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Part Availability
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GREAT NECK, NEW YORK -- Efforts by Nissan must be improved to ensure that there is no wait time for parts. Failing to have parts available, puts the Dealer in the position of taking the heat for the failings of the manufacturer. Some Dealers deserve all the heat they generate. Unfortunately some will get burned because of the actions of the corporate entity.

In my experience, the dealer's actions were dictated by Nissan and having gone through the experience, I seriously doubt that I can ever consider another Nissan in my future.

Had I not had the experience with corporate Nissan, I believe that I would have been a loyal customer for life. Initially, the Versa was a home run. Unfortunately, a repair event has caused it to become the catalyst for a serious revisiting of a relationship with a manufacturer who is really out of touch with today's consumer.

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Anonymous on 07/12/2007:
Didn’t you already post the same story 3 days ago with another name?

2 months old AC failed - Nissan Versa

There is no new information here…
Slimjim on 07/12/2007:
If you had a change of heart and are holding Nissan instead of the dealer responsible now, why didn't you just post that on your(??) original complaint with your original handle?
MRM on 07/12/2007:
Slim, they probably forgot their email/password.
Anonymous on 07/12/2007:
Correction, he is blaming corporate now.

Gee, it was just AC, not the engine/transmission/etc..

The reports the average temperature for Great Neck, NY have been
Hi 70’s and Low 60’s for most of this month.

I live in update NY too.

I just roll down my windows and enjoy the fresh breeze.

It is under warranty and they will repair/replace your AC, eventually.

If they (Nissan and/or dealer) do not, then take them to court.
jktshff1 on 07/12/2007:
yea, what they said. you should have posted this on your original post
Paladin47 on 07/16/2007:
For the record, my posts are my posts. What others in my family choose to do is their business. My household has more than one person.

It is interesting to note that readers seem to be commenting on me and not the complaint.

Such behavior might be perceived by a suspicious person to indicate that the commenters are employed by or supported by a dealership. I am not suspicious so that is not my opinion.

Interesting that one individual suggests that I have several "sign on" handles. Following that line of thought, another person might conclude that the comments not directly related to the complaint are the work of a single individual with multiple screenames.

Since the matter has been successfully resolved and Biener Nissan and Nissan North America have stood behind their product, in fairness, I must express my appreciation to Biener's Service Manager Mark Peterson and to Biener Nissan for retaining a manager who know what to do.

For the pundits, add your comments. For me the case is closed.
Anonymous on 07/16/2007:
Well I'm glad it worked out for you Paladin47!
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2 months old AC failed
Posted by on
GREAT NECK, NEW YORK -- I bought new Nissan Versa 2 months ago. AC stopped working. Dealer has no parts to fix car and unwilling to give a loaner. Can you imagine no AC parts for the Versa. Dealer not helpful even gave wrong number for Nissan customer service.

I would never buy anything from this dealer.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/09/2007:
We have a regular that whines about his A/C names slimjim.
jktshff1 on 07/10/2007:
Did the dealer tell you how long it would take to get the parts?
Anonymous on 07/10/2007:
The dealer’s parts department normally does not stock all the parts but just parts most demanded by their customers and service department.
I would worry more if they do stock the AC parts.
This means that they tend to fail and there is a demand for the AC parts.
Anonymous on 07/10/2007:
On the side note…
I cannot confirm this but it looks like the dealer does not want you to call the Nissan customer service to complain about the dealership.
Anonymous on 07/10/2007:
On the side note again…
Are you saying that they should provide a loaner while your AC is not working?
Dealerships do not provide loaner unless they are servicing your car.
jktshff1 on 07/10/2007:
Off the website:
Nissan Consumer Affairs
P.O. Box 685003
Franklin TN 37068-5003
(800) NISSAN-1 (or 800-647-7261)
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.,
Eastern / Central Time / Pacific Time
Monday through Friday
runaway on 07/10/2007:
AC parts could be in high demand this time of year, leading to a temporary shortage; did you ask how long it would take to get them?
Aerocave on 07/10/2007:
Isn't the Nissan Versa a new vehicle this year? As Runaway stated, they simply may not have parts available. I understand that this is aggravating (especially in July), but I think it is a bit extreme to expect a loaner for an A/C problem, as they car is driveable, and also blame the dealer. They are at the mercy of the manufacturer.
soapy829 on 07/11/2007:
Something to consider.

From the beginning, Nissan did not have a clue as to when the part might be available. It took a week to get a part for the vehicle. Perhaps this is not exceptional for some branded vehicles. My problem resides in the fact that prior to purchasing the Nissan, I always bought GM vehicles. I got used to immediate part availability. Spoiled by a better system? Yes. Upset by a consumer be dammed attitude? Most certainly.

If you have to contact Nissan be prepared to have your vin available. With Saturn and Pontiac, all they needed was my name and the place where I purchased my car. From that information they pulled up my record and we could discuss any repair, problem or upgrade that I wanted to discuss. Yes! I was spoiled.

Imagine calling Nissan NA and asking for assistance and then being told that without the VIN, they could not do anything. Frustrating isn't it? But after she told me that she could do nothing without the VIN, the representative had the gaul to ask, "is there anything else I can due to assist you? The word "mocking" comes to mind.

Is there any saving grace? The Service Manager, Mark Peterson did everything that he could to work with me. Eventually, he made everything right. It is unfortunate that the corporate entity and the dealership have a 60s mentality when it comes to customer support.

Regarding the loaner, yes I believe that the dealer should provide a loaner if an expensive part is not available and a strong argument can be advanced that a design flaw was responsible for the failure.

Do you think that putting a delicate, Freon containing component in harm's way is prudent? It sounds like a bad idea to me was purposefully designed to result in frequent and costly repairs not covered by a warranty.

I doubt the latter. I can not rule it out. I just doubt that the manufacturer would seriously try to sabotage a model thy are spending so much advertising money on.

Further I would suggest that Nissan has a problem with ACs in general. JD Robb's reporting on that matter is the basis for the aforementioned observation. There is also coverage in the Tennessean, (a central Tennessee Newspaper)regarding the problems Nissan is experiencing with Air Conditioning.

Your observations and sentiments are appreciated and I thank you for taking the time to share them

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