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Kicked out!
Posted by on
Our stay at the Best Western in Saranac Lake started off wonderfully and ended up horribly as a result of a miscommunication and then a spiteful, one armed manager. We booked our 3 day stay through Priceline filtering for "pet friendly". Afterwards I surfed for the actual number for the hotel to confirm the reservation with a real person. I called the number and was assured I was booked into a "pet friendly" room. We drove to Saranac Lake, checked in and spent 2 wonderful days enjoying the sights. On the second day we returned around noon to let our little puppy out of his portable kennel to find ourselves locked out of our room. I went to the office and this arrogant one armed manager stated that I had never informed him that I had a dog. I told him that he was wrong and explained the situation. He insisted that I was lying and would not be permitted into the room until I had paid a $35 pet fee. I explained that I need access to the room to allow my poor puppy to relieve himself. The one armed guy refused until I paid the $35. I paid him the money and was able get into the room but was only met in the hall by the same irate one armed manager. He insisted that we vacate the hotel within 10 minutes or he was calling the police. The police arrived and we explained our side. The police tried to recoup the funds for the last night that we had already paid but not used but the manager refused to give us our money back. I will never again stay at a Best Western and I hope that you do not either based upon this incredibly ridiculous story and the spite and unprofessional behavior of a one armed manager.
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jktshff1 on 06/18/2010:
Just what does the mgr having one arm have to do with the complaint?
MDSasquatch on 06/18/2010:
for clarity, always properly place your hyphen.
one armed manager could be a singular manager with a firearm or a manager who is missing a limb.

try one-armed manager. I hope you get your money back; this slack-jawed yokel sounds like a piece of work.
shayen on 06/18/2010:
I hope "one arm" was included for descriptive purposes only. Anyway, sounds like a really bad experience. Definitely not fair.
Anonymous on 06/18/2010:
Anonymous on 06/19/2010:
Did the fact that he has one arm annoy you? You mentioned it 5 times by my count. I know it annoyed me. He sounds like a jerk. How dare he have one arm!! I see how that directly had an impact on your complaint. Thank you for including that info as without it, the complaint wouldn't hold up. Well done!!
Anonymous on 06/19/2010:
PepperElf on 06/19/2010:
maybe the OP was watching The Fugitive too many times?
Anonymous on 06/19/2010:
I think the OP was just insinuating that because the manager had only one arm, that in some small way that perhpaps made him somewhat spiteful towards anyone else that didn't share his affliction...maybe? Sort of like vertically challenged individuals that always seem to carry a chip on their shoulders, and actually develop what is commonly referred to as "small man syndrome". They're constantly looking to pick fights with bigger people, as if to prove themselves?
Anonymous on 06/19/2010:
Yeah, that's right. I don't even say hello, or warm-up. I just drop right into conversation without blinking an eye. I don't usually drink, but when I do, it's Dos Equis...stay thirsty my friends!
PepperElf on 06/19/2010:
plus I think there's a few details left out from the story

because the way they're writing it... it sounds like they paid the fee and then got kicked out just because...

