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Service Nightmares
By -

SOUTH SETAUKET, NEW YORK -- What the heck has happened to Best Buy?! In the last year I have had so many problems with their customer service and tech support. I always buy their stupid service plans on items I buy there and the few times in the past that I needed to use them they were great. Items were fixed or replaced quickly. Well that is not how it works any longer. Below are just the 2 most recent problems I've had.

My computer monitor kept turning off every few seconds and I discovered that the RCA jacks on the front of the computer didn't work. The hard drive was also starting to roar loudly and the CD tray wouldn't open. I took it into Best Buys along with my paperwork and they said it would be 2 weeks and not to leave the monitor since it sounds like a problem with the computer and if I leave the monitor I will be charged if they look at it and nothing is wrong with it.

Well 2 weeks go by and I call to check on things only to be told they haven't looked at it yet. I called again the next week and they say there is nothing wrong with the CD tray and the hard drive is shot but they haven't check the jacks yet. Call again in a week and am told that there is nothing wrong with the hard drive and they still haven't checked the jacks. The next week I finally just went up to the store and sure enough the CD tray will not open but the hard drive isn't roaring. As for the jacks, well they will have to send it out and that can take another month. I told them to forget the jacks and just replace the CD drive and give me my computer. They said they would have to send it out for that as well. Now mind you, if I buy a new drive they will install it while I wait. I ask for a manager and after refusing to leave without seeing one he comes. He finally tells them to just replace the CD now while I wait.

So I got my computer still with RCA jacks that don't work. I take the computer home and hook everything up and surprise…the monitor kept turning off every few seconds! I unhook everything take the monitor back to the store and get the nice response that they will have to send it out and it will take about a month! Hello Mr. Manager again. Finally he tells them to give me a new monitor. Well you guessed it they do not have that one and I just couldn't take it any more and accepted the one they offered that while it works, I am not happy with and is inferior to the one I had.

That was a few months ago and now I am battling for them to honor a replacement for a broken cell phone. I bought 2 cell phones last June and I wasn't going to take out the service plans on them but instead get insurance directly from Verizon. I need immediate replacement if something goes wrong. Well the cute little salesman said that they provide that right in the store and would even handle all the tech stuff for transferring everything over to the new phone. Yep I bit and bought plans for both phones.

Well one of them stopped working. I took it along with the paperwork to Best Buys and they said I had to go to customer service. Customer service informed me that they changed their policy and no longer replace them in the store. After a few arguments they did admit that yes when I purchased them that was the policy but it isn't now. I gave up left the store and went to the Verizon store. They looked at the phone and said yep it's busted but they couldn't help me since I didn't purchase it there, I called Best Buys Service number only to be told to call back the next day as they couldn't help me right now. Called the next day, was transferred and then disconnected. Called again and was told that I had to contact Verizon and download the latest software. Can't do that if the phone is broken. Told the guy I had Verizon already look at the phone and they said it is broken. After arguing this point back and forth and being told I would be charged a fee if I didn't do that I strongly demanded a supervisor. The supervisor said she was sorry and that she would order a new phone be sent right away. It would of course take 2 to 10 days. I stressed that I couldn't wait that long but finally gave up. Next I get an email from the company they ordered the phone from saying the order was on hold. I called the company and they said it was on hold because that phone was not available. They could not give me any further information. Called Best Buys again and the supervisor would not return my calls. I actually cried on the phone to get another supervisor who told me that I would have to wait for the other super to call me back in a week. I still haven't heard from her.

At this point I was so pissed I hung-up and looked up the Corporate info for Best Buys. I called and was transferred to…you guessed it…customer service and was told the same thing. I called back and this time asked to file a complaint about CS and not to be transferred to them. I was transferred to the complaint department and gave them an ear full asking them just what the heck has happened to their customer service. I told them about all the problems I have had over the year and while sympathetic they could only file the complaint and not help resolve the phone issue. .

