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Customer Service (Lack of...)
Posted by on 01/02/2002
I recently went shopping at a local Best Buy, and was seriously disappointed with the quality of their customer service. In fact, I would say it was Customer DIService. This store never seems to have anything in stock. They will display great products with pretty decent prices, but they fail to let you know that the product is not in stock until you are FORCED to locate a salesperson. That is the next problem, there are never and salespeople around. You are forced to go hunting for one. In this particular case, I was ready to purchase an item, and finally located a salesman, and THEN found out it was not in stock, after comparison shopping for at least an hour. I quickly noticed that many people were just as frustrated as I, and have since decided that I will take my business elsewhere. PERMANENTLY.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-01-02:
When the Best Buy opened here I was a regular customer until I also experienced their customer dis-service, right up to the store manager! In the end they took me for $20, but I havn't lost a penny since, and it's been there in years!
Posted by Anonymous on 2002-01-03:
I find the customer service to be poor. I find that I have to hunt down help. As for items being out of stock, I demand rain checks and get them. One time an item was out of stock and had a mail-in rebate to make the item free. I had the manager promise that if the item didn't come in by the end of the week(and no longer be eligible for the mail-in rebate) that he would give it to me for free when it did come in.

The following week I got the item free after demanding the manager honor his promise. Demand the service that you want. Get promises(rain checks) in writing.
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Do not call me stupid!
Posted by Whcsg on 01/02/2010
OWENSBORO, KENTUCKY -- I purchased a laptop for my parents for Christmas at Best Buy, they decided they did not want it, but not until February. I took it back, not thinking a company as big as Best Buy would not take an item back that had never even been opened (the box was still sealed) and I had the receipt. After speaking to two employees, the manager came out and told me that I was S-T-U-P-I-D (just like that) because their company policy is on the walls everywhere and on the receipt. I did not look on the walls or on the back of the receipt because I had never encountered a company that would not accept a return or at the very least give the customer a store credit. I left the store with the laptop fuming with no one to complain to. The receipt did not have a number on it, their credit card, which I tore-up, closed and mailed back, is owned by a separate entity. The only option I had was word of mouth, so I used that. Just about everyone I spoke to had a similar story! How do these company's get by with this? When I worked in retail, during college, it was the customer was right. Have the companies forgotten that the customers are what keeps them in business? There was no refund, no store credit no anything except a laptop purchased in Dec. that I was stuck with.

I needed a digital camera at the time of the return of the laptop and would have gladly purchased this from them, but no, I went elsewhere and spent my money where it was appreciated and they didn't think I was STUPID! My husband owns his own business and uses all types of supplies from digital camera's to computers, printers, ink cartridges etc. but he will not go to Best Buy. He has related this story to his clients and they in turn will not use Best Buy, this is the only way we know of to boycott bad practices. Thank you for your outlet my3cents! Trust me, I know now Buyer beware and read, read and read! Just because other companies take returns this one does not! It just never occured to me that they would not take an unopened product back, I suppose it is MY problem not theirs, expensive lesson to learn!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-02:
If it was on the wall and on the receipt, then you should have known not to take it back.
Posted by madconsumer on 2010-01-02:
i take it this was x-mas 2008?

opened or not, their return policy is clearly stated.
Posted by ChuhBaca on 2010-01-02:
Was this purchased for Christmas 2008 and you tried to return Feb 2009?

They are correct, the policies are all over the walls and I think Best Buy may be the company that started favoring policy instead of service.

If I remember correctly, several years ago Best Buy publicly stated something to the effect that they very proud that they were able to increase profits by reducing customer service.

I try to avoid Best Buy, but once in a while I do go there. They definitely don't get as much of my money as they could. Care to know why shy away from Best Buy? It's because of the many bad experiences I hear from my fellow consumers. We do have to stick together.
Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2010-01-02:
Best Buy does have some pretty restrictive return policies, but they are always clearly posted all over the store.
Posted by bunnyhead on 2010-01-02:
The manager probably shouldn't have called you stupid or "STUIPID" but you should have known that you can't return the laptop 3 months after you bought it. The return policy is clearly stated on the receipt.
Posted by Ponie on 2010-01-02:
Gosh, aren't you tired from carrying that grudge for so long? I can understand if you posted this complaint right after it happened, but almost a year later? I agree it was a very, very poor choice of words by the manager, but I'm sure his/her BP is normal where yours seems to be 'way up there.
'Have the companies forgotten that the customers are what keeps them in business?' And have we, as customers, forgotten that if it weren't for these companies--we wouldn't have anywhere to buy the items we find so necessary(?) to a pleasant life?
BTW, I don't shop BB very often but I'm very aware of their return policy.
Didn't you cut off you nose to spite your face by stomping out of the store? You could have paid the restocking fee and used the remaining store credit to purchase that digital camera.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-02:
Well, while I personally wouldn't have called you stupid, I would have just stared at you like you were after explaining that the policy is in print everywhere and you continued to insist on a return and talk about good customer service. How about you practice good business service by abiding by the rules as stated in plain sight?

