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How to Lose a Long Term Customer over $160
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Rating: 1/51

CORPORATE, MINNESOTA -- Is it any wonder that Best Buy is headed out of business?!? As a 20+ year customer who has bought tens or thousands of dollars in electronics from this national chain, I just experienced their decision to discard my patronage over $150 in warranty coverage, brilliant! In October 2011 I purchased the new iPhone 4s the day it was released. Rather than purchasing through AT&T as with previous iPhones, I decided to give BB a try at their Palm Beach Gardens Florida store.

The representative at the store talked me into purchasing the 2-year warranty coverage on the phone by comparing their coverage to what AT&T offered. He explicitly explained than compared to the carrier's coverage, BB would replace the phone due to any damage if you simply brought it into any store in any condition (damaged, waterlogged, whatever). He specifically stated that as long as it was not lost, the phone would be replaced with a new one. Guess I should have questioned further the validity of that sales pitch (don't tell me these guys don't have some type of incentive or quota to sell warranties!), but for 18 months I had no issues.

Then on a trip back to Florida in April I dropped my phone and broke the front glass. Since I was flying back to my new home in Idaho the next day, I took it in to get a replacement phone. What I experienced was the "Best Buy Shuffle", shuffling the customer off to the Geek Squad or off to the 800 number without any interest whatsoever in solving the customer's problem.

My "replacement" warranty that I was sold turned out to be a 3-day send it out refurbishment program that required coming back to the store to pick it up. Being nowhere near a BB store in Idaho, I needed a solution right then and there. After much "shuffling" that store and another Orlando BB store the next day, the district Mobile manager the next day said "no way" to a replacement phone. The solution I then found was a two-hour glass replacement at a strip mall repair facility before my flight.

Upon demanding a refund of the misrepresented warranty coverage, I was told that all they could do was cancel my warranty coverage and give me a pro-rated refund. After hours of talking to various corporate departments at the agent and supervisor level, this heretofore loyal customer was told the best they could do to keep my business was a $75 gift certificate. Once again BB attempts to cover their sales tactics by negotiating with enticements back to their stores, very transparent.

In explaining to the last corporate customer relationship representative I spoke with that they were about to lose my future business over this refusal to refund a warranty that was not used, he took a combative stance explaining that I was the one making the decision not to shop at BB in the future, not them. Who is the customer and who is the vendor? Do they think they are bestowing a privilege to let me pay them thousands of dollars for electronics?!?

Now I want to highlight my experience to the Wall Street analysts that cover BB and the BB board members. Perhaps Mr. Joly needs to hear how his policies are losing his failing consumer electronics warehouse firm loyal customers such as myself while negatively influencing my family members and friends. What is the old saying "Good news travels fast, bad news travels at the speed of light"?

Worst Customer Service Ever
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Rating: 1/51

CHANLDER, ARIZONA -- Best Buy's/Geek Squad 5 Point Pledge #4: Do what it takes to make it right. Boy has Best Buy failed this miserably. 1/30: Take my Galaxy Note 2 in for repair (GPS doesn't work at all, everything else is fine). Worked at Best Buy in Chandler, AZ, was told and I quote "Normally these phones come back within 48 hours, but the policy is 3-5 days". I made it very clear this is used for my job and that 5 days is the max I can wait as that would fall on a Sunday/Monday and I could use my phone again for my job. 1/31: I called Best Buy to check on the status of my phone, the lady said "nothing yet".

2/1: I called Best Buy to check on the status of my phone. Same lady answered and said "sorry still not in". 2/2: I called Best Buy to check on the status of my phone, same lady yet again and the answer "sorry still not here, this could take up to 5 days". I explain that It's for work and I'm just making sure it comes in on time as promised. 2/3: I called Best Buy to check on the status of my phone, same lady again and she already checked for me and told me it'€™s still not in.

