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Washer and Dryer Purchase and Delivery
By -

MURRAY, UTAH -- I purchased a washer and dryer set on clearance from Best Buy on Friday. It was scheduled to be delivered on Monday. I was told someone would call to let me know a two hour time frame when I could expect delivery. No one called. I tried to call Monday before I left for work, but they don't open the store until 10. So I called again at 10 - it took me 10 minutes just to get someone to answer their phone - only to be told that the two hour window was from 9:30 to 11:30! So I raced home to wait for delivery.

At 11:40 the delivery still had not come - so I called Best Buy again - after another 20 minutes of sitting on holding and getting the run around, I was told that they couldn't get in touch with the delivery man, but they left him a message to call me ASAP. About 10 minutes later he called, informing me that the washer they sold me was not in stock and he was still trying to find one from another store and didn't know when or if he would be able to deliver. It would have been really nice to know this before I took 2 hours off work to wait for him to show.

I tried to call the store again to talk to a manager, but couldn't ever get anyone in the appliance department to pick up the phone, so I called corporate customer service. They were very kind, but explained they couldn't do anything because the product was a clearance item that they were not restocking. But said they would send me a gift card for my trouble and told me to go into Best Buy to see if I could find something to replace it or to cancel my order. So, I went back in to Best Buy and it was finally determined that there was a newer model that the salesman thought was the clearance model - which caused the whole mix up.

He took my phone number and said he would redo the order with the new unit at the clearance price and would call and let me know when I could expect delivery. Surprise, surprise, no phone call. I spent another 20 minutes this morning trying to get in touch with someone at the store. Only to be told that they were going to give me the new model at cost - but it was still about $40 more than the model I originally purchased and I needed to come back in and repurchase everything. If the unit wasn't such a good price, I would just cancel everything because I don't want to deal with their crap anymore. I guess you get what you pay for.

I can say that after this, I am seriously reconsidering paying for the extended warranty if this is the kind of service I can expect. And I will never make any large purchase from Best Buy again. UPDATE: After another hour long trip to Best Buy, we finally, hopefully have everything figured out - and delivery is set for Saturday and I am now having nightmares about my washer/dryer and the delivery. I get a phone call on Friday telling me that delivery is scheduled between 9 and 11 am. Hooray - maybe a little redemption for Best Buy! Not! 10:30 Saturday morning and I get a call. They are running late. It will now be between 11:00 and 12:00.

12:30, I call, they are still running behind but are almost to my house. They arrive about 10 minutes later. 2:30 - They have been trying to install everything for about 2 hours when I am told there is a problem, they can't hook my dryer up to the vent. It seems the connection in my wall is old and outdated and won't attach to the dryer hose I was sold. Sorry, nothing we can do. Seriously, this guy was ready to pack up and leave me with a dryer in the middle of my kitchen! After explaining to him as calmly as I could under the situation that I refused to pay for delivery and installation if the product wasn't installed.

He told me I could go find a part that would work and call him and he would try to come back and fix the problem, at his convenience of course. So, after 3 trips to Best Buy, 5 calls to Best Buy (each one taking at least 30 minutes), 5 1/2 hours of waiting for delivery people, and 2 hours of installation, my old, semi-working washer / dryer is gone, I have a working washer, and no dryer. And, the assurance that may be, if things aren't too busy tomorrow, they will be able to come over and get my dryer hooked up. Word to the wise, no matter the price, don't buy major appliances from Best Buy, it is never worth it!

It's a Best Buy to shop somewhere else
By -

AKRON, OHIO -- Three things people should know before heading to Best Buy. This one is specific to the Akron, Ohio Chapel Hill store. 1. Best Buy has been heavily advertising how their stores now include "experts" on major appliances. Okay, good. I needed a dishwasher, so I go to Best Buy and am greeted by the gentleman working in the appliance department. A 45 minute story made short, he had NO idea of the differences between comparable models without spending time looking stuff up on his computer and then handing me pages of specs for me to read through. I thought he was supposed to be at least moderately versed in his department.

There was a $200 price difference between a Whirlpool Quiet 1, Quiet 2, and Quiet 3. I had researched the dishwashers on line before going to the store, but they didn't specify differences to that exactness, and some of the spec fields on their site were blank. When I asked about the difference between the three that the third would be so much more money; his answer was, "Well, the 3 is the most quiet." Yes, I rather assumed that. Thanks for the clarification. I walked around the department then, reading the specs he gave me, looking at the models, and he followed me closely the entire time. I wouldn't mind this, except for the fact I told him to give me a few minutes to make a decision.

