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Refund policy
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I have worked for Big Lots for 9 years and I feel the need to enlighten you all on the policies. First, on the back of EVERY receipt AND listed on the big policy board above the service desk, it states "no receipt, no return", that simple. Now, if you received it as a gift and don't have the receipt, be a nice person and give it to someone else or sell it. I have had loss prevention emails stating that we are NOT to do a refund without a receipt. Loss prevention is the one I listen to BECAUSE they can determine if I keep or lose my job.

Since I have a family to support, loss prevention's request prevails over any customer who wants to pitch a fit or complain. Besides, if you received something as a gift, it's WRONG to want a refund, you did't buy it in the first place!

Big Lots Return Policy
By -

HENDERSON, NEVADA -- I was very disappointed n Big Lots, I had bought two of the same items black square shelves that came in a set of 3. I took them home and never had a chance to put them up so they were still in the original box that I had bought them in. I am moving to California and the place that I will be living in does not have room for me to hang them with some of the other things that I have to put on my walls.

So I decided to go exchange them or get store credit. I sat in line for 10 minutes and when I got up to the counter the lady asked me for my receipt. And I had told her that I do not have it, but if I can get store credit or exchange them cause they are in the original box and you could see the big Big Lots tag on it.

I was then informed that I could not exchange or return because I did not have a receipt. I was very very disappointed and did not understand seeing that the boxes had never been open and you could clearly see the Big Lots tag, they are very big on the boxes, so now I have to try to get rid of them. I will never shop at Big Lots again and I recommend for anyone who buys from them to keep your receipt or you will get screwed out of it.

Professional Attitude Missing!
By -

MICHIGAN -- I work at Big Lots as a CSS. I love the work that I do but I have to say that the professional attitude of some of the management is way off. I have never worked at a place where if you did something that needed to be addressed, that it was addressed in public. I was told to call a coworker for their break (I am new) so I asked if they had a code for that? The assistant manager did not answer me and stated "call so and so for their break". So I picked up the pager to and asked that so and so come to customer service so that I could tell them to take break.

The assistant manager proceeded to tell me while I had a line of customers that she did not tell me to call so and so up to customer service she said, "I told you to call them for break." Excuse me! Just like that over the PA? So and so take break! What a crock! The people in line said to me that they thought it was very unprofessional and that she needed to lighten up.

Also, this same assistant manager had me clock out and stay to finish my count and to double check hers... I was told my the manager of our location that we are NEVER to work off the clock! What the hell am I supposed to do with the crap that is going on? I took this job not wanting any drama but it looks as though the people there are going to cause it. Life is too short for **! Maybe my company has a phone number that I can call and make a complaint?

By -

I am a Big Lots CSS. I work in customer service. And would just like to express a little something off the record, (outside of work). I notice there are a lot of complaints toward refunds. One of the complaints I read was about not being able to get a refund without a receipt. The reason for that is not because we think you stole the merchandise, although that is a common problem, but because our registers will no longer let us complete a refund or even exchange without scanning the barcode on the original receipt.

I don't know if all Big Lots are the same, but all the stores in my region are doing this. The systems will update little by little, right now, the receipts automatically expire and will be of no good use after 30 days of the purchase date. Basically, we need a receipt to scan in order to process the refund through our system to update inventory. Not because we think you're a thief. Also, when customers say they got it as a gift... We cannot accept those type of refunds either because we do offer gift receipts on all purchases.

And on another note... From what I hear... Big Lots will no longer be sending the weekly ad through the newspaper or postal mail. Therefore we are encouraging customers to join our buzz club. Its an online club where members receive the ad 2 days prior to the release date, also if you save your receipts of 20 dollars or more you will be able to earn coupons up to 30% off. Go to and join!!! :) And like I stated before.. I'm not entirely sure if this is for all Big Lots stores. So find out first!

Line at Register Had Over 12 People and Took 15 Minutes to Purchase 4 Items.
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Rating: 1/51

EL PASO, TEXAS -- There were several people at the store and only one register open. A man was standing at another register trying to figure out whether to open it or not. He could see that the line was very long and decide not to and walked away. There was a lady standing there too and also walked away. The employees at this store were doing absolutely nothing. I really, I'm standing there with 4 items on my hand and they didn't even consider opening the register. People behind me felt the same way. Unfortunately the lady that was at the register got an earful. How about making it easier for the customer to check out.

