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Best Sleep Center's "make it work" policy
Posted by on
WINNIPEG -- Hello,

I would like to note that this is the first time I have ever felt the need to post a negative comment publicly about a company. But, in this case I felt it my obligation as a person that believes the customer is often the true "little man" in society today. I will just tell the story and let you the customer decide if this is what you expect from this company when you deal with them?

I recently purchased a new bedroom set, the "Pasadena" model, and have had nothing but problems with the bed. The design of the bed involves a slat system, with 15 rows of two wooden slats each. The slats join together in the middle through a center beam. The center beam is a 2x4, with two peg supports running vertically to the ground. This center beam runs from the head to the foot of the bed. The slats are curved, to provide more shock absorption. They insert into plastic sheathes that attach the slats to the sides and the center beam. These plastic sheathes have nubs that insert into holes positioned both on the side rails and the center beam. No screws necessary, you just slide the slats into the plastic sheaths, and place the sheaths into their holes! There isn't even holes in the side rails or the center beam that would allow for screws to hold it together. The design calls for no screws to be used, except to attach the center beam to the headboard and the footboard.

They set up the bed and from the first time they were putting the mattress on slats were falling out. They said, "just need to be careful placing the mattress on it and then that won't happen." I was fine with this and placed the bed on and immediately 2 of the slats fell out of their plastic sheaths. We tilted the mattress up, fixed the problem, and hoped it wouldn't happen again. Upon laying on the bed, 4 slats fells out and were heard hitting the floor. He tells me that we will replace these, "warped" slats and it will fix the problem.

For a week we sleep on this bed and have to constantly replace slats that have fallen out of their sheathes. They return with new slats and place them in. You can see upon lifting the mattress that slats are barely holding on and some of the sheathes are out of their holes entirely. They replace the new slats but the problem persists. While I have the workers in my house slats still were falling out when I got on the bed. They told me that they may have to bring back more slats, cause they cannot see any other way to stop them from falling out. We will come back and figure out what we can do.

The next time they came out they had a few more slats, and AGAIN upon laying on the bed they were falling out! They suggested using screws, to hold it together, and I refused. That would involve screwing in screws through plastic sheathes, or just replacing the sheathes with makeshift screws holes. I did not buy a make-shift bed, I want the design bed that I purchased in your store. Not a screw here, screw there, lets design this new bed in your house, and "make it work" bed. Imagine moving and having to take that apart. Unscrewing 60 screws, all in makeshift holes, and then hoping that the wood held up enough for you to re-hack it together at your new house. The worker agreed it was not the initial design of the bed to have screws and once again they said they would come back and find a way to, "make it work".

A couple weeks past and they decide that a new idea has arrived. Ken Nugent told me over the phone that he had spoken with the workers and they agree it is a faulty design and only a new system will eliminate the continuing problem. They propose to try a "bunkie" board system, that will replace the existing faulty wooden slat system. A "bunkie" board is a board that will serve as a boxspring and be supported by lips on the side beams as well as a center bar down the middle. I was unhappy that my NEW bed purchase had turned into a troubleshoot project, They were essentially altering the NEW product I had knowingly purchased.

I spoke with Dave Keane, the president, and he refused to see my point of view that my NEW bed was not a NEW bed at all. But that it was more like they were trying to figure out how to patch up a faulty product. I asked why it wasn't possible just to switch bedroom suites? He told me this was not an option. He also said something that I will never forget, "I am not one of those people who believes the customer is always right!" I guess my only options were to make the pieces of wood I had in my room work. Despite admission that the product was faulty by the "experienced" laborers he had hired. Despite my opposition to this I had no choice since they gave me no other options, and I was sick of constantly hearing wooden slats fall out underneath me while I lay in my NEW bed.

