006 my bank account was charged $296.50 by Bennoti. I immediately disputed this with my credit union. I called UPS. One box was delivered, refused (never being opened) and sent back to Bennoti Inc. The second box was re-routed in shipping and I never had my hands on it. I waited, as my credit union suggested. Finally after many letters and the dispute with my credit union I got a refund from Bennoti, Inc. Of course the refund was for $219.50, not the full amount of $296.50.


Let me also mention. Don't bother with the phone line or customer service. They hang up on you or o play dumb and ignore you. I finally got an email from Sandy@customer service. Tell her I sent you. All complaints should be directed to her.

Nothing is Free. It cost me almost $80.00, Lost time at work, lots of energy wasted and I didn't even enjoy being screwed.
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Anonymous on 01/22/2007:
I found a few other complaints elsewhere about trouble getting refunds from these people. Looks like they are unresponsive.

On their own web site the cheapest purchase is the 8 box supply of capsules is $249 including shipping. 30 capsules in a box. That comes out to about $1 each. And yes the coffee maker is free. But if you don't pay attention you are signed up for monthly shipments. Not to be on their side but how many of us pay more than $1 for espresso at the corner coffee shop? However for use at home it might be a bit expensive.
Anonymous on 01/22/2007:
jesh67 , We all get suckered into these things one time or anther in a lifetime but it is time for us all to wake up and smell the coffee! Don’t buy stuff off the TV or online or over the phone cause it’s just not worth it, as you now know. There is no real regulation on these people and they don’t seem to care what they lie about or how they cheat people because people keep coming back for more. Thanks for the information on these people and sorry you got ripped off.
Anonymous on 01/22/2007:
But they are not lying about the coffee maker being free. I've seen it on other web sites for $199.
kerry kerry on 01/22/2007:
I received one of these espresso maker and coffee for Christmas and it is just amazing. It makes life so easy. The coffee tastes just delicious. I rather have my own "Bennoti" coffee at home then walk down the streets and get a cup of coffee that will cost the same amount. I sleep getting all excited to wake up in the morning knowing I can make my own espresso in the convenience of my home.:)
CoffeeGuy on 03/25/2008:
Bennoti Espresso Machine is the tops! I love the Bennoti coffee maker and the coffee. In fact, my boyfriend was born and raised in Naples and he says the coffee is very good. It is just like the espresso and cappuccino I have had all over Italy. I love the decaffinito in the evening too. Anyone who thinks that this is bad coffee does not know what they are talking about.

Also, I had surgery on my right hand 10 days ago and the Bennoti is so easy to make with just one hand (and I am right handed)! I certainly could not make coffee the American way with my left hand.

I tell everyone how great your company is, and your customer service is tops. I sent an e-mail asking for a detailed description of the 4 different coffees I received and received a reply the next day!

The company has gotten so big that they needed to move from their New York warehouse to Connecticut. Perhaps that is one reason some people had a hard time contacting the company. Also, any allegations that the website does not exist are false. Just go to and you find everything about the company.

Thanks, Bennoti, for bringing such a great product to America!! Love it
masod on 05/10/2008:
I did order via tv and no pb at all in fact I got it free and the telemarketink told me the coffee price before
theinnovationstore on 04/09/2010:
Here is some good news for anybody that owns a Bennoti Espresso Machine and is having trouble finding the capsules. Espresso Cap capsules are identical to Bennoti Capsules and will fit your Bennoti machine perfectly. They are made in the same factory in Italy.

The name "Bennoti" is unique to the North American market. The rest of world knows these espresso machines as Espresso Cap. If you Goggle "Espresso Cap" you will find an Espresso Cap website in most major countries except the U.S. Espresso Cap was never involved in the "As Seen on TV Free Espresso Machine" Scam. That too was unique to North America.

Both Bennoti and Espresso Cap espresso machines make wonderful tasting espresso and cappuccino. Owners of these machines love the way they work, if not the way they obtain one. The biggest problem has been finding a reliable source for the capsules.

