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Falsely Accused
By -

CULPEPER, VIRGINIA -- My bad experience started when my friends and I checked in at 2:20 am on May 19, 2010 and we only stayed there from the moment we checked in till 10:30 am. So we checked in, got our free passes for a buffet in the morning, and then I asked the receptionist how do we check out and he responded, "just leave the keys (cards) in the room." That's all fine until the next day I check my bank account and I'm getting charged for another night that I did not sleep for.

So I called the hotel and they're telling me that I was supposed to check out at the front desk (it's my first time renting a hotel room) and that their housekeeper supposedly knocked on our door at 1 pm and we answered and told them we didn't need any room service (which first of all we probably did need it if we would of stayed there coz I had a baby who had urinated on the bed and needed new sheets and second of all we would of needed more toilet paper).

So I spoke to the general manager and asked him to check the cameras and he said they didn't have any! And then I told him that we had to leave out of there by 11 am because we had to meet with the tow truck guy and said if we brought proof if he would do something about it and he still said no. The hotel was nice and everything. Don't get me wrong. But I felt like they were calling me a liar and that wasn't right. Shoot. I was crying at that fact only I could care less if they told me "Ma'am you were supposed to the front desk and check out" but no they had to call me a liar. But who am I but a 17 year old who doesn't know common sense...

By -

INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI -- Had reservations for a 2-bedded smoking room on 11/10/07. Booked the reservation in April. I booked rooms for 8 weekends in the fall for myself and booked also for a friend. At check-in, was given a room with 1 bed and a sofa bed. Management claimed they had informed Best Western International (toll-free reservations center) on 9/16/07 that they were oversold on 2-bedded smoking rooms and had to change my room type. Best Western Int'l has NO record of any such call. My friend also had his rooms switched to 1 bed w/ sofa bed and was also never informed.

I then received a call on 11/11/07 from the hotel stating that my remaining reservations have been cancelled, due to the "incident" on 11/10. My friend received a call on 11/12/07 from the hotel informing him they were going to cancel his remaining reservations because that he has cancelled some of his previously. We book these rooms early to get a favorable rate, and then cancel the ones we don't need once we have firmed up our schedule.

We have the right to cancel the rooms until 4 pm date-of-arrival. The hotel stated that it's too hard for them to get an accurate count if we cancel our rooms. I have been in the hotel industry for almost 20 years, and cancellations are a part of the business. You have the right to cancel a reservation by the time specified unless otherwise informed.

It is outrageous that they would take it upon themselves to cancel reservations because they don't like the fact that prior reservations have been cancelled. Beware! If you're a frequent traveler to the Kansas City, MO/KS area, it's probably best to find a hotel where you can be more assured of having a room held for you, and that it is the correct room type.

Full Charge at Cancellation
By -

, AUSTRIA -- My complaint is against the Best Western Hotel Erzherzog Rainer. 1040 Vienna, Wiedner Hauptstr 27-29, Austria. T (+43-1-) 501 11 0; F (+43-1-) 501 11 350. On July 27th 2007 I booked one single room for six nights, for September 23rd, 2007. I did it online, through the site BOOKING.COM. At the time of my booking the web-site clearly stated that cancellations prior to two days before the booking date would be free of charge. It was also stated that my credit card would not be charged, and the full amount would only be paid in my arrival at the hotel.

However, as I booked it, for some unknown reason, the date came for August 23rd 2007 and not for September 2007. I then contacted the hotel to change the date (to September) or to cancel my reservation. They said that the hotel was fully booked for September and they charged my credit card for the FULL AMOUNT of six nights, which was 391€. That was when I saw that, at the booking confirmation, a very different cancellation policy was stated: "Cancellation policy: Please note, if cancelled or modified, the total price of the reservation will be charged."

My comment: The hotel placed this crazy "cancellation with full payment" policy only AFTER the booking confirmation. Think with me, what is the point of having this cancellation policy if the full amount is charged anyway? If the hotel wanted to be fair, they should NOT cancel my reservation, so I would be charged BUT the room would be booked and available.

The way they did, I was charged AND the room was canceled. Of course, the hotel booked this room to somebody else and made a cool double profit on my expenses. Is it fair? Is it honest? Then the Hotel offered to me a one-night voucher (written "depending on availability") after charging me for six nights. This is an insult ridiculous and an insult for my intelligence. I wrote emails to BOOKING.COM, the Hotel Erzherzog Rainer and to the Tourism Service Government Agency in Vienna, Austria.

