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Bertolli Frozen home Entrees, Good!

Ordinarily, we don't cook much at home. We're on the go, with work, online transactions, running the boy back and forth to daycare between two high-octane occupations. Tonight, I was saddled with "KP" duty, and reached into the freezer and dragged out a BERTOLLI (frozen) Chicken Florentine and Farfalle frozen bag dinner for two.

I must say I was skeptical at best. The net weight didn't seem particularly impressive though the photo on the bag did. I emptied the contents, as directed, into the non-stick skillet but seemed "underwhelmed" with the ingredients. The photo of the product on the back looked impressive, so I was hopeful. The chicken amounts were spartan. I heated it per directions, simple enough on my stainless, high-end gas range, hoping for the best, but doubting to impress. We were actually surprised.

The product is described as a "dinner for two," which I would say is accurate. And at about 3 bucks and change per portion, that is a fair amount. The real surprise is that the Chicken Florentine and Farfalle was really pretty good. I'm not going to say it tops what you get at a high-end Italian restaurant. But I will say, on a night you don't have time to prepare a decent meal for yourself, and your super-model wife on a weeknight basis, this product is way above average.

The pasta, cooked to directions was supple, yet retained shape and consistency. The sauce, sort of "alfredo" was rich and buttery. Throw in the slight amount of chicken bits - which could have been more robust, and the eye appealing spinach and you have a really good "take it home - and make it in a bag" entree. I've yet to try the other varieties. But, considering the convenience, price and flavor, as a Trusted Advisor for this website, I'd have to recommend this Bertolli frozen entree as a "thumbs up" product!

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