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Blizzard does nothing to protect it's WoW Players.
Posted by on
Blizzard has done NOTHING to this guy who is harassing my boyfriend and I in the game.
This guy is repeatedly kicking us from the Wintergrasp raids and we can't get Honor kills from it. I'm sick and tired of this harassment! They don't even suspend him. He's done this several times already and we always get the same response 'Thank you for reporting this to us, we'll investigate blah blah....'
My boyfriend got reported for asking him on 4 different characters why he is kicking us.
.....I have also had problems in the past with someone who released my personal information in a VERY public place in the game World of warcraft. Blizzard did not do ANYTHING about this even though my boyfriend and I reported him.
He kept on posting it.

Please, if you have problems with blizzard corporation, comment and make your own complaint.
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User Replies:
Ytropious on 11/06/2009:
I'm not sure how WOW works but are you stealing his kills or getting in his way? I know in other MMORPGs it's common to kick people who are being stupid and annoying, maybe you guys are fitting that description. He's not on 24/7, I'd just do well to avoid the other player.
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
as for posting public information
I believe you can file charges on that.

though to be honest, the drama is one of the reasons why I'm glad I stopped playing MMORPG (EQ).
Skye on 11/07/2009:
Play on a different server.
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
and granted I only played eq and not wow but....

I don't think it's a rule violation to kick you out of a raid if he doesn't want to play with you

however it IS normally a rule violation to make multiple characters in order to to talk to someone who put you on ignore

I would suggest find another raid. sure you might not like it. the one he's on might be the only one you want but.... you cannot force someone else to play with you if he doesn't want to.

sometimes you just have to accept that.
goduke on 11/07/2009:
Why are you giving personal information to people who you've never met in person?
jktshff1 on 11/07/2009:
I have no idea what you are talking about, but it sounds a lot like M3C!! LOL!
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
same reason people post their full names phone numbers and emails here

sometimes people have no understanding that "if you post it online, it's no longer private"

one forurm I went to, one guy X freaked out accusing another poster Y of being an admin and breaking rules of privacy for posting personal stuff about the guy.

Y wrote back to call him a dumba$$ and said that EVERYTHING he'd posted about X had come from X's own posts.

X had no idea until then that he'd posted so much of his own personal info that people could do that to him.
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
KJT - maybe it's better than way.

if you get into online gaming like WOW or EQ it will try to suck your life dry.

and then you find yourself posting about how horrible people are for saying "Plz" and stuff like that.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
Other than reporting him to Blizzard, there's not really much else they can do other than tell you exactly what they've told you.
If this guy is being such a pain, you can always go to another server. Granted, it'll cost money; but if pvping in peace is really important to you, you just might have to do it.
Just leave this player alone, for a while, and maybe he'll go away once he sees he can't ruffle y'all's feathers anymore.
And remember; it's just a game. Have fun. If you find you're not having fun; stop playing for a while.
Sucks that this guy is being a pain over a game... but other than reporting him, you'd be stooping to his level by harassing him.
SilverWngs71 on 11/07/2009:
I have never played EQ or WoW. I do play Lineage 2 and NCSoft is pretty good at banning not only the toons but IP accts too. I have a total of 26 toons on 3 different servers. Yes, it can and has sucked the life out of me so I am on a mini vacation.

If you post personal things about yourself then they are no longer personal and anyone can use them to your disadvantage. Does WoW have forums where you can post your frustration. We have NCSoft techs/players that are monitors on the boards and any complaints they check into.

good luck.
old fart on 11/07/2009:
All you gamers are sick sad lonely people... nothing like the gentle, intelligent people found on M3C....
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
Excuse me, OF?
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
Are you in his clan or an alliance with his clan? if so, leave. For whatever reason, sounds like this clown is not going to stop annoying you. I don't play WoW, but have played PC MMORPG's since back in the days of Diablo.