So today I am going to Verizon to buy a new phone and getting a six pack to drown my frustrations!

liability claim
By -

COLMA, CALIFORNIA -- Feb. 6, 2006
To Whom It May Concern:
Subject: Liability Claim against Best Buy Inc.
I purchased a home theater installation deluxe package, sku # 7071848, ROS order # 351345634 on November 9, 2005 from the Best Buy store # 873 located at 200 Colma Blvd. Colma, Calif. 94015, for the sum of $699.99.This was part of a $9,000.00 purchase. It was stated to me, this equipment would be installed by a licensed, and insured professional, in accordance with state regulations and by an ironclad workmanship warranty as stated in their Home Theater Installation FAQs.
During this installation of the equipment, the installer preformed the work unprofessionally, and in an unsafe manner. By cutting out a section of sheet rock from the wall using an electrical circular saw with the blade set to deep, before finding out what is inside the wall, and where the 2 x 4 studs are located. After cutting out several small pieces of sheet rock to find out where the studs are located. He cut through the electrical wiring in the wall and received an electrical shock that rendered him momentarily unconscious. He was unable to complete the installation at this time and had his helper make temporary repairs to the electrical wiring. When repaired and the power restored, the lights started to flicker again and at times go dim in several other rooms. Smoke alarms and other appliances were going on and off or tried to start at this time. You could smell a burned electrical odor threw out the house. I was able to find the burned out items by this odor than rechecked then using the electrical meter to confirm this.
After several failed attempts to correct this problem, I told the installer I would have to leave the circuit breaker off in order to prevent any further damage. I ran extension cords to the rooms without lighting until he could contact an electrical contractor on Monday to make proper repairs. The next day I borrowed an electrical tester, tested the wiring, circuits, and fuses, and found the spliced wiring was not making proper connection. I used jumper wires with clips and attached them to his splices in order to make a better electrical contact to the connection, I phoned the installer to let him know I had found the problem and what I had done. I told him that many items in the house had failed do to the power surges and low voltage conditions caused by his repairs.
Returning five days later, attempts made by the installer again failed to correct this electrical problem. This led to more items and equipment burning out than before. Here is a parcel list, a cordless phone, the third surge protector for a computer, two 21 in. color VCR combo TVs. A garage door opener, a solid-state clock, and an am/fm clock radio, a duel tape deck w/ am / fm radio w/ 5-band graphic equalizer, a wireless IR remote extender along with two dozen low energy light bulbs. Three motion sensing light switches, etc, and now a computer that will not operate correctly. The costs of damages and repairs have not been total or evaluated so far.
Finally, the installer called in an outside electrical contractor to check out the electrical and the damaged wiring. The electrician then asked if they wanted him to repair the cut wires. He was informed by the installer they would take care of the repairs them self. The electrician give the proper wires to the installer, which was not used and instructed him how to make the proper repairs. The repairs made are illegal, unsafe, and will not pass the California electrical building codes. This substandard and unacceptable workmanship can cause damage to life and property if left uncorrected. The electrical contractor the installer called in witnesses this. The installer stated to me he had filled a damage report with their insurance company and their supervisor named Ben, would contact me shortly. He also was to call a computer technician in after he attempted to fix the computer. He did replaced two burned out surge protectors and the store replaced one and gave me credit on another one. This was the last time I had heard from any one else. I called the installer twice and left two messages each time asking when my home theater system will be working and what is happening about the claim for the damages? I also had a friend call and left a message. I than had to call their service dept. @ 1-888-Best Buy to get the third installer out five weeks later, in order to finish up the original installation and get all the components working. This has been one ongoing disaster after another. The completion on Jan. 26, 2006 was 71 days after purchasing the equipment, extended warranties and service contracts from the Best Buy Store in Colma, California.
To this day, I have not had a reply in regarding the damages incurred. I contacted Best Buy Store again on Jan. 18, 2006. After several fail attempts to contact their installer in order to find out who the insurance obligor is, I talked to a very rude and obnoxious store manager. He informed me after he contacted his superiors by phone, that they claim no liability in this matter. The store will not help, the job is complete as far as they are concerned and these problems are my reasonability and I could contact 1-888- Best Buy. With that statement made, he gave me an unpleasant and discussing look, turned his back on me, and walked a way. I think the store managers and installers need to re-read the published installation, service information, and policies of Best Buy Inc.
After several failed attempts to get in contact with the insurance co. using the 1-888 Best Buy number and Customer Service. I am now requesting your assistance in acquiring the names, phone numbers, address, and all necessary information on the insurance obligors in this matter. You may forward this letter to the correct dept; that can help. This information is needed for the purpose in following up on this liability claim report. I can be contacted by E-mail: (, Phone: # 650-589-4436. Alternatively, mail: @ 119 Sherwood Way, South San Francisco, CA, 94080.
I am demanding Best Buy to replace the burned out items, repair the cut wiring properly to meet the electrical codes promptly before I have to turn this matter over for prosecution and compensation. Best Buy continues to refuse to take responsibility for damages and repairs in this matter. This has been dragging on long enough now. During this time, I have been lied to, misled, insulted, and inconvenienced with incredible hardships unjustly caused by the inexperience and unreliable installers, Best Buy's Store Managers, along with their unscrupulous business practices, and a lack of an unprofessional attitudes and courteousness that is demonstrated toward their customers. I feel they have fraudulently misled and lied to me, refusing to take reasonability and liability for their installer's workmanship, and not enforcing and adhering to the published literature describing the type and quality of their home theater system installations.
From a unfairly treated customer,
Mr. David J. Cresta

