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Best Buy's iPod (Semi) Replacement Plan
Posted by Bmarabello on 04/28/2006
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- A year a half ago I bought my iPod at a Best Buy. I also purchased a 2-yr replacement plan through them. Just a week ago my iPod was seriously failing. I brought it in to my local (Mission Hills - San Diego) Best Buy and their Geek Squad deemed it bad which entitled me to a new iPod. All good until this point.

I went to make the exchange and was told that I would have to forfeit my new iPod's USB cable b/c I wasn't returning the one from my old one (admittedly, I forgot it at home). Anyway, they opened the package and took the USB out. I went home and discovered that I didn't have a USB cable for the iPod (my earlier iPod only had Firewire cables). So, I couldn't update my iPod.

The next day I called them and informed them of such and they told me to come in and they'd get me a new cable provided I brought in my old (Firewire) cable. They also informed me that my old iPod and all that I returned with it (and the forfeited USB cable) was shipped out to Apple the same day I brought it in (as all returns are). At the Customer Service desk I dealt with the same employee who served me the day before (you know, the one who had no idea my iPod wouldn't work without the USB cable she couldn't give me). They were about to give me a new USB cable when it was determined that I couldn't trade a Firewire cable in for a USB cable despite me repeatedly telling them it was all I had. I'm not hoarding USB cables at my house.

I'm just trying to get a complete iPod. And I gave them all I ever got in any iPod package. Kept my end of the deal. So, they tell me I'd have to buy a USB cable, but they'd cut me a discount. What else am I gonna do? I have an iPod that doesn't work. They give me a Griffin PowerBlock (AC Charger plus USB cord) for $20 (that's $10 off). I want to make sure it's as good as the USB cable that was ripped from my box the day before. An employee in the mp3 player dept assures me it's USB 2.0.

Before buying the PowerBlock, I figure I'd check with their manager to see if this is the best they could do. The manager, JoAnn, obliged. She told me I was the one in error here. I told her I returned everything I ever received in an iPod box. She said that nothing could be done, not even reducing the price further on the PowerBlock. I thought it's a sad day when the head of Customer Service can't provide any. I'm asking for a $10 part here. And I paid $40 for the replacement plan for it. Pathetic.

I buy the PowerBlock and walk dejectedly out of there. Well, of course, the PowerBlock isn't 2.0. (Doesn't anybody at Best Buy know anything about their products or Customer Service?) The PowerBlock is USB 1.1. Now my high-tech, brand spanking new iPod is limited to 2001 bandwidth. So I got an accessory I can't use and an iPod that's super slow in loading. Thanks, Best Buy for a couple of Mediocre Buys.

I'd like Best Buy to just give what this customer paid for -- full replacement of the product. So, I'd like an Apple USB 2.0 cord. I'd also like for them to refund me for the useless PowerBlock. Lastly, empower your Customer Service managers to deal. I'm only asking for a $10 part.

And if they don't, I hope just a few of you think twice about buying from Best Buy, especially any replacement plan. A giant rip-off.

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Posted by lobo65 on 2006-04-28:
At least you got a new Ipod. You should read all the complaints against BB over at bestbuysux.org.

They seem to really stink as whole for customer service, and their product replacement plans are (big surprise) not worth the paper they are printed on in many cases.
Posted by cc4 on 2006-05-10:
There's no such thing as a USB 1.1 vs USB 2.0 cable. See this cnet article: http://reviews.cnet.com/4520-10166_7-5577434-1.html
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Response to Posting and Email to Several Head People
Posted by LJG369 on 02/25/2005
FAIRLAWN, OHIO -- After posting my review here I decided to email it to as many head guys at best buy at the following email addresses:

Allen.Lenzmeier@bestbuy.com George.Lopuch@bestbuy.com

All but a couple went through.

This is the response I received:
"Good Afternoon Mr. ****,

Thank you for contacting the Best Buy corporate office. Your email was received by our office, and forwarded to my desk for review and response. I appreciate the opportunity to respond to your concerns. I was deeply troubled when reading your email about the service, or lack thereof, you received regarding the servicing of your camera.
It is certainly not our intent to have our consumers feel inconvenienced when having products serviced at our store location.

A consumer's convenience is of great importance to us. Obviously, we failed to achieve this goal in this particular matter. The fact you noticed this on the servicing of both your computer and the camera is very troubling. I can assure you that this is definitely something I will have investigated immediately. We realize that the competitiveness of the industry in which we operate does not allow such service lapses to occur. I thank you again for bringing the matter to our attention, as it does give us the opportunity to take the steps needed to ensure these lapses do not occur. We do not wish to alienate our consumers, and we stress the importance of providing great pre- and post-sale customer service to all of our employees, and trust that our management leads by example.

As a company involved in retail, we realize that service is ultimately what drives consumers to purchase from a certain location. I would certainly understand your reluctance to visit our stores again, but trust that if given another opportunity to become your electronics retailer of choice, we will not fail you again. Please know that we do strive to provide the best service possible, and appreciate hearing about these types of situations so that we may take the appropriate actions needed to ensure they do not happen again. While we do not like to have these situations occur, we do value the opportunity to rectify them. I was happy to read that the store was able to sell you a camera to use while yours was fixed, and that they would waive the restocking fee if there was no damage.