I simply can't believe some people.
Posted by Ytropious on 2010-01-02:
Even if it wasn't posted, raise your hand if you already know that most places don't take back electronics after 45 days. ::raises hand::

Did you think that the policy periods (45-90 days) are simply to be waved for you?
Posted by ramird47 on 2010-01-03:
no one to blame but yourself!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-03:
or your parents
Posted by HonestForSure on 2010-12-04:
The only plausible reason a manager would have not taken it back would be that the laptop model was no longer current. If the model was discontinued, BBY would lose a lot of money on the transaction. If it were current, BBY would be able to resell it, easy. An alternative would have been that the BBY mgr could have offered a store credit based on the current retail if the price was reduced. This would have been a fair compromise. If the model was no longer in their system and discontinued, taking it back would have been problematic.
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Best Buy Are Crooks!
Posted by Sanbarlew on 09/11/2009
WOODBRIDGE -- Tonight was the best example of horrific customer service I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED. I went to the Woodbridge va store, and in the end the final manager I spoke with refused to give me the names of any of the people I spoke to before her (3 including geek squad) so I find her leadership the most disgraceful. The lack of communication to the consumer (me) the lack of knowledge the 3 levels of employees displayed makes me regret every purchase I have ever made at best buy. I attempted to return a netbook with all packaging and receipts tonight purchased 20 days ago. The store was going to "make an exception" and return it after Geek Squad could not find a problem pursay but could not explain why the internet signal could not go beyond very good and I was experiencing internittent disabling of the internet. I wanted a store credit to purchase another system. After the cashier got the operations manager they exp;lained the restocking fee. after much debate I agreed to lose 42 dollars and they processed the refund..what happened next is where I feel Best Buy failed me as a customer and demonstrated a lack of communication. As I was given my refund, I realized I was 100 short and the only person at the desk excused herself the service manager entered the scene..to "explain" that the upgraded package that I was forced to purchase with your install of memory would not be refunded. You all kept the memory that was standard and now want to cheat me out of something I never asked for but never paid for. I said give me back my computer and yes I believe you are crooks! So an hour of wasted time in your store with staff that wobbled with information, policy and down right inconsistency is a message to me that I will be damned if I spend 1 penny in your store ever again.

Your representative of management is weak and should of been present aft the point of escalation when I asked to speak to her instead she sent a unknowledgeable messenger to only say I'll do a post void give her back her computer. In this economy knowing Christmas is around the corner what benefit is gained by treating anyone this way...i can tell you my teens, my husband, my sister, my family will not buy a thing from you this year. Is my anger and mistrust worth the story I will tell through the holiday season? I hope it was worth it for you.
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Posted by Ytropious on 2009-09-12:
The "internet signal could not go beyond very good and I was experiencing internittent disabling of the internet."...That honestly sounds more like a home networking/internet provider problem and not a physical problem with the laptop. My laptop tops out at very good too, there is no "excellent". Sometimes it depends how close you are to your wireless router.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-12:
Your internet problems sound like your server not your computer. You beat up Best Buy for something that is no their fault. Also, anytime you upgrade from a standard model you do not get a refund on the upgrades. You say you didn't agree or ask. I say they probably said something along the lines of "for xx amount of dollars more you can get Y instead of Z." Blah blah.

I have a brand new system. Top of the line. And when I installed my internet cable it didn't jump right into the internet. I had some tweaking to do. People always want to blame the system when it is simply you don't know what you are doing.
Posted by Buddy01 on 2009-09-12:
I can imagine how angry you would have been if they had not made an exception for you.
Posted by Diabolical on 2009-09-12:
That's very common with wireless routers. I game, so I eventually just plugged in to the router with my netbook, 'cause I don't move around with it much, and it's perfectly stable.