They allowed us to see the "bunkie" board and we agreed to try it as a replacement. Now I ask you, if when you purchase a new, expensive, product, do you expect it to at least work the way it is supposed to? And if it does not, and the company is one of reputation like the BEST Sleep Center, do you not expect them to at least replace the faulty product? you expect them to just say well here we'll patch that up and "make it work". I thought that when a NEW purchase is made, you received a NEW product the way it was intended..NEW!! Not that you have to find ways from the very beginning to, "make it work". Ken Nugent apologized for the slats and while I was at the store I looked at a few of the beds with a similar slat system. There were three beds that had wooden slats falling down underneath them! I asked him why they sell beds that just fall apart like that? Especially when all I hear Dave Keane say on his radio adds is how they are so successful because they have superior products to the competition.

Nonetheless, the "bunkie" bed option arrived and the workers set it down and noticed it was very close to the edge of the side supporting lips. He used a measuring tape and noticed that there was a 1.5 inch gap on the sides as well as on the end once the "bunkie" board was laid down. He also noted that it could possibly shift and fall off since it was just a little too small for the bed. Once again probably since it was not in the initial design in the first place? Then he called the office to tell them it wasn't going to work. They pretty much told him to find a way to "make it work" which was their stance since the beginning. I had had enough once again and asked why I could not just get a whole new set with a different design that wasn't admittedly "faulty" and that I did not want to continue to try to make my NEW bed work! It was noted that the side rails were also warping, possibly contributing to the slats being warped as well. I refused to allow this setup that was going to have the potential of falling off.

They came up with a new option! "We will install 3 more beams from one side to the other of the bed to help support it as well. Plus we will replace the side beams since they are warping also." Once again more building 101, "let's make this work!" They failed to see my view that a NEW bed should not require a completely different setup. Even though I had allowed them to try to "make it work" up to this point, I was now certain that I wanted a replacement for this hogde podge bedroom suite. I asked why it wasn't an option to just exchange the set for another set. I was even willing to pay the difference, I just wanted a NEW bedroom suite, that was just that....NEW, quality, and would at least hold up. Instead I was being forced to piece together something and "make it work?"

Dave Keane finally called back and informed me that I had to just accept it how it was and if they fell out then I needed to just get used to it happening. That all beds have these problems, and that that is the reason they show the wooden slats that have fallen out in their showrooms, so that people know that they should expect that to happen. I asked him why he states in his radio ads that they have such superior products when even the showroom ones are apparently designed to show their faulty design, apparently to prepare us so that our expectations are not too high? He actually hung up on me stating that unless I allowed them to come back to set up this option I was pretty much SOL.

So I am sitting here now trying to piece together this whole thing that is still not over. They plan on using all new pieces except the head and end boards, yet still the option of a replacement suite is not being offered. I guess people should be warned that when Best Sleep Center sells you a is not the quality product that they claim it to be. They have admitted that they sell faulty products and I have first hand experience that this is true. People should also be warned that should you have any problems with NEW Best Sleep Center products, too just have to find a way to "make it work!?!" I hope your NEW bed purchase goes a lot better than mine did, and you end up with a NEW bed and not a "make-it-work!" Best Sleep Center hack job bed. Hoping for your sake that, "Yooooouuu'll NEVER find THEM!"

Unimpressed Customer!

