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A very bad night
Posted by Shanpan on 08/01/2004
TORONTO -- We had many problems at this hotel!

We were scheduled to spend two nights on the return portion of our trip and cancelled our reservation because we were so dissatisfied with this first night.

We should have demanded our money back and moved on to another hotel, however, we know nothing of Toronto and that would have been a huge inconvenience.

My concerns:

1) Another guest was given a key to our room -- Imagine our surprise to have someone walk right in!
Front desk staff were not even slightly concerned about this.
My child suffers from anxiety, and did not sleep at all that night (so then, none of us did) because she was terrified that someone else would come into our room during the night.
This was totally unacceptable!

2) I had called ahead regarding use of debit card as a method of payment.
Nothing was mentioned until we arrived about the additional $60 deposit.
This was an annoyance but we paid without complaint.
This may seem insignificant or something that a seasoned traveller would know, but I think it should be made clear as not everyone will know this.

3) Then I tried to make a collect phone call and couldn't dial out.
When I inquired at the desk they told me that I couldn't make any calls if I was paying by debit. This was not mentioned at the point of reservation or check in and definitely should have been.
I wound up having the debit refunded and switching to Visa.
Again, if this is standard policy, then guests should be made aware of the limitations that their method of payment presents -- what is the point of the $60 deposit when the money was in the bank before I set foot in my room?

4) Shuttle service was very poor.
When I made the reservation I was told that a shuttle from the airport to the hotel ran every 10 minutes. We waited 55 for the van to arrive.
Then the driver chose to cater to other passengers and we actually had to drive right past our hotel so that they could be dropped off first!
She also said to allow an extra hour and a half in the morning for service because things are busy. Choosing this hotel was based on close and quick transportation to and from the airport as we were travelling with a child.
When you make a reservation based on "shuttle service every 10 minutes" then you should be justified in expecting that.
Our driver the second day made the ride a knuckle biter -- he sped, swerved, and all of the passengers were jostled in the back -- it was a relief to get out and to get there in one piece.

5)I was told at reservation that the rooms had high speed internet access -- at check in I asked about hooking up my laptop and was told that there was no internet service in the rooms.
There was a machine in the lobby but it didn't work (staff should have put a sign on it -- instead they watched people try to make it work by putting their money in).
Frustrated, I went down to the desk again later and asked about dial up service - a different clerk told me to use the lamp jack in the room.
This jack didn't work -- I discovered in the morning that you would have to move the lamp over by the phone for a cord to be plugged in -- I assumed that if I was told to plug into the lamp that it should be hooked up and ready to go.
I did end up plugging into the phone and getting on line eventually that way. For my quick stints online I incurred large phone call charges on my room bill. I could have used several hours on the machine downstairs (had it been working) for the same amount that I was charged to use dial up in the room.

6) The overall smell of the hotel was really quite awful. All three of us were stuffed up and spent much of the night sneezing and coughing. At least the rooms didn't smell quite as bad as the lobby and hallways!

7) I had to make four trips to the front desk to get my key re-activated.

8) I spent a lot of time down at the front desk -- based on the treatment of my concerns as well as what I saw happening with other guests, I came away with a clear impression that providing sub-standard service was just the way things went. Staff really didn't seem at all concerned by anyone else's concerns and complaints. They even made comments about other guests in front of those waiting at the desk.

Based on this experience I would never consider staying in this particular hotel again.

Although all BW hotels are independently owned and operated, it is true that one bad apple spoils the barrel. It reflects badly enough that I also wouldn't consider staying with Best Western again unless it was a last resort.

We were travelling to the U.S. for our daughter to receive specialized medical care. This was the first night of our journey, and thank God the rest of it wasn't as bad as the beginning.

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Danger and Stolen Items
Posted by Twister Sister on 10/22/2004
AMARILLO, TEXAS -- About 20 employees staying at the Amarillo Inn on Coulter Blvd. in Amarillo, Texas. Oct. 13-18,2004.

One employee noticed a custom-made silver lapel pin was missing and reported it to the front desk on Sunday. Monday morning, when the manager (Paula) was on duty, she said she had not been informed of the incident. Four other employees that were also waiting to check out said "wait just one minute..." and reported that they also had items missing from their rooms.