Very Bad Service
By -

HUBBARD, OHIO -- My mother and I were traveling through Penn. to Ohio. Halfway through Penn. we pulled into a cafe to log on to the net and find a hotel. We came up with Best Western Penn Ohio Inn & Suites which was right in Ohio. The website said that the hotel allowed pets. Arrived at the hotel and checked in. Then entered through a side door with our mini daschund because it was more convenient.

The next morning my mother noticed an extra 20 dollar charge on our bill. I wondered why, or how they charged us for that when they didn't even know we had a pet. I noticed that all of the halls had security cameras. I went to the desk clerk to ask about the charges. She then accused me of "SNEAKING" in a pet. First of all, how am I sneaking in a pet if the website says they allow pets? Second why are they using cameras for spying on guests when they are supposed to be for security? When I asked the clerk about this she LAUGHED at me.

Is it common practice for Best Western to randomly charge people without notifying them? Would it have been so hard for them to confront me about it instead of flat out accusing me of SNEAKING??? Why did she have to be so rude? Why falsely advertise that you allow pets when all your are going to do is treat the guests that bring them like common criminals?

I am irate at the treatment we received here. This is not what customer service should be like. It seems though that more and more hotels feel they can treat their customers however they please, as long as they are making a buck. I can assure you though I will never grace the halls of a Best Western ever again.

Poor Treatment by Management
By -

MOBERLY, MISSISSIPPI -- I have family that lives in Higbee, Missouri and for several years a large group of my family goes down and gets rooms at Best Western in Moberly, Missouri. This is an annual trip we make on our way down to Lake of the Ozarks for our vacation. On July 27th 2007 we planned our stay and as always allowed the kids to swim in the pool while we visited and monitored them from the patio area. We were well aware the pool closed at 10:00 pm and had no problems having our kids get out so the manager could lock the gates, again a regular routine for us for many years.

In the past stays we have always remained sitting at the tables in the patio area and continued our visit. NOT THIS YEAR, the night manager told us we all had to go to our rooms, she was unprofessional and downright rude. We decided to go sit by our vehicles and continue our visit as we did not want to try to pile into one small room, thought it could be disturbing to other customers in rooms surrounding ours. Well she came by with the security officer and told us we HAD TO GO TO OUR ROOMS.

Now while we were out by our vehicles I notice other customers carrying their lawn chairs and heading behind a garage that was sitting in the field. I spoke to them and they too said they were being sent to their rooms and thought it was crazy the way they were being treated. I have never stayed at a hotel were I had been treated like such a criminal or a prisoner at a lock down.

I am going to recommend my family stay next door at the HOLIDAY INN EXPRESS from this day forward. I will no longer recommend this place to any of my family or friend who also like to go to visit my brother in Missouri. I hope they realize the impact of customers they probably lost that night from poor management treatment. We have a large family event (wedding) coming up in June of 2008 down in Missouri and I will start telling people now to go to Holiday Inn and avoid the Best Western.

Unsanitary pool conditions, and poor housekeeping, poor management and bad attitude to guest concerns
By -

PALM DESERT, CALIFORNIA -- At a recent 3-night stay in May, 2006, at the Best Western Palm Desert Resort we encountered unsanitary conditions at the pool, where used towels were left lying around on the lounge chairs, on the ground and tables. No clean towels were available, poolside, as a notice in our rooms stated that they would be. I had to trek to the office and request same each afternoon, then they would be delivered to the pool as none were available in the office. Used towel receptacles were filled with trash, not towels.

Balcony furniture was dirty and grimy, necessitating the washing of our clothes after we unknowingly sat on the dirty furniture, which we then washed ourselves. Used towels, soap, toilet tissues, Kleenex, were not replaced on a regular basis, unless one went to the lobby and requested them. BED LINENS WERE NOT REPLACED FOR OUR ENTIRE STAY!

The elevator seemed unsafe with very, very slow, service and no luggage carts were available. Higher rates were charged to us than offered in the travel coupon booklets (about half of what we paid.) available at tourist sites and on the web, despite guarantees of lowest available prices from Best Western when one is a member of their Gold Crown club with AAA affiliation.

