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BingoNet..Canadian online Bingo with no Rules or Regulations
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After you join, you find out that the store is only open twice a month, with very limited Gift Certificates. 10 Seconds and they are out of stock. The store will tell you when you “try” to get your next Gift Certificate, right to the second. Don’t believe that, I have gotten in the store only to click on the Gift Certificate only to be told I cannot purchase. Support’s answer was that you cannot get a Gift Certificate until 24 hours after your 30 days? They will never admit that they have a problem and give you the Gift Certificate that you should have received. So which is it? Every 30 days or every Month and ½ for Gift Certificates? The “Cliques” on Bingonet do not have a problem with the store, raffles, tournaments or getting points, you can view their points on the top 10 every night or in the Bingonet league with year to date. Playing only a few hours they seem to have good cards every day, some more than 500,000 since January. I can't prove if there's cheating or not, but it makes you wonder.

Chat Abuse:
When I first started playing at Bingonet, I was confronted and followed by members of “Clique”. They are a main “clique” that makes rude, ugly & racial remarks when they find a target. I send an email to support. They reply that they would handle the situation. I had to change my BingoNet id and was told to use the ignore button. They gave an excuse that they thought I was someone else. So they allow this “clique” to abuse other players, the “abusees” should use the ignore button. Anyone who joins the site should be wary of the “cliques” (I won’t use their user names, but their room is OneLine, where you can find all of them” . These are long time players and seem to have the Management’s (Vera) support.

Managements Approval of Abuse:

I have seen where this “clique” has gotten so far out of hand with racial remarks, and physical threats on others that Vera (management) was called in. At first Vera threatens to remove their chat, then she stays to chat with the “clique”. Laughing and stating to the one that was abused to use the “ignore” button. She makes remarks such as: “if I was a player I would be in your group (clique)”

I have reported many abuses of other players, only to be told that they did not see any abuse in the chat log. I now know how to copy chat, alternate, control, print screen and paste into email or word document. This still will not do any good with Management. Chat rules change as they suit the management, and will never be written on the site.

Privacy Abuse:

In Bingonet’s Privacy Policy it states “ In addition, our employees and any 3rd parties are contractually bound to protect the confidentiality of your information and access is restricted to those with a need to know the information to carry out the identified purpose”

I have seen Vera (management) in chat state in chat when asked where a player is “ Let me check if she’s paid up” “yes she is, maybe she is sick” Also, “ this player that is saying she is leaving the site in chat, is the second highest paid out in GC’s $???.?? (gives the amount) for the year and has no room to talk about this site.” Also a CL when questioned on a player, stating “email me after this and I will give you her email address”? Where is the Confidentiality or Privacy? (management) conducts herself more like a player than the Manager.

Many players have Management & Employees of Bingonet on IM. I would like to know if any of the “cliques” are relatives, instead of friends of the management.

On May 21 2007, Vera the owners id was hacked on the site. The player using the ID, said their name was Bren and had permission to play under Veras name by Vera. Many suspect it was Vera’s grandchild. The CL on duty had to ban the ID to remove them from the site. Vera came in later, stating that it was a new player and she had given them her password by mistake. HOW SECURE IS THIS SITE. WHERE IS THE SECURITY IN KEEPING OUR PRIVATE INFORMATION SAFE. What other information could or did this person get into. I’m sure Management will cover the butts by having a player come in as saying they are new and somehow typed in Veras name and password. This is A BUSINESS and is not being run as a business. They should consider having this site run by other management.

Getting out:

The only way to get out of Bingonet is to change your Mastercard or Visa. Call them up and have your Card number changed, they will continue to charge your account if you don’t.

What can we do?