On the other hand, here at school I have excellent wireless. It's most likely your wireless router. Best Buy had nothing to do with it.
Posted by Fufu487 on 2009-09-12:
It seems to me Best Buy tried their best to work with you. It also sounds like the desk employee 'stepped out' and let a manager take over. Stories like this remind me of how much I loathed working retail.......
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-09-12:
fufu, me too. I also work in retail and the way people act sometimes it worries me that we breathe the same air.
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Set Up by Store Salesman
Posted by B.Duff on 02/03/2006
LONG ISLAND CITY, NEW YORK -- On January 13th 2006 I purchased a Toshiba laptop, I showed the salesman the computer I was purchasing. I told the salesman I would be right back I was going to picking out a case for the comp. When I returned to the counter he (the salesman) was on a cell phone. I couldn't hear nor did I want to hear his conversation. After purchasing the computer I left the store and went to another store, I ran in to buy milk I came out and found the window on my vehicle smashed and the computer gone. I was in the store no more than a minute and if you looked in the vehicle you could not see the computer. I believe the salesman in the store had somebody in the parking lot waiting for his call.

When I went back to the store to see if this has happened to anyone else the manager told me not to worry, you purchased it with your Best Buy card you should be covered. I call best buy customer service and I find out I am not covered. I called every number on the site and all I get from customer service is we will do an investigation. I wrote best buy executive offices and still no response. I've spent thousands of dollars in that store (store#478) buying computers, plasma TV, digital cameras, video cameras, video games and lot of other merchandise and I am very disappointed with the ignorance from customer care.

I've decided that I will not be spending anymore money at best buy, as soon as I finish paying of the computer that was stolen I will be destroying the Best Buy card. I have a lot of family members that feel the same way.

Hey Best Buy take care of your customers because without us there would be no Best Buy!
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Posted by Shakra on 2006-02-04:
Perhaps someone saw you load your computer into the car and then saw you go into the store to get milk. Sounds plausible to me.
Posted by UnIcOrN_LoVeR on 2006-02-04:
Interesting. And what other dark forces are conspiring against you?
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-02-04:
Yes, definitely check your homeowners insurance policy. I had some things stolen from my car a few years back and they were covered. Regarding Best Buy's responsibility, I don't think it is their responsibility to cover theft after you leave the property. If it was stolen from you in their store or parking lot, that would be a different story. But in this case, I think they really have no authority to help you. This is where insurance steps in.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-02-04:
I'd take the avice of others and go to my homeowners' insurance company. Several years back when my car was stolen, that's who covered the contents of my car. I don't think it's fair to blame the store for this action. And for Pete's sake, why did you leave the computer in plain sight? Why didn't you just toss it into the trunk? Hope your homeowners' helps.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-04:
I'm not an expert on insurances, but would a homeowner's insurance responsible to cover a stolen item from a car that was at a store parking lot? I can understand they may cover it if it were parked in their garage or driveway...????
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-02-04:
In my case a few years back, my car was parked on a street by my work when it was broken into. My homeowners insurance covered the items. So perhaps it depends on the policy, but it is definitely worth checking into.
Posted by Slimjim on 2006-02-04:
Since the time was so short and you are confident the computer could not be seen, I'd bet too someone followed you and knew it was there. While possible, I don't believe the salesman had anything to do with it. Odds are you were spotted coming out with it by someone who was in the lot casing customers leaving for just that purpose.
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-02-04:
DB Renter's or homeowners insurance would cover the loss under personal items no matter where they were stolen. I don't understand how you could blame Best Buy or the cashier, How would they even know you were going to stop for milk???
Posted by tander on 2006-02-04:
I think it sounds like he was set up, he was calling his buddy on his cell phone and telling him to watch for him to come out and follow him, sounds like it could happen.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-04:
Whenever I buy anything expensive, such as computer equiment or whatever, I make sure that while shopping,that is my last stop to get. For example, if I knew I had to do grocery shopping I'd do that before getting the computer equipment to prevent this very thing from happening. Also, it could have been a set up because the same thing happened around here where I live. It happened to a woman who came out of one of those "Advance Pay Day" check cashing places, just before Christmas. She cashed a check for $2000.00, but it wasn't until she pulled out of the parking lot and parked in a shopping parking lot that she was jumped and robbed...how did this person know she had that kind of money with her? It was proven that the person who cashed her check for her at the check cashing place, phone his friend outside on his cellphone, told him of the cash she had, followed her to the next parking lot and robbed her. They probably didn't want to be obvious by robbing her outside the check cashing place.
Posted by shayen on 2006-02-04:
People keep asking why the computer was in plain sight but the OP says that it was not. It is possible someone saw her buy the computer and followed her outside. Its possible that someone in the parking lot saw her put the computer in the car. Its also possible the salesperson had some role in it. The OP may very well never know....God, that really sucks... I hope Home Office comes through for you. Be persistant.
Posted by anti-idiot on 2006-02-05:
Quite the conspiracy theory you got there.It sounds a lot more like paranoia to me. Leaving a computer in plain view in your car while you leave? Not too smart. But it could have been anyone. Best Buy shouldn't be held accountable for your irresponsibility.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-02-05:
Just a question, but don't most people that come out of those check cashing places have money on them??
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-02-05:
Yes, they do...however, in this case, she was followed to another location and robbed...it was proven in court that the person working in the check cashing place called the other person, they were friends and it was a set up...being the holiday season, they were on the watch,obviously for an unexpected victim who was alone.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-02-06:
My bad! I reread the post and see B.Duff explained you couldn't see the computer when looking in the window. However, I still don't think Best Buy could be held responsible for the theft. When my car was stolen it was my auto ins. co. that told me to go to my homeowners' ins. co. for the contents. If you go that route, B.Duff, I'm pretty certain it's covered. One other comment--whenever I'm out shopping, unless it's just one stop and I go home, I never leave packages in my car. They always go in the trunk, no matter the amount of the purchase.
Posted by just_say_no_to_stupidity on 2006-02-06:
You're making excuses, desperately grabbing at the air hoping to pull out an explanation of what happened, when the fact remains that you left your brand new, expensive computer laying unguarded in the car after carrying it to said car in plain view of assorted whackos and nutjobs.
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Tip for customers
Posted by Fizzle on 12/01/2005
Dear Best Buy customers;