On returning to the corporate office 8 of the 20 employees had a report of something wrong. Three said they had returned to their rooms on Friday night to find their rooms unlocked and the doors ajar. Six others said they had various items which had been stolen, including expensive cosmetics, jewlery, hairbrush and travelling hairdryer, and 'goodie bags'. One employee said on Friday afternoon when she arrived her 'goodie bag' was on her bed but by Friday evening when she returned from dinner it had been taken.

My biggest complaint is with Paula, the manager. She does not act concerned about rooms being open -- possible robberies, rapes or worse! She keeps insisting "this has never happened before." We suggested that she read the electronic locks to see which employee key card was used to unlock the rooms that were standing open. She said she didn't know how to do that!

We just want to warn others of the danger of staying at this hotel.

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Posted by Bestwestern_worst on 2008-07-07:
Darn. Theieving employees at Best Western seems to be a tradition. I guest no one was offered an apology, ha?
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Posted by R7e8n9 on 05/16/2004
Why does Best western build a motel so close to a
train track. I never got a wink of sleep on the night 5-09/5-10. the trains run every 30 minutes.And it sounded like they were coming right into the room. I will never use a best western motel in Gallop, N.M. again.
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Posted by chris75056_1 on 2004-05-17:
Perhaps the train tracks were put there AFTER the motel was built? (I have no way of knowing one way or the other, of course, but it seems somewhat possible)
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In the Dark--Intentional Black Out Without Notice
Posted by Cgraunke57 on 10/14/2013
LUSK, WYOMING -- The Problem:
We stopped at the Best Western Lusk hotel because of the many bill boards on our journey from Mount Rushmore to Casper. The bill boards advertised a hot breakfast. Since we have always had good experiences with Best Western we decided to book a room.

Once establishing that there was a room available and a rate that was satisfactory, we checked in. After we checked in we were informed that there would be no hot breakfast as there would be some electric outage that would prevent making a hot breakfast. Although we were not happy with this (especially since she told us after we checked in), we did not think that was an overwhelming reason to go elsewhere. We were not informed that there would be no electricity in our hotel room. I am aware that the hotel believes that the clerk did inform us, and perhaps she thought she had, but she did not (both my husband and I were there).

At about 6:30 am I went to take a shower and there was no electricity. As you may be aware it is extremely dark in the bathroom as there are no windows in the bathroom in our unit. I am sure that you will agree that the ability to take a shower in a safe environment (having light) in a fundamental part of renting a room. Although we could enter the ice room with our room key, we were not able to get any ice as the electricity was out.

The Remedy:
I am requesting a 50% refund of our room rate. We paid $99 (with tax $107). The reason I feel strongly about this is that, apparently, the electrical outage was known and not some random event. Charging customers full price for only partial service is an intentional breach of our contract (we pay you money for a room and you give us a room with a bed, bathing facilities, toilet). Further the advertised a hot breakfast was not provided. If we had known that there would be no electricity (which your motel did know) we would have continued on our trip.

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100% Crooks! Horrible Hotel
Posted by Juneberrymore on 07/04/2013
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- This was the worst hotel I have ever stayed at. It started with all the outlets were broke in the room. We could not turn on any lights nor charge our phone. In order to have any light we used the very loud bathroom/fan light which kept up my kids. The ac unit is on the way out as well and took hours to cool this very small room. It was extremely loud. The TV had terrible reception so watching anything we had to look threw lines. The fridge was 100% broken so all our food and drinks spoiled. Wi fi was so bad that we never got a strong enough signal to get access to internet. There was a large gap under the door to the outside big enough to put a sandal all the way outside while door was closed. Hello Bugs ! We tried to go down to the vending machine to just learn they were both out of order. We then tried to go to the pool and there was no pool lights. Zero. This place is so run down. Swimming in pitch black no thanks.. kids felt scared. When we went to bed we smelled the sheets.. Yuck!!! The next morning I went to make coffee and noticed the coffee straws were all previously used.. GROSS! I just had enough. I went to the front desk and the girl got her Super visor which was so rude.. She could care less that anything was wrong. She offered me ten dollars back and said thanks for coming. I have sense tried to reach the hotel Manager and verified he was in fact on property when I called several times but was put to his voice mail. He has never called back. I have left several messages. I believe this hotel is running a scam..