Currently, we do not have a loaner policy in place and this is the process the store can follow if the situation warrants this. I encourage you to return the new camera to the store to obtain your refund under the conditions the store relayed to you at the time of sale. At this time, we cannot compensate you for the price of the camera since your repair was successfully completed. For your inconvenience, I will send you a $50 Best Buy gift card. I will send this to 976 Rocky Brook Dr., Apt. C, Akron, OH 44313. Please allow 2-3 weeks for this to arrive. I hope that this will cover the expense of your getting memory for your camera. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any other questions or

Best Regards,

Dave Stenoien
Best Buy Customer Care
(612) 292-0056 Direct
(952) 430-3020 Fax
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Customer No Service
Posted by Ysbub on 07/23/2004
NORWALK, CONNECTICUT -- In December of 2003, at the Best Buy in Norwalk, CT., we purchased an LG refridgerator with icemaker, model#LRBN-20510, and specified that the door handle be on the right side of the fridge. At the time of the order, we also paid for plumbing to be done to accomodate the icemaker which was to be installed by the plumbers when they came out to run the water to the fridge the day after the fridge was delivered.
The fridge was delivered on the day promised. The door opening was not on the right side as ordered. The two delivery guys spent hours, with the owner's manual in hand, and tools borrowed from my husband's garage, switching the door to the right side. Along with the fridge, they brought an icemaker in a box - a Hotpoint icemaker. We checked, it would not fit the LG fridge. The delivery guys took the wrong icemaker back with them, promising to return with the correct one. We called the store, "no problem, we'll get the correct one out there and have someone install it."
The next day the folks came out to run the water to the fridge. Of course they could not install the icemaker since we did not have one. We called the store again, no one was available (there doesn't seem to be a manager at that store, we have subsequently called them over 10 times to no avail, and phone calls are never returned)
We finally got in touch with someone in the appliance department about a week later, and they sent out another icemaker (this time it was a G.E.), and the same delivery guy that came out with the fridge originally. He said that they sent him out to install it, since no one else in the store knew how to do it, and although he had never done it himself, he would "give it a try". Needless to say, there wasn't much he could try since it was a G.E. icemaker, and it did not fit.
After multiple calls (unreturned) to the store, we began calling their corporate headquarters, receiving no more help there, just more promises of calls back which were never received.
We contact American Express to get the payment credited. They processed the intial credit, and subsequently sent us the "documentation" that Best Buy had provided to them supporting the charge... it detailed the return refund policy on their boom boxes and CD players! HUH?? We explained the problem again to Amex, again it was credited, then BB sent them the same unrelated documentation. We gave up going that route.
We finally walked into the store, asked for the manager (of course he/she wan't there). Told the asst. mgr that was available, that we either wanted an icemaker as ordered and paid for 6 months earlier, or a credit. He didn't even check to see if they had one, but we got the credit. Whoopdido! And now we can't get an icemaker for the fridge. We cannot buy it from LG directly (tried that), I have called other Best Buys (since we refuse to walk into the local store ever again) and they will not take phone orders, so we would have to drive 40+ miles to order a part that they MAY OR MAY NOT be able to get.
So frustrated at this point. It had been close to 20 years before we were able to buy a new refridgerator, and the one little "splurge" for me was getting an automatic icemaker. We NEVER would have bought this fridge if we knew we would not be able to get an icemaker with it.
But one thing we did learn is to never buy anything from WorstBuy again, they do not even make an attempt to keep their customers happy. I relay the icemaker customer no-service saga to all my friends.
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Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-07-23:
I would of refused the order upon the discovery that your door request was not fulfilled. Why didnt you?
Posted by Slimjim on 2004-07-23:
Look for someone in your area that "services" LG models. They will be able to get and install the part.
Posted by rizzo1982 on 2004-08-17:
Unfortunatly Best Buy's lemon policy takes place on the 4th repair.
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Best Buy: Lies and Bad Customer Service
Posted by Cariofthevalley on 05/10/2006
MONTGOMERYVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Until now, I was a loyal fan of Best Buy. "Was" being the operative word.

Back in January of this year we bought a big TV from Best Buy. My husband did the research, found the TV he wanted, then found an "open box" at Best Buy that made the cost hard to beat. Great. We spent somewhere around $2,000.

In March, I bought an iPod - the $300 kind. The clerk talked me into joining the RewardZone program so that I could earn "points" that would accumulate to become merchandise credits as they added up. I wasn't especially interested in spending $10 on this program, but I asked the clerk if they could apply the TV purchase to the program - which would then make it worthwhile for me. He called the manager over and the manager assured me that I could go to the RewardZone web site and have the purchase applied. Great. I forked over the money.

Fast forward to my actually getting around to doing this (why the store manager couldn't arrange to make this happen for me is a topic for a different blog post). I went to the web site as instructed, entered the "PIN" on my TV receipt and got a lovely red error message stating that the purchase was too "old" to be applied. OK, maybe there are parameters programmed into the form and I need to talk to a human who would honor the store manager's promise. Being the email inclined person I am, I emailed Customer Service.

Here's how the email chain unfolded:


When I enrolled in the reward program I was promised (by the manager of the Montgomeryville store) that I could come to this site and have my TV purchase (1/31/06) applied to my account. This was the only reason we chose to enroll - if it was not possible, I would not have enrolled. The PIN for that purchase is 0525 020 4771 013106. Please credit this purchase to my reward account. Thank you.

Best Buy "Customer Care" (as in, I care about myself or as in they supposedly care about their customers? not sure on that one):

I am Laura with Best Buy Customer Care.

