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Bad dogfood
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
FRANKLIN, MASSACHUSETTS -- -we bought a bag of pedigree dog food which made my two pets ill shortly after ingesting the food. this happened 3 consective times to both pets within 10 to 15 minutes. I thought that it was strange that both pets were affected. I did try a fourth time to feed just one of my pets the food and once again that pet vomitted soon after ingestion. I brought the bag of dog food back to the store but did not have my receipt. their bar code was on the bag of dog food so I didn't think I needed a receipt. I shop at that store frequently. I did not ask for a cash refund or debit card credit, but did ask to have the food replaced. They denied the exchange because I didn't have my receipt. I stated their bar code should be sufficient. I am disappointed at Big Lots for not standing behind one of their products. the item price was $9.00.
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SteveWiginowski on 05/14/2012:
Barcodes can be the same for multiple stores, so scanning the item may be sufficient enough to prove it was purchased from their store.
FoDaddy19 on 05/14/2012:
I probably wouldn't trust food of any kind from closeout retailer, but anyway. Without a recpeit I can't blame retailer for denying the exchange.
ChuhBaca on 05/14/2012:
It's too bad this made your doggies sick. At least it was just a $9 bag. Chalk it up to $9 worth of experience that some things are just not worth saving money on, and hopefully the doggies stay healthy and happy.
trmn8r on 05/14/2012:
I would take a lesson from this and not give your dogs food from places like this. Unless they have a special bar code they add, I'm not sure what you had constitutes proof of purchase.
I love my son on 05/14/2012:
I'm sorry your dogs got sick, but I don't see how you are blaming them for your dogs being sick,pedigree makes the dog food. unless you have proof they are tampering with the food or selling out dated dog food your complaint is with pedigree..
whythelongfaces on 05/14/2012:
A bar code does not prove the item was paid for, only whether it is in their inventory. Expecting a customer to have a receipt for a refund or exchange does not make the retailer horrible or unreasonable. It makes them smart.

As to standing behind their products, Big Lots does not have any products. They do not make anything. They sell it. Contact the manufacturer. Or look for your receipt.
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Great Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
GOLDSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I had a shopping trip to this store and have never had such good service!! The sales associate who helped me went above and beyond to make me feel welcome and made sure I found what I need and made trips to check prices to see if there was a sale on some items. I purchased two lamps and a vase that I had looked at to match for my new bedroom makeover. I have recently retired from retail management and rest assured she would have been a person I would try to recruit if still in retail. All of the associates in this store need a pat on the back for such good customer service. They are all so polite and helpful and knowable. I will shop here often and recommend this store to everyone!!!!!
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madconsumer on 04/01/2012:
thank you for posting your compliments.

very helpful review!
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Bedding Merchandise
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HOT SPRINGS, ARKANSAS -- After looking at the blankets, bedding, etc. area, I was confused at some of the prices they were messed up and not in the proper place. I found a comforter that I saw was 19.99 so I brought it up to the cashier and the cashier just said sorry but this has the wrong price on it and I can't give it to you for that price. I will never go back in that store again. Big Lots just lost me and I go in there just about every week too. Your mistake and your loss both ways Big Lots.
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onlooker on 03/14/2012:
It can be frustrating when prices / tags are messed up , you never know what you are going to be charged until the checkout. If this is the first time that a pricing problem has occurred - you have been very lucky. (I know I have dumped, replaced items in the wrong place when I just need to leave)
I can not tell if your item was tag marked 19.99 or on a $19.99 shelf/table. If there were others at the same place, with the same tag- you could have gotten the manager involved. Sounds like they did not give you any options.
Writing off the store chain because one item was mis-priced and you lost a good deal (perhaps a too good to be true deal) might not be the best idea.
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Above and beyond customer service
Posted on
Rating: 5/51
ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- On February 11th, 2012 I was shopping at the Coors Blvd store and noticed a table and chairs that I wanted to purchase. The challenge was I drive a Prius and wanted to take it home in my car. The Mgr Manny and his empoyee Marla helped with measuring my trunk and they somehow got it in. I was a very happy customer.

