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NEW JERSEY -- The fact is I work for Geeks quad my rate is $13.50 That was starter pay. I do know how to troubleshoot hardware and software properly. I can repair a mother board. And I do have a lot of customers who have nothing but respect for me and my team. I live in jersey. Let me explain a bit more about Geek Squad services not from a agent perspective but from a tech perspective. Heres how it works day to day. Theres usually about 6 people at a time wanting to have their computer checked out. Obviously we cannot leave customers waiting for more than 10 min. We can't have our whole team in the front because there are machines already in the precinct that need to be repaired ( turn around time in Jersey for my store is 3-5 days max.) So the idea is you greet the customer listen to there problem, check machines physical condition, then try to quickly diagnose not fix the issue.

Meaning try to get to the root of the issue and offer services that will fix the issue and boost overall performance. If they accept we then have them fill out proper paperwork and explain that we will call them only if we need to ex they paid for a diagnosis and OS repair (removal of viruses and malware) but diag shows that the hard drive has failed both read and write tests. Then we do call and tell them that the hdd is bad and offer to install a new one only after they have agreed to pay for it.

Other wise they get a call when the job is done. (3-5 B days ). Yes sometimes things are not in black an white. For instance a customers unit boots up to the os not found screen. Yes it could be a f*** up in the bios. Yes it could be a detached cable (pc only) but I cannot sit there and do work for free. Once they agree to the diag. ( Which costs 59.00 And takes max. Of 48 hours. We will get to the bottom of the issue.

Another thing you need to understand is that when a unit is sent to Geek Squad city ( the factory like repair center) repairs can take a maximum of 4 weeks depending on what parts are needed. But usual turn around time is 2 weeks. We have nothing to do with your unit once it leave the store. Ex once the unit is out of our hands there is no way for us or you to contact the service center except via escalations and other work e mails. Yes sometimes things do go bad. Ex (unit gets sent back with a defective mobo), you see instead of waiting for the part that you need. U, the customer constantly calls the store harassing us that you cannot live without your unit. So after 3 escalations. The svc tech gets frustrated and swaps your mobo with one from a similar unit. That has passed basic diag. So you get your unit back.

Aren't you happy wrong a week later it dies again. Who's fault is that. You don't want to wait for the job to be done properly even after I have personally warned you of what could happen. So you got what you deserve. You think you would be more understanding when you came back. Wrong!! You throw a fit and make a scene only to get the laptop shipped out again but this time you did not call not once.

You know I'm sure that there are some Geek Squad employees that are incompetent at best. But to talk as much trash as people do is not right. Agents do not get paid on commission or to upsell.

However we do know what the budget for the day is and care about best buys revenue(at least most of us do)so if were down for the day and there a sale on ram, how is it wrong that every machine I inspect to be running very slow running xp on 256 megs of ram I offer an upgrade of ram. I don't see that evil in that. I'm doing my job as a tech.

Another great tip if you can fix your own PC great I'm truly happy for you that's one less thing to worry about but don't go around trashing GeekSquad because they didn't choose your application or because your a tech for apple. If you can do it then don't bring your machine in your wasting our time. If you have questions which a lot of people do we always give the tech perspective on the issue. Like I said our pay is not based on what we make you spend.
If you want an agent to come to your home go online and get a price list. Come to the store for an in depth explanation. The fact is when you deal with a call operator they might not be to keen on the different complex services and pricing. Maybe its there 1st week. Or maybe you aren't clear enough. On what you need done.

Fyi - you need to do one of two things two get hired mostly all stores require a + cert but if you don't have that but have a credible amount of exp. Then during the interview they will quiz you on questions dealing from troubleshooting to very technical questions (relative to the a+ exam). So no not just anybody can become a Geek Squad tech.

Another fun fact,we do not steal your info. Yes I heard that it was done a year ago at some store . But that was an isolated incident. I personally that no tech be hired under the age of 21. I feel that the incident was a result of pure immaturity. But nothing like that has very happened in my store. I hope if you do need the service that you consider Geek Squad as an option. Some services are pricey but remember the prices drop substantially if its in store. If you feel you can fix the issue then attempt it. After what's the worst that can happen. When you feel cornered and boxed in come in to Geek Squad, And talk to an agent

Thank you

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/15/2008:
Sorry teks, I ain't buyin'. Several points in your post admit to incompetence and outright wrongdoing by Geek Squad staffers. You may be competent, and honest, but there's a huge problem across the board with Geek Squad in general and Best Buy in particular. Consumers are best advised to go to independent shops with a good reputation among users and forgoing a trip to the Geek Squad 'precinct'.
Anonymous on 06/15/2008:
well said, Doc
Anonymous on 06/16/2008:
A svc tech feels pressured so a mobo gets swapped from a similar unit and shipped back. That mobo fails. In the meantime the customer has paid for a repair yet it's really not repaired. Now the customer has to waste time to return the unit. The real pressure is from management to get them in and out as quickly as possible. That's why there are so many repair failures. I know someone whose kid is a PC wiz. He was hired by Geek and quit three months later. Why? Regardless of his talent he felt pressured by the manager who emphasized sales over actually doing repair work. EX: hard drives should be replaced instead of diagnosing the problem. A 4-week turnaround for units shipped out was typically 6-8 weeks with no guarantee any repairs were properly made. Now he works for an independent shop where he is happier and treated with respect.
jktshff1 on 06/16/2008:
I agree with the others. If you are so sick of hearing the complaints, then go to upper management and complain, or if you are as talented as you state, open your own repair business.
If I need help with mine, there is a local guy that does a great job, quick turnaround. It just takes some looking to find them in your area.
Bust Buy and the Geek Squad is the electronics equivalent of wally world. I wouldn't take a pair of pliers to them to be fixed.
DebtorBasher on 06/16/2008:
But you did make the VW cool!
Thanks for the Info...I used Geek Squad two or three times...I had no problem with them at all. I thought the price was a bit high, but I knew the prices before I OK'd the service on them and I always had my computer back in a reasonalbe amount of time, for the work they did on it.
samtheman on 06/16/2008:
"However we do know what the budget for the day is and care about best buys revenue", you shot yourself in the foot with this statement alone. It says you're more than willing to further BB's bottom line, regardless of time and money costs to the consumer.
teks on 06/17/2008:
I don't agree at all with that samtheman. if you owned your own computer shop,would you not care about how its doing financially, I am in no way shape or form taking advantage,bending the truth, or lying to any customer. I just make sure I OFFER (not demand or push )any service or upgrade that will suit there needs. ex- a computer comes in highly infected with viruses/trojans/adware. after offering the repair I would also offer prevention in the form of internet security. it suits the clients needs. you seem to think that a tech is just that and only that. but if you wanted to run a succecful shop or computer repair business. you would have to understand. where the $ value falls into place. there is a fine line between good business and scams/ripp off, this I know. but can assure you there is a huge difference. I would rather have customers that are loyal and respectful. rather than come only once feel that they have been ripped off and never come back. these are just my opinions
and I have much respect for anyone who offers theres. I have been reading posts for 2 days now and am pretty shocked at some of the things I've found. I DO agree that the company needs a reality check as a whole. when any one company feels like they can do whatever they want,that's when it collapses from the ground up.

well see
Krickey on 07/14/2008:
I only understood about half of that. GeekSquad charges way too much to do something as simple as malware removal.
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Some Help For Shopping At Best Buy
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First off I'd like to apologize for my bad grammar spelling and lack of punctuation. I don’t want you all to think I'm unintelligent or anything of the like I'm just choosing not to spell check myself. Any way I work at Best Buy as a customer service rep and sales I have been reading the complaints and reviews on this site for the past few days. Now while my employment began only a year ago I'd like to address some of the complaints you have and hopefully clear the air. First id like you all to know that I do not consider anyone’s complaint or concern invalid also I realize that this post in no way going to make up for your frustration or monetary losses. With that said allow me to provide you with the following information. 1St I would like to address return policy. I’ve been working in retail a long time and shopping in retail even longer. No a return policy is not set in stone and yes exceptions can be made on occasion however the policy exists to prevent fraud and to help keep our prices low. When a store returns something 1 of 2 things happen it is either sent back to the manufacturer or resold.

