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Big Lots
300 Phillipi Road
Columbus, Ohio 43228-5311
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Above and beyond customer service
Rating: 5/51

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- On February 11th, 2012 I was shopping at the Coors Blvd store and noticed a table and chairs that I wanted to purchase. The challenge was I drive a Prius and wanted to take it home in my car. The Mgr ** and his employee ** helped with measuring my trunk and they somehow got it in. I was a very happy customer. I wish to say that Big Lots is one of favorite stores and I visit them in whatever city and state I am visiting. If there were a bumper sticker "I Stop at all Big Lots" that would be on my car.

Mistreated Employee
By -

I went to Big Lots a few days ago to return a product and then I was greeted by a young man with an adorable accent. He took me right away and started the return, but something went wrong within the return itself. Soon after his line got longer and he called someone to take over a register so he could help me and figure it out. He then called a manager on a walkie talkie and asked for her help so he could show her what the screen was telling him. She literally told him, "I'm busy so figure it out with yourself."

I couldn't believe she said that to him! He was trying so hard to help me and give me the money back and she literally kicked him in the teeth! That poor young man didn't deserve that at all as he was so pleasant with me and polite. After 10 minutes he figured it out and I got my money back and he apologized that it took so long. I really wanted to get a look at who the manager was because I wanted to report her for what she "didn't" do and that was get off her rear and help out a fellow employee. Shame on her.

Just mean!
By -

RIVERSIDE, CALIFORNIA -- Well, I went to this Big Lots store in Tyler Avenue last week to get a twin size mattress, they had the one I was interested in. They showed it to me it was at the back of the store and it was available. I asked them if I could pay for it on that day and go pick it up next day in the morning because I didn't have a truck. I just wanted to hold it because it was the only one available. Well, the manager of that store said no!

She said they could not hold it for me and I better come back next day for it, period. Next day, I got a truck and went to the store in the morning, guess what? She had the mattress on hold for someone else. I thought she said they could not hold anything, but she did it! The salesperson told me the same mattress they showed to me was now on hold for someone else, of course I got upset. They didn't want to hold it for me but they did hold it for another customer. I am not going back to that store!

Refund policy
By -

I have worked for Big Lots for 9 years and I feel the need to enlighten you all on the policies. First, on the back of EVERY receipt AND listed on the big policy board above the service desk, it states "no receipt, no return", that simple. Now, if you received it as a gift and don't have the receipt, be a nice person and give it to someone else or sell it. I have had loss prevention emails stating that we are NOT to do a refund without a receipt. Loss prevention is the one I listen to BECAUSE they can determine if I keep or lose my job.

Since I have a family to support, loss prevention's request prevails over any customer who wants to pitch a fit or complain. Besides, if you received something as a gift, it's WRONG to want a refund, you did't buy it in the first place!

Big Lots Return Policy
By -

HENDERSON, NEVADA -- I was very disappointed n Big Lots, I had bought two of the same items black square shelves that came in a set of 3. I took them home and never had a chance to put them up so they were still in the original box that I had bought them in. I am moving to California and the place that I will be living in does not have room for me to hang them with some of the other things that I have to put on my walls.

So I decided to go exchange them or get store credit. I sat in line for 10 minutes and when I got up to the counter the lady asked me for my receipt. And I had told her that I do not have it, but if I can get store credit or exchange them cause they are in the original box and you could see the big Big Lots tag on it.

I was then informed that I could not exchange or return because I did not have a receipt. I was very very disappointed and did not understand seeing that the boxes had never been open and you could clearly see the Big Lots tag, they are very big on the boxes, so now I have to try to get rid of them. I will never shop at Big Lots again and I recommend for anyone who buys from them to keep your receipt or you will get screwed out of it.

Bad Customer Service
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JAMESTOWN, NEW YORK -- Me and my daughter went in to Big Lots, 21 South Main St., Jamestown, for some help in the patio furniture department, waited 10 minutes for help, told the employee, Sam, that we would like 2 tables, 6 chairs, and the umbrella, he said wait up front and I will bring everything up so you can cash out, while we were waiting to cash out another couple took the umbrella because we didn't know it was the last one and the employee told us he would bring everything up front, when we went to check out we were told there was no more umbrellas, we told them there was one we had already claimed and Sam told us he would bring it up front. The people at the service counter Lisa and Mike, were very rude and didn't act in an appropriate manner told us they have the umbrella in their hands and they could not do anything about it, even though the other customers were there and they called Sam up and asked him whose umbrella it was, and he said it was ours, he was just collecting our other pieces. The other two employees, Mike and Lisa totally disregarded the fact that we were there first, the other customers didn't even come in until after we had already claimed the furniture. They were just rude to us, because we were now holding up the line when we were trying to make a $600 purchase, they embarrasssed us in front of the other customers, when we did nothing wrong, we were trying to explain calmly and they just brushed us off and continued to say the other couple had it in their hands, when we could have easily had carried ourselves too, if we were not told just to wait and Sam would bring everything up front, so we did as we were instructed and Big Lots did not back us or care if we were a paying customer. They lost out on a bigger sale and a very loyal customer, who will not be returning. I have never been so disrespected and disregarded in my entire life, and I know how employees should treat their customers as I am in personnel relations full time and have a very successful sales business where I have had to deal with customer problems and I know how they should be handled. The only person that did anything to help us was Sam but the other Big Lot employees did not care what he or we had to say, they did not want to deal with an issue, they just tried to ignore us and the problem as the other couple checked out behind us.

Avoid Big Lots unless you want to take risks
By -

Frustrated first time customer will not return to BigLots... In February, I purchased a number of items at the Glenwood Ave Big Lots in Raleigh- including a paper shredder. I probably used it less than 10 times before it stopped working May.

