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Blockbuster Express Issues Fraudulent Charges Against Accounts
By -

I rented a movie for $1 on the Internet on 7/10 via their website I picked up the movie (DVD) at the machine located at Tops Super Foods. I watched the movie and returned it to the machine before 9 PM on 7/11 so there would be on charge. The movie was a 24 hour rental due before 9PM.

I mistakenly inserted the container without the actual DVD and got a message no DVD was included but the container was not returned. The machine should return the container as without it, there is no way to return the DVD. Anyway, I went into the store and the clerk told me this had been done before, she even showed me DVD's in plastic bags. The clerk told me to bring the DVD back in a plastic bag. I went home immediate, got the DVD and returned to the store in a zip lock bag, before 9 PM on 7/11, with a copy of my online rental receipt so there would be no mistake it was my movie being returned ON TIME.

When I got home, I also email Blockbuster Express via the website that I had done this. That I mistakenly had put the container in without the DVD but that the DVD was in the store in a plastic bag with my online rental receipt. The next week I noticed two charges of $1.06 each were pending my bank account (on hold) for the one night rental and one night late fee on this movie. I emailed Blockbuster customer service and never got a response, but the late charge both charges were deleted from my account on hold and not applied to my balance.

Now over 2 weeks later, I got a charge back on the $1.06 rental plus now I am got billed $26.50 for the movie. I called Blockbuster 800 number, and they said they couldn't do anything that the store had to call them. I went to the store and they said the Blockbuster guy that checks the machine had been there twice but refused to take mine or another movie with the same problem. They called the help desk and was told I had to call Blockbuster, but I had and the help desk (I think I got India) said the store had to call them.

Last week I again emailed Blockbuster Customer service explaining the movie was at the store inside awaiting pickup and that their representative had refused to take it back. He allegedly said he had to talk to his supervisor. I also went back to the store yesterday and the movie is still there. But this is plain old fraud. I returned the movie and on time. I have emailed and called Blockbuster.

The store keeps giving me the runaround. They claim it isn't their business, yet the machine is on their property and they took the DVD. It sits under the cash register's desk at the store. And I have paid $26.50 for a movie I returned on time. Plus as of 8/23, there are DUPLICATE charges against my bank card for this rental. And when I called today, they couldn't understand why, but they couldn't do anything either. Firms that use India for customer service calls should state so in their contracts. I know I would not use them.

Blockbuster Customer Service
By -

Blockbuster's service has gone to pot over the past couple months. Understand that I have received quite a number of responses over the past couple months. Every one of them tries to come up with a possible explanation for the latest example I wrote to you about. Not one person has taken the time to look at the big picture.

Here goes one last time before I cancel and go back to Netflix… There have always been more than enough movies in my queue and the top ones are always available. The representative who creatively explained that my problem was that the ones at the top weren't available until tomorrow has no idea that Tuesday's releases are available by mail on Monday. This is scary because there aren't that many policies he needs to know to do his job. I never add new releases to my queue until the weekend before their release.

For years and years and years, aside from at most a handful of times, every time I dropped a movie off at the store, a replacement was shipped to me the very next day. ALWAYS. For at least the past two months, nothing is ever shipped the next day, nothing is ever shipped the day after that, and on the third day I usually receive an email saying that the movie I returned to the store has been received by your warehouse. I don't care about this and I turned this email notice off in my online options many years ago, but for some reason at the same time my problems began, I started receiving these notices again.

Anyway, on the third or fourth day I am usually sent one or two movies and a few days later the remainder. Every weekend I add the big name releases that are releasing on Tuesday and move them to the top, so my queue is not filled with obscure titles that need to be shipped cross country. As I stated previously, if I returned my three movies over the weekend, three of the new releases were always shipped to me on Monday. ALWAYS. For the past few months, not one time have they all been shipped to me by the end of the day Wednesday. I will ask again.

Can someone please pass this problem up to someone with authority past the level where the representative has the choice of a dozen canned responses to choose from. This is not an isolated instance. I want to know what changed over there that made a great service a horrible one. Thank you… again. Oh, and please DO NOT say “please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with” unless you actually help me this time. Thanks.

Incident - the Hardy Boys - Scratched Disc Received
By -

I tried several times yesterday Sat May 16, 2009 to report the problem on your website but your website was down for "remodeling" to improve your customer experience. I pay for and enjoy watching the DVD's on my free time - weekends. I had no idea that I could not report the problem after I returned a video. BLOCKBUSTER Total Access Premium, $34.99 / month (plus taxes), 3 at-a-time, unlimited mailings, unlimited in-store movie exchanges. I would suggest you email these kind of requirements when enrollment begins or as you change the rules, not when a problem arises.

