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Deceptive Advertising - Bait and Switch
Posted by Normb57 on 01/09/2013
MANCHESTER, NEW HAMPSHIRE -- I have had two bad experiences with Bill Me Later and hope to never do business with a company like this again. They are clearly a corrupt organization who uses deceptive advertising and Bait and Switch tactics to lure their customers in and then screw them out of as many fees and as much interest as they can.

I don't want to go into to much detail because I have written so many complaint letters on the internet, my fingers are sore, but rest assured, this company, WebBank, is deceptive and corrupt. They even tried to claim that it was Tiger Direct who should have honored the deferred interest financing. How ridiculous is that! More appropriate is "Bilk Me Later".
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Posted by ok4now on 2013-01-10:
Just the name "bill me later' sounds like a problem. Anytime you defer interest or payment watch out. I only buy what I can afford now and pay the bill the day it arrives. This way I won't forget to pay it and the creditor can't say it posted late adding late charges. This also helps your FICO score.
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Bill Me Later..And Later...And Later
Posted by Rtniemoth on 10/08/2012
I will add to the reviews of Bill Me Later and their lack of Customer Service and their commitment to steal from their customers. I had moved from an address 2 years from the time I was contacted by their "collection" department. I had made a purchase 6 months prior...the were "supposedly" sending me statements, which I never received b/c I had not lived at the address for 2 years. I find it very hard to believe that they made any timely attempt to contact me. My purchase was through EBAY/PAYPAL, who in their right mind would think that if you purchased something and you had all your correct info in it that they wouldn't fix theirs or even that they HAD the correct info the entire time. But instead they waited until I had accumulated $40 in int. & $54 in late fees to "try" to find me.. REALLY.... THATS THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE THEY HAD TO OFFER... Thank you "Screw Me Later" I have closed my account and I am going to hit EVERY review I can to make sure everyone knows what POOR business practices they offer.

Thank you...
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Posted by Dukemom on 2012-10-08:
If I understand you correctly, you made a purchase using bill me later and for 6 months you never made a payment and you're surprised that you have accumulated interest and late fees? Is that you're complaint?
Posted by Amy on 2012-10-08:
Statement or not, you knew you owed the money and if you did not get a bill from them within the first month, it was your responsibility to contact them for payment information, not wait 6 months for them to contact you. Not receiving a bill is not an excuse for not paying it. You contact the company owed in that situation and find out what you need to know in order to make a payment. That is how you avoid the situation you are now in.
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Posted by Anprd1 on 08/08/2010
I did not sign anything to have PayPal start using Bill Me Later
yet, Paypal switches my charge over to Bill Me Later.

Paypal was notified that no charges were to be made thru BML, but within three months I had another charge to BML.

I contacted Paypal and was told this had to be handled by BML.
I have since cancelled my long time Paypal account.

I would like to know what monetary connection Paypal has with BML and I would like to know who the principals are at BML.

I have heard that members of the Mormon church run the company and it is being sold to other members of the
Mormon church.

As a former investigator for the Texas State Bar Grievance Committee I have many questions for any individual in charge at Bill Me Later.
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Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-08:
Why would the form of owner's religion have anything to do with the complaint?
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-08-08:
+10 Helpful.
Posted by Helpful on 2010-08-08:
Thanks jktshff1. I appreciate it.
Posted by raven2010 on 2010-08-08:
From Bill Me Later's website:


Founded in 2000, Bill Me Later was acquired by eBay Inc. in 2008. Bill Me Later is a PayPal company headquartered in Timonium, MD with additional offices in Hunt Valley, MD and San Francisco, CA. Bill Me Later is offered through CIT Bank, Salt Lake City, Utah.
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Do Not Use Bill Me Later!!
Posted by Carol25213 on 06/30/2009
I been a Customer of theirs for over 5 years now and have made 3 purchases from different places ranging from $350 to $500 totaling over $1000 and I have paid them all off and no longer owe them a Balance anymore and I hadn't used their service for over a year and I needed some tires for my car so I thought I'd use them to help me buy some, I looked up some tires on TireRack.com which I've used before with Bill Me Later found some nice tires and went to use Bill Me Later Payment method and I got declined, I tried again and got declined again, so I had my Husband try it and he got declined, I was shocked, so I sent them an email and asked why I got declined and they gave me the run around and wouldn't give me actual reasons, they would just tell me there is usually various reasons for there decisions and then listed a list of them reasons, but wouldn't give me an exact one for my case. I have sent several emails trying to get answers and asked shy they would treat me like this and I keep getting the same lame answers from them.

So I don't know, they did tell me to keep trying to use there service when I can, What for?? lol they are going to keep declining me, what a Slap in the Face!! Don't Use Bill Me Later.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-30:
I'd like to find a competitor, like Bill Me Never, for my purchases.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-30:
C2O +1.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-30:
Thanks MM. I don't know what that means, but coming from you it has to be a good thing. Right?! LOL
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-06-30:
uhuh c2o, you know what it means baby!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-30:
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-06-30:
means you a stud ...
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-30:
LMAO now!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-30:
This 'Bill Me Later' stuff smacks of loan-sharking, IMO.
Like payday loans and car title loans. Things I completely steer clear of.
Posted by SB on 2013-10-08:
DO NOT USE BILL ME LATER!! I used them once before and had no problems. I used them recently. I called to payoff my account in full to be sure the online statement was the correct payoff amount. The assistant that help me assured me that was my correct payoff balance. I paid the account off that day. the next day the payment cleared my bank. I decided to check the balance and it was what it should have been Bal. of $ -0-. I recently received a statement that stated my new balance is now $100.00. YES I DID HIT THE CEILING to say the least. Bill Me Later claimed the merchant bill them. I contacted the merchant and the merchant stated that I do not owe them ANYTHING. I contact Bill Me Later again and asked for a manager. STILL to NO AVAIL. I do NOT recommend Bill Me Later. there are MUCH better options out there. NOT worth the trouble. that being said. I'm not finished with them YET.
Posted by Anonymous on 2014-01-20:
You got declined BECAUSE you paid off your previous balances without incurring penalties, late fees or interest - i.e. revenue for the bill me later services.
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Bill You? Heck, We Won't Even Give You Credit!
Posted by Averagejane on 03/11/2009
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- I have been a BML customer since May 2007. My first purchase was about $400. I promptly paid it off before my deferred payments ran out. Since then, I've increased the amount of my purchase and then paid off my balance in full before the deferred payment timeline ran out. My largest and most recent approved purchase was in the $1200 range. All went fine, and I recently was happy to pay it all off, before my deferred payment timeframe ran out.

Wanting to pick up an anniversary gift for my hubby, and still anticipating my tax refund, I used my BML account on a purchase at newegg.com. The total purchase was just below $500. I was declined. I was really taken aback. I then put the purchase back through for a bit less than $400 and was again declined.

Bill Me Later has the right to decline a transaction for any reason, and I understand that. But this is TERRIBLE service. They are making money hand over fist, as they should be, but not treating their customers with respect or valuing their business. There's no reward for being a repeat customer, and in the past they have said on their site and through customer service that they review your BML history in relation to every credit decision. Well, not in my case.

While I can't prove it, I have a feeling that I have been declined simply because, over the past 2 years of being a client, they've not made a dime from me on interest. Asking Bill Me Later yields only this reply: You tried to purchase something too expensive, lower your purchase amount. Or: It’s the economy. Neither of which make sense if, indeed, your overall relationship with BML is taken into account and is positive.

Customer Service will not help, mo matter how nice (or angry) you become by their inability answer even basic questions. You will only get boilerplate responses and form email replies. And if you call, don’t be surprised if you hear what sounds like a party going on in the call center.

