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Nightmare Purchase
By -

LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- I originally purchased a Sony Bravia Television model KDL46W5100 on 12/3/09 at the Lancaster, PA Best Buy. The TV came as package with a Playstation 3 and a game and movie. The purchase just by itself was a nightmare, I called into the store earlier that day and was told they would put everything on hold for me, so I could pick everything up after work. When I arrived I went to the customer service desk and told them I had a TV package waiting for me, they looked at me like I was a ghost and said they had no idea what I was talking about.

Over an hour later of getting pushed to different employees and departments, I was told they did not have any more in stock, but then after complaining about the situation they "magically found one" and I was finally able to purchase the package. I received no apology from anyone for the delay, mix up or the complete waste of my time.

The TV worked great for a little more than two weeks and then started turning itself on and off every few minutes. So I called the Lancaster Best Buy after waiting through ten minutes of just listening to a phone ring waiting for someone to pick it up. The employee that answered (who I later realized completely lied to me just to get me off the phone) told me that my model TV was not in now, but that it would be in the next few days and I could exchange it then. So I waited for two days without being able to enjoy my recent purchase.

In the meantime I called the Black Tie protection plan I purchased with the TV and the representative I spoke with informed me this was very rare and he thought I was given a floor model. Which makes perfect sense due to them telling they were out and then magically finding one in the back. When I attempted to call back into Lancaster I again waited for over ten minutes before anyone decided they wanted to answer the phone, I informed the employee of the situation and he said they are back ordered on my model TV and have no idea when they would get more in.

Starting to get upset I asked to speak to a manager about the situation and I was transferred to the home theater section, which of course came with another very long wait!! When someone finally answered I asked again for a manager only to get put back on hold again. My timer on my phone was at almost thirty minutes by now!! I finally got a customer service manager named ** {removed per forum guidelines}. I say his name because his service and complete lack of help or respect for me or the situation have completely turned me off from ever going back to the Lancaster Best Buy again.

I admit I was upset when I finally got to him, but rightfully so, there is no reason someone should get the runaround trying to exchange a two-week old defective product. I told him the customer service in his store is horrible, and no one should have to wait that long to speak to someone and that I have been on the phone for almost half an hour now. ** gave no apology and simply said they are just too busy right now (It makes me wonder what kind of company he is hoping to run and model to his fellow employees when you have no time for customers, who kind of are the reason a retail store is even able to be in business).

I told ** my situation and he said that because there are no more TV's left I would have to wait for more to come in or just return it and there is nothing he can do right now. I told him that it's unacceptable to have a broken TV after two weeks and for you guys to not help is ridiculous, I should be receiving a comparable model to fix the situation. We went back and forth over the matter only for ** to tell me I was being "hostile" and to complain to 1-888-Best-Buy. I never once swore or threatened him so calling me hostile is a joke.

At this point I asked to speak the GM, however ** refused to transfer me or give me the full name of his GM only telling me he goes by **. I asked ** "what is your last name because I'm calling back in for your GM to tell him how you have treated me," he refused of course again and said that I needed to take my complaints to 1-888-Best-Buy and that the call was over.

I called 1-888-Best-Buy and lodged a complaint with the customer relations department. The representative called the store back (which must have taken her awhile to get someone to answer the phone there, because it was a very long wait until she got back to me). Once she finally got a hold of ** we were on a three way call where he offered me a lower model TV (** offered me a V-series and have the W-series) BUT he wanted me to pay $100 for the exchange.

I become very upset for two reasons. First off I told him that the TV he is offering me is lower end model than what I originally purchased. ** however, tried to lie and say it wasn't, before I told I'm on the Best Buy website right now and it says so right here. ** still being the non-helpful "manager" he is would not offer anything else or even a simple apology for the his actions towards me, trying to lie to me, or situation I was in. I told him I'm not looking to take advantage of the situation and get a higher model TV for free but I want something comparable.