Best Buy has awful business practices
By -

STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA -- I am disabled and on a fixed low income so when I finally had managed to afford a brand spanking new energy efficient sooper hooty washer and dryer set I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Only problem was they didn't have it directly in their personal stock but it was "going to arrive to them in just 2 days". Well heck I am not unreasonable and I could wait the couple days for them to get it to me, besides the shipping day way the middle of the week. In 2 days I called to check on when they would deliver it- it wasn't in, the factory was lagging. Was told to call back the next day- same, and call back the next day- same and for 2 weeks after that at which point they offered me a $100 refund once they were delivered. It was ANOTHER week after that before they were finally delivered. They are awesome and I love them (the set that is) but that is NOT the end of the story. My tv died 2 days after buying this washer dryer set and I decided to try to afford another around the beginning of the next month.

So I had to deal with the holidays but I called in to see how to get my $100 refund. They said just bring in your receipt and you can have cash or store credit- your choice. So about a week later I go shopping for Tv's and count on this $100 to go with what I had to afford a tv. Saw something at Circuit City that I wanted..and could afford TWO of no less. I trot over to BB and ask for my refund intending to shop them just to be fair and if they had a comparable deal then I would use the $100 at BB. They told me after I had to track someone down and wait for them to not be busy anymore that I could not use my points which were posted but I hadn't gotten the paperwork for yet. They tell me (after the girl has an extensive conversation with another girl behind the counter about irritation with their employer and what they might do about it and what they think about it and what their moms and neighbors think about it that they cannot give me the cash they said they would because I had come in past the 30 day mark (remember it took 3 weeks to deliver it and I couldn't get the refund until it was delivered- I was one day over the 30 days). At this point I am throwing a polite adult fit right in the front of the store where customers are coming in and in a voice that carried (mine does naturally anyway- especially when I am riled) was discussing how this would never work and I was told I could have cash, and how LONG it took to get the washers to me and so on. Finally they say maybe I can get a deal on a tv where I could also use the $100 besides in an attempt to draw me away from the door and the entering customers. They end up telling me I can have $150 off any tv there. Well I am kind of backed into a corner to buy a tv there as I was counting on that money to afford a tv and if I buy a tv there using the $150 off I can well afford to buy the second tv at Circuit City- I can have a tv for the family room AND my bedroom. Well I choose a tv and after 4 employees consulted about my choice with each other for a prolonged period, one brightly comes up with the idea that they should check to see if it is in stock, one scurries to a computer some distance away then they tell me the same "it's not in our warehouse but it will be here in only a couple days". I am not falling for that again. So I choose another model that they say they have 6 of at my request to check availability- about 2 hours after I started- they bring it to the front all boxed up and load it into my waiting minivan.

I am no fan of Circuit City but when I walked in at least there was someone there to assist me within a minute who knew straight off when I said I was interested in that particular model that they didn't have any in their personal stock but would special order it to come in if I wanted it and it would be there in a week or less. At no time did a salesperson have to leave my side to consult with someone else or to run to check a computer. They had their heads together. They made it SO EASY to just spend that ol money with all the info one wanted or needed as soon as it was wanted or needed. I was out of there in less than 10 minutes and they had made their sale.

But that is not even the end.