I wish to say that Big Lots is one of favorite stores and I visit them in whatever city and state I am visiting. If there were a bumper sticker "I Stop at all Big Lots" that would be on my car.
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Extremely RUDE cashier
Posted by on
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I was standing in the check out line, which had begun to get a little long so the cashier asked another lady to help out at the other register. So the lady announces I can take the next person over here who did in fact proceed to that line along w/another lady. So I decided to walk over as well. As soon as I was in that line, the cashier gave me an mean look and said I was just trying to help her out and was shaking her head. So I asked the lady in front of me if the cashier was talking to me. So I told the cashier that she's the one who made the announcement and usually when that happens a couple of people will come over. Then she said no and began to get a very nasty demeanor so I told her she should have stayed home if she was in a bad mood and that this is not the way that you talk to the customers and she said she's not. She even went as far as to say that she does not need me to pray for her when I told her that I was in a good mood and prayed last night. Basically everything that I said to her she had a nasty comeback which I told her was very UNprofessional and that she needed to be wrote up. I reported the incident to the mgr. and am following this matter up with corporate since she had the audacity to speak to me in the manner in which she did, which leads me to believe that part of their store policy involves treating customers rudely!!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/28/2011:
The cashier was out of line and should have kept her mouth shut, but you seemed to be egging her on.
spiderman2 on 11/28/2011:
You know, everything you said after your initial statement about people coming over after a register is opened was incredibly rude too. Maybe when you pray tonight, you should ask the One above for more patience and understanding and the grace to let things go.

Sensible people control their temper;
they earn respect by overlooking wrongs.
Proverbs 19:11
Churro on 11/28/2011:
The OP was open, direct and honest. I see nothing wrong with that. Perhaps if more customers would speak up then there would be less complaints on the internet gripe sites.

I wouldn't turn this clerk into the manager or corporate. You said your peace. Perhaps a lesson was learned. Feel good about standing up for yourself and let it end there. Come on now we all have bad days.
madconsumer on 11/28/2011:
I agree Churro!! the cashier was the one out of line.
Anonymous on 11/28/2011:
I read this three times, and I don't see how you being rude because she was rude makes it OK for you to report her. I also don't understand why you'd make a comment that you prayed last night. What does that have to do with anything?

Skye on 11/28/2011:
I think the op mentioned prayer, to show they're in a good place emotionally because of the power of prayer, the night before.

Anonymous on 11/28/2011:
LOL Skye..maybe, but I would think if the power of prayer had worked, we wouldn't be reading this complaint. ;)
jktshff1 on 11/28/2011:
sometimes insults and misunderstandings are a 2 way street
jktshff1 on 11/28/2011:
justcuz +1000
Skye on 11/28/2011:
Isn't patience supposed to be a virtue?

Again, tis the season to be jolly....
madconsumer on 11/28/2011:
Churro +167
trmn8r on 11/28/2011:
The cashier should have diffused the situation better. If she said "I will take the next person", in fact that is one person.

If her intent when she stepped in was truly to only take one customer, then she should have said "I'm very sorry if you misunderstood, but I am only taking one customer."

Why she would only take one customer is hard to judge not being there. You need to be receptive to as a customer to acknowlege there may have been a miscommunication. Sometimes (not saying you) people have a hard time accepting "no".
Venice09 on 11/29/2011:
I would have assumed that another register was opened to take more than one customer. It wouldn't make sense to open a register for just one person. That would be of no help to the other cashier or the people waiting in the long line.

