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My husband spent two nights at this hotel. Once for a one day layover and the other for 6 hours prior to boarding a plane to return home. On the 6 hour stay to catch some sleep he was eaten alive by bugs and returned home with 80% of his body covered with bites. He has been to the doc who confirmed bed bugs.

I contacted the hotel to advise and when I received a call back was patronized, and treated as though this complaint was frivolous. I was advised that they had a very strict policy, that they checked the room and that if I was really persistent they would return his room for the night but that was because they were being nice, not because he was eaten alive which still hasn't happened, by the way.

I was advised that perhaps it was the hotel he stayed at the other ten nights. I attempted to explain that in those 10 days he was not bitten once and arrived at this hotel without any bites. I was advised that bites can come out 14 days after a person has been bitten and I must be mistaken!!!

I was asked several times whether or not I was happy to be called back and if calling me back to advise the room was checked was satisfying enough... There was no concern, no compassion and definitely did not care that this complaint had come in. We travel numerous times a year and the majority of those are to third world countries, where we have never come across bedbugs or attitudes such as the one I dealt with. Don't go!!! Best Western won't deal with your complaints!!!

Horrible Customer Service
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WENATCHEE, WASHINGTON -- Our softball team has been staying at the Best Western Chieftain for the last 16 years. EVERY YEAR for 16 years. Ten - 12 rooms for 2 nights. This year we arrive and are told that we are not allowed to have any type of can beverage, plastic bottle beverage of any kind out by the pool. We are playing softball and relax by the pool between we can't drink Gatorade, or have a cold beer in a can. We are all for NO GLASS by the pool. But to tell us we can't even have Gatorade or plastic water bottles is INSANE!

We will never stay at that hotel again, and will never recommend the Best Western Chieftian Inn in Wenatchee, WA. On top of that the two employees didn't care that we were taking ten rooms of business away and stated it had always been the policy... I have been going there for 16 years and it has NEVER been the policy.

Dirty Room
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BEND, OREGON -- My wife and I stayed at the Best Western in Bend, Oregon. They refused to change the sheets even after we left a note. We contacted the front desk additionally and requested that they change the sheets on the bed. They would not change the sheets. They would not relocate us to a comparable room. They wouldn't even give me clean sheets that I offered to put on myself! We checked out at 6:54 PM and they did not credit us for the room and the manager still has yet to contact me regarding the situation even though I was told she would do so. We did find a FANTASTIC room at the AMERITEL Inn and highly recommend it! Fantastic room and wonderful staff!

Dirty Rooms
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MADRAS, OREGON -- My wife and I decided to go away for a week so a friend suggested you should try the casino at warm springs. So we did. We made our bookings at the Best Western Madras Inn. First night was OK, but from then on things got worst.

Our sheets were dirty. The bathroom smelled of pee. There was no toilet paper put in after a roll was finished. We told the front desk clerk but she did not seem interested so I ask to talk to the owners but they were out of town. All she could do was give us another room but to our disgust it was the same except this time the sheets and top blanket had dirty dog hairs on them so that was it. We just left never to return. If you decide to book in the motel make sure all is to your liking and everything is cleaned.

Never Use Your Credit Card.
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CANAL WINCHESTER, OHIO -- I stayed in a Best Western in Ohio, Canal Winchester to be specific, I informed them that I would be staying on a weekly basis. On my second day, my credit card was charged for an entire month. I complained and the money was put back in, then the next day they did the same. This tied up my credit card account for two days, and my wife had to miss two days of work to try to straighten it out. We only talked to the manager when I went to the hotel office to complain.

I checked out and a week later was charged for an entire week that I was not there. Still trying to recoup that money to my account. The manager was not helpful at all. The girl at the desk was a dream though. Her name was **. She was the best thing at that hotel. The kind of money I am talking about is 1550 and 1397 plus the 253 for the last week. So you can see where it would put a kink in your finances staying there.

Guaranteed Reservations Cancelled by the Best Western
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BEST WESTERN INTERNAIONAL -- I made a booking for a Best Western International hotel in March of 2008 directly on their own website. My reservations were for mid-August and I received the email confirmation and credit card guarantee was accepted. About 3 weeks before my arrival, some 4 months after confirming and guarantee the reservation, I received an email from Best Western saying they would like to confirm my arrival time on the reservation date and that they were looking forward to having me as a guest.