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User Replies:
MSCANTBEWRONG on 03/06/2008:
Wow, that is totally unbelievable. In hindsight you probably should have made them take the bed back the day they initially delivered it. Did you pay for the purchase with your credit card? If so, you may try to dispute the charge with your credit card company, rent or borrow a truck and take the bed back to the store. I don't know what type of return policy they have as its not posted on the website. I would suggest you read your paperwork carefully and see what options are available for return of the product.
owner on 08/02/2008:
Hello David Keam
of Best Sleep Centre Inc. We are opening our 6th Super Centre this month and are on our 4th container of the bedroom suite this person purchased. In my opinion this person had price buyers remorse and was just looking for a price reduction or a lesser cost suite. He did have problems with the slats but when he let us know we offered solutions promptly and he would hear nothing of it. He had had the suite for over 2 weeks when all of a sudden he wanted to return it. We have sold 50 suites with this system and this person was and is the only one we could not seem to make happy. We in the end gave him a much more expensive system consisting of a metal frame and the full platform which can be described as a bunkie board. We were from the start willing to fix whatever he felt was wrong but all he wanted was an argument and a refund of all pieces when only the slats were an issue to him. We had a solution he wanted a cheaper less expensive product. We have no staff buy the name of Ken Nugent.
Its too bad he did not say he has been happy for 4 months now.
DebtorBasher on 08/02/2008:
Thanks for your side of the issue!
frustratedconsumer on 07/28/2012:
I bought a set of bunk beds from best sleep centre and I too had problems with it falling apart. At one point the entire bunk set was swaying back and forth whenever my child tried to climb into her bed. They swear they sell quality products and they do not. Its disgusting that they wouldn't just take the bed back. when you spend a lot of money on a new furniture set you expect it to be the quality product they swear they are selling you and when its not and it falls apart they blame you! Hope you found a bedroom suite from somewhere else that actually was what you expected it to be.
Owner on 04/02/2013:
Bunk beds need to be maintained. If they are swaying tighten the bolts. We have sold 2000 bunk beds from this supplier and this person cannot tighten a bolt until something breaks and blames us. Nothing sways that is maintained and nothing sways that is not abused.
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Do not shop here
Posted by on
Do not shop at the BEST SLEEP CENTER
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
They do not honor there warranty’s
Restonic beds are a inferior product

Please direct this letter to David Kean
Best Sleep Center
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
One year ago I bought a Restonic foam bed off of your St James store.
One year later this “TOP OF THE LINE” $2200.00 bed is sagging every where.
I called your warranty department and about a week later one of your staff arrived and measured the bed and took pictures, he said the bed was sagging allot and someone would get back to us. My wife also showed him the broken frame we had and he replied we should not have bought such a cheap one that your store sells better ones.

Two weeks later I had to call your warranty dept again to find out what was happening Finally Pat called me back and stated she sent a letter to us saying the bed was stained and she could not get any one to work on it. I explained to her that my Grand daughter spilled a coke on the bed and that had nothing to do with the sagging bed. She also replied that we should have bought a water proof sheet for the bed. I received your letter with the warranty card in it with all kinds of fancy measurements on it and yes it did say that they could not fix a stained bed. Why was I not giving a warranty card when I bought the bed ???? I have spoken to two other company’s that sell foam beds and they both replied that they can not fix a foam bed once it is sagging they replace it. If this is your final decision on the matter I want you to take a look in your computer and see the products I have bought off of you in the last year and ‘ REST’ assured I will never buy another product off of you again. I see in your web page you spend a lot of money advertising on C.J.O.B. and I see that you have come a long way from your hole in the wall on Keewatin Street. I myself am in sales and there is one thing I do know that when people buy a product and they are happy with it they will always tell one other person what a great product it is and they will tell one other person BUT ! When a person has had a bad experience with a product or company they will tell five other people who in return will tell five other people and so on and so on !!! so the way I see it is that the money you spend on advertising this year will somewhat be a waste you see my advertising is free That’s the nice thing about Canada freedom of speech So I might be out a 2200.00 dollar bed but again I will Quote “REST’ assured every person I speak with I will let them know how you do not honor your warranty and what a inferior product Restonic’s is Every E-mail I send will have a tag line DO NOT SHOP AT THE BEST SLEEP CENTER THEY DO NOT HONOR THERE WARRANTY’S Once in a while on a busy Saturday you will notice me outside your stores talking to your potential customers about my bad experience I had with your Company I look at it this way if I can ruin one sale a day on a Saturday by speaking with your potential customers I will have self gratification I would like to also congratulate you on succeeding on becoming Manitoba's largest independent mattress retailer. I am sure it was a hard climb to the top when you are a little guy playing with the big boy’s .from your little hole in the wall. So in closing I am sure you will not forget the power of the little guy and the power of free advertising. And the power of the World Wide Web. Also note I will be forwarding this letter to Kevin Toman President / CEO of Restonic’s