Based upon my experience - I would advise against using Bill Me Later. Use your credit card or debit card, get points and know exactly your credit limit and how the rules work. Let your credit card company report your good behavior to the credit bureaus, as Bill Me Later won't do that for you - and they really don’t care about service. The poor service alone makes the extra few months to pay something off completely not worth it.
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Posted by Carol25213 on 2009-06-30:
Same here, I been a Customer of theres for over 5 years now and have made 3 purchases from different places ranging from $350 to $500 on all three and I have paid them all off and no longer owe them a Balance and I hadn't used them for a year and a half and I needed some tires so I thought I'd use them to help me buy some tires and I got declined, when I asked why they gave me the run around and wouldn't give me actual reasons, they would just tell me there is usually various reasons for there decisions.
Posted by Wolfeschlegelsteinhausenberdorf on 2009-12-30:
I agree with you both buy some people don't know the half of it. "Bill-Me-later" will end up "Screwing-You-Later" if the situation arises. Here's what happen to me.

Bill Me Later has this sweet deal. You buy your stuff and they defer all payments and interest for 6 months on selected items. I couldn't resist so I bit. Well turns out I'm the sucker fish now.

One of two of my laptops went south a week after I had it. The vendor agreed to have it exchanged. The way they do it is, they process the return and order another one as new. When they went to charge the new one on my "Bill Me Later" account it was declined.

I have an A++ credit rating across the board. I have more credit then I’ll ever use and when I do use it, I've never missed a payment. Oh yea I'm employed and I make well above the average salary. So what's the friggen problem here?

Hp was nice enough to call "Bill Me Later" with both of us on the phone and they flat out refused to allow the transaction to go through stating that I didn't have enough credit history with them to allow another $2300.00 charge on my account. Well if that's the case, then why did you allow the first one go through for $4500.00+!! This is without a doubt the most insulting company I've ever dealt with.

The follow day I got an email from them stating that they're not a credit company and they don't set credit limits. This tells me that they didn't even attempt to get it authorized; rather, they just denied i for no apparent reason. I guess they don’t bother to even call the original credit company that they used for me for an approval. What kind of crap is that?

So be that as it may, I wiped out a credit card and charged the new laptop on one of the six on Visa credit cards I have. So because of this, now I loose big! Instead of having deferred payments and interest for 6 months, I have to belly up the cash to pay off one of the two laptops by the end of the month. Never again will I ever use “Bill Me Later”. It’s not worth it!
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Bill Me Later = Bill Me Forever
Posted by Byebyebml on 01/19/2008
SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS -- Bill Me Later (i.e. I4 or "Idiots 4ever") may be one of the worst-run organizations since the Soviet bloc collapsed. Here is my saga with this Citi, Chase, CIT, I4, etc.-backed loanshark.

I bought a GPS from OfficeMax on 11/26/2006 and opened up a Bill Me Later account at that point. Product was $229.99, $241.99 after MA tax/shipping.

I returned the item and OfficeMax (a great company) immediately issued a credit for the full amount ($241.99), including shipping and tax. Outstanding service on their part.

OfficeMax told Bill Me Later about this credit to my account, but Bill Me Later decided to start adding late fees. This is despite the fact that the only product I ever bought on their service was returned for a full refund.

Yet the Bill Me Later braintrust could not resist billing me late payments and interest ON late payments and interest. I called and asked what purchase I was late on paying and they went "Well, Sir, I's thinks this a problem." Could we speak some regular English, please? Anyhow, a rep took off everything and brought it down to a $0 balance (as required by the credit agreement).

So I got another bill with ANOTHER late fee and interest after this was supposedly fixed. I called a rep and was told that the notes showed I was correct and this should be fixed. So the rep again took off the charges and offered to close the account.

Yet ANOTHER bill arrived with MORE charges. I finally asked to talk to a supervisor who again took off all the charges. She said that this would be the end of the matter and apologized.