I emailed back my arrival time and the next day I received another email from Best Western saying they would not allow me to stay at the hotel on my guaranteed reservation. They said they have rooms available but wanted almost 3 times the price I had guaranteed online with them. They then went on the Best Western website and cancelled my reservation with an email coming from the system saying I had cancelled my reservation.

I talked to a dozen people and back and forth 50+ emails and they refused to honor the reservation. They said if I would pay the higher rate then I could submit a claim for the difference, but this would have been over thousands dollars difference for the stay and they would only say this on phone. They said they could not email confirmation.
DO NOT TRUST BEST WESTERN AT ALL FOR CONFIRMED GUARANTEED RESERVATIONS nor the customer service who do nothing but apologize and do not fix it.

Level of Noise From Outside That We Could Hear in Our Room Was Ridiculous
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It was as if there were no walls or windows – we got to hear word for word conversations held in the parking lot outside our room, conversations outside our room in the hall, traffic noise from Capilano Rd. It was one of the worst nights that I have ever had to pay for. In the a.m. when we left, the clerk did not know what a complaint form was, and there was no email address on the website, although there was an icon – nothing happened when I clicked on it. Have stayed in lots of other BW and never had such a problem. Very annoyed.

Charged For Services Not Delivered
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RENO, NEVADA -- We were supposed to stay at the Best Western Airport in Reno, NV from Sept. 26-28, 2008 but because of a family emergency, had to cancel. We contacted the property on Sept. 22 and were told that we had missed the 7-day cutoff period for cancellations and would be charged the full amount.

We were never informed in any way of a 7-day (OUTRAGEOUS) cancellation policy. Even on busy weekends I have never encountered such stupidity. The worst I have ever had is 72 hours. Best Western corporate was USELESS as they claim to have no control over their properties policies. It is under the corporate umbrella yet they have no CONTROL. What kind of a business are they running? Obviously they are not very concerned with customer service or with what a word of mouth campaign can do to their business.

I intend to contact my attorney, the Attorney General of Nevada, and as many media sources as possible to investigate this case of FRAUD. You all know that the room we had reserved did not go empty for the weekend. That is called double-dipping and if it came out of their coffers, you know darn well they would do their best to prosecute someone for stealing from them. I say we turn it back on them for STEALING from us. The key word here is BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT, BOYCOTT!!!

A Very Bad Night
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TORONTO -- We had many problems at this hotel! We were scheduled to spend two nights on the return portion of our trip and cancelled our reservation because we were so dissatisfied with this first night. We should have demanded our money back and moved on to another hotel, however, we know nothing of Toronto and that would have been a huge inconvenience.

My concerns: Another guest was given a key to our room -- Imagine our surprise to have someone walk right in! Front desk staff were not even slightly concerned about this. My child suffers from anxiety, and did not sleep at all that night (so then, none of us did) because she was terrified that someone else would come into our room during the night. This was totally unacceptable!

I had called ahead regarding use of debit card as a method of payment. Nothing was mentioned until we arrived about the additional $60 deposit. This was an annoyance but we paid without complaint. This may seem insignificant or something that a seasoned traveller would know, but I think it should be made clear as not everyone will know this.

Then I tried to make a collect phone call and couldn't dial out. When I inquired at the desk they told me that I couldn't make any calls if I was paying by debit. This was not mentioned at the point of reservation or check in and definitely should have been. I wound up having the debit refunded and switching to Visa. Again, if this is standard policy, then guests should be made aware of the limitations that their method of payment presents -- what is the point of the $60 deposit when the money was in the bank before I set foot in my room?

Shuttle service was very poor. When I made the reservation I was told that a shuttle from the airport to the hotel ran every 10 minutes. We waited 55 for the van to arrive. Then the driver chose to cater to other passengers and we actually had to drive right past our hotel so that they could be dropped off first! She also said to allow an extra hour and a half in the morning for service because things are busy.