I had to walk out of the area to get a moment to look at the specs. I went ahead and bought the 2 on June 22, but I didn't buy it off any kind of an expert. 2. The price of my dishwasher was $399. I went home that night and got on line to look at it because I was excited. The price of my dishwasher on their site is $379. No where on there, that I can see, does it say "Internet Special." So, Best Buy, which has been in trouble for the bait and switch before, has done it again. Hindsight, I should have printed off the limited specs on line and taken them with me because after looking at umpteen dishwashers, I couldn't keep which cost what straight in my head.

I called Best Buy and the girl told me I could bring my receipt in and they would give me $20. Okay, no problem there, but I think they count on people not doing that do they can keep the money, sort of like rebates? Why don't their prices match? Isn't false advertising illegal? 3. My microwave died one week after I bought my dishwasher. I went to another appliance store, HHGregg. I had never heard anything good about the store from anyone, and I went in once and couldn't get waited on. However, I wasn't immediately going to return to Best Buy because I had felt lied to, I had to do all of the work, and they had a limited selection.

When I went in there, I saw my dishwasher for $321 and I was instantly angry. A $10 difference, okay, big deal. An $80 difference? Oh heck no! I talked to the salesman and he said, "It's on sale for $379, but then there is a $50 rebate on it. When did you buy yours?" I said, "A week ago?" He pointed to the date on the rebate paper and said, "You can get the rebate. It started a week before you bought your dishwasher." Okay. So why didn't Best Buy offer this to me-it is a WHIRLPOOL REBATE, not a Best Buy, or HHGregg rebate. If I had not walked into HHGregg, I would never have known about it because Expert-boy never mentioned it.

I ended up buying $750 worth of new kitchen appliances off him because he offered me $25 off the microwave and $50 off a new stove (I'm redoing my kitchen, now everything matches). He also gave me the rebate paper on a dishwasher I didn't buy from him and filled out the numbers on it for me. Nice guy.

Oh, and what a concept, he told me all about the microwaves, wattage differences, sensor touch buttons, and what would be the Best Buy for my price range-and he didn't have to use his computer to do it. So, it's a foregone conclusion that I need to spend more time looking around before I buy large ticket items. I take partial responsibility for the troubles I had, but I was also counting on Best Buy to live up to what it advertises. Shop there if you want, but be careful.

Customer No-Service
By -

PORT ORANGE, FLORIDA -- On February 21, 2005, I purchased an LG front loading washer from Best Buy in Daytona Beach. I also purchased a 5 product service plan for it and the matching dryer I bought with it. Fast forward to last Friday. I was doing laundry and came back to switch the loads around. The washer had a code displayed. I assumed it was out of balance and tried to redistribute the load with no luck. I then looked the code up and saw that it meant that the motor was overloaded. The instructions said to unplug it and call for service. I called Best Buy and set up an appointment.

I was told that the tech would be here between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Tuesday and that the tech would call me that morning to give me a better time frame. I explained to the woman that I work till 1 so it would have to be after that. She told me that she had no control over their scheduling but that she would make a note that it had to be after 1 p.m. I gathered up all my laundry and went to the laundromat. $14 to wash my laundry! Today is Tuesday and I got a call this morning on my cell phone while I was at work. It was the tech telling me he'd be here between 10 and 11. I told him that wouldn't work, I work till 1.

He said he had made his schedule and my area is covered in the morning as he comes from Orlando and does this area first and works his way home. He said there was no note that it had to be after 1 and he wasn't going to come then and I'd have to reschedule. I asked him about coming after 1 when I rescheduled and he basically told me I was out of luck because he does my area in the morning and it wasn't going to be after 1 but I could just keep making appointments and see if I could ever get one that met my needs. I hung up and called the customer service number and was told by the rep that they have no control over the scheduling of the repair company.

I explained that I have to work, as most people do, and I can't be available for a 10 hour window to wait for the repair guy. She wasn't impressed. I asked for her supervisor, who gave me the same story with a total lack of regard for my situation. I took an appointment for Thursday and we'll see if I can get lucky then. When I got home, I called back and asked for a supervisor again. I got the same "I couldn't care less" attitude from this supervisor who also told me I couldn't speak to his supervisor and he'd leave a message and maybe she'd call back in 24-48 hours. I met with the same response from a customer service person and her supervisor.

So basically I'm stuck with a washer, which hasn't ever given me any other trouble, that doesn't work and a pretty much useless product service plan. After a lot of prodding, I did find out that I can contact a reputable repair service on my own and have the washer fixed and submit the bill to Best Buy for consideration to be reimbursed. They assure me they "usually" do reimburse people but it depended on if they felt the repairs were justified, etc.

