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Best Buy Is Now "Worst Buy"... Loyal Customer No Longer
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Rating: 1/51

SEATTLE -- Best Buy sold me a lemon iPhone and failed to replace it although I was paying them $23/month for insurance. When I upgraded to an iPhone 4 last year, Best Buy's Mobile salesperson talked me into signing up for the protection program, assuring me that it would cover replacement for my phone if anything happened to it. Best Buy started charging me $22.97 each month. My iPhone 4 had a chronic problem: when I received a phone call, after the call connected, the person calling me could not hear me for 8-10 seconds, and they often hung up, thinking the call had failed.

The same thing happened when I placed outgoing calls - I could hear the other person answer, but they heard me only after a delay. Again, I got hung up on frequently. I took the phone back to Best Buy, and was told they were sending it in for replacement. When I received the “replacement,” not only had the problem not been fixed - now the phone also regularly dropped calls mid-conversation. This happened in areas where service was 4-5 bars strong. Sometimes the phone dropped out twice or more in a 20” conversation. It was completely unacceptable. I went back to Best Buy.

This time the Mobile representative I spoke to told me they hadn't actually replaced my phone the first time I brought it in…they had “refurbished” it, and the delayed connection and dropped calls problems were related to a software issue. He uploaded some software patch and assured me that this time it would work. It didn't. Each of these visits to Best Buy took 2-3 hours, not counting driving time - just waiting for a representative to be available and waiting for them to address the issue. I was fed up, and stopped in at my neighborhood AT&T store, where I was told I just needed to replace the SIM card.

I tried that, without success, so I gave up and went back to using my iPhone 3, which actually lets me talk on it without connection delays and dropped calls. I posted this only after trying without success to get resolution from Best Buy Corporate Customer Service. That's why I use an iPhone 3 while I wait for the contract to run out on my unusable iPhone4.

Deceptive business practices
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PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- I recently had an experience at Best Buy that suggested some highly unethical and predatory practices. I purchased a Nook that was defective, stopped working after using twice. Best Buy refused to allow me to return it though it was within the guidelines of their written return policy. I was able to work directly with Barnes and Noble for the return of an item I bought at Best Buy.

I wanted to share some of my research on the current unethical practices engaged in by Best Buy that corroborate my recent interactions with them that reflect their malevolent intents and attitudes toward their customers, as written in Forbes Magazine, as quoted here:

"Employees, I learned, are strongly conditioned to see every customer who walks in the store as a potential target, one who needs to be coerced into buying something other than what they came looking for. But you can't treat the customer as an adversary in a battle of wills. You can't provide superior service when you've been drilled to view each person who walks into your store as prey. You can't be a trusted source of expertise on consumer electronics when, as many former employees told me, failure to follow the company script means getting your hours cut or simply being fired."

"Best Buy employees are trained to focus on customers. But not so much to serve them as to overpower them. It is not being "customer-centric" when your laser-beam focus is on sizing the customer up and looking for weaknesses in their resistance to buying products and service they didn't come looking for." **

As described above, my own experience above reflects to a tee what Mr. Downes has identified. While everyone knows a defective item is returnable according to written policy, Best Buy staff "sized me up" and determined I could be conquered, and they were determined to do so for the simple reason of their vulnerability to job insecurity, including the possibility of being terminated and certainly being excluded from promotional rights and privileges as well being judged as weak by their peers.

In conclusion, I could have taken to task Best Buy staff and probably would have won but the more humane interaction with the online company Barnes and Noble, was less time consuming and stressful. More simple to do, as millions of other consumers of electronics in today's world have done, walk away from Best Buy... Forever. I take solace in the knowledge that as Best Buy appears to continue its tailspin with the continuation of predatory practices, soon to be unemployed.

Charged FOUR (4) times 2 on same day and 2 more 2 months in a row
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SYRACUSE, NEW YORK -- Best Buy charged me 4 times for the same virus protection. They charged me on March 13, which was the correct charge. Then again on February 15 for the same subscription, then 2 times more (twice in the same day) on May 15 for that SAME subscription. The two charges in May they debited right out of my bank account. To this day I still have no clue as to how they got in.

They gave me no help on the phone. The guy on the phone (after over an hour of transferring, and them actually trying to tell me that I really did order all that virus protection (twice on the same day??). All the representative had to say was "If I refund your money for that ONE virus protection I do want to inform you your computer will be at risk!" He was brain dead. I told him I only want 3 of the 4 charges removed. One of them was correct. He just wasn't listening.

Then he got a manager to actually say that there were no charges except the one correct one. Then he'd say "Oh, I see the extras", and then he'd put me on with someone else and they'd say, "Oh, that was for your virus protection"..starting all over again. He even snapped at me. The main thing is, I NEVER used my bank debit card. I never authorized them to make 'automatic payments' as they said I did. (2 of the charges were on a Credit card, 2 came directly out of me bank.) He said, "Oh yeah, you gave us permission." WTH? I did NOT give them my card, or bank account. To this day STILL no refund. I had to change my card numbers so this doesn't happen again.

GPS Receiver missing SD card
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Best Buy Customer Service
Dear Sir (Maddam),

I would like to report my experience with the BestBuy store in Marlborough, MA, more specifically with the store manager.

A few hours ago I purchased a car GPS (Magellan 1212) and after leaving the store I realized that the corner of the package was open. Since I liked the model, I decided to open the rest of the package in order to operate it. It turned out that this unit was missing the SD card. I could not find it anywhere within the package.

I decided to come back to the store in order to return this unit or get an exchange. The customer service told me that if I return it then I would have to pay a 15% restocking fee for that unit. I told her that the unit was sold to me with the SD card missing and if an exchange was not possible then I would like to return it. Since the unit was sold to me with missing contents I do not think I should pay any re-stocking fee.

She called the store manager to attempt to void the fee. The manager initially told me that this unit did not require any SD card (the missing part), but I pointed out in the package contents section that the SD card is listed there. Then the manager removed all the contents of the package. After not being able to find the SD card, he told me that since I opened the package I had to pay the 15% re-stocking fee unless I exchange that product. I told him that was the last unit and that I would like to return it and check in other stores to see if I could find the same model.

He repeatedly asked me if I read the back of the receipt that states about the 15% fee for this class of products. I replied stating that the store sold me a unit with missing contents and it was not my fault. The manager warned me that he was the store manager and he would not bend any rules to resolve my case. He repeatedly stated that there was nothing he could or would do about it. As a matter of fact his tone of voice was demonstrating annoyance while talking to me.
I replied stating that I was very frustrated as a customer. The manager made no legitimate attempt to resolve the situation. I finally asked him if he could look in the store (either in the stock room or on display) for the same model so that we could have this situation resolved. After a few minutes of searching in the store show room only, he said that there was no unit left. I also asked him to find me an SD card for that unit and he aggressively told me that he could not and he would not find nor give me an SD card from any unit in the store, not even the display one.

Since this manager made no attempt to further help me, I suggested for him to find me an equivalent model of another brand. He said that the model Tom Tom ONE 125 was the closest one, but it was cheaper than the one I bought, and he would not refund any difference. It turns out that the manager was wrong since I paid 79.99 for the original model and TomTom in question was 99.99. I told him that since my original purchase was a model with missing parts (which he logged in the system as defective), he should at least give me the closest model available for the same exact price. Once again, this manager insisted that he would not bend any rules for me. He also insisted that if I don't buy that TomTom, he would charge me the 15% restocking fee and that I should read the back of my receipt. I replied asking: “So I come to your store, buy a piece of equipment with missing parts, try to return it, the store can't find any equivalent model and I have to pay a restocking fee?” He replied stating that he just follows rules and he does not make them. In addition to this, since he is the store manager, there was nobody else that could help me with my case.