Just a few things you may want to think about before entering any store:

1. Any retailer needs to make some sort of a profit to stay in business. We are not trying to scam you, we are simply trying to pay our electric bills.

2. Employees are not robots. Have you ever tried to work knowing that your best friend just died? Or tried working with one of the worst head colds of the year?

3. To continue that, perhaps these reasons mean that you have to call out of work (death, sickness, injury). What happens if there's no one availible to call in? Long lanes, not as much help?

4. Line-level employees do not make the rules, we simply enforce them. Yes, we can bend the rules, to a certain extent, no we can not give you a $3k laptop for free.

5. Have you ever heard the term "you win more flies with honey"? If you call me a "b*tch", tell me it's my fault you lost your receipt, or decide to scream at me for no reason, NO I WILL NOT feel like helping you. However, if you remain calm, and don't call me names, I will most likely give you anything you ask for.

I am NOT Mr/Mrs Best Buy, I am not here to take your abuse. If you would like someone to vent to or to take your frustration out on, I suggest seeing a therapist. We all get paid the same amount whether you're happy or not. Now, for those of you who still do not have a clue as what I'm talking about, here is an example:

(a customer is angry about a $200 video card being over the return policy and asks the customer service rep for a manager)

Manager:"What can I help you----"
Customer:"This is complete bulls***, you're going to refund my money!"
Manager:"Sir if you would just cal---"
Customer:"I'm not going to calm down 'till you return my money!"
Mager:"If you would give me a moment---"
Customer:"Give me my money"

Now we all know how this ends up, the manager is sick of getting screamed at, tells the customer to call 1888bestbuy, and goes back to his job. Now if that customer had simply explained what had happened, the manager would have most likely been able to do something for the customer.

No Best Buy employee is paid enough to take the kind of abuse we have to put up with from customers. What's the best part about working for Best Buy? The customers, the ones that understand there might be lines because it's november, or the ones that actually say "thank you" when I bend best buy's rules for them.

The worst part of the job? The customers. Despite what many may think, line-level employees did not make the rules, did not make the return policy, did not lose your receipt, we are not there because we like telling you "no", we don't like to be called names or cursed at, we do not make the products ourselves, and it is DEFENITELY not our fault that you do not read.