He finally offered another series TV but wanted $300 for the difference stating he was giving me a deal. I told him "this was ridiculous, I didn't break the TV and I was given a defective product. Since you don't have any more of the same TV you should be taking care me of and fixing the situation instead trying to get me to pay even more money to fix your problem." ** didn't budge and basically said it was either buy the other TV, wait till a new one comes in, or just return it. ** said he would try to check stock with other stores to see what he could find and call me back in a couple minutes.

He called back and found nothing but would not replace the TV unless I put out more money. I realize there are differences in prices with different TV's however a customer should not be told you have to wait until who knows when to get a new replacement or shell out more money to fix the defective product we gave you and apparently don't even stand by. At this point any credibility ** had with me was completely out the window now, after him trying to lie to me and basically saying either return everything or wait for however long to get a new one.

I tried to call ** the next day only to again wait for someone to pick it up. After about ten minutes of just ringing I decided to call another location. I called the York, PA Best Buy and guess what, they picked right up right away. The associate was very helpful and transferred me to a manager right away. The manager I spoke to this time was ** {removed per forum guidelines} and he was one of the most helpful and friendliest managers I have ever met. After explaining the situation to him, he apologized repeatedly (something ** never once did, he just refused to help) and told me he would do whatever he could to fix the situation and take care of me.

** informed me the only model TV he had left in stock in the Bravia 5100 series was a Z-series the highest model they in that series. Instead of telling me I needed to pay a couple hundred dollars for the difference to exchange their defective product he instead said he would do everything for only $50. I was shocked at first because the customer care I received with ** had turned me had all but completely turned me off from Best Buy altogether. ** however just said he wanted to take care of me as a customer and fix the situation.

So long story short I was able to exchange the defective TV for a new one, and I was sure this one was not a floor model! The associates ** in customer service were extremely helpful and did the exchange with no problem. One of the other associates who I won't name asked me about the TV and what had happened, after telling him about ** {removed per forum guidelines}, he informed there have been a lot of complaints about him from other customers and fellow associates. This was a relief to me to know that I was not the only one, but also sad that more customers have been treated so poorly by **.

I live in Lancaster if you didn't guess, however I will only go to the York location which is out of the way, but at least I will be treated fairly and taken care of, I will never step foot in the Lancaster location again. The GM can thank him for losing my business as well as hurting their reputation. A company's best form of advertising is word of mouth and let me just say I have and will continue to tell everyone I know about how bad the service was at the Lancaster location and how rude and disrespectful ** {removed per forum guidelines} was.

The service I received in York however was amazing, especially the service from ** {removed per forum guidelines} and he kept from returning everything and never shopping at a Best Buy again. ** went above and beyond and for that I am extremely thankful.

Best Buy - Disgusting Customer Service

ELMHURST, NEW YORK -- Recently, I bought my daughter a new laptop, a Linksys router, and a Microsoft Office 2007 software because the salesman told me that the laptop had a 60-day trial for Microsoft Office. He did not tell me that we already had Microsoft Word installed, which is pretty much the same thing with less options. I did not need the advanced options because my daughter only needs a word processor and internet to use for college. So the salesman put everything in a bag and I didn't get a good look at the box for the Microsoft Office software until later on.

At home, I only took out the router to set it up with the laptop and I put the Microsoft Office software on the side without looking at the box. My daughter told me to return the software because she did not need it. I went to the store 3 days later (today) to return the router because my daughter was having problems with it and the disk that came with it was cracked, and the Microsoft Office software. To my surprise, they told me that they can't give me a refund for the Microsoft Office because they "believe that the package was opened". I did not even open the jewel-cased package, nor did I take anything out from it.

They supposed that I opened it and took the product key and tried to return it for a full refund. But that is not the case. The supervisor came and he did not help at all. All he kept saying was that the package was opened and I haven't even touched the software since I bought it. My daughter came with me to explain to them the situation and the supervisor kept saying that the "Law says no opened merchandise can be returned. Trust me I used to be a hacker and steal things too," and I told him to show me proof of that law, but all he could say was that I should look it up online.