I am sorry to hear that you were misinformed by the store manager. We are unable to award points for purchases made more then 30 days before the activation of your membership. If you have any purchases made after the activation of your membership, we will be happy to award them to you.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. We look forward to your next visit to one of our stores or to www.BestBuy.com.

Thank you,
Best Buy Customer Care Team

Me (getting slightly snarky at the obvious boilerplate response):

Be that as it may - his misinforming me led me to spend money on a program that did not otherwise hold value for me. Either I want the purchase credited or I want the membership fee refunded. Your choice.

Best Buy "Customer Care" - a new name, to boot:

I am Ashley with Best Buy Customer Care.

As previously stated we can not apply this purchase to the membership for you. You joined the program on 03/31/06, since the purchase was made more then 30 days prior to you joining (on 01/31/06) it is not eligible for any points.

Regarding a credit for your membership fee, since you are outside of the return timeframe (30 days), you cannot receive a membership fee refund.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you,
Best Buy Customer Care Team

My commentary: OK, first of all, don' t thank me for understanding - I don't. Second, what exactly does "previously" mean? What's a "membership fee?" Do they not even spell check their replies, especially when this is a situation that is clearly escalating?! Although at least it wasn't something Ashley pulled from a template somewhere, at least one would hope not with a misspelling.

Me (done pretending to be nice):

OK - so the message you want to send your loyal customers is - our manager lied to you and we won't make any remedy at all. Good - I will be sure to pass the word along to everyone I know.

Best Buy "Customer Care" :


Hence this post - my way of telling everyone I know, and many I don't, about the customer experience Best Buy delivered to a formerly loyal customer. How much would it really have cost them to honor their manager's promise? Or, even easier for them, to refund the purchase price of the program ($10) and, since I have not yet received any reward rebates, end this situation without any cost, other than the cost of the human being's time to process the refund? How much will it cost them to lose this customer and, hopefully, several others who read this post?

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-10:
Amazing how dogmatic these companies are becoming. Declining to refund 10.00 for something of no tangible investment on their part is ridiculous. Think on how much they spend everyday on marketing to get people in the door. Good post.
Posted by Brenda Leah on 2006-05-10:
You waited a month to try and add this? Yikes.

Here's what you do:
1. Go to the store and demand to speak with a store manager.
2. Tell him your problem. If it's the manager you spoke with even better!
3. He should refund your first receipt then re-ring it to make your purchase within the timeframe. Don't let him do an even exchange! It will just cancel the points out.
4. If he won't do that demand a refund of the $10.00.

I don't work for Best Buy and I have heard that they are hard to deal with so good luck. I am a member of the reward zone program and I've gotten lots of rewards. Most of them were aquired when their system apparently went haywire and kept sending me rewards coupons, even though I hadn't earned them.. LOL.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-05-10:
Here ya go
1. The horror stories were enought to sober me not to buy big money items at Best Buy. Plus the service is lousy.
Posted by hostako on 2006-08-01:
I had basically the same situation when I purchased a product replacement waranty, then went in to get my defective IPOD replaced and was informed "we don't sell a
product replacement waranty for that product". I was then told the salesman must have 'misinformed' me, I said no, I was lied to. All my paperwork said 'Product Replacement Waranty'. They just said 'Have a nice day'. I'm done with Best Buy.
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Best Buy Employment Policy unfair
Posted by Ladunlap on 06/29/2005
KATY, TEXAS -- My 17 year old son recently applied to Best Buy, online. Part of this application requires one of these psychological attitude assessment questionaires. Well he was told he wasn't fit for employment due to him failing that questionair 3 times. Now I know the kid, he is honest, intelligent, knows more about electronics than most people working in their stores, and would be hardworking, given the chance. So something is wrong with this questionaire.

Besides that, this is very frustrating to him, and a blow to his self esteem. At 17 he is still forming attitudes and self confidence. Now, for unkown reasons, he is basically told he is defective in some way and no specifics are given. I even called the store and spoke to the manager. He could barely understand what I was talking about, or cared really. I said, so this is just a case of a big corporation smashing someone under their big foot and nothing can be done and thats the store policy right? He said, YEP, thats it. Well thanks Best Buy manager for confirming that Best buy only cares about profits and following rules and nothing about young peoples characters.

I bought a lot of stuff at Best Buy over the years, but not any more.
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Posted by socal1 on 2005-06-29:
It sounds like these are more personality type tests rather than psychological. Companies are looking for certain personality types, just because they didn't want to hire this kid doesn't mean he is in someway defective, it just means that he wasn't what they were looking for. Each company has different criteria they use to hire, someone who is rejected by Best Buy may be hired at Circuit City, or CompUSA, or vice versa. It is just part of job seeking.