and I suspect something else happened after the fee was paid, cos... calm peaceful people don't get kicked out - with the cops being called - for being calm and peaceful
Anonymous on 06/19/2010:
Anonymous on 06/19/2010:
Exactly PE.....OP said they paid the fee to the one armed manager then they walked to the room and who is there waiting but the one armed manager. Kind of creepy. Did he take the secret passage? Was it the twin brother who lost the same arm?
Anonymous on 06/19/2010:
I think it was the secret passage.
steve101 on 06/19/2010:
Dr. Richard Kimble aka The Fugitive is looking for a one-armed man. Contact Lt. Gerard.
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Falsely accused
Posted by on
CULPEPER, VIRGINIA -- My bad expierience started wen my friends and I checked in at 2:20am on may 19, 2010 and we only stayed there from the moment we checked in til 10:30am. So we checked in got our free passes for a buffet in the morning and then I asked the receptionist how do we check out and he responded just leave the keys (cards)in the room. That's all fine until the next day I check my bank account and I'm getting charged for another night that I did not sleep for. so I callled the hotel and their telling me that I was supposed to check out at the front desk(its my first time renting a hotel room) and that their housekeeper supposedly knocked on our door at 1pm and we answered and told them we didn't need any room service(which first of all we probably did need it if we would of stayed there cause I had a baby who had urinated on the bed and needed new sheets and second of all we would of needed more toilet paper). So I spoke to the general manager and asked him to check the cameras and he said they didn't have any! And thenn I told him that we had to leave out of thereby 11am because we had to meet wit the tow truck guy and said if we brought proof if he would do someting about it and he still said no. The hotel was nice and everything don't get me wrong but I felt like they were calling me a liar and that wasn't right. shoot I as crying at that fact only I could cared less if they told me ma'm you were supposed to the front desk and check out but no they had to call me a liar. but who am I but a 17 year old who doesn't know common sense...
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clutzycook on 05/20/2010:
Have you never stayed in a hotel before with your parents? The thought would have never occurred to me to check out by leaving the keys in the room. Sorry, but I'm going to have to go with the hotel on this one.
memoryx57 on 05/20/2010:
Most hotels allow and prefer that you just leave the key in the room when you leave. It's usually called " express checkout ". I'm surprised Best Western doesn't do this. I probably haven't gone to the desk to check out in the last 6 or 7 motel stays. As a matter of fact, on the day of my checkout the bill has always been slipped under the door sometime in the early morning hours. If you paid with a credit card you might try and dispute the charge. Good luck...
Anonymous on 05/20/2010:
I travel a lot for work, and I've stayed in many hotels that have told me the very same thing..leave the key card in the room. The only difference is, every single one of them also leave a receipt under the door that has the check in/check out date, billed amount, etc. Did you receive a receipt?

Here's what you can do...if you know you were wrongfully charged an extra day, dispute it with your bank. This will start an investigation and BW is going to have to show proof that you were in fact there the 2nd day.

Lastly, I could be wrong, but I didn't think hotels rented rooms to minors.
MDSasquatch on 05/20/2010:
I have stayed at lots of different hotels over the years and some will check you out the morning you are leaving, charge your card and slide your final statement under the door. When you are ready to depart, just toss the key cards somewhere and go.

The key to this is that you have to make sure you have a final bill and that it is an accurate accounting of your charges.
jktshff1 on 05/20/2010:
I have the express check out with the hotels I stay in. I still drop the key off at the desk while walking out the door.
Anonymous on 05/20/2010:
You and me both jkt. A lot of times I get asked if I'm checking out early or did you not received your bill under the door. I say 'No' I'm just letting ya know I'm leaving.
spiderman2 on 05/20/2010:
I just did an express check out at the Marriott and you get your bill under the door, leave the keys in the room and use the check out function on the television. Did they charge extra for the baby peeing on the bed?
courtney on 02/26/2013:
I am very late on this one but thought I should comment- at the hotel I worked at for 7 years most guests did not come to the front desk to check out- If you were only reserved for one night the system automatically will check you out in the morning- they cannot charge you for another day if you aren't reserved for it that is non sense...we go around around 2 in the morning and put the bill under the door for those who are not reserved the next day and the housekeepers get the keys.
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Ask if Company does background checks
Posted by on
When traveling why not ask the manager if the company requires a background check on employees. I have worked in the hotel industry for about 9 years now, and you would be surprised how many don't. I have worked at a Super 8, Best Western, Econo Lodge, Travel Lodge, and several non chain hotels. I remodel hotels for a living, but have also managed one, and was maintenance manager for two different hotels.

A lot of the people I worked around I became friends with and talked to. Come to find out a lot of them were criminals, still on parole, some had been to jail over the weekend.

I tried to contact Best Western about their hiring policy, they claim they require it for corporate but not each hotel. I assume that is up to each owner. I know of on manager in a Best Western personally for 10 years, she has been in prision three times, all dealing with money. Now that would make me uncofortable as an owner of any business, yet she is hired by chain hotels as the manager of their business. I asked her if she had ever had a background check done for a job and she said no. She said she just submits a resume and that's it. If you look at the resume it is very impressive, but not listed on it is all the bad. I will not name her or the actual Best Westen she works for. She was fired from Subway for embezzling, all she had to do was pay it back, she was fired and no charges would be filed. She was Fired from Holmes Group inc. for embezzelment, again payback and no charges. While working for an Econo Lodge as General Manager held pool parties at the rate of $100.00 for two hours, the money was never on the books, she has a stack of employee cards for stays at $25.00 per night she still used as of four months ago and hasn't worked there in over a year. All one has to do is check her name and the discount name used, she dosn't try to hide it. From there to a Super 8 in Illinois, the same as it was a new building, pool parties, but, this time 11 days of deposits were missing, and then they found that the hard drive on the computer had been destroyed, all data was sent to investagators, but was unrecoverable, no back ups were found. I don't know what happened there or the out come but I do know that 11 days of deposits were never recovered. Then a brand new Best Western went up in the next town, she put in her famous resume and was offered the job. She has been there since the ground breaking, she dosn't keep me informed of the things she does anymore like she use too, as it was a game to her as she said. She if very smart, and can fool the best of them, she is currently being offered a job by Best Western in Florida. I feel sorry for them. This is one manager that has profited highly on hotel owners.

