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Best Buy's Performance Service Plan
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I contacted Best Buy on a Thursday about my freezer. I had noticed that my ice cubes were no longer ice cubes... but just water. When I saw that I checked the fridge. It was not working either.

I called Best Buy Geek Squad. I spoke to a woman, it took several minutes for her to find my 5 year Performance service plan or even my purchase in general of the refigerator. She asked me several times if I was sure that I had even bought the product from Best Buy. Upon finding it, she told me that I could pick a time between 8 to noon or noon to 5 on Monday. I expressed my concern that I do have a job and have to work during both those times. With hesitation, I made the appointment for 3pm. I rearranged my schedule and got off work early, losing money, to be home at the time they might be there. 4:30pm on Monday came around... and they had not showed. I contacted Best Buy Geek Squad and was told after having trouble finding my purchase once again, that they have no evidence of a service call or a work order for our family. I reassured them that I had my original receipt and service performance plan and was waiting for them to show up. He told me that all he could do was to create a new work order for us and he would put it as "emergency" status. Meaning that someone would be out ASAP... What the hell? ASAP? We called on Thursday?!!! ASAP would have been coming out Friday morning to fix the problem. He assures us that they will call us Tuesday to schedule a time and the technician will be out on Wednesday...

We are not a wealthy family and every penny counts. We purchased a product and a service plan that lasts an additional 5 years on top of the manufacturer's warranty JUST IN CASE something like this happens. We have lost all our food not only in the freezer but in the refrigerator portion as well. We are out a couple hundred dollars in food and don't have the cash to be spending on more just so it can go bad again. I am frustrated with Best Buy with the initial appointment and the runaround they have given us just to get them out here. Our family has eaten out since Thursday and it's Monday. Not only is it more unhealthy for us to eat out but it is drastically more expensive for us to do so. AND WE STILL HAVE 2 MORE DAYS OF IT!!! It is more than frustrating.

When I initially called Best Buy they say "this call is monitored and recorded for quality assurance." Why can't they find my call??? I have given them the time and the day and the number and the address and the model number...etc. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THEM?

Grass Valley/Auburn CA
Barbara and Jessica
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Washer and Dryer Purchase and Delivery
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MURRAY, UTAH -- I purchased a washer and dryer set on clearance from Best Buy on Friday - it was scheduled to be delivered on Monday. I was told someone would call to let me know a two hour time frame when I could expect delivery. No one called. I tried to call Monday before I left for work, but they don't open the store until 10. So I called again at 10 - it took me 10 minutes just to get someone to answer their phone - only to be told that the two hour window was from 9:30 to 11:30! So I raced home to wait for delivery. At 11:40 the delivery still had not come - so I called Best Buy again - after another 20 minutes of sitting on holding and getting the run around, I was told that they couldn't get in touch with the delivery man, but they left him a message to call me ASAP. About 10 minutes later he called, informing me that the washer they sold me was not in stock and he was still trying to find one from another store and didn't know when or if he would be able to deliver. It would have been really nice to know this before I took 2 hours off work to wait for him to show.

I tried to call the store again to talk to a manager, but couldn't ever get anyone in the appliance department to pick up the phone, so I called corporate customer service. They were very kind, but explained they couldn't do anything because the product was a clearance item that they were not restocking. But said they would send me a gift card for my trouble and told me to go into Best Buy to see if I could find something to replace it or to cancel my order. So, I went back in to Best Buy and it was finally determined that there was a newer model that the salesman thought was the clearance model - which caused the whole mix up. He took my phone number and said he would redo the order with the new unit at the clearance price and would call and let me know when I could expect delivery. Surprise, surprise, no phone call.

I spent another 20 minutes this morning trying to get in touch with someone at the store. Only to be told that they were going to give me the new model at cost - but it was still about $40 more than the model I originally purchased and I needed to come back in and repurchase everything. If the unit wasn't such a good price, I would just cancel everything because I don't want to deal with their crap anymore. I guess you get what you pay for.