It takes a lot more than product knowledge to work in customer service type positions, and Best Buy, through its test or some other metric, felt that he wasn't best suited for the position. Perhaps if he applies at another electronics store, the outcome will be different. Good luck!
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-06-29:
Tell your kid, "Welome to the real world."
Posted by AZJEM on 2005-06-30:
Those psych. tests are pretty bizzare. They do vary from state to state and by job type. I know people that are decent smart people who have failed and wondered why others that are (???)made it. A couple reasons I know of were no big deal ..one person admitted to taking paxil. It just depends on the job. And I hate to break the news to you but most companies care more about making a profit than someones self-esteem.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-06-30:
Unfortunatly, what most online job applications are is a way to keep the mass of job seekers out of the hair of the people at the stores and to let computers do the work. An online application is not something to be depended on for any sort of job, even if your son passed the pysch test, (which may have returned a result of, "too intellegent to work here," for all anyone knows) his data would just be thrown in a pool of prospects that could be thousands of names long. A few years ago I had to do a scheme like this and I applied for a summer job online in April, I got called for an over the phone interview in early August. The interview was even more of a joke than the online form. No matter how smart your son is, he will probably get caught in the catch-22 of, "previous sales experience required." I know people that applied to Best Buy who got rejected for that reason.
Posted by bestbestbuy on 2005-06-30:
When it comes to these tests, product knowledge comes last. You can be trained on that. But you can't be trained on how to treat and handle customers and situations. That's the bottom line. That's what counts.
Posted by LegalCollector on 2005-07-01:
I don't see a whole hell of alot of people training. BB employees are the masters at doing nothing.
Posted by Trixie on 2005-07-16:
Oh brother one more person threatening not to shop at BEST BUY anymore. But this is a new one - you won't shop here because your son did not pass a so called test on a job application. Well, one thing about this test...it does not discriminate...even the best employees at Best Buy failed this test 4, 5, 6, or more times. Why even some of the managers even flunked this thing. And now, because your son did not pass this test, and better yet, because BEST BUY will not make an exception and hire your little prince because we all know what a nice kid he is, your angry??? Oh my. The company has a certain criteria or mindset that it is looking for...they want neither strongly agree nor do they want strongly disagree. They want someone with NO STRONG opinions about anything. Someone they can mold, or sway into their way of thinking. I know cause I flunked 3 times, and I also have been working at Best Buy for 2 years. I actually tell applicants to stay middle of the road for most of the answers and they will surely get a call. Why not send your son to Lowes??? Thats what I did when my own son couldnt pass. He loves it there, makes more than me and been there 7 months already.
Posted by ladunlap on 2005-07-26:
Very interesting comments. Obviously this was an emotional issue with me at the time and I am a little more objective about it now. One thing though, the only real power we have as consumers is to decide to buy at a store or a particular product or not. I make decisions and excersice this power as I see fit. I don't even need a particularly good reason (as in this case, or when I decided not to buy cars from Japanes companies). The main reason I do it is to satisfy me. Im under no illusion that me not buying from BB or any other major company is going to affect their sales or policies in this slightest. It makes me feel better though.
Posted by AML on 2005-08-08:
Tell him not to worry, those tests means nothing. I once didn't get hired for a job because I had answered false to a question of "A customer in person is more important that a customer on the phone." To me, that's false - someone on the phone is just as important as someone in front of you, but the company I was hiring for didn't agree. Apparently you only matter to them if you're there ready to spend money. :\
Posted by GeekSquadRetired on 2006-02-10:
You should take the test with him sometime, the online test is not about product knowledge it's about the way a person thinks. The main reason most teenagers don't pass it is simple, they answer the questions wrong. This is not a insult to your child or his intelligence, I'm a manager at BB in Texas and I see it all the time.

There are 5 specific questions in that test that are asked several different ways and if you answer any of them as anything other the completely agree/disagree your test will be failed. Period, end of story, so sorry have a great day. Do I agree with that, in some cases no, but it's a completely impartial test.

Ask your son if on the question of (not exact wording) "if you saw a co-worker take a pen home would you report it to your supervisor?" "it's ok take home office supplies the company has plenty." These are the types of questions that catch most teenagers off guard because unlike adults they will answer the questions honestly. The other part of this is that the questions have that annoying 1 to 5 and most teens tend to answer the questions of this time with a 3 or 4, these questions have to be answered with a resounding 1 or 5. Sorry he didn't get hired but it's not a bad mark against him in my opinion, more then likely he answered one those questions wrong because of the tricky wording.
Posted by ladunlap on 2006-07-05:
Well he's been working for about a year at a Starbucks type coffee place. Im impressed by his hard work and sense of responsibility. However, he knows about 100 times as much about any type of electronic audio, computer, whatever, equipment as any of the Best Buy customer support people I deal with when I go there. I actually buy most of my electronics from them, the prices are fair and it's convenient. But the time I go to buy something I, with the help of my son and the internet, already know exactly what I want. It's their loss they didn't hire him
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Ohio Attorney General Sues Best Buy
Posted by Binx on 08/23/2004
SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA -- Attorney General Jim Petro Sues Best Buy For Unacceptable Business Practices
August 19 , 2004
Best Buy Complaint (as filed)
Sound Clip from Press Conference

COLUMBUS - Attorney General Jim Petro today filed suit against Minnesota-based Best Buy Co., Inc. (“Best Buy”), which operates retail outlets throughout Ohio and via the Internet. The lawsuit alleges that Best Buy engaged in a pattern of unfair and deceptive acts and practices. The Attorney General’s Office received hundreds of consumer complaints during the last few years with the highest concentration of complaints alleging, among other things, that Best Buy repackaged used goods and sold them as new, failed to honor rebates, failed to honor refund and exchange programs, and failed to honor extended service contracts.

“The sheer number of complaints coupled with the types of allegations my office received prompted us to file this lawsuit.” Petro said. “The primary objective of this lawsuit is to bring Best Buy into conformity with Ohio’s consumer protection laws and ensure that Best Buy’s Ohio customers receive the service they deserve.”