One house keeper was going door to door trying to sell items stolen out of another room at one hotel I was remodeling. They were caught and arrested, come to find out that employee had been in jail 6 times for stealing burglery and assult.

Bottom line is how safe is the hotel your staying in? Who are the people handling your credit cards, going in your room while your out, are they cleaning it or cleaning you out.

Best Westen of all hotel chains should require all hotels to at least do back ground checks on at least the managers. There are three General Managers I know for a fact that have been in prision in the past 2 years running Best Westerns.

If your in the Datona Florida area and know of a Best Western that is hiring for a G.M. you might advise them
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Nohandle on 11/27/2006:
Hang around this site for a week or so and you'll discover too many members have been ripped off at hotels/motels and pretty much know the score by now. In the meantime, why don't YOU contact the Best Westerns in the Daytona Beach, FL area and advise them Bonnie Parker is in town?
tander on 11/27/2006:
And just think these criminals have access to your hotel room *LOL*
DORCAS on 11/27/2006:
I see your point about warning people, I just wonder what set you off all of a sudden to tell all about this person? With all the information you have had for so long on her why do you now care about what is going on. Also if you think about it, how many places do you shop at or do business with that have access to your credit card number? Every time you use that credit card or apply for a credit card, someone you don't even know has all your information. How many of these employees have ever had a background check. Pretty scarey when you think about it.
MR GM on 07/08/2007:
bored_housewife54 on 09/18/2011:
I've worked in hospitality for many years at 4 different establishments...I was not required to undergo background checks for any of them.

We never had issues with items being stolen. In fact, cleaning staff would regularly bring things back to reception that guests had left behind like expensive jewellery, iPods, laptops, wallets, even a Rolex once! We just called the guests & ask them what they would like us to do (hold it in the safe until they can arrange pick-up or send back registered post or courier at their expense). Most said post it back registered & put on their credit card...the Rolex guy turned his BMW around & drove 90 minutes back to collect it!
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Best Western Hotel - Waco Mall, Texas
Posted by on
WACO, TEXAS -- Copy of letter sent to Best Western:

In my forty plus years of travel and staying at numerous hotels/motels, I have experienced various levels of serviceā€¦some excellent and some not so excellent. Yesterday, however, was the absolute worst imaginable.

My wife had surgery this morning at Providence Hospital in Waco, Texas. Prior to this day, I made an online reservation at the Best Western Waco Mall on Highway 84. We had planned to spend the night before having to be at the hospital at 6:00AM this morning.

We arrived at the Best Western yesterday afternoon and got our room. When we looked at the room, my wife discovered bugs on the towels in the bathroom. Further, the air conditioner was not operational. I went to the front desk and requested another room. The woman at the desk (older woman with nose piercing and a very heavy accent) pointed to some switches on the wall next to her and said something I could not understand. She did mention something about the air conditioning being OK and that it would turn on. I told her it did not work and to please change our room. She did so reluctantly.

We put our bags in the new room and left the hotel for a while. Since my wife was rather nervous about her upcoming surgery, I decided to take her to a move, followed by a leisurely dinner. After dinner, we strolled the Richland Mall.

We returned to the room a few hours later and my wife pulled down the bedspread on one of the two beds. She noticed it was stained and appeared dirty. I also noticed the toilet in the bathroom did not flush very easily. At that point, my wife was very uncomfortable and we both decided to get another hotel.

I went to the front desk and told the woman what the problems were with the room and that we were leaving the hotel. She again pointed to the switches on the wall (I have no idea what they were) and said there was nothing wrong with the room. I told her we were still leaving. She followed me back to the room where my wife and I gathered our bags and started to leave. The woman began yelling at us, pointing out the bedspread that had been pulled down and stated that she knew why we were only there for three hours. She referred to my 60 year-old wife as a woman of ill-repute (had to change word for this website). At that point, I used a couple of expletives myself and my wife told me we should just leave the room.

