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Posted by BuyerBeware22 on 10/22/2009
ROSENBERG, TEXAS -- As a retired Marine it is my upmost concern that all my service brothers, along with every hardworking American consumer receive this information to avoid the extreme hassle and waste of time that bestbuy put on my family and me. Last December my Wife purchased an ipod touch for me as a Christmas present. We then went and purchased the two year extended warranty on it, mostly due to the fashion the associate promoted the warranty to be, the associate promised that it would cover accidental damages and would be a very simple easy process if the device would need to be exchanged. Since the warranty is about two pages long worth of fine print we made the mistake of taking the associate's word and purchasing the warranty. This past September 14th I took the device in because the battery was not charging or holding a charge. Right from the get go it was a complete nightmare! All the Geek Squad reps were completely unprofessional and treated my wife and I like some sort of cons. They finally took the ipod to what they said would be looked at and told us they would contact us as soon as they would know something(all our contact information was provided to them). After waiting and waiting and waiting on Oct 21st I personally went up to the store(best buy Rosenberg Texas) and asked what was going on with my item. And what a surprise, they had received it and somehow had just forgot to contact me. The bag where they had placed the ipod had a date of Sept. 30th. The worst part is they claimed that the device was water damaged and that I only had a standard warranty that did not cover that type of incident. After speaking to a supervisor which was completely rude and unprofessional, I was out without nothing! And they even tried to charge me a labor fee despite nothing being fixed or replaced on the item! The supervisor asked me what I thought would be fair and I stated to repair or replace the device and he stated that he could not just give me $229.00, I stated that I guess thats what his company's reputation is worth then, and that it is clear how much they value their customers!! Today Oct. 22nd I went up to the Apple store located in the 1st Colony Mall in sugarland Texas, mostly due to informing myself that the liquid sensor that it has was actually not showing a positive test. The representative I talked to at apple looked into it and had his tech ppl check it out and surprise surprise there was NO WATER DAMAGE to the device as Best Buy had stated!! Thankfully Apple replaced the Ipod on the spot and I will be following up on getting everyone I delt with's info at bestbuy Rosenberg to file a complain. I clearly believe that they used the "water damage" as a copout and it is very sad of how badly they treat and respect their customers!! This whole situation comes across as a clear FRAUD to me!!! Maybe now that circuityouknowwhat is bankrupt bestbuy is overconfident and feels like they can treat customers as they feel, but as we all know we live in the wonderful age of information and CHOICES!!! Last time I set foot in bestbuy!!!
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Posted by Ytropious on 2009-10-22:
I've heard about water damage being claimed in a lot of cell phone warranties so the manufacturer doesn't have to replace it. It's an easy cop out, but even the tiniest bit of moisture from the steam in a bathroom after a shower could make the moisture sensor set off.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-22:
I love happy endings! I would be lost if I couldn't use my iPod Touch, so I feel your pain for sure.
Posted by bcd on 2009-10-22:
He is sure to be even more angry when he finds out that two-year extended warranty is actually a one-year extended warranty because Best Buy overlaps the first year of their service agreements with the manufacturer’s one-year warranty. Good review.
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-10-22:
Ytropious, I can't tell you how many times I had to deal with that exact situation.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-10-22:
Which one, being on the warranty holder side or the warranty company side?
Posted by i_am_canadian on 2009-10-23:
The warranty company side, working at Bell Mobility.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-10-23:
So people are like "no I never got it wet" and your like "was it in the bathroom while you took a shower?" And then they lie and say "NO", but you know it totally was? That's awesome.
Posted by momsey on 2009-12-30:
That's interesting, because I got the protection plan on a camera I bought from Best Buy. The camera broke about a year after I bought it. I took it to Best Buy, they took it from me, took my contact information, and it was repaired and back in my hands within a week.

I'm glad you had a happy ending! I hope you are writing a compliment review for Apple!
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As A Best Buy Employee...
Posted by Bbyemployee90210 on 07/22/2009
I have been working for Best Buy for years and I thoroughly enjoy my job. I know the ins and outs of the stores, and have worked in most departments, mainly computers and Geek Squad.

We are non-commissioned, honest sales people who are pretty underpaid, and we will give you a straightforward answer to your questions. We are not trained to rip you off or sell you things you do not need. We are trained to inform you of the services and solutions that we offer and how they will benefit you as a consumer. It is up to YOU, as an informed buyer, to decide what you feel is of value to you. Every customer has the right and SHOULD do their research before they even walk in the store.

We do our part to ensure that you will walk out of the store with everything you need. We will let you know about cables. We will let you know about printers. We will let you know about backup hardware, TV stands, bags, memory cards, software, speakers, and anything else that goes along with your product, because that is what we are trained to do. We want to get you everything in a one stop shop so you don't need to make several trips.

As far as protection plans, I have seen my fair share of them fulfilled and customers thanking me that they purchased them. However I also see them go unused. . .but I have never seen anyone regret buying a protection plan. This is yet another service that it is up to you, the consumer, to decide if you need. We do not by any means get any kind of bonus or commission from selling you any extras or protection plans. They are all there to use or purchase at your own discretion.

