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Extended Warranty
By -

SOUTHGATE, MICHIGAN -- Gosh, where do I start? I will tell you my experience, well actually my mother's experience with Best Buy, and we are at our wits end. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know. My mother purchased a flat screen TV in 2006 (I don't have the model number handy) and she purchased an extended warranty. After several months, the television had green and red lines on the screen and it was virtually unwatchable. She called Best Buy's warranty department and basically the same thing happened as to others on this website.

To make a long story short, she got the runaround and was given an appt in January. It is now March 27, 2007 and still no working TV. An appt. was scheduled for January but the man was a no show, no call. She called and scheduled another appt but was told the soonest they had was in a couple of weeks. So the appt was scheduled, he showed up and said it needed a certain part that would have to be ordered. The part finally came in a few weeks later and an appt was scheduled for several days later.

The guy once again, no call no show. My mom called again, got transferred to a bunch of different departments, was pulled on hold for almost an hour (like every other time she called) and the customer service representative read once again from the script. My mom said please, I have heard all this, I just want my television fixed. Another appt. was scheduled, the guy installed the part and the television still didn't work. He then told my mom it's the cable.

My mom said we had this cable hooked up to another television with no problems and showed him. He said he was sure it was the cable and left. So my mom called the cable company and the cable guy came in and said it needed a new tube and had nothing to do with the cable. Keep in mind, my mother is and has been staying home for all the appts., and she was really upset. So once again, called Best Buy, listened to the whole script and another appt was scheduled. My mother said please send someone else because this man has been out twice and hasn't fixed a darn thing.

Best Buy assured her they would have another repair person out. So the next appt was about two weeks later and you guessed it, it was the same guy. He looked at the television and tried to say it was the cable and my mom said the cable man came out and it was NOT the cable and it needed a new tube. The guy looked around at the television and agreed but said he would need to order the part. That was at the beginning of March. Best Buy called to say her part was in and that they would be calling back on such and such day and such and such time, to schedule the install it.

Once again, no call so my mom called back and Best Buy said no one called from here, the part is on back order until April 28, 2007. My mom said, “I have a message, do you want to listen to it?” and they said, “No.” My mom said, “I am about ready to drop this television off in front of Best Buy” and the customer service representative said, “But we don't want it.”

So my mom's new television worked for a few months and hasn't been working since January and if the part comes in on time, it will be here April 28, 2007. But Best Buy was nice enough to let her know that when the part comes in on April 28, 2007, an appt will have to be scheduled and it is estimated it will be in at least two weeks from April 28, 2007. I have never been in a situation like this and my mom really wants me to help. I wonder if I can write a letter or call another number.

I think it's very unfair what Best Buy does to their customers. Bottom line, my mom bought a television with an extended warranty and hasn't been able to watch the TV for what will be at least 4 months. Meanwhile my mother asked if her warranty would be extended and she was told no. My mother has called and spoke with managers, supervisors etc., and everyone seems to be working off the same script and horrible customer service.

Poor Customer Service
By -

EAST SETAUKET, NEW YORK -- On Oct 18th, I reported to Best Buy that our 50-inch Samsung DLP TV purchased in 2003 was inoperable due to a cooling fan problem. The first local service rep never arrived, and never returned our follow-up calls. I contacted Best Buy to advise of the problem. Best Buy said they were also unable to contact my service contractor. They re-assigned our case to another service firm.

The 2nd service company's rep arrived as promised, diagnosed the problem, and said that the part would be shipped directly to our home. The part would be installed following our call to advise them that it had arrived. The part never arrived. I have spoken to Best Buy on the average of every 48 hours since the beginning of November. Everyone I speak to is polite, but they have no idea of what they are doing to resolve my problem. They don't seem to know why the part never came, or if it was ever ordered.

There is no logical structure within their huge service organization. You never speak to the same person twice. They NEVER call you back as promised. Everyone apologizes, and promises to try to resolve the problem, but nothing happens. Every time you call, you enter a frustrating world of continuous transfers between a corporate and a home service. A Corporate customer relations does not have access to the Home Service Dept's files, and vice versa.