We walked out of the room, followed by that nasty woman who kept yelling at us. When we reached the stairs, my wife started down first. The woman had something in her hand and attempted to strike my wife. She did not touch her, but did try. I then decided this woman was definitely crazy and we went immediately to the car. I opened the back of the car and put our bags in. The woman followed us and pounded on the side of the car yelling that she was calling the police. I told her to go ahead and call the police and we drove away.

We drove to the Travelodge on the other side of Highway 84 and experienced wonderful service with a great room for about the same price as Best Western.

When we got to our room at the Travelodge, I phoned the Waco Police Department and registered a complaint of assault against that horrible woman at Best Western. I then contacted your 800 number and talked to Brittany who documented our complaint. I will say Brittany was kind and very helpful.

All of my attempt at making my wife as comfortable and less nervous as possible prior to surgery was for naught. That horrible woman ruined everything I tried to do.

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User Replies:
rhondam718732 on 08/29/2006:
It's a shame that happened of all nights, however, why did she follow you guys out? Had you not paid already or provided a credit card? Did you fully press assult charges? I hope so.
Tracy M on 08/29/2006:
Wow. I know there are two sides to every story, but if all of this is 100 percent true, I hope you press charges against the psycho clerk.

Good luck!
NewsmanRay on 08/29/2006:
Response: Yep...the woman already had our credit card info, address, car license, etc. that we gave her to begin with. Further, my argument to Best Western is, why would I go to the front desk and say I was leaving if I had planned to skip out? This woman was definitely "off her bubble".
Tracy M on 08/30/2006:
To say the least! Please keep us posted!
NewsmanRay on 08/30/2006:
Here's the latest. Best Western corporate in Phoenix contacted me this morning and said they were "sorry" and offered a forty dollar discount to another Best Western Hotel. I told them that was unacceptable, and an insult. They then offered to send me a check for forty dollars. Again, insulting. They stated they could not refund the price of the hotel room. Clearly, Best Western does not care what their franchisees due to customers.
Tracy M on 08/30/2006:
Are you pursuing criminal charges? I sure hope so. Do you have any kind of news program that does stories on bad businesses? I'd give them a call. Embarrass the hell out of them, they deserve it.
NewsmanRay on 08/31/2006:
What I thought was a contact from their Corporate Office turned out to be Customer Service. I did receive a call from Corporate and was told my credit card would not be charged. Now for the interesting part...I had complained to the City of Waco about the conditions at the hotel. A lady phoned me this morning from that department and informed me they had made a visit yesterday. They found fleas in the rooms and the hotel has been given an Abatement Notice.
AZ59Wash on 10/25/2007:
Wow, what an unfortunate experience you faced. I'm sorry you had to go through something like that at such an important time.

I have not had very good success with Best Western when it comes to any kind of help regarding issues staying at their properties. I'm not usually a big complainer, but when the service is very substandard I have no problem writing a complaint letter or talking to a manager. On three different occasions and at three different properties of theirs, I have contacted the hotel directly and asked the manager to look into my concern, and I have written directly to their corporate office, and in each occasion I never have heard a reply back. Not once. I no longer stay with them and encourage all my travel associates to avoid them when possible.
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A very bad night
Posted by on
TORONTO -- We had many problems at this hotel!

We were scheduled to spend two nights on the return portion of our trip and cancelled our reservation because we were so dissatisfied with this first night.

We should have demanded our money back and moved on to another hotel, however, we know nothing of Toronto and that would have been a huge inconvenience.

My concerns:

1) Another guest was given a key to our room -- Imagine our surprise to have someone walk right in!
Front desk staff were not even slightly concerned about this.
My child suffers from anxiety, and did not sleep at all that night (so then, none of us did) because she was terrified that someone else would come into our room during the night.
This was totally unacceptable!

2) I had called ahead regarding use of debit card as a method of payment.
Nothing was mentioned until we arrived about the additional $60 deposit.
This was an annoyance but we paid without complaint.
This may seem insignificant or something that a seasoned traveller would know, but I think it should be made clear as not everyone will know this.