And yes, there is fine print, as with any protection plan. But the standard policy is if we can't fix it, we will replace it. And yes there is a no lemon policy. Which means if we DO fix it 3 times, if it has any more issues it goes away and you get a new one. Ask questions and be informed before you make your purchase. The protection plans are there for your benefit but it is completely up to you if you want to purchase the additional coverage.

I see a lot of complaints about the return policy, or price matching policy. . .lots of companies do not even price match. But they are there for your convenience, and they are just that, POLICIES. Most people will agree with me on this, but if you come in AFTER the return/price match policy, why should you get some special treatment? 30 days on most items is more than enough for you to do any post-purchase research or have buyers remorse. 14 days on laptops and cameras is also quite liberal. . .do your research before you decide to purchase. That's what it all comes down to.

I realize not every employee that works for Best Buy is a great person, but most of us are good people just trying to help you out. I see a lot of these reviews that could have easily been avoided by just being an educated buyer.

So please, before you rant on and warn people to "never shop at best buy", take into consideration your own ignorance, or maybe it was just a single person that could be the topic of your post rather than stereotyping the entire Best Buy company and steering people away from shopping at Best Buy.

I have many return customers and thousands of people a week who are incredibly happy shopping at our store. I'd like to see more of those reviews on here.

This was not directed at anyone, just an informative post that I hope will influence people to consider their own judgments and ignorance before posting a terrible review of Best Buy.

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Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-07-22:
nice review but bs. You are there to make money for BB. That is your job no matter how you want to candy coat it.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-07-22:
So well put! Wonderful post!
Posted by andbran on 2009-07-22:
i bought a computer from best buy. the sales rep was very professional. i spent about $450. and that inclueded a 2 yr warrenty. so i would definitly go back to best buy.
Posted by bcd on 2009-07-22:
Good and bad things about Best Buy:

First the good-

BB put CompUSA out of business. (Or should I say ‘Incompetent USA’)

BB has a wide variety of products with good pricing and knowledgeable sales reps.

Now the bad-

Geek Squad staffed with many unqualified personnel. (Some, not all of the staff and not at all stores.)

A 15 percent restock fee on returned items even though that policy is not clearly posted in the stores. BB claims that the policy is on the sales receipts but the fact is the customers do not receive their receipt until after the transaction is complete.

BB sells service contracts that they claim are “extended” service agreements; however, they overlap the manufacturer’s warranty (usually one year). So, when a customer buys a three-year extended warranty the total warranty is only for three years when it should be for a total of four. If BB is going to overlap the warranty then they should not claim that it is a three-year “extended” warranty because it actually is a two-year extended warranty. If customers were aware of this, BB would not sell nearly as many service contracts.

When BB repairs an item while it’s under the manufacturer’s warranty they get reimbursed by the manufacturer along with the money they took from the customer due to the deceptive terms of the service agreement. That is criminal.
Posted by NickL11354 on 2009-07-22:
If you are so 'underpaid' FIND ANOTHER JOB.

And your 'services' are just overpriced BS. I have not stepped foot in a best buy in over 5 years because the prices are much higher than buying from an online retailer, the sales help is either on a power trip or has the attitude of a used car dealer.

And the service plan is usually a rip off. If the product is prone to failure after a year maybe that product isn't worth buying?
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-07-22:
I thought this was a very rational post from an employee. Nicely done, thanks for the opinion.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-22:
Nick, it's not easy right now for anyone to 'find another job.' And besides, the employee stated that they enjoy their job.
Posted by bbyemployee90210 on 2009-07-23:
Hey everyone thanks for the feedback.

@jktshff- yes, we are there to make money for best buy. . .isnt that the whole point of a retail store? they want to hire employees to do a good job for them. so using that isnt really much of an argument, seeing as how that is the main focus of every retail store out there.

@bcd - the restocking fee only applies to cameras, cell phones, and laptops, items that most people don't buy on a daily basis and are products that are difficult to sell once they have been opened/used. it does not apply to any other item in the store. please do research before you post false information.

@Nick - I love what i do, and i believe that liking your job is worth more than the money you could make hating your job. I do not plan on being with best buy forever, but at this point in my life i very much enjoy it.

again, protection plans are up to the purchaser to decide if they think it is worth the value. =)

feel free to ask any other questions.
Posted by bcd on 2009-07-23:

Restock fees also apply to camcorders, projectors, radar detectors, GPS navigation and in-car video systems. You told me to do my research first (which I did) and now it’s apparent I know the policy better than you.

I see that you didn't address the failure of BB to post the restock fee policies or the deceptive service agreement gimmick.
Posted by bbyemployee90210 on 2009-07-24:
touche, sir. i forgot to add those in. but they do fall under the "items most people don't purchase on a daily basis" category. However all items that carry a restocking fee are sealed with best buy stickers that clearly say "15% RESTOCKING FEE IF OPENED". You cannot even open the box without tearing this seal.

but if you purchase an item that carries a restocking fee, you should be ready to pay it if you decide you dont want it. kinda makes sense.