2/4: I called Best Buy to check on the status of my phone, someone transferred me to the Mobile Dept. The guy takes my phone number down and tells me he is checking the status now. He said that it still isn't in and how long has it been. I say "this is day 5 and I was promised my phone back". The Best Buy representative tells me, in a very rude voice "you are just going to have to wait as it'€™s not in yet and we have no control over this€. I hang up out of frustration. 2/5: I called Best Buy again to check on the status of my phone. Today they tell me "I'm sorry it's on back order, anywhere up to 2-3 weeks for that to come in."

I've called every day for 6 days and on day 6 all the sudden my phone has a 2-3 week delay now! I spoke to the Manager ** at Chandler Best Buy. He tells me there is nothing the store can do as they don't have the power to make the call on a replacement phone. I work with ** for about 1hr and get nothing but "call Geek Squad as they can make the decision".

I call the Geek Squad, 35 minutes of being transferred around and telling my story to 4 different people I finally get a Manager who says they can help me. They put me on old and tell me "we are trying to find you a loaner phone now". I explain that I have a loaner phone (HTC Desire 4g) and it's not powerful enough for my business needs.

I spend 1/½ hours on the phone with Geek Squad for them to tell me the following: they do not see any back orders in their system (yet the local Best Buy says they see a 2-3 week back order); they do not have the power to ship me a new phone ASAP and that'€™s done by the store; they are unsure to why ** at Best Buy had me call them, he should have called them; they gave ** instructions on how to get me a new phone through the "Bridge" within 24hours. I was instructed to work with ** at Best Buy.

I call ** while having Geek Squad on the other phone, they both agree I need to work with ** as he will be contacting the Bridge for me to get me a phone within 24 hours. ** hangs up with me and calls me back after talking to the Bridge. He tells me "5 days for them to respond to this escalation". 5 days!!! I ask to speak to a store manager, he's out at lunch.

It's now 7:30pm, I'™ve been on the phone since 4:30pm trying to get a straight answer from Best Buy to find out when my phone will be as now my job is affected due to this. I talk to the store manager ** and he tells me if I don't get a replacement phone in 5 MORE days that he will write one off in store for me.

This is nice and all however I was promised 5 days to begin with, I made it very clear this is a work phone and my job depends on it, and still nothing. ** was absolutely useless and wasted more of my time. He gave me the Regional Manger's number ** which I called, left a VM and never heard anything back. I have a feeling this is the wrong number as its a girl's voicemail but I left a message anyway.

The thing I find comical about this is after my 3 hours of fighting with Best buy I get an email from Geek Squad saying my phone was ready to ship out. Did I really have to spend 3 hours fighting with Best buy when you promise "Do what it takes to make it right"? I still don't have a phone and now I'm forced to buy one at full price due to Best Buy's horrible customer service. I'm done with Best Buy as a company and will never shop there again or use their online store either. The customer service is horrible and I now understand why this company is on the verge of going under.

Broken appliances - NO customer service
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Rating: 1/51

KENNESAW, GEORGIA -- We bought a washer, dryer and dishwasher from Best Buy about a month ago. They sent me an e-mail the following Wednesday saying they would call between 7-9 PM Friday to set up a delivery time. Then they sent me the same e-mail on Thursday and again on Friday. I waited, they never called.

When I called the store on Saturday asking when they were going to deliver they said it would be between noon and 4PM that day (Saturday). I asked what happened to the call on Friday and they said that they had left a message at noon that day. The idea of this tactic is that when they tell you the time you will have no input into if you are going to be able to be there or not. It is that simple, you are either there or you don't get it.

When they showed up to deliver and install the appliances the installer was in a bad mood and swore the entire time. During the installation they managed to crack in half the drain pan that the washing machine was sitting in, scratch the face of the dishwasher, crack the pipe from the drain to the sewer for the dishwasher connection, they did not install the venting from the dryer to the outside of the house correctly (I am afraid to use the dryer for fear it will catch the house on fire) and the dishwasher dryer cycles does not work.

We have called the store several times to complain and to get this issue resolved and they keep saying that the manager will call me back and he never has (it has been 3 weeks). They keep putting me in touch with the salesman who does not have the authority to do anything. I finally found out about a division they have called the Public Defender who I was told has the authority to do all kinds of magical things (another lie).