3) Then I tried to make a collect phone call and couldn't dial out.
When I inquired at the desk they told me that I couldn't make any calls if I was paying by debit. This was not mentioned at the point of reservation or check in and definitely should have been.
I wound up having the debit refunded and switching to Visa.
Again, if this is standard policy, then guests should be made aware of the limitations that their method of payment presents -- what is the point of the $60 deposit when the money was in the bank before I set foot in my room?

4) Shuttle service was very poor.
When I made the reservation I was told that a shuttle from the airport to the hotel ran every 10 minutes. We waited 55 for the van to arrive.
Then the driver chose to cater to other passengers and we actually had to drive right past our hotel so that they could be dropped off first!
She also said to allow an extra hour and a half in the morning for service because things are busy. Choosing this hotel was based on close and quick transportation to and from the airport as we were travelling with a child.
When you make a reservation based on "shuttle service every 10 minutes" then you should be justified in expecting that.
Our driver the second day made the ride a knuckle biter -- he sped, swerved, and all of the passengers were jostled in the back -- it was a relief to get out and to get there in one piece.

5)I was told at reservation that the rooms had high speed internet access -- at check in I asked about hooking up my laptop and was told that there was no internet service in the rooms.
There was a machine in the lobby but it didn't work (staff should have put a sign on it -- instead they watched people try to make it work by putting their money in).
Frustrated, I went down to the desk again later and asked about dial up service - a different clerk told me to use the lamp jack in the room.
This jack didn't work -- I discovered in the morning that you would have to move the lamp over by the phone for a cord to be plugged in -- I assumed that if I was told to plug into the lamp that it should be hooked up and ready to go.
I did end up plugging into the phone and getting on line eventually that way. For my quick stints online I incurred large phone call charges on my room bill. I could have used several hours on the machine downstairs (had it been working) for the same amount that I was charged to use dial up in the room.

6) The overall smell of the hotel was really quite awful. All three of us were stuffed up and spent much of the night sneezing and coughing. At least the rooms didn't smell quite as bad as the lobby and hallways!

7) I had to make four trips to the front desk to get my key re-activated.

8) I spent a lot of time down at the front desk -- based on the treatment of my concerns as well as what I saw happening with other guests, I came away with a clear impression that providing sub-standard service was just the way things went. Staff really didn't seem at all concerned by anyone else's concerns and complaints. They even made comments about other guests in front of those waiting at the desk.

Based on this experience I would never consider staying in this particular hotel again.

Although all BW hotels are independently owned and operated, it is true that one bad apple spoils the barrel. It reflects badly enough that I also wouldn't consider staying with Best Western again unless it was a last resort.

We were travelling to the U.S. for our daughter to receive specialized medical care. This was the first night of our journey, and thank God the rest of it wasn't as bad as the beginning.
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Horrible customer service
Posted by on
WENATCHEE, WASHINGTON -- Our softball team has been staying at the Best Western Chieftan for the last 16 years. EVER YEAR for 16 years. Ten - 12 rooms for 2 nights. This year we arrive and are told that we are not allowed to have any type of can beverage, plastic bottle beverage of any kind out by the pool. We are playing softball and relax by the pool between we can't drink Gatorade, or have a cold beer in a can. We are all for NO GLASS by the pool. But to tell us we can't even have Gatorade or plastic water bottles is INSANE!

We will never stay at that hotel again, and will never recommend the Best Western Chieftan Inn in Wenatchee, WA.

On top of that the two employees didn't care that we were taking ten rooms of business away and stated it had always been the policy.....I have been going there for 16 years and it has NEVER been the policy.

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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/23/2010:
What about plastic cups?

Alain on 07/23/2010:
Since these are franchises your best bet would be to talk to the manager calmly about this. If that doesn't work call customer service at 800-780-7234.
Venice09 on 07/23/2010:
If it IS a policy, does it apply to everyone or just groups? Maybe too many people were not disposing of their containers properly and staff got tired of cleaning up. I'm not saying that applies go you, I'm just speaking in general.
Ytropious on 07/23/2010:
They can change rules as it suits them. Maybe some other groups ruined it for everyone. I know when we went to the public pool, not a best western, we weren't allowed to have ANY food or drink in the pool.
Helpful on 07/24/2010:
Amen Ytropious!
PepperElf on 07/24/2010:
indeed just because they didn't have the rule before
does NOT mean they're not allowed to start it.

besides glass bottles and swimming pools are bad ideas if any residents get rowdy and drunk and start throwing them around.

because then the hotel is held accountable should other residents get cut on the broken glass...