I told him to explain to me how he can refund my router and not my software and how the crack came on the CD of the router. He couldn't even say a word besides please lower your voice or I'll have to call the cops. Instead, he calls the security to make me afraid.. Is he kidding me?! The security tries to escort me out of there but I refused and continued to argue with the supervisor. I began raising my voice because I was getting angry. The supervisor was laughing at the fact that I was pissed because I am spending $150 for no reason! He then said "OK here is your refund now have a good day."

Then the salesman I had last time, came by and I called for his attention. I told him to tell me if he saw the software opened when he put it into the bag. All he could say was, "well no, but this package looks like you opened it." THERE IS NO PROOF THAT I OPENED THE PACKAGE!! He didn't even see if the software was opened before he sold it to me!!! I am not a thief!! $150 for a product key is a bunch of BS! If I knew it would turn out like this I would have never bought it in the first place. I thought their policy was that we can return merchandise within a certain number of days. I guess their policy is messed up too!

I warn you all to make sure to check your merchandise before you walk out of BEST BUY.. Now I know how they are and how they treat their customers. I hope you all don't run into the same problem I have and I will never shop there again. Especially when the holidays are coming up. If there is anyone who can help, please contact me.

Best Buy Warranty Scam When Things Are On Sale
By -

GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- 3 years ago I purchased a Sirius radio (Sportster 4) on sale for $121. The sales person was more than happy to explain how these radios are fragile and I should get an extended warranty. He then proceeded to explain that I can use this warranty for a brand new replacement even if I just didn't like the way it looked anymore or smashed it... any reason Best Buy will make it right and give me a new unit. The upgrade to this unit was going to come out in 2 months and he said the coolest thing is when the new one comes out if there isn't any of these in stock they will automatically give me the upgrade.

Three years later and my unit is experiencing a power issue that is the fault of the power adapter for sure seeing the radio works on my boom box, but hey it's time to cash in my 4-year warranty and enjoy an upgrade that I was promised when I bought this item. I went to the store with all of the original items and pieces of this radio and explained the situation and showed them my receipt. They then walked me back to the car audio department and picked out the new upgrade Sportster 5, only difference is a color screen. The retail price difference is $10 from the one I originally purchased.

They began to ring me up for the exchange. The way they explained it I would have to pay the difference between the two which sounded fair to pay the $10 difference from the old one being 149.97 and the new one 159.97. No, here comes the horror story... they want me to pay the total sale price difference between the old one and the regular non-sale price of the new one... almost $60. So I asked for the store manager. She then grabbed out the black tie book and underlined in it the line about price difference.

So I was going to be penalized cause I bought this radio on a great sale price and because this specific week the radio I need to exchange for is not on sale I have to pay the whole difference. So Now I sit with a radio and have to watch the Best Buy ads for a great sale like I found when I originally purchased this. I was very calm and collected this and went to the original Best Buy I bought this from seeing. They gave me a story about how returns hurts their stores numbers and maybe the store I bought it from will help me out more. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE SO FAR.

From the 28th street location in Grand Rapids, MI went to the Walker, MI location and they sent me to the Geek Squad who explained the exact same thing to me and wanted me to pay the total sale to non-sale difference and this guy thought he'd give me an analogy.

"Well if you buy a car and drive it you can't expect for you to get an exact new one without paying fees" and I gave him one of mine. "So you're saying if I buy a washer and dryer set and they go out during the warranty period if I bought them on sale I'd have to get the model down from the one I researched and carefully purchased or have to pay a difference just because the new model is out?" Basically told me there is nothing he can do - this is policy... Well, I plan to tell as many people about this. I will also be making copies of my receipt and a copy of the Best Buy terms in their warranty booklet and I will not be standing in line this year for the Black Friday Sale.

I hope many of you will print this out and bring it to the store with you and show this to the sales representative when they try to sell you the warranty. Unless you're paying regular price you'd be better off buying it from the manufacturer.