I can say that after this, I am seriously reconsidering paying for the extended warranty if this is the kind-of service I can expect. And I will never make any large purchase from Best Buy again.

After another hour long trip to Best Buy, we finally, hopefully have everything figured out - and delivery is set for Saturday and I am now having nightmares about my washer/dryer and the delivery.

I get a phone call on Friday telling me that delivery is scheduled between 9 and 11 am. Hooray - maybe a little redemption for Best Buy! Not!
10:30 Saturday morning and I get a call, they are running late, it will now be between 11:00 and 12:00.
12:30, I call, they are still running behind but are almost to my house. They arrive about 10 minutes later.
2:30 - They have been trying to install everything for about 2 hours when I am told there is a problem, they can't hook my dryer up to the vent. It seems the connection in my wall is old and outdated and won't attach to the dryer hose I was sold. Sorry, nothing we can do. Seriously, this guy was ready to pack up and leave me with a dryer in the middle of my kitchen! After explaining to him as calmly as I could under the situation that I refused to pay for delivery and installation if the product wasn't installed, he told me I could go find a part that would work and call him and he would try to come back and fix the problem, at his convenience of course.

So, after 3 trips to Best Buy, 5 calls to Best Buy (each one taking at least 30 minutes), 5 1/2 hours of waiting for delivery people, and 2 hours of installation, my old, semi-working washer/dryer is gone, I have a working washer, and no dryer. And, the assurance that may be, if things aren't too busy tomorrow, they will be able to come over and get my dryer hooked up.

Word to the wise, no matter the price, don't buy major appliances from Best Buy, it is never worth it!
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User Replies:
wowurcrazy on 04/07/2009:
It's very unfortunate that this happened. I can't believe you had so many issues. I can honestly say that the only delivery issue I had was the delivery guys tracked mud in my house. I was compensated though which was nice.
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Dishwasher runaround
Posted by on
WILLOW GROVE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Where do I start? I never believed I would have such a bad experience buying a dishwasher at Best Buy. I went to their store in Willow Grove, PA last October and bought a dishwasher. It was a Frigidaire. Less than a month after they delivered and installed it, the motor burned out. I called them, and they scheduled a repairman, who took a week to come. He fiddled around with it for 5 minutes and said it was fixed. Two nights later, I had the dishwasher running and smoke started coming out of it. This was the day before Thanksgiving, and we had 20 people coming for dinner. I couldn't wait for the Best Buy repairman to schedule me, so I called a local repair guy and paid $150. He said the dishwasher could have burned my house down. I called Best Buy and asked for a replacement, and they said I had to call Frigidaire to get permission to replace it.

Frigidaire was closed for the Thanksgiving holiday. When I got ahold of somebody on the following Monday, Frigidaire asked for proof that the dishwasher was defective. I had to get my repair guy to fax them a letter. Then they took a week to make their decision. Finally, they said okay, we'll give you a replacement. I then had to go back to Best Buy, and the people in the store knew nothing about any of this. They had to call Frigidaire and get them to fax their permission. Then I picked out another model, and scheduled a delivery. When the delivery came, 4 days later, the delivery guys said the dishwasher wouldn't fit under my counter. It was too big.

I had to go back to the store and get a different model, and fight with the customer service people about this. Then, when they agreed, I had to order the model and wait for the delivery. By this time it's mid-December, and I've been without a dishwasher for almost a month. The delivery guys don't show up on the day they were supposed to, so I call the warehouse. The warehouse doesn't have a record of my order. They reschedule for a Saturday delivery, because we're having a Christmas party and we need the dishwasher. The truck shows up on Saturday morning, and the driver, a Russian guy, says he's not authorized to install the new dishwasher. My wife freaks out and starts screaming at him. We have 50 people coming for the party that night.