Posted by iworkatbby12 on 2009-07-26:
hey so i fully agree with bbyemployee90210, yes we are there to make money for best buy, but like they said, its retail. I as an employee and im sure bbyemployee90210 can agree value all opinions, but like he/she said dont throw the entire best buy company under the bus for one employee who is probably fired already for lack of knowledge or rudeness. Also NickL11354, buying online you dont get someone helping you through your purchase and explaining to you the ups and the downs of the products and showing you everything you need for it, and im sure to return the product you purchased online must be a pain. With that being said please don't throw all of best buy down and tell people to "beware" of us, cause 99% of employees are willing to go out of our way and help you out no matter what.
Posted by Ytropious on 2009-07-26:
"I see a lot of these reviews that could have easily been avoided by just being an educated buyer"

Yes, this is true of a huge portion of reviews on this site. For a lot of people it's easier to point the finger then admit that what happened to them may have in some way been their OWN fault.
Posted by Ron L Hudson on 2009-08-03:
I hate to see anyone loose their job, but BB is a joke! It has been caught on too many occasions doing the back-handed,under the table gimmicks to make the quick bucks, customers to the curb. It really is a policy thing, not a sales staff thing. The joke starts at the top, from people who would never stoop so low as to walk into one of their own stores. Do I smell smoke, then Rome must be burning!
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Copy of the letter I have sent to BestBuy
Posted by DjDrewG on 12/24/2007
NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I would imagine no one at Best Buy will respond to this being they most likely do not care.

To whom it may concern-

Recently my partner and I made a large purchase at your 23rd street (Chelsea location) in Manhattan. Part of the purchase was a hard drive, the Western Digital World Book Terabyte to be specific.

The hard drive has a slot for a usb cable, which we guessed was a usb to usb cable.
But we weren't sure. So after dinner tonight we decided that we should pop in the store and ask, being you guys are the "experts" and all.

When we got downstairs there were 3 associates all of which were more interested in watching a Uoutube video on a computer rather than helping us.
When I asked an associate to help, he said to hang on a minute, when the video was done he'd get to us.

When he was finished watching his video (which he decided he wanted to rewind and watch again, I guess hoping that we would disappear) we asked him about the product. The associate pointed and said I think it's in aisle 3. And continued to chat with his fellow associates.

We got to aisle 3 and there was nothing of the sort.

So we went to the hard drive aisle. Where there was an associate that made several guesses as to what the cable may be(Not even looking at the box mind you). Now there was an open box of the same hardrive on the shelf, no wrapper on it. So we asked the associate to open the box quickly and peek at the manual, which he refused to do.

He then took us to the geek squad counter where once again , Joel (the apparent Store Manager. ) made several more guesses as to what the wire might be.

We asked again, if we could just open the box and look at the manual , that most likely the manual would explain what wire it was.

Joel once again made up several guesses as to what the wire was and excuses as to why he could not just open the box. At which point he said and I quote "Listen buddy if you don't like our customer service you can walk. See if I care." I asked Joel for a way to contact your district manager for NYC (being I used to work in retail , I know that problems like this don't get resolved unless you go high up on the chain) Joel scribbled a phone number on a piece of paper which I handed back to him and told him to write his name on. At which point he threw the paper down at the counter, scribbled Joel on it illegibly pick it up and dropped it in front of me.

I asked him to read me the scribble and tell me his name and he rudely said aloud Joel and proceeded back into your Geek Squad area. I asked for a manager at that point and Joel said that he indeed "Was the Store Manager". Lies.

We then did leave.
As we exited I saw another associate, Alex. Whom I asked if I could speak to the General Manager. HE ALSO SAID HE WAS THE GM. So I stated my dilemma to Alex as well.

Alex response was very much like that of Joel's downstairs , that "If you don't like our service shop elsewhere."

I have made this complaint known to your customer relations department and I will be forwarding it any email listed on this site. Eventually someone will be able to get in touch with me and provide a solution to your terrible service and rudeness of your associates.

Your call center not only could not offer any help and said maybe I'd get a phone call back from you. ( This after the operator on duty at 9pm disconnected me 3 times.)

I am forwarding this email to "Help me Howard", Consumer Reports, and will be writing an article in the publication I occasionally write for describing my situation to all of the city as well.

On that note-

I look forward to talking to someone whom actually knows what they are doing and isn't wasting Best Buy's time.

Being the Director of Sales and Marketing for a large firm, I know that this kind of service and employee behavior is unacceptable in my company and I hope that goes for yours as well.

Please feel free to contact me at my office line.