By -

PLANO, TEXAS -- These guys are unbelievable... 2 incidents: I purchased an XBOX 360 from their Central Expressway location in Plano, TX, back in 2006. I also purchased an "Replacement Plan" for it that same day, since these things are notorious for the RROD disease. (Also note how it is amazing that their policies have changed, once they found out all the issues involving the 360 consoles...) Now the main selling point that sold me on the purchase of the plan was that the sales associate stated: "The plan does not kick in until after the manufacturer's warranty expires..." This is a LIE. How do I know? Let me tell you.

I had my wife drop by there today, to have them print out my receipt for the warranty that was purchased in 2006 as, low and behold 3 years later, my Xbox craps out on me. She goes in there, only to wade through all the bs of the store associate saying that she cannot locate it in their system. So my wife speaks to the manager. He miraculously finds it and informs us that it expired, in 2008.

My wife had asked him, “How is that possible when we purchased it in 2006?” He said, “Because you had purchased a 2-year replacement plan.” (Which I'm pretty sure it was 4). However, sort of hard to prove it, when you don't have the receipt... Hence why she went there in the first place, to get a copy.

Even if that was the case, we still couldn't understand, how it had expired, if the manufacturer's warranty is 1 year and the replacement plan is 2. If what the sales associate told me was correct, then it shouldn't have expired until 2009. But low and behold, the manager said that it takes effect the day of purchase... My wife then told him, that we were lied to, which he then walked off and began speaking to another customer.

Less than 2 weeks prior to this... At the same location... I was in the market for a laptop, which after researching what was available I went to Best Buy. Here's where we hear the same bs once again. I was just about sold on the laptop and ready to buy and leave, when once again the "Replacement Plan" subject is brought up. I had asked him what options they had, which he then told me 2 and 4-year plans. The 4 year was too pricey, so I asked about the 2 year. I started to digress, as I didn't see the sense in purchasing the 2 year plan, if there was a one year manufacturer's warranty.

That and I did not see the feasibility in purchasing 1 year of protection for 85 dollars. But oh wait! The sales associate then mentioned, the plan does not become active until after your manufacturer's warranty has expired. Therefore, giving you the assumption, that you are purchasing an extra 2 years of coverage, on top of your manufacturer's warranty for 85 bucks! THIS IS A LIE...

Now funny thing is, my wife brought this up to the manager, when she was trying to get a receipt for the past purchase of the warranty for the Xbox 360. And his response... "No ma'am. All replacement plans take effect the day they are purchased." Amazing how the managers seem to have one story but the people making the sales are providing another...

Worst Customer Service Ever!
By -

I am having a problem with Best Buy as well. I submitted a claim at the end of July because the HDMI port on my Panasonic DLP failed and the bulb is starting to flicker. First, I called in to get my TV inspected and they did not have an appointment until 8/18. I told them that was too far out and they said they could send out a 3rd party vendor and they would call back to set it up. I called them back 2 days later because I never got a call. They said, "sorry" and that they would call back with someone.

3 days later they still had not called so I called them and they said "sorry" again and that they would call back with someone. 2 days later I get a call from a vendor that advised me that they do not work on Panasonic's! I called them back and demanded that the Geek Squad come out to my house. Now it was after 8/18 anyway! They said that they would. 3 days later I get a call from another 3rd party vendor who says that they were dispatched to repair my TV! At that point I just wanted it done.

I told them the problem and they only had the HDMI issue listed, not the bulb, but they said that they would take care of it anyway. They called Best Buy back and started to search for the part. They called and told the Repair Lady that the part did not exist because Panasonic did not make them anymore. Now, the main issue was because Best Buy did not keep track of what they were doing, Best Buy had to search for the part 3 times because they never documented that they already did it.