Regards The Little Guy
Company Response 10/26/2006:
Hello This Is David Keam of the Best Sleep Centre inc. And if you have a minute, I have a response to Don't Shop Here. This particular customer is sad to say correct in that we will not warrenty his mattress. Every Manufacturer in the Business has a warrentee card and on our Bill of Sale it states Please read and keep your warrentee card. And in that warrentee card it states that a mattress must be clean to have warrentee. It is against the law to take a stained mattress "and its always Coke" into a Factory. How would you like if your new mattress was made on the table and traveled down the same conveyor belt as a mattress that was covered in blood or any other Body Fluid. There are Mattress Pads that we sell that are designed to Keep "Coke" And all other body fluids off your new 2200.00 mattress so I can say " No Problem" and fix it for you in one day. Sad to say this person did not keep a very clean home either and we do not want whatever they are dealing with in the factory next to your new bed. Its true we would not warrentee this Product. The frame it was on was busted according to the story and that was caused by" Coke" or maybe the same young person jumping as poured " Coke" on the bed. The point I'm makeing is this. Please read your warrentee card and look after your new products in a manner that alows companies to provide service and we will gladly do it. I don't like saying "no" but if it protects the other consumer from disease and such thats what we have to do.
The moral of the story Buy a good frame buy a good mat pad lock the bedroom door when theres "Coke" around and Drink responsibly.
Ask yourself if you worked for me if you want to move a mattress covered in all kinds of "stuff" including "Coke" I did not think so. Keep it clean and we will look after you.
for your time
David Keam
Best Sleep Centre Inc.
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User Replies:
shayen on 01/29/2006:
I purchased a $2800.00 foam mattress from another manufacturer (NOT Restronic and not from the same store as your). I HATE IT! Its been the biggest waste of money. The mattress started sagging after less than one year.

Good luck with your letter. Here's another great website:
EUTEAMO on 10/21/2006:
Hi: You are absolutely right, it behooves a business to keep a customer happy. It seems to me so much energy is being put into finding one time customers (ie. advertising energy) and not enough energy being put into customer satisfaction and loyalty. Your experience is very similar to one in which I had with the Brick Warehouse on St.James Street with regards to a Simmons mattress ... so please add this establishment to your list of Winnipeg businesses to avoid. I have found myself returning to businesses such as Sears as I know they stand behind their products and will listen to and honour reasonable complaints!
mood on 10/26/2006:
My wife and I purchased a queen bed from Best Sleep and had some issues with the bed sagging that turned out to be our fault because I did not have a wheel in the middle of the frame giving less support. This happened after we moved and when I put the bed back together I forgot to add some of the wheels below. Despite this they took the bed back not once but twice and fixed it for us. Since then we have purchased a space foam bed from John at the St. James Location as well my grandmother purchased an electric adjustable bed. We were very impressed with John's product knowledge and the products are awesome.

We have got nothing but good to say about best sleep centre.

Jay and Maggie
NotHappyWithBestSleepCenter on 02/01/2007:
Just reading all of this makes me nervous about shopping there again. I myself had a bad experience and was NOT satisfied with even less than this. I think I will play it safe and shop elsewhere from now on. And I have shared this posting with 12 people today.
owner on 09/18/2007:
Three of the 5 reviews in this file have never even dealt with Best Sleep Centre.One bought a bed from the Brick got lousy service and relates thus to me. One Bought who knows where and again relates this to me and the other makes no substantiated or refutable complaint. Just some comment about being dissatisfied. I have no problem with Do not shop. He makes his case I make mine if you read my response. That's fair. The others are most likely competitors wth their own reasons for wanting you to shop elsewhere. Please read all reviews. If you look at the listings of furniture companies and the votes received Best Sleep Centre comes up number 1 on the reliability list.

Ache on 10/08/2007:
Interesting comments from all -- truth be told, integrity and honesty is rare in today's retailing environment. Best sleep Centre is a gem in the rough. The company prides itself on always being fair, and honest with consumers -- demonstrated each and every day. Look at their growth, and the positive word of mouth, how can anyone dispute their professional manner in which they handle issues that arise? Shopping anywhere else than Best Sleep, puts yourself, and your good nights rest in peril. Unless, you have money to throw away......
*Brenda* on 10/08/2007:
WOW, what an unprofessional response from the Sleep Centre!