We end up calling the local repair guy, and he comes and installs the new dishwasher for another $150. Meanwhile, the truck driver says he's not authorized to take the old dishwasher, so we have to keep the old one in our garage for a week, till I straighten it out with Best Buy, and they agree to take it.

The result is that I was without a dishwasher for a family of six for 5 weeks, and I had to pay $300 for repairs and installation when I'm the one who got screwed by Best Buy. They sold me a defective product, then made me go back to the manufacturer to get a replacement, then put me through hell with their incompetent delivery service. Did they offer to pay the $300? No. Will I ever use Best Buy again? No. And I'm telling everyone I know not to use them.
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User Replies:
compwiz on 03/25/2005:
Frigidaire is junk! Stay Away
AZJEM on 03/25/2005:
If you pasted SEARS on your story it could be mine. It was also Thanksgiving and it was my stove. Is there any place you can get your moneys worth on an appliance anymore?
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Worst Experience Ever!
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Rating: 1/51
FORT MYERS, FLORIDA -- I ordered a dishwasher on October 15th to be delivered, installed and the haul away on November 5th. The salesman even told me that I had to buy an installation kit because they would not install with old equipment. On the 5th the dishwasher was delivered. The delivery guy told me there was no institution on the ticket and that he would not haul away because the old one was disconnected. I called Best Buy. They offered me a $50 gift card. My husband installed the dishwasher. I called the delivery guy to reschedule the haul away for Friday the 8th. Got an email the next day. It said that My haul away was cancelled. Called Best Buy again they said that it was still showing as scheduled in the computer. Was supposed to get a call with a time frame for Haul Away. Never did.

Called Best Buy again who said that I was not scheduled for Haul Away on the 8th. Suggested that I call the delivery company when they open at 5am. I suggest you don't buy anything from Best Buy.
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Free Interest Scam
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- I bought three appliances and accepted their offer of "3 years interest free". Big mistake. I was within $200 of paying off the entire balance when they charged me $1,300 in interest. When I asked about it, they said the promotion was for 18 months. When I told them what the salesperson told me, they could have cared less. They said the contract indicated 18 months. That contract is four pages long and #3 font.

My bad for believing a salesperson, but they just lost a customer for life along with anyone I can convince to avoid this horrible store. Perhaps you will be able to avoid my fate. Shop elsewhere. They are in trouble for a reason.
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Could not have had a better experience!
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Rating: 5/51
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- Was very pleased with the very professional & efficient way I was treated & my delivery was handled. Omar & Brian from Best Buy delivery were delivering a washer & dryer to my address in Georgetown. It was an old home & they had to carry the old units out & the new units in. First, they called to let me know that they might be a half hour late on my 2-4:00 delivery window. They in fact arrived at 4:00 but I appreciated that they valued my time enough to let me know they might be a little late. Upon arrival they were very polite & efficient. They also took special care to made sure they did not damage my hardwood floors or walls despite the fact I have no runner on my 16-step rather narrow stairway. They explained everything & were very courteous & professional!
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Bad appliance
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Rating: 1/51
GRAPEVINE, TEXAS -- Pyurchased microwave from Best Buy. Hired the installer YOU recommended. It was installed 3/31/12. After 2 hours of it being installed noticed that the 2 button on the microwave doesn't work. Called Best Buy in grapevine, talked to Austin who sold me the product. I told him I wanted it replaced. He said he could swap it out but, I would have to REPAY for installation. That is insane. I should not have to repay since the company recommended the installer. A d the microwave was broken to start. I am very unhappy and will not be using Best Buy again.
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User Replies:
trmn8r on 04/02/2012:
Hmm. Interesting problem. The question is whether removal/installation is covered by your purchase agreement. Obviously the initial intallation was not, because you paid for it.