Yes, any best buy employee will agree that many things about best buy sucks, however we understand the reasons behind it, and will glady explain it to you so that you understand why we are saying "no". A good majority of best buy employees have had the same "bad experiences" as you. I myself have had a psp on a computer, and what happened to the computer was not covered. However I already knew that and could only be pissed at myself for spilling a cup of coffee on it =(.

So, for future reference, please give us all a break, and stop harassing us. I for one am sick of it. If you get an attitude back from me oh well. I'm sick of taking abuse from complete strangers, when in all actuality I'm probably one of the nicest people you may ever come into contact with. =D
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Posted by CaseyTucker on 2005-12-02:
Right on!
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-12-02:
Right on???? How about "for shizzle my fizzle?" Happy Holidays and may you two receive an abundance of cheese to go with your WHINE!
Posted by you r stupid on 2005-12-02:
Most customers need to realize they need to give respect to get some back. All to often I hear I'm the customer and I'm always right thats bull shiitt. I am an shift manager where I work and as soon as the customer starts yelling or cursing they get one warning to stop if they don't all they see is my asss walking away from them.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-12-02:
You make a good point about the mutual respect part, You-R. Don't know what a "shift manager's" theory would be but in most cases a customer is right as long as they are profitable.
Posted by RVRBOATKNG on 2005-12-02:
I think this post should apply to ALL retail stores. At least I think the ones who have worked customer service will agree. I realize there are alot of employees who could care less about anyone but themselves but for the most part they are good people who just get tired of being krapped on by spoiled brats who want to blame everyone because the world doesn't revolve around them. So to all you Kind Hearted Customer Service People***MERRY CHRISTMAS***
Posted by chipH on 2005-12-22:
to best buy sales people: you are not really interested in helping customers or selling quality products, all you need to do is to sell protection plans which means more to you. You need to rip every customer off to pay your mortagage, Sounds bit rude, but thats how sale people in best buy make some extra bucks.
Posted by chipH on 2005-12-22:
Sample of typical customer service (lip service with preformated messages sent in by low paid call centre reps:

following messages which came in as a help for the garbage sony vaio I bought from Best Buy: (received dozen times):
from nick names- Karlx, annete, james, kimber, marcello, craig, Kraig

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. We would like
to thank you for shopping at Best Buy Canada. Should you have further
questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us by phone at
1-866-237-8289 or e-mail us at customerservice@bestbuycanada.ca.


( insert agent name)
Customer Care
Best Buy Canada
Posted by fizzle on 2006-01-12:
you do realize that we are not on commision? I could care less whether you buy the service plan, or if you have your products installed by us. If people realized we're not trying to rip you off, and thought about the fact that most of the things we're offering to you is going to benefit you. We don't make the rules we only follow them. I make the same amount of money whether you spend $10 or $1000, and that goes for every single person in the building.
Posted by GeekSquadRetired on 2006-02-10:
You tell'em Fizzle, an in regards to Chip...ahh you bought a Sony Vaio, what does that have to do with Best Buy? Go talk to Sony about the fact that it's built in China. I know if you come into my store I will tell you in a heart beat that the Sony is a overpriced piece of garbage. But people believe what they want to believe and when they get burned they blame it on the store, when they should blame the manufacturer.
Posted by spitzlab on 2006-02-17:
ya know, If that were true there wouldn't be a problem. The problem is that you advertise certain rules and regualtions that you refuse to follow. So that means a customer can't take you at your word. I have explained several times in a professional calm manner and still your customer service poeple are rude and do not follow your stated policies. Also While i understand people have problems and can't always be at their best. but if someone in my company was rude to a customer they would be fired on the spot. No questions asked. Just remember it's my hard earmed money that's paying your electric bill and i will happily take it elsewhere.
Posted by CEC on 2006-04-11:
Hiya, I'm sure your are very nice :-) and I know that the employees in the store don't make the rules and the store needs profits, and I sympathize with you in that regard. And you are also right, honey works WAY better than vinegar -Stores who give me honey when I have a problem wiht a pruchase will get my continued business. But with that said, when you purchase something - anywhere - don't you expect them to adhere to their claims and to be fair? No one is saying they should give away FREE merchandise... just be a little REASONABLE! I have to agree with the latter posting - Best Buy (and Circuit City as well, to be fair - they're no angels either) has a proven track-record of saying it will do one thing, but actually does another when it comes time to honor its claims - that is what is known as false advertising, & false advertising is one of the lowestforms of dishonesty. Dishonesty is gonna get a lot of people like me who don't have the disposable income to be jipped out of money very P.O.'ed. NO store by law should be ever allowed to keep someone's money if an item is defective, and then add insult to injury, charge a restocking fee for a DEFECTIVE item that cannot (well, SHOULD not be resold, unless they conspire to keep selling defective items to get multiple restocking fees) How come they don't give you 15% to take it off the shelf if that's the case? Yes, a store needs to make a profit, but will make many more profits in the long run if its policies are consumer friendly, they are honest, and they most importantly, they adhere to their advertised policies.
It is NOT FAIR... When a store charges a restocking fee for a defective item... you're going to reshelve a defective item and charge someone for something they can't use? That's STEALING a consumer's money... Money doesn't grow on trees & consumers have a right to get what they pay for in return for that money. The pribnciple of the monetary system is about giving someone a good or service in return for the price they pay, not taking their money because they unknowingly purchased an item that is defective... IT IS NOT FAIR When a store says it matches prices, but then changes the rules when you present an online ad, even though the words 'We do not match internet ads' are not in actual writing. To conclude, I sympathize with you wish you all the respect you deserve, but Best Buy needs to clean up its act and refresh its memory on the principles monetary system was founded on - equal goods for equal pay.
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Best Buy Rebate Ripoff!
Posted by Eetimm on 08/31/2005
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I recently purchased an HP Computer at Bestbuy.com (with store pickup), largely because of the size of the rebate. As part of my purchase, I also upgraded from a CRT to a LCD screen for $20. The rebate information listed in the ad that I used to decide which PC (and from which retail vendor) to buy showed a $60 bundle rebate. I filled out all the forms and submitted them in the allotted timeframe.

