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Bill You? Heck, We Won't Even Give You Credit!
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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I have been a BML customer since May 2007. My first purchase was about $400. I promptly paid it off before my deferred payments ran out. Since then, I've increased the amount of my purchase and then paid off my balance in full before the deferred payment timeline ran out. My largest and most recent approved purchase was in the $1200 range. All went fine, and I recently was happy to pay it all off, before my deferred payment time frame ran out. Wanting to pick up an anniversary gift for my hubby, and still anticipating my tax refund, I used my BML account on a purchase at The total purchase was just below $500. I was declined.

I was really taken aback. I then put the purchase back through for a bit less than $400 and was again declined.
Bill Me Later has the right to decline a transaction for any reason, and I understand that. But this is TERRIBLE service. They are making money hand over fist, as they should be, but not treating their customers with respect or valuing their business. There's no reward for being a repeat customer, and in the past they have said on their site and through customer service that they review your BML history in relation to every credit decision. Well, not in my case.

While I can't prove it, I have a feeling that I have been declined simply because, over the past 2 years of being a client, they've not made a dime from me on interest. Asking Bill Me Later yields only this reply: "You tried to purchase something too expensive, lower your purchase amount." Or: "It's the economy." Neither of which make sense if, indeed, your overall relationship with BML is taken into account and is positive.

Customer Service will not help, no matter how nice (or angry) you become by their inability answer even basic questions. You will only get boilerplate responses and form email replies. And if you call, don't be surprised if you hear what sounds like a party going on in the call center.

Based upon my experience - I would advise against using Bill Me Later. Use your credit card or debit card, get points and know exactly your credit limit and how the rules work. Let your credit card company report your good behavior to the credit bureaus, as Bill Me Later won't do that for you - and they really don't care about service. The poor service alone makes the extra few months to pay something off completely not worth it.

Bill Me Later Is A Ripoff Company
By -

Well here's my review of the biggest scam operation I've ever known. Bill Me later, and here's what happened. I got an email dated 7/8/08 from Bill Me Later which says my statement was available to view online. Upon viewing it I see there is a late fee attached for what said that the payment was due on July 3rd. So they send me a payment update 5 days after the payment was due. So with that, my late fee was $19.00, upon which they increased my APR from 19.99% to 53.19%. Very criminal to me and very scammy, they sent me a payment due 5 days after the payment was due and then increased my interest rate 33%.

I have proof too (see below), as soon as I saw that I took a screenshot of it and I also have the email from July 8th which can be shown as the date the email for me to make a payment. They never called my house telling me my payment was past due, nor did they tell me through email either. They WAITED 5 days after the payment was due to tell me this, and I'm always making my payments on time. Don't use this scam operation, matter of fact I'm beginning to believe that all banks or lending institutions are scam operations who don't care about anything more than making a quick dollar. So if you've ever thought of using this garbage service, don't.

I should have just used my CC, which I had the option of doing, but even now I believe that Visa and MasterCard and all these banks are all crooked. Just remember one thing, THEY COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT YOU. They don't care, period, they only want to get your money, never forget this.

They Are Working Together
By -

MONTANTA -- May of '06 - Newegg gave my son a $2000 line of credit to purchase computer parts - 6 months interest free. June of '06 - my son received his shipment - started opening packages - we stopped him - repackaged all that had been unopened - returned to Newegg with an RMA. They waived restocking fees. Promised Newegg a check for the full amount when a corrected bill was received for the opened items that we kept. Received the following refunds - note the dates of the last three - after the 6 months of no interest has elapsed.

  • $169.99 On 7/10/06 (transaction # **)
  • $383.07 On 7/10/06 (transaction # **)
  • $199.95 On 1/24/07 (transaction # **)
  • $129.99 On 1/29/07 (transaction # **)
  • $208.76 On 1/30/07 (transaction # **)

Not done yet: Final refund issued 14 mos. Later - countless e-mails in between - $199.95 On 8/15/07 (transaction # **). In doing the math - me not them $1949.65 - $1292.38 = $657.27. Have never received a bill for less than $1200.00. Talk to Newegg - it's a Bill Me Later issue! Talk to Bill Me Later - it is a Newegg issue! Now it is a Penncro issue - they are the collection agency that it has been turned over to - to the tune of $1300 plus. Not that it matters - my son's credit is not an issue due to personal matters I won't go into.