Venice09 on 07/24/2010:
Pepper, the OP is in favor of no glass at the pool. He is questioning the no plastic/can policy. It does seem odd that you can't have bottled water at the pool, which makes me think there is a valid reason for the policy.
PepperElf on 07/24/2010:
actually ... there may be a valid reason against that as well...

1) polluting the pool with drinks - in case it's not a bottle of water, or if the drinker refilled it with something else

2) Trash.

they may have had enough incidents for them to finally say the best way to handle it is to bar all food/drinks
Venice09 on 07/24/2010:
Yes, that's what I meant. They probably have good reasons for the new policy. Too many people must have been causing problems.
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Posted by on
BEND, OREGON -- My wife and I stayed at the Best Western in Bend Oregon. They refused to change the sheets even after we left a note. We contacted the front desk additionally and requested that they change the sheets on the bed. The would not change the sheets. They would not relocate us to a comparable room. They wouldn't even give me clean sheets that I offered to put on myself! We checked out at 6:54 PM and they did not credit us for the room and the manager still has yet to contact me regarding the situation even though I was told she would do so. We did find a FANTASTIC room at the AMERITEL Inn and highly recommend it! Fantastic room and wonderful staff!
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User Replies:
Ytropious on 10/15/2009:
That's pretty odd that they wouldn't change the sheets on request, but were you only there for one night or something? Was there something wrong with the sheets? If you're only there for a night or 2 why would they change the sheets anyway? They changed them before you got in the room and they'll change them again when you leave. Unless the sheets were dirty or something I wouldn't really be demanding fresh sheets, sounded like you wanted fresh sheets every time you laid down in them.
dan gordon on 10/15/2009:
since check out time is usually 11 am or 12 checking out at 7 pm at nite, why would they credit you for anything?
Flexanimous Fellow on 10/15/2009:
I don't find any reason to defend the hotel in this situation. The whole hospitality industry revolves around guest comfort and satisfaction. If a guest wants their sheets changed for whatever reason, why not just do it? Sure, if the sheets were just changed prior to their arrival it may have been a bit annoying for the staff, but that comes with the territory. Situations like that help the guest determine whether or not they will return to that location. Thumbs down to Best Western!
Ytropious on 10/15/2009:
It's to keep costs low. Why would they give a new guest fresh sheets when the sheets on their bed were already new? It's double washing things. Laundry soap, water, and electricity ain't cheap. Don't think for a second they won't pass that cost down to us.
Flexanimous Fellow on 10/15/2009:
I'm sure there were other sheets that were clean and ready to use. Why not just fold the sheets up from the bed and put different ones on, if they truly were washed beforehand? They wouldn't have had to wash them again necessarily.

But then again they may have a rule stating that sheets cannot be taken off a bed by the housekeepers without getting washed again..I don't know. I just think a little guest courtesy could have gone a long way here.
Ytropious on 10/15/2009:
Flex I kind of figure if the sheets are truly clean, aka freshly put on, and they have to take them off because a guest wants fresher ones, they aren't going to take the sheets off the bed and use them on someone elses bed, they'd probably wash them again. Kind of like at a restaurant when someone sends back a dish because it's wrong and they didn't really touch it, they won't use it on another customer, they have to toss it.
Eloise on 10/15/2009:
I wish the OP had actually stated what was wrong with the sheets. Right now it reads like a rant and not a review.
noSTAYinDIRTYroom on 10/16/2009:
Just to clarify- We did sleep in the bed one night. We wanted clean sheets not because we have to sleep on "fresh" sheets every night but these sheets were in need of changing. If you got sick all over the bed would you sleep in your own vomit the next night? We specifically stated that the sheets were soiled and we wanted fresh sheets. We had reasonable cause to ask for clean sheets and they had a duty to provide them. Would any of you expect less in terms of the service you'd expect?
PepperElf on 10/16/2009:
hmmm. that is a good point eloise...