The information that I provide about the history of the problem never makes its way into their records. Best Buy's records of what has transpired is filled with gaps (like the Nixon tapes) and errors. Only a handful of our calls were ever noted. None of the promises and assurances Best Buy representatives made to us were noted. This morning, I was actually told that, according to Best Buy records, our set's light engine was replaced on Oct 27, and our service incident file had been closed.

Funny, considering that we supposedly have a fan problem, the replacement fan is nowhere to be found, and we have spoken to Best Buy a multitude of times since Oct 27 to try to get our TV working again. (Funny, but we're not laughing). A service tech hasn't been in our home since the day of the original diagnosis. There is no way to speak to anyone in management with the authority to resolve the problem. FIFTY DAYS HAVE PASSED SINCE I REPORTED THE PROBLEM. TO DATE, THERE IS NO END IN SIGHT!!!

Note: I have asked the last twenty or so Best Buy Customer Care employees that I have spoken to, if they could name the company's VP of Customer Care... None could, and most said they couldn't name anyone higher than their direct supervisor. I'm not surprised. The big shots at Best Buy travel around the national and international business convention circuit, giving platform presentations about Best Buy's commitment to customer care and the "customer experience". I would love the opportunity to tag along and enhance their presentations with a first-hand account of my "experience"...

Best Buy's CEO, Bradbury Anderson, apparently earned 10.2 million dollars last year. I wonder how many heads would roll at Best Buy, if his TV was still out of order 50 days after one of his administrative assistants called the service group to report the problem. Maybe, once your salary hits $10M, you don't have to care about your customers (or anything else) anymore. In the last two years, we have spent thousands of dollars at Best Buy on appliances, computers, games, iPods, cell phones, cameras, and camcorders. What does it take to be valued as a customer?

TV Got Knocked Over
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Rating: 1/51

MANAHAWKIN, NEW JERSEY -- I also bought an extended warranty for my 32 inch Insignia. I called Best Buy and explained that the TV got accidentally knocked over and the inside screen broke. the sales representative on the phone told me to bring it in with the receipt. I brought it in and was then told that the warranty doesn't cover broken screen but when I bought warranty they told me everything is covered. This store is a bunch of scammers. They talk you into the warranty and don't honor it!!!

After Seven Visits to Fix a TV... Time for Best Buy to Give a New One! Yes, We Got Your Wonderful Warranty Too When We Bought It!
By -

LANSDALE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Today, 7-5-07, is the fifth time best buy has a technician coming "yet again" to our home to fix our TV (a Toshiba) "this year, for the same problem”! We had bought the "wonderful extended warranty plan that is glamorized & pushed by the cashier on how great it is". Ahem. The circuit board is bad, the colors go from green, to orange, to black and white... And at all times of the day, the screen will actually "blow up", meaning, if you are reading the title to something on a show or news, you won't see the writing (sometimes the people) because that have "spread" across the TV!

They are "well aware of all of this" (now, playing, "pass the tech game"). The last technician stated, and I quote "Even with the extended warranty, we have to replace a part 4 times, and if all those don't work, then we will replace the television!" He was here four times, put parts in twice, bad parts each time, so today... a different tech is coming.

The last technician, apparently got into a squabble with his boss at best buy, regarding our television. He, himself felt this tv should be replaced. Instead, his boss made him remind us "four bad" part installs & you get a new tv, as well, was having him contact “Toshiba" to see if "any newer parts were made for our model" that best buy was not informed about! (Never heard anything on that!)

Today, got the call from today's tech, coming btw 11 & 1, he had no idea he was the fifth visit for this tv! He was very surprised, and "cannot wait" to see if today's parts will work! Oh, and here's more "fun" to this... last year, due to the "same problems", a tech was sent, he took the tv to have it fixed, two weeks later got it back... it lasted less than one week!

I think we have suffered enough, the cost of the tv, the damn warranty, uneducated technicians, since last year 7 visits for the same problem, let only our personal time being re-arranged for them to come. Best buy owes us a damn television! Bought at best buy - Montgomeryville, PA. Have had for 4 years.

I am now contacting the bbb, and every consumer fraud department regarding best buy, their warranties are falsified when bought, and this is completely at this point, "unacceptable". And not once has the store manager in Montgomeryville, PA contacted us, assuring us in any way, shape or form.