As far as Best Buy is concerned reselling it costs us anywhere from 10 to 50 % of our profit depending on the item or if we send it to the manufacture we are either refunded our purchase price or nothing at all. We receive nothing if a product is returned defective and truly is not. When exceptions are made to this return policy whatever it may be. An out of date return or a no receipt return or what have you the company takes a hit and if we take so many hits then we have to raise prices. Now I understand that when a store will not make an exception in your case you feel upset mad pissed and what have you but the policy is there and the truth is most stores are going to stick buy it. I know some stores have different return times such as 90 or thirty days and some stores have restocking policies and some stores don’t but the fact is most retailers are not going to make exceptions. The exception is Wal-mart. Wal-mart will pretty much return anything receipt or not if you make a big enough stink but Best Buy is not Wal-mart. I have read a lot of Best Buy doesn’t stand behind its product, we do that’s why we have a return policy if something is wrong with your product you have a month to bring it back to a store for a refund or exchange now that said there are always exceptions. The exceptions everyone here complains about are the 14 day return on some items and the restocking fee.

Now the 14 day return and restocking fee are on items that the return policy is typically abused on. Cameras I've seen it where someone will by a camera use it for a special event and return the camera a few days later the restocking fee and 14 day return is to try to prevent that. And I know your probably saying well mr. Best buy employee why do I have to suffer I would never abuse the return policy and the answer is simple everyone suffers because of the few ignorant people out there. I mean you don’t go to a cop and say I shouldn’t need a license to carry a gun I'm never going to murder anyone. It’s the same situation there are a handful of jerks who have done this witch has caused us to put the rules into effect. Now I know there are other situations where you don’t believe a restocking fee should be charged. One is I just opened the box to see what it looked like. Well my answer to this is that no matter why you opened the box it was still opened and we still have to sell it as an open camera why should we lose money because you don’t like a camera I mean isn’t that why websites like this exist so you can find out about something beforehand and Best Buy and other retailers have cameras on display so you can see how they work and what not.

I have also seen managers make plenty of exceptions to the return policy most of the time we wave the restocking fee if you are getting another camera or laptop also there is no restocking fee if the item is unopened I don’t know what there policy’s where 2 years ago but I can tell you that’s how it has been the entire year I've been working there if you get a gift and you know it’s from Best Buy don open it and then return it but don’t be upset when you bring back an open camera and find out there’s a restocking fee I don’t know how other Best Buys do it but at ours we have 15% restocking fee stickers on ever camera we sell. As far as not standing by our products that’s why we offer our service plans and I can hear the simultaneous groans as you all read this. But listen some things like CD players and video game machines are replacements and others such as 80 GB iPods, cameras and laptops are service. How they are supposed to work and what the sales person is supposed to tell you is that if you get a replacement plan you are supposed to go through the 800 number to receive a replacement if you come to the store the only thing we are allowed to do is get you the same thing a lot of the times if you go through the 800 number you get a gift card for the value that you paid. For example if you where to buy a 360 pro about a year ago you would have paid 400 and gotten no games now its 350 and 2 games.

So say you buy the 400 dollar system from Best Buy and you buy the 2 year replacement plan. A year goes by system craps out on you come back to the store the new price is in place and the new system bundle is out this is now a different product at store level if we had the 400 dollar no game one then we could do the exchange for you if not then you go through the 800 number. However this is a benefit to you because now they will send you a 400 dollar plus tax gift card because we don’t carry the other version of the pro anymore you come get the new pro and now have 50 extra dollars to buy what you would like and that’s how it’s supposed to go a replacement plan entitles you to that same item if that same item is not in stock you receive a gift card for the amount paid plus tax less the replacement plan price. Now the replacement plan does not cover physical damage this means pretty much any damage to the product period. If you buy an iPod and the screen cracks that is considered damage however if you buy an iPod and the wheel stops responding or the battery goes out and won't charge that is valid to give you a replacement.

The reason being physical damage is not our fault its yours you could take the most perfect care of something then for whatever reason the screen cracks or a hinge breaks off or whatever but there is no manufacturers defect that will cause physical damage. The replacement plan is there in case something that can happen along the lines of normal usage happens outside of the return period or manufactures warranty most manufactures warranty will cover parts and labor from anywhere from 90 days to a year sometimes parts or labor are covered longer than the other however if you drop a camera and the screen cracks. Cannon, Nikon, Kodak aren’t going to give you a replacement for free they will charge you for the screen we offer our replacement and service plans so you don’t have to deal with the manufacture.

Now while the replacement plans offer a more rapid solution the service plans are different a service plan will provide coverage on a product for anywhere between 2 and 4 years and some items have the option of ADH or accidental damage from handling which will cover the screen or any other type of physical damage the one item that seems to be complained about most on this site are laptops. Laptops and computers in general are very in-depth when it comes to things like warranties and what not on the first level there’s our return policy which is 14 days, restocking fee if opened and is not defective, past that you have the manufactures warranty witch is 1 year parts and labor which is pretty standard across the board then one more step above that is our service plan witch ill go into detail a little later.

Now after the 14 days our obligation to you is over by law we do not have to do anything for you the return policy is stated on the back of every receipt and posted on a giant billboard in every store now I can understand problems happen delays happen stuff happens and if you are maybe a few days out of return policy and you politely ask to speak to a manager because like it or not the person you speak to first is most likely on the bottom of the totem pole then politely explain your situation and it’s a valid reason they will most likely make an exception any more than a month out and the probably won’t but the excuses I forgot I didn’t have time I live far away are not very good there is no job where you work 7 days a week which means that within that 14 day return policy you had at least 2 opportunity to return to the store like I said stuff happens most managers get that and if your civil and polite and calm most won’t mind about being a few days late but at this point you must realize we are now making an exception which is something I see customers taking for granted allot legally one day past return policy we can turn you away and not help you one bit and you as harsh as it sounds can’t do a thing about it when we make an exception we are going above what we have to accommodate you and you should be grateful that we are doing so a store credit on items outside return policy is a pretty good offer an exchange for something big outside return policy is a good offer a store credit for something without a recite is a damn good deal.

As far as laptops are concerned once open unless something is wrong then expect to pay that 15% also any physical alterations not made by an authorized service center automatically voids your manufactures warranty I don’t care how much you know computers if you remove the bottom panel to instill more ram you’ve just voided your warranty.

Toshiba, Sony, Acer/Gateway all of them are looking to save as much money as possible and fixing a laptop you may have broke is not in there companies best interest. Like the guy who rearranged his keys that is not allowed technically nobody had to do any work on your laptop at all. If you do decide to get our service plan then I'm sorry but it has to be sent out desktops can be fixed in stores but laptops for the first year at least have to be sent to service for repair and this may take a while if you need a new battery then we have to order it from the manufacture which takes time if you need a keyboard replaced we have to order it the major parts for laptops almost always have to be ordered and all we ask is for you to be patient now to everyone who has been told they were going to get a phone call and have not I apologize that is completely that stores fault and no one else’s I feel after reading most of these complaints you may have felt better if you got the calls you where supposed to get and for this I make no excuses a service plan will repair any hardware problem I.E. Hard drive failure mother board blow out and the like they do not cover physical damage or software issues if you change a setting that messes up your computer or if you download a virus that was your mistake not ours so all I ask is for patience if you purchase our plans most turnaround time is 2 weeks sometimes it takes longer depending on the problem.

If you don’t purchase our service plan then after 14 days you must deal with the manufacturer however we can help we will handle the shipping charges we will tell them what’s wrong we will deal with them for you but once we decide what’s wrong based on what you tell us and what we can see we send it out from there it is the manufacture who we are waiting on we act as the middle men in these cases you don’t have to go through us but then you have to deal with them and deal with the shipping and receiving and other hassles and we cannot give you updates unless they give us updates when we receive the laptop back from them we call you or are supposed to call you. On TVs anything over 26 inches is supposed to be in home repair otherwise you bring it in again I apologize for people who did not contact you in a timely matter as far as repairs not being done I apologize for that as well I have no excuse for them I've seen similar things happen at my Best Buy but I've also seen my manager make it right whether it be lowering price of a new TV or whatever.

When you send something to service and it is approved for an exchange or junk out or whatever term the store uses this entitles you to a replacement comparable to the original but not to exceed the original price if you want a different product for example you bought a dip and now want an LCD you must pay the difference its just crazy for you to think we are going to give you stuff for free just because you bought or service plan. Now as far as the other types of returns we see. For one there’s the out of date which I already discussed 2 there’s the no receipt this was my first holiday season with Best Buy and my store is being pretty lenient as long as an item is under 50 bucks and sealed without a except we will give you store credit the reason for not allowing no rapt returns at all witch is how it is normally is because of theft if we allowed no receipt returns anyone could steal then walk out walk back in and return that item and we’d be out the money we have several systems in place to keep track of receipts we can always look up a receipt if it was bought with a credit card also we offer reward zone which will link any purchase you make to your phone number witch again will allow us to look it up the reward zone is also now free whereas it used to be 9.99 Also if you have a specific day and can remember what register you where rang out on we may be able to find the receipt but we need proof of purchase to do a return it’s that simple a lot of places have the same requirements also when we do let you do a no receipt return do not complain about the amount if you paid a different amount and expect that back then hold on to your receipts a no receipt return will issue you a credit in the amount of that items lowest price in the last 30 days there is no override to this no manager on any level can override this there is no option in the computer to do so and it will always be store credit we will never issue cash for a no receipt return.

