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Parts Ordered to Arrive After the Repair Appointment Date
Posted by Kai_shepherd on 12/20/2013
LYNNWOOD, WASHINGTON -- Geek Squad could care less about the repair needed on your purchase. 16 month old 55" flat screen blew something. We called in the appointment, they ordered parts. We went to track the parts and found out that Geek Squad ordered them to be delivered ground hence they would arrive after the set appointment. Excuse me????? Customer Service was for the most part rude and hung up on me. I finally was able to speak to one CS person who was cooperative and seemed to be assisting. The Best Buy Store would not assist with the issue, they were more or less the attitude of "whatever". I will not purchase from Best Buy again. All Best Buy and Geek Squad care about is taking your money. that is it. They could care less about customer service or product.

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Best Buy - Experience With Store Pick Up
Posted by Stsarkov on 12/19/2013
BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I ordered a Wii console with Wii Sport and Wii sport resort for 129.99 from the BestBuy.com for store pick up as a gift for my son's birthday. The next day I logged on to the site to check the order, only to find out that it was cancelled. No e-mail was sent to me, nor was I otherwise notified that my order was cancelled. I called customer service who could not even tell me why the order was cancelled. It was not in the computer, so they had no idea what happened and transferred me to another department. After a while, almost 40 minutes on the phone, we found out that my order was sold at the store where it was suppose to wait for pick up. A lady in that department (manager as the regular worker did not even understand the situation) told me that I have to re-order the purchased item. As a courtesy for the inconvenience she gave a discount on the price and I ordered a new system for 100 dollars plus tax to be picked up in another store. She assured me that this will not happen again. I received a confirmation e-mail that my order is ready to be picked up at the store.

Three hours later I receive another e-mail stating that my order was cancelled due to credit card issues. I called customer service again. The person speaking to me tried to tell me that the problem was with the credit card; however the card was charged by the store and the money did not even return back to the account. I asked to speak with her supervisor and she dropped the call. She just hanged up on me. I called back and after about 30 minutes was able to speak with the supervisor...again my order was re-sold at the store where I was supposed to pick it up. She said she was sorry, but the item was not available anymore. Nothing could be done so I ended up without my order (not to mention courtesy discount). May be all these cancellations were done so I would not get my discount? In the end I purchased the system from GameStop.com, so my son would have his gift.

So couple of days after the GameStop purchase I wanted to shop for some games for Wii. I went to BestBuy.com and tried making a purchase of MarioKart game. Made a purchase and immediately received an e-mail that my order was cancelled, followed by a confirmation of sale e-mail. I tried ordering it three times and three times I received cancelled e-mail.

So the bottom line is: during this purchasing experience my orders were re-sold by multiple stores. I was never notified of the first cancellation. BestBuy customer service lied to me, kept me on hold for over 2 hours (combined), made promises that were never fulfilled and in the end were not able to resolve any issues. The site is useless for purchasing as it does not allow to buy anything. Forget about Bestbuy and go to another store.
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-12-20:
Did you call your credit card company to make sure there wasn't an issue with them? It's rather weird that this would happen not once, but multiple times. I've ordered from BB for both delivery and in-store pickup several times (it's my second favorite form of shopping) and I've never had a problem.
Posted by nikalseyn on 2013-12-21:
Yes, I would suspect an issue with your credit card. At least you put it on a credit and not a debit card! Just think of the hassle if they had already debited your bank account!
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Treated like garbage
Posted by Danderson2010 on 12/18/2013
FLORENCE, KENTUCKY -- I had an issue with an employee and was told to speak with Martin the GM. He was not in that day so I had to wait. Turned out I had another issue, this time a Geek Squad repair wasn't actually repaired. I spent an hour talking in circles with Sean the assistant manager and finally landed on a compromise. I then asked if Martin was in, I was told he was on a call but would be out in 20 mins. 45 minutes later Sean went in and spent 5 minutes telling my story. Martin came out and told me I interrupted his call and should not have waited for him. He does not have time to deal with customers. I tried to explain, he cut me off and said he would not hear the story again he trusts his assistant manager and that's that. I was directed to 800 Best Buy. This was the most disrespectful experience I have ever had with a retailer. Best buy in Florence KY is consistently a horrible place to shop. My advice to everyone is avoid the headache and shop online. Also I suspect most if not all positive reviews are fake and done by employees.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-12-18:
What was your original complaint. We're only getting one side of the story here.
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Return of Defected Merchandise
Posted by Mjordan21 on 12/10/2013
FORT WORTH, TEXAS -- I bought a iPod from Best Buy, I didn't open it for a few months, I finally did open it and downloaded my songs and used it twice, on the third time to use it, it would not work, I took it back to the Best Buy in Lake Worth and the Customer Service person told me to go get another one, then when I got back to customer service she pushed the iPod back at me and told me to take out the ear phones since I didn't bring mine, I thought that was a little odd, but ok... Then she called the manager because it was past the 15 day return policy. The iPod was used twice, I had a receipt and it no longer worked, that's 75.00 a use.

I cannot believe with as much items I purchase through Best Buy that they simply could not exchange this item. And the Customer Service at that store is horrible.