SO, now, over a year later, Bill Me Later has once again aced its SATs by putting me into collection with Penncro and Associates. I almost laughed when I called Penncro and found out that Bill Me Later was after me for $120 or so. The Penncro person asked for proof of the return and I had OfficeMax fax it right over (they seem to be the only ones who cared about the customer).

The Penncro rep also suggested that I deal with Bill Me Later directly. Fair enough. So I called them up and Bill Me Later's work-release staff told me that there was nothing they could do because the account was charged-off. I talked to a supervisor who said the same thing. She didn't know where her boss was at the moment, so I couldn't go any higher. I said "So you initiated the collection but you can't stop it?". They said yes and agreed that I didn't owe anything. But they didn't offer to contact Penncro and said that they had no access to my account. They told me to contact Penncro again... just circles and runarounds.

I checked my credit report and there is an inquiry from Penncro a few months ago. Great. Now the remedial reading staff at Bill Me Later is going to affect my credit score too.

These Bill Me Later fools wouldn't talk to me about my account? Yet they send a collection agency after me without being able to review my account? They had a collection agency call me at home, so I called up their entire Executive Board at their private office lines and left voicemails. If you call me at home, expect the same in return if you are in the wrong. Oh, the internet is a wonderful thing.

I have an attorney who says that I'm on rock-solid ground. I have documentation that cannot be disputed. I will do whatever it takes to get this straightened out and to ensure that everyone knows how Bill Me Later has misbehaved. It's always good to know the producer of a major network news magazine.

Bill Me Later promised to fix my account three times and all three were lies. Now they are trying to collect based on an order that was returned. The merchant is on my side! I gave the Nobel laureates at Bill Me Later so many chances to resolve this... they only have themselves to blame.

I have spent so much time on this that could be spent on other things. Now I see that I may be paying higher interest rates due to their credit inquiry. How do you spell L-I-A-B-L-E? Maybe I come across as harsh, but what did I do wrong? I ordered something, followed the return policy (which the merchant gladly honored), got a credit, and moved on with my life. Maybe I should have sent a babysitter over there to keep an eye on my account. You can't mess with people's credit and expect them to take it sitting down. They should send me a $500 for the trouble.

If you think that this is as big of a scam as I do, give their CFO a call at (443) 921-1900 x. 1922
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Posted by tnchuck100 on 2008-01-20:
Demand proof of the debt from Penncro and Associates. If this shows up on your credit report demand written verification from them as well. Do all correspondence with both only by certified mail/return receipt requested.

This could be worth considerably more than $500.00. Check with these sites for more information:

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Good luck.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-01-20:
Great well thought out post. Good Luck! VH
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-01-20:
not always is credit a good thing.
Posted by Ponie on 2008-01-20:
If you have a so-called attorney with whom you're consulting on this complaint, unless his name is Brodsky I don't think he'd be too happy to see this letter published.

I'm underwhelmed by your ability to get these confidential numbers.

'How do you spell L-I-A-B-L-E?' What (I think) you're trying to refer to is spelled: L-I-B-E-L. Check with your 'attorney.'

I'd be unhappy in this situation also, but wouldn't be so smart-aleky about it. What have you accomplished? More ulcers?
Posted by byebyebml on 2008-01-20:
Libel is based on making untrue statements. Truth is an absolute defense against charges of libel. Since I made true statements, I'm not worried.
Posted by HeatherFields on 2008-01-21:
I work for Bill Me Later and would be happy to speak with you about your situation. Please feel free to contact me at heather.fields@billmelater.com
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-01-21:
Byebyebml, please see the post at: http://www.my3cents.com/showReview.cgi?id=31806. HeatherFields runs around the Internet doing damage control for Bill Me Later.
Posted by Kurana on 2008-11-14:

Same thing happened to me!
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Bill Me Later & PayPal - Do Not Use Either
Posted by Kirouac on 08/17/2010
Be guided accordingly...BML and PayPal are finding ever so creative ways to pirate your money. Most documented problems have been PayPal passing on a purchase to BML. Here is the latter. I went through BML to a vendor website and made two purchases using my BML account. No denial...all approved. Turns out that the money was taken direct from my checking account. Once again, no signal, flag or othewise notification that this was not going on my BML account. This one company flying under two banners are low, sneaky and crooked. Fine print aside..this is an excuse to make your life miserable. Stay away from both!!! Class action lawsuit where are you?????
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Posted by Alain on 2010-08-18:
Speak to an attorney (using one that offers free consultation prior to engagement) about the possibilities for a lawsuit. They can advise you if it might have merit.
Posted by jamie menuez on 2013-05-19:
10 year, $10,000 paypal acc. holder, suddenly paypal says I have reached my $2,000 limit and need to be verified. They want my bank account number. (!!?!!) Called them, manager says this is to confirm who I am. Paid my bill in full every month for ever, suddenly they don't know who I am.
I said BS, tried BML and what a mess. Learned my lesson after 1 purchase, so opened a new paypal account to keep my bank account no. private, now those purchases go directly to BML.
Where is the BBB?
This is some kind of a scam, the BML invoice will be an Email, or a snail mail letter that looks like junk mail not a bill......Good bye EBAY, hello Amazon.
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Bill Me Later Late Fees
Posted by Dont Rip Me Off on 02/12/2010
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- Complaint Description:
In August of 2009, I made the required payment to my account. then at the end of August 2009, I set up automatic payments through my bank, which made my next payment. It was received a couple days early so the computer did not include it for the next month, September. I made my October payment at the end of September, November payment at end of October, Etc... Since it was done automatically I was unaware of the late fees that were being attached. I called on December 29 2009 and was told to send a letter in to their fax, 443-921-1996. I did so and received no reply. Called again on 1/16/10, was told same thing. Faxed again, no reply. 1/26/10 spoke with Debbie, refunded 1 late fee, refused rest, I asked for a manager, was told no and hung up on.

Called back and was transferred to Matt Benson, Supervisor in collections, He made another refund of 1 late payment, but refused rest, and would not let me speak to his supervisor. Called back again and left message for Supervisor to call me. Christine called me back and informed me there was nothing she could do. Refused to give me next supervisors number but said she was Gia and I left message for her to call and she never did. Christine acknowledged fax was received. I sent one on 12/29/09, 1/16/10, 1/26/10.

Called again on 2/2/10 and left message for Supervisor Seth to call, no response. My account is paid in full minus late fees/finance charges for late fees, and they have received a payment for every month without fail, even early, but they refuse to correct this and sent me a bill for $109.92. I called today and was told nothing could be done, refused to give me a supervisor and was told to make another Written request to remove the fees they charged me du to their acknowledged mistake.
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Bill Me Later - Is this Illegal?
Posted by Kaymee on 07/23/2009
TIMONIUM, MARYLAND -- I used Bill Me Later about a year ago and paid off the balance. Never heard anything from them. Used it recently to send flowers. Paid the amount of the sale immediately. Received no invoice or statement or notification from them. 2 months later I receive a statement saying I owe them $107.00. Say WHAT! I called to ask what was going on. They told me it's fees from last year accumulated and $25 monthly fee from recent purchase. I paid it off again (fuming) using my debit card. Then BML submitted monthly charges against an old bank account on file that was set up for a one time payment. Since the account has had nothing in it for quite some time, the charges bounced. Now I owe the bank $300 in charges and BML still thinks I owe them. Supposed to get call back from manager. Doubt I'll hear from them. I put in contact info in case you need it (though they were purchased by EBay, so not sure it's still valid). These people su-- and should be sued for dishonest billing practices, usorous interest rates and just plain 'ol thievery! Though the way they built up their company leads me to expect nothing but thievery! http://www.merchanttalk.com/2008/10/06/bill-me-later-fire-sale-to-ebay-prevents-sue-me-later/
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Posted by goduke on 2009-07-23:
I had never heard that they charge monthly just to be part of their credit system. Good to know. Hope it all works out.
Posted by tinydancer89 on 2009-07-23:
putting your contact info on a site like this probably isn't a great idea. it might be good to edit that out. you never know who could be lurking.
Posted by madconsumer on 2009-07-23:
did you cancel your contract/agreement with them?
Posted by HFields on 2009-07-25:
I work for Bill Me Later and have come across your comments. I would be happy to help follow up on this matter. Please feel free to contact me at your earliest convenience: Heather.Fields@billmelater.com