When I called he apologized (as they all do) and then he set the wheels in motion (as he put it) to get the issue resolved. The problem is now that he is off for the next 2 days (I hope it was 2 days and not 2 weeks) and that nobody else is allowed to continue on with resolving my problem on getting a delivery time set up till he gets back on Wednesday.

I can only guess that because he is off, they are going to close all of the stores and offices till he gets back. He must be the only one with any authority to do anything. The entire company must be waiting on him for everything. When he does get back on Wednesday and tries to set up a delivery they will already be booked solid and they will schedule me for the end of the day. Also, they give you a 4 hour time window and expect you to be there waiting on them the entire time! We have done this for 3 weekends now and still have not had any results. I can only imagine how bad a shape Best Buy must be in when he goes on vacation!

The second mistake I made was putting this on a Best Buy's charge (the first was buying it from Best Buy). You have no rights to dispute this with the credit company if it is on a Best Buy card. Normally I would just tell VISA (or whoever) that I am disputing the charge and Best Buy would not get a penny till the issue was resolved. It is not worth a 10% discount when they destroy your home. Anything that I saved and more will be spent fixing all the problems they have caused and trying to get the bad appliances they supplied replaced.

If you look at the Investors Report you will see that their number one goal is to expanding into China, not to improve customer service. This is because they have ruined their reputation in this country and are hoping that the people in China will be stupid enough to accept their policies and not question their authority.

I have no idea what I can do to resolve this issue promptly since the guy handling my case is off for the next couple of days. The store manager refuses to call anybody back at any time, they will not assign my case to somebody else to resolve and they will not get a General Manager or District Manager involved or allow me to contact them.

I am guessing they want me to pursue this as a legal matter. I can while Best Buy is having financial difficulties and will soon be following the same path as Circuit City. It is my fault for not buying the appliances at Lowe's or someplace else to begin with.

iPod Product Replacement Plan - Total Junk

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Best Buy offers Product Replacement Plans that, while you are fumbling for your cards and cash, sound wonderful because they use the selling line 'you can get a new one for FREE if you have ANY trouble with this product'. This is a total lie.

I went to turn in my iPod Touch (with the receipt from when I purchased the unit), which had a faulty volume button that would turn all the way up if it was bumped just right, and after having my ear drums blown out of my skull, I would have to fumble for the device to access the touch screen in order to turn it down. When I took it to Best Buy to have it replaced (as stated in their replacement plan), they were supposed to have a Geek Squad member check it out and see if it would qualify.

A customer service representative (bear in mind, blue shirts, not Geek Squad in any way, shape or form), came to the desk, listened to my complaint about the device, took one look at it, and tossed it back to me. She then proceeded to remove two dollars from the cash drawer, handed them to me, and told me this was a 'refund' on the plan. Refund? I didn't ask for a refund. I asked for them to repair/replace my iPod like they said they would. She quickly walked away, and no one else would come to talk to me for 5 minutes.

The next person that wandered up to that was wearing a blue shirt as well, and asked if I had been helped. I said "I kind of had" - in which they immediately told me to leave because they were closing the store (at 8 pm... Which we all know was a lie). I left in a huff because I was so angry. When I dug up the formal paperwork on the plan, I read that in fact I was covered. Taking it back to the store, I was again told that they couldn't help me and that apparently, my coverage ran out at midnight that day. Once again, they told me to leave because there was 'nothing they could do'.

So, again angry, I called their quality desk at the corporate number. Surely enough, I was correct (again... You can tell this is annoying by this point...). The man that answered (a quality associate) told me to go to the next nearest store (in Winston Salem) and try to get them to replace it. But thanks to the amount of time I had by this point (35 minutes until all stores closed at 10 pm) this was impossible.

Thanks to the slackers at Best Buy, I got jipped out of $50 on a $300 unit replacement plan. I've spent well over $4000 at this store ALONE. You think they would consider the value of their customers more. Apparently, the average citizen is not considered at Best Buy #155- Greensboro. To preserve your sanity, do not purchase ANYTHING from these people. They've lost all of my business from here on out.