Despite my requests to the desk clerks for a rate adjustment, given the time I spent and discomfort (100 degree temperatures) in obtaining these necessities, and having to wash our clothes, I was referred to the manager each time (at least three) who was never present. On our last morning, I asked a person behind the desk, to speak with me about these conditions and a rate adjustment, thinking it was finally the manager, it turned out to be the owner. He stared at me and walked away.

I asked the desk clerk, twice more ,at different times, to speak with the owner about a rate adjustment and each time, I was refused. I was asked to leave my home phone and a note for the manager and either the owner or the manager would call me personally. This has not happened. I filed a complaint with the AAA, questioning their three-star rating of this establishment but they passed on my complaint to Best Western and the hotel.

The manager finally wrote to me offering me twenty percent off my next visit. I responded with a letter stating that this was unacceptable, but that I would accept twenty percent off my current bill. I have received no reply. When I finally called Best Western directly, I was told that they do not respond to complaints with written apology or acknowledgment for fear of liability.

Worst Hotel Stay Ever!
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Rating: 1/51

MCGEE, MISSISSIPPI -- I stopped there on my way to a larger town due to bad weather and it was close to the interstate. BAD MISTAKE. As with many motels/hotels now-a-days, the staff can't speak good English (SONIL INC is the owner), but that was not that big of a deal. After I got to sleep I was woken about 11 pm with the sounds of slamming doors and kids screaming and running up and down the hallway.

I finally called the front desk and complained with no luck. I was woken two more times and I continued to report this without ANY help at all. The night clerk was totally a waste of time, said there was nothing he could do, if I would have been running up and down the hallways they would have kicked me out. Therefore at 12 pm (midnight) I packed up and went downstairs and checked out and drove in the blinding rain for over an hour to where I got another room and finally got to bed at 2 am. I am complaining to their corp office. I WILL NEVER stay there or any other BEST WESTERN EVER AGAIN!!!

By -

My husband spent two nights at this hotel. Once for a one day layover and the other for 6 hours prior to boarding a plane to return home. On the 6 hour stay to catch some sleep he was eaten alive by bugs and returned home with 80% of his body covered with bites. He has been to the doc who confirmed bed bugs.

I contacted the hotel to advise and when I received a call back was patronized, and treated as though this complaint was frivolous. I was advised that they had a very strict policy, that they checked the room and that if I was really persistent they would return his room for the night but that was because they were being nice, not because he was eaten alive which still hasn't happened, by the way.

I was advised that perhaps it was the hotel he stayed at the other ten nights. I attempted to explain that in those 10 days he was not bitten once and arrived at this hotel without any bites. I was advised that bites can come out 14 days after a person has been bitten and I must be mistaken!!!

I was asked several times whether or not I was happy to be called back and if calling me back to advise the room was checked was satisfying enough... There was no concern, no compassion and definitely did not care that this complaint had come in. We travel numerous times a year and the majority of those are to third world countries, where we have never come across bedbugs or attitudes such as the one I dealt with. Don't go!!! Best Western won't deal with your complaints!!!

Horrible Customer Service
By -

WENATCHEE, WASHINGTON -- Our softball team has been staying at the Best Western Chieftain for the last 16 years. EVERY YEAR for 16 years. Ten - 12 rooms for 2 nights. This year we arrive and are told that we are not allowed to have any type of can beverage, plastic bottle beverage of any kind out by the pool. We are playing softball and relax by the pool between we can't drink Gatorade, or have a cold beer in a can. We are all for NO GLASS by the pool. But to tell us we can't even have Gatorade or plastic water bottles is INSANE!

We will never stay at that hotel again, and will never recommend the Best Western Chieftian Inn in Wenatchee, WA. On top of that the two employees didn't care that we were taking ten rooms of business away and stated it had always been the policy... I have been going there for 16 years and it has NEVER been the policy.

Dirty Room
By -

BEND, OREGON -- My wife and I stayed at the Best Western in Bend, Oregon. They refused to change the sheets even after we left a note. We contacted the front desk additionally and requested that they change the sheets on the bed. They would not change the sheets. They would not relocate us to a comparable room. They wouldn't even give me clean sheets that I offered to put on myself! We checked out at 6:54 PM and they did not credit us for the room and the manager still has yet to contact me regarding the situation even though I was told she would do so. We did find a FANTASTIC room at the AMERITEL Inn and highly recommend it! Fantastic room and wonderful staff!

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