I have played EQ2 since launch, and I have to tell you, WoW does attract more fools and "kids" than the EQ2 franchise. However, you are lucky that WoW is still large and popular enough it should be easy to switch clans. Good luck!
old fart on 11/07/2009:
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
*sniff sniff* I'm not lonely. I have a life. I don't let the game consume me. I play to have fun. If I'm not having fun, I don't play.
You're right about the "kids" part, Raven. Good grief, some people get so sucked into the game and get so bent out of shape about the stupidst stuff. I just laugh and continue on my merry way.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
I hear you, bear. For a while now, I have only really had time to play on weekends. I still see nonsense in level and zone chat, but NOTHING like WoW. I tried that game twice and between the cartoony graphics and kids spewing leet speak I got bored fast.
DebtorBasher on 11/07/2009:
There there Bear *Patting Bear on the back* Don't let the big mean Old F bully you, he's just upset that he plays a card game that no one ever heard of with his family and losese to the gals. It'll be alright, you have friends here.
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
*hugs bkk*
you're one of the lucky ones

I wasn't as lucky I think. I only dropped eq because my computer was stolen (this was back in 04). about once a year or so I'll still have a dream about being in the game.

these days I just play text-only games (MUDs). partly because it's free, and partly because ... eh. it's fun too.

and we don't get as many of the "plz plz plz" crowd, cos most of them wouldn't be caught dead playing a text-only game anyway *grin*

heck come on into my game "ancient anguish"
you'd like my guild name - "The Bear guild" >:-)
old fart on 11/07/2009:
Basher.. It take a "real" man to play EUCHRE with a bunch of Polack women..and you get to hold the cards in your hand and slam them down on the table when you make a "lone" hand...
Not just see some superhero dude flit across a lit computer monitor..
I pity you young 'uns,...
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
hey my ranger is sexy!

I'll have to take another snapshot of her tho. hold on...
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
I prefer a good game of Hand and Foot, OF. :-)
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:

now THAT is one sexy ranger!
and her pet dog!
Principissa on 11/07/2009:
My husband plays WoW and he told me that in situations like this /ignore is your best friend. He's run into people like this and honestly, it's best to report and ignore. Can you do that? He also said that if he's in a guild with you to report him to your GM and see if that will help or you can /gquit and go somewhere else.
old fart on 11/07/2009:
Bearkat... I've heard of the game and it is popular around here...
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
Yup, Princi, there's that option as well.
You get the little immature players that, I don't know how they survive enough in the real world, are annoying little poo's... yes, the ignore button is your friend.
From what I'm understanding of the OP's post, just sounds like some random douchebag that somehow got ticked off at the players. That part isn't explained on how it all started. Doesn't sound like a guildie. Could be an ex guildie.
Principissa on 11/07/2009:
BTW, while I don't personally play WoW, my hubby does, and he is not a sad and lonely person, quite the opposite. He just does it on his days off while I'm watching things on TV that he doesn't like. I too play video games and am not a sad lonely person. It's a nice break from the same old routine, volunteering, kids, errands, chores, PTA. This week alone I clocked in 40 volunteer hours with the schools and PTA, I don't think that's the definition of lonely.
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
however it's best to stop making new alts to talk to him
cos it sounds like he has you on /ignore

as I said before I'm sure WOW has that rule... I know EQ and AA both have it, to in aa it's called "squelch".

in fact in AA you can see why individual players have gotten in trouble. just checked the "recent demotions" list and one guy was archkilled (aka banned) for 2 weeks for circumventing a squelch.
Principissa on 11/07/2009:
Maybe, but I still think they should ignore him. If he's not outright threatening them, there is not much the game mod's will do. Is it annoying, sure, but like hubby said, it's best to ignore and move on.
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
which reminds me....

anyone here watch "The Guild"?
it's all about people who play WOW

sounds like a good time to watch "Do you want to date my avatar?" >;-)

got to love felicia day. ;-) she's funny
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
Like I said in my first comment; just ignore him and maybe he'll go away.

I've seen that video, Pepper... it's funny.

I can't count the many times I've been hit on, in game. And, I wonder how these people know I'm really a girl playing a girl. My bf plays a girl. Though, while a majority of my guild is full of girls (which is unusual), the few guys that are in there, have at least one or two alts that are girls. It's funny.
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
actually a lot of guys play girls
some claim they get more freebies from other players. one man said he simply would rather stare at a girl's butt than a man's (he preferred the behind-the-character view).