The third type of return is the no packaging return the return policy states we need all original packaging and materials to do a return we sold it to you with a box you need to return the box I know those plastic cases are a pain in the butt to open but all you need is scissors or a box knife and then they open very easily if you cut around the product you get a nice cut. If you want to exchange a product for the same thing it’s very easy to swap them out with us keeping the new box in the place of the one you threw out again if we sold it to you it needs to come back. I read complaints about people not receiving manuals and other stuff.

But this is from people not returning them and then getting upset when we won’t do the return. Now the other complaints are about bad customer service not making exceptions is one thing but there is no reason any manager sales associate or customer service rep should ever talk down to you or rudely and I sincerely apologize for that. Open CD's movies and video games may only be exchanged for the same thing unfortunately because of pirates and bootleggers we have been forced to stop allowing returns on these items if you buy a CD and open it you may get another copy of that CD if we do not have any more we may issue you a refund or store credit my only advice here is make sure the computer software your buying will run on your computer make sure the DVD you are buying is correct and in the right format I.E. HD, Blu-ray widescreen full screen and what have you and parents the letter on the front and back of the game your buying will tell you what kind of content is in there if you don’t read the warnings and buy your 12 year old grand theft auto do not get mad at me that he heard the word f**k.

As far as Best Buy running scams and again I only began my employment about a year ago there is no training or anything like that that teaches us how to "scam you" or "rip you off" stuff happens sometimes it’s our fault sometimes managers are retarded and I again apologize if you get a stupid associate or manager but a handful of employees at random stores should not constitute hatred for a whole company I mean there’s a Mcdonalds in my town that is constantly getting my order wrong but do I hate every Mcdonalds no. When a credit card or check is declined it is not Best Buys fault or decision if a decline happens call the bank find out why sometimes strange spending habits send up red flags in your bank like if you hardly write checks and one day write a bunch do not get mad if the clerk has to call for authorization the wait time again is not his or her fault the place we call to get the number we need is a third party it’s not owned by Best Buy.

Coupons have specific dates and items they work on please read the fine print I hate it when customers get mad at me because they can’t get 10% off because they didn’t read that the coupons don’t work on iPods. Nobody and I repeat nobody is on commission high pressure sales are not what the company as a whole wants yes like any business we want to make money we try to sell you what you need not push unneeded things onto you the exception to this is at the check out the cashiers will offer you replacement plans and magazines and credit cards it’s my belief that no means no ill ask once if the customer says no I leave it be the higher ups tell us "overcome the objection" they don’t listen when I tell them no isn’t an objection it’s an answer so I do apologize for these cashiers but I ask you please be patient with them I don’t know about other stores but he supervisor for my store yells at us when we don’t "overcome the objection" and after speaking with my fellow cashiers they hate asking as much as you hate hearing so again I ask please be patient with them.

Price matching is my next subject. When it comes to price matching we are supposed to match any price that any locale competitor has or are own website the "secret" website referred to in one of the posts is actually only supposed to be used to check out in store prices we are supposed to match the national websites prices unless the price is stated as online only furthermore we do not match online only stores such as eBay, Amazon, New egg or another store without a locale physical store. If we do match prices it must be within 30 days some TVs have 60 other items have 14 the item we are matching unless it’s from us must be in stock and must be the same.

We only match locale stores I read a post about Fry’s and us not matching them I don’t know about other states but here there’s only one fries and its over 50 miles away from our store which is not locale but I have seen us match them even though they are not to make a customer happy I've seen us return stuff without a receipt to make customers happy I've seen us rearrange our entire DVD section to make customers happy I've seen us give 300 dollars off to make customers happy I've seen restocking fees waved for certain situations I've seen returns on empty DVD cases happen where a customer bought a DVD it was empty and we gave them a new one you show me any other store that would believe a DVD case was empty when you bought it I have read a lot of complaints that say I will never shop at Best Buy again or Best Buy doesn’t care about its customers I don’t believe this is true I can see how our unwillingness to budge could be seen as uncaring and I've also read a lot of complaints that are valid and if I was in charge and dealing with them I would have handled it differently just remember that most managers can do even store managers is simply discount items or issue gift cards cash back is not really an option as corporate checks this kind of thing but like I said I've seen us knock 25 50 bucks off a laptop cause someone had to make an unnecessary trip to the store or gift cards issued because of our screw up the fact of the matter is we can’t make everyone happy it’s just not possible I hope this has helped even a little bit again I apologize for the behavior of other Best Buy employees being rude no matter the situation should never be tolerated if I was a manager I would write people up if I found out they were being rude I know I probably haven’t touched on all the problems people have with Best Buy but I'm willing to discuss them and would love to receive e-mails my e-mail address is horriblesanity@aim.Com I only ask a few things if you are going to e-mail me:

1. I am only a customer service rep in one store I'm at the very bottom of the totem poll I have to authority to make any decisions about anything I will listen to any complaint anyone has and I will tell you the truth that other people may not want to tell you but that is all
2. I will tell you the truth if you have a question about a policy if I do not know the answer I will ask my hire ups and find out for you
3.Please no spam or nonconstructive complaints such as Best Buy sucks or this store in this place sucks if you have a complaint I will review it and give you what I think is the best course of action that will get you the results you desire if possible.
4. Do not ask me how to beat the system I will not give away company secrets that allow you to rip us off

in closing I would just like to say I hope this helps even a few of you make a decision about shopping at Best Buy if I have missed anything just write me and I will let you know what the deal is

again my e-mail is horriblesanity@aim.Com
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User Replies:
Ponie on 01/10/2008:
Although lengthy, I got more information out of this posting than all the many Best Buy complaints and responses I've read. Some of the points touched on made so much sense, e.g., attempting to return a case where the claim is made it did not contain the CD. I do not mean this to sound disrespectful, but it may have helped my comprehension of the post if more marks of punctuation and paragraphs were used. I found I had to back track at times to actually get the point you were making.

Good post. I voted VH.
MRM on 01/10/2008:
Thanks for the novel.
lobo65 on 01/10/2008:
I knew everything you posted (a lot is common sense), but it's nice that you got the information to those who did not. Yes a few bad apples do ruin it for the majority.
lobo65 on 01/10/2008:
They do, however, need to stop the "free" magazine scams though. They are not free if the person forgets to call, and cancel.
horrible_sanity on 01/10/2008:
lobo I agree the magazines are a pain both for you to here and us to offer but the correct offer is supposed to be risk free. if you don't like the mag cancel no chrge if you do like it keep it and pay there price. each mag has a oops I forgot to cancel period where if you call they will refund you. also the charges are supposed to be stated to you by the cashier. also ponie I will be going back and editing the review to contain more periods and what not thank you.
Ponie on 01/10/2008:
Now I know why I check in on M3C. I learn something new every day. I didn't know we could go back and edit our reviews. Heck! I even tried once to edit my response. It was then posted twice--both containing the error I was trying to correct. :)
lobo65 on 01/10/2008:
I do understand that the clerks are under pressure to sell the magazines from upper management though, which is wrong. I've heard tales of the terms not being explained to the customer though. Hopefully the incidents are isolated. Regardless I've never had a problem at BB because I do my homework before ever setting foot in the door. CNET reviews are very helpful.
CYH on 01/11/2008:
Horrible sanity, I went to a Best buy to do an exchange on what they call "a lemon" under a product service plan. The Geek Squad would not allow me to get model I wanted of the same item that cost $50.00 more than I was more than willing to pay because according to them it has to be a trade of technology for technology. To me this makes no sense because I was willing to pay the difference in price to get the more expensive item. Now I see in your review that this type of transaction IS allowed, so the Geeks were wrong and caused me to have to go through all types of changes to get what I wanted. I ultimately ended up just taking the lower cost replacement item to another Best Buy and doing an exchange there for the one I wanted and paying the difference which is exactly what I wanted to do at the original Best Buy with no problem and I got a gift card to boot. It appears to me that many times when I go into Best Buy the right hand doesn't know what the left is doing. They have so many rules that are inconsistently followed from store to store. As a result I will not be returning to the original Best Buy to do business since they have proven that their goal is not to make the customer happy but to follow stupid rules that are not even rules to begin with because they've interpreted them wrong. In this case all the Geeks were wrong, from the manager on down to the lowest on the totem pole. I expect the manager to at least know what the "company" rules are even if no one else working under them does. Luckily I know how to outsmart people with their own game and I did just that at the other store. Your review was great, I learned a lot from it. Thank you.
horrible_sanity on 01/11/2008:
I'm glad I was able to help again I apologize for that store and a lemon junk out does allow you to buy a hire model while paying the diffrence the problem I see with Best Buy mainly is they don't cross train there employees enoug hthe sales people don't know everything about return policy Geek Squad doesn't know everything about the service plan prosedures so everyone picks up little Bits and Pieces and everything goes to heck
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Best Buy Return Policy
Posted by on
FAIRLESS HILLS PA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I'm sorry to say that Best Buy, a company I considered an excellent place to get affordable quality electronics, will no longer be getting my business.

