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Bill Me Later credit scam with Overstock.com
Posted by Lorrwill on 08/28/2005
8-11-2005 Placed an order that was to be billed through Bill Me Later with the terms of 90 days same as cash.

8-22-05 Received a bill from Bill Me Later for immediate payment.
Called Overstock.com and was told this is Bill Me Later's error and to call them.
They were closed. Sent email.

8-23-05 No email response. Called Bill Me Later who said will contact Overstock.com and have this corrected.
Then received an email from Bill Me Later saying this is Overstock.com's error and to contact them.
Tried to call Overstock.com again but their phone system was down. Sent an email through the customer service web page on their web site but it bounced back.
Tried several other email addressed listed on BBB website, they also bounced back.

8-26-05 Recieved email shipping notification from Overstock.com. Replied explaining problem with billing and requested it be corrected.

8-27-05 Received email from Overstock.com saying the billing error is Bill Me Later's and to contact them.

8-28-05 Since neither company will correct this error, filed this complaint.

I want to be billed as per the agreement of the order I placed on 8-11-05. It is supposed to be 90 days same as cash. If I had wanted to pay interest on the purchase, I could have used my credit card at 15% LOWER APR than Bill Me Later. Now they want me to pay them a bozo interest rate for several years. This is a new twist on an old scam: bait and switch. Overstock.com's web site stated that in order to get the 90 days same as cash you have to use Bill Me Later as the payment method.

Now that the order has gone through, Bill Me Later knows nothing about it and swears Overstock.com is in error and Overstock.com swears Bill Me Later has made some kind of error. I will not use either company again.

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Posted by lorrwill on 2005-09-23:
Update to my complaint. Overstock.com did NOTHING to resolve this issue. Bill Me Later, however takes my 3 cents.com seriously and called me directly to resolve this. Not only did they fix the billing issue they took $25 off, too.

It is highly unfortunate that they are partnered with a crappy firm like Overstock.com.
Posted by Hooper561 on 2006-11-12:
This is the same crap that happened to me with sportsauthority.com

From now on, whenever I see the BillMeLater logo, I will NOT use their service. If you are one day late, they will call you on a Sunday morning at 8 a.m. without any amount of regard. They did this to me over being late on a payment I owed of $10.

These guys are a joke.
Posted by nmtistw on 2006-12-15:
BillMeLater is aweful. "Run away! Run away!!!"They get accounts from other companies, then disavow any responsibility. "You must contact someone else about this. There is nothing BillMeLater can do."
What a crock!
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The Downside To Alternate Payment Systems
Posted by on 01/08/2008
If you use services like Bill Me Later, eBillme, or Pay Pal's Pay Later, payment options designed to let you pay online without using a credit card. You should be aware of the risks as well as benefits that come with them, writes SmartMoney. The most important thing to consider: as far as FICO is concerned, you're applying for a line of credit (with the potential for high interest rates) when you pay with one of these systems, and your credit score may drop accordingly.

Opening one new account could push a solid credit score of 707 down to 697 for six months, according to Fair Isaac's FICO Score Simulator, which gauges how consumers' actions affect creditworthiness. Even worse: Your score could drop by as much as 100 points if you come close to maxing out the line of credit.

Fraud protection is also different compared to what comes with credit card purchases. Each payment system is different in this respect, so be sure to check the fine print and know what risks you're assuming before you agree to one.

Frankly, we can't see the benefit of using these alternate payment systems except for cases when the customer actually owns no credit cards at all. If you're using it for short term financing, maybe you should ask yourself if you can put off the purchase until you save up enough money to buy it outright. Otherwise, if you're really concerned about online security then it is suggested paying with single-use credit cards, which are available from some banks, stores and now from PayPal.

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Posted by GothicSmurf on 2008-01-08:
Great information! Thanks!
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-08:
I've always wonder how those pay later type things worked. Thanks buddy for clearing that up. (VH)
Posted by FoggyOne on 2008-01-08:
Good advice superbowl.

I am looking into the single use credit card - no tie to my regular card, no tie to my bank, not even a tie to me other than my shipping name.
Posted by Principissa on 2008-01-08:
Excellent information Super. I know this may sound silly, but if we can't afford to pay for items outright like furniture and electronics, than we can't afford them period. I see no reason to take out a line of credit for something like a television or an antique off of ebay. If you can't pay cash for those things than you clearly can not afford them and probably do not need them anyway.