I know of one kid who was in his early teens (maybe 15 at the latest) who was prolly horrified to find out his in-game wife was a man in his early 20s. especially after one of the guys who played the character (they shared the account sometimes) was talking suggestively to him.

I only know cos they were bragging about it later in regular life.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
"actually a lot of guys play girls"

I know, Pepper. The point I was making was how does the player who's hitting on me, know I'm a girl playing a girl. I could be a guy playing a girl. I'm not. :-) My bf plays girls. My ex bf (the one who got me into playing Wow, going on 5 years) plays girls.

A friend of mine likes to play the girls cuz he likes to undress them. Especially, the night elf girls. They dance like strippers, all they're missing is the pole.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
It's part of online gaming,if a certain host doesn't want you on his/her server then they can kick you,assuming WOW is like a Call of Duty server....
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
train... if I'm not mistaken wow uses official game servers and not user-made servers

granted I know it's possible to run your own servers, but you can't get any GM assistance on it since its against the rules.

One of the guys on my last ship said he used to run his own server.. and that he knew the GM commands better than the GMs did. He said he was on a legit server once, had to contact a GM for assistance, and then had to tell the GM what codes to type in.

The GM threatened to ban him over it, saying it revealed that my shipmate was breaking rules in running his own server. My shipmate called his bluff pretty much, pointing out that it would make Blizzard aware that the GM didn't know his job as well as a player did. So the issue was dropped.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
A little different than that, trainwreck. thousands of folks play on one server. You have to be invited to a raid to go. Once invited, and I am assuming either right before the major kill, the fool is kicking people. Mean spirited and poor sportsmanship.

Much like in EQ2 in a PUG when loot is set to leader only and the leader kicks folks before distributing loot. Gets them a bad rep fast!
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
Well, a player can't be kicked from the server by another player... Wintergrasp is a pvp zone, and players can be kicked from a battleground by other players but not the server; in Wow. When the "Battle for Wintergrasp" starts. Depending on what type of server the OP plays in... pvp, pve, rp, normal... so on and so forth.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
I never got in to WOW to boring and lagy way to many nerds on there that take the game to serious. I'll take COD over it any day. COD 4 days away WoooHooo.
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
raven - depends on why he's kicking them too.

we only heard their side, but... he could always be kicking them for other reasons such as being annoying or playing badly.

or perhaps there is drama that the OP isn't telling us about that might be leading the other player to not want to deal with them anymore.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
Yup... there's always two sides to every story, Pepper.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
Same here Wally...I have a friend (who is a little geeky) that is going to Game Stop @ midnight on Monday to get his copy of MW2....
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
I once stood in line till midnight to pick up halo 2 was the biggest waste of time. Never did it again the game sucked.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
I have only played the demo for Halo 1...not into science fiction type games/shows at all.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
I have a Nintendo wii also, so I cannot wait for that new Mario game to come out oh and assassins creed 2 for the 360.
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
now halo can be fun - at least the guys I worked with loved it but that was also because they'd run cat-5 through the workshop and had grabbed their own router so they could have 4 people playing at once.

not me tho, I'm rubbish at fps
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
I can't stand, Halo.
OOooh, yes, Assassins Creed 2.
CrazyRedHead on 11/07/2009:
I play WOW and you should put him on ignore and if that doesn't work switch to another server. I know that's easier said than done especially if you have a high level character and/or are in a guild and have made friends. It is true that ignore is your best friend.
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
can you switch characters to other servers?
I know in EQ you can. I switched my main over once to join some friends
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
You can, Pepper. Though, it depends on what server the OP is coming from. Like, if you're on a normal server, you can't move to a pvp or pve server. But, if you're on a pvp server, you can move to a normal server or another pvp server. And it costs money.
And, once you do it, you can't do it again for another month.
laklisa on 11/07/2009:
My brother and nieces are into Guildwars and can sit a good part of the day playing the games. Me personally I like to play Battlefield every once in a while.
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
ah I wouldn't know much bout that then. I never played pvp but it makes sense. cos if you could, then you could level up and switch over and beat the crap out of people who were leveling up the hard way.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
Yup. Trying to level on a pvp server is a nightmare. But, when you do eventually, finally get to 80... then it's your turn to be the pain that ganks the opposite faction players. :-)
I've played Guild Wars. It was fun for a little bit, but got boring. Pretty much like City of Heroes and City of Villians. Just got boring quick.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
I agree, Pepper. usually, these things involve drama on both sides, IMHO
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
could be a friendship (or more) gone bad as far as we know.