A few weeks later, I received a letter from Best Buy stating that since I had not purchased a CRT, I was ineligible for the rebate. I called them to discuss the situation and, after a few calls, I was informed that since I did not purchase the PC directly at the store, I was ineligible for this rebate.

The most annoying thing is that their ad did not state that it had to be an in-store purchase to qualify for the rebates--had I been aware of this policy, I would have simply gone to the store to order the PC rather than ordering on-line for in-store pickup.

I will not be shopping at Best Buy again, and strongly urge others to avoid shopping there as well. Thanks!
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Posted by bestbestbuy on 2005-09-01:
In store purchase = in store rebates and promotions.
Online purchase = online rebates and promotions. Enough said?
Posted by wmcmullin on 2005-12-01:
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Overcharge by Best Buy
Posted by Bam1220 on 03/28/2005
HEMET, CALIFORNIA -- The following is verbatim a letter I wrote to the CEO of Best Buy. I received no satisfaction. I gave up a long time ago on getting my $50 overcharge returned, but if repeating my problem in this forum dissuades just one person from dealing with Best Buy I will have achieved all the satisfaction I need.

Deat Mr, Anderson,

I'm writing to bring your attention to a problem I've had with an overcharge on a purchase from Best Buy. I hope Best Buy will address this problem to my satisfaction because this incident has consumed much of my time and left me extremely frustrated.

Here's my problem: I've always admired BestBuy for its low prices, a wealth of merchandise available, and helpful sales personnel. However, I have been trying to resolve a problem with Best Buy where I was overcharged $50 for a Compaq Personal Computer I purchased on October 28, 2003. Here are the details of my complaint:

I attempted to order my PC online from the Best Buy website on October 27 at an advertised special price of $499.99. I proceeded all the way through the process. BestBuy's ordering system calculated my total cost correctly, but when I tried to proceed to "Check Out" Best Buy's online system failed. I tried twice to place the online order, to no avail. I then called BestBuy's 800 number to inquire about the problem. The person I talked to indicated he would be happy to take care of my order right there. He then attempted to place my order, but finally ended up telling me he was unable to do it. Best Buy's computer ordering system had "gone down" and wouldn't accept my order from his workstation either. He apologized for this problem and said "if I called the next day to place my order and identified the specific item number" I'd be able to complete my transaction. That is exactly what I did, on the morning of October 28. It was not until I received my credit card statement that I noticed I'd been charged $549.99 instead of the $499.99 advertised, a $50 overcharge.