Merry Christmas-
Drew G. Montalvo
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-24:
While I agree that the treatment you got at BB was deplorable I cannot but wonder why you simply did not look at the manual or go online to find out what cable was needed. You would have saved yourself lots of grief and wasted time.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-12-24:
PB is right.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-24:
The drives can use either USB or FireWire.
Posted by killerklown on 2007-12-24:
Yeah, why didn't you just read your own manual? That would have taken maybe five minutes to solve your problem, instead you chose to drive to Best Buy, where no one ever claimed to be "experts", and make a fool of yourself? Pretty lame, guy.
Posted by miketech on 2007-12-24:
It would seem with CompUSA going out of retail brick and mortar and Circuit City just can't catch a break and probably won't be around long that Best Buy would be stepping up it's game.
I gave up on Best Buy years ago. The local one is just a pitiful store to me. Same stuff at the same price as CompUSA. At CompUSA usually they aren't harassing.
I have the best luck for help and good prices on product at the Oak Ridge Staples. Not the Knoxville one's they are terrible, the Oak Ridge and Maryville ones are nice though.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-24:
In case you unaware, CompUSA will be going out of business very soon.
Posted by DjDrewG on 2007-12-24:
We were out at dinner and decided that since Best Buy was right next door , rather than walking 5 avenues over to our home , we would just go in and see if we could get an answer and spare us some time.

Posted by MRM on 2007-12-24:
Just curious: what was the video being shown? That is a disgrace that watching a video is a highest priority than to help the customer. Disgraced indeed. I wish you could post a bulletin board at Best Buy and tell them to visit this website so they could understand what customers' complaints are.
Posted by Starlord on 2007-12-24:
Did you find out what the cable was? If not, can you describe it very accurately?
Posted by DjDrewG on 2007-12-24:
Yea it's apparently a USB extension used to hook up another harddrive to the wireless one.

We eventually figured it out on our own, but still the problem here is. These people are selling a product that they know jack s**t about. Isn't there something wrong with that picture. If you sell a product you should know about it, or at least be able to say "Hey hang on 1 second , I think ___________ knows about that, Let me get him" much rather than watching a youtube video.

Which someone asked before what he was watching, it was some karate tournament stuff.

Now back to the issue,I guess the customer service attitude in the store is partially to blame on Best Buy, whom most likely pays their sales people a very minimal hourly wage, so they must feel like why should we care about the customer.

I feel bad in a way but when you take a job on you need to do it. If you can't handle it, then the job isn't right for you. And if you have NO people skills. A customer service job is definitely not right for you.
Posted by DjDrewG on 2007-12-24:
Here's a link to the Dig write up.

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Bad Customer Service
Posted by Ku1ture on 11/05/2007
HENDERSON, NEVADA -- I just recently had a less than positive experience with a floor manager by the name of Aaron in Store #358, 611 Marks St. in Henderson, Nevada. I tried to replace a Camcorder for my 65 year old mother who had purchased it with a 4 yr extended warranty. The model of camera she purchased, Sony DCR-TRV-22, suffered a CCD chip factory recall and the symptoms related to the recall were consistent with the problem her camera was experiencing. When I tried to explain why we were wanting to exchange the camera for a different brand of the same value, Aaron refused to help. He only insisted that he can sell me another camera while I waited for 6 weeks for the service department to determine whether the camera can be repaired.

I told him it was a defective part that Sony recalled and was not repairable. That my mother wished to have a different brand of camera of the same value. Aaron did not look at the receipt of purchase or look at the 4 year plan. He did not ask to see any of the documents I had in my hand. He only told me to stand in line at the service department to have the camera repaired and he'd sell me another camera.

I explained that it was unacceptable. I told him that it wasn't completely out of the ordinary for Best Buy to honor the request I was making as it was done in the past by another member of my family at a location in Southern California. In that particular instance, the customer was escorted by the floor manager to the camera department where he helped the customer locate another brand of camera of equal value. Aaron's response was, "Well, take it to that store then." I told him that his response was rude and unprofessional and a return policy should be honored. Aaron refused.

This entire conversation took place in the front of the store. I was noticeably unhappy with the outcome. The greeters, who check receipts at the entrance were in earshot during the conversation and with a condescending tone and a smirk told me to have a nice day while I was on my way out. I turned to them and instructed them that not only is it unprofessional to address a customer to have a nice day when they can see that the customer is obviously upset but it is rude to say it when they didn't mean it and as if it were funny that the customer were unhappy. One of the greeters then stepped into my personal space as if to try to intimidate me and told me I had to lower my voice. I told the greeter, as I was leaving the store, that his behavior was going to be included in my report to corporate. Then I heard him say again, mockingly, "Have a nice day." (I don't need to go into how really angry that last comment made me. I'm sure you can put yourself in my place and just imagine.)

Normally, I do not bother writing corporate offices when I have a bad experience in a business. I just simply never shop there again and, when the topic comes up, tell everyone I know my experience and encourage them not to do business there. But the behavior of these employees and the attitude of the floor manager at this particular location incited me so much, that I felt compelled to write you hoping that someone can investigate this type of unprofessional behavior. I'm sure that this is not what your corporation or any corporation expects from their employees who represent their business at the public level.

Sony Corporation has agreed to replace the camera at no expense. Their support service was exemplary and I have already informed them as much.