had that happen myself. had a major (and permanent) falling out with a friend and he took it in game - anyone in his guild who was caught talking to me or one of my alts would be kicked from the guild and likewise ignored by the entire guild. actually he kind of did that in real life too

and although he was an a$$ - and a liar, cos he once gave a big speech on how he'd never act like that - what he did wasn't against the rules.

though in the long run he actually lost a lot of respect, maybe not outside his clique, but with others yes.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
I don't know anything about online gaming, but can't you just kill the guy messing with you? Or kick him off? Or get others to gang up with you against him?

Again, I know nothing about online games. I play Chinese Checkers on my system, but not online....
Principissa on 11/07/2009:
I still don't understand why they went and logged into 4 different characters to ask this guy why he did what he did. It almost sounds like the person the poster is complaining about kicked them out or did something to upset them, they logged into 4 different characters to harass him about why he did it. Seriously, it sounds like they were harassing him, not the other way around. That is if I read it right. It sounds like the guy did the /ignore thing to them and now they won't leave him alone. It's a game guys, it's not real life, he kicked you out of a raid for whatever reason he kicked you out for, time to move on and leave him alone.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
Princi, you're right. Logging into four toons and 'griefing" the person who kicked them is ALWAYS an actionable offense. The griefer can be suspend, banned, etc depending on the games policies as well as the griefers history of offenses.
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
mundo - not always. you have to be on a player-vs-player server to kill another character.

otherwise player-killing can be harassment.
Anonymous on 11/07/2009:
When you pvp, you can only kill the opposite faction players, not your own. The only time you can do damage to your faction players is if you dual them; but, you can't kill them. You just beat on them 'til they're close to dead. And, then you win.
PepperElf on 11/07/2009:
I was thinking PVP everquest style where it's only based on killing others.

as well as in AA, where SK (the society of killers) basically kill each other off too. in fact you can get stuck in SK if you try to player kill too many times.
MacOSXpert on 12/21/2009:
I was/am very strict with my personal information, Although there can be cruel people in the world who would tell others about you if say, your friendship ends.
(I'm pretty sure I've replied to all these comments before, someone must have reported them as spam.
MacOSXpert on 12/21/2009:
This guy that's been harassing my boyfriend and I has branched out to disbanding WG raids (kicking everyone from WG groups) and being a jerk to hundreds of others, as for me?
I've canceled my WoW account.
jimbob01 on 02/10/2010:
well folks, I've played warcraft for 5 years so I would say that makes me an expert.

on top of the terrible customer support that I've received from GMs and tech support which includes several blatant lies contradicted by their own employees I have to say the game rocks. That is if you ignore the constant psychological minipulation of players via the steady drip of success - youl only have to play another month to get that thing you want which will make you as good as the rich kids or the GMs themselves.

Basically called marketing and generally frowned upon when levied at children anywhere in the world, it seems that blizzard is impervious to moral/ethical standards of any kind, this is a tough accusation but easy to back up when you consider blizzard actively bans people for trying to get ahead and constantly seeks to make success harder (too many examples of this to mention).

if you have children do not let them anywhere near blizzard entertainment products, take it from one rehabilitated addict, this stuff is as hard to shake off as any substance abuse problem and wastes far more of your life.
MacOSXpert on 04/20/2010:
I hear you jimbob01, I bounce back and forth to playing WoW, recently my forum account was banned for saying 'what stupid questions were answered' regarding the recent blizzard Q&A developer chat on twitter.
Starlord on 04/20/2010:
I don't play multi-player computer games since I tried Airwar - Europe. I have my Luxor - Amun Rising and Bejeweled 2 and Twist on the computer and Perfect Dark on Nintendo 64. I onlt wish to compete against myself. I salute to people who play what is it, MMORPGs?
PepperElf on 04/20/2010:
I still don't see how it's harassment for someone to say "I don't want to play with you" and kick you from their group/raid.