Foggy, we have a reloadable Visa we bought from CVS for online purchases. It has no ties to the bank account, no ties to a major credit card, and you can reload it with cash. Rather than put our CC or debit card information online we use that one.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-08:
Great review super and good information. (VH)
Posted by Slimjim on 2008-01-08:
good review, there rarely is anything posted here about these services.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-08:
Thank you! Your comments have all been: "Very Helpful"!
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-08:
Good information, but why not live within your means and not use credit cards. Princi hit the nail on the head.
I really don't care about my credit score, I pay for what I want or need.
Posted by HeatherFields on 2008-01-18:
I work for Bill Me Later and would be happy to speak with you about your situation. Please feel free to contact me at heather.fields@billmelater.com
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-18:
HeatherFields, doing damage control today? Looks like a standard C&P answer to me as I have no "situation". It was a general info post that looks like it was very helpful to our members. If you would please notice it was a general info post about more than just your company.

"The Downside To Alternate Payment Systems"

So do you just troll sites like this doing damage control all day? I do commend you for not acting as a schill and posting some wild post about how wonderful Bill Me Later is, we thank you for that much.
Posted by sphinxd on 2008-01-23:
On the flip side, my opinion is that this a fairly poorly written article without much thought put into it.

I agree with some of what the article says, although it shouldn’t really be surprising that when you apply for a new line of credit, your credit score is adversely affected, that’s not rocket science.

The people at Smart Money write ...
“Frankly, we can't see the benefit of using these alternate payment systems…” –

Hmmm, not much imagination from the people at Smart Money then, which is probably why I ended my subscription with them a number of years ago.

Here are the benefits from my perspective, as a consumer who does the majority of their shopping online.

1. Convenience – in contrast to temporary credit cards, when I’m shopping online and I see something I would like to buy, I don’t want to have to go to a store, buy a card, load it up with cash and then go back home to get online and make the purchase. Additionally I understand not all cards are re-loadable (Visa gift cards), which therefore means that I would have to repeat the process for every purchase I make. If I have to go to a store to obtain something with which to make a purchase online, it defeats the purpose of the convenience of online shopping, I may as well go to the store and buy the item directly and save the hassle.

2. Financial Common Sense - In the case where you are offered 90 day or 6 month deferred payments when using Bill Me Later, I would rather have my money sitting in my savings account earning 5% for that period of time rather than pay immediately for the item I’m purchasing. It's the same as getting a discount off the original price.

I'll say that Bill Me Later is my preferred method of online payment. I like the ‘one click’ operation and not having to enter credit card digits, dates and the code on the signature strip every time I want to make a payment, and I haven’t had any issues in the 12 months that I’ve been using them. Personally the downside is the limited number of merchants that accept Bill Me Later, I’m looking forward to Amazon providing them as an option this year so I can use it there too. Also, I would like it if they offered a customer rewards program like many credit cards do.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-23:
Odd you just joined and post just one comment on a 10 day old post? Can we spell schill maybe? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
Posted by Principissa on 2008-01-23:
Damage control much sphinxd? How long have you worked for the company? Clearly you haven't done much research because I've seen a bunch of complaints about this company. So before you come on this site and start disrespecting the membership try doing a little research to back your claims. And not just the PR garbage the company crams down your throat.
Posted by sphinxd on 2008-01-24:
Wow, you guys are tough … I would guess that's what the stars by your names mean, and for this reason, your opinions must weigh heavier than those of someone who just joined this community. You must be the sheriffs around these here parts … With those rules understood, I'll tread lightly.

Seeing as you both chose to attack me personally, I'll deal with you one at a time, just like a Bruce Lee fight scene :) It's a shame really … but you brought it on yourselves.

Superbowl said "Can we spell schill maybe?"

Well, I wasn't sure what you meant by that so I had to take the word to the dictionary and found you were referring to a type of European fish … I assumed you were mistaken in your spelling and so I looked for variations, and found 'shill', which is defined as someone who is posing as a customer in order to lure others into a swindle, which is about as accurate as calling me a European fish.

In answer to your question, "Can WE spell schill maybe?" No … I can definitely spell shill … you definitely can't.

