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Las Palmas Enchilada Sauce (Salsa Para Enchiladas) Picante
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PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY -- I purchased a 28 oz. can of Las Palmas Enchilada sauce-picante ($4.39 at my market) to save some time on a quick casserole I was making for dinner. I was very disappointed with the watery consistency of the product. It was not a sauce. It was more like a suspension of solids in water. The taste wasn't too bad, but it's not what I'd consider picante (hot). On the other hand, my definition of hot tends to be a bit higher than what a lot of people like. The recipe for the sauce, according to the information available, originated in Ventura, CA in 1922. B&G Foods (the distributor of Las Palmas brand) acquired the brand from Pilsbury in 1999. B&G has a number of brands, such as Polaner and Cream of Wheat, that I enjoy and buy with confidence, but I won't be using this partcular sauce again. I'll use what's left with some rice and a few of my own spices or I may use it as a marinade. I can't honestly complain about this, though, because I know how to make my own sauce (I could have whipped one up in a few minutes if I hadn't been lazy) and I should know not to buy a sauce I haven't tried in a can. If it's in a jar, I can at least judge the thickness beforehand. Other Las Palmas products may be better than this, so I might not avoid the brand all together.
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