Big Cat Rescue

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Big Cat Rescue
12802 Easy St.
Tampa, FL 33625
813-920-4130 (ph)
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Big Cat Rescue Lied
By -

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- Big Cat Rescue takes in donations from the unsuspecting public saying that the cats they have at there facility were abused, abandoned, neglected, it melts your heart!! And then you donate your money and find out that the cats were bought, breed, or stolen from other sanctuaries. The owner Carole Baskins aka Carole Lewis makes up these fake stories about these cats and takes in donations it is fraud this place should be shut down and her license revoked for non-profit. Do not donate to this place luckily one of the sanctuaries that she slandered has compiled the truth about her she has nothing more than her own blogs and a website she created called she owns this website and uses it to slander her competitors. She is a hypocrite trying to pass laws that would monopolies her business she is in it for greed she will preach not to have these cats as pets yet she sells a book on how to pic the perfect exotic cat. See for yourself:

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