Charge for antenna
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My complaint begins with the radio and antenna installation I had at the Plattsburgh NY store. My daughter bought the radio for her father's birthday in July. Soon afterward the reception would go in and out especially when it rained. We went back to the store and spoke to the installation person and he said it could be a pinched wire. Since it was installed at the store I thought they should be the one to repair it or put in another antenna.

The service person then informed me I would have to buy a new antenna and pay for installation if I could not find my receipt. I told him he should be able to find installation after a certain date (birthday) with purchase of radio. He looked for it and said he couldn't find it in his computer. I finally gave up. The reception finally got to the point where we wouldn't use the $400 radio and the $188 charge for the service at all because of no reception. (It wasn't even two years old.)

We made a few other trips to the store to find out if there was another answer (total of 8 trips in all at $4.00 a gallon for gas, in all to date) with another tech. I asked if there was another antenna that we could use and he said that was the only antenna available, so I didn't have an option if we wanted to use the expensive radio. I was told the same thing over again. Finally I got fed up and went again and asked for the Mgr. He said that he would take care of the installation and there wouldn't be a charge.

I brought the car in and the tech looked at it and said that the antenna case on the top of the car was cracked and water leaked into the inside where the chips were and it was all rusted. He said he had never seen one like this and I said it probably was defected when it was purchased (since everything comes from China). He said he would install a new antenna and I should not be charged for it.

When I got a call that the car was done he informed me that he spoke to the Mgr and he said I would have to pay for the antenna but not the installation since installation is guaranteed and there wouldn't have been a charge any way. Needless to say I was enraged after all I had been through to get this mess straighten out.

When I got to the store I asked to see the Mgr. I was fit to be tied as I had made arrangements to have the car picked up as there wasn't supposed to be a charge. The Mgr informed me that (against the technicians recommendation as he has installed other antenna's with different problems and customers weren't charged and they was an unusual situation) I would have to pay for a new antenna. I told him that the store should stand behind the product that they sell, that I had no other alternative but to have this antenna if I was to use the radio that I purchased there.

He was very defensive and not very obligating and we were standing in the middle of the store arguing (very unprofessional). He wasn't offering any other alternative other than to uninstall the antenna. I told him “This was fine if there was another antenna that I could use with this radio.” He said and the tech confirmed, that this was the only antenna that they have and the only one that would work with my radio.

The Mgr came on very defensive, didn't know how to diffuse an upset customer, very unprofessional in his attitude and almost to the point of being rude. He then asked what I wanted. I said I should not have to pay for a defected product that your store carries and you should back your product.

I would get better refund and adjustment service for a return at Walmart. He argued with me for about 15 to 20 minutes till I was at my wits end. (This is good customer care - I DON'T THINK So!! I guess customer satisfaction is not in their motto.) Finally he said again “What do you want.” I said then “If you won't back your product, I have no other alternative but to keep this antenna. The least you could do is give me a discount.” He then asked “Like what.” I told him “at least half off.” By then it was the principle of the situation rather than the monetary value.

I wasn't looking for anything just what was right from a good customers point of view (my family has spent thousands of dollars in purchases in this store). I thought the reputation of a store was up most with customer satisfaction with sales and service. If he had offered a 20 or 30% discount I probable would have taken it as a sign of good faith but I was really fed up after almost 1/2 hour him on this topic.

I don't think I was being unreasonable to ask a store to back their product when there is no other alternative. I really do hope this gets to the District Manager, as I was told by the Mgr that he owned this store (ha! ha!) and there was no one else I could speak to as I had requested this at the beginning of our conversation. I had worked retail for 10 years and learned how to diffuse an angry or upset person and this definitely was not in the book.

Stay clear of Best Buy
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FOLSOM, CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I bought two Samsung phones through Best Buy in Feb. 2010. Our phones would not hold a charge more than ½ day so I called Folsom Best Buy on 12/10/10 and asked them if I could order some batteries for our cell phones they told me I would have to come to the store to initiate the order.