It's too bad that my experience at Best Buy was so sour that I will probably never walk into that store ever again. And will be very hesitant to shop at Best Buy even if it were a different location.
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Posted by bigboxworker on 2007-11-05:
Why didn't u just appeal directly to sony in the first place?? they were the ones who manufactured the camera and issued the recall. Best Buy isn't in a position to do anything for your camera but send it to Sony for repair. And you extended warranty doesn't entitle you to exchange your camera for a different model when you feel like it, it's there to protect the parts and labour on the product, so when the manager said you would have to wait for a response from Sony in regards to a repair, I don't see how that was out of line...
Posted by trumania on 2007-11-06:
bigboxworker is correct.

Sony issued the recall, meaning Sony was responsible for the repairs. I understand you bought a Extended Warranty, but that does not entitle you to a refund or exchange, that is only to ensure the camera has no hardware defects. They offered to fulfill their responsibility by having it sent off to be repaired.

Sony's customer service was "exemplary" because they were the ones who issued the recall, they are legally obligated to fix the product at no charge.

As much as it hurts you to hear, you are in the wrong here. Best Buy attempted to fulfill their responsibility and you wanted more.

It sounds like a manager or employee helped your friend out in the California store and instead of appreciating the gesture you came to expect that level of treatment.
Posted by trumania on 2007-11-06:
Oh yea, if you still think you're in the write, you can scour the Best Buy return policies and Extended Warranty policies and find the exact paragraph that says you are entitled to exchange the product (for a completely different product) in the case of a product recall.

At best, you might only see that you're entitled to an exchange for the same product if the product cannot not be repaired after three attempts (lemon policy).
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-11-06:
can't add anything to big & true's statements
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-06:
ku1ture - You're totally in the right on this one. The first question that comes to my mind is what does best buy do with their own inventory that has a recall issued against it? They probably send it back to the factory for credit. There's no reason they couldn't do the same for your defective camera and allow you an exchange. Secondly, the attitude of the BB workers is inexcusable. And finally once again proof positive that an extended warranty is the biggest con job in retail today.

I don't shop much at Best Buy because for the most part the store is full of incompetent twirps who could care less about their job. Excellent review ku1ture. I voted your contribution 'Very Helpful'.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-06:
I must agree with Stew one this one because he makes some excellent points here. I don't know why everyone falls for these stupid extended warranty con jobs and that is all they are.

ku1ture very good review! (VH)
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-11-06:
OK, Stew brought up something I hadn't thought about. But the OP could have dealt direct with Sony and saved the fight w/bb.
Posted by WhineX on 2007-11-06:
You walked into BB, checked the camcorder in for repair, then went to a salesperson and told him the camcorder was unrepairable and you wanted a new replacement of equal value on the spot? Are you kidding? From your post, it sounds like you completely mis-interpreted the normal process for repair and replacement of products, and then made a scene when you didn't get your way. That doesn't equal bad customer service.
Posted by Extended Warranty on 2007-11-06:
Lets all bash the extended warranty because it obviously should be a free pass to do whatever you want.

It clearly says in any warranty brochure that the manufacturer is responsible for recalls. Just because the manufacturer recalled something doesn't mean the retailer should throw it away.

Stew, I know you think you know all about retailers and how they operate, but you don't. You cannot send a product back to a manufacturer at any time. Retailers have contracts for these types of things. Any product that a manufacturer can take back has a time limit (some they won't even take back at all).
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-11-06:
Extended Warranty -- No, I know very little about retail. The thing I know is how I want to be treated as a customer and that places like best buy CAN NOT exist without customers and that extended warranties are a waste of money.