I can agree to the concept of getting fresh sheets if the ones on the bed are soiled

however if they were soiled by the customer or a guest of the customer (such as vomit or urine/feces or blood etc), then I would expect there to be a cleaning fee.
noSTAYinDIRTYroom on 10/16/2009:
Folks, another thing to mention, I didn't expect anything other than clean sheets. I even said I would change the bed myself. I would think it reasonable to expect that a hotel would not hesitate to provide clean linens on request. I would have been happy to pay a nominal fee even. But not to have taken any action at all, after given numerous opportunity to do so left us no choice than to relocate to another establishment. I spent $30 more for a room at their competitor and could not have been happier. Give your business to the Ameritel Inn in Bend as their service, accommodations and breakfast are nothing less than outstanding.
JR in Orlando on 10/16/2009:
If the sheets are dirty for whatever reason, I would expect to be given clean sheets without charge. The only reason I can think of that a customer would not get clean sheets in that situation, is if the maids had already left for the day and no clean sheets were available.
Anonymous on 10/16/2009:
I would think, regardless of how the sheets were soiled, the hotel could provide them with clean sheets. It's not like people mean to lose their stomach on them or bleed on them... I wouldn't expect an extra charge.
It wouldn't have killed this hotel to give them clean sheets unless some weren't available for whatever reason.
PepperElf on 10/16/2009:
yes definitely clean sheets

I suggested the charge because...
if the customer soiled the sheets themselves, it might have soaked through to the mattress which could then incur a fee to clean.

or if perhaps the amount of "soil" was enough to raise eyebrows. (like say... crime scene levels.. tho in that case it would be a police call which would be a different story I am sure)
Ytropious on 10/16/2009:
Wait, did you really vomit on them or was that just an example? Because if it's just an example then sleeping in them one night doesn't automatically make them dirty. If you DID physically soil them with vomit then it's just sad they wouldn't give you fresh ones.
Anonymous on 10/16/2009:
That's a good point, YTR.
If you just slept on them one night, and didn't do anything to them except sleep on them... but then demand clean sheets... that sounds a bit excessive.
You don't do that at home, right? Put clean sheets on, sleep on them, take them off, clean them again or put fresh sheets on them for the next night; do you?
But, again, if they were soiled in the way of blood, vomit, poo or anything else; I'd expect clean sheets and be mystified as to why I couldn't get any new ones.
noSTAYinDIRTYroom on 10/16/2009:
The sheets were not in any condition that a reasonable person would have wanted to sleep on them. Especially a person paying for the nights stay! Isn't sleeping in a clean room and clean bed including clean sheets the basic fundamental arrangement between hotel and guest? It is very simple and straight forward. Not only did I give notice, verbal and written to change the sheets because they WERE SOILED, but I even offered to change them myself. There are like 300 rooms or more in that place. No more than 8 or 9 were occupied and they couldn't provide sheets for me to change myself? Complete and total disregard for customer service plain and simple. Again, I didn't just "want" new sheets to sleep on, they needed to be changed. The staff was completely irresponsible and negligent in their duty to provide for the guest. An act of absolute failure to treat a guest with any sense of respect or dignity. Do you really think I wanted to relocate all our luggage to another hotel? Management has trained the staff in poor customer service and all should know about it.
Ytropious on 10/16/2009:
"The sheets were not in any condition that a reasonable person would have wanted to sleep on them." Mind elaborating as to what exactly was wrong with the sheets? You keep being as vague as possible and it's not helping your credibility.
Ponie on 10/16/2009:
Ytropious, well, after a big night out in Bend, Oregon, who knows..... :)
PepperElf on 10/17/2009:
Yes what was wrong with the sheets
and were they in that condition when you checked in to the room.

You're making it sound like they gave you dirty sheets to begin with and I suspect that's not the case.

And what time of night did you ask for clean sheets. That's important because sometimes at say 0200 they might only have one person available and he or she might be doing the nightly audit on the computer ... which means they can't be running off for clean sheets at the drop of a hat.