So on 12/13/10 we went to order the Samsung batteries at the Folsom Best Buy on Iron Point Way. We were in the store over two hours because the clerk tried to order them on the Geek squad computer (help desk) which they found they couldn't do. The computer in the cell phone area and where the Geek Squad are not compatible. So then they took me back to the cell phone area and called Best Buy customer service. I don't think the clerk that was helping me was from that dept because it did not seem like he knew what he was doing but he was trying. After two hours in the store we were ready to leave.

The clerk told me they were ordered and I should receive them within 7-14 working days at this time I received no paperwork but just glad the order was done and we could leave. 1/4/2011 around 2pm we went to Best Buy in Folsom to inquire about what the status of our batteries for our Samsung cell phones that we ordered over two weeks ago(12/13/10). ** helped as best she could. My complaint is not with her but with you.

What good is it to have insurance when something goes wrong if what is wrong is not available to the consumer? Meaning we ordered two batteries for these phones like I said two weeks ago (at that time it took over two hours for the Best Buy clerk to get through to customer service and get the order right) and now we were told today that there is no ETA on this either because Best Buy does not have them in stock nor do they manufacture them so they have to be ordered and Best Buy is waiting on the order to come in? My order #'s are= **. This is what the clerk gave me on 12/13/10 as reference #'s.

** said that it is unusual for batteries to go bad? Does it matter what part of this phone goes bad? If I need batteries they should be at my disposal or tell me what the heck good is it to have your insurance we could have bought the batteries for as much as I have invested into this insurance this year! Now I have always bought products from you and have been quite satisfied till now. In fact we were thinking of buying a television but I have my doubts that I would want to buy one through you when I cant even get a couple of simple batteries to keep my phone charged more than a day! You tell me what I should do? Then again you tell me what you would do?

I thought this would be such a simple request that has turned into a nightmare of waiting, complaining and frustration. We pay $6.99 per phone for insurance that is $13.98 a month for what you tell me? No telling how much longer we have to wait to get these. I am so dissatisfied it is unbelievable. Why can't I just get the battery from the store when I go in? Why do they have to be sent to me? This is such bad customer service?

I called 1-888 237 8289 today and talked to ** a representative for Best Buy after explaining my problem to him he told me that it doesn'€™t look like the order was completed that is why I have not received the batteries I requested? I asked ** how that could be when I had the order #s of **. These were given to me the SECOND time I had gone to Folsom Best Buy and asked them what had happened to my battery order?

I asked to speak to a Sup I was given **, I told him I was so tired of explaining this dilemma. What I needed is a resolution to this request. He told me that he sees that there are quite a few people who have dropped the ball and he said he would get me the batteries I needed plus a $20 gift certificate. ** told me I should receive the batteries by Jan 24th. At this time ** did not ask for any S/N on these phones he just reviewed what had been done for me which was basically nothing. He apologized and ordered them.

1/20/11 We received only 1 battery from UPS today at about 2:30pm that is why called Best Buy customer service and I got on ** on the phone at 3:10pm asking her where my other battery was? I tried to tell ** how upset I was about all the mishaps that had happened and all the time I had invested in this and ** told me, "lets move forward and not sit in the past!" I told her "you have to learn from the past before you can move on otherwise we are going to make the same mistakes and I am sick of the mistakes being made!" She told me she had to call parts and I told her I would hold.

She said ** ordered these phones and I told her no I got them and pay for the insurance. She asked if he was there and I said yes. She asked if we could get the s/n off the phone. I asked her where it could be found. We finally found it behind the battery and was too hard to read. We finally gave her the s/n and she said she would call us back. ** finally called back and told us in a rude manner "You gave me the wrong number." I told her "let me look at it again." I told her that give us a minute we will get the magnifying glass to read the numbers better. She said, "that is your problem you are giving people the wrong s/n#s."

I told her "wait a minute ** my husband is 72 years old and I am 62 years old and our eyes are not the same as they used to be." That was mighty rude. We had made a mistake one of the numbers was actually a letter but the s/n is so small. Anyway there was no excuse for her to be so rude she will be where we are some day and I hope no one treats her like she treated us. I also told her that if we would have known she was going to ask for that we could have had it ready but ** never asked for the s/n. She then said she would call me back when she got the battery ordered.