You see superbowl? Acting like an all knowing smart alec is more effective when you're actually educated, but keep trying, you'll make us proud someday.

Superbowl said "Odd you just joined … "

Actually, I attempted to join about a month ago for an unrelated issue with DirecTV, but neglected to click on the confirmation email that found its way into my spam folder, which I did yesterday. So I might not always be the swiftest schill in the sea …

Principissa said "Clearly you haven't done much research because I've seen a bunch of complaints about this company"

Define "bunch".

If I do a search for Bill Me Later on this site, I count 15 threads started about this company which date back to 2005. Is that a "bunch"? It doesn't seem to be a lot of complaints for a company that is at least 3 years old does it? Do your research to back your claims of a "bunch of complaints".

I've been a lurker on these boards for a long while now, and the boards are full of complaints about all kinds of companies on here, so yes, I'm aware that there are complaints about this company too, and I'm not disputing their validity.

I merely mentioned that I never had a problem with them; I didn't say that everybody has never had a problem with them.

I never had a problem with AT&T or Wachovia either and I think they're great companies whose services I use on a regular basis, does that indicate that I work for them too?

Principissa said "Damage control much sphinxd? How long have you worked for the company?"

Damage control much what? I'm an 11 year employee of UPS if that's any relevance, does that concern you? Any other personal information you need, you let me know.

Principissa said "before you come on the site and start disrespecting the membership … "

Which community members did I disrespect?

It's true that I found fault with the article, and I disagreed with others who feel that temporary credit cards are superior to alternative online payment, but I didn't disrespect anyone here.

As Voltaire said "I may disapprove of what you say, but I'll defend to the death your right to say it". If other members would rather use a temporary credit card, that's up to them, I respect that. Diversity makes the world go 'round.

It seems the only people doing any disrespecting are you and your tag team partner there. I was under the impression that the article was posted in order to open a discussion or debate. Isn't that what these boards are for?

Principissa said "… try doing a little research to back your claims."

Please read my post and point out where I have said anything that isn't my own personal point of view as a user of Bill Me Later, therefore what claims are there to back? I would rather use Bill Me Later than temporary credit cards. That's my claim, and it is backed with the reasons that I outlined in my first post, which you obviously either didn't read or didn't comprehend.


To the both of you …

What I find ironic, is that you both accuse me of being a shill, yet you overlook the fact that the author of the original article works for a publication whose revenue comes substantially from advertisement of credit card companies, and not so much from alternative payment companies. Following your logic, it shouldn't come as a surprise that the author is steering people away from using anything other than credit cards when making online purchases. Rah-Rah Visa/Mastercard/American Express etc! By the way, you don't work for those companies do you?

Go to their web page and you'll see a big old advertisement for Visa.

For the record: I'm not really "pro Bill Me Later" … I'm more "anti Smart Money" for the reason that when I was a subscriber they wrote an article about an individual who became a multi-millionaire by re-financing his house and taking out loans in order to by a boatload of Qualcomm stock right before they took off. I felt that the inclusion of the article was criminally irresponsible given the fact that their purpose is to provide sound financial advice.

If you decide to reply, please limit your response to structured and intelligent debate pertaining to the aforementioned article, and not disrespect the site by bashing newbies. Try not to take things so personally and accept the fact that not everyone agrees with you.

In closing, I sincerely apologize to any members who feel that I have disrespected them in posting an opposing point of view, that wasn't my intention.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-24:
sphinxd, ya gotta have a thick skin.
This site is about complaints, compliments and opinions.
This post was well thought out, written and explained and has some good information. No flaming, burning the company in question, just stating an opinion and a pretty good one at that.
People here have a way of expressing themselves. Different personalities and beliefs.
Everyone on here knows that we all agree to disagree.
It a personal. Just seems that way when you are the one posting and "being talked to".
Great Site..stick around, ya just might learn something.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-29:
Jkt, well said. I guess your logic settled the issue, so much for our wordy shill?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-29:
yea well sometimes I luck out. Thanks
Posted by squeekyHinge on 2008-01-31:
Excellent job sphinxd. Keep em on their toes! I too cancelled SmartMoney and I remember the Qualcomm article and also remember feeling the same way you did. BusinessWeek is all you really need anyway. An occasional dose of Investors Business Daily doesn't hurt either.