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Posted by saj80 on 2013-12-11:
If it was a few months, it would be a warranty issue with Apple
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-12-11:
Your issue is with Apple not Best Buy. Best Buy didn't do anything wrong, they abided by their stated return policy. Being told "no" doesn't necessarily constitute bad customer service.
Posted by andbran on 2013-12-11:
considering how short their return policy is , you should have tried it out when you got it. now you have to go through apple
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Horrible After Sale Service
Posted by Logan.commercial on 12/10/2013
GLENDORA, CALIFORNIA -- I will never purchase any product from Best Buy again. Their after sale service is horrible. After nearly four hours on the phone, six hours waiting for various scheduled delivery times, more than 20 hours waiting for return calls, and still waiting for delivery, I cancelled my order. I will never purchase from them again. They had a history of poor after sale service with us, but because of a recent nearly flawless purchase, we decided to try one more time.

Bad decision.
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Worst Shopping Experience of My Life
Posted by Stevepdxman on 12/07/2013
PORTLAND, OREGON -- I bought a dishwasher in-store for $527 and put it on the Best Buy card. The balance was $554 when I went to pay the bill. I even have the paper receipt for $527, so they overcharged for no verifiable reason. At the same time I tried to purchase a microwave online and had troubles. Their call center tossed me around to 5 different people with no resolution. I cancelled the order and went elsewhere.

Bottom line: they have no integrity and don't understand the meaning of 'client experience'. I will never shop there again.
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Customer service Site to Store
Posted by Teebaby1985 on 12/05/2013
DEARBORN, MICHIGAN -- The site to store delivery does not work at this location. The confirmation email notified me that my order was available for pick-up. Upon arriving at the store, my order was not available or locatable. The Manager supposed went on the floor to look for my item. After 30 minutes of standing and waiting, he never returned and my patients ran out. I cancelled my order but before leaving the store, I decided to check the floor myself. It took me 30 more minutes but I was able to locate the last copy of the item I wanted. Don't waste your time with site to store at this location.
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Return Policy Is Laughable
Posted by Lianeaustin10870 on 12/01/2013
METAIRIE, LOUISIANA -- Last week we bought 2 laptops, a printer and a tablet from Best Buy, over $2000 in products. The tablet was a gift for my son who only received it yesterday, after 6 hours of use at his desk the screen cracked, not dropped just cracked. Called manufacture their advice was to return to Best Buy before trying to exchange through them. After 2 trips to Best Buy we still have a tablet that does not work, first time was told we purchased it 8 days ago and they only exchange products with cracked screens within the first 2 days. Talked to a manager at another store who said since it was a gift he would exchange it. Arrived at store only to be told by same manager that they would not exchange it because it had been used and it was a condition of abuse, again never dropped and only used for 6 hours. Customer Service Rep and Manager were rude and did not want to hear that it was a gift or what manufacturer said.

Also was rude when my son mentioned that there are several reports of screen issues on the internet.

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Was Told To Get The Hell Out Of My Store By Salesman
Posted by Mikereimers2003 on 11/23/2013
VICTORIA, TEXAS -- Work with one salesman for 2 1/2 hours. Was making a $5300.00 purchase. Manager was called over to see if they would move one TV from one room to another. Total cost we were trying to negotiate was $200.00. After 1 hours of him making calls I finally told him to just friggin forget it I would move the damn TV. He told the sales person who I had been working with to clear the screen and then told me to get the hell out of HIS store. I told him to go get f-----. Talked with store manager and she apologized. Told her this was the 2nd time sales had ruded me out of the store. Went next door and bought the exact same thing in 30 minutes for $500.00 less. I will never ever step foot in another Best Buy. This was all done right in front of my girl friend. When talking with store manager I had her call the first salesman over and asked him in front of her if this happened to you what would you do? He told his manager that he would not be standing here right now and would never come back to this store. I will continue to pass this story on to all my friends. What ever happened to customer service??

If I did that at my job I would get fired. Best buy doesn't seem to really care. I will continue to bash Best Buy until I get a written apology from them and proof this employee was fired.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-11-26:
You were trying to negotiate in a retail store. Retail isn't like a flea market in Calcutta, you either pay what the stated price is or you don't. When I worked retail whenever I had a customer who tried to bargin with me, I would simply state that the price is what's printed on the price tag, no more, no less, and it was what it was. The only products that had even a little wiggle room were the open box/discontinued items.

Even though you were making a $5300 purchase, understand that TV's tend to have pretty low margins ( even on high end TVs, the margin is usually 3%-5%. If you were trying to get $200 off the price of the TV, then it's possible that the deal would be a money-losing proposition for BBY, and they would rather not sell you TV and keep in stock to sell to someone who wasn't interested in haggling. If you look at it from a business standpoint, it makes no sense to spend hours on the phone to try to put together a deal that will result in them losing money (if that was indeed the case).

I would be curious to hear the other side of the story on this one.
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They Should Change Their Name for "WORST BUY". This Is the Third and the Last Time I Ever Purchased Anything From This Company. T
Posted by Macolomba on 11/20/2013
They should change their name for "Worst Buy". This is the third and the last time I ever purchase an appliance from this company. They are the worst nightmare on everything; availability, delivery, customer service, return policy, geek tech support, repair services!!!!!!............go to Lowes!!
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-11-21:
This review would be far more effective if you had mentioned what exactly transpired in the first place.
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