1/20 ** calls back. 4:45pm just called back and told me that she has ordered the battery and it should arrive within 7-14 working days. She told me she could give me a $25 gift certificate and I told her no way I want $40 and the $20 that ** promised me also. She said then she is through with my call. I told her, "No you are not through with my call till you follow through and make sure I receive my battery and the gift certificates then you are through." I also told her that my anger and disappointment is not directly at you as though it might seem that way but there have been so many people that have dropped the ball including your co-worker **.

I told him I needed two batteries for the two phones and he ordered 1 battery. I had told him I pay 13.99 a month for two phones and I needed two batteries (1 for each phone what part of that did he not understand?). ** told me "who's to say that you didn't get two batteries?" I told her "I resent that comment. I hope you aren't trying to insinuate that I am being dishonest?" I told her "I have a slip that shows only 1 battery was ordered. You cannot hold me responsible for everyone's inefficiency. I am not satisfied with the insurance or the customer service I have received. I respect efficiency and effective service I have received neither."

I told ** I could have gone down into Sacramento to Batteries Plus and bought the batteries I needed right away instead of waiting and still waiting on a service that was supposed to be reliable and dependable. Well that is what they told me when I signed up??? I have spent $167.76 this year on insurance for these phones and all I wanted was a couple of Samsung batteries? What is your take on all of this!!! What would you do if you were me?

2/3/2011 (4:05 pm) Called Best Buy contact was ** I gave him my case # and order#. I asked him to look at the notes and help me out. He said he had no access to the parts dept so he was going to have to turn me over to them. ** after looking at the notes he apologized to me and said that the bad customer service that I received might have been due to the seasonal help they hire during that time. ** did give me confirmation order #'s for the new battery is: ** and the order # for the return is: **. He was very cordial and was sorry he couldn't have done more to help me. Now that is good customer service compared to what I have experienced so far.

I have been turned over to ** in the Geek Squad I gave him the information he asked for and he told me that my order had been cancelled because it was sent in as a duplicate order. So no one contacted me I would have never known what happened! I told him I wanted a refund for the insurance I have been paying on for over a year. He told me "I understand your frustration and I would be upset too." He told me he was going to talk to Corporate Office and let them know what is happening so please hold for a few minutes.

I told him my husband is 72 years old and has diabetes and high blood pressure I use these phones all the time it is imperative that I have these working. He said he would relay my concerns and put me on hold. ** from Corporate office is on the phone now I told him what I wanted and he told me he couldn't do any of what I asked. So why did he waste my time? He told me he was going to turn me over to Customer Care? It is now 5:10pm and I have been disconnected "please hang up and dial the toll-free # again."

5:15pm I call back and get a hold of ** in Geek Squad and she tries to put me over to Monthly billing which is closed and she said that is probably why I was disconnected. Well thank you for that great exceptional customer service where your call counts. She told me to call back tomorrow!!! 2/4/11: Called back 12:10pm Rep did not give me a name she forwarded me to the Mobile Unit while music played for 10 min. 12:30pm Elise said she cannot help me and forwarded me to her supervisor and then I am disconnected.

12:31pm Call back Cust Rep no name I told her I had been disconnected and would like to talk to **. She told me she did not know anyone by that name but forwarded me to Corporate Office. 12:45pm ** said "I will more than happy to cancel your plan but I cannot give you a refund." He said "I am awfully sorry for what has taken place here but I do not have the power to issue a refund."

I said "I have waited this long to someone like yourself to get a resolution to this matter and all I get is an apology. I have had those since this all started and you know they don't mean much to me anymore what a want is a resolution to this problem. Every time I call they tell me that I am going to receive exceptional customer service that is a guarantee." I told ** I need to talk to someone above you. 1:00pm I have been turned over to ** (Customer Relations) tells me there is nothing she can do for me. No refund.

I guess I am writing this is so no one like me is tricked into getting their fabulous cell phone insurance. Buyer beware. It is not all what it is cracked up to be. Don't be a fool like I was, stay clear if it is too good to be true it usually is.