I'm guessing you are stuck here, unless the manufacturer's warranty covers this. I don't see how Best Buy is on the hook. I'd try the manufacturer. Good luck.
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Best Buy U mean NO Buy
Posted by on
QUEENS, NEW YORK -- Purchased an online order of a gas stove and a refrigerator on 9/9/11. I had a confirmed delivery for 9/29/11. They are supposed to call to confirm the day prior. NO one called or e mailed. I called them myself to find out if delivery was still on for next day. I was told items are back ordered, and needed to be rescheduled for 10/17/11. I said alright but someone should have called me. I would have wasted an entire day waiting for them. Same story next delivery date. NO one called, so I called to complain. They said items were still back ordered until 10/31/11. I was furious. I just wanted information. Was this item not being manufactured anymore? Is it going to take 5 months to receive... please let me know now. I was told it needed to be rescheduled for 11/9/11. This is completely ridiculous. Obviously someone isn't doing their job correctly and they don't care about their customers. I placed the order 2 months ago, and I now have the added expense of eating out daily. It is unprofessional not to be notified of any changes either. I've asked to speak to managers and have the items expedited. They should just ship it overnight if they have to at this point. Order will be canceled soon.
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At Your Service on 10/27/2011:
"Order will be canceled soon." -- That's telling them.

With all respect, the first problem, IMHO is placing the order over the net. I still think you get more, if at all possible, to purchase directly at the store. Further, I'd cancel the order now. Go somewhere else if they're not able to service you better.
ccoolnp97 on 10/27/2011:
Thank you for the advice, however they do not carry these items in store. They just go ahead and order it online anyhow. Its not an issue of ordering..its a warhouse/delivery issue. I cannot cancel just yet because I am in process of securing items from another distributor but I want to make sure I will actually receive them first, otherwise I will be left with no items from anywhere. These are basic necessities, and they should be a little more accommodating. Delivery dept doesn't communicate with warehouse who doesn't communicate with salesperson, who doesn't communicate with consumer.
At Your Service on 10/27/2011:
As soon as you find it's not something carried in store, it also means it's probably not in stock. Other stores have started doing the same thing now. They don't stock the merchandise and then sell it less -- good luck on getting it this way though.

It's a lot better to buy from someone who has it stocked locally. Then if there's a problem with the unit received, there is always additional units to go back to without starting the whole process over again.
Venice09 on 10/27/2011:
There are many reasons people buy merchandise
online. Not being available in store is just one of them. Why would they give you a delivery date if the items were out of stock? Why didn't someone just tell you when the items would be available instead of continuing to set up delivery dates? I think you are right. This is a case of bad communication, and all at your expense.
griffin21 on 10/28/2011:
Not in store is not the same as not in stock.

At least with Best Buy, you know that while they might be disorganized, they are not out to cheat you. I have just gone through my 2 months ordeal (started on 8/23) with When I threatened to cancel, the couple of weeks, 7-10 business days estimates (of when they might get the item to ship) gone down to next week. I canceled last Wed when they offered up another "next week", ordered the same item from Lowe's on Thurs (not sold in store), and it was available for pickup this Monday.
Venice09 on 10/28/2011:
I agree, griffin, not in store does not mean not in stock. I don't know where anyone would get that idea.