I get the tv home and unwrapped and on my entertainment center. It is then I notice it has a ding in the top front in the middle and the front is covered with smudges and dirt. This tv has been out of the box before obviously and was repackaged to make it look new and not even well. I am debating about whether to take it back. Maybe this is why they are having a sale on this model because they have 6 with imperfections they want to get rid of and are just failing to tell people they are not really "new new" more like vaguely new. I am afraid that I might get one that looks perfect but that will have something mechanical wrong with it. At least this one works.

I am going to use my reward points on one trip when I get them, I am sure I can find something there that I can use and then I am going to wash my hands of BB and never ever shop there ever again. My extended family (which is extensive) will also never shop there again. I have never been through such a nightmare.


Stockton, Ca

iPod Product Replacement Plan - Total Junk

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Best Buy offers Product Replacement Plans that, while you are fumbling for your cards and cash, sound wonderful because they use the selling line 'you can get a new one for FREE if you have ANY trouble with this product'. This is a total lie.

I went to turn in my iPod Touch (with the receipt from when I purchased the unit), which had a faulty volume button that would turn all the way up if it was bumped just right, and after having my ear drums blown out of my skull, I would have to fumble for the device to access the touch screen in order to turn it down. When I took it to Best Buy to have it replaced (as stated in their replacement plan), they were supposed to have a Geek Squad member check it out and see if it would qualify.

A customer service representative (bear in mind, blue shirts, not Geek Squad in any way, shape or form), came to the desk, listened to my complaint about the device, took one look at it, and tossed it back to me. She then proceeded to remove two dollars from the cash drawer, handed them to me, and told me this was a 'refund' on the plan. Refund? I didn't ask for a refund. I asked for them to repair/replace my iPod like they said they would. She quickly walked away, and no one else would come to talk to me for 5 minutes.

The next person that wandered up to that was wearing a blue shirt as well, and asked if I had been helped. I said "I kind of had" - in which they immediately told me to leave because they were closing the store (at 8 pm... Which we all know was a lie). I left in a huff because I was so angry. When I dug up the formal paperwork on the plan, I read that in fact I was covered. Taking it back to the store, I was again told that they couldn't help me and that apparently, my coverage ran out at midnight that day. Once again, they told me to leave because there was 'nothing they could do'.

So, again angry, I called their quality desk at the corporate number. Surely enough, I was correct (again... You can tell this is annoying by this point...). The man that answered (a quality associate) told me to go to the next nearest store (in Winston Salem) and try to get them to replace it. But thanks to the amount of time I had by this point (35 minutes until all stores closed at 10 pm) this was impossible.

Thanks to the slackers at Best Buy, I got jipped out of $50 on a $300 unit replacement plan. I've spent well over $4000 at this store ALONE. You think they would consider the value of their customers more. Apparently, the average citizen is not considered at Best Buy #155- Greensboro. To preserve your sanity, do not purchase ANYTHING from these people. They've lost all of my business from here on out.

Best Buy Are Crooks and I'm No Thief.
By -

Here's a story I hope most people can not relate to. My son went to the Rancho Cucamonga Best Buy this morning to buy a computer. He bought a desktop computer and walked out the door, only to get home, open the box and find it damaged. I witnessed this. I told my son to package it up and return it to the store. He returned to the store and was told the computer he was trying to return was not the computer that they had sold him, not 20 minutes ago. That the computer being returned has the wrong packaging labels and he is trying to return an old computer.

This is fraud by Best Buy. They sold a computer to him and now will not accept any responsibility for what was in the package. My son bought the computer in good faith and Best Buy clearly is trying to pull a fast one. The General Manager stated there is nothing he can do for my son and asked him to leave the store. He did offer his name and said he would get back to him. This is unacceptable. The General Manager basically said my son is a thief. I immediately called the store to complain and was told by the General Manager not to come down to the store or I would be arrested and removed.

Needless to say I went right down. I wanted to return the monitor which was still in the box. I didn't want to open that box and be stuck with a bogus monitor. I asked to speak to the General Manager and told him right away to "never tell me not to come down to his store." I advised him I was bringing back the monitor that was still boxed and didn't want to open it being afraid I may be duped again. He was less than concerned. I asked for the name of his boss and the corporate office. After holding for 26 minutes a customer service person advised me that “This happens all the time at Best Buy” and it's up to the General Manager of the store to decide how to handle.