Heather Fields
Bill Me Later, Inc.
Posted by billmelatervictim on 2010-01-26:
I too have been a victim of this fraudulent bunch of criminals. They sent me a bill for something I didn't even order for $22. When I called and asked what it was for, they could not tell me and referred me to Overstock.com (another bunch of criminals) They agreed with me that they had no record of me buying anything from them. I contacted BML again, who finally said they would put the account in dispute until the matter was resolved.

A few days later, I get another bill from Bill Me Later for the original amount PLUS a $19 late fee! AND the notation that they had closed my account for non-payment. For something I never even bought! This isn't even legal. I guess they thought I would cave and pay it because of the relatively small amount, but they are sadly mistaken. It's time for a class action suit by any of their victims here in Georgia.
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Bill Me Later Is A Ripoff Company
Posted by Unleaded on 07/09/2008
Well here's my review of the biggest scam operation I've ever known. Bill Me later, and here's what happened. I got an email dated 7/8/08 from bill me later which says my statement was available to view online. Upon viewing it I see there is a late fee attached for what said that the payment was due on July 3rd. So they send me a payment update 5 days after the payment was due. So with that, my late fee was $19.00, upon which they increased my APR from 19.99% to 53.19%. Very criminal to me and very scammy, they sent me a payment due 5 days after the payment was due and then increased my interest rate 33%.

I have proof too (see below), as soon as I saw that I took a screenshot of it and I also have the email from July 8th which can be shown as the date the email for me to make a payment. They never called my house telling me my payment was past due, nor did they tell me through email either. They WAITED 5 days after the payment was due to tell me this, and I'm always making my payments on time. Don't use this scam operation, matter of fact I'm beginning to believe that all banks or lending institutions are scam operations who don't care about anything more than making a quick dollar. So if you've ever thought of using this garbage service, don't.

I should have just used my CC, which I had the option of doing, but even now I believe that Visa and MasterCard and all these banks are all crooked. Just remember one thing, THEY COULD CARE LESS ABOUT YOU.

They don't care, period, they only want to get your money, never forget this.

Bill Me Later - APR Increase - Ripoff
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-09:
Here is a link you may find helpful:

Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-10:
53%??? Holy moly! It has been my experience that the Buy Now, Pay Later stuff only means that you have longer to pay it off without some of the interest charges put on it. I did that a while ago with my bedroom furniture and they sent me a bill telling me I had to pay a small amount each month, starting the month I bought the bedroom furniture. Although it pinched a little, I paid them in full that same month.
Posted by DBone on 2008-07-10:
ARE YOUR SERIOUS? You were paying 20% on 15 Dollars!? If you would have paid the 15 dollars you wouldnt have had any fees or charges.
And any company with a the name "Bill me Later" stay away from.
Posted by HFields on 2008-07-10:
I work for Bill Me Later and came across your comment. I'd be happy to discuss this matter further. Please feel free to contact me via email: Heather.Fields@billmelater.com
Posted by DoTheMath on 2008-11-23:
Due to what appears to be a minimum $2 finance charge per billing statement you would get an effective 53.19% APR on a $45.12 balance figured as 2.00/45.12 for a monthly APR of 4.43% multiplied by 12 months for a 53.19% APR
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