Additional Consumer Sales Practices Act violations alleged in the lawsuit include: failure to honor implied warranties of merchantability, substandard and/or inadequate customer service, and making false and misleading statements to consumers.

In the complaint, Petro asked the court to prohibit Best Buy from engaging in practices that violate the Consumer Sales Practices Act, and to order Best Buy to reimburse consumers who lost money or otherwise did not receive the full service they were promised. The complaint also asks that Best Buy pay a civil penalty of $25,000 for each violation of the Consumer Sales Practices Act.

Best Buy is a Minnesota corporation located at 7601 Penn Ave., Richfield, Minn.

For Additional Information on this Press Release:
CONTACT: Michelle Gatchell, Attorney General’s Office, at (614) 466-3840
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Posted by LegalCollector on 2004-08-23:
I've never had a problem with Best Buy, but maybe this will help the people who have.
Posted by parker on 2004-08-23:
I work for best buy. its all true
Posted by bestbestbuy on 2004-08-25:
See what happens when people don't fill out their rebates correctly? THEY DONT GET EM! Ohio won't win this one.
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15% Restocking Fee
Posted by Billypat on 03/16/2004
DEPTFORD, NEW JERSEY -- I went into Best Buy on Friday to buy a computer. I was only planning on spending $500 - $600. Then the salesman joined me. That is when all my troubles began.

Finally, two hours later, I walked out of there with a laptop and a ton of accessories, my total coming to roughly $1825.00. Oh, and I was a sucker who took the $250 fee for a warranty. They talked me into it.

The salesman went into the back and got me my laptop. He then came to the Tech counter and handed the tech my laptop (my hands have not even touch it). She then takes it out, plugs it in a turns it on. Apparently this is a common practice of theirs, because they were doing it with everyone brand new computer. She then turned it off, unplugged it and put it back into the box. She rang me up, bagged all the accessories and handed me the box with the laptop in it. The tech informed me that I had 14 days to return everything.

Anyway, before I even reached my home I realized that I couldn't afford all of this and I was taking everything back. I got home and took everything out of the car and sat in on my kitchen table. I never took anything out of the box.

I went back on Sat (not even 24 hours later) to return everything. They refunded all the accessories and the laptop, but then told me they were going to charge me $180.00 for a restocking fee. I had no idea that a thing even existed. They have a big sign about their return policies but this 15% restocking fee wording is in little tiny, bitty letters at the bottom. I never even saw it at all. I asked to see a manager who abruptly told me that this was their policy and there was nothing he could do about it.

He said that once it left the building it was consider "used property and now Best Buy will have to mark it down and sell it for less"

I said "I never even took it out of the stinking box" It didn't matter. He said it was opened and that was considered used.

Again I said "How could it be used if I NEVER TOOK IT OUT OF THE STINKING BOX!!!!!!!"

The CSR behind the counter got really cocky with me. I asked her to show me on the back of the receipt where it said this about the restocking fee (by the way, as you know they give you about 17 receipts).

She then circled where it said this and in a real cocky, downgrading voice asked me "would you like me to circle it on every receipts"

I said "Just me me back my f***ing receipts, you b****". and grabbed them out of her hand. I thought I was going to jail that day. I can't remember being that mad in my life. I simply walked out of the store, of course cursing and ranting and raving. I sat in my car on my cell phone for about 30 minutes trying to talk to the managers of The Best Buy Corp office and so forth. They said that this is their policy, and I they can't change it. Bull****!!!!

Here is the kicker, this is how they get the consumer. It reads that a 15% restocking fee will be charged on any opened: notebook computer, camcorder, digital camera or radar detector.

Okay, you tell the sales clerk what you want. They get it for you and give it to a tech who OPENS it, plugs it in, looks at it, then puts in back in the box and hands it to you.

So technically, even if you (the consumer) had never even taken it out of the box, the tech had already had it opened and turned it on so they consider this NOW AN OPEN Package.

So buyers be aware, even if you don't take it out of the box yourself, the techs have already done it for you. I was going to spend another $5 or $6 hundred dollars that day at Best Buy, but I swear I will never buy another thing from them again. I then went to Circuit City and spent my money there. By the way, Circuit City no longer practices this policy since it pissed of too many people.

I was furious all day Saturday, Sunday and was up at 5:00am on Monday still bugging about this. Finally around 11:00 am on Monday I couldn't take it anymore. I called the store and asked for a manager. A woman manager got on the phone. I asked about the sign and where it was located and etc.

Finally, I mentioned this whole open policy they have. She said "Yes that is the policy"

I said "I technically I did not open the box nor the laptop"

She asked "Didn't she give it back to you with a seal on it"

I said "If it had a seal on it, they would have seen that I never took the thing out of the box"

She said "Okay, I'll make an exception this time and credit the $180.00 back to your account"

I still can not believe that it went through all the BS just to return something that I did not want.

This is my story and I'm sticking to it.

Pat G.
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Posted by parker on 2004-03-16:
Posted by stupid people on 2004-03-16:
well the restocking fee does seem alittle extreme, but you need to get some balls and learn how to say no when sale people try and get you to purchase something you dont want...
Posted by Laurachitchat on 2004-03-16:
i got some ocean front property in arizona if your are interested.
Posted by billypat on 2004-03-17:
It had nothing to do with balls or being stupid..