I can't understand why they continue to rent this room out knowing all these things were wrong. I will never go back.
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Posted by John Nicholson on 2013-07-04:
Best Western has a website. Send a complaint email from their site. Make sure you tell them the location, etc. Look on your receipt for the exact info. They need to know about this location. It is the fault of the local franchisee, not Best Western corporate, tho they are supposed to check on them---which they apparently do not, at least often enough.
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Flooded Room and Rude Employees
Posted by Tony2050 on 06/24/2013
CARPINTERIA, CALIFORNIA -- I arrived at our hotel and checked in. They gave me a room that was already occupied. There was a couple laying in bed watching TV . They gave us another room on the first floor and at 2:30 am the second floor bathroom flooded. Water was entering through the light fixtures and running down the walls flooding the carpet. The next day maintenance brought in large noisy fans to dry out the mess. They would not give us another room. Our key cards had to be changed 3 times. Someone in the room next to us was playing the violin after midnight and to finish it off, the front desk employees were rude as if I was disturbing them.

I will not recommend them to anyone.
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Unhappy With Hotel and Workers
Posted by Kimberlykluber on 04/18/2013
WEST COVINA (GARVEY ST), CALIFORNIA -- Myself, sisters, mother, aunt and children all stayed at the Best Western on Garvey ave in Covina California on Friday 4-12 through 4-16. We came to town to see our grandmother all the way from Oregon and Montana! We were only in the hotel in the evenings because we were visiting family during the days.

On Sunday was our first problem, I sent my daughter to grab shampoo from the desk and the gentleman was very snotty and rude to her about coming down alone, so he called me in the room and was very rude about it! I am a paying customer and if I want to send my daughter for shampoo then it is my business. Then on Monday night we got back to the hotel around 9 pm and my sister and mother were going to take our kids down to the pool to swim for a bit. The kids ran down the hall to the elevator, they were not loud.

When they got to the 1st floor the employee greeted them with crossed arms telling them that our kids are too loud and people are complaint and sick with diabetes, my family told the guy well our kids have not been here all day and we are just going down to let them get energy out, we haven't had any complaints yet so it must not have been our children. When the employee was rude back that put my family on the defense! The employee told my family he was going to send out the sick man to talk to them! Sure enough he came out and started yelling at my sister, and excuse my language but he said, " you are a wh0#€, s!ut, c*nt, and if you wouldn't have opened your legs you wouldn't have these problems running around!" Then he asked her if she wanted to fight!!!!

My sister feeling threatened gave him a push. Well the cops were called and came up banging on my door at 930 pm. After talking with them and they even said they questioned why the employee would send another guest out after he was clearly angry.. So the cops left and we thought everything was ok! Come 430 am my sisters car alarm starts going off and she had a few attempts of someone trying to bust the windshield and when that didn't work they busted the back windows out. The cops were called back again! We tried talking to the front desk to talk with a manager and all we got was a run around, the manager will be in at 1230. Well we were supposed to be on the road at 5 am and it was now 9am we can't wait any longer with a 13 hour drive ahead if us.

So I left my name and number and at about 7 pm a man calls me to try and resolve the matter and I'm not 100 percent sure but I think he said his name was Marty!? Well he apologized and tried saying it was the angry customer who was just out to fight and his employee couldn't handle it himself so the guy took it upon himself to deal with it and was really trying to make it better. I asked for my mothers, aunts and my rooms refunded but all he said he could do was give us 2 nights free in that hotel whenever we want! Well after all that has happened and the very rude mr. Martin at the desk none if us will ever stay there ever again! We all would like to be refunded our money. Our rooms were 220, 222,223
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Posted by jonthethird on 2013-04-21:
Best Westerns are independently owned hotels who support a central reservation and purchasing system. They are supposed to meet standards, but those vary from hotel to hotel. Use TripAdvisor to check out your potential hotel.
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Scammed out of $500 for bogus smoking fee
Posted by Bmcgee388 on 03/27/2013
OREGON, CALIFORNIA -- I am from out of town and frustrated by what happened during my visit to Portland, I need help exposing this scam and assuring that businesses do not engage in unscrupulous tactics such as this. My recent stay at Best Western Inn at the Meadows has been one of the worst travel experiences of my life. I was falsely, and unlawfully charged a $500 a smoking fee despite the fact that smoking did not occur in the room. The manager is basing this solely on his discriminatory opinion and bias. My credit card was initially charged $500 on 3/23/13 for a smoking fee, that charged was reversed soon after, a subsequent charge of $352.68 was made on 3/23/13, the charge for $352.68 was then voided and my card was again unlawfully charged $500. This is a blatant attempt to steal my money. I fully comprehended the non-smoking policy, and I was well aware of the fees associated with violation of this policy.