Mark Burgess is owner, as far as I know and still has address in US phone directory active as V3 Networks, 1101 Aviation Parkway, Morrisville, NC 27560, Phone (919)462-9652 not US phone number. I have written Mr. Burgess asking for all my Money back for these abuses, no reply. But now Bingonet states it is a Canadian Internet Company P O Box 1336 Smiths Falls, Ontario, K7A5C7 919-462-9652. I have been searching with no results for any US Federal Laws to make this Company adhere to their polices and make them accountable. And to provide all true policies, including Chat, Right of Players, Privacy, Code of Conduct, Store Policy, GC’s and Discrimination. US companies have to provide this, A Canadian Internet Company selling to US should have the same regulations.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/23/2007:
I thought online gambling within the USA is illegal now?
Pomona Guy on 05/23/2007:
Gambling is a vice. Pick up a new hobby like quilting.
Bubbles777 on 05/23/2007:
superbowl: I thought so too, but since they now state they are in Canada only, I guess they can have US players
Pomona Guy: you're right! But first I would like to make this company learn just one lesson, then quilting I will go.thanks
Anonymous on 05/23/2007:
And this is fun??
Anonymous on 05/24/2007:
Its stuff like this which makes me avoid Canada and anything Canada related. I think Canada should have its status as a sovereign country revoked. I'd be very interested in contributing to any cause that explored finding a way to evict them from the North American continent as well. And by that I mean causing a tectonic plate shift that would result in Canada splitting off from the rest of this fine continent and drifting off somewhere to be forgotten...much like Iceland or Ireland. They could call it poopieland.
BB317 on 05/26/2007:
As I am one of the people named in this I felt I should respond. The truth is where else can you play bingo for 24 hrs a day, if you want, for $11.50 a month and have a chance to win a giftcertificate. I suspect that you are one of the group that has been there for a long time. Jealousy and envy are what goes on there. If you are new a select group sends emails back and forth to each other telling them not to trust the new people. Heaven forbid if you win you are on the black list. I suspect your name there is either Alanjacksonfan,aka, oneaway,bluevelvet or sleepy or sandrac who knows but I say this,simple solution, if you don't like it don't play and grow up.
Amorak10 on 05/26/2007:
For one thing this is not considered gambling. We pay a quarterly fee, we play for points not cash. We do not pay per card. Winning a gift certificate is a bonus not a promise. Getting into the store and getting a G.C. is hard to do but ev1 has the same chance. Yes there is a limited amount of G.C's if not the company wouldn't be able to operate.If you get in on the 1st of the month and the month has 31 days then you can try again on the 1st of the next month, if the month has 30 days then you have to wait till the 16th. It isn't rocket science. I have never seen a CL say they would give out a players email addy, players have but never a CL. As far as the comment about the player with Vera's ID you should get the correct details about that first before commenting.The reason why the top 10 are usually the same every day is because they play during the night when there are fewer players on and play quite a few rooms, do you expect someone who plays 2 rooms to win as much as someone who plays 10 rooms for example. I have been in a room at 4 or 5am with one or two players only so is a lot easier to win. Yes there are "cliques" but there are cliques everywhere in society. and yes ppl everywhere make remarks about others it is part of life and yes it has always been dealt with according to what was said or even if it was reported in the first place so that the manager even knew about it. If every player the world over was kicked off a site for making remarks then the gaming internet would be a ghost town. As far as rebuttals go ppl should't assume they know who sent the report in without proof. As far as the comment stew made I can't tell you what I think of you because it would be censored so unless your comment has to do with the matter at hand keep it to yourself. signed Amo a Canadian
Bonkers on 05/26/2007:
I have been a member of Bingonet for years. I have never seen such goings on. The players there are wonderful. The CL's are great. Whoever you are, that is so unhappy with the site, why don't you just quit and get on with your life instead of trying to make everyone miserable? I hope that Vera finds out who you are before you quit and posts your name in the daily newsletter. Then throws your arse off of the site.
linda60 on 05/27/2007:
I play at this site (have for many years) and will continue to do so. The site has many fabulous players and the management is exceptional!!
dragonfly27 on 05/27/2007:
all you peeps that have posted rebuttles seem to have forgotton the trouble you've caused on this site, most of you have at least once have had chat cut, there's been a few that have even been banned, and you found a way to get back into the site and still cause problems for others in chat by talking in code and giving ppl nick names..... And yet you say that people write this stuff because they are jealous- jealous of what? the fact that you want to own one line room so you can continue to still bash players?
why does it bother you so much for someone else to voice their opinion, at least she did it off site and didn't cause an uproar on the site and she is not talking about it in chat and accusing someone that she suspects wrote the complaint like you all are" I almost feel like I'm playing at a Disney site with a bunch of children!!!!! as for vera not doing her job she deals with each situation that arises and it may not be to your liking but she does her job"