It makes it seem as if you do not care about your customers problems as much as you care about not being wrong. I would ask that you send me 2 coupons because the Hardy Boys was a 2 disc series and I was unable to watch the series as well as unable to report the problem (due to no fault of my own) and I got no empathy (from Customer Care Rep **) for the problem, just excuses which really makes me want to change to Netflix. As a courtesy I'd like to request you forward my complaint to a supervisor. I am very disappointed in the response I received from **.

I paid for the Total Access Premium so I could receive undamaged DVD's in the mail and then return them to the store for a free in-store rental. I find it humorous ** suggests my regular service as a solution to being shipped damaged DVD. Is that Blockbuster's official answer to shipping damaged DVD's instead of workable ones? I don't think that's what I signed up to get and I believe it may be illegal to falsely charge for a DVD rental and send unworkable DVD's with no reimbursement for the charge of the rental. I appreciate you sending this letter to ** superior and hopefully they will respond in a more caring fashion then she did. Her signature is very disingenuous.

Blockbuster Took My Money
By -

SEFFNER, FLORIDA -- The Blockbuster store I am complaining about store #12377. It is located at 806 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Seffner, FL 33584. I have been a Blockbuster customer for years and have never had a problem in any store I have gone into. I moved, and decided to go to above store; however I couldn't find my card. I have always been able to use my Driver's License, but the guy at the counter said he couldn't find my account, so I reopened another account at that location.

I gave them my debit card information with the understanding that they were a legitimate, respected company and would use the information responsibly. I rented a couple of movies, and left them on the roof of my car as I drove off. They charged my card and then I proceed to rent more movies there. I usually rent about 5 at a time. I rented a few with no problems, and lo and behold after just a couple of times renting at this store, they are now claiming I did not return a movie. I was checking my bank account online, and noticed a $10.69 charge from Blockbusters.

I didn't know what this charge was so I called and spoke with one of the associates. He informed me the charge was from Dora the Explorer that I did not return. I specifically remember returning that movie, because at first I couldn't find the case and had to search my son's room for it. I found it and when we got to Blockbusters I put the movies in the drop box and my son got all upset because he thought I threw his Dora movie away. I told him that I returned that movie and he said he would look.

While I was on hold, I thought about it and I never received a phone call from them telling me I had a movie out late. I had recently changed my cell phone service and got a new phone number, so I thought that I hadn't updated my phone number. When he came back and told me he couldn't find it, I asked him to update my phone number. He sighed and asked me what my number was and I gave it to him. He said that was the number that they had on file for me.

I didn't specifically ever remember giving them my phone number, but asked him if they had my correct phone number why I didn't receive a phone call about an overdue movie. I may have been able to get this fixed 2 weeks ago. He then told me that the computer shows they did call me, and mentioned that I had a movie out that was one day overdue, and that I would start receiving phone calls tomorrow about it. I went on about the movie I just paid for that I do not have. He said he looked and they didn't have it in their store. I told him that I would be in, to find out more about this.

I went in and told him that I wanted him to find my movie. He took me to shelf where it would be and showed me that it was not there. He said that when I spoke with him on the phone that he looked in a mix match drawer. I asked him to look again, and he did not. I asked him if they had a defective drawer that it could have gotten thrown in and he didn't respond and walked behind the counter to talk to another associate. He told me I could talk to the store manager tomorrow.

It concerned me that he said my number was correct in the system, even though I didn't receive any calls, that he says that computer shows that I did get, and also that he made no effort to look for the movie while I was in the store. When I left and got home, I thought about it and regardless if I could get this problem resolved store level, I would never return to that store again, because I think that something is not right there, I don't think they look for movies, or care, or try and cover up their own mistakes at the expense of the customer.

So I went online and emailed Blockbusters and explained the situation and told that I would never return to the store again, however whether or not I continue going to any Blockbusters ever again is dependent on whether or not I get my $10.69 back.

I told them that there are way too many options out there to continue going to a company that took my money, which is what they did, because they took my money and I received no benefit at all from it. I don't have the movie but I'm out $10.69. They have my movie somewhere and now have an extra $10.69. The next day I returned the movies that I had previously rented. When I returned my other movies and asked the girl at the counter to give me documentation that I returned these movies, she asked the same guy that I spoke with the day before how to do it, and he told her to print a history.