Either way, I think both parties could have behaved a little better.
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I thought days like this were gone
Posted by on
SANORA, CALIFORNIA -- I traveled to the new Big Lots in Sanora Ca thinking yea great I now have a Big lots where I can shop. This was my second trip to this store just to buy a carpet steamer. I first time I was told we are out of the item and we are not sure when we will be getting more. I asked if I could purchase the floor model and was told "We can't do that" I returned to the store a few days later hoping that more would be in stock only to discover that not only were there no carpet steamers but that the floor model that I had asked to buy was being sold! When I commented to the Manager about this I was told "I didn't know that I could sell the floor model". Now this is something I could understand from a new employee but the Manager???? I am greatly disapointed by the level of service that I received was by far the worse I had ever received in a Big Lots store ever and the fact it was done by a manageer makes it even worse.
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User Replies:
andbran on 11/16/2011:
honestly I think you dodged a bullet. I think buying floor models is a big mistake. with floor models they never keep the box. that means you have no instuctions or warranty inforamtion. most companies don't even cover floor models.
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Store Policy
Posted by on
ORANGE, TEXAS -- Orange, Tx Biglots store: Found a couch but its the only one and on display, can't sale display. Will order the couch, it will come in in about two weeks if it on the truck. Assistant manage will not call an ask permission to sale display. So here's a couch on display, non in stock, and don't know if anymore is coming, but its not on the discontinued list. So people like me see the couch they want but can't buy it,,,Really. So I went to Conn's, they had the same policy and only one couch left and it was on display but they have "good customer service" and sold the couch. Your stone cold policy is losing money and customers. I myself is rethinking if I would ever go back to a store so cold to the public
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User Replies:
andbran on 11/06/2011:
a reason a lot of retailers don't sell displays is for safety reasons. the store I worked at only used enough hardware on the displays so they did not fall on anyone. plus they put holes in the display to secure them to the wall. to be honest, do you really want to own a display couch that countless kinds of people have sat on?
GenuineNerd on 11/06/2011:
Sometimes display or floor models of furniture may have hidden damage, mainly due to too many customers testing it, or worse. With mattresses, there's the remote possibility of bedbugs or worn or bent springs on floor models, again due to too many people trying them out. Buying a floor sample from a furniture store could even be riskier than buying used furniture or mattresses from a thrift shop or garage sale. Usually floor model and otherwise used furniture and mattresses would get sanitized or sterifabbed before resale. I have heard horror stories about bedbugs in furniture and mattresses from "rent-to-own" stores as well as in brand new furniture. Health concerns are the main reason why furniture retailers rarely sell their floor samples; when they do, they do get sanitized.
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Tim The Hero
Posted by on
GULFPORT, MISSISSIPPI -- I would like to say I will always shop and give good advertisement for Big Lots. The manager Tim in Hardy Court store in Gulfport, MS went the extra mile for me and my child. The store was out of the ad merchandise MP3 with camera. He search the whole store and did not find one. Here's the extra mile, it was a MP4 player with camera for $15 more, yet he sold it to us at the ad price. He asked if he could do anything else he could do for us(with a smile). You don't see that type of service too often, ANYWHERE.
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User Replies:
Venice09 on 11/05/2011:
That must have put a big smile on your face, and your child's, too!
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Store policy
Posted by on
NORTH CAROLINA -- On Sunday July 17, 2011 EMBARRASSING EXPERIENCE at Big Lots store at 1140 West Broad Street - Dunn, NC 28334, As a loyal shopper at Big Lots stores for more than twenty years, I have never written a worthless check in Big Lots store or any place, ever, the store informed me that my check was a bad risk, potential fraud, after producing valid ID and speaking with their check verification company I got no satisfactory answer concerning what make me a bad risk, that I may correct it. Big Lot's STORE MANAGER on DUTY HAD NO AUTHORITY TO make an inform decision, (ie) This Manager and I live three doors apart on the same STREET in the same CITY. I am finding it very difficult to recommend any more of my associates or family to shop Big Lots. Thanks, CAK
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 08/01/2011:
Why did they say check fraud may be in play? Could your bank have frozen your account for some suspicion of fraud?

My CC company left me a message the other day, saying something about fraud suspicion. They said that if I did not call by a certain date, my card would become inactive (to protect me). I wonder if something similar happened with your checking account?

I would call your bank ASAP.
trmn8r on 08/01/2011:
You suggest that the manager doesn't have the authority to make an "informed" decision, but if the manager relies on a check verification company for his information, that sounds like he is informed.
trmn8r on 08/01/2011:
You suggest that the manager doesn't have the authority to make an "informed" decision, but if the manager relies on a check verification company for his information, that sounds like he is informed.

If I were in this situation, I would call my bank to see if they could help.
Anonymous on 08/01/2011:
They have no way of knowing why you're a bad risk. That's the information that pulled up when they ran your check. For your privacy, this info is not shared with the employees. Call your bank. They can help you
spiderman2 on 08/01/2011:
Food for thought -- I know the people that live 3 doors down from me and three doors up from me and have known them for many years. I have no clue what their credit is like other than their cars haven't been repossessed and they are not in foreclosure. The Big Lots manager didn't override the check verification company because they likely want to keep their job.
Vinnie11 on 08/01/2011:
MissLeopard83 on 08/02/2011:
While it is embarrassing for you to have to go through this, Big Lots is just protecting themselves. I worked in the retail industry for close to 7 years, and BJ's Wholesale was big on verifying checking accounts on all new members. We had to run a blank check on the Verifone machine to make sure there were no strikes against the member. I also helped the Loss Prevention manager call the members who had written bad checks. An inconvenience for you can cause the store problems and they have to raise prices.
Javajitter on 04/23/2012:
Same thing happened to me today at Big Lots for a 15.00 check. Went to my bank and bank manager called certegy. No reason was given for declined check. Was only told to pay cash. Why does Big Lots keep verifing check through a company that turns down checks for no reason.
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Horrible Assistant Manager at Rogersville TN
Posted by on
ROGERSVILLE, TENNESSEE -- My daughter in law and I were in Rogersville TN for the 4th of July Celebration, while there we went into Big Lots to purchase some cold water and use the restroom, when getting there, a hand written note on the door said no public restrooms, which I can understand if you aren't buying anything, however I am moving, and wanted to check on an item, so we went in and immediately a lady shouted over the intercom "the store closes in 20 min (was 830pm closes at 9pm)get your STUFF and get to the front of the store".(Very professional!) We were looking at the bedding and a man went into the restroom, the lady came to the back and started screaming at us to leave I told her we wanted to buy some water, she said I don't care what you want, I have to clean the bathrooms, you have 5 minutes! A gentleman asked to speak to the manager, she was poking herself in the chest screaming I AM THE MANAGER! we started to leave, I told her I have bought over $1000 there lately as I am moving, she said " I don't care!" I told her we wouldn't be back. She said "I don't care!" I went over to her and asked her name, she shoved her badge in my face and said, "RHONDA" we had some choice words, and we left with her still screaming, what a horrible Asst Manager, she needs to be fired, I will never go there again, possibly never to another Big Lots store, it was horrible. She needs to know how to work with the public or stay home.
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 07/05/2011:
sounds like they wanted to close, and you were wanting to browse.