As a customer, I am more than frustrated with the indifference from this store manager that offered no attempt to solve my problem or at least remedy the situation with reasonable options. I felt violated since my only option was to buy a more expensive model. I felt even more frustrated with the type of treatment received since at all times I seemed to be the one that did something wrong. I bought the unit just a few hours ago and I had no chance to use it. I never acted in bad faith nor took advantage of the store policies, such as using the unit for days and then giving it back. Instead, I received a non-functional unit, which was sold as brand new. I understand that the store has policies to discourage customers from using equipment for leisure, such as camcorders and GPS, for a period of time and them return them as new.

That was absolutely not my case. I had no interest of abusing of any policy and I promptly returned it to the store as soon as I noticed the missing part in the package. This was done in just a matter of a few hours. I was extremely disappointed and aggravated with the store manager's professional treatment since he made no attempt to remedy the situation and he treated me as if I was acting in bad faith at all times. I will certainly take this as my most relevant experience with BestBuy. I will take all the possible actions to file complaints on consumer protection agencies or even in the media, to the extent allowable by the law, since I felt that my customer trust and protection were clearly violated. I will make every attempt to make sure customers like me have more protection against stores like BestBuy.

I hope my words send the right message to consumers and that proper corrective actions will take place in a near future, otherwise this store will be destined to push customers away and consequently follow the course of so many others that eventually went out of business.

Best Buy At Their Worst
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MONTGOMERYVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA -- Retailer's failing service standards are a sign of the times
Scott M. Primiano

Granted, they are called “Best Buy”, not “Best Service”. And over the years they have been very true to their title, so much so that we have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars with them on everything electronic, including multiple computers, cameras, telephones, vacuum cleaners, kitchen appliances, CDs, DVDs, gaming equipment, GPS devices, televisions, and all of the supporting hardware and software. Though we are not their biggest client, we certainly rank among the most loyal and will always bypass the super clubs and discount stores, paying a little extra and going a bit out of our way for the informed opinions and technical knowledge that is a part of every purchase. Like most folks, getting the right gadget is more important to us than getting the cheapest one.

So, no complaints on the pre-sale side. Everything has always been sunshine and buttercups and would probably remain so. Sadly, we'll never know because we aren't going back.

Understand, I am humble enough to know that they won't know that we are missing. I get the fact that our “account” will be replaced by some other customer, probably a disgruntled Circuit City shopper, and life and business will proceed as normal for the boys at Best Buy. Still, this service break down story is a good one that needs telling and certainly is one that we can all learn from.

The saga begins on August 13, 2008. In the middle of watching the first week of the summer Olympics, our 50” Samsung HDTV implodes. Not violently mind you but with enough commotion to let us know that something inside has gone terribly wrong. Our first thought, of course, was to blame the kids. Once this was ruled out and all apologies issued, we learned that our color wheel had shattered and taken out the lamp along with it. “Thank God we have the extended warranty” we said almost simultaneously. Yes, we are those buyers that inherently trust the recommendations of the sales staff. They always recommend buying the extended agreement and we always abide.

Naively believing that Best Buy's pre-sale integrity was transferable to the service side of things, my wife called immediately to report the catastrophe. Let the phone gymnastics begin. After holding for 20 minutes or so (annoying but not unacceptable) a service appointment was set up for August 19. No Olympics we thought, but at least we'd catch the closing ceremonies. Upon arrival, the service tech pronounced the injury to our Samsung a near fatal one; however, a replacement part would bring it back to life and that the part would be ordered immediately and be in within seven days. This news put an end to our Olympic aspirations; however, we still held hope for the political conventions.

Then . . . nothing. After waiting for the week and after far too many nights of playing solitaire, another call was placed, another holding episode encountered, lots of transfers, more holding, and then, finally, an answer. “The part would be delivered and installed no later than September 2” said with indifference and complete disregard for the fact that we were now 10 days without a tube, we were to miss the political conventions and baseball's run for the playoffs and were coming close to missing opening day of the NFL

Then things got way out of hand. September 2nd came and we heard nothing. My wife, having calendared this date as most important, called and spent two-hours, yes, two-hours, including hold times and transfers, trying to find out what was going on. Finally, a supervisor was found and we were informed that the part was back ordered until September 14th. “Not to worry”, “it was Best Buy's Policy that no customer should be without an appliance or a television for more than 14 days”. Ignoring the fact that we were already beyond the 14 day benchmark, the supervisor instructed us to call back (ugh) in “a couple of days”, to get a special number to bring to the store to get a replacement TV.

On September 4th, this call was placed and another two-hour phone adventure began. This time we were informed (curtly and with the type of heavy sighing that let's you know that you are an annoyance) that “Senior Management had not yet approved the replacement and were holding off their decision until September 6th”. No appeal, no mercy. What about the two-week rule? Turns out the clock starts ticking when the part is ordered and the part wasn't ordered immediately as promised but instead on August 23. After pointing out that the delay was theirs and not ours, we were informed (with ever increasing distaste) that records are records. Goodbye, good luck, back to lunch.

On September 6th, the required call was placed and, no surprise, another two-hour cat- and-mouse game ensued. This time, we were told that the special number that we needed for the new TV could not be issued until September 12 because it required time to “process”. By this point, my beloved wife was at the end of her rope and requested a higher ranking supervisor. Magic! Processing time was suddenly advanced and on Monday, September 8th somebody would call with the special number.

As you might have already guessed, no call came and after waiting until 4PM we finally made the call. Good news! This call only took 30 minutes (far shorter than the new normal), and the special number was delivered. We were instructed to bring the TV, the power cord, and the remote to the store where we would receive our new TV. Though we had missed all of the aforementioned events, at least we would be able to monitor the progress of Hurricane Ike. With a daughter and granddaughter living in Florida, this was critical.

Want to see something funny? Watch two grandparents hoisting, lugging, and loading a 50' DLP into a Honda Pilot. I think that our shear determination made it fit. Anyway, off to the store we went, knowing that we'd be coming home with a new TV as promised.

Unbelievably, things went from bad to worse. Upon arrival at our store – really, the one that we always go to – smiles turned into furrowed brows as we entered. Though we had been informed that we would receive a TV of equal value to what we paid for the original, we were now told that “what they meant” was equal specifications. The problem was, new technology had replaced the old and the old was no longer in stock. Not just in our store but in all others. It would have to be ordered and delivered, perhaps taking another week or so.

After narrating the battle we had fought to get Best Buy to honor the warranty that we purchased for just such an event, after pointing out the list of commitments that had been broken, and after featuring the promise that we would not leave the store this night without a new television, a bright young sales person suggested the next model up - a little larger and better yet the price was not more than what we had originally paid. This lad either had some customer service training or was a member of the common sense club. All he needed, he said, was his manager's approval.

Enter the manager – Jeff. His is the only name I will use because he is the most noteworthy among all of those that we dealt with. Jeff heard us out and said no, we would have to wait . . . again. Though he acknowledged that his decision was discretionary, it was his decision to make and he had decided. “But Jeff, we hauled the old TV all the way here from home (1/2 hour trip) with the promise of going home with a working television! You have it within your power to fulfill that expectation! Look at our account and look at all of the money we spend here! We are very good customers!”