Basically “Buyer Beware”. Best Buy doesn't care and it's up to you as the consumer to prove you're not a crook. My son is out the money for the computer and with no options. We can only hope the General Manager will make this wrong a right. If not, it will be my pleasure to let everyone I come in contact with to know this story. I believe the hard working people of Rancho Cucamonga would like to know the policies of Best Buy. Followed up on next day with the General Manager. He explained that he is standing behind his employees and policies, he will do nothing to compensate us.

Called Best Buy Corporate office. The Customer Relations representative stated they stand behind the General Manager and nothing will be done. Have a nice day. I will be going down to file with Small Claims on Monday. I will do everything in my power to get justice. Whatever it takes, it's the principal. We are not thieves. Best Buy may be a billion dollar company, but I'm one consumer that won't be scared off by a Goliath.

Charge for antenna
By -

My complaint begins with the radio and antenna installation I had at the Plattsburgh NY store. My daughter bought the radio for her father's birthday in July. Soon afterward the reception would go in and out especially when it rained. We went back to the store and spoke to the installation person and he said it could be a pinched wire. Since it was installed at the store I thought they should be the one to repair it or put in another antenna.

The service person then informed me I would have to buy a new antenna and pay for installation if I could not find my receipt. I told him he should be able to find installation after a certain date (birthday) with purchase of radio. He looked for it and said he couldn't find it in his computer. I finally gave up. The reception finally got to the point where we wouldn't use the $400 radio and the $188 charge for the service at all because of no reception. (It wasn't even two years old.)

We made a few other trips to the store to find out if there was another answer (total of 8 trips in all at $4.00 a gallon for gas, in all to date) with another tech. I asked if there was another antenna that we could use and he said that was the only antenna available, so I didn't have an option if we wanted to use the expensive radio. I was told the same thing over again. Finally I got fed up and went again and asked for the Mgr. He said that he would take care of the installation and there wouldn't be a charge.

I brought the car in and the tech looked at it and said that the antenna case on the top of the car was cracked and water leaked into the inside where the chips were and it was all rusted. He said he had never seen one like this and I said it probably was defected when it was purchased (since everything comes from China). He said he would install a new antenna and I should not be charged for it.

When I got a call that the car was done he informed me that he spoke to the Mgr and he said I would have to pay for the antenna but not the installation since installation is guaranteed and there wouldn't have been a charge any way. Needless to say I was enraged after all I had been through to get this mess straighten out.

When I got to the store I asked to see the Mgr. I was fit to be tied as I had made arrangements to have the car picked up as there wasn't supposed to be a charge. The Mgr informed me that (against the technicians recommendation as he has installed other antenna's with different problems and customers weren't charged and they was an unusual situation) I would have to pay for a new antenna. I told him that the store should stand behind the product that they sell, that I had no other alternative but to have this antenna if I was to use the radio that I purchased there.

He was very defensive and not very obligating and we were standing in the middle of the store arguing (very unprofessional). He wasn't offering any other alternative other than to uninstall the antenna. I told him “This was fine if there was another antenna that I could use with this radio.” He said and the tech confirmed, that this was the only antenna that they have and the only one that would work with my radio.

The Mgr came on very defensive, didn't know how to diffuse an upset customer, very unprofessional in his attitude and almost to the point of being rude. He then asked what I wanted. I said I should not have to pay for a defected product that your store carries and you should back your product.

I would get better refund and adjustment service for a return at Walmart. He argued with me for about 15 to 20 minutes till I was at my wits end. (This is good customer care - I DON'T THINK So!! I guess customer satisfaction is not in their motto.) Finally he said again “What do you want.” I said then “If you won't back your product, I have no other alternative but to keep this antenna. The least you could do is give me a discount.” He then asked “Like what.” I told him “at least half off.” By then it was the principle of the situation rather than the monetary value.

I wasn't looking for anything just what was right from a good customers point of view (my family has spent thousands of dollars in purchases in this store). I thought the reputation of a store was up most with customer satisfaction with sales and service. If he had offered a 20 or 30% discount I probable would have taken it as a sign of good faith but I was really fed up after almost 1/2 hour him on this topic.