Also, having worked in Property Management for several years, and being a non-smoker myself, I completely understand and agree with this policy. I checked in on 3/22/13 directly off of a flight from Hawaii. I was only physically in the room for approximately eleven hours total before exiting the property for over 24 hours at around 11:00am on the 3/23/13. I left Portland for the night to continue my vacation and upon return around 10:30pm the following night I noticed neither of my door keys worked. I proceeded to the front desk, showed my identification and returned to my room to rest after a very long day. The front desk then proceeded to call my room near midnight, demanding I come down to discuss something. In all of my years of staying at hotels dispute, issue, or whatever the situation I have never been instructed to get out of bed at midnight, put on my clothing, and engage in dialogue with the front desk clerks, not even management, to settle a matter. When I arrived at the front desk I was greeted by a very rude and unprofessional employee that was not previously at the desk when I was there earlier, (fixing my keys that coincidentally had been deactivated). This employee proceeded to shove a paper across the desk at me instructing me to sign a “smoking fee.” I immediately disputed this! It was past midnight, I had no idea what was going on, this is the first I've ever heard of such a thing, I had not smoked in the room or even been there for 24 hours for that matter. There is no basis for this charge other than assumption and no evidence irrefutable, conclusive, or otherwise that smoking occurred in the room.

Furthermore, I was not provided with proof that services for a room recovery were actually completed by your hotel. It is my understanding that a merchant needs my signature to validate a charge and I need proof that a violation has or had occurred and proof that services were rendered (which was not provided.) When I got upset and disputed the charge on check out the manager increased the fee from $362.68 to $500 which posted to my account on 3/25/13 subsequent to check out and following our unpleasant discussion! This was was unauthorized and charged solely because he didn't like what I had to say to him. The manager has been completely uncooperative, unfair, unkind, and unprofessional. He has failed to provide any contact information for anyone besides himself, he stated he was owner and manager and I had to go through him. He gave me nothing written, provided no dispute policy, and said I had no recourse, it was his opinion I had smoked therefore I was paying the fee. I am currently working with my financial institution to fight these unauthorized charges and recoup my losses.

I am in no way paying any $500 smoking fee charged to my account by the Best Western Inn at the Meadows, for the simple fact that no one smoked in the room. Each establishment is independently owned, however, Best Western Inn at the Meadows is a horrible example of what a customer service oriented business should be. I sincerely hope my experience wasn't indicative of how they treat all of their guests. Having worked both in the customer service industry and management, along with traveling frequently, I am still having trouble conveying to you how astounded I am by the unprofessional treatment by those working at Best Western Inn at the Meadows and their theft of $500.

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Posted by Alain on 2013-03-27:
If you haven't done so yet, you may want to file an official complaint at:
and after that you can contact Best Western corporate (6201 N. 24th Parkway, Phoenix, AZ 85016) at [602] 957-4200 and let them know they have a problem at this franchise location.
Posted by Obsfucation on 2013-03-27:
And also make sure that your credit card company does not pay the charge.
Posted by JAKFK on 2013-03-27:
I always have a separate debit card with $0 balance that I keep for hotel reservations and such. When deserving the room online, they only need a card # to hold the reservation. Then whenever I'm checking in, I ask to pay with cash. Nearly every hotel I've ever stayed at, will also ask for anywhere between a $50-$100 cash deposit. And that has always been returned at the time of our check out. On occasion, there have been a couple of high-end hotels (Vegas) that don't accept cash, so I simply transfer the exact amount onto my card. I absolutely refuse to give authorized or unauthorized access to my regular credit card, only to find out later that I've been charged for smoking, or an extra set of pillows that housekeeping made off with. If ever the day comes that a particular hotel won't accept either cash or my debit card, then I'll exercise the power of the almighty dollar by driving down the road til' I find someone else who will.
Posted by JR in Orlando on 2013-03-27:
The problem is this is a he said/she said case. You say you him did not smoke in the room, the hotel says you did. I would consult with an attorney in your area to see if you can sue Marriott in California in small claims court. If you do that, you would want to request certain information:

A) all receipts showing that they cleaned the room for smoke damage after your stay;

B) record showing whether the room was rented the following night after you left;

C) past records of tenants in your room, showing whether they had been charged a smoking fee. If the tenant within the last week before you had been charged with the smoking fee, that would indicate that the smell of smoke was from them, not you.

