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Las Palmas Enchilada Sauce (Salsa Para Enchiladas) Picante
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PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a 28 oz. can of Las Palmas Enchilada sauce-picante ($4.39 at my market) to save some time on a quick casserole I was making for dinner. I was very disappointed with the watery consistency of the product. It was not a sauce. It was more like a suspension of solids in water. The taste wasn't too bad, but it's not what I'd consider picante (hot). On the other hand, my definition of hot tends to be a bit higher than what a lot of people like. The recipe for the sauce, according to the information available, originated in Ventura, CA in 1922. B&G Foods (the distributor of Las Palmas brand) acquired the brand from Pilsbury in 1999. B&G has a number of brands, such as Polaner and Cream of Wheat, that I enjoy and buy with confidence, but I won't be using this partcular sauce again. I'll use what's left with some rice and a few of my own spices or I may use it as a marinade. I can't honestly complain about this, though, because I know how to make my own sauce (I could have whipped one up in a few minutes if I hadn't been lazy) and I should know not to buy a sauce I haven't tried in a can. If it's in a jar, I can at least judge the thickness beforehand. Other Las Palmas products may be better than this, so I might not avoid the brand all together.
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Venice09 on 11/02/2011:
Good point, Alain. Trying a canned product for the first time is risky since you can't see inside. I don't know anything about enchilada sauce, but this stuff doesn't sound very good, although I do like the B&G brand in general.

I don't know if enchilada sauce is anything like salsa (I don't eat either of them), but I buy Pace Chunky Hot Salsa in a jar for the family. It's very thick, and the family likes it better than any other brand.

Sorry your casserole didn't turn out the way you wanted. At least now you know to choose a different brand next time, or to make your own!
Alain on 11/02/2011:
The casserole wasn't too bad, Venice. I tossed a lot of cheese on it (and dowsed mine with "Sudden Death" hot sauce) which made it reasonably good. It's a plus, though, that my wife isn't a picky eater! We like Pace, too. You're right, nice and thick (and good with corn chips!)
Anonymous on 11/02/2011:
I make really good burritos using Pace salsa as the sauce. I like the chunky texture. I avoid canned enchilada sauces cause they usually are too thin. There is a green enchilada sauce I buy in the can. I can't remember the brand, but it's not too watery. It has the consistency of green salsa
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