I have read some interesting reviews about disgruntled customers and their frustrations relating to returns over the 30 day limit.
So I would like to share my experience also.

I had received a car stereo head unit as a gift valued at $100, and unfortunately it wasn't able be installed because my car was totaled in an accident before I had the install done. Obviously time has passed since I had to wait to find a new car. Fortunately, my new car was a great upgrade over my first car and I figured I would go to the store, return the head unit, and do a MAJOR upgrade to accommidate the newer better car.

I was absolutely shocked when I found out that they refused to return my un opened head unit, which was about ten days past the 30 day return period. I did not want any cash, nor store credit as a gift card...I merely just wanted to apply the cost of the returned 100 dollar head unit towards the newer purchase. After spending about an hour putting together a top of the line system with a car audio rep totaling ~$600 dollars, I walked up to customer service to do the exhange.

Not only were the customer service reps extremely rude about my complaint, but after asking to speak to a manager, a person saying he was an acting member of management did not even look me in the eye, and brashly shunned me away saying, policy is policy and returned to helping other customers. And that was that. Stuck with a 100 dollar head unit. And they lost a 600$ sale. Now is this STRONG unwillingness to try to keep a loyal customer satisfied who is willing to spend hundreds of dollars more on a majorly higher priced purchse a great managerial decision? I think not.

Furthermore, when I have a question or complaint about a policy at a store, I politely ask for reasons why their policys are the way they are. I don't want to hear "its because its company policy". I AM SO SICK OF HEARING THAT AS AN ANSWER!!! It literally makes me sick to my stomach. I consider it a lame response and completely dodging the question. What Id rather hear is WHY it is company policy, you know, the actual REASONS they implement this policy. I figured the resons why is that a person using the item over 30 days significantly depreciates the value of the item and therefore they will lose a small portion of the already high profit margins they get on their products. I also figured it was because new products come out all the time, and for a company to take back an item past thirty days is a risk because they would have to sell the item as a discount price since there are newer models being introduced into the markey. In my case, the model head unit I had was clearly still on the shelves and it was completely unopened. It could have easily been returned to the shelves and sold again.

So in conclusion here is what Best Buy accomplished with my situation. The refused to take back a $100 unopened perfect 100% percent condition head unit, in order to stick to their "policy". What they turned down in result of that was a significantly larger sale ($600 more) because of their unwillingness to try to make some exceptions to keep customers satisfied.

When I read fellow customers issues with their return policy, I was appalled to see so many negative responses, such as "policy is policy" and "the loss of you as a customer is nothing to Best Buy" and they will continue to dominate the electronic superstore chain.

Fortunately I was smart enough to take a few economics courses in college, and business management also, even though I work as a music teacher for a living. What I learned is that "the customer is always right" is a dead on concept, and the dollar vote of the customer will always decide the fate of coperations such as Best Buy etc.. no matter how large they are. I've read many people on here say that "you are not the powerful consumer tyou think you are and Best Buy will suffer no effects from your dissatisfation". I couldn't disagree more, because the dollar vote is always the deciding factor in business. What Best Buy did by turning me down, rudely and far from customer service the right way, was lose a customer forever. It doesn't seem like much, but my dollar votes will now go to other outlets, increasing the profits of their competitors, and every person I run into looking to buying at Best Buy, I will deter and lead them to other businesses. Word of mouth has extreme power in business. I am a piano teacher and word of mouth is my number one method of gaining new clients. I treat them all with respect and they are happy to pay for my services even when there is a time where they may be dissatisfied with something.

I used to work at wal mart when I was paying my dues working through high school. There was a very good manager in my store, and I can remember countless times where a frustrated customer returning a product that technically couldn't be returned, be treated fairily, and with some compromise would ultimately leave the store satisfied.

Best Buy lost me as a customer, and I will speak negatively about them from here on. Its a shame I was a big supporter of the company, and I even own a bit of their stock. I'll be selling that away now of course.

And lastly, I feel for all of you who have been through these similar situations. Truly do your part in your dollar vote and don't listen to the idiots who bash you for being ingnorant to company policies! When more and more people band together, things can change.

Good riddance to Best Buy.
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Anonymous on 04/01/2006:
I'll be buying a refrigerator in the next fews days and I already ruled out Best Buy because of some things I've heard. Your post re-inforces my feelings. And, like you, I was a big fan of Best Buy for a while.
viperpa33s on 04/01/2006:
One of the reasons why a store has a 30 day policy is because manufacturers add and discontinue products constantly. If your item was discontinued then it would be hard for the store to sell it at a reasonable price. Clothes is a good example and so is electronics. Also stores drop and add items to the inventory. If Best Buy no longer sold an item anymore, it would be hard to add that one single item they no longer sold. You would not believe how hard it would be just for Best Buy to sell that one item. Not only would Inventory dept. get involved but also Sales Audit. You should have returned it within 30 days or sell the item on Ebay. Don't blame the manager, blame Best Buy corporate office. A manager can only disregard a policy to a degree. You can't expect to buy something and then return it 6 months later. I work for a clothing retailer and we have the same policy.
miketech on 04/01/2006:
I never got on the Best Buy band wagon. It's always been a creepy store to me. I read an article on retailing a few years ago that certainly has come to pass. It was basically that customers are no longer loyal so the best bet is to spend more money in advertising and less on customer service. If you make one mad you can advertise and get 10 more and eventually even the mad one will come back if your ads are good enough. At first I thought it was hogwash but it seems to be coming to pass with so many of the large companies.
miketech on 04/01/2006:
Oh and you can't really blame the manager because at many of those big stores the "manager" is more like a head cashier and really doesn't run anything more than scheduling. All the real "management" is done at the corporate level. So to talk to what you are considering a "manager" you would probably have to talk to the someone you can never get to talk to.
illadelphia on 04/01/2006:
this was part of my original post, I'm not sure if you read.

"I figured the resons why is that a person using the item over 30 days significantly depreciates the value of the item and therefore they will lose a small portion of the already high profit margins they get on their products. I also figured it was because new products come out all the time, and for a company to take back an item past thirty days is a risk because they would have to sell the item as a discount price since there are newer models being introduced into the markey. In my case, the model head unit I had was clearly still on the shelves and it was completly unopened. It could have easily been returned to the shelves and sold again. "

the issue is, the product IS still on the shelves, and is STILL being sold at the same price.
tgtman on 04/01/2006:
If you truly took so many economics courses, why are you still naive enough to think that your sole purchase of $600 will affect this company? Just your 'dollar votes' are not enough to persuade a company to do certain things. Imagine Best Buy, a multi-billion dollar company, is the size of a large 12-foot swimming pool. You would equate to the size of one grain of salt; with or without your patronage, Best Buy won't notice the difference. Dollar Votes come from the market in all, not just from some dissatisfied consumers! I hope you didn't sleep through all of your classes.
viperpa33s on 04/01/2006:
illadelphia: I read your post but was explaining to you why they do it from a person like myself who works in retail and has been for 10 years. Store policy is made at the corporate level, you can't blame the manager. I agree, if the store still sells the item, they can easily sell it under normal circumstances. Like I said, you can easily sell it on Ebay. Since you did receive it as a gift, you can sell it with some depreciation. Good Luck
illadelphia on 04/02/2006:
hey target man,
you must be a wonderful asset to the Target company, so politely explaining how naive people are, and how they slept through their economics classes.

yes I am a grain of salt in the Best Buy swimming pool. but so is the first gentleman on this post who is taking his business elsewhere to buy a refrigerator, and perhaps so are the people that he tells, and I tell, and whoever else may be out there.

maybe jackie robinson was a grain of salt in the gigantic baseball swimming pool.

maybe rosa parks was also a grain of salt on a school bus full of "higher class" people.

while this may not EXACTLY coorelate to consumer activism, it shows that there are and were people out there who good changes happen no matter how small their presence was in the world.
maybe the reason why we have an infinite amount of competition in the market is because people were willing to stand up and show they can do things the right way so they open their own business.

of course I know my 600 dollar purchase is nothing to Best Buy...and I know that I'm far from being able to bring down Best Buy.

but think what you are saying before you call someone naive which I consider somewhat rude, think about why the US got to be where it is today in business, free enterprise, free competition, and free to speak out against things we believe are unjust...were you sleeping in history class all of this time?