So, Educate me... What does Best Buy do with stock that best buy owns in stock that has a recall (such in the case of this OP) issued on it . Do they continue to sell it to the public even though it's defective? Do they return it back to the manufacturer for credit? Or do they just eat it?
Posted by Extended Warranty on 2007-11-06:
If a product gets recalled it gets pulled from the shelves and sent back. This does not mean that for all eternity, whenever they come in contact with this product they can send it back. Because after whatever period of time was agreed on in either the contract or recall, the manufacturer will no longer accept returns on it as they have given "sufficient time". This works with any kind of product, recalled or not. I would know, I work at Best Buy.
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Christmas return policy warning...
Posted by SHELLBY on 08/19/2006
DANVERS, MASSACHUSETTS -- I had bought a PC for my children 3 weeks before Christmas. Set it up day after Christmas didn't like a lot of things about it so I packed it up like new and went to return it on the 4th day after Christmas. I mistakenly thought that The Christmas policy was extended like EVERY other store around Christmas for 2 weeks AFTER Christmas seeing I bought it as a gift. Well, WRONGOMONDO. Seeing i was only short of WEEK over the date (i purchased it second week of December) I explained it was misunderstanding and where its a gift can they cut me sum slack on the stupid policy. She stood firm at NOWAY so I insisted on talking to the manager who the customer service person REFUSED to get for me. I calmly explained we are getting nowhere so i would like to speak to a manger. She said NOPE that's the policy blah blah. Well, I insisted I prefer to speak to a manager and have him/her tell me that, total refusal. So with 2 children in tow and mounds of winter gear and a stroller i had to walk all over the store till I found a manager myself. At this point i was almost in tears, I asked him when are people supposed to do there Christmas shopping here? being a busy working mom shopping 3 weeks before was cutting it close, he said most people come out on Christmas Eve to purchase electronics for the holiday . I Laughed and said then I must be strange seeing I spend Christmas Eve cooking, wrapping, and visiting family. He asked me why i didn't like it I told him i prefer Mac and this just wasn't for me, he said he would exchange it for another computer, I asked do you have any Macintosh he laughed and said no, I said then you cant help me I want my money refunded > i also explained how his customer service staff was rude, arrogant AND REFUSED TO GET A MANAGER. meanwhile the GEEK SQUAD girl who was at service desk originally saw me talking to him and came running over to complain about me in the middle of the conversation interupting him she was babbling like a fool and he told her to go away. He finally agreed to return it with a 15 percent restocking fee. I said i already put it back like new in the box you can go check, he said they do that no matter what even if its returned on time , i said thats ridicoulous but i paid the 150 dollar fee and told him i would NEVER be back there again.
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Posted by Doe3001 on 2006-08-19:
The restocking fee sounds like a scam. By doing that they can sell bad products and make money by simply giving you the good product when you return the crap the originally sold to you. 15 % for each product. Just make the math and you will see how much money they can do.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2006-08-19:
The restocking fee isn't a scam. Defective products don't get charged the fee. The reason the restocking fee is in place is because let's say somebody returns something because they just don't want it. Well, they have to sell that at an "open box" price. The OP even said she just didn't like the computer, she wanted a mac. Stores actually make little to nothing on computer sales. If they had to return working pc's to the manuf. they would lose money. Where they make the money is in accessories and ad ons like cables, paper, ink, that kind of stuff.
Posted by SHELLBY on 2006-08-19:
you can go to any library or kinkos a friends house family etc for ONE paper, thats crap. i did pay the fee doesnt mean i agree with it. and the service people are rude and the return policy stinks. So based upon your theory people are going to search for a computer, drive to store, pick out a computer, stand in line pay for it drive back home,lug multiple awkward boxes in their house, unpack it load any and all software dont forget the printer and hooking that hope everything just starts right up. type your"paper" then pack it all back up and drive back to store stand in line return it all. ...lol sounds like a plan..

obviously you never attended school because (NEWFLASH) schools have computers you can use these days...

for free;)
Posted by *Brenda* on 2006-08-20:
Ohh Shallby, you would be very surprised at what some people will do. I've seen worse!
Posted by *Brenda* on 2006-08-20:
Posted by glc on 2006-08-20:
Shellby: If you think about it, you were lucky to be able to return it, being charged the restocking fee. When you originally purchased it, you knew it wasn't a Mac, but you purchased it anyway, and it was your oversight regarding the assumption of BB's Christmas returns policy. Anyway, did you finally buy a Mac?
Posted by SHELLBY on 2006-08-20:
the reasons i returned is not the point. Don't care to get into the details as to why, as they are irrelevant.
Posted by SHELLBY on 2006-08-20:
Oh, and i DID buy a mac. AND then a PC at Circuit City, I very happy with the service at Circuit City and the product!:)
Posted by *Brenda* on 2006-08-20:
They didn't even have to let you return it. You should be thanking them. Also, the reason for return is important. There was nothing wrong with the machine; you just didn't like it. They have to take a loss and sell that as an open box item. Why should they take the hit?
Posted by BIG DADDY OH OH OH on 2006-08-21:
lmao@being thankful
Posted by rhondam718732 on 2006-08-21:
"They didn't even have to let you return it. You should be thanking them" YEAH right...she should thank them for... being rude, refusing to get a manager when she has kids and a stroller to contend with, and ultimnately trying to deny her the chance to get a refund or something agreeable. No thanks necessary. Their behavior was rude and unacceptable and at the LEAST they should refund her. They are a business yes, but where does it say the employees should be rude and unhelpful when detailing store policy?? These poeple act like they own the store or get a cut. Why can't they relay the policy and kindly go get a manager when asked??
Posted by *Brenda* on 2006-08-21:
The bottom line is that they let her return something when they didn't have to at all. I would be happy that I got most of my money back. Geez, it amazes me at how many people don't want to be responsible for their own actions. She didn't read the policy, she didn't return it in time and now it is Best Buy's fault? The detailed return policy of almost every store is on the back of their receipt and hanging in the store. Even if they had gotten a manager right away she wouldn't have accepted what they said; she didn't when she found a manager. Telling a customer "no" doesn't automatically mean they are rude and unhelpful. "ultimnately trying to deny her the chance to get a refund or something agreeable" That's the thing. She wasn't ENTITLED to a refund or an exchange!
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2006-08-21:
Big Daddy, finally oiled his caps lock key!
Posted by SHELLBY on 2006-08-21:
Obviously Brenda talking to manager DID work because he DID agree to return the product where the service wench would NOT have returned it. I also don't care to have pissing contests with C.S. I prefer to deal with upper management when they start to get ansy. I DID pay re-stock fee and that all YOU need to know;)
Posted by SHELLBY on 2006-08-21:
Hey Brenda, thats a neat collar your kitty cat is sporting,Can"t decide what I like better the Time piece or the Jewel of the Nile;)
Posted by *Brenda* on 2006-08-21:
Yeah, my cat's got bling bling. HA!
Posted by SHELLBY on 2006-08-22:
Actually Brenda I think the collar is tastless and tacky;)
Unless of course she can tell time.
Posted by *Brenda* on 2006-08-22:
It isn't a clock, maybe you should get your eyes checked. Those are her tags and a bell.
Posted by AnonymousConsumer on 2006-10-12:
This incident should be reported to David Williams (david.williams@bestbuy.com). His job is to ensure female customers are not mistreated. Apparently this is an ongoing problem and there has been one case where a female customer was reduced to tears just for dropping off a computer to be fixed.
Posted by Bigchucknc on 2007-12-22:
I have read all these posts defending Best Buy and in my opinion its crap to defend them. I have been screwed by Best Buy before and believe me, I followed their rules. When Best Buy started up, they couldn't be nice enough. If there was ever a case of Buyer Beware, this is it. Best Buy could take lessons from Lowe's Hardware regarding how to take care of customers
Posted by The Equalizer on 2009-01-31:
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-01-31:
The only thing I can fault Best Buy for in this review was not getting the manager when this customer asked.