I also agree that Best Buy is just disorganized and not out to cheat anyone.
ccoolnp97 on 11/04/2011:
Not only is it not in store but its not in stock, not in warehouse either. There is obviously a difference between the 2 which I clarified upon ordering items. If items are back ordered they should just say so and not promise things they cannot provide then on top of that not let the consumer know about it !!!!
Venice09 on 11/04/2011:
I agree, ccoolnp97. That is very poor customer service.
melissafied on 01/06/2012:
Just because something is back ordered after it is purchased it doesn't mean it was when the order was paid for. Big ticket items like appliances aren't just sitting in a warehouse waiting to be purchased. When a sale is made, Best Buy has to request those items from the manufacturer. If at that time that particular manufacturer can't fulfill that request, it is then back ordered. So from the beginning it was probably a normal order but ended up not being able to be fulfilled from outside of Best Buy.
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Best Customer Service I Have Ever Had
Posted by on
We had a Samsung french door refrigerator purchased at Best Buy 2 years ago. It stopped working entirely just at the 2 year mark. Best Buy is replacing the refrigerator completely after sending out a repairman and it couldn't be made to work immediately. Everyone I talked to was so helpful and pleasant. I was really upset that we didn't have a refrigerator and they did everything they could to expedite the procedure. They even offered to loan us a small office type refrigerator to use while we had to wait for the new one. We will be getting a store credit for the difference in price from the original refrigerator. This didn't happen without some effort on my part to get to Corporate Customer Service. Also, the repairmans boss did everything he could to make sure everything happened as quickly as possible. Overall, I would say in my experience, Best Buy probably had the best customer service I have ever encountered.
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Alain on 03/31/2011:
Thanks for taking the time to give them a compliment.
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by on
DARTMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS -- We purchased an L/G front load washer from Best Buy, we had to waite four days for delivery, which was OK, with us it would give us the time to repair some floor boards where it was to be placed. On the day of delivery, the delivery people installed the washer, and could not get it to work. The door on the machine was defective. While the they wear still there I called Besr Buy and told them the machine was defective and I was refusing delivery, and I needed one to replace it the next day. I was told the best they could do was Feb 14th another week. I told them it was unacceptable. The next day I went to the where it was purchased, and spoke to Tim the manager on duty. I and told him my problem, to his credit he tried to get the warehouse to get me my washer for the next day, to no no luck. He gave me a full refund, I went next door to Lowels and had the machine delivered the first thing in the morning the next day. The machine is working fine. I had to learn a hard lesson of buyer beware, just because the price is better at Best Buy, will not mean you will get a quality product, and that the customer service is the worst I have ever had to deal with.
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User Replies:
Ytropious on 02/12/2011:
I don't see why you're angry at BB at all. The MACHINE was defective. LG made it, not BB. Also you can't get LG at Lowes so it's not like you got an exact replacement. I bought my dishwasher at BB and my range and fridge at Lowes. They both delivered within a few days. BB obviously had more appointments booked, hence it taking a little longer to get it out to you. They tried to accommodate you but you were unsatisfied having to wait. Again, not BBs fault.
ticia232 on 02/12/2011:
Okay. The machine had a defect caused by the manufacturer. The manager at Best Buy went above and beyond for you by calling the warehouse to try to get you another delivered the next day and when he couldn't he gave you a full refund.

If that's the worst customer service ever, then I really want to know what more you expected him to do. Because the manager did NOT have to do any of that, he could have told you to contact LG and get them to replace the machine (basically he could have told you, "not my problem."). Yet he didn't and still gets a complaint against him for bad customer service?
Mike in FL on 02/12/2011:
The mistake was in buying the LG washer in the first place. When buying something as important as an appliance, it is important that you do your research. A quick Google search will show you that certain models of LG front loaders are problem prone. You would have been better off with a Samsung front loader or a Whirlpool top loader washer.
GenuineNerd on 02/12/2011:
Ironically, the March 2011 issue of Consumer Reports (page 51) rated LG as the most reliable brand of front-load washer, with only 7% of owners needing repairs. Whirlpool, Kenmore, Frigidaire, and Maytag reported 11% needing repairs. The least reliable brands were Bosch (13%) and GE (14%). Still, M3C has listed complaints about practically every brand of major appliance. Hopefully, if the store and the service is good, then you should get good use from the appliance. Independent, locally owned appliance stores are better choices to buy appliances than the big boxes.
Augustus2099 on 02/12/2011:
I don't trust Consumer Reports they couldn't report with people who actually have the products.
punxnotdead80 on 02/13/2011:
If a manager calling the warehouse trying to get you product the next day is the worst customer service you've ever had to deal with, then you are incredibly lucky and I wish I had your life.
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