Answer . . . still “no”. Without apology, without sensitivity, and with complete indifference. My wife indicated that she would, unbelievably, pull out her cell phone and call customer service again to get this sorted out. Jeff replied, “Call whoever you wish but it won't do you any good”, and then just walked away.

Well, he was right. After another hour spent on the phone with customer service, we were told that the store manager could decide any way that he wished and that they could not override his decision. Hearing this was like being shot in the chest, only less damaging and not as bloody. We had been in the store two-hours, had driven ½ hour to get there, missed dinner, and we were now about to drive ½ hour back home empty-handed.

I asked to have Jeff paged so that I could speak to him one more time. Not to appeal (I had given up) but to let him know that he had seriously mishandled the situation. The points that I made to Jeff are the lessons that I want to remind us all of, for they are basic tenants of baseline service.

• Honor your company's commitments, even if you didn't make them.

Jeff informed us that the people on the phone were wrong to tell us what they told us. He pointed out the descriptive language buried in the warranty agreement that said “45 Days” without a TV. He argued his point without considering the fact that the “they” that he spoke of, in our eyes, worked for the same company and were his colleagues. Not some disenfranchised group from another world. Regardless of who made the promises and commitments, they were well documented and clearly communicated. Jeff had an obligation to fulfill them and deal with the disagreement internally.

• Look to make a bad situation better, not worse.

This should have been a moment of magic, a chance for Jeff to salvage a relationship gone bad and to reestablish the good will that had been lost. It could have been and should have been a win/win opportunity. We would have been ecstatic leaving the store with an upgraded TV (faith in Best Buy renewed), the cost was the same, and Jeff wouldn't have had to pay a third-party to deliver the one on back order. Instead we left disgruntled with a commitment never to return.

• Be empathetic, even if you're not.

Jeff must deal with service issues all day long and has probably grown indifferent to everybody, so I don't take his stoic responses and need to get back to his administrative priorities personally. However, Jeff missed the fact that what was happening to us was meaningful and damaging. Rather than being dismissive, busy and bothered, Jeff could have recaptured some lost ground by actively listening, by not pre-judging, by thinking though his responses, and displaying some empathy. Even if he had to fake it.

• Be loyal to those that are loyal to you.

As mentioned, we spend a lot of money at Best Buy. We are easy and loyal customers that follow recommendations and, until now, never complain. I was very clear with Jeff that we had some big purchases coming up – our computers are old, we have the old Iphone and want the new one, our Xbox was shot and out of warranty, etc. I went on to say that we were going to take the money that we would otherwise spend in his store, his money, and spend it elsewhere. His only response was a wry smile that said without saying it, “sure you are, I hear that one all day”. The money lost may not be significant to Best Buy, however, me times a few hundred others may become noticeable. Jeff should have come out of the negative ether just long enough to check my account history. Then he might have realized that saying “no” to our request just because he could was not the best decision he would make that day. Again, there was no economic loss to saying “yes”, only damaging consequences to saying “no”. The ego trip cost Jeff a customer for life.

• Look for saints, not serpents.

From the outset it was clear that Jeff did not believe us. His language and his demeanor were unmistakably accusatory. Rather than listen to the service saga that we had experienced and trust that at least we believed what we were telling him, he immediately determined that we were trying to take advantage of him and the situation; trying to get something for nothing. All we wanted was a television – any television! We had done nothing wrong and had correctly done everything that we were instructed to do over these past many weeks. Even at my best, I couldn't make this story up.

• The customer may not always be right, but the customer is always the customer.

Okay, I didn't fully understand the nuances of the warranty agreement. So what. I was working with the information that we had been given, abiding by what we had been told to do, and trusting in the people and promises of Best Buy. Clearly, those on the phone didn't get the finer points of the warranty agreement either. Rather than focus on what the warranty said, Jeff should have turned his attention to what had otherwise been said, and confirmed, by his service team over the phone.

• Never, ever, let a customer leave unhappy.

I was completely amazed by Jeff's indifference as I walked out the door. I had spent the time to make these points with him while my poor wife labored through the ordering process for the “specification compatible” TV. As I write, we are still TV-less and bitter. Had Jeff exercised his discretion and common sense appropriately, we would have departed the store feeling redeemed, respected, valued, and whole. In spite of the agony required to get there, the story would have a happy ending. As it is, I can count 15 hours invested in this project, a couple of hundred dollars on a weak warranty, some gas, and a lot of grief and we are left with nothing to show for it. As a result, we are never going back. Not to penalize them (they won't even notice and it's clear that at least Jeff doesn't care), but because they will never be able to reestablish the value, trust, and integrity that brought us there to begin with.

Of course this is one service story out of a million that could be told about many companies in many industries. Personalized, professional, and thoughtful service strategies are hurriedly being replaced by automated responses, indifferent providers, and call centers in India.

In the wake of this experience, I'll ask you, my dear readers, to take a hard look at your service models, people, and platforms. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is distance making us indifferent?

Most service calls are being handled over the phone or through your website rather than in-person. Does this electronic divide insulate your organization too much from the problems and pain felt by your customers? Indifference is a service killer while active listening and taking the time to empathize matter most – even if the problem can't be resolved. Remind everyone to focus on the client or customer in front of them (literally or figuratively) rather than looking for ways to end the discussion because of concern for the call cue.

  1. Does our pre-sale culture of service extend to the post-sale?

If not, you are culturally incompatible and heading for trouble. We all know that it is much easier to keep an existing client or customer than it is to find a new one. And it is a lot less expensive. Regardless of your advertising and marketing programs, your best customers and clients will always come to you from a referral and recommendation from your existing customers and clients. Most of these recommendations hail from satisfying service experiences and not a sale or a bargain. The reverse is also true – bad service experiences travel like a virus and can destroy even the strongest of reputations. And . . . every now and again . . . a guy like me gets upset. Then, Jeff, everybody hears about it.

  1. Are service teams empowered and inspired to do the right thing?

In Jeff's case, he had the power but lacked the inspiration. If Jeff's staff had been allowed to deal with our situation, no-doubt we would have had a different outcome. One that may not have involved an upgrade. A little investigation by anybody would have revealed that the problem was simple, we needed a TV. We could have used a floor model for a loaner, we would have been willing to pay a little more for an upgrade, we would have probably settled for a smaller TV or a different brand. None of these alternatives were explored and a customer was lost as a result. Encourage your folks to spend the time and explore the possibilities. Let's not live in a “yes” and “no” service world.

  1. Are we investing in service?

Service investments include training, client and customer surveys, and constantly evolving service strategies. The best source for service improvement ideas that keep customers coming back is your front line, not your board room. In challenging economic times, with an obsessive focus on the bottom-line, service is too often viewed as an expense and a place to cut back. The real economics of service tell us that investments made in this area increase revenue by a much greater margin than almost any sales and marketing initiative. Think smart and act smarter. Take the time to listen to your most junior staff and they will tell you what to do.

Finally, don't be a Jeff and don't tolerate Jeff-like behavior. Jeff's indifference to one customer spoiled the reputation of an entire firm in the heart and mind of this customer and, perhaps, in yours as well. Jeffs are caustic and small thinkers; the downfall of too many organizations. Train them, coach them, support them, but do not settle for them.

Side note: This service story is from the Best Buy Service Department and their store in Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania. When ordering the replacement TV, the sales person actually had the audacity to offer my wife the extended warranty agreement!

