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Dirty Car Salesmen
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BEXLEY, OHIO -- We went to Bexley Motor Car Company off E. Livingston Ave March 2006 and decided we wanted to finance a car to buy.

[name removed] seemed overly enthusiastic and nice (Of Course) he sold us a lemon. The same day they put us into the vehicle is the same day we noticed a problem with the steering and veering of the car. They check engine lights have stayed on since we have had the car, they told us it was the sensors. lol They told us nothing was wrong with the car and we believed them. Well to make a long story short, we have had problem after problem with the vehicle and have documented all of this information. These people are so sheisty that they even charged us 20.00 for a lug bolt which we got free at Good Year Tire Co.

The Car collasped on us a few weeks later, and even then they wouldn't do anything until we hired a lawyer to send them a letter.

Once we did get them to fix the problem they still didn't even replace the ty rod just a link to hold it together the same day we got the car back they made us pay 200.00 and still we noticed the same noise. Obviously the problem wasn't the link it was the ty rod, but these selfish inconsiderate people are so cheap that they would rather just replace the cheapest thing just to get us out of there office and back onto the road. Well the vehicle continued to keep veering, which cause another accident a year later, after that just last night (June 2007) the ty rod broke on the freeway, I slammed into the guard rail and I flipped over in the 1999 Mazda Millennia 3 or 4 times and landed on the hood and kept skidding. The car was totaled if God wasn't with me last night I would be dead. The air bags didn't even deploy.

Now in the state of Ohio law firms won't represent you for free unless your pretty much disabled from the accident. I lost my job, so did my boyfriend because of no transportation. So we have to hire a lawyer to sue this company and we plan to turn this over to the news stations, and sue them for millions, don't buy from Bexley Motor Car unless you want to die an early death.
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