Have been reading all the negative reviews for all 3 companies - amazing they are still in business. Would be different if we were skirting the issue - but all we have been trying to do, for almost 2 years now, is pay our bill! Have also been reading about settling for pennies on the dollar. Would they go for that instead of just accepting what we owe.

Fraudulent & Deceptive
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Rating: 1/51

I started using BML in October 2012. My first charge was for Toys R US and was a deferred payment until May of 2013. During that time, I used BML for some smaller charges. I made another deferred payment charge with Toys R Us in January 2013 and one more from Ebay in May 2013. I noticed my balance of current charges wasn't getting paid off so I went back and looked over all of my statements.

Well, I noticed that my DEFERRED payments were being paid on every month! The first deferred payment (not due until May 2013) was paid OFF before I received my March/April Statement. My second deferred payment (not due until August 2013) was paid OFF before May. My third deferred payment (not due until December) is also having payments applied. I emailed them and received a response that basically told me I had to call. They told me they were applying my payments according to some credit card act, blah, blah, blah. They also said that payments will start being made on a deferred payment if it is within 1-2 billing cycles of when the payment is due.

I called this morning and the gentleman I spoke with started rambling on about my payments. He told me I had to call and allocate how I wanted my payments made. WHAT?! Apparently, a DEFERRED payment takes on another meaning with BML. I told him I wanted the money that was applied to my December payment removed and applied to my current charges.

I also told him how upset I was that I had to CALL before making a payment to make sure the money gets applied to my current charges. He told me I didn't have to do that since my deferred payment wasn't due until December and it didn't fall into the "1-2 billing cycle rule" and that all payments would be applied to current charges. I had to reiterate that the purpose of my call was because that payments ARE being applied to the December deferred payment so that "1-2 billing cycle" rule doesn't apply here. He told me he would have to call me back.

I feel this company is very deceptive. If a payment is to be deferred, then payments being made should be applied to current charges and not deferred charges until the due date that is listed. I had been making extra payments so I could pay off my current charges. I am very frustrated and irritated as I now have to make EXTRA payments to pay off current charges that should have already been paid off but were instead applied to deferred payments. I will never use this company again.

Bill Me Later Solves Your Problem LATER
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I purchased an iPad using Bill Me Later's deferred payment process/promotional billing. Of course when you make your regular payments it's applied to the principal balance not a particular balance, which I understand and Bill Me Later informed me that I just had to contact them and say I wanted a payment applied to that particular balance. Fine, so I made a payment due in 10 days and notified them I wanted the impending payment applied to that balance. Too soon, have to tell them within 7 days. Fine, within 7 days informed them, they confirmed they would do it. In the mean time I had enough money for a second payment to pay off the balance, again, informed them I wanted that payment to be applied to the balance, again they said OK. What happens? Neither applied.

I call them and am told, no problem they can apply it up to 30 days and they will do both payments. Check back several times, nothing. Finally, the large payment is applied, the other is not. Several more emails asking them to do, I'm told they will and it will be reflected soon. Still nothing. More emails. Am told it will be applied. TO THIS DATE: 14 EMAILS!! Every time I'm told they will apply it and when I log in??? Still shows the balance. This is not worth the bother! Do not use on them for promotional balance payment defer program!

FRAUD!!!!! Beware of Being Steered to Bill Me Later Without Knowing
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Rating: 1/51

NEW YORK -- I purchased digitizer for fixing Apple phone for my daughter for $6.94. I set up to pay out of my bank account. 2 months later I was checking if one of the PayPal payments was returned to my account and found that my Bill Me Later account is 2 months past due and I owe them 20.94. Original 6.94 plus 2 late fees $5 X 2 and 2 minimum finance charges $2 X 2.

I called and asked "How is that possible?" and if I set payment out of my bank account. Rep kept saying that Bill Me Later is my default payment method and I have to check my statements. They agreed to remove 5 dollars only in late fees. It feels like a joke - they made triple on 6.94 purchase that I was not even consider making with Bill Me Later. FRAUD!!! FRAUD!!! FRAUD!!! Disgrace!

I'm not even a customer!
By -

So I started getting calls from Bill Me Later on my cell phone. At first it was annoying, mostly because the calls would come and I would wait on the phone just to learn that the call came either after or before business hours. How can a company call you when there's no one there to take your call? I only stayed on the line to explain that the person they were trying to contact wasn't me, didn't live with me, and they had the wrong number.