Be well my friends

By -

NEW JERSEY -- The fact is I work for Geeks quad my rate is $13.50 That was starter pay. I do know how to troubleshoot hardware and software properly. I can repair a mother board. And I do have a lot of customers who have nothing but respect for me and my team. I live in jersey. Let me explain a bit more about Geek Squad services not from a agent perspective but from a tech perspective. Heres how it works day to day. Theres usually about 6 people at a time wanting to have their computer checked out. Obviously we cannot leave customers waiting for more than 10 min. We can't have our whole team in the front because there are machines already in the precinct that need to be repaired ( turn around time in Jersey for my store is 3-5 days max.) So the idea is you greet the customer listen to there problem, check machines physical condition, then try to quickly diagnose not fix the issue.

Meaning try to get to the root of the issue and offer services that will fix the issue and boost overall performance. If they accept we then have them fill out proper paperwork and explain that we will call them only if we need to ex they paid for a diagnosis and OS repair (removal of viruses and malware) but diag shows that the hard drive has failed both read and write tests. Then we do call and tell them that the hdd is bad and offer to install a new one only after they have agreed to pay for it.

Other wise they get a call when the job is done. (3-5 B days ). Yes sometimes things are not in black an white. For instance a customers unit boots up to the os not found screen. Yes it could be a f*** up in the bios. Yes it could be a detached cable (pc only) but I cannot sit there and do work for free. Once they agree to the diag. ( Which costs 59.00 And takes max. Of 48 hours. We will get to the bottom of the issue.

Another thing you need to understand is that when a unit is sent to Geek Squad city ( the factory like repair center) repairs can take a maximum of 4 weeks depending on what parts are needed. But usual turn around time is 2 weeks. We have nothing to do with your unit once it leave the store. Ex once the unit is out of our hands there is no way for us or you to contact the service center except via escalations and other work e mails. Yes sometimes things do go bad. Ex (unit gets sent back with a defective mobo), you see instead of waiting for the part that you need. U, the customer constantly calls the store harassing us that you cannot live without your unit. So after 3 escalations. The svc tech gets frustrated and swaps your mobo with one from a similar unit. That has passed basic diag. So you get your unit back.

Aren't you happy wrong a week later it dies again. Who's fault is that. You don't want to wait for the job to be done properly even after I have personally warned you of what could happen. So you got what you deserve. You think you would be more understanding when you came back. Wrong!! You throw a fit and make a scene only to get the laptop shipped out again but this time you did not call not once.

You know I'm sure that there are some Geek Squad employees that are incompetent at best. But to talk as much trash as people do is not right. Agents do not get paid on commission or to upsell.

However we do know what the budget for the day is and care about best buys revenue(at least most of us do)so if were down for the day and there a sale on ram, how is it wrong that every machine I inspect to be running very slow running xp on 256 megs of ram I offer an upgrade of ram. I don't see that evil in that. I'm doing my job as a tech.

Another great tip if you can fix your own PC great I'm truly happy for you that's one less thing to worry about but don't go around trashing GeekSquad because they didn't choose your application or because your a tech for apple. If you can do it then don't bring your machine in your wasting our time. If you have questions which a lot of people do we always give the tech perspective on the issue. Like I said our pay is not based on what we make you spend.
If you want an agent to come to your home go online and get a price list. Come to the store for an in depth explanation. The fact is when you deal with a call operator they might not be to keen on the different complex services and pricing. Maybe its there 1st week. Or maybe you aren't clear enough. On what you need done.

Fyi - you need to do one of two things two get hired mostly all stores require a + cert but if you don't have that but have a credible amount of exp. Then during the interview they will quiz you on questions dealing from troubleshooting to very technical questions (relative to the a+ exam). So no not just anybody can become a Geek Squad tech.

Another fun fact,we do not steal your info. Yes I heard that it was done a year ago at some store . But that was an isolated incident. I personally that no tech be hired under the age of 21. I feel that the incident was a result of pure immaturity. But nothing like that has very happened in my store. I hope if you do need the service that you consider Geek Squad as an option. Some services are pricey but remember the prices drop substantially if its in store. If you feel you can fix the issue then attempt it. After what's the worst that can happen. When you feel cornered and boxed in come in to Geek Squad, And talk to an agent

Thank you

Some Help For Shopping At Best Buy
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First off I'd like to apologize for my bad grammar spelling and lack of punctuation. I don't want you all to think I'm unintelligent or anything of the like I'm just choosing not to spell check myself. Any way I work at Best Buy as a customer service rep and sales I have been reading the complaints and reviews on this site for the past few days. Now while my employment began only a year ago I'd like to address some of the complaints you have and hopefully clear the air. First id like you all to know that I do not consider anyone's complaint or concern invalid also I realize that this post in no way going to make up for your frustration or monetary losses. With that said allow me to provide you with the following information. 1St I would like to address return policy. I've been working in retail a long time and shopping in retail even longer. No a return policy is not set in stone and yes exceptions can be made on occasion however the policy exists to prevent fraud and to help keep our prices low. When a store returns something 1 of 2 things happen it is either sent back to the manufacturer or resold.

As far as Best Buy is concerned reselling it costs us anywhere from 10 to 50 % of our profit depending on the item or if we send it to the manufacture we are either refunded our purchase price or nothing at all. We receive nothing if a product is returned defective and truly is not. When exceptions are made to this return policy whatever it may be. An out of date return or a no receipt return or what have you the company takes a hit and if we take so many hits then we have to raise prices. Now I understand that when a store will not make an exception in your case you feel upset mad pissed and what have you but the policy is there and the truth is most stores are going to stick buy it. I know some stores have different return times such as 90 or thirty days and some stores have restocking policies and some stores don't but the fact is most retailers are not going to make exceptions. The exception is Wal-mart. Wal-mart will pretty much return anything receipt or not if you make a big enough stink but Best Buy is not Wal-mart. I have read a lot of Best Buy doesn't stand behind its product, we do that's why we have a return policy if something is wrong with your product you have a month to bring it back to a store for a refund or exchange now that said there are always exceptions. The exceptions everyone here complains about are the 14 day return on some items and the restocking fee.

Now the 14 day return and restocking fee are on items that the return policy is typically abused on. Cameras I've seen it where someone will by a camera use it for a special event and return the camera a few days later the restocking fee and 14 day return is to try to prevent that. And I know your probably saying well mr. Best buy employee why do I have to suffer I would never abuse the return policy and the answer is simple everyone suffers because of the few ignorant people out there. I mean you don't go to a cop and say I shouldn't need a license to carry a gun I'm never going to murder anyone. It's the same situation there are a handful of jerks who have done this witch has caused us to put the rules into effect. Now I know there are other situations where you don't believe a restocking fee should be charged. One is I just opened the box to see what it looked like. Well my answer to this is that no matter why you opened the box it was still opened and we still have to sell it as an open camera why should we lose money because you don't like a camera I mean isn't that why websites like this exist so you can find out about something beforehand and Best Buy and other retailers have cameras on display so you can see how they work and what not.