Other than that, she returned a PC 5 weeks after she bought it (one week over their normal return date), used it and then claimed she liked Macs better (lol) and to top it off argued about a restocking fee that is posted throughout the store.

The manager did what he could to make her happy, even refunding her money short of the restocking fee (again, which is clearly marked not just on the receipt but also around the store) and instead of singing their praises for going out of their way to make her happy, she's here posting a complaint. You just can't make some people happy.
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Best Buy Is Terrible! Do Not Buy From Them!
Posted by Aha360 on 03/26/2014
CALIFORNIA -- Agreed! Their ads are misleading and misrepresenting...I went in a few years ago to buy a laptop for my boyfriend bc their ad said it had blu-ray rom, but of course the same model they had in the store did not come with it. They just said sorry it was "misprinted" and we can't do anything about it. I wrote a review on their page and they didn't publish it because they didn't want anyone to know the truth. So I stopped going until recently...and of course I was disappointed!!

Their sales representative sold my mom many useless things that I do not need. She bought them for my birthday and upon receiving them, I tried to return them, but the return date passed a couple of weeks after the 15 day policy. They have a policy that will allow their rewards member an extension, but their return department at the store will not allow me to return it simply because of their 15 days policy--they leave it up to their manager to decide. I've been their rewards program member since 2003, but they refused to allow me to return them. The items were never opened or used. I even wrote to them and showed them pictures after going into the store--of course they gave me the run around like to call them or go to a store, which I did call and go again without any luck.

However, the person who was returning their item that has been melted because they left it in the sun was allowed to have their item end returned even though it passed the 15 days policy as well. This is a discrimination as the manager allowed for that transaction while denying mine when mine was in perfect condition. I can even provide the approximate time and date for them to check the security cameras for proof.

I do not recommend anyone to purchase anything with them and seeing that their rating is so bad by other buyers, I can see why!!!"
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Purchase Horror From Best Buy
Posted by Princess5256 on 02/26/2014
PHILA, PENNSYLVANIA -- My experience is like a harrow story. I purchased for my disabled mom a compact washer and gas dryer unit on line, but actually calling by phone. The customer service person did not know much about the unit, so I asked if it needs any accessories to connect the unit and then she remember and and named one. After she gave me an apt. to deliver 3 weeks later. Finally the day came around for delivery. But when delivery team found out that the unit needs gas connection they informed my mom that they are not licensed to do that and left with the unit. After spending and hour on the phone with Best Buy I was told that because it's a gas dryer they have to hire a different team and the person who took the order didn't know it was gas dryer. Can you understand that? She took the order for gas dryer, but she didn't know it was gas dryer. Now I had to make another apt. and wait 5 more days. I called again Best Buy to confirm the order delivery and sales person informed me that I need 2 more accessories to buy for gas dryer, otherwise they couldn't connect the dryer. I asked to talk to supervisor and now because it an additional order and to make sure it will arrive together I was told to make apt 7 days later and that there definitely will be a gas connecting team. The day of delivery my mom was told again that they are not licensed to connect gas dryer and they did not have all accessories to connect any way and they left again with the unit. One hour later the accessories arrived from Best Buy and the team felt bad for my mom decided to disconnect the old unit to get ready when the new unit will arrive and left. I called Best Buy again and after 1 hour conversation had another delivery date 5 days later. Same day after the accessories delivery guy left at 1.30am I get a call from my mom who barely can walk telling me that she heard a pop a she hears water gushing noise and she doesn't know what to do. I got in the car with my husband and drove at 2am to mom's house. 20 min each way. When we got to the basement the water was pouring down from above the ceiling right where the old unit was disconnected. The water was never shut down. Now we have basement full of water, thank got it's not finished basement. At 3.30am we got home. Finally the day of delivery came around again and nobody showed up. After 2 hours on the phone I was told that they tried to call, there was no answer and they left. I asked why nobody tried the door bell? No answer to that. Now for the fourth time it should be delivered next day. I will keep you posted If it will arrive. Do you think I will buy from them again? I don't think so
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Posted by andbran on 2014-02-27:
my husband and i were considering getting a gas dryer a few months back. we were told the reason it cost extra for installation was because a plumber had to do it. fortunately my husband was able to fix the dryer. so maybe you could contact a plumber to set the dryer up.
Posted by nikalseyn on 2014-02-27:
Your mistake was going to BB for something like this. Contact a local plumbing company---ask around---and have them install it. Or, buy a unit from a local appliance dealer and ensure he will install it. Never rely on a big box company to do something like this---too many rules and they want you to buy all new hoses, etc.
Posted by Paul on 2014-02-27:
Big box stores come off as being the end-all be-all to supply homeowners, but the fact is they are not good at all at covering all the details. Remember that a HD or Lowes is first and foremost a DIY place. Don't know about Best Buy - I am surprised they sell something like a gas dryer. It doesn't surprise me that the gas install was missed.