Finally, last week the repair person got an e-mail from Best Buy confirming that they could not get the part and they were going to send the request to the review dept (this was after the 3rd attempt to order the part) to replace my TV. I would probably end up with a voucher to replace the TV. She advised me that the process would take 3-5 business days. I was fine with that because that would mean that I would get the voucher before the labor day sales and I started to look for a new TV. But, of course, Best Buy didn't document it again!

So this week, we find out that they have to reorder the part again! I called and ask why they have to do it a fourth time when we have an e-mail confirming that they have already done it and they say that they just have to. They won't accept the e-mail from their own company as documentation. They advised that they will have to go through the process again, and that once they verify the part is not in, the review will take 3-5 days.

I raise hell and get a supervisor, **, on the phone. He tells me that he will just get it over to the review dept, but it will still take 3-5 days. I still raise hell and says he will get it reviewed in 4 hours. That was today at 8am. I waited until 3pm and there was no callback. I called and left a voice mail for him and still did not get a callback. I called on my way home from work and got another supervisor, ** on the phone. All he would tell me was that there was no such thing as a 4-hour turn around and that the first sup told me "misinformation".

He continued to quote me 3-5 days and said that the department that handled the review of the replacement did not take incoming calls. I asked him to call them and he refused. I asked him to e-mail them to assist me and he refused. The most he would do was e-mail them to get them to call me, which I doubt they will do. I asked for a customer complaint line and he refused to give me one. He also refused to give me his manager and refused to transfer me to another sup. I advised him that it seemed like they were looking out for their own interests more than mine as their customer and reminded him that we had a contract together.

He refused to do anything that would assist me in any way shape or form other than quote me 3-5 business days for the turn around on the review of my claim. I ended up calling back and got the corporate complaint line and spoke to **. I told her the issue and advised her that I was going to be out the sales on labor day because of their mistakes. I asked her to assist and advised that I just wanted this to be resolved. I advised that I wanted assistance to expedite the process on the review. She started to argue with me! Talk about customer service!

The only time I was hearing anything about good customer service from Best Buy was on their recordings when I was on hold! ** went on to advise me that the 3-5 days was the expedited time frame! I said that this was not as everyone before her said that this was the standard time. She said that it was not and that there was nothing that she or anyone else could do. I asked for the name of the CEO and at first she said that she could not release it as it was confidential. I had to remind her that it was public info and she finally advised me in an extremely rude fashion and we disconnected.

This entire experience has been one of the worst customer service experiences of my life! Every action has been prompted by me, I will be losing out monetarily because of their inaction and poor handling. All I want is my TV and my time back!

Review of experience buying a refrigerator.
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Prior to visiting the stores in Houston and Katy, TX area we checked numerous store web sites, consumer reports, and internet reviews. Based on our research, design of our kitchen, and personal requirements we decided on an LG refrigerator. Specifically LFX21975ST, because this is the only refrigerator that is Counter Depth with oversized ice/water dispenser, as well it has an internal design that we liked.

Friday, July 3rd 2009: My wife and I shopped around at 5 major electronics/appliance/home improvement stores in Houston area for a refrigerator. After physical comparison we agreed that this is the refrigerator that we want. Now was a matter of getting the best price, considering all the specials during this holiday weekend.

Saturday, July 4th 2009: Best Buy salesman was able to match the price of a competitor, also considering the 36 months no interest financing and free delivery, this was the best deal for us. Salesman explained that because this is counter depth unit it can only be special ordered and most likely it would take 2 to 3 weeks to get it. Competitor had it in a warehouse, but BB still had a better deal and we had no problem with waiting because we were moving into our new home on July 25th (exactly in 3 weeks). We set the delivery date on the 25th and completed the purchase.

Friday, July 24th, 2009: Received a call from BB delivery that this unit is on backorder, and they need to push our delivery to August 3rd. (1 more week) I was disappointed and called the store. Discussed this with a customer service rep, he apologized but did not offer any solutions. So without a solution I asked for compensation, he offered $100 refund to our account, I requested 10% (considering the overpriced cost of this fridge especially when compared to the bigger not counter depth model).