She did and handed the receipt to me. It had notes on the receipt that he had put on my account about my visit with him yesterday, saying that I was upset and rude to him. I was absolutely upset, he was telling me I didn't return a movie, that I did- he was telling me I got phone calls that I did not receive, and would not look for my movie while I was there in the store, even though he claimed to look for it while I was on the phone. I just kind of chuckled when I saw the comments on the receipt because in the end I get the last laugh.

There went a large amount of money that I would have put into that store. One day he will grow up and realize that it's customers that give him a paycheck, and if he continues acting the way he does and loses more customers, he's going to be looking for a new job when it shuts down because it's not making any money. He can say what he wants about me, in the end I'm one of the reasons he got a paycheck and that reason is gone.

Though it doesn't seem like a lot of money, it's still my money. I work too hard for my money, for someone to just take it for no reason. I don't have $10.69 to just throw away. I have not received a phone call as of yet about my complaint so I guess Blockbusters doesn't care if yet another customer is gone, because they got their $10.69. I will now post this on any consumer complaint board that I can find online.

Bad Business-Discrimination
By -

PATHOGUE, NEW YORK -- I am writing to express concerns of a recent incident that occurred at Blockbuster in Patchogue NY, on 11/05/2010 at 10:30 P.M. The treatment we received has left us greatly disappointed. On the above mentioned date my husband and I took our 7 year old daughter to Blockbuster to rent movies as part of our normal weekend routine. Unfortunately we had spent some time reviewing the new releases when our daughter requested that she badly needed to use the lavatory. We asked our daughter to wait a little until we can speak with someone who can help us.

We were also faced with the fact that we do live several miles away from Blockbuster and we would not possibly make it home in time for her to use the bathroom. As we were almost nearing the time to purchase our order, my husband decided to ask one of the employees if our daughter would be able to use their bathroom. But without any hesitation, the employee named ** quickly responded that they do not have a bathroom on the premise. With that information being conveyed, our daughter felt that she didn't have a choice but to wait. However she remained in tremendous discomfort.

As a few more minutes passed, we could not wait any longer. Our daughter began crying hysterically as she expressed that she was experiencing a great deal of pain. We then dropped our movies on the counter and quickly left. All the way home we tried comforting her but nevertheless, she ended up defecating on herself which happens to be several miles away from home.

My husband and I could not believe that Blockbuster, a business open to the public does not have a bathroom for customers' use. This is also with thought that many people including ourselves spend a descent amount of time with their children shopping for movies at Blockbuster. This is certainly not good business practice and quite frankly, a matter of discrimination. We strongly concluded that to deprive a seven year old little girl the use of a bathroom, is clearly unethical and discriminatory.

Our belief was later supported when we spoke to the manager ** and he informed us that they do have a bathroom, but only for private use. So what happens here when a child needs to use the bathroom? Are they suggesting that they should hold it and go elsewhere?

No Compassion.
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I tried to redeem an e-reward which costs $25 for two previously reviewed DVDs. The Blockbuster store would not honor them. ** staff leader said sorry these expired a couple days ago. I tearfully explained my father-in-law passed away, and we had to rent a house so we could be close to my husband's mother and take care of things and that we had just gotten back. My library books were overdue, etc.

He never said sorry for your loss... "Yeah, well, here, I can't accept this.” I asked to see the manager.. he said he was it. But graciously offered the corporate phone number. I called corporate Blockbuster 1-866-692-2789, Spoke to **. I could barely tell my story the loss, etc. The Corporate ALLEGED customer service **, tried to tell me I was not really out twenty five dollars since it was a reward.

Yeah well **, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, YOU will really be out any future income streams from my NOT using BlockBuster. I'm taking my business elsewhere. You should too. WTF? What are they thinking. For twenty five dollars after a family tragedy. ** gave me the mumbo jumbo corporate speak about they did not actually issue the coupon codes so they can't reissue. There is no special code or account they can do? How compassionate. THEY OFFERED NOTHING. NOT MY PROBLEM. You want a decent company.. try RED BOX. It is a dollar a day. You can reserve your movie in advance.

FOR Twenty five dollars, I can assure you I will not use Blockbuster and I will be sure to repeat how horrible they are to everyone within earshot. Hi, how you been? Fine well except my father in law died. My father in law was in a skilled nursing facility and his wife had to call 911 because they were not taking care of him... he was taken to the hospital where they discovered he only ad 6 pints of blood. No one cares any more. No one is responsible. The employer asked the widow for $600 back that her husband had donated to charity in this last check. Can you believe that.

Blockbuster video would not honor my reward because I was a couple days late getting to the video store. At a time like this the family could have used a few laughs. When times are bad, you find out who is decent and who is not. BLOCKBUSTER is not kind. They do not care. They Hide behind codes, etc. and do not stop to think about the person in front of them. I had a legitimate reward I earned. To ** it wasn't real money I was out. What a response.