Perhaps, a self register might do the trick!! You think??? Very poor customer service, you just lost a customer. Oh! Well I guess we a dime a dozen.

Lines Too Long on the Cashier
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Rating: 3/51

GAITHERSBURG 1218, MARYLAND -- Today with checking out the line was a wait from 30 min! The cashier 1324866 was very friendly, she called 2 times for help. I had 2 planters from $6.50 and 1 metal flower from $12, she put in in 2 times 12 and 1 time 6.50. I go to my car and like most of the time check my ticket, go back in the store, the cashier is talking to the store manager, she see me and asked what is going on. I tell her and the store manager tells her to go back to her checkout and tells me to go back in line.

I asked her "are you the store manager?" She said yes, so asked her, "do I really have to go back for 30 min in line for a mistake from the cashier?" She tells me, "YES that is the return line and check out." I had no return or check out. I did not have 30 min to wait again, and told her that this was a bad customer service and that she could keep MY money. I worked the 40 years in retail, I don't think that this is the way you train your store managers.

Recall of Portable Ceramic Space Heater
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Rating: 2/51

MODESTO, CALIFORNIA -- After receiving an email on 6/22/2012 from the Consumer Product Safety Commission that this portable space heater that I purchased in Oct 2011 has been recalled due to overheating, melting & posing an electric shock hazard with the remedy to stop using it immediately & return it to a Big Lots store for a refund. What a hassle I endured for over an hour. I brought with me the email, my receipt & the heater still in the box only to be told the return cannot be accepted as that cutoff was dated Jan. 2012. Employee(s) did not seem to understand this was a Government Recall.

3 times the store manager was contacted by 2 separate employees from in the back of the store but never came to me to remedy the problem as I was not leaving without the refund. The defected heater cost me $20.00 + $1.48 tax. The store tried to refund me $16.11 until I questioned where is the $5.37 still due me. I ended up with a $16.11 in store credit card, a five dollar bill &.37 cent shortage. FYI 70,500 units were sold exclusively at Big Lots.

Pasadena, Texas-Store #4139
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Rating: 2/51

PASADENA, TEXAS -- On June 5, 2012. I selected a birthday card, went to the counter, no one in line, so I just expected to be checked out immediately. Two Big Lots' women employees were inspecting an item on the side counter (looks like it might have been a returned item). I stood there watching them and knew that they had to have seen me walk up. I waited for about 45 seconds and said "I am late for a birthday party, think I might get checked out?"

One of the women said "I've got to do this first". I said, "seems the customer would come first". She said "no, this is first. I don't want to get in trouble". She was extremely rude in her speaking voice. I shop at Big Lots from time to time and have always been treated in a professional, but friendly manner. Not this time.

Bad dogfood
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Rating: 2/51

FRANKLIN, MASSACHUSETTS -- We bought a bag of Pedigree dog food which made my two pets ill shortly after ingesting the food. This happened 3 consecutive times to both pets within 10 to 15 minutes. I thought that it was strange that both pets were affected. I did try a fourth time to feed just one of my pets the food and once again that pet vomited soon after ingestion. I brought the bag of dog food back to the store but did not have my receipt. Their barcode was on the bag of dog food so I didn't think I needed a receipt.

I shop at that store frequently. I did not ask for a cash refund or debit card credit, but did ask to have the food replaced. They denied the exchange because I didn't have my receipt. I stated their barcode should be sufficient. I am disappointed at Big Lots for not standing behind one of their products. The item price was $9.00.

Great Customer Service
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Rating: 5/51

GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I had a shopping trip to this store and have never had such good service!! The sales associate who helped me went above and beyond to make me feel welcome and made sure I found what I need and made trips to check prices to see if there was a sale on some items. I purchased two lamps and a vase that I had looked at to match for my new bedroom makeover.

I have recently retired from retail management and rest assured she would have been a person I would try to recruit if still in retail. All of the associates in this store need a pat on the back for such good customer service. They are all so polite and helpful and knowable. I will shop here often and recommend this store to everyone!!!

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