Surprisingly, he agreed, and I felt this was fair. The refund would help me manage with the ice I have to buy for the stuff from my previous home that is still in the coolers, the time I have to spend doing this, and additional "€œeating-out"€ my wife and I not planned to do.

Saturday August 1st, 2009: Received another call from BB delivery the unit is still on backorder, and now they need to push delivery 2 more weeks to August 17th. So now we will be 3 weeks without a refrigerator. At this point I really needed something as a temporary solution which does not require refilling ice and eating out all the time. I called the store again hoping they could assist me to find a solution without me spending anymore money.

The customer service manager offered a $25 gift card. That was like an insult to me. I held myself together. At the end the only option that was available to us is to buy another regular cheap refrigerator as a temporary and return it when our original one comes in. So about $700 later the earliest delivery date for a refrigerator that was standing in the store was Thursday August 6th (5 days from purchase). We asked that since that it's the soonest available date that they deliver it after 5 pm so we don't have to take time from work. They said that they can'€™t promise, but they can put it in the notes and gave us the $25 gift card, woohoo!

Wednesday August 5th, 2009: I think BB delivery by now has my number on speed dial. I received another call from them. They said that they can deliver the temp fridge on Thursday but between 3 and 5 pm. I told them that my wife and I get off work at 5 and I can'€™t risk taking time off from work in this economy. She said that they can put it in the notes to deliver after 5 for next available delivery date. I explained that it'€™s already in the notes from the day we purchased it. She said she is sorry but that'€™s all she can do. Now frustrated, I told her to call me when they can deliver it at the time when I am able to be home.

Now I am writing this so others know in detail that Best Buy did not handle this extremely bad, but they can'€™t deliver the refrigerator that is at the store, who knows when LG makes our refrigerator, sends it to Best Buy, and when they will be able to deliver it to us. All the while we are daily at the gas station buying ice or throwing away stuff that has gone bad, spending money on eating out and making payments on a refrigerator that we don'€™t have.

Here are a few of solutions that they could do: I work in the industry where if a manufacturer does not deliver on the promised date they lose money and every missed deadline is a % lost. Should be the same here, LG should be taking the hit not us and not Best Buy. It should be at least 20-25% discount after 2 missed delivery dates.

If fridge the customer bought is on backorder, have a stand by temporary new or clean used refrigerator that a customer can chose to use while waiting. It should be ready for delivery on original delivery date for free or for a small deposit. No gaps for clients to be without a refrigerator.

Why can'€™t BB delivery work 12 to 7 or something around that time instead of 8-5? With so many people unemployed I am sure there would be people happy to work this delivery schedule. They can also divide shifts between trucks where some trucks do 8-5 and others do 2-9 deliveries.

Never Shop From This Horrible Rude Store
By -

DULUTH, GEORGIA -- I went into Best Buy to purchase a home computer on 5-18-09. I found the computer I was interested in, and when the salesman came over to help me, and informed me of the price, I asked him about the price of the monitors, and he told me they were $139.00. I told him that I really needed a new monitor too, but couldn't afford one at this time, and that I could barely afford the computer. He then proceeds to tell me that if I purchase this computer, I need to have some Microsoft office product for it work, and that costs $150.00.

I asked him "If I don't buy this extra product will I have access to email or media player?" And he tells me that I would not, because Microsoft doesn't download any of that on their computers anymore, and you need this product to be able to do anything. I live on a fixed income, so I couldn't afford the extra $150.00, so I did not buy the computer and left the store.

Later that same day, coworkers of mine informed me that I did NOT need this extra product to have access to those things, so I went back to the store and bought the computer. My coworkers were right, I did not need that extra $150.00 product, I have had access to those things without it. The salesperson was just trying to get me to purchase things I did not need.