I have always wanted a laptop and I overindulged myself. But unlike many people, I did remember that I have a family that needs things more than I needed a laptop. When I purchased the product I was being selfish, not stupid or gullable.
Posted by stupid people on 2004-03-17:
well sorry but overindulging in something you cant afford is careless and stupid....
Posted by billypat on 2004-03-18:
Not when you NEVER overindulge or buy anything for yourself. Not when every dime that you make goes to the kids or to the home. Every once in a while it is nice to actually have what you want. And yes, it was careless and stupid to think that I could actually buy something that I WANTED, but in the long run I DID TAKE IT BACK DIDN"T I.
Posted by stupid people on 2004-03-18:
yeah and thats why places charge restocking fees because of people like you who waist the time of an employee helping you pick something and answering your questions then getting the product for you. then you turn around and return it.
Posted by bestbestbuy on 2004-03-19:
You had some nerve swearing at the representative the way you did. You are lucky they didn't throw you out or call the police on you. How would you explain that to your kids? And why did it take you so long to figure out that you couldn't afford it? You wasted their time and yours. The reason they charge a restock fee is because they have to mark it as an open box item and mark the price down now because of your ignorance. Granted the rep opened it, but that was based on the fact that you actually wanted the laptop, and weren't just fooling yourself.
Posted by billypat on 2004-03-19:
Isn't that what they get paid to do..sell things..customer service..Best Buy people do not get paid on commission, but hourly..so if he was taking his time with me or another person it really does not matter much to them...out of the salesmans mouth, not mine.

Unless I am mistaken this is America - Land of the Free - which means free choices..I can purchase whatever I want and return it within the return policy of the store..which is 14 days..

The rep got cocky with me first..She is the one who is supposed to be a Customer Service Representative..isn't the customer always supposed to be right

And it didn't take me that long to figure out that I needed to return it..less than 24 hours

Again I did not waste their time nor mine. I however learned a valuable lesson..and again it had nothing to do with ignorance, it had to do with wanting something for myself for once..

And again..isnt' this America..I made a choice then change my mind..I thought in this country you are aloud to do that..

Oh and buy the way..I got my money back on Monday..
Posted by firethorne2k on 2004-03-22:
Returning something is NOT a right, it is a privelage that can be denied.
Posted by bestbestbuy on 2004-03-23:
firethorne is right. and yes, the rep does care if you wasted his or her time.
Posted by billypat on 2004-03-23:
Once I left the store, I never saw the stinking rep again, therefore, how can he tell if I wasted his freakin time or not...once I left he went on to another customer who probably wasted his time also!!!

If I am not mistaken, returning something is not a privelge, it is my right as an American Citizen to have free choices..and my free choice was to return the laptop..And according to Best Buy, you have a 14 day "privelge" to return the product..So whether you might want to say it is a "privelge" or not...Best Buy gives me the right to return something that I did not want.
Posted by firethorne2k on 2004-03-23:
Yes, and Best Buy has a right and authority to deny your return if they felt they needed to.
Posted by bestbestbuy on 2004-03-24:
Its a free world for best buy too. They have rights. What? You think youre the only one with rights?
Posted by billypat on 2004-03-24:
bestbestbuy, do you work for the company or something? You sure do defend them like your their b**** or somethig. And YES, I am the one with the rights here. You talk as though they are a person or something. They are a multi million dollar company who makes their money on CUSTOMERS, not on their rights. Oh yeah, and again, they do have a return policy....14 DAYS OR 30 DAYS depending on what you purchase. Therefore, when I walk in the store they are telling me that I have A RIGHT to purchase something and then return it if I so chose. Isn't that amazing...giving an American citizen a right to return something if they do not want to keep it!!!!!

firethorne2k, tell me one store in the USA that has a no return policy. I have been shopping for a long time and have NEVER, EVER purchased something that I was not able to take back. Please name one store in the USA that has a no return policy. Oh, and by the way, Best Buy gave me a full refund, including the restocking fee.
Posted by firethorne2k on 2004-03-24:
Just to name a couple
Target - No Receipt = No return.
Office Max(New Policy) No receipt = No return.

From the tone of your letter, it looks like you have never worked retail. What is the point of complaining? You got what you wanted, despite telling off employees in the store. It's called the service industry for a reason. Because it's a service, not a right. As any service, it can be taken away if it's abused. And treating store employees and the like as if they're inhuman isn't part of the service, That is actually a form of abuse of other people. I wasn't able to find anything in the constitution about having a "right" to enter stores and return stuff whenever i wanted to. From Best Buy's website: "A 15% restocking fee will be charged on returns or exchanges of any opened notebook computer, camcorder, digital camera or radar detector, unless defective." It is cut and dry. When you return something, it is on the stores terms, not the customers. It is done to prevent those scam artists that drive up the price and "renters" which are a big big problem.
Posted by billypat on 2004-03-25:
I don't know which Target you shop in, but the one by me will give a store credit if you do not have a receipt. I shop at that store all the time and have returned a number of items without ever having a problem. Can't say that for Office Max, never entered the building.

I have been working in customer service my entire working career. I know how to treat people when they deserve the respect that I give them. The CSR that day was nothing but disrespectful to me from the very beginning.

The reason I started all this was to inform consumers about the 15% restocking fee. I was unaware of it as was every person that I told. There was not one person that I talked to that knew of this restocking fee. So I guess I just thought that I was doing public awareness.