Choosing this hotel was based on close and quick transportation to and from the airport as we were travelling with a child. When you make a reservation based on "shuttle service every 10 minutes" then you should be justified in expecting that. Our driver the second day made the ride a knuckle biter -- he sped, swerved, and all of the passengers were jostled in the back -- it was a relief to get out and to get there in one piece.

I was told at reservation that the rooms had high speed internet access -- at check in I asked about hooking up my laptop and was told that there was no internet service in the rooms. There was a machine in the lobby but it didn't work (staff should have put a sign on it -- instead they watched people try to make it work by putting their money in).

Frustrated, I went down to the desk again later and asked about dial up service - a different clerk told me to use the lamp jack in the room. This jack didn't work -- I discovered in the morning that you would have to move the lamp over by the phone for a cord to be plugged in -- I assumed that if I was told to plug into the lamp that it should be hooked up and ready to go.

I did end up plugging into the phone and getting online eventually that way. For my quick stints online I incurred large phone call charges on my room bill. I could have used several hours on the machine downstairs (had it been working) for the same amount that I was charged to use dial up in the room.

The overall smell of the hotel was really quite awful. All three of us were stuffed up and spent much of the night sneezing and coughing. At least the rooms didn't smell quite as bad as the lobby and hallways! I had to make four trips to the front desk to get my key re-activated.

I spent a lot of time down at the front desk -- based on the treatment of my concerns as well as what I saw happening with other guests, I came away with a clear impression that providing sub-standard service was just the way things went. Staff really didn't seem at all concerned by anyone else's concerns and complaints. They even made comments about other guests in front of those waiting at the desk.

Based on this experience I would never consider staying in this particular hotel again. Although all BW hotels are independently owned and operated, it is true that one bad apple spoils the barrel. It reflects badly enough that I also wouldn't consider staying with Best Western again unless it was a last resort. We were travelling to the U.S. for our daughter to receive specialized medical care. This was the first night of our journey, and thank God the rest of it wasn't as bad as the beginning.

Bad Customer Service
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SANTORINI -- Best Western ruined our family vacation we planned for over 2 years. The management at the hotel was rude and the hotel is misrepresented on the internet. The accommodations at the Paradise Hotel Akrotiri 847 00 Santorini, are not what we expect from Best Western - the world's largest chain.

The free breakfast was awful, almost an insult to the guests. Each morning we received the same thing: 3 slices of stale bread, one boiled egg, a thin slice of cheese, one slice of bologna and a piece of cake. On the breakfast bar there was only one type of cereal served with hot milk. The milk was either made from instant powder or was watered down and was undrinkable. There were also some stale cookies, served from previous days since no one would eat them.

There was no home-made food, and there was no bar. I would not call what we had a shower in the room. We had a bathtub faucet with a hose attached. There was no bathtub and no place to hang the hose. For the time, let's call it a shower. Not having a place to hang the hose made it very uncomfortable to take a "shower". I had to hold the hose for the kids so they could wash. My husband and I had to shower with one hand, the other hand holding the hose. If you dropped the hose, water would spray all over the bathroom. There was no shower curtain and the bathroom floor was continuously wet.

We complained that there was no hot water in the morning. The front desk manager yelled that it was impossible not to have hot water and told us to let the water run for 2 minutes. We did let the water run, and it took far longer than 2 minutes. The next morning we timed it. It took 10 minutes to have warm water and 12 minutes to have hot water. This problem was compounded by the fact that the pipes would bang inside the walls when the shower was running. It sounded like someone firing an automatic rifle. I experienced better conditions camping.

One afternoon when we came back from the beach, there was no hot water. The front desk person laughed, saying that there was a big demand for water, lots of people coming from the beach, not just us. He did not even go to check to see if the water heater was working properly. The towels in the bathroom that we received had seen better days, they looked 10 years old. They were no longer white, but a pale shade of grey. One towel used to have a floral print, was a pale blue faded rag. Maybe the hotel staff had used them and they did not want to throw them away and decided they were fit for the guests.