Useless Extended Warranty

CORALVILLE, IOWA -- On December 21, 2000, I purchased a Samsung 35mm camera and 4 year extended warranty from a Best Buy store in Dayton, Ohio. My purchase price was $139.99 for the camera and $19.99 for the four year warranty. In January of 2002, I discovered my camera was not working when none of the photos we took of our baby's birth turned out. Even though I was devastated at not having the pictures, I was confident that the camera would be fixed because I had purchased the service plan.

Since we now live in Iowa, I called the Best Buy store in Coralville, Iowa to ask about getting my camera repaired. I was told to bring it in and they would fix it, so we made the 60 mile trip from our home with camera and warranty in hand. No mention was made that there was a chance my camera would not be repaired. Upon arriving at the store, ** (the "Manager" on duty) informed me that my camera would not be repaired, but replaced.

Even though I had the original receipt and my camera was still under warranty, I would be charged a 'restocking' fee because I did not have the manual or the box with me. In addition, she said I would have to pay the difference between the original cost of my camera and the price of the replacement. My total cost for the 'replacement' came to around $52.00. As for the 4 year warranty that I purchased for $19.99? It is now a 2 1/2 year warranty on the new camera.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following: A refund of the $72.00 I lost because your store did not want to repair my camera. This is the cost of the useless warranty that I purchased plus what it cost me to replace my camera. If this was truly a 'replacement', it should have cost me nothing, since I had already purchased the extended warranty. It was your store's choice not to repair my camera. At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.

Rude Service After Refusing Extended Warranty on Wii
By -

CITY OF INDUSTRY, CALIFORNIA -- This morning, I tried my luck at the Best Buy in City of Industry to purchase a Nintendo Wii System. After given a number which guaranteed a system, I still have to stand in line for more than 2 hours before it was my turn to purchase the system. After selecting additional accessories, I was at the register ready to pay. As soon as I stepped in front of the register, the sales associate, named **, started to push the extended warranty on me and would not give up, even after I expressed repeatedly that I am not interested.

After the items were rung up and before I paid, she asked again. When I said no once more, she then volunteered the information that the Nintendo Wii is a very unreliable product, and many of the customers return them to the store. And if I had the extended warranty, I could have the system replaced for free. I again said no. After I paid, when she handed me the system, she let go of the system before I can hold on to the box. And yes, the system dropped to the floor.

I was extremely upset, and she had the gall to tell me that “It was not my fault that you could not hold on to it!” Yes, there were 4 other employees standing around and did nothing to curb her behavior! [FYI – the system was marked with my ticket number, and there was not another one to exchange.]

This is the last time I would buy anything from Best Buy! It is not a surprise that their sales figure are going down! With an employee like **, who needs competitors! I would buy my electronics gear from Costco or Frys' from now on. Stay away from Best Buy at City of Industry.

Best Buy Fails to Honor Its Extended Warranty
By -

CALIFORNIA -- I purchased a Maytag washing machine at Best Buy and bought an extended warranty. For the first time in several years, I called for service under the warranty. Best Buy told me that I would be contacted within two days by a local service company. When that didn't happen, I called Best Buy and they gave me the company's name and phone number. I called and they said that they no longer did work for Best Buy because they hadn't been paid.

I called Best Buy back and they gave me the names of two other companies. When I contacted them, both said that they didn't work in my area. I called Best Buy again (every call involves being on hold for three to fifteen minutes) and they said that someone would call me in a couple of days with the name of another company. No one called.

Again I called Best Buy. They said that, based on their information, my repair wasn't covered by the warranty. I explained the problem again and they agreed it was covered. They said that they would get back to me in two or three days with the name of a repair company. So far, all I've gotten is a runaround from Best Buy. I'm no further than when I first called a week ago-- no service company and no appointment.

When they sold me the extended warranty, they didn't bother to mention that there was no service company in my area. I am beginning to feel that this is all an attempt by Best Buy to get out of honoring the service contract. To add a little humor, I got a call today from someone doing a survey for Best Buy and wanting to know how satisfied I was with the warranty repair.