As someone above said, a local appliance store is really the best place to go. It may cost a little more but for someone who doesn't want to get involved themselves it is worth it IMO.
Posted by Ilya on 2014-03-10:
Thanks guys, but I already learn my lesson and next time it will be never Best Buy. But this is a continuation saga for my mom. Best buy contacted me after my complain. Richard Arnold said that he asked the delivery guys if they did any disconnections and was told they didn't. I gave him the name of the person who did it and then he asked him and he also said no. The name and phone # was left for my mom to call him again after the new unit will be delivered, so he can come back and connect. His name was Santos. How would I know his name and phone# if he didn't leave it? But mr. Arnold did not believe me even after I told him that I have 2 witnesess to confirm that Santos did the disconection of the old unit and next morning I spoke to Santos seeking for help, but was told he is to far away and he tried to help my mom yesturday and now I am accusing him of the problem, but told me somebody from best buy will call me. Nobody did, but somebody just came over, did not do anything and left. Few days later the new unit was delivered, but not connected. A week later another delivery people came and connect the new unit, but the door of the dryer is very, very stiff to open and delivery guy said it will adjust with use. Will see. As of now the damage in the basement is not taking care of. The insulation probably already dry, but will it mildew? I don't know. I got the letter confirming that sins it was not the best buy people who caused the damage they not responsible for a claim. What a service! It took 5 weeks from the day of order to have the unit installed. And after all I was told that 2 out of 3 connecting accesories didn't need to be purchased, so I had to make a trip to Best Buy to return.
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Where Oh Where Is the $50 Email Rebate?
Posted by Bdjor on 01/04/2014
ONLINE/HARRIMAN PICK UP, NEW YORK -- The week after Thanksgiving I bought the iPad Air for my husband as a Christmas gift. Best Buy had a good deal because they were giving a $50 store credit when you bought it. It was full price, but with the $50 off, it was worth getting. It never said when the email would come with the $50 credit. I bought it online, but the gray had to be picked up at the store. After Christmas I called the store about the rebate and they were very nice. However, they didn't know anything about how the $50 would come. They said to call the online dept. I called online and they didn't know and they said to talk to the customer service online so I did. They also didn't know and told me to call the store. One representative I spoke to said maybe a rebate would come after Jan. 15th because that's when you have up to to return electronics from Christmas and sometimes the rebates don't come until then, but they weren't sure. I also emailed Best Buy to ask them about the $50. I got a response saying to call the online help. I responded to the email that I had called online and store to no avail. I haven't heard back.

I wanted to buy a case for the iPad with the $50. Now I'm at a standstill and feel it isn't fair that I had to track down the $50 that should have been sent to me. All of the reps were very kind. That still doesn't make it fair, though. I still don't know when and if the $50 will come.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2014-01-06:
When I bought my Samsung S4 from BBY they had a similar promotion going. It took 2 months and call to customer service to get the $50 gift card. That shouldn't have to happen. But this is BBY were talking about here, so it's all but expected that something is going to go wrong.
Posted by bdjor on 2014-01-09:
Thank you. I'll keep trying. Did you ever get an e-mail?
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2 Microwaves Purchased at Their Store Was Junk
Posted by Syarnall1117 on 01/04/2014
Purchase a microwave for my son 1year later it had sparks shooting inside. In 2012 got another microwave and it lasted only six months. Its off to H&H Greggs for now on.
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Rude Manager at Best Buy in Wesley Chapel
Posted by Mvila0909 on 12/30/2013
I think it is best to share the complaint I put on the Best Buy forums to really show it. Also, you can see if they have replied or not.

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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-12-31:
I hate to tell you this, but BB isn't going to do anything for you. They don't care how many electronic gadgets you own, and they don't care about customer loyalty.
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