Speaking of a SmartMoney article, Superbowl did a great job hitting on important points with this informative however it should be obligatory to direct readers to the article from where he researched this information rather than a mere mention.


On a personal note I have found that having my existing credit card tied to my PayPal account has saved me the hassle of dispute with PayPal simply by hinting that I would have CapOne handle my purchase dispute if my claim is not resolved in a timely manner.
Posted by nikki712 on 2008-04-27:
I have a comment. Don't use Bill Me Later. I ordered furniture and elected to use BML as my payment source (I already had an account with BML). The company I ordered from filed bankrupcy. The order was cancelled, and I filed my initial complaint in 12/07. BML investigated and removed all charges. In 4/08, BML put the charges BACK ONTO my account. In my 2nd formal complaint, BML ignores my question as to why I have to pay for merchandise NOT RECEIVED. Under section 7A of BMLs terms of service, I am not supposed to be responsible for merchandise if it isn't delivered IN MY NAME and TO MY ADDRESS. This was a solid-granite top dining table and 4 chairs, and would've been delivered via FREIGHT. It's not like it's something that could be dropped off on the porch. BML is nothing but a bunch of frauds. I plan on making as big of a stink over it as possible. Attorney Generals, FTC, BBB, and if necessary, I'll hire an attorney. This is one consumer that won't stand by idly while BML willfully goes against their own legally binding terms of service. I will never use that company again.
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FRAUD!!!!! Beware of being stirred to Bill Me Later without knowing
Posted by Merlinsky on 10/18/2012
NEW YORK -- I purchased digitazer for fixing Apple phone for my daughter for $6.94. I set up to pay out of my bank account. 2 month later I was checking if one of the PayPal payments was returned to my account and found that my Bill Me Later account is 2 months pass due and I owe them 20.94. Original 6.94 plus 2 late fees $5 X 2 and 2 minimum finance charges $2 X2.

I called and asked how is that possible and if I set payment out of my bank account. Rep kept saying that Bill Me Later is my default payment method and I have to check my statements.

They agreed to remove 5 dollars only in late fees. It feels like a joke - they made triple on 6.94 purchase that I was not even consider making with Bill Me Later.

FRAUD!!! FRAUD!!!FRAUD!!! Disgrace!
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-18:
What the rep said about checking statements is correct, and is the reason only one late fee could be refunded - there is a time limit beyond which they assume you were notified that you were billed for being late, something like 30-60 days.

You have to be careful when using Ebay and PayPal to check where the payment is coming from before you submit it. The last time I checked, PayPal will not let me choose my credit card as the default, but uses my checking account. I never pay from my checking account, so I have to select the CC every single time.

How is this fraudulent?
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2012-10-18:
Some places do set up defaults, and gotta be careful. One time i was buying something for 5 bucks on facebook. Well the first option they had available was 100 dollars so not knowing, i clicked ok, they took 100 bucks out of my bank, took 30 days to get a refund. Mistakes do happen, luckily paypal worked with me. But thats a completely different case. After that, most apps i have played changed their layout but some have not...i just learned my lesson big time. To read before sending.
Posted by EricB on 2012-11-14:
I just found out today that Bill Me Later became my default payment method when I used it last month. I couldn't figure out how to change this, so had to call PayPal and they made the change. This is a bit sneaky in my opinion.

I also called Bill Me Later to ask them to reduce my credit limit. They indicated it wasn't possible -- I've never heard of that being a problem before.
Posted by Saved Customer on 2012-11-28:
Thanks a lot guys for sharing!
Posted by Jimmy on 2013-06-30:
If your PayPal account is set as default and you do not want to use Bill Me Later make sure that you are changing the default payment to something else. From reading the comments it seems that people are in such a hurry that they just rush through the checkout process. When checking out it states what payment you will be using. My advise is to SLOW DOWN when checking out
Posted by DV on 2013-07-09:
I NEVER used bill me later but found out I had a balance.

I called today and the customer care rep was HORRIBLY snotty and RUDE!

The WORST customer care I have ever, EVER had!!!!!

I own 3 Corporations
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Should Be "Screw Me Later"
Posted by Barbyr on 02/26/2011
BEWARE! Bill Me Later manipulates your PAYMENT DUE DATE so it does NOT CORRESPOND to the date your 6 MONTHS NO PAYMENTS offer expires!

