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Cancelled a Confirmed Reservation to Get More Money During Minnesota St
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Rating: 1/51

SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA -- I thought you can assist me in lodging a complaint against Best Western Hotels. I had a confirmed reservation number of **. I applied my AAA discount and requested that my reward points are applied to my reward points account#: **. I made this reservation in May of 2012. Realizing this was peak season for the Minnesota State Fair I booked as soon as I had confirmation from friends also arriving for the festivities.

I also made another reservation for accommodations at the same location for 7 Dec to 9 Dec 2012 for an upcoming examination I am required to take for my employment. Confirmation # **. Now, you can imagine my dismay when I received a phone call around the dinner hour on 20 August 2012 telling me that I was about to be pre-charged for services I had not yet received.

When I protested I was told that my reservations would be cancelled and my room would be given to a party that can pay now. (Actually a ruse to charge a higher premium rate for last minute travelers.) What stymies me the most is…. That this is an unwarranted. Yet, a new benefit of The Best Western rewards program. I am shocked to see that Best Western would cancel a confirmed room in pursuit of the all mighty dollar.

Best Western has the ability to fix this miscarriage of hospitality. I sincerely hope that their management team will look into this and correct. I am not asking to profit from this. Just return whole. Until Best Western corrects this I will cancel my upcoming stay in December 2012. I will further use any resource and media available to spread the word of the sub-standard service one can expect from Best Western Hotels.

I will alert all my business associates, travel agencies I am acquainted with, colleagues, friends and family to not walk but run away from Best Western Hotels. I am considering using social media, blogs, to spread the word. Business Classes in college taught me it takes years to build a solid reputation…and one stupid act to destroy it. So I beg you Best Western Hotels...Please fix this.

Reasonable Accommodation
By -

In May we contacted Best Western Hotels and booked a room and we were told the hotel was in West Vancouver, BC an area we requested and was familiar with and also enjoyed being in, only to find out that we were booked in North Vancouver some distance away from where the agent told us we were booked. We asked for and booked a room with a microwave and mini refrigerator.

When we arrived we were given a small room with a small window next to the stairs and a exit door, we immediately went to the office and informed them that this was not what we booked and the person at the desk told us that there was no such room. We asked for reasonable accommodation because the room that the Best Western agency booked us with did not apparently exist. They informed us that they would try to move us to another room on the next day and on the next day when we inquired they told us nothing was available, even though we observed many people checking out.

Best Western Customer service was contacted and informed of the situation and the Best Western Customer Service representative apologized and offered points for another time. We were also led us to believe they would contact the hotel.

Because it's a long weekend and a holiday there were no other rooms available in the area, so moving to another hotel was not an option, and the representative that talked to us on the next day told us that the only upgrade we could have would cost us $60 more per night or we could check out. We talked again to a Customer Service manager with no real satisfaction. We then talked again with the front desk and the day person informed us that they actually did have the type of rooms we booked and that they had been booked only a few weeks ago in early July. (WE BOOKED IN MAY).

It seems to me that there are two problems: Greed - Just because there is more money to be made we were put on the not important shelf. If we were white and not Black would we get the attention that early booking deserves? (Because there was no concern, we wondered how much it played a part). We booked early in order to get the deals before the rush and it was not honored even though the rooms were available.

We have traveled all over the world with many mix ups but have always been accommodated, but Best Western North Vancouver was evasive and not customer friendly in any fashion. Points from Customer Service was their way of apologizing, but the Vancouver hotel still said nor did anything to correct the mistake. They treated us as take it or leave it customers, because they were going to make money either way. We drove 950 miles to this hotel and they didn't give a damn.

Company Response 08/11/2011:

Dear Guests: We sincerly apologise for the problem you experienced. In our defence, we received the reservation as booked by you through whatever channel you used. You would have received a confirmation and description of the room as well. We honestly tried to accommodate your request but due due the long weekend, we simply could not. We serve many different races and cultures at the hotel and we do our best to provide all our guests with a positive experience.

Once You Make A Reservation They Will Not Acknowledge Your Cancellation
By -

On September 29, 2010 @ around 4:30, I made a reservation for the Best Western Mesa Inn in Mesa Arizona. Check-in was for September 30, 2010 @ 3:00 pm. The cancellation policy stated "Must be cancelled by 6 pm On September 29, 2010." Now this only gave me like 1 1/2 hrs after making the reservation to cancel.

After checking with my daughter, she didn't want the reservation yet so I called them back @ approximately 5:30 pm on September 29, 2010 (about 1 hour after making the appointment) and cancelled. I was told "OK, Mrs. **, your reservation has been cancelled." Later that evening while on my online banking I saw a pending charge for the reservation fee. I assumed it was going to "drop off" my account as it was pending and I knew I had cancelled. But the next morning it was still there so I called Best Western and ask why it hadn't dropped off. I was then informed they had no record I had cancelled.