Customer No-Service
By -

I just visited your store at the River City Marketplace in Jacksonville FL. As I was selecting the item I wanted to purchase (tax software) the sales clerk was very nice and attentive. No problems, so far so good. When I went to the front to checkout, all the registers were closed off and I had to go to customer service to checkout, once again no problem. As I stood at customer service there was only one customer at the counter being helped.

There were two other associates behind the counter, one that was carrying on a lengthy conversation with what appeared to be a vendor and another young man that said he couldn't ring me up but he'd get someone. A few seconds later he came out and said he was on the phone and the clerk just walked off. All this time the other associate was just chatting it up. I don't know what they were talking about but it shouldn't matter while there is a paying customer waiting. The associate that was helping the other customer could see I was getting irritated and he interrupted the gabfest going on and asked the other female associate to help me.

By this time I was already aggravated and this associate did nothing to make things better. All she had to do was the slightest bit apologetic but instead she was indifferent and seemed as I was an inconvenience to her. Then when she did scan the item it rang up a different price than the posted amount. When I asked her about the different price she said "You got to pay tax." As if I didn't know I had to pay tax. I probably pay more taxes in a year than she makes in a year. I told her I understood that but the item rang up wrong. She looked at me and rolled her eyes as if to say that's not my problem.

At this point I was done. I told her to cancel the transaction. I didn't need her attitude any longer. Then she said "Have a nice day" with a sarcastic tone in my perception. As I left the store I asked the gentleman at the door if there was a comment card or a way to file a complaint. He seemed genuinely concerned and wanted to help but I was beyond help at this point and I do regret not giving him a chance to make things right. I am in retail and I have to say if my customers were treated the way I was by my associates serious disciplinary action would be in order.

I know you get plenty of complaint emails and this will probably be deleted and forgotten about. Being in retail myself I understand this is not the kind of comment you want to share with the CEO, but it meant enough to me to share my bad experience with you. I believe it will be a long time before Best Buy gets any more of my business.

Sorry Management and Employees
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WINSTON SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- Well I had the worst experience with Best Buy in Winston-Salem store # 158. Husband went there to get a battery for his cellular which has a service plan with Best Buy and it was like a nightmare. He went in on Sunday the 1-30-2011 at opening at 11am and spent over a hour and a half in this location cause nobody knew what they was doing. He run from Geek Squad to cellular dept. the whole time and never got his battery ordered for him like covered on his plan.

Instead he had to ask someone else if they had a battery there to fit his phone and they did so he had to pay 53.86 for a battery that should have been free to him if the employees at the cellular phone dept. valued their customers but they didn't this day. So I called and spoke to a manager on this same day and they said "I will look into it and call you back."

Well they did call back but left me a voice mail saying that my husband should have never went through all that and that he would refund us for the battery he bought or order us a new one either way and he would call back on Monday to see what I wanted to do. Well to make a long story short he never called me back. I called the manager on Wednesday the 2-3-2011 and spoke to them and I let them know I just wanted a refund and he said "OK I have your receipt in my car. I will go get it." And I said "well he paid with a debit card." He said "well it will have to be a cash refund and I will put it in the mail for you."

Well today is Monday the 7th of Feb and haven't received a refund yet called again to store spoke to manager said they would look to see what had been done and call me back but never called back. I took it upon myself and call consumer relations for Best Buy the lady there ended up hanging up on me so I filed a report with Better Business Bureau so I will see what happens now.

This store needs new managers in it and I also have saved the recorded message from the manager about the refund in my phone. I will not go back to this store again. I have been run around the block for over a week and no refund been given yet. If you have had problems at this store and dealt with the same manager I did then I know you are going through a lot of mess too. I hope the BBB calls this company and I am not letting this go until I get my refund I was promised. The employees at this location are not friendly either in person or over phone so if you want good business don't go here to Best Buy in Winston-Salem.

