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Take their quotes in writing - their word doesn't mean match
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RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA -- I got a quote for the brake job from my KIA dealer to do it at the same time as 60K service, but the price was a bit higher than I hoped for. I called around for a few quotes, and Davin at the Big O #5008 gave me a quote for under $300 assuming the rotors do not need replacement. The price was very attractive and I asked him if it included all four wheels. He confirmed that quote and unfortunately I did not asked him for written quote.

Imagine how surprised I was when the bill came to over $450 and when I confronted Davin he said that misunderstood him and the quote he gave me was for front wheels only. When I complained he said that if I don't pay what what he charged, he'll impound the car.

I should have known that I am not dealing with an honest man by the way he stiffed on-line company that recommended him -
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Lost My Front End
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ESTES -- I took my car to Big O for regular maintenance/oil change, new tires and an alignment. I took off on vacation the next day. Get out on the highway and my front right wheel felt as though it was going to fall off, the front of the car was shaking violently. I slow down and the shimmy goes away. Speed up again, it's back. I decide to see my new grand child anyway, I'll just drive a little slower.
I take the car back, tell them what happened and ask that they look into it when they do my maintenance, they drive the car around, tell me it's ready and I ask if the front end has been fixed, and I am told that they can't find anything wrong.
A few weeks later, maybe 4,I drive over railroad tracks and the front end of my car comes apart. Ordinarily this is a very busy street, but it was empty when the car came to a sudden grnding halt! Both of my front wheels are turned out, in opposite directions.
Big O claims that the part that came loose, a bolt on the control arm, is something that they are not responsible for because they had no reason to ever touch it. I ask them why then, did the shimmy shake start when they out on my new tires and did my alignment. They said it was who ever was last to work on the car. I reiterated the point that they were the only people to touch my car and I had specifically asked them to fix it. They pretty much admitted that they never even checked it whe they told me the car was OK.
I pretty much had to let them put it back together, it was up on the rack and unmovable, undrivable. They said all they'd help me with is labor bot I had to parts and towing, because my description of what happened was in laymens terms, I said the whell fell off, but technically it was still somewhat connected.
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jktshff1 on 11/27/2010:
I would have taken it somewhere else.
Anonymous on 11/27/2010:
I'm not trying to be a smart ass but picturing your front tires falling out is a bit amusing in my head. I'm sure it was not amusing to you. It sounds to me like they are screwing you over. I don't know why you keep taking it back to them. You should take it to someone else.
TaraLuna on 11/27/2010:
Skye on 11/27/2010:
I don't think they can redem a bad reputation. Hope you found a reputable place that helped you.

Thanks for warning others!
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Blown Motor
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PUYALLUP, WASHINGTON -- I was due for my usual oil change and received a coupon in the mail. Since I normally took my car to Toyota for ~$56, I decided to use the coupon for Big O Tires and get my oil change for $17.99. My oil was changed and two days later we were on the road. I am a travel nurse and we were headed back home to Cincinnati, Ohio from Puyallup, WA. We turned in our apt keys, loaded the car with all of our belongings and as soon as we were on the road, there was a knock! Many loud knocks, the oil light came on, and the engine shut off! We pulled off at the next exit and a tech from Big O tires came out to look at the car. The oil filter had fallen off and all of the oil had leaked out! He filled the car with oil and we drove back to the shop. The car knocked loudly the whole drive back! After a couple of guys looked at the car, they realized the car was shot! Now, here is the fun part..... We have all of our stuff packed in the back of the car and nowhere to stay! I am furious by this time because not one person has apologized to us and no one is trying to help us figure out where we are supposed to stay tonight! The attitude of the manager was flat and not sympathetic. So here we are day 2, sleeping in a hotel. I called today around 3:45, since no one had called me today to find out about my car that they said they were going to fix.

They had originally said it would be ready on Monday and they we going to put a new motor in it. Instead, now it isn't going to be until Tuesday and they are rebuilding it, not dropping a new motor in it! This is so crazy! They blow up my car, ruin my car and not one "I'm sorry" or any compensation! Oh yeah, they got us a rental.... a Dodge Stratus that was dirty with cigarette burns in the seats!

Thanks guys!
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dan gordon on 01/03/2009:
they are working with you where some oil change places would have blown you off. The same things happened to me at a Goodyear. I was lucky as the oil filter had a known problem for the yr car I drove. The insurance would only give me an allowance for a motor with over 60k miles on it, and not a 'new' motor. If they are offering to rebuild your engine with no deduction for the miles it had on it, you will be in a better position than what you had before. I know your upset but they are doing more than most dealers would have so I'd hold my tongue till you get the car back.
Anonymous on 01/03/2009:
I agree with dan gordon. Most oil change places would have just refilled the crankcase and sent you out the door or at worst blamed you for the engine damage.
Anonymous on 01/03/2009:
I agree with dan too. They seem to be working on repairing their mistake and they did give you a loaner. It's an inconvenience, sure, but look at the bright side....
You wanted to save 38 bucks on your oil change, and you did!
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Negligent Brake Service
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I am submitting this form concerning the negligent brake work that was performed on my Honda Accord by Big O Tires. I am very upset by the negligence of their work.