CjCinColorado on 04/02/2006:
Oh come on...Best Buy has ALWAYS been a bad store!
Anyone with common sense knows not to shop there.
People here in Colorado have known not to shop there for more than 3 years. Where have you been ?
Ponie on 04/13/2006:
I stumbled upon this complaint by accident. I was checking on responses posted by a certain individual, and I know it's way late to make my 'addition,' but will do so any way. When Best Buy was in its infancy about a hundred years ago :), I swore to never, ever frequent the store. Don't know if any of you remember the situation at an Indianapolis store where a cashier was fired because he left his post to chase after a shoplifter who had about $3,000 of electronic merchandise he was making off with. The 'kid' got the thief, the merchandise was retrieved, but the store fired him. I 'talked' up the case to anyone who would listen--and the members of this forum know I can talk. So what's happened to Best Buy? They've grown by leaps and bounds. So much for 'word of mouth!' Second, your demand to know WHY it's 'company policy.' I own a small business. There are certain rules and restrictions my reps must adhere to, such as discounts, returns, etc. If a client questions these rulings and won't accept 'it's company policy' and wants to talk to me, I have an answer for them: Because I say so, and it's NONE of your blasted business WHY! I don't need clients such as these. I got along without your $$ before and I can do it now! I have my reasons, but as far as I'm concerned, you are NOT entitled to an explanation from me. Take it or leave it. If you leave it, I'm probably better off without having to deal with a trouble maker such as you.
certified1 on 10/16/2006:
a top of the line system for 600 bucks huh? what is it dual? I damn head unit in my car cost 1500. and yeah you were over the 30 day limit so we can't return ur exchange sorry but POlICY IS POLICY
certified1 on 10/16/2006:
a top of the line system for 600 bucks huh? what is it dual? my damn head unit in my car cost 1500. and yeah you were over the 30 day limit so we can't return ur exchange sorry but POlICY IS POLICY
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Best Best Customer Service is WORTHLESS
Posted by on
CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- We purchased several appliances and a computer last year as well as other various household and technology applications for our home. In other words we spent thousands of dollars. In less than six months, we had problems with a Samsung refrigerator ice maker. It took over three months to get that problem fixed and we were left with no less than 8 to 10 boxes of parts because no less than 2 or 3 service people refused to service our area because Best Buy would not pay them enough. Now for the computer issue. We buy a new computer with the ability to download Windows 7 - we purchase the Kaspersky software for protection. However, because we do have several computers - we purchase the software for several computers recommended by their sales person. We wait until Windows 7 is released before setting up the computer. We load Kaspersky on the computer. Nothing works. We take it into the local BBY store. We give them all of our information (code numbers, etc.) We request that any repairs or problems be documented so that we can ascertain what is wrong as well. We get the computer back with charges and costs for new software. Guess what?! They tried to sneak past us that they went back into the store and downloaded the "RECOMMENDED" version of Kaspersky for Windows 7, but charged us for it. The arrogant clerk behind the desk said that if he didn't we would be getting something free. He said this knowing that we could NOT use the Kaspersky version that they sold us for over $110.00! I was furious and demanded to speak with the manager, who did nothing more than try to calm me down. Why calm me down? Because this young clerk could not get his head around the fact that the version of Kaspersky that they sold us was worth NOTHING to us and then they proceeded to charge us additional monies for the version of Kaspersky that was compatible with Windows 7. Now understand we had not used this software or downloaded it until the release of Windows 7. Everyone who sold us the computer knew this, but they wanted to blame the customer. We did eventually get a credit for Kaspersky, but maybe it was because I was talking rather loudly about the problem and people were beginning to understand how they were scamming the customers.

Now for the latest fiasco - a brand new washing machine still not fixed after a month. You name it and it happened. The repairman comes out after two weeks - yes, you read correctly. You have to wait two weeks. Then they do not come out with parts - they just come out to say - yes, I agree it is broken and they have to order the parts which take another two weeks. Today he arrives again with the parts and proceeds to tell us that they sent the wrong parts. I am so through with this company. Try to get corporate on the phone - they won't let you talk to them. Customer service puts you on hold and goes away. I know this game.

I plan to get my money back by shorting the company in the stock market. If this behavior keeps up it won't be long before they go the way of Circuit City and others. While I will visit the Best Buy stores, it will be to look, touch and ask questions. My purchases will be somewhere else even if I have to pay more money. Yes, Best Buy corporate did you read this - I will pay MORE MONEY for better customer service or honest customer service.
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Ytropious on 01/25/2010:
"we had problems with a Samsung refrigerator ice maker." Which model? We're going to be buying a Samsung fridge in the next month or so.
momsey on 01/25/2010:
I hope you're joking about shorting the stock.
andbran on 01/25/2010:
I have had nothing but good service from Best Buy. maybe I will buy the stock you are going to short them
momsey on 01/25/2010:
So true, andbran! I LOVE Best Buy and have had nothing but great experiences there. And I made a good amount of money on their stock a few years back when they had some trouble and recovered really well.
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Posted by on
ROSENBERG, TEXAS -- As a retired Marine it is my upmost concern that all my service brothers, along with every hardworking American consumer receive this information to avoid the extreme hassle and waste of time that bestbuy put on my family and me. Last December my Wife purchased an ipod touch for me as a Christmas present. We then went and purchased the two year extended warranty on it, mostly due to the fashion the associate promoted the warranty to be, the associate promised that it would cover accidental damages and would be a very simple easy process if the device would need to be exchanged. Since the warranty is about two pages long worth of fine print we made the mistake of taking the associate's word and purchasing the warranty. This past September 14th I took the device in because the battery was not charging or holding a charge. Right from the get go it was a complete nightmare! All the Geek Squad reps were completely unprofessional and treated my wife and I like some sort of cons. They finally took the ipod to what they said would be looked at and told us they would contact us as soon as they would know something(all our contact information was provided to them). After waiting and waiting and waiting on Oct 21st I personally went up to the store(Best Buy Rosenberg Texas) and asked what was going on with my item. And what a surprise, they had received it and somehow had just forgot to contact me. The bag where they had placed the ipod had a date of Sept. 30th. The worst part is they claimed that the device was water damaged and that I only had a standard warranty that did not cover that type of incident. After speaking to a supervisor which was completely rude and unprofessional, I was out without nothing! And they even tried to charge me a labor fee despite nothing being fixed or replaced on the item! The supervisor asked me what I thought would be fair and I stated to repair or replace the device and he stated that he could not just give me $229.00, I stated that I guess that's what his company's reputation is worth then, and that it is clear how much they value their customers!! Today Oct. 22nd I went up to the Apple store located in the 1st Colony Mall in sugarland Texas, mostly due to informing myself that the liquid sensor that it he was actually not showing a positive test. The representative I talked to at apple looked into it and had his tech ppl check it out and surprise surprise there was NO WATER DAMAGE to the device as Best Buy had stated!! Thankfully Apple replaced the Ipod on the spot and I will be following up on getting everyone I delt with's info at bestbuy Rosenberg to file a complain. I clearly believe that they used the "water damage" as a copout and it is very sad of how badly they treat and respect their customers!! This whole situation comes across as a clear FRAUD to me!!! Maybe now that circuityouknowwhat is bankrupt bestbuy is overconfident and feels like they can treat customers as they feel, but as we all know we live in the wonderful age of information and CHOICES!!! Last time I set foot in bestbuy!!!
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Ytropious on 10/22/2009:
I've heard about water damage being claimed in a lot of cell phone warranties so the manufacturer doesn't have to replace it. It's an easy cop out, but even the tiniest bit of moisture from the steam in a bathroom after a shower could make the moisture sensor set off.
Anonymous on 10/22/2009:
I love happy endings! I would be lost if I couldn't use my iPod Touch, so I feel your pain for sure.
bcd on 10/22/2009:
He is sure to be even more angry when he finds out that two-year extended warranty is actually a one-year extended warranty because Best Buy overlaps the first year of their service agreements with the manufacturer’s one-year warranty. Good review.
i_am_canadian on 10/22/2009:
Ytropious, I can't tell you how many times I had to deal with that exact situation.
Ytropious on 10/22/2009:
Which one, being on the warranty holder side or the warranty company side?
i_am_canadian on 10/23/2009:
The warranty company side, working at Bell Mobility.
Ytropious on 10/23/2009:
So people are like "no I never got it wet" and your like "was it in the bathroom while you took a shower?" And then they lie and say "NO", but you know it totally was? That's awesome.
momsey on 12/30/2009:
That's interesting, because I got the protection plan on a camera I bought from Best Buy. The camera broke about a year after I bought it. I took it to Best Buy, they took it from me, took my contact information, and it was repaired and back in my hands within a week.

