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Return Policy
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Our business purchased on line a camera from Best Buy. Out of the box it did work. It would take pictures but we could not download them to the computer. We called (and we got transferred all around the place) for a return but were one day past the day for a return. They told us to work with Kodak. We called and had the same run around but they agreed to send us a USB cable. It did not work. We called Best Buy Customer Relations, we were told they could not help us because "you purchased it from Best Buy On line". The return policy is 14 days. Now we have a $150 dollar camera that is junk.

The chances of a camera not working out of the box is so slim and Best Buy was very, very stand behind the 14 day return policy. They stink!!
Terrible return policy
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STERLING, VIRGINIA -- I bought a canon mp620 printer from Best Buy on the 13th of June for $160+tax.. while surfing online I saw that Amazon was selling the same for $99.99.. so I took my "UNOPENED" box back on the 18th of July but the store guy refused to take it back.. it was just a couple of days past their 30 day policy and my item was unopened.. I expected a little bit consideration.. these guys are terrible.. the products are overpriced and customer satisfaction means nothing to them.. I will never ever step in that store again.. I'm just so furious.
Price Match
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NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK -- I went to Best Buy on Broadway and asked for a price match.

When I entered the store, the sales person told me the competitor are B&H and J&R.

Then she found out B&H was selling the camera $40 less.

Three other managers came and they told me they'd lose money if I snatched the camera for that much less.

For expensive items (the camera is $499 at Best Buy) they go case by case. In this case, they couldn't match that price.

My brain froze for a minute but woke up again when they started to act extremely unprofessional and quite obnoxious. The three salesmen looked like punks... stood and acted really weird. I felt extremely uncomfortable and left. I will never go to Broadway Best Buy again. Number 1, they do false advertising and lie to your face with idiotic excuses. It was such a big waste of my time. Number 2, the sales people were bunch of rude and young punks. When I left they were laughing and shouting. I should have called the police on them...

Lie to the customer to make the sale
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SURPRISE, ARIZONA -- I went to the Best Buy store in Surprise Arizona and spoke with Jamahal in the
camera department. I explained to him that I was going to be buying 2 Canon XTI
cameras. One for myself in February for my birthday and one for my wife in May
for her birthday. We want to take a photography class together and this would
also enable us to share lenses and other accessories. Jamahal told me that if I
was buying 2, he would sell them to me at $100 off the normal price. He also
said that I could buy these at 2 different times. I then asked him about using a
coupon that I received for 12% off any purchase for my birthday. He said that I
could use that as well.

Well, I went to the store on February 17th to get my camera. (my birth is the
20th) Jamahal was not there so I spoke to another guy in the department. He said
he couldn't make any deals ad got the acting manager Chris. When I told Chris
about the deal Jamahal was going to make he said he couldn't help me. When I
asked what I thought that was not the type of customer service that I would
expect from a store such as Bets Buy, he shrugged his shoulders with a cocky
grin on his face and said "Oh well" and chuckled about it. Then he said if I
bought 2 cameras that day, he would give me the same price. I told him that my
wife's birthday was in May and I wasn't prepared to buy 2 that day, he again
chuckled and said Oh well. I told him that I had found the camera at another
store for $629 and he agreed to price match that store. But when I got to the
register, they wouldn't let me use the 12% off coupon.

When I called their
customer support line, they said that the acting manager was trying to work with
me because he would let me buy 2 cameras at that time for the price Jamahal
promised but I feel like that is like holding me hostage by making me make a
purchase that I wasn't financially prepared to make. This ruined my birthday and
has resulted in Best Buy losing a long time customer. I have made in the past
year alone, over $3000 in purchases from Best Buy. 2 computers, an XBox,
multiple games, controllers, movies etc. and I will never go back there again.
Congratulations Best Buy, on setting an all time high in lows for customer
Unethical treatment of consumers/Geek Squad/extended warranty
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WEST DUNDE, ILLINOIS -- In West Dundee, Illinois on Route 72.

I received a Canon digital camera for Christmas 2004. My husband purchased the extended warranty-with all the usual promises Best Buy gives you honoring an EXTENDED warranty.

Yesterday, 8/19/2005 I bring in my camera which has not been functioning properly. Kyle, Geek Squad comes out and INTERROGATES me. Before any other dialogue He questions me if I had gone on vacation with the camera, how have I been using the camera, did anything happen to the camera while using the camera- did I go on a boat.,etc..
---I was speechless--He blind sided me----
--Then Kyle tells me it was his professional opinion that I should just forget about sending in the camera for evaluation and just BEST BUY a new digital camera today. You see, Kyle's professional opinion is that the camera sustained physical damage and that the warranty won't be honored. He had worked there long enough to know. I shouldn't waste the 2-6 weeks it is going to take for the evaluation of the camera. A new camera is the BEST solution for me.