And no one could give me a time frame of how long it would take to get reimbursed. I am a long time big spender at Best Buy. I've bought 3 sets of appliances at Best Buy, computers, t.v.'s, software, video games, CD's, DVD's, etc., at Best Buy. I'm thinking Circuit City or some other store might be getting my business in the future.

2 Microwaves Purchased at Their Store Was Junk
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Rating: 1/51

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE -- Purchase a microwave for my son. 1 year later it had sparks shooting inside. In 2012 got another microwave and it lasted only six months. It's off to HHGregg for now on.

Worst Shopping Experience of My Life
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Rating: 1/51

PORTLAND, OREGON -- I bought a dishwasher in-store for $527 and put it on the Best Buy card. The balance was $554 when I went to pay the bill. I even have the paper receipt for $527, so they overcharged for no verifiable reason. At the same time I tried to purchase a microwave online and had troubles. Their call center tossed me around to 5 different people with no resolution. I cancelled the order and went elsewhere. Bottom line: they have no integrity and don't understand the meaning of 'client experience'. I will never shop there again.

Acting as if Incompetence is a Virtue
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Rating: 1/51

GRAPEVINE, TEXAS -- We'll keep this as short as possible. I need to buy a dishwasher. I know which one I want: model # / SKU #. I call Best Buy. Allow me to enumerate a sequence of events leading this writer to declare, "I shall never again step foot into another Best Buy store."

  1. For years, their store phone system, relating to handling customer calls, is inadequate. Two times, today, a disconnect occurred, after having waited for an extended period of time on hold.

  2. The music played into the captive ear of the on-hold customer is atrocious. Has anyone in upper management taken the time to listen, with a cell phone, how that music sounds? It's not fit for human consumption.

  3. Online references to the desired product, as it relates to its "availability" in a particular store is nothing short of deceptive. All stores showed the product as, "Available". 'Available', as it turns out, means, the product can be shipped to the store, or picked up, at a distant warehouse. Keep your keys in your pocket. Don't drive there on the basis you think the product is 'Available in the store.'

  4. The appliance sales representative informed me that neither she, nor that department, is Best Buy. As I'm informed, they are contracted. My reply to that is, "I don't care who you work for. I called Best Buy. I tell you what I want. You tell me you have it. I come there and give you money. You then give me the product. I then drive it home. After asking my name and address, she put's me on hold; never to return.

  5. Try calling their national number. No deal. No answer. Go online and try to use their "Live Chat." The "Live Chat" button is ghosted. This being because all reps are busy. You wait like a 5-year old at Chuckie Cheese's, getting ready to smack the gopher on the head. The 'Live Chat' button now becomes active. Click it. Fill in two info fields for the representative. By that time, someone else has that representative and you get to talk to no one.

One of the greatest insults to call a 'Real' salesman, is to call then an 'Order Taker', thus, intimating they have no sales skills. Best Buy floor people are neither salesman nor order takers. They need Velcro pants for a sale to stick if it fell into their laps. Ditch these losers. I called Lowe's. Within 10 minutes I had the entire deal wrapped up. The manager I talked to matched the price of Best Buy. Sure, I can't have the dishwasher today, through Lowe's. The one thing that makes up for that is, knowing Best Buy doesn't have my money today.

Worst Buy Ever....Buyer BEWARE!
By -

Best Buy turned out to be the worst buy for me. Bought a washer, dryer and fridge for my new home. I was so excited.. until the delivery guys showed up. Damaged the fridge, and I got a lemon of a dryer. Needless to say I was not happy about either, but after being told that the fridge was on backorder and I wouldn't be able to get an undamaged replacement, I took the mediocre discount and kept the dented thing. But wait.. there's more! Dryer I received makes a LOUD screeching sound when it runs. Its horrible! Even with the laundry room door closed, it's loud!

I usually do laundry after the kids go to bed, but can't now as my daughter keeps crying that its so loud she can't sleep and its hurting her ears. But no fear, I just bought this thing, right? Surely I can exchange it for something that works the way its supposed to, right? (by the way this is a top of the line Samsung front loading washer & dryer). Well common sense would have you believe that a place like Best Buy actually has a decent policy on this, but silly you for trying to use common sense!

This is Best Buy, no common sense or decency is allowed within their world! My husband has spent the last week practically non stop with these people: in person and on the phone with store managers, district managers, Best Buy corporate, Best Buy customer service, etc. They say no refunds or exchanges, even though the product is faulty. Then they say they will send a tech out to look at it, but he never showed. Besides do I need a tech to tell me I bought a lemon? No, I sure don't. Anything NEW that needs repair less than a week after you buy it is not worth keeping.