Espresso Cap capsules and espresso machines are not sold in the U.S., but they are available on both Kijiji and eBay.
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Bennoti's non-existing customer service
Posted by on
SHELTON, CONNECTICUT -- Bennoti advertises on TV, they also have a website. The deal is that you buy their coffee (proprietary packaging) and they give you a FREE Espresso Maker. I ordered the coffee because I really wanted a good Espresso Maker. A few days later I told one of my children of my purchase. It turns out that my kids had gotten together and bought me a very good Espresso Maker. This was probably the same day Bennoti shipped the coffee and the unit.
I e-mailed their customer service that evening, asking for their return policy. This e-mail got ignored, as did the next 5.
Calling them does not work either, you end up getting a nice voice telling you that they are very busy and e-mails would get faster results. That is a true joke. If you keep hanging on, eventually the line will go dead.
All I want is for someone at Bennoti's to tell me where to ship the two unopened boxes and do I need an RMA number. Is that so difficult? It certainly seems that way for Bennoti's customer service.
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Anonymous on 12/10/2006:
Put RETURN to SENDER on the box, and drop 'em off at the post office.
Skye on 12/11/2006:
Have they already charged your credit card??
Anonymous on 12/11/2006:
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Tadpole59 on 12/11/2006:
I would have done that if Bennoti had not already charged my credit card. The way things look, I may have to do it anyway and challenge the charge to my credit card. Thanks for the helpful comment.
Skye on 12/11/2006:
You have 30 days to dispute the charge. Tell the credit card people what is going on, and return it, with a signed signature receipt at time of delivery. I wonder what kind the family got you, cause the Bennoti's one looks so nice. I get tempted when I see the commercial!!
Tadpole59 on 12/12/2006:
I'm not even sure what the kids got me, but knowing my very anal son, it's top of the line. Bennoti's Espresso Maker does look impressive. I suppose one could put up with the proprietary coffee pods. I was willing to put up with it, but since the kids are getting me one I can grind my own beans and have a very large variety of coffees to try out.
I appreciate you pointing out that I have only 30 days to dispute the charge, I had forgotten about that. I am definitely planning to get a signed receipt.
tjbaze on 07/23/2007:
It is really great coffee, and a great machine, The problem?, you can't get coffee from them, most of the types are "backordered" and the capsule size is proprietary, I received my expressomaker and coffee the end of May, immediately ordered more cofee, still don't have it. Had to dig out the old coffee maker 2 weeks ago. They obviously don't have customer service, when you call it, they ask you what product your calling about...Ouch
masod on 05/10/2008:
I did not have any pb with Bennoti they very good to me as I re order the coffee
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No Service
Posted by on
CARMEL, CALIFORNIA -- My Bennoti espresso maker worked for about 6 months. I have tried every telephone number I can find and no one answers. Just a busy signal. I have emailed an address on their website for a place to send the machine to get fixed, nothing.
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Anonymous on 05/04/2009:
Does this help?

Bennoti is committed to providing the best products and friendliest customer service. If you should have any questions about ordering or questions about any of our great products and services, please feel free to contact us using the information provided below.

Bennoti Inc.
6 Waterview Dr.
Shelton, CT 06484

To place your order on the phone call: 1-800-399-9390

If they use Yahoo for their email, I suspect thatthey are a pretty small operation. Maybe they only have one operator.
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Love My Coffee
Posted by on
QUEENS, NEW YORK -- I love Bennoti! Other than a few delays in shipping the coffee, my favorite Gran Aroma! I never had a problem with customer service.

They provided me with the proper status on my order, whenever I called in and placing an order was never a problem.

I was never overcharged, if anything, I was offered tons of discounts on my Espresso maker and coffee.

Happy Customer
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Like The Product Bennoti
Posted by on
NEW YORK -- I love this machine and its amazing coffee and its price... great espresso to...
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masod on 05/10/2008:
the Bennoti taste better than the nespresso and its not as expensive ,,,,,thanks Bennoti
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I had no trouble
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LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I ordered the $116.00 special a week ago, got it yesterday 8/16/07, it is the best coffee I have ever had period. Works just like they say. I had no problems whatever. In fact I ordered the 24 pack and machine by mistake first and had to reorder to get the special, I E'ed them about it and they only charged me the small order which is what I got yesterday. They responded to my E inquiring if they had made the credit and switch as I requested.

I see a lot of bad press on it but I can only say it is great, better in fact than my daughters $850.00 Starbucks machine and the coffee is just awesome.
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Ponie on 08/19/2007:
Glad you had a good experience. I'm a Gevalia person myself.
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Customer Service (or lack thereof)
Posted by on
ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA -- Sorry! That would be CORPORATE office!
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