After ME having to convince Kyle that I would yes like to take advantage of the extended warranty, he relucantly processed the paperwork needed to send the camera off. Chuckling with a co-worker in the process.

Now as you read this it seems innocent enough that may be Kyle does have a professional opinion. The point being, my dear readers, is that it never entered Kyles head to give the consumer the benefit of the doubt. I didn't abuse the camera, it never was dropped. The issue with the camera is that the lens was tilted. Sometimes pictures were out of focus and other times they came out just fine. But Kyle says----this HAS to be physical abuse.

He then wishes the BEST for me, by saying for your sake I hope its not physical damage and it is repaired. Well it certianly didn't seem like he wished the BEST for me--the only BEST he wanted was for me to BEST BUY another digital camera.-------

I am using his personal name because I so mad that I was treated with such disrespect being 20 years his senior--It saddens me that his condescending ways are acceptable to Best Buy.
Kyle, you need to re-examine your methods in dealing with the consumer. That's my BEST professional opinion.

Not a Best Buy
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ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- Best Buy? Not. I purchased a camera in Best Buy on special thinking that got a good deal. Then went to Costco to do grocery shopping. The same exact camera was on sale for $165 less than what I paid in Best Buy.
Re Stocking Fees
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OCALA, FLORIDA -- I purchased a Nikon Cool Pic camera and left for a vacation. This camera was not performing to a decent satisfaction in regard to its focus on insects (being a nature photographer this is critical.) I struggles to get it to work but it took 20 pictures to get 1 good one!! SO I attempted to read the directions of the manufacturer. It WAS IN SPANISH ONLY!!

When I went to return the thing they charged me a restocking fee plus I purchased two cards of "film" and a battery which are no good.

Extended Warranty and Customer Service Stink
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MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE -- Long story short: I purchased a Nikon Camera from Best Buy in February of 2005 and purchased a extended warranty that lasts till 2009. I was assured that it covered "anything" that happened to the camera. Well here it is April 2008 and the Camera dies. We take it to Best Buy and the Geek Squad sends it off to "Precision Camera", a third party company, for repair. So far so good. Well two week later we get the call. "Sir, your camera has corrosion which voids the warranty." I immediately call Best Buy corporate and the "run a round" begins. Here it is two weeks later and I'm on the phone with the 5th supervisor who says quite frankly that they are not going to replace the camera. Even though the camera is covered under humidity, which causes condensation, which produces water which they say is what caused the corrosion. When I tell them that scenario, they say "Sir, we're not covering your camera no matter what else you say." Then I find out from a person at Precision Camera that there is a second warranty offered that would have covered this damage. So I ask a second supervisor who says "Since it wasn't offered when you bought your camera, you can't buy it now and we won't offer you the warranty because your not qualified for an upgrade." This is completely disrespectful of me as a customer and consumer.

I really need some advice on who I can contact as far as vice presidents or CEO's. Right now I have a call into the operations manager at the local Best Buy. I'm waiting on a return phone call. Thanks rj
Lousy Customer service from Manager
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My daughter (15) & I have spent many hours researching digital camera's for her as she has been a photography fanatic for a while... We have to drive an hour & a half to the Big city (FayetTVille, AR) and knew which cameras we were interested in. Some shops were out of stock & some I just won't buy from. We ended up trying Best Buy, and not only would the Manager honor sale prices on the one we wanted, but she made a comment on if my daughter didn't like the color of her favorite that she should spray paint the thing ($250-400 range mind you).

Then she asked why my kid wasn't in school (she's home schooled). The other service people were of no help and the store never even acknowledged the manager was in the wrong when I complained...

I have written to Corp and told them they lost more than my business that day.
Customer Service & warranty
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BROOKLYN CENTER, MINNESOTA -- O June 17, 2007 (Father's Day) I received a digital camera from my daughter & grandkids. I took 2 or 3 test pictures and put it in its case and on the kitchen table. I did not touch the camera until I packed it in my suitcase for an auto trip I was taking to the East Coast in August. When I got to Boston I went to use the camera & there was a black spot in the middle of the viewfinder & I could see no images. I was unable to use the camera. When I returned home, I went to Best Buy and they sent it to Connecticut. It came back "unrepairable" and Best Buy said they only have a 14 DAY warranty unless I bought an extended warranty (which I hadn't). I called corporate here in Minneapolis and they said it was my fault (the LCD inside the camera had broken).

I did nothing to the camera to cause this. I went back to Best Buy to argue my case & the manager (Mike) told me to keep my voice down or I'd be escorted out. I took out my Best Buy credit card & cut it up in a thousand pieces.

I will NEVER deal with Best Buy again!!

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