You would think that the President of a company would realize he should use a spell checker! His response made his company look REALLY bad!
In The Market on 01/03/2008:
Thanks for the comments! I'm looking for a new mattress set and now I won't go to Best Sleep or The Brick. This just proves that ultimately keeping your customers happy is THE most important part of running a business. For the President of Best Sleep, you should've just found a "happy medium" with your customer instead of being rude and saying he lives like a filthy pig. I'll spread the word for "the little guy".
mrknowitall on 03/31/2008:
sounds like they honored their warranty,,but YOU didn't have the proper setup for it to be valid. mattress companies won't take back a mattress that's not on a proper frame, stained, missing law labels, not on matching box springs. Most likely, your sag is a body impression anyway, which must be an inch and half deep in most cases. Gone are the days when mom and pop stores may exchange it anyway for being a good customer, and we have bill clinton and Chinese imports to thank for that.
He was out of line to say the customer had a nasty home.
one other thing, if you put in any company name and the work sagging,,,every manufacturer will have these complaints about sagging,,sealy, Serta, whoever,,,so I recommoment you find a double siding mattress you can flip, such as the corsicana 2 sided pillow top with a 416 coil count, it even still has the steel border wire,, (built like they used to be). You can kind of control the body impressions if you can flip it and give it that new feel for longer.,,,,,,,,,,
wayouwest on 02/18/2010:
The mattress business has to be the last refuge of the snake oil salesman.The manufacturing model is one of cheap materials and high volume. One cannot exist without the other. Want to see a mattress salesman tear his hair out? Tell him you refuse to pay more than $5000. for a mattress and boxspring but you don't want a "princess and the pea" 22" - 24" high set. You want it to be no more than 14" - 16". He can't provide it. Why? Because mass manufacturers have been making mattresses progressively thicker and thicker so that the consumer will erroneously equate mass with value. Imagine walking into a Mercedes showroom and expressing horror that a car that costs 3 times the price of a Lincoln is much shorter. They would think you were from Mars. You are SUPPOSED to know that mass does not equal value. But the mattress business operates in its own world of fallacy and hyperbole. The major mattress brands are really just assemblers/marketers of the same kinds of polyurethane foam made by one of 3 foam suppliers in N. America (who are currently in trouble for price fixing) and coil springs mainly from one giant manufacturer called Leggatt and Platt. It seems every year mattress makers trot out some new P.T. Barnum-style hook to make you think they're giving you a great "deal" or some earth-shattereing new technology. If they would spend even half as much on better raw materials s they do on trademark lawyers, one might be able to get a decent product. There ARE better options in the marketplace but be prepared to pay a realistic price. If you always insist on a free lunch, you'll only get indigestion. As for the tale of the stained mattress and the body impressions, this is pure deceit on the part of mattress sellers. If the mattress has sagged, its because the cheapest grades of low-resilience foams and polyester wraps were used. The fact that is any stain at all is entirely irrelevant. The real reason mattress retailers won't take back a stained mattress is that that can't re-bag/seal it and resell it as new! And, yes, the law allows this! Don't be naive enough to think any retailer can afford a "comfort guarantee" that would cause them to refund a mattress, and sell that mattress to a "liquidator" or give it to a charity. If you believe that, I have a mountain in Manitoba I'd like to sell you.
If you're wondering, yes, I am in the furniture business.