When I open my bills, I look to see when the payment is due. Right? I'll bet you do that too, because woe! to the poor schmuck these days who pays their bills late. So my final payment to SCREW ME LATER // I mean Bill me Later is due on March 8th. But wait! Elsewhere, I find the offer expires March 1st.

SO EVEN IF YOU MAKE YOUR FINAL PAYMENT ON TIME, you'll get socked with the interest payments that accrued on the entire balance! Is this a coincidence? Of course not. Bill Me Later relies on an innattentive consumer to TRICK them into paying the heinous 19+%. They want you to overlook their underhanded scheme so you're trapped.

AND THEN THEY further TRAP YOU by making it difficult to make a payment quickly to avoid paying the interest. Can you make a credit card payment? YOU CANNOT. Can you make a PayPal payment? After all, this company is owned by PayPal! YOU CANNOT. The only way you can make an emergency payment is by ACH debit to your bank account - and I'll bet they manage to delay that payment until your "no Payments" offer expires.

I always respected and trusted PayPal before this - and I've funded thousands of dollars in transactions, both buying and sell via PayPal - but they jumped the shark with this scheme. PayPal will rue the day they started this devious business.

Oh, I almost forgot: their "customer service" personnel are trained to mindlessly repeat "Your statement is printed correctly - it's up to you to blah blah blah.. in essence they are saying "You got screwed, but we have our asses covered, so we're not going to help you."

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Posted by trmn8r on 2011-02-26:
I'd never do business with a company that is called "screw me later". I believe in delayed satisfaction in general, but it doesn't apply to everything.

With 0% offers, you have to be scrupulous about the payments, and the last payment as well. I remember a Home Depot 12 mo 0% offer, and the last month there was a change in date.

You have to open your bills promptly, as this lesson teaches you.
Posted by tnchuck100 on 2011-02-26:
These 12 month no interest deals are great. But you MUST be aware of the game and pay it off in the 10th month to avoid their shenanigans.

REMEMBER: In these deals the cards are ALWAYS stacked against you.
Posted by wanda on 2013-05-20:
Bill me later rips off the consumer,same problem my statement due date was 5/24/13 went to pay bill on the 20th and was socked with a late fee go figure,why company's want to put their employees with company's like this is beyond me RIP OFF is what bill me later is,if you have to deal with a company like this best to send payment before you have to have it or get your dr.to switch to a different brand under the wal-mart plan less headache and no rip off
Posted by Tiff on 2013-05-23:
I would never use bill me later! I made a purchase with last month and when I was checking out I saw Bill Me Later and clicked on the terms. It said if I spent a certain amount that it would be 6 months no interest and no payments. So, I thought why not? Anyways this week I received my statement saying that my minimum payment was $25 and I needed to pay the entire amount by the payment date to avoid interest. So, I e-mailed them to let them know that when I ordered it said 6 months no interest and no payments and they responded and said they did not have any such deal with 1800petmeds. Well, I e-mailed them back and told them I had a picture of the 1800petmeds website with the offer on it and I could e-mail them so they could see and that I didn't feel I should have to pay since it said I wouldn't have to. Then, I got an e-mail saying We have received the promotional terms request regarding your Bill Me Later Account. Once our research is complete, you will receive an email notification. Two minutes later I got another e-mail saying The promotional terms request that was submitted has been completed. The changes, if any, to your Bill Me Later Account will be posted within 24-48 hours. So, I waited over the 48 hours and checked and there is no changes to my account.
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Bill Me Later Solves Your Problem LATER
Posted by VINTAGEAMBIE on 11/27/2012
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I purchased an iPad using Bill Me Later's deferred payment process/promotional billing. Of course when you make your regular payments it's applied to the principal balance. Not a particular balance, which I understand and Bill Me Later informed me that I just had to contact them and say I wanted a payment applied to that particular balance. Fine, so I made a payment due in 10 days and notified them I wanted the impending payment applied to that balance. Too soon, have to tell them with in 7 days. Fine, within 7 days informed them, they confirmed they would do it. In the mean time I had enough money for a second payment to pay off the balance, again, informed them I wanted that payment to be applied to the balance, again they said ok. What happens? Neither applied. I call them and am told, no problem they can apply it up to 30 days and they will do both payments. Check back several times, nothing. Finally, the large payment is applied, the other is not. Several more emails asking them to do, am told they will and it will be reflected soon. Still nothing. More emails. Am told it will be applied. TO THIS DATE: 14 EMAILS!! Every time an told they will apply it and when I log in??? Still shows the balance.