I don't think I was being unreasonable to ask a store to back their product when there is no other alternative. I really do hope this gets to the District Manager, as I was told by the Mgr that he owned this store (ha! ha!) and there was no one else I could speak to as I had requested this at the beginning of our conversation. I had worked retail for 10 years and learned how to diffuse an angry or upset person and this definitely was not in the book.

Customer No-Service
By -

The following is an email I sent to Best Buy, not that I expect to hear back from them: I just visited your store at the River City Marketplace in Jacksonville FL. As I was selecting the item I wanted to purchase (tax software) the sales clerk was very nice and attentive. No problems, so far so good. When I went to the front to checkout, all the registers were closed off and I had to go to customer service to checkout, once again no problem. As I stood at customer service there was only one customer at the counter being helped.

There were two other associates behind the counter, one that was carrying on a lengthy conversation with what appeared to be a vendor and another young man that said he couldn't ring me up but he'd get someone. A few seconds later he came out and said he was on the phone and the clerk just walked off. All this time the other associate was just chatting it up. I don't know what they were talking about but it shouldn't matter while there is a paying customer waiting. The associate that was helping the other customer could see I was getting irritated and he interrupted the gabfest going on and asked the other female associate to help me.

By this time I was already aggravated and this associate did nothing to make things better. All she had to do was the slightest bit apologetic but instead she was indifferent and seemed as I was an inconvenience to her. Then when she did scan the item it rang up a different price than the posted amount. When I asked her about the different price she said "You got to pay tax." As if I didn't know I had to pay tax. I probably pay more taxes in a year than she makes in a year. I told her I understood that but the item rang up wrong. She looked at me and rolled her eyes as if to say that's not my problem.

At this point I was done. I told her to cancel the transaction. I didn't need her attitude any longer. Then she said "Have a nice day" with a sarcastic tone in my perception. As I left the store I asked the gentleman at the door if there was a comment card or a way to file a complaint. He seemed genuinely concerned and wanted to help but I was beyond help at this point and I do regret not giving him a chance to make things right. I am in retail and I have to say if my customers were treated the way I was by my associates serious disciplinary action would be in order.

I know you get plenty of complaint emails and this will probably be deleted and forgotten about. Being in retail myself I understand this is not the kind of comment you want to share with the CEO, but it meant enough to me to share my bad experience with you. I believe it will be a long time before Best Buy gets any more of my business.

Sorry Management and Employees
By -

WINSTON SALEM, NORTH CAROLINA -- Well I had the worst experience with Best Buy in Winston-Salem store # 158. Husband went there to get a battery for his cellular which has a service plan with Best Buy and it was like a nightmare. He went in on Sunday the 1-30-2011 at opening at 11am and spent over a hour and a half in this location cause nobody knew what they was doing. He run from Geek Squad to cellular dept. the whole time and never got his battery ordered for him like covered on his plan.

Instead he had to ask someone else if they had a battery there to fit his phone and they did so he had to pay 53.86 for a battery that should have been free to him if the employees at the cellular phone dept. valued their customers but they didn't this day. So I called and spoke to a manager on this same day and they said "I will look into it and call you back."

Well they did call back but left me a voice mail saying that my husband should have never went through all that and that he would refund us for the battery he bought or order us a new one either way and he would call back on Monday to see what I wanted to do. Well to make a long story short he never called me back. I called the manager on Wednesday the 2-3-2011 and spoke to them and I let them know I just wanted a refund and he said "OK I have your receipt in my car. I will go get it." And I said "well he paid with a debit card." He said "well it will have to be a cash refund and I will put it in the mail for you."

Well today is Monday the 7th of Feb and haven't received a refund yet called again to store spoke to manager said they would look to see what had been done and call me back but never called back. I took it upon myself and call consumer relations for Best Buy the lady there ended up hanging up on me so I filed a report with Better Business Bureau so I will see what happens now.

This store needs new managers in it and I also have saved the recorded message from the manager about the refund in my phone. I will not go back to this store again. I have been run around the block for over a week and no refund been given yet. If you have had problems at this store and dealt with the same manager I did then I know you are going through a lot of mess too. I hope the BBB calls this company and I am not letting this go until I get my refund I was promised. The employees at this location are not friendly either in person or over phone so if you want good business don't go here to Best Buy in Winston-Salem.