I have also seen managers make plenty of exceptions to the return policy most of the time we wave the restocking fee if you are getting another camera or laptop also there is no restocking fee if the item is unopened I don't know what there policy's where 2 years ago but I can tell you that's how it has been the entire year I've been working there if you get a gift and you know it's from Best Buy don open it and then return it but don't be upset when you bring back an open camera and find out there's a restocking fee I don't know how other Best Buys do it but at ours we have 15% restocking fee stickers on ever camera we sell. As far as not standing by our products that's why we offer our service plans and I can hear the simultaneous groans as you all read this. But listen some things like CD players and video game machines are replacements and others such as 80 GB iPods, cameras and laptops are service. How they are supposed to work and what the sales person is supposed to tell you is that if you get a replacement plan you are supposed to go through the 800 number to receive a replacement if you come to the store the only thing we are allowed to do is get you the same thing a lot of the times if you go through the 800 number you get a gift card for the value that you paid. For example if you where to buy a 360 pro about a year ago you would have paid 400 and gotten no games now its 350 and 2 games.

So say you buy the 400 dollar system from Best Buy and you buy the 2 year replacement plan. A year goes by system craps out on you come back to the store the new price is in place and the new system bundle is out this is now a different product at store level if we had the 400 dollar no game one then we could do the exchange for you if not then you go through the 800 number. However this is a benefit to you because now they will send you a 400 dollar plus tax gift card because we don't carry the other version of the pro anymore you come get the new pro and now have 50 extra dollars to buy what you would like and that's how it's supposed to go a replacement plan entitles you to that same item if that same item is not in stock you receive a gift card for the amount paid plus tax less the replacement plan price. Now the replacement plan does not cover physical damage this means pretty much any damage to the product period. If you buy an iPod and the screen cracks that is considered damage however if you buy an iPod and the wheel stops responding or the battery goes out and won't charge that is valid to give you a replacement.

The reason being physical damage is not our fault its yours you could take the most perfect care of something then for whatever reason the screen cracks or a hinge breaks off or whatever but there is no manufacturers defect that will cause physical damage. The replacement plan is there in case something that can happen along the lines of normal usage happens outside of the return period or manufactures warranty most manufactures warranty will cover parts and labor from anywhere from 90 days to a year sometimes parts or labor are covered longer than the other however if you drop a camera and the screen cracks. Cannon, Nikon, Kodak aren't going to give you a replacement for free they will charge you for the screen we offer our replacement and service plans so you don't have to deal with the manufacture.

Now while the replacement plans offer a more rapid solution the service plans are different a service plan will provide coverage on a product for anywhere between 2 and 4 years and some items have the option of ADH or accidental damage from handling which will cover the screen or any other type of physical damage the one item that seems to be complained about most on this site are laptops. Laptops and computers in general are very in-depth when it comes to things like warranties and what not on the first level there's our return policy which is 14 days, restocking fee if opened and is not defective, past that you have the manufactures warranty witch is 1 year parts and labor which is pretty standard across the board then one more step above that is our service plan witch ill go into detail a little later.

Now after the 14 days our obligation to you is over by law we do not have to do anything for you the return policy is stated on the back of every receipt and posted on a giant billboard in every store now I can understand problems happen delays happen stuff happens and if you are maybe a few days out of return policy and you politely ask to speak to a manager because like it or not the person you speak to first is most likely on the bottom of the totem pole then politely explain your situation and it's a valid reason they will most likely make an exception any more than a month out and the probably won't but the excuses I forgot I didn't have time I live far away are not very good there is no job where you work 7 days a week which means that within that 14 day return policy you had at least 2 opportunity to return to the store like I said stuff happens most managers get that and if your civil and polite and calm most won't mind about being a few days late but at this point you must realize we are now making an exception which is something I see customers taking for granted allot legally one day past return policy we can turn you away and not help you one bit and you as harsh as it sounds can't do a thing about it when we make an exception we are going above what we have to accommodate you and you should be grateful that we are doing so a store credit on items outside return policy is a pretty good offer an exchange for something big outside return policy is a good offer a store credit for something without a recite is a damn good deal.

As far as laptops are concerned once open unless something is wrong then expect to pay that 15% also any physical alterations not made by an authorized service center automatically voids your manufactures warranty I don't care how much you know computers if you remove the bottom panel to instill more ram you've just voided your warranty.

Toshiba, Sony, Acer/Gateway all of them are looking to save as much money as possible and fixing a laptop you may have broke is not in there companies best interest. Like the guy who rearranged his keys that is not allowed technically nobody had to do any work on your laptop at all. If you do decide to get our service plan then I'm sorry but it has to be sent out desktops can be fixed in stores but laptops for the first year at least have to be sent to service for repair and this may take a while if you need a new battery then we have to order it from the manufacture which takes time if you need a keyboard replaced we have to order it the major parts for laptops almost always have to be ordered and all we ask is for you to be patient now to everyone who has been told they were going to get a phone call and have not I apologize that is completely that stores fault and no one else's I feel after reading most of these complaints you may have felt better if you got the calls you where supposed to get and for this I make no excuses a service plan will repair any hardware problem I.E. Hard drive failure mother board blow out and the like they do not cover physical damage or software issues if you change a setting that messes up your computer or if you download a virus that was your mistake not ours so all I ask is for patience if you purchase our plans most turnaround time is 2 weeks sometimes it takes longer depending on the problem.

If you don't purchase our service plan then after 14 days you must deal with the manufacturer however we can help we will handle the shipping charges we will tell them what's wrong we will deal with them for you but once we decide what's wrong based on what you tell us and what we can see we send it out from there it is the manufacture who we are waiting on we act as the middle men in these cases you don't have to go through us but then you have to deal with them and deal with the shipping and receiving and other hassles and we cannot give you updates unless they give us updates when we receive the laptop back from them we call you or are supposed to call you. On TVs anything over 26 inches is supposed to be in home repair otherwise you bring it in again I apologize for people who did not contact you in a timely matter as far as repairs not being done I apologize for that as well I have no excuse for them I've seen similar things happen at my Best Buy but I've also seen my manager make it right whether it be lowering price of a new TV or whatever.

When you send something to service and it is approved for an exchange or junk out or whatever term the store uses this entitles you to a replacement comparable to the original but not to exceed the original price if you want a different product for example you bought a dip and now want an LCD you must pay the difference its just crazy for you to think we are going to give you stuff for free just because you bought or service plan. Now as far as the other types of returns we see. For one there's the out of date which I already discussed 2 there's the no receipt this was my first holiday season with Best Buy and my store is being pretty lenient as long as an item is under 50 bucks and sealed without a except we will give you store credit the reason for not allowing no rapt returns at all witch is how it is normally is because of theft if we allowed no receipt returns anyone could steal then walk out walk back in and return that item and we'd be out the money we have several systems in place to keep track of receipts we can always look up a receipt if it was bought with a credit card also we offer reward zone which will link any purchase you make to your phone number witch again will allow us to look it up the reward zone is also now free whereas it used to be 9.99 Also if you have a specific day and can remember what register you where rang out on we may be able to find the receipt but we need proof of purchase to do a return it's that simple a lot of places have the same requirements also when we do let you do a no receipt return do not complain about the amount if you paid a different amount and expect that back then hold on to your receipts a no receipt return will issue you a credit in the amount of that items lowest price in the last 30 days there is no override to this no manager on any level can override this there is no option in the computer to do so and it will always be store credit we will never issue cash for a no receipt return.

The third type of return is the no packaging return the return policy states we need all original packaging and materials to do a return we sold it to you with a box you need to return the box I know those plastic cases are a pain in the butt to open but all you need is scissors or a box knife and then they open very easily if you cut around the product you get a nice cut. If you want to exchange a product for the same thing it's very easy to swap them out with us keeping the new box in the place of the one you threw out again if we sold it to you it needs to come back. I read complaints about people not receiving manuals and other stuff.