I'm glad you had a happy ending! I hope you are writing a compliment review for Apple!
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Bad Experience
Posted by on
This is simply a copy of the letter I sent to Best Buy. What a hassle they have put me through over a television.
I'm sure this complaint will not be addressed, but I'm sending it anyway. I will start by saying I WILL NEVER BUY FROM BEST BUY AGAIN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE!! We purchased a Dynex TV online with a gift card we had been given. Three months after receiving the TV it messed up. We called BEST BUY ONLINE and were told that we could take the TV back to the BEST BUY store in Lexington and exchange or get or money back (200 mile round trip).... We took the TV back and BEST BUY refused to take the TV unless we paid for repairs up front and we might get the money back if they deem we didn't damage the TV (still under a full 1 year warranty I might add). So after a 200 mile trip for nothing we brought the TV back, called again and were bounced between DYNEX and BEST BUY for over an hour, both saying it was the others responsibility (something that would never happen if we'd just purchased the TV from mistake). Finally, BEST BUY said yes they had to honor the warranty and would send a repair man. We set up a date, that was CONFIRMED, but he never showed up...That was the first missed day of work. I called back and set up yet another date, even tried to call the repair man myself with no answer. The second date came, guess what, NO REPAIR MAN!!! Second day of missed work...I called yet again..very upset by this time and finally got a repair man out that following Monday. He said the TV was not repairable and BEST BUY would be calling so I could return it. They called this afternoon and gave us a return number, said we could either mail the TV back and they would send us a new one AT OUR EXPENSE FOR A TV UNDER WARRANTY or we could take the receipt and the TV to BEST BUY in Lexington and they would either exchange it for the same or a different TV. Guess what...another trip to Lexington, we went to BEST BUY like we were told to do and you know what they don't honor BEST BUY ONLINE Merchandise and would not give me a gift card, my money back, or even exchange the TV even though they had two in stock, rather they gave me a receipt with the amount I should receive back from BBO, kept the TV, and sent me back home to call and have a gift card MAILED TO ME...even though we were told by the lady who called it would not be a problem...I called back BBO and were told at first they would not send me a new gift card that I would just have to find the old one I had..that they didn't mail gift cards for any reason...WHAT THE HELL!!! Well then all of sudden the problem cleared up and said "Oh yes, we can send you a new card."

So now if you can add...that's two days missed work @ over $200 A DAY, had to use both my personal days--I now have NONE left, 2 wasted trips to Lexington 100-120 miles (200-240 round trip), 2 hours travel time each way, each trip (8 wasted hours), numerous phone calls (at least 2 hours or more of my time wasted), three days total waiting at home on the repair guy (2 of which I missed work), weeks of waiting for a call about why the repair man didn't come or how the TV will get fixed, a gift card I have to wait another week on, taking the last $500 bucks I had to make an investment in a TV that was a piece of crap, having no television but having to pay a $150 cable bill, etc.



I have since decided to give the gift card to a friend...he's willing to deal with the hassles Best Buy puts its customers through.
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Ytropious on 10/06/2009:
"something that would never happen if we'd just purchased the TV from mistake"...actually Walmart would probably give you the runaround too, just saying. When you get your gift card I would sell it on eBay, you'll get pretty close to face value on it, then turn around and use the money on a different TV at a different store.
Anonymous on 10/06/2009:
Why would BB Online tell you to take something to the store that was now under the manufacturer warranty?
bcd on 10/06/2009:
Did the repairman actually say the TV couldn’t be fixed? Exactly what did he say? If he said the TV couldn’t be fixed, then he is either incompetent or not qualified.
Anonymous on 10/06/2009:
I have heard that Walmart is really good about taking stuff back and honoring warranties. It sounds like the OP did everything he was asked to do and got nothing in return. Not good BB, and I'm not surprised.
JR in Orlando on 10/07/2009:
This is not the poster's fault, but is the result of where she lives. What may appear to be cheapest at the beginning, may in the long run be more expensive. When I order on-line I try to think through all the possibilities. A television is heavy and costly to ship. That's why I hesitate to buy such things on-line in case there is a problem. My experience has been for heavy or bulky items, it is better to buy local.
birdy101 on 10/07/2009:
As for the warranty, when we first began having problems with TV it was still under BB return policy, that's the first time they told us to take it to Lexington and exchange it, but then said we had to pay for repair, which we could not afford. Next, we contact Dynex...I guess that wasn't clear. was actually under their return policy and Dynex cleared that up with them and BB assumed the responsibility. Dynex, however, was very helpful on the phone and talked to BB themselves, called me back, and called again to confirm BB had addressed the issue, but since we didn't have to deal with them on the warranty issue itself I'm not sure how their customer service is as far as honoring their warranty.

Actually what the repair man said was that the television needed a new program board (or something along those lines) and the piece was nearly $800 and the TV only cost $450, he turned it into BB and they stated it was “not repairable due to the cost". This is what I meant by saying the TV could not be repaired. Apparently, since this posting I have been told, this board is no longer manufactured and can only be shipped from overseas, thus the high cost. The repair man said he had sent in 3 other repairs for the same exact TV in the last 3 months or so.
JGram on 10/15/2009:
First off, you purchased a Dynex TV online... first mistake. Then you took it to the store and you hadn't purchased a warranty on the television. People do not understand if you do not purchase a geeksquad black tie protection plan then the store does not have anything to do with the product. you must go through the maker of the television. also things that are sold on are not easily taken into the store, they don't have access to anything from the online purchases.
Terri Vickers on 09/15/2013:
Even purchasing the so called extended warranty is a joke! We purchased it and was told it just extends the manufacture warranty and it don't cover anything.
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As A Best Buy Employee...
Posted by on
I have been working for Best Buy for years and I thoroughly enjoy my job. I know the ins and outs of the stores, and have worked in most departments, mainly computers and Geek Squad.

We are non-commissioned, honest sales people who are pretty underpaid, and we will give you a straightforward answer to your questions. We are not trained to rip you off or sell you things you do not need. We are trained to inform you of the services and solutions that we offer and how they will benefit you as a consumer. It is up to YOU, as an informed buyer, to decide what you feel is of value to you. Every customer has the right and SHOULD do their research before they even walk in the store.

We do our part to ensure that you will walk out of the store with everything you need. We will let you know about cables. We will let you know about printers. We will let you know about backup hardware, TV stands, bags, memory cards, software, speakers, and anything else that goes along with your product, because that is what we are trained to do. We want to get you everything in a one stop shop so you don't need to make several trips.

As far as protection plans, I have seen my fair share of them fulfilled and customers thanking me that they purchased them. However I also see them go unused. . .but I have never seen anyone regret buying a protection plan. This is yet another service that it is up to you, the consumer, to decide if you need. We do not by any means get any kind of bonus or commission from selling you any extras or protection plans. They are all there to use or purchase at your own discretion.

And yes, there is fine print, as with any protection plan. But the standard policy is if we can't fix it, we will replace it. And yes there is a no lemon policy. Which means if we DO fix it 3 times, if it has any more issues it goes away and you get a new one. Ask questions and be informed before you make your purchase. The protection plans are there for your benefit but it is completely up to you if you want to purchase the additional coverage.