Three weeks later the computer stops working... I call Best Buy, and tell them about it, and that I have a receipt, and they refuse to help me. They tell me it is over 14 days and there is nothing that they can do, and then they tell me it is under manufacturer warranty, and I can take it to Geek Squad and they can send it away to fix it. I go into the store, and while I am there I find out there was a promotion running when I bought my computer that I could have also gotten the monitor for an additional $26.00, and no one told me, not even after I asked about the monitor prices and said I couldn't afford the extra $139.00.

Then Geek Squad tells me that they can send my computer away, and it will take about a month for me to get it back. The guy also tells me that they will probably replace my hard drive, and I will lose everything on my computer. I told him the problem was with the DVD/CD Writer and not with the hard drive, so why would they replace it, and he said they almost always do. He wanted me to sign some part of the form saying I refused hard drive backup, and when I asked him what it meant that I refused hard drive back up, he said, "Just sign the

I was so upset about not having a computer for a month, and the way I was treated, that I told him to just give me my computer back. I then called corporate customer service, and they treated me just as rudely. They basically said, "There is nothing we can do to help you. It is over 14 days, and you need to just send it away to get fixed." It was three weeks, not three months since I bought this computer, and the service was HORRIBLE. I will never buy another piece of merchandise from this company. My family also said they are going to stop shopping at Best Buy too after this, because they have had some problems in the past.

Online Fraudulent Practices
By -

I made a purchase for a friend who does not have a computer. She provided me with her CC number and that was the card which was to be charged. At this point in the transaction all appeared to be normal. While this purchase was being made, my friend and I were actually on the phone so that all the information could be correctly entered.

Just before finalizing this purchase, she said, the only concern she had was that she would not be at home when the item was delivered. I asked her did she want me to provide my address so she could go about her business without worrying about that. No problem, so I directed that her purchase made on her Credit Card be shipped to my address.

Up to this point, everything looked great. The product arrived very quickly. My friend was happy and all seemed good, until I looked at my credit card statement and found that purchase had been made on MY CREDIT CARD! Now here is the mystery: I had never made a purchase at Best Buy using my credit card online. I had never used my email address with Best Buy, and I had never used my mailing address with Best Buy either for online or in store transactions!

Did you see what I just said? How then did Best Buy obtain my credit card number when it was not ever provided at any point during this particular purchase? I found that both frightening and fraudulent! Of course I immediately wrote to Best Buy and sent them a registered, return receipt letter explaining the situation. I did get the receipt back, showing they received my letter, in February. My letter was addressed to: Best Buy Corporate Campus. Attn: Customer Care/Privacy. 7601 Penn Ave. South, Richfield, MN 55423-3645. Signed by an agent. Initials of J. M. Received on 3-2-09

By now I no longer expect to hear from Best Buy and of course I have been staying on top of my CC account. And my dear friend who was as upset over the incident as I was, had a check for me the very next day. It does not answer the question: How did Best Buy get my credit card number when they did not have it based on that order. They did not have my email address. They did not have my mailing address. They did have my friend's name, credit card number, her address where her cc account send their statement (this is required, always, for online purchases).

I need a satisfactory answer to this as it is a breach of privacy. Not to mention, that I will never make another purchase from Best Buy even if they were the only store having the product I wanted or needed. I would sooner do without! I would like someone at Best Buy, preferably the CEO or whoever is the top person of this company. Thanks for the opportunity to tell this story, as other potential customers need to be made aware of their less than honorable business practices. Buyer beware at Best Buy!

The Customer Is Lying... That's Our Motto
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DOVER, DELAWARE -- I just bought a Macbook. Got home, next day looking through my apps for the iworks I purchased with the computer. Nowhere to be found. Called the local store I purchased it in to ask how to find it. Guess what... It's not on the computer. Ohhh. The employee asked if I paid for it to be installed. No. The salesman (Apple guy) told me they would install it with the optimization. Guess what, they didn't and to boot they didn't bother to give me the software back.

Long story short when I talked to the store employee he told me to "check my car, maybe it fell out of my bag..." In addition, they check their stock and it isn't there and oh the girl who rang me up over 24 hours ago remembers giving it to me???

