Birch Creek Health and Weight Loss Retreat

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Birch Creek Health and Weight Loss Retreat
123 Birch Creek Road
Pine Hill, New York 12465
877-254-0070 (ph)
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PINE HILL, NEW YORK -- My Birch Creek Health and Weight Loss Retreat review is this: Don't go! It is nothing like the website. The people running it have no qualification that I could discover, and are indifferent to the clients once they have the money. My refund check bounced and contact has been ignored. When I was there, every single guest was leaving early or demanding a refund. The electricity is overloaded and circuits blow, the rooms are cold, and the plumbing is terrible. The juice (which is the main part of the program) is simply left out for the guests in plastic bottles, while the staff disappears for most of the day.

There is no consideration for existing health issues, which is completely irresponsible. There is something really fishy about this place, and in my opinion it is a scam.

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