I was told that the reservation was nonrefundable and that my credit card had already been charged and they were not going to refund anything. I protested, telling them I had cancelled within my time limit. I was then placed on hold. After a few minutes a different person came on the line saying he was located in the Best Western Mesa hotel and he had nothing to do with cancellations or bookings so I had to hang up and re-dial the original phone number because he said he couldn't transfer me but I don't know why I was put through to him anyway if he couldn't help me.

To make a long story short, I called Best Western 4 times and talked to different people who just didn't care. I talked till I was blue in the face, so to speak. I was told that when a person cancels you're given a cancellation number and I didn't have one because I WAS NEVER GIVEN ONE. Now how was I to know that I was SUPPOSE to get a cancellation number? I can not help it if an employee doesn't do their job.

I finally told them I was going to dispute their charge at my bank and write a review about their unfair business practices. They didn't care, so here I am. Best Western makes money all the way around without providing services. They just "neglect" to make the cancellation when you call, thus stealing your money.

Best Western Clock Tower Resort
By -

ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS -- In addition to not disclosing the hot tub and sauna were closed, we learned the water park hours had also been cut eliminating most daytime activity. After a room with no air conditioner and no fridge as requested (I am diabetic & need fridge for insulin) we checked out early. At checkout we were charged for a movie that we did not order.

The next day I discovered that they submitted charges of $100 and $45 in unauthorized charges. When I got through the phone games I was told that it was a housekeeping employee's "opinion" that smoking had occurred in the room! I have asthma as well as 2 of my children! What a lie! There is no proof such as ashes, cigarette butts, burns, or even a smoke smell, just the "opinion" of some phantom housekeeper!

They don't care if they don't have proof because most people don't fight it. That's what they count on. The best way is to go through your bank and it can be considered fraud in many circumstances. If you need to progress it to court you are entitled to the money back, plus court costs and sometimes punitive damages can be imposed. I will be interested in how they will explain to the judge that their evidence is an opinion of a witness they won't produce.

Also, the hotel must provide you proof that special cleaning was actually done to the room, which so far they have refused. Be careful with your credit/debit cards unless you can afford to give someone a blank check, they can charge you anytime for anything if you let them get away with it. It is insulting enough to deal with corporate incompetence but even worse when their attitude is that they can do whatever they want and treat you like the criminal.

My advice is to document everything and save every receipt, confirmation and detail. I am thankful that I was only ripped off for $140, because I have read about some of $250 and up! It may be a long, aggravating process, but I will get my money back. In addition I will extract double that in their future business by exposing their greedy practices to everyone who wants to know the truth. Don't sell out for the dollar.

Best Western Does Not Honor Their Summer Promotion as Advertised
By -

I specifically used Best Western for our family vacation to take advantage of their 2010 summer promotion to save one our trip. We can only afford to take a vacation once every few years. We completed our 2 separate qualifying stays at the beginning of our trip (confirmed with Best Western). We attempted to use our night free at our next 4 day stop in Virginia and were told that we couldn't because the voucher had to be mailed to our home address. I explained that the offer stated "towards our next stay" and that we were at it and not going home to get a voucher and not going on another vacation any time soon.

Desk clerk could do nothing so I called the "Rewards" toll free number and was told that because of their (Best Westerns) contract with a 3rd party provider it would take 4 to 6 weeks to process. Was also told that that information was in their "terms and conditions" page. To be fair - it is, but that statement is buried in the fine print on a separate page and conflicts with the bold, enticing offer on the main page.

I asked the customer service representative how they could make an offer that says "ON YOUR NEXT STAY" when they have no ability or intention of doing it! She stated there was nothing they could or would do to honor the main body and enticement of their offer. I explained their terms and conditions conflicted with their stated offer and was not simply a further clarification - but a conflict. She said again there was nothing they could do and even after me stating my extreme displeasure with the conflict in the offer - I was told (basically) too bad, I have to wait for a voucher in the mail!

Further asked how then, could I use it on my next stay if it would be 4 to 6 weeks from now and I got a long silence for an answer? From that point all she would reiterate was that it was out of their control. I suggested then that their ad was misleading and they should state UPFRONT that it could only be used on a stay sometime 4 to 6 weeks later. Now I don't have money to pay for both gas and a hotel room on the way home, so we are sleeping in the car and will never use Best Western again!

Screaming Manager, Rude Bossy Clerk
By -

NEVADA CITY, CALIFORNIA -- This Best Western Inn is located in Grass Valley California. One room had a loud knocking noise sound off every couple of hours. Another room had a very sagging bed. Here is the kicker I paid the extra pet fee only to be told that my pet couldn't enter the inn. When I did not agree to the clerk's demands she then said she would have the manager call me. I told her I did not want the manager to call me. "Please leave me alone." I then explained to her my puppy was a service dog I just didn't have the papers yet.

The next day the manager went off on me like she was on amphetamines. I found her rude manner scary, almost nonsensical and completely out of context. She then said something about double occupancy. I figured out later that they were kicking me out so they could make more money renting to two people parties. The manager ruined my day, ruined my week and caused me severe emotional distress.