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Bill Me Later Does Not Honor Promotional Financing Offered Online on Website
Posted by LTaylor on 07/20/2010
TIMONIUM MARYLAND -- I made a purchase on adorama.com over the required amount of $500 to get No Payments for 6 months through Bill Me Later, where I've had an account for a couple of years. Bill Me Later refused to honor the promotional financing offered, instead putting my purchase through as a standard purchase. After promising to 'investigate" they did not resolve my complaint nor allow me to speak to a supervisor, insisting no 'managers' are available, and I would get a phone call which has not happened. Instead of No Payments for 6 months Bill Me Later put my purchase through as a standard purchase at a staggering 25.99% interest rate -- a classic Bait and Switch technique. They claim since I checked out using Bill Me Later through PayPal I was not entitled to the terms on the Bill Me Later website. Of course, there is not mention of that anywhere when I checked out using Bill Me Later. I will have to balance transfer this amount onto a reputable credit card company after having closed my Bill Me Later account. These people provide no customer service and will not help you after they have deceived you. There is currently a class action suit pending. It appears Bill Me Later is a subjective term and customers should be warned, "We'll bill you when we feel like it and you can't do anything about it."
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Posted by miss_little_felicia on 2012-05-19:
Posted by X-customer on 2012-10-05:
Do not use this Bill-me-later trash. They do not honor their terms. This is a bunch of kids that do as they please. Lies are a common practice with them.
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They Are Working Together
Posted by CASSMAN on 04/11/2008
MONTANTA -- May of '06 - Newegg gave my son a $2000 line of credit to purchase computer parts - 6 months interest free.

June of '06 - my son received his shipment - started opening packages - we stopped him -repackaged all that had been unopened - returned to Newegg with an RMA. They waived restocking fees. Promised Newegg a check for the full amount when a corrected bill was received for the opened items that we kept.

Received the following refunds - note the dates of the last three - after the 6 months of no interest has elapsed.

-$169.99 On 7/10/06 (transaction # 1525851281540169609488)
-$383.07 On 7/10/06 (transaction # 1525851918800169609488)
-$199.95 On 1/24/07 (transaction # 1696595835260169609481)
-$129.99 On 1/29/07 (transaction # 1700933781700169609486)
-$208.76 On 1/30/07 (transaction # 1701809765770169609488)

Not done yet:
Final refund issued 14 mos. Later - countless e-mails in between
-$199.95 On 8/15/07 (transaction # 1872043037580176177166)

In doing the math - me not them
$1949.65 - $1292.38 = $657.27
Have never received a bill for less than $1200.00

Talk to Newegg - it's a Bill Me Later issue!
Talk to Bill Me Later - it is a Newegg issue!

Now it is a Penncro issue - they are the collection agency that it has been turned over to - to the tune of $1300 plus. Not that it matters - my son's credit is not an issue due to personal matters I won't go into.

Have been reading all the negative reviews for all 3 companies - amazing they are still in business.

Would be different if we were skirting the issue - but all we have been trying to do, for almost 2 years now, is pay our bill!

Have also been reading about settling for pennies on the dollar. Would they go for that instead of just accepting what we owe.
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Posted by MRM on 2008-04-11:
I love shopping at Newegg! Please see my informative review. Never had any problems with them. I will shop with them next week for my computer upgrade.
Posted by MRM on 2008-04-11:
You are probabaly a new customer to Newegg. The negative reviews for Newegg only accounts for %5 of the total reviews and they are excellent company to deal with.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-04-11:
MRM, that would translate loosely to a 95% customer satisfaction rate.
That's pretty good except for the 5% they don't satisfy to them is is a 100% unsatisfied rate.
The op seems to have taken the proper steps in resolving the problem to no avail.
Maybe someone here could offer some advise,
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Bill-Me-Later was deceitful
Posted by HLS on 05/14/2010
OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- Back in February of 2010 I accepted an offer by Bill-Me-Later for 6 months interest free purchase of a computer. I paid $500 the next two months and was planning to pay it off prior to the 6th month. However, I found out from my statement that they started charging me 20% interest from the second month. When I called them and asked about the charges, they said their offer was never an interest free offer. I immediately closed my account and paid the remaining balance. This company is dishonest and I would never do business with them. Just stay away.