Posted by firethorne2k on 2004-03-25:
Billy Pat, F.Y.I
Posted by firethorne2k on 2004-03-25:

Posted by billypat on 2004-03-25:
firethorn2k, what the heck is that?
Posted by greatworkbby on 2004-04-11:
That is absolutely ridiculous. So you think that consumers would like to buy products that have been opened without some sort of markdown? I agree with bestbestbuy, even though the rep did open the box you put her in that situation. Should the rep have asked you, "Are you sure you want to purchase this product?", Are you really sure?" No of course not, but now someone will get an open box at the same price of an unopened box. Customer doesn't know why it is open. You may look at this as big business b.s. But companies don't like to lose money, and it really isn't economically advantageous for them to. Because the more money businesses make the more jobs that is supplies, which in turn is good for everyone, because that means more money will be spent in different businesses which eventually will come to you.
Posted by billypat on 2004-04-19:
My point is that the consumer has no idea whether the box has been opened or not. Read again.

The salesperson takes it directly to the tech, who opens it. At this point, I never had the box in my hand at all. For that matter, I never even had a conversation with the tech for them to ask me whether or not I was sure I wanted the product.

It went from salesperson, tech, to cashier then to me. I would have no idea whether this item was sold and returned. If there were scratches or something, yes maybe. To call this product used just because it was taken out of the box is pure ridiculous. And again, the tech took it out of the box, so I never, ever saw if the box's seal had been broken or not. I guess that is the only way to tell if the product is used or new and they completely take that away from you.
Posted by Zakk on 2004-04-24:
If you had spent half the time (and just a quarter of the brain cell power) making sure you could afford to buy the computer as you did being rude and profane to Best Buy employees, you would not have been in this mess. You were going to spend five or six hundred but wound up spending almost triple that amount? Please. You let yourself be used, so be grateful they even took it back, since the ONLY thing wrong with the whole deal was your inablity to stay within budget.
Posted by bestbestbuy on 2004-05-04:
You think the consumer has no idea whether the box has been opened or not!? Have you seen a broken label before?? And no, I do not work for Best Buy, but I work in retail and have to put up with a s s h ol es like you!!
Posted by contrarymary on 2004-06-07:
Why are you all wasting your time arguing with this cheap loser? I have no time for anyone who gets so angry at the customer services reps that he has to leave a store. I'd have called the cops on you, you loathesome reptile.
Posted by contrarymary on 2004-06-07:
By the way, reading through this loser's diatribes, it appears he purchases/returns things regularly, as he lists those stores where he can get away with his bi-polar induced shopping sprees and then, when back on the Neurontin, brings it all back.
Posted by contrarymary on 2004-06-07:
Finally, get some therapy, dude. You are angry at your situation, so you are taking it out on all the wrong persons. It's not Best Buy's fault you are unhappy.
Posted by patti132 on 2004-06-15:
Billypat, I feel your pain. I bought a laptop there the other day and when I told them that I didn't want them touching my new laptop because I am a tech,( could probably teach them a few things)they didn't like it. Needless to say I purchased a emachine widescreen laptop that when I got it home, booted it up, it had a dead pixel. Now most people wouldn't notice that but since I can tear apart a computer and put it back together I know what to look for. So of course, they said if the tech would have checked before I left I wouldn't be going through this trouble. Well from reading what you said I would have. I know the tech wouldn't have said a thing about the dead pixel, thinking cause I am blonde and wouldn't know it was bad. I probably would have taken it back and they would have said it didn it leave here like that. Don't ever trust Best Buy. I will not send anybody there again. Oh buy the way I put up such a stink that the girl behind the register couldn't figure out how to credit me with a store card that the manager said give her the full refund, he will eat it. All I have to say is don't sell defective products and you wouldn't have disgruntle customers. What ever happened to customer consideration. We know the economy is bad and everyone needs to make a buck somehow. I will shop Circuit City for all my parts from now on.
Posted by MAParillo on 2004-07-13:
Pat G. Stop Being a baby about the whole situation. You would have clearly seen the signs around the store if you were wearing your glasses that day.
Posted by JoeFox on 2007-02-17:
You were wrong about Circuit City. They are still charging a 15% restocking fee. I just tried to return a camcorder that is defective and they wanted to take 15% out of the refund.
Posted by JoeFox on 2007-02-17:
Return the merchandise and take the exchange for the same product. Specify that you want a new unopened package to insure that nobody tampered with it. Now you have a new unopened item. Wait till the next day and go back and return it. The factory seal is intact so you get your money back.
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Posted by RMETRAL on 03/01/2006
MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I'm writing here out of frustration with the best buys return policy on their extended warranty plan. I purchased a camcorder with the extended warranty plan and the camera needed repairs. well they repaired but two months later it needed the same repairs. Only this time the camera ate the tape ruining my newborns 9 months of memories. As it turns out the camera needs to break three times before they exchange it. I tried to explain to all their customer service people that I never ever want to see that particular camera again. Imagine something so special being lost because things didn't get fixed right the first time. Anyway since they don't make any exceptions to their company policy I refuse to ever go in their store to purchase anything else again. They had an opportunity to make things right.

Well from now on it will be my mission to tell this story. I lost something very precious to me, The memories of my sons first nine months. If they don't care about what I lost then they don't deserve me as a customer or anyone for that matter.