could go on and on but let me just end with Buyer Beware.
ronald on 06/13/2011:
they do not honour warranty - after 2 months mattress sagged on one side
ronald on 06/13/2011:
david - they did the same to me too - I wanted to burn my mattress on there door steps
S.L. on 07/30/2013:
Hi I work for the competition and I just want you all to know I have to deal with these same complaints. You buy something and then you destroy it and think its the stores fault and that they should take responsibility. You people give me such a headache and you're all the same. You think because you "paid so much" (and you always round it up to the nearest thousand for the story's sake) that you're entitled to a free replacement. Or you think after having a product in your home for 2 weeks the company should take your "New" product back. News flash- its used.
You can't take the tags off a new shirt then stain it with BBQ sauce wear it for 2 weeks then return it because you think its defective.
To the guy with nothing better to do on Saturdays: you need to move on with your life. Wow.
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Slight of Hands Dealings
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WINNIPEG MANITOBA -- We needed a new metal bed frame. The salesman on the phone says $70 plus taxes. Down to the store we go only to find that when we pay the frame is now $80 plus taxes. Why the extra $10 plus taxes. Salesman says it is $70 only if you by another product here. Bait and switch at its best, why not say that on the phone. I feel this is an indication of the true nature of the sales here, BEWARE!!!!? I found out later I could have got it at $70 at one of the other bed store this owner is always bashing in his commercials.
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Nothing but junk made in China
Posted by on
Bought a bedroom set, was told it was solid wood made in North America.
When we got it home the boxes said all over it "MADE IN CHINA". Last time I checked China is not in North America. Not only that. It is particle board and not the solid wood I was promised. Complained to the owner and was told it was imported by a North American company and he didn't realize it was from China. IS SAID MADE IN CHINA ALL OVER THE BOX...IN BIG LETTERS. Then he said his sales people wouldn't tell us it was solid wood. Well my wife and son all heard him. I asked for my money back and he said "not a chance, we did nothing wrong". DO NOT SHOP HERE. NOTHING BUT MADE IN CHINA, PARTICLE BOARD CRAP
Company Response 09/24/2011:
This makes no sense and as so many times on these forums you wonder if its your competitors talking. All he had to do was read the boxes when delivered and not receive the goods if he felt so ripped off and uninformed. All the goods on our floors have labels on them as to where they are made. When he picked it up it said in big letters on the box " made in China" so why was it such a surprise when he got it home. I have no recollection of this person and my staff do not lie. Most of our furniture is Solid hardwood but some lower priced product is not. Same as anywhere else. I know where everything comes from and would not say something imported by a north american company is made in canada, Anyway this never happened and all he had to do was not except the boxes either at the warehouse if he picked it up or on delivery if delivered and if unopened we would have no choice by law but to refund his money. If you dont accept something or dont pick something up. The retailer must give you your money back unless final sale is written on the invoice.
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User Replies:
Skye on 03/11/2011:
You weren't able to read the writing on the boxes until you got them home?

Is this an all sales final sale?
trmn8r on 03/12/2011:
This is an example of where a good defense is important. Not much furniture is solid wood anymore, unless it is pine.

Where it was made is not as important as the material. I would have gotten down on the floor and looked it over carefully, though I know some wouldn't. You have to be wary of salespeople when buying cars, houses, furniture, just about anything.

The bottom line may come down to whether you can prove this was advertised as solid wood.
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2000 Dollar POC
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
WINNIPEG -- After less than a year our restonic mattress has developed bad sags on both sides and is now extremely uncomfortable. Best Sleep Center sent a 'professional' to look at the mattress who deemed this to be 'normal'. This person is really just there to tell you how it's your fault and refuse to do anything about it. This is a very low quality and highly overpriced mattress. Do yourself a favour and stick with a reputable company like Sears or The Bay.
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Purchased king foam mattress
Posted by on
WINNIPEG -- To this day that bed makes me and my sweetie NOT want to get out of it and the service at best sleep was or hate those commercials they work and they offer second to none product expertise and actually told me to go price check other stores first...

I recommend 'em 100%

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User Replies:
owner on 08/02/2008:
Thanks for taking the time to say something nice. We care we try we want to do whatever is reasonable to make the customer happy. In this day and age of Huge companies and huge marketing budgets, word of month is the best marketing and we will do whatever it takes to make a reasonable customer and even a unreasonable customer happy.
captain ron on 07/25/2011:
Bought a restonic bed here after much investigation at other
mattresse stores. What a waste - the bed started to develop
a sagging problem and we were told nothing was wrong with it. They did not want to honour their warranty and we are left
with a mattresse with one comfortable side - good for one person!
Rick Brannan on 04/24/2014:
We just had the same experience with a 2000 dollar mattress. Sagging like crazy after less than a year and nothing but excuses and refusal to do anything about it. Stick with Sears - they back up their products.
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