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Posted by Alain on 2010-05-14:
Caveat Emptor. "Interest Free" is always something to be suspicious of. I'll take your advice and stay away from them.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2010-05-15:
You really need to think about what is in it for them if they offer "interest free". Nothing!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-05-15:
Does bill me later provide a disclousre page when you are going through the checkout process? If they do I'd print that as proof of the interest free offer. From your post this company sounds shady. I wouldn't use them.
Posted by bbw511 on 2012-11-08:
Bill Me Later will not correct an incorrect invoice even after submitting a written complaint and a documented correct invoice. This is fraudulent, to say the least.
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Bill Me Later Works Fine
Posted by Ronernie on 07/01/2009
TIMONIUM, MD -- After reading a lot of bad press about Bill Me Later, I felt it proper to flip the coin.

I have done a fair amount of business with BML and there does not seem to be a problem. I would indeed expect to be denied should I be a vagrant spender or not a regular payer. If you are using a lot of credit elsewhere, you could very well be denied a transaction. If you do not pay regularly or pay only minimum payments you are reflecting that you are fairly over extended and that can get you denied or limited for a transaction.

There is no rip off going on with their deferred payment plan. If you pay off within the time frame you win. If you fail to do so, or make late payments, you will be charged the full interest retro active. BML wants your business and they could not make things any easier for you to do business with them.

So my recipe for a happy BML customer?

Pay on time every time.
Pay early if possible and pay more than minimum.
Do auto bank payments, they go through fast and they get credited fast.

I do not expect to ever have to write a bad review about a good company if I am working within their guidelines. If I am working outside of their guidelines I do not deserve the right to complain!

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-07-01:
Isn't BML sitting there between credit cards and loansharking?
Those are good guidelines to follow, but I'd have to believe that they weren't followed prior to finding yourself using BML.
Posted by Barbyr on 2011-02-26:
This laudatory review is obviously planted. I don't believe a word of it.
Posted by Sky on 2013-01-18:
I am fairly new to BML, but so far I haven't had any issues with them. I make a purchase, and they notify me of the minimum amount due. I pay it early, and try to pay more, and so far so good. I realize that if I don't pay the balance by the deferred time frame the rate will go up, but that's typical of any deferred payment plan. The key is to make sure you pay it off before it gets to that date.
Posted by JustMe on 2013-08-03:
It's Just another revolving credit account like any credit card. Print the statement and read the details at the bottom. Deffered Payment accrues interest. *You must pay your deferred interest balance in full by the expiration date above to avoid paying accrued deferred interest
charges. So, if you pay it all off monthly on or before the statement date you will not get interest charges.
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Bill Me Later Predatory Lending
Posted by Swg on 09/13/2010
OMAHA -- Bill Me Later is a cr8P company that is ripping people off!

I ordered contact lenses through VisionDirect, which offers the BillmeLater option. When I got the statement for the lenses, my billmelater account said the payment was not due until mid-September.

I just logged into my account to pay the bill, and guess what? They are trying to claim they issued me an invoice in early August to make a minimum payment of $35, and of course, I NEVER GOT THE BILL, so I didn't’ pay it.

Now they are trying to slap a $25 late fee on top of my pre-existing charge!!! I AM LIVID.

I called customer service and they tried to claim I set up my account for electronic statements only (which I NEVER DID), and they are also claiming they emailed me the bill (THEY NEVER DID. I thoroughly checked my email, even the SPAM folder.)

The customer service nimrod said he would issue a credit for the late fee as a “one-time courtesy only” -oh, how generous of them.

Don’t doubt it for a minute-I will be contacting the California attorney general’s office about their scam business techniques.

In the meantime, I'm warning all my friends not to use them!
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Posted by bob850 on 2010-11-03:
Yeah, I always pay 2x the minimum due automatically through the bank. Today I noticed since August several late fees and the minimum due had went up by 75%. I called to inquire, they stated because of new federal laws the minimum due went up in July/August and I should have gotten a letter. Anyway, they removed one late fee and I paid up the rest with nothing due until next month. I plan on moving some money, calling them back next week, and paying them off. I will never buy from anyone that uses Bill Me Later's services!!
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