I have been trying to get this overcharge corrected through Best Buy's "customer care" (which I'm beginning to think is a misnomer) and the basic reply boils down to, "Tough luck." All I've gotten is boilerplate answers like the following, and links to a Best Buy pricing policy about online prices vs. store prices that doesn't pertain to my problem:

Customer Care replies failed completely to address the pertinent points of my complaint, i.e.:
Point #1 - Retail store prices are not an issue here. This computer was offered online and was advertised on the BestBuy website as "not available in Best Buy retail stores."
Point #2 - On October 27, I placed specific reliance upon the statement from a Best Buy employee that I would be able to place my order for this item by telephone the next day, as advertised, with no problem.
Point #3 - There is no valid reason for me to be penalized $50.00 because of Best Buy's failures, i.e., failures in YOUR computerized ordering systems on October 27, when both I and a Best Buy employee tried initially to place my order.

I have tried to resolve this issue several times, exchanging e-mails with "customer care." Customer Care employees appear to lack the authority to resolve problems. Finally in late November I requested my complaint be called to the attention of someone at a higher level. I have inquired since then but it appears now that I'm being completely ignored. If one of BestBuy's primary objectives is Customer Satisfaction that policy has failed miserably in my case.

If BestBuy remains intransigent on this issue I will never make another purchase at BestBuy, and I will caution my friends and acquaintances to avoid BestBuy, because to Best Buy "customer service" and "customer satisfaction" are two separate concepts.
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Best Buy Store Manager with an attitude...
Posted by Dagrawal on 03/24/2005
MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA -- This is the near nadir experience I had with Best Buy and has completely wiped off the good stading this store had with me until now.
Dear Best Buy Corporate Customer Service Manager,

March 22, 2005

This is to bring to your notice a particularly humiliating experience I faced today at the hands of one of your Store Managers at your store located at the McCarthy Ranch, Milpitas, CA. I felt so helpless and confused at "Bye it Now" or I am calling police stance taken by your store manager Mr Adam E., for so little apparent cause, that it is absolutely bewildering to me.

To put the facts, I reached your store around 8:00 PM March 22, 2005 to purchase a USB GPS locater (Delorme's Earthmate to be precise). After three rounds and several false starts, finally a kind sales associate of yours showed me where exactly it is stored in your store.

I found the GPS and its connecting cable comes packed in a sealed plastic case visible through a Paper Box. To better get a feel of the cable, I opened the paper box to look at the sealed platic case that it contains. I found the product promising and brought it to Mr Adam E. to find out about its return policy. When Mr Adam found the paper flap open, he got upset. He said that since the product is displayed in their software section and the paper cover has been opened it must now be purchased by me.

I was very surprised. Firstly it is very counter intuitive even to a lay man to treat a GPS receiver as a software product. Secondly what Mr Adam is calling as opened was just a very small piece of tape on the paper cover, and for all purposes, the product was still completely sealed inside its sturdy plastic case.

Even after I repeatedly pointed to Mr Adam about the fact, he adamantly kept insisting that I must purchase it or alternatively he has to call police. I felt as if I am being treated as a criminal for something that I could not even have been reasonably aware of. Finally after all, just to get over with it, when I elected for him to go ahead and call the police, Mr Store Manager made me stand there for five minutes. Interestingly as the time elapsed, Mr Store Manger then advised his own subordinates, not to call the police for such a small issue. May be, Sir, in the schemes of Mr Adam, this kind of customer treatment is really not a big thing to him, but to me it seems to be really very disconcerting and unreasonable by any stretch of imagination. Even more so was the refusal by Mr Adam to just give his business card so that at least I can take my grievance to a pertinent person.

I wonder, what was it that I should have done differently as a reasonable responsible shopper, who used to feel so comfortable before at the Best Buy Stores. May be next time when I need to go to the Best Buy I better take my lawyer with me to avoid the criminal assessment that may be threatened to me.

A Truly Aggrieved Best Buy Shopper.

