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Don't waste your money at Bertera
By -

PALMER, MASSACHUSETTS -- I purchased a used Chevy with 24,000 on it from Bertera Chevy in Palmer. After driving it, I figured it would be okay for what I needed at the time. It was partially my mistake as I had never bought a car before, so I let some things go unmentioned. One of those being the actual price. I honestly don't know how they came up with the price or what they gave me for my trade. But that is my own fault, although I will say that they do a good job at avoiding questions.

I had asked to see a Carfax report and had asked if it had been in an accident, I was told it hadn't, and that I could see the report. I never got that, and later found that it had been in an accident. (You could tell by the paint color difference.) Anyway, the worst part is that there were some issues that I felt needed to be handled before I took the car home. I wrote them all down, and was told the service department would handle them. One was the brakes, one was the fact that the heater fan made an odd noise, and there were a few others. I was told the brakes were replaced and on my note I got back from the dealership, it said "no noise" next to the heater fan note.

I again discussed that there was a noise and they said "Don't worry, we'll take care of any problems within 90 days."
Interestingly enough, when you go back there, they don't actually handle the problems. Nobody will return calls, and you then get told you have to pay for some things because they aren't included. My brakes honestly lasted about 100 days. Interesting for "new" brakes to die so quickly. Along with that, my heater fan totally broke after about 5 months. I had to replace the whole thing, even though there hadn't been any odd noise according to them. (Apparently I'm just psychic.) The amount of money I had to put into that car was sad.

It just continually has problems. It got to the point where I called Chevy because I was so upset with the car and the fact that it had so few miles but so many problems. Unfortunately they weren't going to do anything unless it was through the Chevy dealer where I bought the car. Then they would work out a 50/50 deal. I didn't accept that because first off, I didn't want to give that shady place any more money or ever set foot in there again, and second, I had no faith that they'd really fix the parts.

Point of the story is that they are just shady people. The manager is incredibly rude, he came screaming into the showroom at an employee while I was in there buying my car. And he has absolutely no customer service skills. I was told it was "too bad" that my car had so many problems in such a short time, but I could make a service appointment if I wanted. It was just rude, shady, and poor service. I wouldn't ever go there again. And I say that about the whole chain because if they allow one store to be run so badly, it has to be their business method for all of them.

Sales Managers Treat you like Morons
By -

PALMER, MASSACHUSETTS -- The price of the car was good and our sale person was decent enough, but we all know they are just pawns to the sales managers. And the sales manager treated us like morons. They had the car listed for X price on the internet, then gave us exactly what Kelly Blue Book had for our trade-in. They kept going back and forth doing the "let me talk to my manager" thing, but never really made us a better deal than what was listed.

I do sales and marketing consulting for big clients that trust my understanding of how to be successful in sales. I'm not an idiot, I know when someone is playing a sales game with me. Then the car didn't have the remotes for the keyless entry system, which they didn't disclose until after the deal was done. When I went back they said, some cars don't have them even if the car has the system. It's like floor mats. That's great, but the car we bought was 6 months old and the remotes cost over $100 each. Non-disclosure of missing parts is a big problem in my book, especially now that I can't do anything about it.

Worst of all, they had a sign in the showroom that said anything less than 100% satisfaction is unacceptable. I would never recommend this dealership to anyone. The cheap prices aren't worth the horrible customer service.

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