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Blazer Premium Wood Stove Pellets
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WASHINGTON -- The first ton and half of pellets purchased was what the manufacture had termed it premium. The second half ton purchesed was not a preium product in that it was in quarter to three eights pieces and burned a lot faster and created a lot more of fly ash and did not generate as much heat without turning up on the burn zone. I have burned these pellets in my pellet stove the last two years and I think the last half ton is not representative of what is stated on the bag as preium. This is not a complaint but just an informational correspondence.

Thank you very much.
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trmn8r on 01/16/2012:
Consistency is the bane of a wood pellet manufacturer's existence. The question is whether this is characteristic or a rare blip - the answer is critical for the user. If it is characteristic, that manufacturer will be out of business soon. If it is a blip, most users will hang in there - most people become loyal to a brand after a period of success.

Often, if you run into a bunch of bad bags, the reseller will make good on them and charge the manufacturer. Did you try returning them?

Have you searched the internet to see what others say? I hang out at a(n unnamed) website for wood stove and pellet stove users that has a large and well-trafficked blog area. I've seen Blazers mentioned. It has a great search engine - just type in Blazers and go.
trmn8r on 01/16/2012:
I just looked at that website - there is a fellow on there who reviews wood pellets (manufacturers actually send him bags to sample burn them), and he rates Blazers well.

I'd really suggest contacting the retailer, or worst case the company itself, for possible compensation or at least to report the problem. Good luck.
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