But this is from people not returning them and then getting upset when we won't do the return. Now the other complaints are about bad customer service not making exceptions is one thing but there is no reason any manager sales associate or customer service rep should ever talk down to you or rudely and I sincerely apologize for that. Open CD's movies and video games may only be exchanged for the same thing unfortunately because of pirates and bootleggers we have been forced to stop allowing returns on these items if you buy a CD and open it you may get another copy of that CD if we do not have any more we may issue you a refund or store credit my only advice here is make sure the computer software your buying will run on your computer make sure the DVD you are buying is correct and in the right format I.E. HD, Blu-ray widescreen full screen and what have you and parents the letter on the front and back of the game your buying will tell you what kind of content is in there if you don't read the warnings and buy your 12 year old grand theft auto do not get mad at me that he heard the word f**k.

As far as Best Buy running scams and again I only began my employment about a year ago there is no training or anything like that that teaches us how to "scam you" or "rip you off" stuff happens sometimes it's our fault sometimes managers are retarded and I again apologize if you get a stupid associate or manager but a handful of employees at random stores should not constitute hatred for a whole company I mean there's a Mcdonalds in my town that is constantly getting my order wrong but do I hate every Mcdonalds no. When a credit card or check is declined it is not Best Buys fault or decision if a decline happens call the bank find out why sometimes strange spending habits send up red flags in your bank like if you hardly write checks and one day write a bunch do not get mad if the clerk has to call for authorization the wait time again is not his or her fault the place we call to get the number we need is a third party it's not owned by Best Buy.

Coupons have specific dates and items they work on please read the fine print I hate it when customers get mad at me because they can't get 10% off because they didn't read that the coupons don't work on iPods. Nobody and I repeat nobody is on commission high pressure sales are not what the company as a whole wants yes like any business we want to make money we try to sell you what you need not push unneeded things onto you the exception to this is at the check out the cashiers will offer you replacement plans and magazines and credit cards it's my belief that no means no ill ask once if the customer says no I leave it be the higher ups tell us "overcome the objection" they don't listen when I tell them no isn't an objection it's an answer so I do apologize for these cashiers but I ask you please be patient with them I don't know about other stores but he supervisor for my store yells at us when we don't "overcome the objection" and after speaking with my fellow cashiers they hate asking as much as you hate hearing so again I ask please be patient with them.

Price matching is my next subject. When it comes to price matching we are supposed to match any price that any locale competitor has or are own website the "secret" website referred to in one of the posts is actually only supposed to be used to check out in store prices we are supposed to match the national websites prices unless the price is stated as online only furthermore we do not match online only stores such as eBay, Amazon, New egg or another store without a locale physical store. If we do match prices it must be within 30 days some TVs have 60 other items have 14 the item we are matching unless it's from us must be in stock and must be the same.

We only match locale stores I read a post about Fry's and us not matching them I don't know about other states but here there's only one fries and its over 50 miles away from our store which is not locale but I have seen us match them even though they are not to make a customer happy I've seen us return stuff without a receipt to make customers happy I've seen us rearrange our entire DVD section to make customers happy I've seen us give 300 dollars off to make customers happy I've seen restocking fees waved for certain situations I've seen returns on empty DVD cases happen where a customer bought a DVD it was empty and we gave them a new one you show me any other store that would believe a DVD case was empty when you bought it I have read a lot of complaints that say I will never shop at Best Buy again or Best Buy doesn't care about its customers I don't believe this is true I can see how our unwillingness to budge could be seen as uncaring and I've also read a lot of complaints that are valid and if I was in charge and dealing with them I would have handled it differently just remember that most managers can do even store managers is simply discount items or issue gift cards cash back is not really an option as corporate checks this kind of thing but like I said I've seen us knock 25 50 bucks off a laptop cause someone had to make an unnecessary trip to the store or gift cards issued because of our screw up the fact of the matter is we can't make everyone happy it's just not possible I hope this has helped even a little bit again I apologize for the behavior of other Best Buy employees being rude no matter the situation should never be tolerated if I was a manager I would write people up if I found out they were being rude I know I probably haven't touched on all the problems people have with Best Buy but I'm willing to discuss them and would love to receive e-mails my e-mail address is horriblesanity@aim.Com I only ask a few things if you are going to e-mail me:

  1. I am only a customer service rep in one store I'm at the very bottom of the totem poll I have to authority to make any decisions about anything I will listen to any complaint anyone has and I will tell you the truth that other people may not want to tell you but that is all
  2. I will tell you the truth if you have a question about a policy if I do not know the answer I will ask my hire ups and find out for you
    3.Please no spam or nonconstructive complaints such as Best Buy sucks or this store in this place sucks if you have a complaint I will review it and give you what I think is the best course of action that will get you the results you desire if possible.
  3. Do not ask me how to beat the system I will not give away company secrets that allow you to rip us off

in closing I would just like to say I hope this helps even a few of you make a decision about shopping at Best Buy if I have missed anything just write me and I will let you know what the deal is

again my e-mail is horriblesanity@aim.Com

The Name Should be Worst Buy - Stay Away!!
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AURORA, ILLINOIS -- In February 2005 I contracted with Best Buy Carpets to install carpet and Mahogany flooring.

During the initial visit their store we chose the type of mahogany. We made it clear that we wanted brown and not red wood color. At that time we also chose to have in-home finish rather than pre-finish and we were assured us that the color and quality of the in-home finish would match the chosen sample. Carpet was chosen at the same time.

Due to the extensive work that would take place in our home during the five day period, my pregnant wife and 18 month old arranged leave the premises for the week that Best Buy was to do the work.

The day before my departure on a business trip scheduled for that week, their project manager visited our home for a pre-work walk through to ensure that our preparation for the install were complete and to review the job. This was schedule to take place on Thursday, March 17th. He arrived at our home and we reviewed the work that was completed in preparation for your install team. He commented that the preparation was acceptable. He also reviewed the following work that your team would complete as part of the job:

• Wood would arrive at our home on Friday, March 18th, three days prior to start of work to ensure that it had a chance to equilibrate to the ambient conditions so to not cause expansion/contraction after install.
• All vents including cold air returns, our stairway, and counter tops would be covered in plastic to minimize clean up.
• Installation would commence on Monday and be completed by Friday.
• I provided he and the store with all contact information while I was traveling and my email address so they could contact me in case of any issues

On Friday I was at our home expecting the delivery of the wood. At 3:00 PM, when the delivery had not been made I contacted the store. They informed me that the delivery was delayed and that they would deliver the wood on Saturday. On Saturday evening my sister visited our residence at 9:00 PM and she informed me that the wood was still not delivered. On Monday I contacted the store and was assured that the wood would be delivered that day and that it would not extend the install schedule. I commented that I was concerned that they mentioned the importance of the 3 day period in which the wood would need to equilibrate in my home and was told me that that was less of an issue than previously mentioned.

My sister visited our home on Monday evening and told me that the wood had not been delivered. On Tuesday I was informed by the store and my sister that the wood was delivered and the work had begun. Of course by this point I was very concerned about the job.

I returned from my trip on Friday, the scheduled completion date for the project to find the following:
• The color of the floor was not what was agreed to and in fact it was red.
• The wood flooring was installed but still required the third coat of polyurethane.
• The carpeting was not installed.
• The air vents installed did not have dampers.
• The plastic over the countertops, vents (including the cold air return vent) and stairway were never installed and as a result the entire house was covered in red dust. The only plastic installed was what I installed prior to my departure.