and you personally do not know how many rooms were occupied. ignore the parking lot. there are people who take alternative transportation to hotels
Ytropious on 10/17/2009:
HAHA Ponie I was kind of thinking along those lines in retrospect.
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Dirty rooms
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MADRAS, OREGON -- My wife and I decided to go away for a week so a friend suggested you should try the casino at warm springs so we did we made our bookings at the best western madras inn first night was OK, but from then on things got worst our sheets were dirty the bathroom smelled of pee there was no toilet paper put in after a roll was finished we told the front desk clerk but she did not seem interested so I ask to talk to the owners but they were out of town, all she could do was give us another room but to our disgust it was the same except this time the sheets and top blanket had dirty dog hairs on them so that was it we just left never to return, if you decide to book in the motel make sure all is to your liking and every thing is cleaned
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User Replies:
CSD on 10/10/2009:
I am confused. You said the first night was OK. So I am assuming you mean the 2nd night the sheets were dirty. So if the sheets were clean the first night and not the 2nd wouldn't they be dirty from yourself? And if the bathroom smelled of pee, wouldn't this be from yourself. If the 1st night was OK. But it sounds like they should have cleaned your room after the 1st night and didn't
Anonymous on 10/10/2009:
Why didn't you just stay at The Kahneeta Resort & Casino in Warm Springs? We have been there a number of times, it's a great place to stay.
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Never Use Your Credit Card
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CANAL WINCHESTER, OHIO -- I stayed in a Best Western in Ohio, Canal Winchester to be specific, I informed them that I would be staying on a weekly basis. On my second day, my credit card was charged for an entire month. I complained and the money was put back in, then the next day they did the same. This tied up my credit card account for two days, and my wife had to miss two days of work to try to straighten it out. We only talked to the manager when I went to the hotel office to complain. I checked out and a week later was charged for an entire week that I was not there. Still trying to recoup that money to my account. The manager was not helpful at all. The girl at the desk was a dream though. Her name was *****. She was the best thing at that hotel.

The kind of money I am talking about is 1550. and 1397. Plus the 253. for the last week. So you can see where it would put a kink in your finances staying there.
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dan gordon on 06/16/2009:
sounds like you were using a debit not a credit card. All hotels have warnings re: using debit cards as they are going to 'charge' the expected expenses.
Soaring Consumer on 06/16/2009:
Dispute the fraudulent charge for the extra week with your credit card company.
PepperElf on 06/16/2009:
expected... an entire month of stay time?

I would suggest contacting the bank and having the card changed out immediately. that way they can't charge you again on that number
MRM on 06/16/2009:
I use an online bank feature where it generates pseudo credit card numbers. The card number can only be used one time and if someone tries to use the pseudo card number, it will be denied. Its awesome!
lttlntty on 06/16/2009:
I was using a debit. And I am aware of charges being made. But I think a 1550 dollar charge and then a 1397. dollar charge the following day is a little much. I am in the process of disputing these charges with my credit card. I just wanted everyone to be aware that these things happen. I have stayed at numerous hotels and never had this happen before. I love the information on the pseudo number, I think I will try that, or just use cash. Thanks for the feedback. And yes PepperElf, I will be staying for work for around two months, but I was supposed to be paying by the week. It was noted in my paperwork for my room.
PepperElf on 06/16/2009:
ah... I was thinking you had a stay of like one or two days and they went and charged you a whole month

good luck on getting that fixed :)
sweber25 on 07/10/2009:
You were charged for the week because you didn't check out until the end of the week? Why did they charge you?
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Guaranteed Reservations Cancelled by the Best Western
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BEST WESTERN INTERNAIONAL -- I made a booking for a Best Western International hotel in March of 2008 directly on their own website. My reservations were for mid-August and I received the email confirmation and credit card guarantee was accepted. About 3 weeks before my arrival, some 4 months after confirming and guarantee the reservation, I received an email from Best Western saying they would like to confirm my arrival time on the reservation date and that they were looking forward to having me as a guest. I emailed back my arrival time and the next day I received another email from Best Western saying they would not allow me to stay at the hotel on my guaranteed reservation. They said they have rooms available but wanted almost 3 times the price I had guaranteed online with them. They then went on the Best Western website and cancelled my reservation with an email coming from the system saying I had cancelled my reservation.

I talked to a dozen people and back and forth 50+ emails and they refused to honor the reservation. They said if I would pay the higher rate then I could submit a claim for the difference, but this would have been over thousands dollars difference for the stay and they would only say this on phone, they said they could not email confirmation.

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Hugh_Jorgen on 10/18/2008:
That's strange - why would they walk away from confirmed business? Was there some big event going on in that area and they figured they could rent the rooms for more money?

yoke on 10/18/2008:
Sounds like there was a big event in the area and they knew they could get more for the room.
Ben There on 10/18/2008:
Just playing devils advocate here, but I am wondering if this would have been a situation where booking through a third party could have been more beneficial. Having the buying and contractual power of say or Expedia to fight for you might have been more beneficial.
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