I would like to hear the other side of this.
kinthenorthwest on 07/05/2011:
Sounds like a long day for an assistant manager and she needed to cool it.
No matter what is going on when you are working with the public you have to learn to leave it at the door, even if it is the customer.
If it is the customer then find someone else to handle it.
Once in a while I have had this happen with an employee going off at me with no reason.
Some people just cannot handle working with people in sales.
unhappy999 on 07/05/2011:
There are two sides to every story.
MitziW on 07/06/2011:
Yes if it had just been my daughter in law and myself, I could see where one could think, well it may have been the consumer as much as the Asst Manager, however, it wasn't just us in the store, there were other people she screamed at also, as the gentleman that requested the manager, and no we weren't browsing, the bedding was right by the restrooms, I had one thing to look at, I would't go into lengthy shopping knowing the store was closing, we wanted water, a restroom and was looking at the bedding while waiting for the restroom, she just doesn't know how to work with the public, I worked with the public for years, and they can make you mad, but you have to be professional enough to know how to deal with it, or get out.
PepperElf on 07/06/2011:
You started having "choice words with her" eh?

When a store says "we're closing" it's not up for debate or choice words just because they dare ask you to leave.

Since when does working with the public mean you have to keep the store open as long as a customer wants to shop? They are employees, not personal servants.

They have EVERY RIGHT to go home on time. Even if a customer wants them to stay open later.
Churro on 07/06/2011:
Big Lots Rhonda has no clue how to deal with public. She was probably pissed about working the fourth so instead of putting on her big girl panties she chose to take out her frustration on the customer. How silly is that I ask you? Like it's the customer’s fault she had to work on the fourth. If Rhonda doesn't like where she works then Rhonda should find a new job. It's just that simple.

I have no use for people like Big Lots Rhonda.

Great Review!
Anonymous on 07/06/2011:
Churro (not charro) +100
MitziW on 07/07/2011:
Thank you for all the posts, and PepperElf, yes if we had been wanting to stay past 9pm when they close, that would have been bad, and rude, but it was 830, Rhonda still had some time left on her shift, no biggie, I just know not to go back to that store, and I used to be a waitress for years, people can be very demanding, but, if that is the line of work you choose,or the kind of work you are in, you deal with it. Not to say the customer can demand anything, but if they are open until 9 and I go in at 830, I shouldn't be harassed.
SteveWiginowski on 07/07/2011:
One thing I don't get is that if you wanted water, why were you looking at bedding?
Vinnie11 on 07/07/2011:
Mitzi she definitely had an attitude problem and should be reported. You noted two things that caught my eye though. There was a sign on the door that said "No Public Restrooms" and also there was an announcement made that they were closing in 20 minutes around 8:50. Although both of these were out of the norm for Big Lots, the manager was exercising her authority to make decisions for the store that you needed to abide by. For example, there was no reason to be back there waiting for the restroom when the sign clearly said there were none available.

Write them a short note and let them know what unprofessional people they have working for them and stay far away from there.
Skye on 07/07/2011:
Contact corporate and share your experience.
mary on 08/05/2012:
The asst. manager was wrong.I work at a Big lots and we do not say get out we are closing.we are usually scheduled 1/2 to an hour after close anyway.I have been in retail for 40 years of my life and I think 99% of the customers are great!the 1% that are not can ruin your day,however you can not take it out on them,it is your job to always be professional.
formerbiglotsmanagerof 15 years on 11/05/2013:
This company pushes their employees over the edge until they snap. Why was the manager on duty cleaning the restrooms? I'll tell you. There are usually only 2 - 3 employees by this time (including the manager). They are scheduled till 9:30 and are responsible for closing the store then reconciling the registers and preparing the deposit for the day. In addition to straightening the shelves and cleaning the store. There is no overtime permitted by the corporate office. Basically the impossible mission
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