Good luck on this.
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Worst Hotel Stay Ever!
Posted by Bpartner on 02/23/2013
MCGEE, MISSISSIPPI -- I stopped there on my way to a larger town due to bad weather and it was close to the interstate. BAD MISTAKE. As with many motels/hotels now-a-days, the staff can't speak good English ( SONIL INC is the owner), but that was not that big of a deal. After I got to sleep I was woke about 11pm with the sounds of slamming doors and kids screaming and running up and down the hallway. I finally called the front desk and complained with no luck. I was woke two more times and I continued to report this without ANY help at all, the night clerk was totally a waste of time, said there was nothing he could do, if I would have been running up and down the hallways they would have kicked me out. Therefore at 12pm (midnight) I packed up and went downstairs and and checked out and drove in the blinding rain for over an hour to where I got another room and finally got to bed at 2am. I am complaining to their corp office.

I WILL NEVER stay there or any other BEST WESTERN EVER AGAIN!!!!!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-02-23:
The root cause of the problem was other guests who were rude. I can distinctly recall the last time I experienced this, some 8 years ago. There isn't much a clerk can do in many cases to control this kind of thing. A loud air conditioner or fan can come in handy.
Posted by jonthethird on 2013-02-24:
Best Western is a group of independent hotels who use a central reservation and purchasing system. They are supposed to meet standards, but many have deteriorated.
If you have the opportunity, use a site such as tripadvisor to check any hotel before you arrive.
That said, the hotel should have taken steps to control the noise from the guests.
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Horrible service
Posted by Montha_guatero on 11/13/2012
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- I would like to share my resent stay at Best Western Seven Sea in San Diego. I was planning a 2 day trip to San Diego to spend a day at the San Diego Zoo and a day at SeaWorld. I was traveling alone on a mini vacation. I knew I wanted to stay at a well known hotel/motel with a good reputation. I have stayed at Best Western all over the country including many trips oversea. I like that the Best Western Seven was in hotel circle and it was close to all the major attractions, restaurant and provided a shuttle service. I was going to be traveling alone and need a set plan to go by so I called Best Western Seven Sea to ask them about their shuttle service. I explain my travel plans, I was going to be flying in on 11/7/12 at 9am and I was going to take a taxi straight to the zoo and that I would need to catch the shuttle back to the hotel. On 11/8/12 I was going to need a ride to SeaWorld and then I was going to need a ride back, so that I could catch a ride to the airport to catch my flight back to Houston. I was told that the shuttle will pick up at the Zoo at 4:30pm everyday. The hotel shuttle would be picking up their guest at the hotel at 9:30am to take them to SeaWorld and the shuttle would be picking up the guest from SeaWorld at 5:30pm to bring them back to the hotel. I told the person at Best Western that that was perfect and that I would be booking my trip with them. After that I booked my trip. A week before my trip I called Best Western to confirm the shuttle schedule and was told to call the day I arrived.
On 11/7/12 9:00am my flight landed so on my way to the zoo in the taxi I called Best Western to let them know that I was going to be checking in at 5:00pm and that I would need to catch the shuttle at 4:30pm. The girl who I spoke with just said to wait outside the zoo at 4:30pm, she was quick to hang up on me but I stopped her and ask her what kind of shuttle should I be looking for. At 4:30pm I was standing in front of the zoo looking for the shuttle but I didn’t see one, so at 4:35pm (my phone shows that was the time I called Best Western) I called Best Western to ask if the shuttle was running late. I was told to hold and the girl got back on the phone to tell me that the shuttle already left. Left? When did this shuttle pick? Did this shuttle bother to stop or did the shuttle just drove by??? How is it that the shuttle came at 4:30 but was long gone at 4:35????? I ask the girl who they picked up cause it wasn’t me. I was put back on hold then she came back on the line to tell me that they picked up the one person who was schedule to be picked up and that person wasn’t me. I told her how I called 6 weeks ago and I also called a week ago and I called earlier that morning explaining that I needed the shuttle to pick me up from the zoo. So told me that the shuttle could come back for me in 2 hours. How is it possible that a shuttle that was to arrive at 4:30 was so far away by 4:35 that it would take them 2 hours to come back for me? I explained to the girl that I was traveling alone and that I didn’t know anyone in San Diego. With the time change for daylight saving it got darker faster and it colder really fast. I explain all this to the girl and she just told me to call a taxi or I could just wait till 6:30 for the shuttle then she hung up on me. I sat on the bench and waiting for almost 2 hours in the cold and dark waiting for the shuttle. It got so cold that a girl selling t-shirt felt sorry for me and offered me a ride to the hotel. Thanks for nothing Best Western!!