Best Buy's Extended Warranty is Worst Buy
By -

My wife and I bought two of the same Toshiba Laptops at Best Buy. We have found in the past that buying the same laptops have made it easier for us to learn using them and understanding what the problems will be. We bought the extended warranty because Toshiba's warranty was one year. Total we spent close to $4,000 with warranty at Best Buy in Tucson Arizona. As soon as we arrived home my wife's laptop began to sound like terminator was inside it and error messages popped up.

Within a couple days she took it back to The Geek Squad, Best buys computer people. They had the laptop for a week and said they fixed it by wiping the hard drive. As soon as we arrived home, the same thing happened again. A couple weeks later, we took the laptop in again. After a couple weeks Best Buy called saying they replaced the hard drive. We arrived home and turned on our laptop to have the same problem.

We took her laptop in again. This continued a total of four times before I told Best Buy to either fix it or we would go to court because we need our laptops for work. The manager of the Geek Squad asked me to leave the store and had me escorted out of the store as if I was a shoplifter and told not to come back in again. I called 800 Best Buy only to be further insulted. They told me I was a liar and never took my laptop into Best Buy for repair.

I explained I had the paperwork from the Geek Squad but it was like I was dealing with a 3rd world country. No one there cared. They continued to call me a liar and hung up on me. I called Toshiba and they informed me that Best Buy never changed our hard drive or anything or Best Buy would have billed them and they would show it on their records. The Man said "I don't want to call Best Buy liars but I would say they are not telling you the truth." Great!

Now my Toshiba warranty is over after a year of playing with Best Buy and both my laptops have something evil in them and I am not wasting my time with Best Buy no more. I do home theatre for a living and have told my customers if they buy the equipment I install at Best Buy I guarantee it will never work. I am having stickers made that say "If you see this car in Best Buy's Parking Lot, Please flatten all four tires.” I feel like I could have gave a homeless person four grand and felt better about what I had done. My laptop does the same thing now and we try to find the humor in it, Yeah Right.. Ha, Ha, Ha. Made an ass out of me, thanks Best Buy.

Guerilla Warfare Against Best Buy
By -

TENNESSEE -- I have had an even worse experience with Best Buy's service, but rather than detail that, I would like to propose a course of action. I have seen thousands if not more complaints against BB's practices but as consumers we are pretty much just screwed, we have almost no recourse against them. I would like to suggest that each of us spend some time in BB stores. Go to the high dollar items like big screen TV's and appliances and blend in with the other customers.

At every opportunity, tell someone considering a purchase to run for their lives they are fixing to get screwed. Quietly do whatever it takes to cost them a few sales on high dollar items. You may get kicked out but you will get some satisfaction. If we propagate this strategy to other websites we may get several thousand people doing this and cost them big time. We need to start guerilla warfare against them because we have no other recourse.

Please get this idea around the web and to other dissatisfied customers. If we get enough people involved, we can hurt them. Most of our complaints are not worth taking to court and they know that. This is a way to get a little even. Please spread this idea around and let's go 'shopping' at BB. If you are seriously PO'ed, this is worth your time.

Extended Warranty
By -

BAXTER, MINNESOTA -- My HP Notebook needed a new battery, one of the letter keys popped off, and the power cord connection was malfunctioning. I figured this would be no problem to be repaired as I had purchased the four year extended warranty package. I brought my laptop into my local store to be repaired and the employees stated that the computer had to be sent to HP for the repair work, and that it would take two weeks tops.

Well, it is three weeks later, I still have no computer. I called Best Buy a week ago to inquire as to the status of the computer and they stated that HP had just received it, and to call back in a week and a half. Keep in mind Best Buy had already had my computer for 10 days before HP even received it for repair! Lo and behold, Best Buy called me today and said the computer was finished and could be picked up. I went to pick it up, and was told that the battery wasn't holding a charge, I would have to send away for a replacement battery, and it would be another 5 days or so.

HUH? They have had my computer for 3 weeks, they were told the battery needed to be replaced when I brought it in, and it still hasn't been done? This extended warranty they offer is a joke, I think in the future I will be taking my business elsewhere as my difficulties with Best Buy just never end, and the worst part about it, they don't seem to care one bit about the crappy customer service that they offer! P.S. The store # I refer to is #522, in Baxter, Mn.

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