if it's their raid why should they have to be forced to let people join in if they dislike that person?

if anything wouldn't it be harassment to try to force someone else into playing with you when they don't want to?

and even in my text-only game, it's against the rules to make multiple characters to circumvent someone who has you on ignore.

you can get arch-killed (temporary banishment) or completely banned (including all alts) for continued offenses.
bargod on 04/20/2010:
Form your own guild and start your own raids. Wouldn't that solve it?
MacOSXpert on 04/20/2010:
No, this was a public thing where if you wanted to do that thing (to help your faction defeat the other faction to get a buff for the faction you play on) you join, but this guy somehow got raid leader of the automatically set up by server raid and kicked me and my bf.
His Guild master told him to cut it out and I haven't heard many people complaining about him, but I just don't do that anymore, thanks to him.
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Charging Credit card but Blocking access
Posted by on
92623, CALIFORNIA -- I have been playing World of warcraft for a year since last and pay for $ 14.99 monthly, this happen a week ago. The admin block my access for security reason, I don't understand what they mean by that, they still charge my credit card this month but block me to access, I called them and they request my ID, I fax my driving license, by the way my license is from Singapore cause I live in Singapore and I fax my credit card that pay for that entertaiment monthly for over a year. I feel like Blizzard is a racial company that not allow other country player? Any suggestion for my case, I do not know where other place to tell this problem, and what can I do?
Read 6 RepliesAdd reply
User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/21/2006:
My son plays Warcraft online too, he says they can block access if you violate their "terms of service" or if they think they caught you cheating or abusing another player. They should let you know why though I would think. You might try calling your credit card and see if they will help you block the charges, credit card companies stink at that these days though so good luck. Sorry you feel like it is racial, I hope it is just bad customer service and you get it all worked out.
KenPC on 02/21/2006:
With WoW you pay in advance. The previous poster is correct that you will be barred for cheating, or offensive behavior. The terms and conditions (which you agreed to) state that in this case, you are not entitled to a refund.

Now if you get charged again next month, and still don't have access, then you have a legitimate complaint. While you are waiting, you might give some consideration to the reason(s) they banned you. I am sure that you know well what they are.
tander on 02/21/2006:
Almost all of them gaming sites will block you, if you abuse their terms of service. I'm sure the posting has an idea to why, usually it's for 48 hours or sometimes longer, it depends what you did.
airmails on 02/23/2006:
I fax my driving license ID to them and they can see my picture, by the way I did not use any illegal software or against their rule, on my ID I have only 1 name and that I have 1 name since I was born, I do not know why they keep asking ID and have to verify by a lawyer, I ask them to call the Singapore authority if doubt my ID, they can just tell My ID numbers, but they don't bother about that and keep talking about security ID to verify the right owner of the account, I told them for over 1 year I paid this account , I even fax my credit card, after than no answer from them, so I block my credit card payment,I think nothing for them with 1 account closed but I feel they not fair to me, for over 1 year I play since they just start the game and now they juat block and not allow me to play, You can ask them if I violate any of their rules, they know my email address "" they don't have reason just said must have lawyer verify on my ID, before they say can use driving license than now must have lawyer verify, I think later they will ask must be US lawyer or the lawyer not reconice by them. You think this only their reason to kick me out after see my driving license? I don't think they do ask all the users for their ID.
sergheibr on 10/03/2006:
I don't think it's racial.It's probably an extra security measure. Sure you haven't broken anything from terms of service?
Lori1972 on 10/20/2007:
if I were you I would contact your credit card company and tell them you are being charged for something that you don't have access to and see if they can cancel it or issue you a new card or something cause I have many friends on world of warcraft that is in different countries and they play their accounts with no problem
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