(Deepak Agrawal)
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Posted by katehenry on 2005-07-08:
I would like to read a follow up. What did the corp. office have to say?
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Class action lawsuit anyone care to join me?
Posted by Cpatalano on 12/29/2004
MASSACHUSETTS -- Instead of just complaining -take action!! am looking for people that are interested in joining me in a class-action style law suit concerning the fradulent practice of selling "replacement" waranties/service plans. After only 6 months BB has refused to replace a scanner that didn't work even though I had all of the paperwork (receipts, manuals, etc). I noticed that Best Buy is being sued by the AG's office in Ohio and I think we can get the Massachusetts AG to do the same. Please email me at pat7366@hotmail.com if you are a Mass resident and are interested in joining me in petitioning the AG to file suit.
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Posted by Gregg95123 on 2005-02-26:
I bought a 53" Sony TV that the Best Buy salesman insisted that we needed to protect the screen. Well the screen was cut defectively, fell out and broke 3 sets of tubes in my television and now are bleeding. The store, nor our service protection plan say they will cover it and I'm just stuck with a broken TV. So if anyone knows of a class action suit....I'm game!!
Posted by spitzlab on 2006-02-17:

check out this address
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Best Buy or Best Lie
Posted by Chad_scott on 02/16/2004
DENTON, TEXAS -- I purchased a 52" RCA HDTV on 2/14/04 for a Valentines gift for my wife. When speaking with the Salesman at the Best Lie in Denton, TX, I asked about their return policy in case she does not like it. He said just bring it back within 30 days and they would give me a full refund. I told him I would be using Cash $1,300.00, he said it would not be a problem. I also asked if the TV had a protective cover on the screen because I have a 2 and a 5 year old, he said yes. Well When I got home, it did NOT have a protective screen. (1st Lie) Then when I turned on the TV it had a huge pink spot in the middle. That is not their fault. Anyway I took it back on 2/16/04, two days later, we had a snow storm hit on the 15th or I would have taken it back then. When I get there it took about 20 min. for someone to help me unload the TV. They tested it and asked me what I wanted to do. I told them I wanted a refund and would save a few hundred more to get a better TV. They wanted to give me in store credit. After speaking with a couple of people I finally got my point across that I wanted my money back. I spoke with Wendy (ops mgr) Not sure how but anyways, they said they had to mail me a check, I asked if there was any exceptions that could be made, she handed me the phone and told me to call Corporate. She said they wonít do anything but I could call. Then she walked away. Standing there feeling stupid I hung up the phone and asked if I could speak with another manager, after being laughed at Donnie (sales Mgr) came over. With a smirk on his face told me he can not help me and that I should not have taken there salesmanís word but read the receipt, which I got after handing over my money. My wife and kids came in looking for me since it had been about 40 min. When I was telling her what was going on Mr. Donnie aka (Mike Tyson) told me to lower my voice or he would have me escorted out without a refund. After a few words back and forth, he said I would get a check in about 3-4 weeks. I was not upset that they had to mail me a check, I was upset at the way the delivered the message and threatened me in front of my kids. I am (was) a frequent customer of Best Lie until now. I will never refer anyone and will never buy another thing from them. With their attitude I am sure they could care less.


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Posted by QContinuum178 on 2004-02-16:
The thing about Best Buy is...their return policy is not only on the back of every receipt, but on big signs at the front of the store.

I can't imagine why you were asked to lower your voice if you weren't becoming irate. Must have been when you "got your point across".
Posted by bestbestbuy on 2004-02-16:
Maybe you should have read the back of the reciept. Also, their return/exchange policy is at the front registers as well as over at customer service- plain and clear on a 15 foot poster. Also, I don't believe the manager would suddenly threaten you, unless you were posing a threat. I would have asked you to leave too if you were causing a scene.
Posted by chad_scott on 2004-02-18:
I understan that the Return Policy is in about 10 places in the store including the recipt, wich by they way you get after you make the purchase. I was not upset at their return policy, I was upset that the salesman lied to me and at the way I was treated in the store. As far as being irate, yes my voice was loud towards my wife but not yelling, If you run a business and treat someone like I was treated and expect people to stay calm after being lied to and treated like crap, you are living in a dream world.
Posted by Laurachitchat on 2004-02-18:
once again check it out www.bestbuyux.org
Posted by brittany1485 on 2004-02-24:
Do not call it "Best Lie." It's not witty, it's annoying!
Posted by Zakk on 2004-04-25:
If you got your money back and avoided the re-stocking fee (which I seem to remember as being something like 15%) then it sounds like you broke even when all was said and done. I am not an advocate for Best Buy, but I am not an advocate for people who will kill for low prices but then seem confused as to how it is that the prices are so low to begin with. Hint---it's called volume. It may lack soul, but Best Buy stays in business for one reason and one reason only---"we" the consumer.
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