Three Strikes and Out
By -

LANGHORNE, PENNSYLVANIA -- My husband and I have tried on several occasions to purchase different items at Blockbuster, never leaving the store satisfied. Last Friday we went to purchase a new Panasonic flat-screen TV which was advertised at a selling price of $999.00. At the time we were told there were four in the warehouse and forty-six in another part of the country. We had questions as to the hookup, what other things were necessary to install it and the consult. "Take your time,” said the young man. “You can come back at the beginning of the week as the sale is on until January 25.”

We returned on the following Monday only to be told that there were no more and that there should be a truck arriving with four more to be purchased... should arrive by Wednesday. We were advised to call minutes after the 10:00 A.M. opening to see if they had arrived. My husband did just that and was told they no longer were available. Why after dealing with three salespersons did they each give us a different story? All but one seemed to know the ins and outs of the product - their interest in making us understand wasn't - they didn't care if we came or went.

Now we are left to start a search again and probably pay $300 more for the item. I would think a company such as Blockbuster would have knowledgeable personnel, stand behind what is told to the customer and be joyous in the sale. By the way, one salesperson told us we could buy the item without its being in the warehouse and the other refused to sell it to us as it was "yet" in the warehouse.

Glad we didn't make the purchase as it's now unavailable. The happiness of all of this is we've found it at another store - it's available and the person who sold it to us knew the product and was glad to help. Guess we won't be going to Blockbuster any more as it proved to be a confidence-buster to us where purchases of this size are to be made. Best they stick to CD sales.

Blockbuster Express Charge Twice
By -

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA -- On 10 September 2010, I rent a movie at Block Buster Express Kiosk at Safeway Store address 555 E Calaveras Blvd, Milpitas, California. I returned the movie about 6.55 PM before 9PM deadline. The machine charged me again for another night (late fee). I called the Blockbuster 1877-300-2128 and they said sorry about the double charges and gave me a coupon for next time rental and they said they will send a technician to fix the Kiosk problem. On 19 September 2010, I use my coupon for a movie, this time I brought the movie back at 5 PM. The machine charge me $1.09 for late fee. The coupon they gave me is worth nothing.

I called the customer service again and tell them the problem. At first, I think something wrong with the software and so I asked them to fix the machines. They told me that they will reverse the charge but they never do it. After I read so many complaints about the Blockbuster Kiosks will charge you twice at different locations in U. S, I know they do it on purpose. The Blockbuster Express Kiosks at Safeway store 555 E Calaveras, Milpitas will charge you twice for every movie you rent, no matter how soon you return. So many people have been ripped off by Blockbuster Express at the above location. I suggest people should go to Red-Box until Blockbuster fix their machines.

Blockbuster Failed to Credit Me Back.
By -

MOORPARK, CALIFORNIA -- I rented a PS:3 game 9 months ago from my local blockbuster store. I kept the game late and was charged for the value of the game. I returned the game a few days later and was expecting to be credited back the game value less a restocking fee. After a few weeks, I noticed the credit never appeared on my bank statements. I contacted my local Blockbuster store and they said they show the credit going through. I contacted my bank and they show no such credit into any of my accounts.

I contacted the Blockbuster corporate office on 3 separate occasions, getting different answers and directions each time. They were completely unaware of what to do next and were no help. Finally, I was told to contact my bank and get in touch with the dispute department. After opening a claim, Blockbuster made it terribly difficult to obtain any records I might need to proceed with the dispute.

At this point, my bank cannot proceed with the claim because Blockbuster will not provide detailed proof of my exact bank account that was credited. Blockbuster owes me over $50 and they will not help resolve this matter. Once I get the money they owe me, I plan to cancel my account and tell anyone who cares to listen that this company isn't worth their time.

Zoo Keeper, Rio
By -

EVANSVILLE, INDIANA -- Tape did not work at all (Zoo Keeper). Called and was given 3 prom codes for a 2.99 Movie and said I could use it on that amount. Tried on the Blockbuster express machine, did not work. I had to get a movie for a dollar. Rented two and one of them worked, but the other did not. It started out fine, but then messed up. My grandson (3) was very upset. We have no stores at all in Evansville IN.

I was a loyal customer until this happen. It was not worth calling about the mess up movie. I have one promo code left and almost afraid to try it. I haven't decided if I will ever rent from you again, plus I was upset when you closed your doors. We do have red boxes, but unless you can send me something good, I will have to turn my business elsewhere. P.S. The email - do not send me advertisement, it is my work place.

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