I see a lot of complaints about the return policy, or price matching policy. . .lots of companies do not even price match. But they are there for your convenience, and they are just that, POLICIES. Most people will agree with me on this, but if you come in AFTER the return/price match policy, why should you get some special treatment? 30 days on most items is more than enough for you to do any post-purchase research or have buyers remorse. 14 days on laptops and cameras is also quite liberal. . .do your research before you decide to purchase. That's what it all comes down to.

I realize not every employee that works for Best Buy is a great person, but most of us are good people just trying to help you out. I see a lot of these reviews that could have easily been avoided by just being an educated buyer.

So please, before you rant on and warn people to "never shop at Best Buy", take into consideration your own ignorance, or maybe it was just a single person that could be the topic of your post rather than stereotyping the entire Best Buy company and steering people away from shopping at Best Buy.

I have many return customers and thousands of people a week who are incredibly happy shopping at our store. I'd like to see more of those reviews on here.

This was not directed at anyone, just an informative post that I hope will influence people to consider their own judgments and ignorance before posting a terrible review of Best Buy.

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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 07/22/2009:
nice review but bs. You are there to make money for BB. That is your job no matter how you want to candy coat it.
Eloise on 07/22/2009:
So well put! Wonderful post!
andbran on 07/22/2009:
I bought a computer from Best Buy. the sales rep was very professional. I spent about $450. and that inclueded a 2 yr warranty. so I would definitely go back to Best Buy.
bcd on 07/22/2009:
Good and bad things about Best Buy:

First the good-

BB put CompUSA out of business. (Or should I say ‘Incompetent USA’)

BB has a wide variety of products with good pricing and knowledgeable sales reps.

Now the bad-

Geek Squad staffed with many unqualified personnel. (Some, not all of the staff and not at all stores.)

A 15 percent restock fee on returned items even though that policy is not clearly posted in the stores. BB claims that the policy is on the sales receipts but the fact is the customers do not receive their receipt until after the transaction is complete.

BB sells service contracts that they claim are “extended” service agreements; however, they overlap the manufacturer’s warranty (usually one year). So, when a customer buys a three-year extended warranty the total warranty is only for three years when it should be for a total of four. If BB is going to overlap the warranty then they should not claim that it is a three-year “extended” warranty because it actually is a two-year extended warranty. If customers were aware of this, BB would not sell nearly as many service contracts.

When BB repairs an item while it’s under the manufacturer’s warranty they get reimbursed by the manufacturer along with the money they took from the customer due to the deceptive terms of the service agreement. That is criminal.
NickL11354 on 07/22/2009:
If you are so 'underpaid' FIND ANOTHER JOB.

And your 'services' are just overpriced BS. I have not stepped foot in a Best Buy in over 5 years because the prices are much higher than buying from an online retailer, the sales help is either on a power trip or has the attitude of a used car dealer.

And the service plan is usually a rip off. If the product is prone to failure after a year maybe that product isn't worth buying?
BokiBean on 07/22/2009:
I thought this was a very rational post from an employee. Nicely done, thanks for the opinion.
Anonymous on 07/22/2009:
Nick, it's not easy right now for anyone to 'find another job.' And besides, the employee stated that they enjoy their job.
bbyemployee90210 on 07/23/2009:
Hey everyone thanks for the feedback.

@jktshff- yes, we are there to make money for Best Buy. . .isn't that the whole point of a retail store? they want to hire employees to do a good job for them. so using that isn't really much of an argument, seeing as how that is the main focus of every retail store out there.

@bcd - the restocking fee only applies to cameras, cell phones, and laptops, items that most people don't buy on a daily basis and are products that are difficult to sell once they have been opened/used. it does not apply to any other item in the store. please do research before you post false information.

@Nick - I love what I do, and I believe that liking your job is worth more than the money you could make hating your job. I do not plan on being with Best Buy forever, but at this point in my life I very much enjoy it.

again, protection plans are up to the purchaser to decide if they think it is worth the value. =)

feel free to ask any other questions.
bcd on 07/23/2009:

Restock fees also apply to camcorders, projectors, radar detectors, GPS navigation and in-car video systems. You told me to do my research first (which I did) and now it’s apparent I know the policy better than you.

I see that you didn't address the failure of BB to post the restock fee policies or the deceptive service agreement gimmick.
bbyemployee90210 on 07/24/2009:
touche, sir. I forgot to add those in. but they do fall under the "items most people don't purchase on a daily basis" category. However all items that carry a restocking fee are sealed with Best Buy stickers that clearly say "15% RESTOCKING FEE IF OPENED". You cannot even open the box without tearing this seal.

but if you purchase an item that carries a restocking fee, you should be ready to pay it if you decide you don't want it. kind of makes sense.

iworkatbby12 on 07/26/2009:
hey so I fully agree with bbyemployee90210, yes we are there to make money for Best Buy, but like they said, its retail. I as an employee and I'm sure bbyemployee90210 can agree value all opinions, but like he/she said don't throw the entire Best Buy company under the bus for one employee who is probably fired already for lack of knowledge or rudeness. Also NickL11354, buying online you don't get someone helping you through your purchase and explaining to you the ups and the downs of the products and showing you everything you need for it, and I'm sure to return the product you purchased online must be a pain. With that being said please don't throw all of Best Buy down and tell people to "beware" of us, cause 99% of employees are willing to go out of our way and help you out no matter what.
Ytropious on 07/26/2009:
"I see a lot of these reviews that could have easily been avoided by just being an educated buyer"

Yes, this is true of a huge portion of reviews on this site. For a lot of people it's easier to point the finger then admit that what happened to them may have in some way been their OWN fault.
Ron L Hudson on 08/03/2009:
I hate to see anyone loose their job, but BB is a joke! It has been caught on too many occasions doing the back-handed,under the table gimmicks to make the quick bucks, customers to the curb. It really is a policy thing, not a sales staff thing. The joke starts at the top, from people who would never stoop so low as to walk into one of their own stores. Do I smell smoke, then Rome must be burning!
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Warranty Misrepresentations, Negligent Repair, Unresponsive Executives
Posted by on
WEST HARTFORD, CONNECTICUT -- I purchased my laptop in May of 2007 from Best Buy. Around April 20, 2008, I took the laptop in for repair. I had purchased the warranty with my laptop and the sales person represented that if anything happened to it that it would be fixed in the store or I would be given a new one.

When I took the laptop in for repair in April, I was unpleasantly surprised to learn that they do not fix anything in the store and it is all shipped off to a service center. Since I am in law school and need my laptop, I had no choice but to let them ship it off. A week later I received a call from the service center saying that the repair was not under manufacturer's warranty and it would cost $543 to fix it.

I was very upset because I knew I had the warranty for anything outside of a manufacturer's repair. Well it turns out that the employee who shipped off my laptop neglected to indicate that I had such a plan. I spent hours calling around until finally someone told me the laptop would have to be shipped back to the store and then shipped back off to the service center. I again had no choice but to assent to this, however, that person actually never called the service center to tell them to take any action and the next day I received the same phone message regarding it not being under the warranty.

Finally I spoke to a manager at the Best Buy store who actually got the process started. 2 weeks after this incident, I called to check on the status of the repair and was told that parts needed to be ordered and it should be ready this week. I called on 5/21 and was told that the parts were just ordered the day before and it still wasn't ready. The rep then called me back to tell me that the laptop was in the store. I assume he did not even look the first time.

I drove 25 minutes to pick up the laptop and the computer turns on with no display. So the service center had sent it back unrepaired. I spoke to the manager who spoke to the service manager and they were unwilling to give me a new laptop. They told me it would have to be shipped back out to the service center.

I called on 5/22 to the main Best Buy customer service line and was told by a Dana Willie who is an Executive Resolution Specialist that he would contact the service center and issue an exchange if they determined it was unrepairable. Dana did not call me and actually did not bother to even follow up with me until Friday, May 30 after my numerous faxed and emailed complaints to Corporate Headquarters, the Better Business Bureau, the West Hartford store location, Federal Trade Commission, West Hartford Chamber of Commerce, and state Department of Consumer Protection.

Friday, May 23, I called to make sure that the laptop was actually sent out for repair. According to the tracking number provided to me by the employee it was not been shipped out and only the billing information had been received though a Best Buy store employee and Consumer Relations representative tried to convince me otherwise. I spoke to 4 people on Friday, May 23 from consumer relations to Best Buy employees in the store and no one has been willing to assist me and continued to transfer me to the voicemail of Dana Willie who continued not to respond until Friday, May 30 as indicated above.