linda60 on 05/27/2007:
I have never been banned from the site or from the chat. I rebutted because I believe that Vera and the others are getting a bum rap. I enjoy playing on BingoNet and as I stated earlier will continue to do so.
Amorak10 on 05/27/2007:
I have never had my chat cut nor have I ever been banned and the players that did, it was in 2005 get over it already and quit living in the past.Must be nice to be so perfect. If the ppl complaining are too gutless to use their real nics then why should anyone listen to what you have to say. Stand up and be a man/woman about it.
Bubbles777 on 05/27/2007:
This site was a gambling site until recent gambling regulations forced them to change their status to an "entertainment" site only. Now Giving out only Gift Certicates from Major Stores instead of cash. Their Policies do state you can purchase Gift Certificates with points won, not that they are limited in store.
Bubbles777 on 05/27/2007:
BB317-Which one are you in the report named? Vera,Mark Burgess or the Clique? And why would you come in here to name names,keep witch hunts out of this report. Everyone has a right to their opinion, please keep yours without attacking others. There is 6 reports in rip-off report under BingoNet& v3 networks with many reports in BBB and BBB of canada. It's people like you that make others write these reports and write under assumed names.
BB317 on 05/27/2007:
I DON'T HAVE TO LOOK FAR TO FIND THE WITCH DO I? You have no problem using names so can I.
BB317 on 05/27/2007:
dragonfly : I have never been booted from the site either. I think you need to reread the post, It isn't the ones who are in one line saying stuff about vera it is the WHINNER.
Awake on 05/27/2007:
To these Posters that said: "I hope that Vera finds out who you are before you quit and posts your name in the daily newsletter. Then throws your arse off of the site." "I DON'T HAVE TO LOOK FAR TO FIND THE WITCH DO I?
I say to both of you, Freedom of Speech is what makes our Country, one of the greatest countries in the world. I researched this site and it does have other gripes as far as the year 2000. It doesn't seem to have hurt the site. Your words only makes one ponder what happened to the other posters. Did you cast the 1st stone, did you burn them at the stake? Did this make you a better person in your short life on earth? Please remember, this country was founded on the thought that 1 persons voice can make a difference. Our Troops are fighting and dying for other countries to have the same right. Perhaps this site will make changes to the better. If you like this site, then say so, if you play on this site but know of problems state so. But do not attack the poster or others that agree, this is their story and their opinions. It just makes you look like you are the ones that are some of the problems on this site.
Bonkers on 05/27/2007:
well awake, you are obviously asleep or don't belong to BingoNet, in which case... you should myob
Silent1 on 05/27/2007:
To quote the terms of this site, "Many complaints posted to are an historical 'snapshot' of an ongoing situation, as seen through the eyes and perception of an individual consumer, often with incomplete or inaccurate information at their disposal." This is a concerted attempt by one individual to not only gripe about a site, but to slander others. When I joined a year ago, certain players insisted I was someone else, but Bonkers, BB317, and Amorak among others were friendly enough to convince me to stay. Yes, BingoNet has problems that aren't being corrected as quickly as I'd like, and if they become intolerable, I'll quit. Each player has that right. What I find inexcusable are players who run to others, going 'Do you know what so-and-so said in that room?' There USED to be one supposedly uncensored room, that was shut down just because of such gossips. Wouldn't it be nice if a site that requires you to be at least 18 to join also required you to be a responsible adult, handling your own personality clashes instead of involving everyone else in the area, and running to Vera/Mommy to "take your side"?
Awake on 05/28/2007:
Bonkers, please read this sites rules. This is an open forum for everyone to express their opinion(s), not just for members of the site you play on. So please don't tell others to myob (mind your own business)This is quite rude.
hkeymom aka Kalela on 05/28/2007:
This all started when an email went out exposing a very evil, bitter, backstabbing person for what she really is, a person who thrives on starting trouble. The complaints against Bingonet has nothing to do with whether the site is good or bad. The original complaint has this person’s handwriting all over it and just as she has always done, she is using gullible people to do her dirty work for her. I know, because I was one of them at one time until I finally realized what she really was really about.

I have been playing at this site since it began many years ago and I have never seen the kind of BS that this person and her cronies are trying to start.

As for the gift cards, sometimes I get one and sometimes I don’t. It is no big deal if I don’t, I can always try two weeks later. Management is doing their all out best to keep this site for people who enjoy playing bingo up and running. Times have changed from when this site first started. There are no more freebies at any of the sites anymore and Bingonet should not be bashed because it is not the same site as when it first started.

In closing all I can say is I wish the Head Trouble Maker would take her cronies and fade into the sunset.
Ponie on 05/28/2007:
OK--I finally got it! Bubbles777 explained it all by saying 'There is 6 reports in rip-off report under BingoNet...' I've never registered to join that bunch of whiners, but read some of the stuff if I ever want my chuckle of the day. However, after about 10 minutes of reading, I don't get just a chuckle--I LOL!
Amorak10 on 05/28/2007:
well Ponie what you all don't know is every single one of those ppl that wrote a report before are all back at BingoNet playing again and have nothing but praise for the site now. When ppl get mad they say things in the heat of the moment.
Sick of this Scam Site!! on 01/07/2013:
And here it is 2013 and we still haven't been awarded our prizes ... gc ... for 2012 and 2011! And furthermore, we are paying $34.95/mo. .... $11.00 was a bargain in the OLD DAYS!!
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