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Triple Charged Instead of Cancelled
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BANGOR, MAINE -- So I ordered and paid for tires online ,12/10. Totaled car 12/11, cancelled order. Received email stating order was cancelled. Looked at bank statement, was charged twice!!! Called and was transferred six times only to be told there was nothing they could do until that Monday. Christmas weekend, $675 in the hole with check charges adding up. A little upset, was I.

Supposedly, they straightened it out, but today I was charged AGAIN!!! Was told by representative I need to get a lawyer. What a bunch of useless tools! If I went there and took over a thousand dollars from them I'd be in jail. Instead I've got a ruined Christmas and a couple hundred bucks in check fees with still no satisfaction

Poor Repair Work Could Kill You!!
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My wife got a nail in one of her tires purchased from BJ's. They offer free flat repairs so she returned to have it fixed. About 4 days later she said the car was making a loud strange noise and shaking badly. I looked at the tire that they had repaired. Three lug nuts were missing and the other two were ready to come off. The sound she heard was the wheel wobbling ready to fall off. At highway speed this could lead to a serious accident or even death. We complained to the store manager. He apologized and offered a $50 gift certificate for our "inconvenience." Pleeeze! Their negligence could have resulted in someone's death.

The lawsuit would be much greater than the $50 dollars they offered. Fast forward. About 6 months later the car needed 4 new tires. BJ'S was offering $80 dollars off on 4 new Michelin tires. Not wanting to return to the same store for fear it may happen again we went to a store in another state. (PA to NJ) Four days after the purchase the same problem!! The lug nuts were loose and now two tires were ready to fall off. What is it with these people? This is a lawsuit waiting to happen and they don't care. Buyer beware. If you need tires DO NOT do business with these people.

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