I left a message at 11:50 PM on Friday, March 25th instructing them that their work was unacceptable and to cease work on your job.

On Saturday, March 26th I contacted them to inform her that I wanted to have a discussion about the flooring at your store. I arrived at 10:00 AM and the manager agreed that the flooring color was wrong and was red rather than the color specified. At that time I reviewed with the manager the importance of color as it was intended to be a match for our cabinets, wood trim and other colors in our home. As an apology for the inconvenience she offered to have a granite countertop installed on our island in our kitchen. I told her that I was not interested.

She noted that they had a hard time getting the exact wood that we had specified for our job. She blamed the issue on the wood supplier who could not get the wood that we had specified. Unfortunately she chose not to mention this to me on the days leading up to the start of our job, nor did she mention this during the week of the job. We were later told by the project manager, that she took it upon herself to choose another wood to be installed at our home, knowing that it would not be a match.

I informed her that we were not interested in keeping this wood and that she needed to find the wood that we had originally specified or an acceptable alternative. When she agreed to remedy the issue to our satisfaction I approved the install of the carpet. Over the next three months I was at their store on six different occasions to pick up wood samples. During the third visit in April, the manager informed us that the wood that we originally chose was not going to be an option as the supplier could not guarantee that they could get the wood.

In June the manager agreed to have another sample of wood for pick up at their store. I contacted her on Friday, June 24th to ask if the samples that she had requested were at the store and ready for pick-up. She said that they were there and that I could stop by in the morning to pick them up. When I arrived at the store at 11:50 AM with my two week old son and my 22 month old daughter the samples were not there. The clerk contacted the manager and she informed him that they were in fact not ready.

At this point I made the decision not to work with the manager or anyone else but the owner as it was clear that they could not provide the resolution to our issue. Throughout the previous three months the manager was unresponsive and left it to my wife or me to contact her for status updates. Her level of professionalism and customer service was abysmal. I contacted the owner to give you one last chance to remedy the situation before I handed this issue over to my attorney.

That evening the owner visited my home to discussion the situation and a potential solution. I showed and explained that since the install, the flooring had contracted (as expected when the proper equilibration time was not met) and there were now gaps of between 1/16” and 1/8” in approximately 30% of the joints. I informed the manager that the wood color was completely different and that there were numerous faults in the floor from the choice of poor quality wood.

After looking at our flooring he offered to have a stain “expert” come in and do three swatches and we could choose from one of those that closely resembled what we had originally specified, he noted that the gaps would be fixed and the faults in the wood repaired to our satisfaction. Two weeks later the stain person arrived and completed the three swatches. Although none of the swatches were a perfect match of the original floor sample, we chose the sample that was the closest match. On Wednesday, July 20th my wife contacted the store to inform them of the color swatch and schedule the job. Once again we arranged to leave our home for a week as we did not want to have a six week old and my 23 month old daughter in the house during the work that was to start on Wednesday, August 3rd.

Similar to the first install attempt, the project manager visited our home on Tuesday, August 2nd to review the work that was to be completed. I reviewed the punch list of items with him:

• Flooring was to be sanded and stained to the new color.
• All gaps between boards were to be filled and the loose boards were to be secured.
• The various faults in the floor from poor quality wood needed to be filled and repaired.
• Non closable vents were to be replaced with new vents with dampers.
• The same finish varnish was to be used.
• All vents were to be properly covered in plastic.

He informed me that all of these issues would be completed to our satisfaction.

On Wednesday, August 3rd my family left for our one week vacation with a return date of Tuesday, August 9th. I communicated with the project manager one time on Thursday to ensure that things were progressing as planned and he informed me that they were, but no work was done on Thursday. On Wednesday my father visited our home to make sure that the work was underway. He placed a large note on the countertop that read “Please Replace the Vents with Closeable Vents.” to ensure that this detail was not forgotten.

Upon our arrival we were very surprised to see the following:
• The vents were not replaced.
• The color of the floor was not acceptable, as variations in color are present.
• 80% of the floor had swirl and scratch marks.
• 50% of the flooring had high gloss polyurethane, and 50% of the flooring had matte finish polyurethane.
• The other faults in the floor were still present.
• All of the walls in the rooms were covered in red dust.

My wife and I were extremely frustrated with the lack of attention and poor quality work that Best Buy Carpets had now done for a second time. On Wednesday, August 10th at 1:21 PM I was contacted by the project manager to ask my impression of the work. I informed him of my extreme disappointment and he informed me that he noticed the same problems that I noted when he visited our home on Saturday, August 6th. He also mentioned that he had a conversation with the owner where he informed the owner of the same issues He said that you had offered to have your team come in again in another attempt to remedy the issues and that the job would take two days maximum. I told him that I needed to have some discussions and that I was probably not in favor of this approach as I had already given them ample opportunities as required by Illinois State Law to remedy the issue.

Because of our extreme dissatisfaction Best Buy's work, we have made the decision to have another company replace the flooring. My advice. Stay Away from Best Buy Carpets!!!!!

