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I Will Never Buy Bitdefender Again
By -

I've used Bitdefender for 3-4 years now. In the beginning, there were no problems, but the last year or so, it is just one issue after the other and the default solution from tech support seems to be, "reinstall". I have reinstalled the software at least a dozen times. The latest issue is that it just shuts down with no warning. You just happen to look at the status bar to see the little red ball is grayed out. The only solution is to reboot. If you look at their forum board (**), this problem has been going on since Nov 2009!! These are the instructions they sent for a previous problem.

"In order to solve this issue we would need more information about it: Please save the tool attached to this email. Change the extension into. zip, extract it and then run it. Go to the File tab and select Create Log File.
4. Run the tools on **. Send us the 3 reports created by the tools above."

One, why would you have to change an ext and two, windows would NOT let me run the zip file, saying it was a virus. This is what they sent for the random shutdown problem. All that and that's not even to FIX the problem, it's just to "further investigate". Sorry, but after 8 months, they should not only KNOW what the problem is, but have it fixed. Tech support is useless. Unfortunately, I bought a 3 yr license, but will NOT be renewing again.

Bitdefender Virus Protection Not!
By -

FLORIDA -- The product 2010 version wouldn't update. CSR had me reinstall 2010 version. Update tool was saying that it was a 2009 product even though I bought the antivirus 2010 product that continued to tell me to update. With their poor customer service this took two weeks, then to this day I have series of freezes and non-responsive programs. They always just had me run scanner, never took care of problems scanner displayed, automatic downloads took all day (Some never completed).

I spent close to two months with CSR after CSR, always being told that I would receive an email within 24 hours, but I wouldn't. They would have me doing things that were supposedly going to get rid of my problem but it seemed that the real reason was just to delay me (Took me past store refund time period.)!! I have asked for 20 supervisors who all seemed to be in a meeting 24 hrs a day. Then I told them that I would blog and charge collection from third party this is in the works. But I am taking it to all the right sites about their poor product and service. And I have kept my promise.

Their actions seem to me quite deliberately in my opinion take the money and run. I hardly understand what they are saying to me and seem to take up to ten minutes of my personal long distance per one question. “What is your email address please?” sometimes up to three times. “What is your name on account? Let me review your account. What is the problem you are experiencing? (Even though it has been documented and an Expert Technician is aware of problem and was going to get back to me previously on a ticket and I explained over, and over!).

This was a half hour right here. And what solutions they did send they don't read (form letter status- quo) and did not apply to me. Security product for internet? Product does not work! Company customer services are very poor. I have spent double of what I paid for product in long distance. They now aren't responding to email or the live chat service that they offer doesn't work as part of tech problem expressed.

There is no way to correct any technical problems with this company. You risk your personal information And Security with this company which (I have heard) is based in Romania. Fronting out of Florida. DO NOT USE THIS AWFUL, horribly exploitative, most aggravating product.

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