Best Buy Ruined the Holidays
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GLENDALE, ARIZONA -- I purchased an LED TV from the Best Buy #251 in Glendale, AZ. on 12/31/2010. Took it home and started the un-packing and assembling of the base stand. When all ready, set it on the stand and removed the remainder of the protective coverings to discover there was a small piece of the trim damaged. Called the store IMMEDIATELY and after a lot of apologies, was ASSURED that the TV could be returned for an exchange. The next morning I called the Best Buy store # 485 in Goodyear, AZ.(which was closer to my home) and after explaining the FULL AND DETAILED story of the slight damage to the TV, I asked if I could exchange the TV at any store or did I need to take it back to the original store. The lady on the phone was very polite and explained that I could exchange the TV at any Best Buy store, provided they had that same model in stock. She even went to the trouble to check the inventory and told me they were out of stock of this TV but the Best Buy store #1109 in Avondale, AZ. had it in stock. I re-packaged the TV and took it to the Avondale, AZ. store (#1109)(which is still closer to my home than the original purchase place). They un-packed the TV and spread all the parts on the floor and inspected the damaged area. The General Manager then told me he could not accept it as it was the store policy not to accept damaged items from another store, although he could not answer as to why he even took it out of the box to begin with if that was the policy. After much arguing, I decided to take back to the original store to avoid the hassle. The manager of that store(#251) told me that after looking at the TV, it appeared that the damage was done during un-packing and assembly and that he would not accept it for a return. How he can make that deduction is way beyond me and is rather insulting. He told me to take the TV home and enjoy the rest of the Holidays and there was nothing I could do about it. I told him that I would in fact take the TV back home, but as far as not being able to do anything about it, he was sadly mistaken. This is absolutely the WORSE customer service I have ever come in contact with. I have contacted my credit card company and have asked for assistance under the consumer protection plan, and will file a complaint with the local Better Business Bureau on Monday. Are you aware of the old saying, 'Everybody needs a hobby'? Well, Best Buy just became mine. The internet makes it so very easy to get a point out to so many.

"Ooh I'm Scared"
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IRVING, TEXAS -- This is my letter to the CEO. Lets see if it help.

Mr. Dunn,
Recently on November 10th I was in your Irving, Tx location. I wanted to purchase a Ps3 and ended up leaving without one due to the service I received by one of your managers (Bob). I was looking at my different options and found a bulk stack of Ps3's including a Hdmi cable, controller, and a remote control, attached with a rubber band. The sign placed on this item said "Ps3 160gb 299.99". When I went to check out your cashier quoted me a much higher price. The manager on duty (Bob) met me in the gaming dept. He verified the sign and told me that it didn't state that the other items were part of the price. I agreed with him and stated he needed to clarify it better so consumers wouldn't think it was all included for the 299.99 price. He then pointed to a sign 10 feet away from the floor stack and stated it was listed. This store had 4 different locations of Ps3 bundles. As a consumer how am I to know I have to look for one sign on a shelf to find out the price of an item stacked on the floor? I am a store manager and when I am purchasing a item, I look for the small print on the signs, due to dealing with customers that don't clearly read signs. This sign did not clarify what was or was not included. None the less, I understood the pricing. The problem that I really had is with the manager that assisted me, he had an extremely bad attitude, very defensive posture, and a condescending tone. He was very rude when it came to discussing the placements of the signs. I was floored and very turned off by his tone with me. I explained that I was going to call customer relations and report him, at which point he (Bob) pulled his clipboard up to his face and then replied "ooh I'm scared." I was stunned. I have never encounter such an unprofessional manager in my life. If you do not believe me, I'm sure you have video surveillance of my encounter with Bob. Immediately after this encounter, I got into my vehicle and I called your customer relations dept. and reported this manager (Bob). I have never called and complained about any service I have received before that day. My company would have fired me immediately if I ever abused any of our customers the way I have been.
consequently, I have purchased a Ps3 at Target for 299.99 which included a free controller and a 20.00 networking card. It has now been a week since I first placed a call to customer relations and I still have not received a follow up call from anyone within your company regarding this matter. Several weeks earlier I purchased 3 laptops from this same location. Does Best Buy Even Care? It appears that this will be my last purchase made by my family at any of your stores due to your blatant lack of concern regarding this matter.

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