Played like Puppets for Television Exchange
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DULUTH, MINNESOTA -- On May 22nd our TV was picked up by Precision Electronics through a protection service with Best Buy. This was the third time they had tried to fix our TV and this time they had to take it to their store. They told us that it could take up to two weeks before they brought it back. On June 4th we had not heard anything from Best Buy or Precision Electronics so I called Precision Electronics and was told by Kris that she had only contacted the parts place at the end of the previous week and should would call them again that day. The next day my husband called Precision Electronics and he was told by Kris that she had just called the parts place the previous day (the day that I had called). That Thursday, on June 7th, Kris from Precision Electronics contacted us and told us that they were unable to repair the TV and that Best Buy would be doing a buy back, or an exchange. The same day, at 9:34 am, Cindy from Best Buy called and left a message on our machine telling us that we had been approved for the exchange and to wait 24-48 hour and contact our local Best Buy store. Monday morning, June 11th at 10:22 am my husband called the Best Buy 888# and was told that the number had been sent to the Best Buy store's tool kit and we could go ahead and drive up there to exchange our TV. We drove 75 miles to Precision Electronics, picked up our old TV and then brought it to the Best Buy store where we were told to go home because they hadn't received any approval for the exchange. We asked that they call the people we had talked to and it is my belief that no one at the Duluth Best Buy store made any effort to contact or obtain any useful information from anyone, they just repeatedly told us to go home despite the fact that my husband had taken the day off of work and we had driven 75 miles for the specific purpose of making the exchange. We left the Best Buy store and I called customer care where I spoke with Liz. Liz was very helpful and contacted the repair place where she got a verbal approval for the exchange, at which point she contacted the Duluth Best Buy store where she spoke with Eric. Eric told her that he would go ahead and let us exchange the TV and put the paperwork through tomorrow (June 12th). Eric had even told Liz that he would let the person who was coming in to work after him what was going on in case we didn't make it back to the store before the end of his shift, which was at 6:00 p.m. The time at this point was 3:45 p.m. At this time we were in Superior but drove back into Duluth and up to Best Buy because it was shorter than going home and coming back the next day. When we entered the store we asked to speak to Eric. Instead of Eric, a Tom came out and told my husband "I told you that you weren't getting a TV today." I tried explaining to this Tom that I had contacted Liz with customer care and she had worked it out so that we wouldn't' have to make two trips (we had our 4 week old daughter and our 5 year old daughter with us) since we were told to go up thereby Best Buy to begin with. After going and sitting behind a screen for the better part of ½ hour and pretending to look for some number (which I had tried explaining to him wasn't there) he proceeded to call my husband a liar about Best Buy ever contacting us and said the only call logged was the one that my husband had made at 2:30 that afternoon. I once again tried explaining to him that when I spoke to Liz, she had gotten verbal approval from the repair company for the exchange and had talked to an Eric who had approved the exchange and agreed to put off the paperwork until the next day. Tom then told me that Eric never approved any such thing and he had been standing right next to him during the phone call, yet only a few minutes before he claimed to know nothing about any phone call. By now I no longer trusted Tom and felt he was lying to us and playing games for some reason and I asked him who his manager was. He responded, "the 800#). I then used my cell phone to once again call the 888# to contact customer care. Liz had already left but I spoke to someone else who read Liz's notes right off the screen and they were exactly what I had been trying to tell Tom. I handed my phone to Tom so that they could repeat to Tom what I had told him several times already. Tom proceeded to argue with customer care and smirked as he handed my phone back to me. By this time my 4 week old was getting fussy and we had been in the Best Buy store for the better part of 5 hours. The person on the phone (who's name I did not get unfortunately) said he would have to speak with his supervisor and get back to me. My 5 year old had started climbing on boxes and my 4 week old was screaming because she was hungry so out of respect for the other customers in the store (certainly not the employees as most of them clearly had no respect for us with the exception of one girl working behind the customer service counter that checked on us several times and asked if she could get us water or anything while we were waiting) we took our daughters to sit in the van while we waited for the phone call. When the call did come we were told that Tom had the authority to make the exchange but for some reason would not. Twice in one day we were told we could exchange the TV we paid $2100 for and were jerked around when we arrived in the store. Three weeks we have been without a TV. When we tried to resolve a conflict we were treated like low life lying scum. I have never been so disappointed or disgusted with anything in my life. We drove 75 miles home (gas is $3.11/gallon where we live) and will have to wait for a phone call from someone who seems to be on a power trip and is rude and condescending towards formally good customers. If we are lucky the next time we are told we can make the exchange it will actually happen and we won't be the brunt of Best Buy's sick joke. I will never shop at Best Buy again and I plan on telling everyone our story so that they know to shop elsewhere.

Is this company Scaming us? You be the Judge!
By -

It appears Best Buy has a GREAT SCAM going on (only one can believe after reading other stories online, that they have not been investigated).

My daughter purchased a Compaq-Presario Notebook with Intel Celeron M Processor 440-C509NR online on 2/18/07, (this item could only be purchased online) for a grand total of $465.20. She called me to tell me that she received a confirmation email that the order was received. I then went online to check my checking account and sure enough, within 5 minutes after she had placed the order, the money was placed on hold and would be withdrawn from my account on the next business day (Tuesday 2/20/07 since Monday was a holiday).

The next day, my daughter calls me hysterical asking me if the money was in the account etc. She received a "CANCELLATION NOTICE" (notice was dated 2/19/07, 22 hours AFTER the order was placed and a ORDER CONFIRMATION was received!)

I then went online again and confirmed that there was a $465.20 difference being held against my account and that the money would be withdrawn on the next banking day.

She then called the customer service # and was told that there was nothing that they could do. The order was CANCELLED. She asked to speak to a supervisor and they said she would have to wait 5-6 days (what kind of an answer is that? Do all supervisors go on a Supervisor Vacation in the same week?)

She then called me and I then called Best Buy's Customer Service Department. The girl told me that she could not talk to me since I was not one who purchased the item. I explained that the money was being withdrawn from my account so she better talk to me. I then got my daughter on her cell phone and told her what was going on and said that I needed the phone number that the order was placed under as well as me possibly needing her to allow them to talk to me about the matter. The girl said that it was probably a problem with the card since we used it jointly and she did not enter the proper information in.

I then told her that she had used my card several times before online through Best Buy as well as in the store with no problem before. Also, that my daughter has used her card that she has jointly with her fiancé the same way with no problem.

I was told that I could not get the laptop that we ordered since it was sold out (note that this item was on sale for $100 off the ORIGINAL PRICE and over $100 LESS than other stores). The only thing that she could do was sent it to the Credit Department to get me a credit on my card (I would only EXPECT that to happen since I WAS NOT going to get the laptop that was ordered!).

I then told her that I would be reporting this to the BBB as well as News Stations (ABC, NBC, CBS etc) that I believed that this was a "SCAM".

She told me that she was documenting what I said and would give me a case # and the credit department would give me a credit once they do their normal processing procedures.

I then called the Corporate Headquarters (Best Buy Co., Inc., Corporate Headquarters, P.O. Box 9312, Minneapolis, MN 55440-9312, Phone #
612-291-1000). After speaking to the receptionist and telling her what my plans were to report this issue, she sent me to the corporate customer service rep and after approximately 10 min on hold, she asked me what the problem was. I then explained it and was told there was nothing she could do other than send me back to the main customer service complaint department, since she cannot look up the information on her system. She also told me not to take no for and answer and ask to speak to a supervisor (which I explained my daughter and I both tried that to no avail).

She proceeded to forward me BACK to where I already spoke to. Another 5-10 min go by and a rep who told me that before he let me speak with a supervisor, that may be he could assist me with the problem. I explained what had happened. He said he could not see why it was cancelled but the only thing that could be done at this point was to get a "Comparable" laptop.

I told him that was what we would be willing to do since my daughter NEEDED to replace the one we bought a few years ago from them since it wasn't working properly (Geek Squad is another issue and just as an FYI DO NOT BUY ANY EXTENDED WARRANTIES FROM THEM GEEK SQUAD DOES NOTHING TO REPAIR THE PROBLEMS AND HOLDS YOUR COMPUTER AS RANSOM FOR MONTHS ON END AND IT COMES BACK IN WORSE SHAPE THAN WHEN IT WENT IN!!!)

He proceeded to tell me the next compatible one was for $100 more. I then said would you want to pay $100 more for something someone told you that you SHOULD HAVE HAD for $100 LESS? To which I received no answer. He told me there was nothing that could be done since the computer we ordered was now given to someone else and the item was "SOLD OUT", and no more could be purchased at the sale price.

I then said I wanted the supervisor and INCISTED to speak to one.

The Supervisor named "Chris" then said he could not understand WHY the order was CANCELED but would forward the issue to the Solution Team and that I should receive a response within 24 Hours. I would be credited the $465.20 back to my account, but would have to wait for a reason.

The answer in my opinion...."Called BAIT AND SWITCH!!" Other companies have done this same thing before and were finally investigated and brought down with heavy fines and jail sentences for the scam!

Just a few weeks ago, they had a laptop on sale in the store for $300+ but only 5 were in each store. The manager's came out and said that there were lines around the door before 5am (well before they opened) of people looking to get the laptop.

The same day, we tried looking online for a laptop that was comparable to that same price, but they were all sold out online, but you could buy one for $500 or more!

Again, this company should be investigated. Reminder, anyone who has a complaint against this company should do exactly what I am planning to do REPORT THEM TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU as well as YOUR LOCAL NEWS STATIONS and NEWSPAPER COMPANIES. These places LOVE TO EAT THESE PLACES UP AND SPIT THEM OUT.

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