The next day as I was trying to leave the room for good the housekeeper kept knocking on my door while I was naked. I said, "I am naked." I then called the front desk to complain. I also called the police as the housekeeper harassing me after the clerk and after the manager screaming at me to get the dog out of the lobby was too much to bear!!!

The front desk called the police on me. The police, the front desk clerk and the housekeeper then all were at my door. I had managed to put on clothes by then. The housekeeper told the police that I knew her. This was a frightening, weird and dubious experience. Best Western clearly states that pets should not be left in the room by themselves.

These people probably didn't go to college. The manager short haired woman mid thirties to forties probably on uppers and will do anything to make more bucks. You might get away with staying there but don't stay for more than a night. For heavens sake don't pay the pet fee or count on reliable lodging.

Kicked Out!
By -

Our stay at the Best Western in Saranac Lake started off wonderfully and ended up horribly as a result of a miscommunication and then a spiteful, one armed manager. We booked our 3 day stay through Priceline filtering for "pet friendly". Afterwards I surfed for the actual number for the hotel to confirm the reservation with a real person. I called the number and was assured I was booked into a "pet friendly" room.

We drove to Saranac Lake, checked in, and spent 2 wonderful days enjoying the sights. On the second day we returned around noon to let our little puppy out of his portable kennel to find ourselves locked out of our room. I went to the office and this arrogant one armed manager stated that I had never informed him that I had a dog. I told him that he was wrong and explained the situation. He insisted that I was lying and would not be permitted into the room until I had paid a $35 pet fee.

I explained that I need access to the room to allow my poor puppy to relieve himself. The one armed guy refused until I paid the $35. I paid him the money and was able get into the room but was only met in the hall by the same irate one armed manager. He insisted that we vacate the hotel within 10 minutes or he was calling the police.

The police arrived and we explained our side. The police tried to recoup the funds for the last night that we had already paid but not used but the manager refused to give us our money back. I will never again stay at a Best Western and I hope that you do not either based upon this incredibly ridiculous story and the spite and unprofessional behavior of a one armed manager.

Falsely Accused
By -

CULPEPER, VIRGINIA -- My bad experience started when my friends and I checked in at 2:20 am on May 19, 2010 and we only stayed there from the moment we checked in till 10:30 am. So we checked in, got our free passes for a buffet in the morning, and then I asked the receptionist how do we check out and he responded, "just leave the keys (cards) in the room." That's all fine until the next day I check my bank account and I'm getting charged for another night that I did not sleep for.

So I called the hotel and they're telling me that I was supposed to check out at the front desk (it's my first time renting a hotel room) and that their housekeeper supposedly knocked on our door at 1 pm and we answered and told them we didn't need any room service (which first of all we probably did need it if we would of stayed there coz I had a baby who had urinated on the bed and needed new sheets and second of all we would of needed more toilet paper).

So I spoke to the general manager and asked him to check the cameras and he said they didn't have any! And then I told him that we had to leave out of there by 11 am because we had to meet with the tow truck guy and said if we brought proof if he would do something about it and he still said no. The hotel was nice and everything. Don't get me wrong. But I felt like they were calling me a liar and that wasn't right. Shoot. I was crying at that fact only I could care less if they told me "Ma'am you were supposed to the front desk and check out" but no they had to call me a liar. But who am I but a 17 year old who doesn't know common sense...

Flooded Room and Rude Employees
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Rating: 1/51

CARPINTERIA, CALIFORNIA -- I arrived at our hotel and checked in. They gave me a room that was already occupied. There was a couple lying in bed watching TV. They gave us another room on the first floor and at 2:30 am the second floor bathroom flooded. Water was entering through the light fixtures and running down the walls flooding the carpet. The next day maintenance brought in large noisy fans to dry out the mess. They would not give us another room. Our key cards had to be changed 3 times. Someone in the room next to us was playing the violin after midnight and to finish it off, the front desk employees were rude as if I was disturbing them. I will not recommend them to anyone.

Worst Hotel Stay Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

MCGEE, MISSISSIPPI -- I stopped there on my way to a larger town due to bad weather and it was close to the interstate. BAD MISTAKE. As with many motels/hotels now-a-days, the staff can't speak good English (SONIL INC is the owner), but that was not that big of a deal. After I got to sleep I was woken about 11 pm with the sounds of slamming doors and kids screaming and running up and down the hallway.

I finally called the front desk and complained with no luck. I was woken two more times and I continued to report this without ANY help at all. The night clerk was totally a waste of time, said there was nothing he could do, if I would have been running up and down the hallways they would have kicked me out. Therefore at 12 pm (midnight) I packed up and went downstairs and checked out and drove in the blinding rain for over an hour to where I got another room and finally got to bed at 2 am. I am complaining to their corp office. I WILL NEVER stay there or any other BEST WESTERN EVER AGAIN!!!

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