I know it will be a constant problem! I wouldn't have paid what I paid if I were buying a refurbished machine - so why should I keep this? Oh after two days of constant calling around and around, dm finally says, "OK I can make a special exception and exchange it for you, but you will have to pay a 15% restocking fee and new delivery charges so we can come get it and bring the replacement." What? What? What? On the back of their own contract it states that there is a 30 day return policy. And one week later, we can't even exchange a defective item that they sold us with a different one at their store? Great.. well service appointment is on. We will see if he shows this time....

Installation of New dryer
By -

When my husband and I purchased a new gas dryer on the 13th of July, we were told that on delivery that they would hook up the gas dryer for us. We had two five feet coil lines hook together and since it was set up that way they could not hook it up do to maybe a gas leak. Nonsense.. It's been that way for twenty years with no problem. Sears hooked it up with no problem. We ask them to put a new line in and take out the old since they didn't want to deal with the old one. He said, he only had a four foot one on the truck. NOT LONG ENOUGH. My husband by this time was beside himself by the treatment we were getting.

We almost sent it back BUT my husband said, he would put it together himself. He had to go to the hardware store for some parts and he's still working on it two hours after it was delivered. In fact, they were to be here 10:30-12:30. They arrived at 8:30 when we were just getting up. My husband had planned to get the area fully cleared. He had to rush around to get that cleared. They could have given us a heads up that they were on there way. He's 82 years old. It's hot and muggy.

He/we shouldn't have to go through this after being told they would set it up. I told the delivery man I would sign a paper in case he was worried about a gas leak and he said he wouldn't even do that. He should have had different sizes of coil on his truck. We were willing to pay for it. We have bought many item from Best Buy in the past, had excellent results and assistant but we'll think twice before we do that again.

Nightmare Washer Purchase Experience at Best Buy
By -

BRIDGEWATER, NEW JERSEY -- I am beginning to change my opinion on Best Buy. We walked into a Best Buy store in Bridgewater NJ last week. We had previously had a very bad experience with Best Buy when we purchased a Dishwasher that the delivery person refused to install even though we had paid for installation. It took us a week or so of fighting with the store to get the installation charge refunded. So, we specifically asked this sales person if they would install the new washing machine and dispose the old one. His answer was an absolute yes ("you know, washing machines are easy to replace and swap and we will do it in a snap").

But the delivery guy would have none of this and insisted on just dropping the new machine at our garage ("look, I do not have the time for you guys. If you do not want it, I will take it back with me"). With a week's load of clothes piled up for washing, we had no choice but to just ask him to leave it in the garage. We called our local handy man to swap it with the old one.

After the first wash cycle, he found the machine to be too heavy and found that water had leaked at the bottom. He advised that we call Best Buy and get it replaced. We did so last week and have been told that it will be replaced next week. I am not sure if they are going to drop the new one again at the garage in which case we would be stuck with two washers that we would need to dispose!! If Best Buy thinks they can treat customers this way, it would not be too long before they go the "Circuit City" way!!

World's Worst Customer Service
By -

I've had numerous incidents of poor in-store customer service with Best Buy but after speaking to a very friendly customer service representative regarding their com appliance sales, I decided to take a chance that I would have a better experience purchasing off their website and bought a refrigerator. Big mistake. Upon delivery (which by the way occurred when the delivery guys showed up unannounced as the warehouse didn't bother to notify us of a delivery time) we discovered that the measurements listed on the website were not accurate and the refrigerator wouldn't fit through our door.

Irritating but an easy enough fix--just exchange for a smaller model, right? Oh no. The warehouse didn't bother to update our delivery status so we remained in the system as having taken possession of the refrigerator. The money was not credited to our bank account and therefore we couldn't re-purchase the right sized refrigerator. It took over a week of talking to customer service representatives at least once a day to get the whole mess straightened out.. or so we thought. When we were finally able to order a smaller sized refrigerator they scheduled us for another delivery date a full month after our original purchase. I thought this was ridiculous after our trouble but was just relieved to have it settled.

That delivery date would have been today but as I was informed last night after two calls and 20 minutes of hold time, we were rescheduled to the end of the month for reasons unknown. They had no problem taking the money out right away but have yet to deliver an actual refrigerator. The only thing they have delivered is incompetence and irritation. I was told that no manager was there last night but that one would phone me this morning which of course did not happen. I'll never purchase so much as a DVD at Best Buy ever again.

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