I didn't get the software and didn't question it because they said they were going to install it. So, throughout my conversations with the employee, the manager and even customer service it became clear that there philosophy is that the customer is lying and trying get something for free. But, "not in my case." Although, I should have checked to make sure it was there before I left the store. I was told I signed a paper saying it was there.

Here's the thing, I wasn't told what the form was for, to look to see if all was there or given a copy of the paper I signed. In the end, that are "willing" to install the software for me If I drive an hour to the store, wait another 2 hours to get it installed and drive another hour home. They couldn't send it in the mail because "things get lost." No - what came out was that people "say the didn't get what we sent." Give me a break... Send it so it has to be signed for or better yet if FedEx and UPS are so bad send it return receipt.

All in all "they are doing me a favor" by believing what I say and are willing to install it. All I can say is Best Buy's new slogan should be - "We automatically think our customers are lying." Great customer service! But you know what they say... Those who expect that others lie and steal and cheat are the ones who are lying, stealing and cheating. Retail 101.

I understand that there are people who try to "pull" one over. However, this whole thing could have left a much better taste in my mouth had they approached it with an attitude of respect for the customer. They should train their employees in such a manner. Had this been the case, the issue could have been resolved within the store. Obviously something happened to the software. Mistakes happen. Coming to a resolution before being put on hold 3 times, and 3 phone calls would have been much nicer.

At this point, I am just disgusted. Before this I had a good view of Best Buy with no problems encountered. My father in law just bought a camera that I recommended he get and to get it at Best Buy. My boyfriend was planning on buying all his TV's for his rental houses - about 28! Not now.

Best Buy Service Plan Is A Scam
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You are so RIGHT!!! I purchased a new IPOD for $250 plus $60 for a Product Service Plan from the Mansfield, TX Best Buy on February 10, 2007 to give to my wife on Valentine's Day. As luck would have it, 369 days after the purchase, she began to have trouble with the USB connection, which would only work if you hold it in exactly the right position while it synchronizes and charges.

We brought the IPOD back to the Mansfield, TX location and spoke with **. ** informed us that contrary to what the salesman originally indicated, the Service Plan does not provide for immediate replacement or repair, but that the IPOD must be returned to Apple for exchange; a process which typically takes 5 business days.

I explained to ** that this was in direct conflict with that which was clearly explained at the time of sale. I further informed ** of the story told by the salesman where the battery in his wife's IPOD went dead twice during the PSP period and that Best Buy had replaced the unit with one from inventory at the time of each claim, at no charge.

** indicated that this was not true and further explained that the 3-year Service Plan would expire upon my surrender of the IPOD and would not continue if the refurbished replacement happened to experience a failure during the remaining 2 years. He said that if I wanted protection on the replacement, which was refurbished, I would have to purchase another 3-year plan.

** informed me that he is the service manager and did not report to anyone else in the store. I took my concern to the cashier and requested the presence of the manager. I was told that there were several store managers, but that Mr. ** was the regional manager.

When I requested to speak with **, I was intercepted by another manager who asked me to repeat the entire sequence of events. She then informed me that ** is not the regional manager, but simply a store manager. parenthetically speaking. I have never experienced such disorganization, misinformation and apparent fraud at Fry's.

** demonstrated little interest in helping us rectify the situation. Evidently he had more important things on his mind. We left the store frustrated and determined to make this problem known throughout the DFW and Internet community as well as to Best Buy Corporate in Minneapolis.

Since then I have found thousands of similar complaints about Best Buy on the internet. In addition, I have discussed the ills of the Best Buy Service Plan with several customers inside that and two other store locations in the DFW Metroplex and found that many were not likely to purchase such a seemingly worthless and fraudulent plan.

Surprisingly, for a company whose sales are already lagging from the elastic demand of electronics, whose stock price has plummeted by almost 50%, with industry competitors filing bankruptcy and closing stores, I would expect the retail staff at Best Buy to try a little harder to please their customer base.

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