I brought my Honda to Big O Tires in Oroville on 11/10/03 for new brakes. Since that time I have only driven 24,000 miles. I was informed that a total brake job was done, which was not the case what-so-ever. This week my brakes started making a terrible noise so I took it to Big O Tires here in Oroville. I was told that apparently someone had done some brake work on my car and they couldn’t get the rotors off so they were ground off and then pressed back on. On top of this only one rotor was replaced - no new brake pads were put on. I was told that you never just replace one rotor you replace both of them. I know nothing about the repair of cars. I was told by Big O Tires that a total brake job was done and I took them at their word. I informed the man at Big O Tires that the work was done by Big O Tires and he verified it on the computer. I also told the man when I take my car to a service center to be serviced I trust that they know what they are doing. Apparently they did not know what they were doing. Consequently the inferior work performed by Big O Tires has resulted in both my right front axle and my left front axle being ruined. You don’t grind the rotors off when you can’t get them off. If they couldn’t do the job they should have let me know. When I take my car to an Auto Service Establishment I should be able to trust that they know what they are doing. This is not the case with Big O Tires. Your work is very inferior. Now what has been a very good car has just been ruined. When I picked my auto up they didn’t even bother to tell me that they couldn’t do the job I was paying for.

On top of all of this I purchased 60,000 mile tires from Big O just 30,000 miles ago and they also inform me I should replace all 4 tires. I believe that the wearing out of my tires so soon is because that what they did ruined my axles. My tires have been properly maintained.

Big O Tires needs to stand behind the work they perform. Brakes do not go out after just 24,000 miles. Les Schwab guarantees their brake work for 25,000 miles parts and labor. The only satisfaction I receive at Big O Tires is for them to shrug their shoulders at me and the man told me he wasn’t there when the work was done. And to charge me $45.00 for a brake inspection to inspect the work that was not even properly done in the first place. I want the $45.00 refunded to me. The only reason that my brakes went out and my axles were ruined after only 24,000 miles is the inferior work done by Big O Tires. It was still Big O Tires that did the work and they should stand behind the work When they a turning out inferior work that should have no bearing on the warranty.

Now I have to face paying out from $1200 - $1600 to get my Honda back in running condition. On top of this I am going to have to rent an auto while I am getting this resolved so that I can conduct my business. More money out of my pocket because of Big O’s inferior work.

I certainly do not conduct my business this way. I will never recommend Big O Tires to anyone.
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User Replies:
rhondam718732 on 07/12/2007:
The man may have just shrugged his shoulders, but you have a good "case" here. Even the store verifies you had the job done there and are still in warranty. I would present them with your damage quote as well as completing the job correctly. If the manager shrugs it off this time, go to HQ. Keep at them. They scrwed up and need to fix it
Starlord on 07/12/2007:
I worked at a brake and muffler shop at one point in my life and have never heard of grinding off a rotor. How does one do that? I would be very suspicious of the second evaluation, what, Les Schwab??? Number 1 is the rotor grinding off, number 2 is no pads. No, Big O is better than that. I think this Schwab character is blowing smoke up your.....nose. If, indeed, there have been only that many miles, the job is under warranty. I would suggest you take it back and give them the evaluation by Schwab, if they will even put it in writing.
Ask for a printout, and if they hesitate, you know what they are doing. They are just bad-mouthing Big O to sell you a big brake job.
Anonymous on 07/12/2007:
It sounds like its time to talk to a lawyer. I have had this type of thing happen to me and as far as I am concerned it is criminal neglect because you could have been killed.

Good luck to you
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The Worst Tire Store
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COLORADO SPRINGS, COLORADO -- On May 28th we took in our car to have all 4 tires replaced. We paid $836 and left. At 6:03 pm we noticed that we had a flat back right tire. We contacted Big O Tires on Woodman and Rangewood to let them know. They advised us that they close there tool boxes at 6pm and there was nothing they could do for us. We were stranded and had to call a tow truck.

I will never take my service back there nor would I recommend them to my worst enemy.
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Anonymous on 05/29/2008:
And if you had called at 6:10 they would have been closed and you would have still been stranded. How long had it been since you left the tire store? If they close at 6:00, I would guess they would have rectified the tire problem the next day when they opened. How long were they to wait until you got the car back to their store that night?

You didn't have a spare to put on to get you unstranded?

Sure, it is agrivating but I don't think there is much the tire store could do for you at that moment.
Anonymous on 05/29/2008:
More importantly, was the tire defective or improperly mounted? Since the complaint does not fault the tires, I wonder how long Big O Tires was supposed to stay open...waiting for your possible flat tire call to come in.
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