No towels were provided at the pool and we've been asked not to use the room towels. I did not expect that a full service hotel, that advertises bar at the pool not to provide towels. The bathroom sink pedestal was loose and would shift about if you touched the basin. There was also a large shelf above the sink that made it almost impossible to wash your face.

When we checked in, we were provided with the room key as well as remote controls for the TV and for the AC unit. The AC unit was functional only if the key was in the room, since we had to put the room key inside an apparatus on the wall to enable the use of the electricity in the room. When we stopped by the hotel during the day, the room would be like an oven and it would take 2-3 hours to cool it off.

The beds did not have even light blankets, just sheets. The pillows were old, and disgusting. The family running the hotel - mother, son and the father, continuously harassed us. No manners, no people skills, nothing, just a rude family, who made our vacation miserable. They must have training from Osama Bin Laden how to "properly" run a hotel.

One day we were spending time at the pool. The kids were diving from the diving board. The older person in charge came charging out yelling and scaring my kids in my presence! He was telling them to stop jumping off the diving board, by yelling "What is this? What is this?" I asked him respectfully not to yell and the diving board is there for people to use. He turned his back to me, and began cursing in Greek.

A day later when we were at the pool again, my husband was asked not to sit with his wet swimming trunks on the pool furniture. Another time we attempted to enjoy a beautiful day at the pool, the woman in charge came out and started to move the pool furniture away, turning the chairs so they faced the wall of a flower bed. This pool furniture was made out of plastic, no pillows. All of these actions were intended to harass us and to spoil our time.

One morning at 7:45 the kids wanted to go to the pool. There was a family of Germans already using the pool, and I told them it would be OK to go for a swim before breakfast. The second they went in the water, the woman from front desk came out advising us that we cannot use the pool before 8 am. My husband had the kids come out of the pool and the woman seemed satisfied. The other family was still in the pool! This rule must have only applied to us since the other family had been in the pool since 7:30. They sure did not want to miss an opportunity to spoil our day.

Once we came up for the "a la carte" breakfast, 5 minutes before 8 am, the older guy in charge came to our table and in a very rude tone of voice advises us that breakfast is served at 8 o'clock. This was towards the end of our stay, so we knew very well what time the breakfast was served. They made it a very hostile environment to be in.

On the website the hotel is presented as pet friendly. There was a large white dog with red collar that would come on property everyday. For a while we thought that the dog belonged to a hotel guest or the property owners. The kids liked the dog and played with him. During one hot day, the dog started digging and lied down in a geranium flower bed. The woman manager came storming down to our room and yelling at us to see what the dog did.

I tried to explain to her nicely that is not our fault that we did not bring the dog there, but all we got was another dose of Greek cursing. My kids were also upset when they saw the woman manager throwing rocks at a cat that was sleeping in the shade. We saw the cat on another occasion noticing it had been blinded in one eye. We do not know if this injury resulted from the actions of the woman at the hotel, but try to convince our kids of that. They were very upset by the chain of events.

Because we had been harassed and inconvenienced daily by the family running this hotel, we did not trust them to provide us with a wake up call. If we missed the flight we would have to pay extra expenses. So, the day before our departure, I asked my family in US to call me in the morning for the wake up call. The front desk would pick up the call and hang up the phone. They never transferred a call to our room.

At 6 AM when we opened the door to put the luggage in the car and head for the airport, before checking out, the woman from front desk walked into our room uninvited for a site inspection. No hello, good morning or anything, she just burst in, without a greeting of any kind. She likely wanted to make sure we are not running away with the little TV, the rags that were supposed to pass for towels, or maybe some chairs. She took the remote controls for the TV and air conditioner.

I want also to mention that we are not the only unhappy guest at this property. There were numerous families that were very unsatisfied. When a guest from Germany came to us to talk about services received, she was rudely interrupted by the woman at front desk not to talk to other guest. I was very intrigued by the rudeness of this family running the hotel, not just with us, but with all guest from different countries.

I've also been double charged for our stay, probably to block funds on our credit card. Customer service offered me 100.00 for future stay at the Best Western. I will never stay at this chain again. I traveled all over the world and I never meet such rude people to run a hotel, and such a dumpy hotel to charge 145 euros per night for 4 people in the room.

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