After a couple days of this I got tired of it and found a customer service number. I finally got to talk to someone about this, explained that I was not the person on the account and that they were calling my personal cell phone which cost me minutes every time they called. At this point I thought it was over, wrong. I get a call the very next day, I talk to someone about the problem again, they saw that it was noted that this was the wrong number and noted it again.

I get a call the very next day and talk to someone a third time, this time they told me there was notes on the account stating they had the wrong number, but because they didn't have the right number they would keep calling me until they get the right number.

Now how can you do business like this? I'm obviously not the right person, I don't know the number, I don't even have an account, you have no right to call me, and yet you're telling me it's in my hands to get you the right number? To me this just screams fraud, they waste my time and money and have the audacity to tell me I'm responsible to get them the right number? Do your job and get it yourself! Stop bothering me about it! I will never do business with this company ever! I would suggest the same to everyone else as well, unless you like being bullied by people over the phone.

Bill Me Later WILL Screw-You-Later
By -

"Bill Me later" will end up "Screwing-You-Later" if the situation arises. Here's what happen to me. Bill Me Later has this sweet deal. You buy your stuff and they defer all payments and interest for 6 months on selected items. I couldn't resist so I bit. Well turns out I'm the sucker fish now.

One of two of my laptops went south a week after I had it. The vendor agreed to have it exchanged. The way they do it is, they process the return and order another one as new. When they went to charge the new one on my "Bill Me Later" account it was declined. I have an A++ credit rating across the board. I have more credit than I'll ever use and when I do use it, I've never missed a payment. Oh yea I'm employed and I make well above the average salary. So what's the friggin problem here?

Hp was nice enough to call "Bill Me Later" with both of us on the phone and they flat out refused to allow the transaction to go through stating that I didn't have enough credit history with them to allow another $2300.00 charge on my account. Well if that's the case, then why did you allow the first one go through for $4500.00+!! This is without a doubt the most insulting company I've ever dealt with.

The follow day I got an email from them stating that they're not a credit company and they don't set credit limits. This tells me that they didn't even attempt to get it authorized; rather, they just denied I for no apparent reason. I guess they don't bother to even call the original credit company that they used for me for an approval. What kind of crap is that?

So be that as it may, I wiped out a credit card and charged the new laptop on one of the six on Visa credit cards I have. So because of this, now I lose big! Instead of having deferred payments and interest for 6 months, I have to belly up the cash to pay off one of the two laptops by the end of the month. Never again will I ever use “Bill Me Later”. It's not worth it!

Unexplained Late Fees
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Rating: 1/51

PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA -- I purchased an elliptical trainer with Bill Me Later and have taken more than 6 months of interest free months of payment that are offered. I am absolutely OK with paying interest. My issue is with the payment options with Bill Me Later. My payments are due on the 9th of every month and I have set-up a bill pay with my bank so that the payments are made on the 5th of every month. Last month, I just happened to look at my bill and noticed that for the last 3 months I have been charged a late fee.

I called the representative from Bill Me Later to inquire about these late fees and basically the representative gave me a long-winded excuse about my personal bank's policies and how these charges couldn't be avoided. The thing is that the deductions are taken out on the 5th from Bill Me Later, but my statements from Bill Me Later state that deductions take place on the 12th of the month. They are complete and utter liars. Period. I was excited to take advantage of this option because I wanted to purchase an item that I couldn't really afford and the 6 months of interest free payment sounded like a good option.

In the end, I would not use this company in the future. I have wasted a lot of time on the phone with rude, unhelpful representatives. And the lesson learned is that (1) I shouldn't buy things that I cannot afford and (2) never do business with Bill Me Later again because they do take advantage of people.

Phishing Scam Practice
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Rating: 1/51

EL PASO, TEXAS -- I had the same experiences as other reviewers. I had my Paypal account, then I enrolled in Bill Me Later. They were supposed to send me statements for my purchases. But, they didn't until they were past due so they can charge me interest and late fees.

When I use my Paypal, beware, they don't ask you if you want your credit or bank set up in your Paypal account or if you want to use Bill Me Later; it just automatically goes to Bill Me Later so they can charge you late fees and interests. I called them and was told that this was just the way the computer is set up. So I would not recommend this service to anyone. Just a big headache and time-wasting. On second thought, I may recommend this to my worst enemies.

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