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Posted by tander on 2006-03-01:
Best Buy has terrible return policy's, your electronics break or don't run right and need repairs and they expect you, to keep bringing it in!
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-03-02:
You had a camera with a known history of problems and yet you kept the same tape in there for nine months, never making a copy?
Posted by dsmith68 on 2006-03-02:
After each major recording, I always transfer the film to vhs for backup. Almost all camcoders have this ability with any standard vhs recorder. I keep the tape in until it is full and then work on the longer process of transfering to PC and DVD. Backups are critical with any important information, be they documents, pictures, films etc.
Posted by Sirk on 2006-04-14:
The PSP (extended warranty) has a feature on it known as the "no lemon policy". This means that after your camera breaks or stops functioning do to manufacturer defects, dust, heat, humidity, and normal wear and tear, MORE THAN THREE TIMES, it will be replaced with a camera of equal or lesser value, or even used as a credit toward a new camera. The SERVICE plan SERVICES the item, it doesn't replace it if it can be fixed. THAT plan is called a REPLACEMENT PLAN, which isn't offered on digital cameras. So don't get mad at Best Buy because you didn't understand what is written on the back of the PSP brochure, or because you thought the warranty was supposed to replace your camera when you felt it needed replacing.
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Problems at Best Buy
Posted by Bcoe555 on 04/30/2005
ANTIOCH/NASHVILLE AREA, TENNESSEE -- I have recently had some problems that I would like to vent about at a Best Buy store in Antioch, Tennessee.

I went to the Best Buy store to purchase a new car stereo for my Chevrolet Camaro. The car was originally purchased with a Bose sound system and I knew this would cause some problems with the purchase - But not as many problems as I encountered.

The actual purchase of the speakers and CD player at the store was without incident. The sales clerk was extremely helpful and very nice. The four speakers and the CD player cost just a little over $600, including tax.

The problems with this store all happened on the day of installation. When I arrived for my appointment I parked the car in the pick up zone in the front of the building. The store was not open yet, so I patiently waited out front. At this time I was approaced by a Best Buy employee that crudely asked me if "Camaros have special parking places." I calmly told the rude employee that they had to order some of the speakers that I ordered and I was there to pick them up and have them installed. He just gave me a little "yeah right" smirk and walked away.

My next problem came when I went around back to have the unit installed. I had an appointment at 10:00am. When I gave the installer all the paperwork, he told me that he might be done with my car around 4:00. 6 hours for an installation!!
I calmly told the man that I couldn't possibly believe that it would take that long to install a car stereo and he said it most likely would, telling me that he would have to deal with other customers also. Well, why did I even bother making an appointment if he has to do things for other customers while working on my car? If I am not mistaked, appointments should give a person priority over others.

Before I walked out the door to the installation area to call a friend to pick me up, the man called me back to the counter. He then informed me that I would have to buy an amp installation kit because it was required for my car. I then told the man when I purchased all the stuff the other day that the man helping me said that I had purchased everything that I would need. He then told me that the man helping me must of missed this and insisted on me buying it. The installer told me the price of the amp installation kit was $80 dollars but he would knock $20 dollars off the price. I asked him if I could look at the item and he handed it to me. When I looked at the diagram on the back of the item I noticed that the wires were going from the speakers to the amp. I then asked the man why would I have to purchase an amp installation kit if I wasn't having an amp installed. He face was instantly red and he said that he must have been mistaken, he thought that I was going to purchase an amp now or possible sometime in the future. Go figure.

The installation of the stereo lasted for the whole 6 hours promised (LOL) and when called I returned to pick up my car. I paid for some speaker wire that wasn't included in the original purchase (Although I was assured on the original purchase date that I had purchased everything) and took all the paperwork the installer gave me out to the car. When I was sifting through the paperwork when I got home I noticed that the man wrote that my boost and fuel gages did not work. This is not true. Both gauges were installed aftermarket on the car by a professional (b/c of the supercharger) and I watch them work everyday when I drive the car. I have no idea why the man wrote this but I believe he feared that he might mess the gauges up so he went ahead and sited them as inoperable. (Note: they still work.)

Overall my experience at Best Buy was definately not one of the best experiences I have ever had. Please beware if you have an appointment at Best Buy that it will take longer than you think and also ALWAYS ask questions about additional things you are told that you have to purchase.
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Best Buy rebates not paid
Posted by Gary on 06/14/2004
How many, like me, have not been paid on rebates after following the instructions received at Best Buy. Would like to learn how deep this problem is.
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Posted by lizzy90 on 2004-06-24:
I bought a computer from Best Buy, followed the rebate instructions to the T and got my rebate checks just a few weeks later. I had great luck in receiving the rebate checks but the computer is a piece of junk!
Posted by camzmom on 2004-07-23:
I sent off my rebate info and got denied because they said it was postmarked after the 45 day period, which I know was not true. We're out 100 bucks.
Posted by E. Price on 2004-11-30:
I have had a not-so-nice rebate experience with Best Buy as well. I did get 2 of my 3 rebates, but once again, as I have read over and over again, the old 'We can't find your request and we did not receive your UPC and reciept properly' line was given. I re-requested my rebate after getting all of my info together, and still, nothing. I have waited several months for my $75. I am on the phone (on hold) as I write this. This is my 3rd attempt, since I was 'disconnected' mysteriously.

I also have a $14 charge on my Best Buy credit card account each month (one I did not ask for). I could have sworn I declined it on my application, but SOMEHOW it shows up every month.

I truly enjoy shopping at Best Buy, but MAN, they do some shady stuff!
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