Today (May 20th) I took it back to the store (with receipt)to ask for a refund and I was told that all refunds must take place in the first 30 days…I doubt that I even used the machine in the first 30 days, and explained this was not a choice that I had made…the product simply doesn't work as advertised. At that point, employee Valerie offered to exchange the unit (although I wasn't thrilled about the idea of getting another defective unit).

However it turned out that they had none in stock, so she wasn't able to do anything at all. No refund, credit, or exchange for anything of value.

Next, I talked to the manager Mike, and explained very carefully that a $15 shredder was about to create a negative Customer Relationship Management experience for BigLots. He admitted that the policy was bad, however, he has only been in his position for a week and there is nothing he could really do about the situation. He offered a discount on a more expensive shredder by the same manufacturer, however, you will recall that I've already had a bad experience and can't imagine pouring in additional money.

So, after visiting Big Lots a total of two times, I will keep my broken $15 shredder so I can use it as an example and warning to other potential customers… ‘let the buyer beware'. I want everyone to know they they are essentially shopping at a yard sale, and if something looks to good to be true, consider the fact that it probably is too good to be true-

I sent a complaint note to Big Lots and received a repeat of their 30 day policy.

In the future, if I think of anything I might want from Big Lots, I will go to Walmart instead.

Not the right item
By -

GREENVILLE, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I guess I have made my last trip to big lots in greenville sc. I went to the store on woodruff road not to get a loaf of bread or new summer glassed but to lay out 741.99 for a what I think is a fairly nice sectional. the sales man was wonderful! I had no way to bring it home so I rented a Uhaul truck, the salesman brought it out and assisted in loading. when I got it home unloaded and went to attach the two pieces they were the same. oh no!!! well I called the store bright and early the next am, the same man was not in the furniture dept, but was very understanding. I asked if they could have their delivery person bring me the correct piece and the manager promptly said "sure at your expense". what? this is not my mistake! I was still very calm and the salesman said please let me call him back and see what I can do, because this is over what I can authorize. no problem. I called back but no new information. he said "let me get your number I will call you back". no problem. hummm no call back. waited until 12 noon, called back got one of the assistant mgrs. well yes she had the information but had not called me back. she then gave me my options, to pay for the delivery because that the delivery person was not a big lots employee, or get a Uhaul. uhh this is NOT my mistake. she was to call me back with information. it is now 3pm, I call back to the store, new assistant mgr on duty, oh yes she had the information, but again did not call me back. I a gathering tonight, uhh I need a place for folks to sit. when I called the store again and spoke with the last assistant mgr, only to inform her that I found a 67 year old man to come and pick up the correct piece she stated "oh OK I will have it at the front of the store for him" yes she too had my information but did not call me back either. wow for $741 spent, and this was not my mistake, and there was no sense of urgency to assist I would suggest great customer service 101 at the local college. so long big lots....

Manager at Santa Paula Big Lots - Rude or Racist?
By -

SANTA PAULA -- I've been a Big Lots customer for several years now and have had nothing but pleasant experiences there. I know most of the employees at my local store on a first name basis, and everyone is very kind and helpful. However, when I went to the Big Lots store in Santa Paula (Calif.), I was left shocked, humiliated, and very angry.

I was at this store with my son, and I excused myself to use the restroom. I asked one of the store employees where the restroom was, and she told me I would have to go to the front desk and ask management for a key. When I got to the customer service desk, there was a gentleman there. When I asked him if I could have the restroom key, he gave me a very nasty look and demanded my driver's license. I asked him, "Are you serious?", and he replied, "Yes!"

Now, in all my years of shopping at different Big Lots stores, I had never experienced that before. And then, I noticed other customers in line looking over at me. Anyway, I obliged and handed him my license. Upon returning to the desk, there was different employee there - a young woman. When I asked for my license back, she said to me, "Ma'am, I am so sorry. I've never seen him do that to anybody before." So, right away, I was confused. It wasn't much longer that my confusion turned into humiliation, because I finally realized why all those people were looking at me that way. Then, my humiliation turned into anger. Later that evening, I went to my local Big Lots store - where I know all the employees, and none of them had ever heard of such a policy and told me that it was NOT Big Lots procedure to ask for a person's ID to use the restroom. And I was told that I was not the first person to complain about this gentleman. He had apparently just been promoted to that store as manager, and was throwing his weight around.

I am not at all in the habit of using the race card, but I am very curious as to why he would ask me for my driver's license, if that is not their store policy. My son and I were the only African American customers, and while I would hate to assume he was being prejudice, I cannot help but to feel completely disrespected. This young man is apparently new on the job and was trying to be a big shot, but it was simply a classless move and I will never shop at that store again.

Professional Attitude Missing!
By -

MICHIGAN -- I work at Big Lots as a CSS, I love the work that I do but I have to say that the professional attitude of some of the management is way off.

I have never worked at a place where if you did something that needed to be addressed, that it was addressed in public. I was told to call a coworker for their break ( I am new ) so I asked if they had a a code for that? The assistant manager did not answer me and stated "call so and so for their break". So I picked up the pager to and asked that so and so come to customer service so that I could tell them to take break. The assistant manager proceeded to tell me while I had a line of customers that she did not tell me to call so and so up to customer service she said " I told you to call them for break" Excuse me! Just like that over the PA? So and So take break!What a crock! The people in line said to me that they thought it was very unprofessional and that she needed to lighten up.
Also, this same assistant manager had me clock out and stay to finish my count and to double check hers... I was told my the manager of our location that we are NEVER to work off the clock! What the hell am I supposed to do with the crap that is going on?

I took this job not wanting any drama but it looks as though the people there are going to cause it. Life is too short for bull****!

Maybe my company has a phone number that I can call and make a complaint?

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