The laptop did not arrive at the Geek Squad Service Center until Tuesday, May 27 and though it was “repaired” (which I have yet to determine because it is still in transit from the Service Center) on May 28, it was shipped out via UPS Ground shipping and will not arrive at the store until Monday, June 2.

Best Buy in response to my Better Business Bureau complaint and various other letters and complaints has offered me an insulting compensation of a $50 gift card. This does not even begin to address the issues associated with this transaction. It is a shame that Best Buy continues a cycle of negligence, disregard for customer needs and fraud. Throughout this transaction Best Buy has failed to perform or take quick action when they represented that they would. We will see if the laptop is actually repaired on Monday, June 2. But even if the laptop functions, this will not be the end of this issue. Best Buy needs to be held accountable for their poor customer service, consumer relations and employee training on a state and national level.

Additionally, I would comment that in speaking with Executive Resolution Specialist Dana Willie, he could not account for the reason why the service center would send back a laptop unrepaired in the first place and only stated back to me that I "raised some good points." I believe that it is his job to address those points and not to concede to them and do nothing in response. The response from Corporate is only a reflection of the lack of consumer relations and customer service skills possessed by the Best Buy employees and it is a shame that a Corporate giant believes they can solve a problem by giving someone a $50 gift card. I have told Best Buy and Dana not to send me the card and that I will never shop at Best Buy again after this experience. I advise all consumers to do the same and if you are having an issue with Best Buy, do not let them frustrate you into giving up. Continue to pursue the issue because this is obviously a systematic problem with Best Buy and Geek Squad.

If this helps one consumer, I am happy.
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Best Buy Is Terrible! Do Not Buy From Them!
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Rating: 1/51
CALIFORNIA -- Agreed! Their ads are misleading and misrepresenting...I went in a few years ago to buy a laptop for my boyfriend bc their ad said it had blu-ray rom, but of course the same model they had in the store did not come with it. They just said sorry it was "misprinted" and we can't do anything about it. I wrote a review on their page and they didn't publish it because they didn't want anyone to know the truth. So I stopped going until recently...and of course I was disappointed!!

Their sales representative sold my mom many useless things that I do not need. She bought them for my birthday and upon receiving them, I tried to return them, but the return date passed a couple of weeks after the 15 day policy. They have a policy that will allow their rewards member an extension, but their return department at the store will not allow me to return it simply because of their 15 days policy--they leave it up to their manager to decide. I've been their rewards program member since 2003, but they refused to allow me to return them. The items were never opened or used. I even wrote to them and showed them pictures after going into the store--of course they gave me the run around like to call them or go to a store, which I did call and go again without any luck.

However, the person who was returning their item that has been melted because they left it in the sun was allowed to have their item end returned even though it passed the 15 days policy as well. This is a discrimination as the manager allowed for that transaction while denying mine when mine was in perfect condition. I can even provide the approximate time and date for them to check the security cameras for proof.

I do not recommend anyone to purchase anything with them and seeing that their rating is so bad by other buyers, I can see why!!!"
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Why Is Kaspersky a Non-Refundable Item at Best Buy?
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
UNION, NEW JERSEY -- About 3 weeks ago, I bough a Kaspersky antivirus & spyware protection software at Best Buy, because my computer was running slower and slower. I came to counter at the BB store, and I asked for a solution that would not be to heavy on the system. Someone recommended Kaspersky antivirus, a name that I never heard before. After I purchased it, I installed it and I run the software, and the computer was with the same problem. Then I decide to call the 800 number that was somewhere inside the box, and I got an answer from India. I was told they needed to run a remote test on my computer to evaluate the reasons why the protection software was not fixing the problem.

After running a security check, they said my computer had been hacked, and about 60% of my system accessibility was already on the hands of hackers. Then, I asked them why after running the software I just bought did not clean the malware? The technician answered me that that security software was no good, it should be uninstalled, and I should get my money back. He would install Microsoft Security Essentials, a free software that was good. I ended up paying $199.00, to clean my computer. I even called Best Buy 800 number to get my money back, and guess what, no refunds on software. What?

After testing the product, it did not work, I spend 2 hours on the phone, I went to the store twice, and they refuse to give me my money back. I told the story to a friend of mine, and he told me that this BB, is getting famous for its gimmicks. My advice is, If you buy something at this store be very careful, but it is a much better idea, if you buy somewhere else. I spend my money on a piece of junk that does not work at all, and I am forced to.keeep it??? Besides, do not forget the $199.00, that I even should be entitled to be reimbursed, I spent because of them. SHAME ON you Best Buy! -- It should read Worst Buy!
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User Replies:
andbran on 10/31/2013:
after you buy and open up software it is non refundable anywhere. It because of a copyright law.
ok4now on 10/31/2013:
BB is well known for their horrible return policy. Having said that most stores also have a non-refundable policy on used software. Possibly if you did a direct download from Amazon they would give you a refund.

I have tried just about every security suite / antivirus / spyware protection software program on the market. What has worked best for me is Norton. Vastly improved it's not the system hog it used to be. It has kept my computer 100% safe for the past four years so I'm staying with what works.
cmthru on 10/31/2013:
Also install the free version of Malwarebytes. It may find and deal with items that MSE does not detect.

What's this about $199? BB sells Kaspersky antivirus for $40 for a one-year license.
nikalseyn on 10/31/2013:
I know of no business that will accept a return of opened software. Think about it: once opened, the assumption is you installed it and now want to get your money back even tho you still have the software on your computer, etc.

As an aside, you not only wasted your money by buying Kaspersky, but by paying someone to install free a free software program onto your machine, ie., Microsoft SecurityEssentials. There are many, many free anti-virus programs out there like Avast, AVG, MS Security Essentials, etc that you could have downloaded for free and run on your machine to check for malware. Now you know. Kaspersky is good, but you do not have to pay for these programs---just do a search at to see what Kim Komando has for free, as an example of how to find these programs.
clutzycook on 10/31/2013:
Call Kaspersky. They might be willing to refund your money. I had to do the same thing a couple years ago with an antivirus software from another company that did not work with my computer. I sent them the software, they sent me a check.
Likes Beefpies on 10/31/2013:
I'd like to know the name of a store that you can return open and used software.... don't want open and returned food or underwear, just software.
azRider on 10/31/2013:
That is how it is everywhere. once you open and install the software its yours. they won't take it back. just curious you said you called the number in the box, I assume you mean Kaspersky support. and they told you to uninstall it and use the free version of microsoft? that is very odd. Normally Kaspersky will work on it for hours and never tell you to return their own software. seems strange.
FoDaddy19 on 10/31/2013:
No store accepts returns on open software. It's not just BBY. BBY does take some deserved criticism. But in this case it's not fair to single out BBY for this policy. I would humbly suggest that the OP better educate him/herself on industry-wide policy next time he/she decides to purchase retail software. I also find it curious that Kaspersky would instruct the OP to return it's own software and go with a competitor...very strange.
arara on 10/31/2013:
How can some people think it is normal to get stuck with an item, that can only be useful if it is tested to work? It did not work, and it is impossible to find out before testing it. Helloooo! Do they work for BB?

There is no way anybody can keep a free program because everything is monitored from a cloud registration. What is in question here is good will, and good business practice.

Besides, what I paid for cleaning the computer, proves way and beyond that the quality standards of this product is a disgrace.
arara on 10/31/2013:
Thank you Klutzycook.
FoDaddy19 on 11/01/2013:
Arara wrote : "How can some people think it is normal to get stuck with an item, that can only be useful if it is tested to work?"

When it comes to computer software there are no guarantees of functionality because of the many, many, possible hardware configurations and possible condition that computer may be in this one of the reasons retail software is never returnable to the retailer. There's also the piracy/copyright issue as well.

"There is no way anybody can keep a free program because everything is monitored from a cloud registration."

There are cracks/hacks/keygen programs available for just about any software product. Piracy is still very much an issue.

"Besides, what I paid for cleaning the computer proves way and beyond that the quality standards of this product is a disgrace."

If you had a virus that's firmly entrenched on your computer before you installed the software then you're probably not going to have much success. In that situation a manual cleaning using a battery of anti-malware programs is usually called for. Using an anti-virus program after the fact is often akin trying to treat a gunshot wound with a band-aid.

With that said, Klutycook's suggestion is worth pursuing, they may or may not refund your money, but it won't hurt to explain the situation and ask.
trmn8r on 11/02/2013:
This is standard with computer software - once it is opened it is not returnable. It sounds like you possibly had a rootkit - not normally able to be removed with an off the shelf piece of software. The fault here IMO was in a CSR recommending the product in the first place.
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