Communications and Customer Service Issues
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SARATOGA SPRINGS, NEW YORK -- I was at this (Best Buy) Saratoga Springs, NY on Jan. 23, 2011. Overall experience was okay. Was given the option to update my address and spent about 4 min. doing so with the cashier. Next visit Jan. 27, 2011 the WORST experience ever with Best Buy.

Was looking for an item and a sales person ask us promptly if we needed help but had no knowledge about anything in the area. I had a RZ CERT so I went to the customer kiosk. Surprise, Surprise it would not print. So pulled the RZ CERT on my phone and was going to have the cashier type in the string of numbers. Came to the cashier and found out my address was not update from the last visit and the cashier said she couldn't type in the numbers because she was the only cashier (BTW there was one other person behind us, a BEST BUY employee with a soda). She then refused and sent us over to Customer Service.

After waiting about 8 min. in line the Customer Service lady said she could not do this. You can only imagine how much I loved the fact that you don't give a flip about my time. The lady said because of privacy issues she could not pull our information up. We ask her to, please, type in the numbers and knew it would work. After all of that I went back to the cashier to inform her you can type in the numbers from a RZ CERT. Not to be mean but to help with knowledge, oh no, she would not have it. "I am the only cashier so I can't do that, she can print out the RZ CERT."

So basically it's not that she couldn't she WOULDN'T. This store has no training in Customer Service and I am absolutely appalled by the fact you don't care about my time and money so why should I give you my money. I expect an apology for this outrageous behaviour. Dissatisfied customer.

Was working on 01/27/2011 at 13:20 (ALL THREE): The person (female) working as the ONLY Cashier had some serious attitude issues. It was that she couldn't help us it was that she wouldn't; the person (female) working as the ONLY Customer Service was unsure of things she could take care of but did tried; the person (female, has 10 yr old grandchild) over by external Hard Drives tried to help but was unsure so asked but the answer she gave you didn't carry it so we spent 10 minutes for something she recommend but didn't have.

OVERALL you have some serious Communications and Customer Service Issues!!!

"Ooh I'm Scared"
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IRVING, TEXAS -- Recently on November 10th I was in your Irving, Tx location. I wanted to purchase a PS3 and ended up leaving without one due to the service I received by one of your managers (Bob). I was looking at my different options and found a bulk stack of PS3's including a HDMI cable, controller, and a remote control, attached with a rubber band. The sign placed on this item said "PS3 160gb 299.99". When I went to check out your cashier quoted me a much higher price.

The manager on duty (Bob) met me in the gaming dept. He verified the sign and told me that it didn't state that the other items were part of the price. I agreed with him and stated he needed to clarify it better so consumers wouldn't think it was all included for the 299.99 price. He then pointed to a sign 10 feet away from the floor stack and stated it was listed. This store had 4 different locations of PS3 bundles.

As a consumer how am I to know I have to look for one sign on a shelf to find out the price of an item stacked on the floor? I am a store manager and when I am purchasing a item, I look for the small print on the signs, due to dealing with customers that don't clearly read signs. This sign did not clarify what was or was not included. Nonetheless, I understood the pricing.

The problem that I really had is with the manager that assisted me, he had an extremely bad attitude, very defensive posture, and a condescending tone. He was very rude when it came to discussing the placements of the signs. I was floored and very turned off by his tone with me. I explained that I was going to call customer relations and report him, at which point he (Bob) pulled his clipboard up to his face and then replied "Ooh I'm scared."

I was stunned. I have never encounter such an unprofessional manager in my life. If you do not believe me, I'm sure you have video surveillance of my encounter with Bob. Immediately after this encounter, I got into my vehicle and I called your customer relations dept. and reported this manager (Bob). I have never called and complained about any service I have received before that day. My company would have fired me immediately if I ever abused any of our customers the way I have been.

Consequently, I have purchased a PS3 at Target for 299.99 which included a free controller and a 20.00 networking card. It has now been a week since I first placed a call to customer relations and I still have not received a follow up call from anyone within your company regarding this matter. Several weeks earlier I purchased 3 laptops from this same location. Does Best Buy Even Care? It appears that this will be my last purchase made by my family at any of your stores due to your blatant lack of concern regarding this matter.

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