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This company does NOT stand behind the cars they sale and their service dept. is worthless
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3800 34TH STREET N. ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- I purchased a "pre-certified" Z-4 BMW from Bert Smith BMW. I have had to return this vehicle to the service dept 9 times (in just 3 months after purchase) as a result of numerous problems. They give worthless service and require you to return the vehicle to have items fixed that have already been advised were wrong to the car.

The last time I had it serviced, it was returned to me only to have it NOT start.

I met with the service manager and general manager to try to resolve this issue (an undependable car) which I purchased pre-certified since I did not want to buy a vehicle "as is." What a joke! Although I was polite and attempted to rectify the problems in a polite and fair manner...they did not listen to anything I had to say.

Instead they offered me a "credit" towards another vehicle where I had to take an $8,000.00 loss. Car Max offered me the same amount of money which would have been paid to me outright, not as a credit!

I personally feel they may have "monkeys" certify the car due to all the issues I have had with it.

I CAUTION anyone who would EVEN LOOK at this dealer when buying. They do NOT stand behind their product, but instead make it completely inconvenient to the consumer who can not relay on their purchase. Additionally, they are very rude.
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Anonymous on 01/13/2010:
Car Max would be buying the car from you. The dealership is not going to give you cash outright. I can't believe you think they should.

Oh, the important word here is depreciation value.
MicheleG on 01/14/2010:
I appreciate your comment, but disagree with you. If one buys a car that is "pre-certified", they are buying a car that is certified to have been checked out and is alleged to be in s condition that is (responsible...operative word.) This car was not! After 9 visits in less than 3 months, one can only assume the certification WAS NOT done! Therefore they should compensate for all the time, trouble and distraught one had to go through when they put their faith and money into buying "pre-certified...another operative word!) It baffles me you even wrote that must be a car dealer! I own a business and I would never treat my clients like I have been treated since I would not be able to keep them. Most companies do not do business just to get your money once...they did. They ARE NOT A REPUTABLE OR HONEST DEALERSHIP if they were they would stand behind the products they sale.
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