When I arrived at the hotel to check in I ask her where the shuttle was and sure enough the shuttle and the driver arrived. I guess I was not important enough to come pick up. All the girl said to me was that it’s wasn’t 6:30 yet and that the shuttle would have picked me up at 6:30! Are you serious? Is this how you guys ran business? How do you stay in business? I then asked for the manager and was told that the manager would be out all week and that one of the little girl was in change. If you call ignoring me and turning her back on me whispering to her coworker being in charge. Everyone there was rude and blame me for not being checking in that morning. I told them that I called 3 times in 6 weeks to confirm the shuttle service schedule and everyone all told me the same thing and I was rushed off the phone. I was like okay Best Western does not care about their customers nor do you care that you left a young woman at the zoo in a strange city in the cold and dark sitting on the bench. I told them that I will be up and ready the next morning to catch the 9:30am shuttle to SeaWorld and for them to please not leave me again. I got no apology or anything so I just went to my room.
The next morning as I was waiting for the shuttle I watch as a new quest checked in and wanted to catch the shuttle but they were told that the shuttle was busy and they could just call a taxi. I’m glad it wasn’t just me. You guys are horrible and unreliable! As I waiting for the shuttle I notice that there was a gentle man that turn out to be the manager. What do you know you guys do have a manager? I ask him to confirm the time the shuttle was picking up because I did not want to be left again, the manager said 6:00pm! What the hell happen to 5:30? Do you guys make up schedule as you go? You are incompetence!!! After explaining to the manager that I was left at the zoo the night before he said he will have the shuttle pick me and another couple up from SeaWorld at 4:30pm. The shuttle was supposed to pick us up at 4:30 and bring us all back to the hotel. Then the shuttle would take me to the airport at 5:00 to catch my flight.
Best Western went and did it again. At 4:45 when the shuttle picked us up from SeaWorld and deliver us to the hotel. I had asked the driver if he would be going to the airport and he said NO!!!!! I got off the shuttle and went to the front desk while the shuttle drove away. I asked the front desk if a shuttle was going to the airport and the girl said it was suppose to but its not. Yes, this is really how you run business. I had to take a taxi to the airport since I was lied too again. While I waited for the taxi I watch more people come to the front desk to ask about the shuttle service and they were all told to just call a taxi.
I have never in all my years of travel see a company run this way. There is no rhime or reason or schedule in anything you do. I have stayed at hotels/motel all around the world and have never been treated like the way I was treated. It wasn’t just me it was at least 6 other people that I personally witness who were turn away. I don’t think I should have a to pay for a taxi when I pay for a hotel who had a shuttle service. How could you leave a paying customer at the zoo and tell them to wait 2 hours while the driver may or may not pick them up. I have told anyone that would listen what happen to me. I will never stay or let a friend stay at another Best Western. I have booked my trip to Spain with Best Western but I am cancelling it because I will not waste another penny with such an incompetence company that would treat loyal customer so poorly.
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Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2012-11-13:
Good detailed review. It does sound like the shuttle service was lacking to say the least. I've stayed a Best Westerns before and haven't had any problems. I would suggest that you might want to consider renting a car in the future, that way, your transportation is in your hands and not up some people who apparently can't tell time. It'll add to the cost of the trip, but it may be worth it to not have to deal with other people's schedules or lack there of.
Posted by Heartland on 2012-11-14:
I also travel alone and your experience is why I always have extra cash for taxis etc. But Best Western is entirely to blame. A little extra care from them would have gone a long way, and simple decency - leaving a woman to sit in the dark. Why didn't BW send a cab for you on their dime? Especially after you made so much effort to confirm and re-confirm? Hope you post your story on Trip Advisor too!
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