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No Warranty, No Customer Service
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The Following is a letter to Jim Micali, CEO of the Michelin Company

Mr. James Micali
President and Chief Executive Officer
Uniroyal Corporation
P.O. Box 19001

Dear Mr. Micali,
Your Customer Service department has been unable to properly respond to my request for help in regards to a set of tires that are not performing as expected or advertised, and I need your help to resolve the situation.
In April I made my initial call to your customer service department in regards to an issue with very short wear life in a set of Goodrich Long trail tires on a 2005 Nissan Xterra, as this vehicle had at that time 25,000 miles and I had already experienced one highway blowout and was told by a dealer at that time (keep in mind while looking at the excessive wear on the remaining tires) that I "must have run something over". In any event I called you customer service department, who were very interested and asked me to take the vehicle in to Big O tires locally and all they needed to do was inspect the tires and call back to Goodrich with the measurements. Sounds simple but after spending two hours there (until they had time for an inspection) they did the measurements, agreed the mileage was poor but refused to call Goodrich. The only consolation I got from this dealer was a shrug and the statement "sometimes you just get a bad set of tires" (and I am quoting this statement).
When I called your service center back about this there were the usual apologies and I was given a list of other dealers I could see about this. I at this point took time from work (5 hours total) to visit each of these dealers only to get a similar response and an agreement that these tires are certainly wearing out fast but absolutely no effort to correct the problem.
This of course prompted another phone call to your service center (keep in mind, I have been repeatedly told by Goodrich that I should expect 50,000 miles on these tires). Now that I am both angry and upset by this apparent run around ( and now that this has already cost me price of two of these tires in lost work time plus the one I had to buy after the blowout) I am transferred to what seems to be another level of customer care where I am again placated and told " drive these tires until you wear up all useable tread and call us back and then we'll talk about it" perhaps we can recommend a better tire.

I have just (within the last hour) spoken to another of your representatives and of all surprises apologizes for the run around treatment and guess what he wants me to take the car in to a dealer and have them check the wear and contact you, I would guess that if you had bothered to read this all you be now see a pattern that I have become all to familiar with and I am not about to get the same treatment again.

As a follow up to this I have received a call from Mr "Eddie" Styles who assures me that "there is no one above him" (this is after 3 requests to speak to a supervisor)...yeah right, he signs his own checks I'm sure. In any event I was given an offer of 40% for my tires...all I need to do is go buy a new set (of Goodrich or Michelin) and send them the receipt and they will refund the 40%. I asked Mr. Styes (Eddie) to put this into writing and the answer was an adamant NO! "we are not in the business of writing letters".
After all of this does anyone think I would trust them to honor this.
Don't buy from these companies as it became painfully obvious that no matter what they advertise or say, they will find a way out of honoring any offer. I have been out right lied to and treated like dirt by the customer service representatives and the dealers who represent these tires.

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