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Customer Unfriendly Drop Box System
Posted by Blockbuster renter beware on 09/27/2005
BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Renters Beware!

Here is the letter I have sent to Blockbuster's corporate office. It explains the situation.

Written Complaints Department
P.O. Box 143364
Irving, Texas 75014

To Whom It May Concern:

I am currently disputing an inaccurate $52.52 charge placed on my Bank of America credit card by BlockBusters on September 9, 2005.

The situation:
I rented 4 movies from BlockBusters on 8/21/05 – Lord of the Rings III, Hostage, 7 Seconds and Muppets Wizard of OZ. I returned 2 of the 4 movies - Lord of the Rings and Muppets Wizard of Oz on that Friday 8/26/05. They were returned in the drop box. On Wednesday, August 31, I returned the other 2 in the same drop box.

The next thing I know, it is September 14, and I am online checking my Bank of America balances and I have a $52.52 charge on my credit card!! I called BlockBusters and spoke with a Danielle who told me NONE of the movies were returned and the charge would not be reversed. I asked her if she was sure they were not there, she informed me that she just had done inventory and again she said they were not there. I asked her how that could be possible because they were returned on TWO SEPARATE days!! How did they all get missed during the drop box check in process on TWO SEPARATE days? I asked to speak to the manager, she said his name was Paul and she wasn’t allowed to give his last name, but he wouldn’t be in until Friday after 12 noon.

In my complete frustration, I called my local police department, requesting to file a report about these missing movies; I think they were stolen from inside BlockBusters. That is the only conclusion I can come to since Danielle said she was sure that they were not there and that is were I left them. Unfortunately, the officer said I could not file a report because the movies were not taken from my possession. The officer told me that BlockBuster would have to file a report since the tapes went missing while in their possession.

On September 14th I went online to email BlockBusters corporate office requesting a refund and an investigation done about the missing movies. As of today, September 21, 2005, I have not heard anything regarding my email.

I called BlockBusters on September 15th, figuring there had to be a manager on duty during the day. I was wrong, all I got was the Assistant Manager named Mike, who said there was nothing he could do and he was recently transferred to this store 2 weeks ago!! He told me I would have to speak with Paul.
I called again on September 20th and spoke with James, another assistant manager, who said he didn’t see the movies, and there is nothing he could do, I would have to speak with Paul. He told me that Paul comes in at 8:30am. I asked if he could have Paul call me since I have made numerous unsuccessful attempts to talk with him. James said, “No, the manager does not make calls.”

Finally, today, September 21, 2005, I got to speak to Paul. Once again, he said the movies were not there. I informed him that the movies were returned on TWO separate days in the drop box and I do not understand why they cannot find them. Completely frustrated, I asked Paul for the name, number and address of the District manager. He gave me the name Irvin Richardson, informed me that he was on vacation, and gave me a voice mail number 800-940-2232 ext 21135. Paul said he did not have office addresses for any District, Regional or Corporate offices. He said Mr. Richardson has been using an 8700 Liberty Road, Randallstown, MD 21133 store as an office.

I am requesting an investigation be done about these movies and a charge reversal be done on my credit card about this inaccurate $52.52 charge. I would also like to speak with some about ideas that would prevent this kind of situation from ever happening to anyone else. It is unfair for a company to have a system in place where the customer has to provide the burden of proof, but that company has designed the system in such a manner where the customer is never able to provide the proof! That is unfair!

I would appreciate a prompt response either by phone, regular mail or email.

Thanks for your time and attention.


Shelley N. Taylor
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Posted by yoke on 2005-10-03:
I had the same problem with Blockbuster at the rocky Hill Ct store. I dropped the movies off at 2 separate times and was told the same thing. you get employees just put the movies back on the shelves without checking them in. I finally got my money back. but you are right the employees wojn't give out any info on the manager and they won't give you the info on the district office. I learne dfrom other people in town that you have to physically hand deliver the tapes and insist that they scan them in in front of you. If they say no, then you bring them up to the register when you go to check out movies and then they have to scan them in then. I willnot rent from blockbuster anymore.
Posted by Anonymous on 2005-10-31:
I should ask my nephew if they are going to teach this novel in his English class.
Posted by kittysoma on 2006-03-22:
I am a Blockbuster customer and also a former employee of the company. Not all the people that work there are lazy but there are some that are including the management.At the store that I worked at on Sunday mornings we would have a print out sheet of all the movies that were supposivly late (this was called "found on shelve" or "fos")and we would have to try to find them. The employees were allowed to check out 5 movies a week for free but if we were late turning them in we had to pay the late fee. We were not allowed to check our movies in ourselfs that had to be done by the manager on duty. One day while I was doing the whole "fos" thing I found the 2 out of 3 movies that I had turned in the week before so I check them in and I was the last person to check them out so I had to pay the late fee! That useless assistant manager that supposivly checked them in should of had to pay it, not me! So don't feel bad Blockbuster because Blockbuster does the same thing to their employees too! I quit because of it after I got a little revenge first! I know that sounds childish but I was a teenager at the time!
Posted by jhny11735 on 2010-12-18:
well just to let you guys know,,I personally have went to return movies in the drop box outside and it was soooo full...I mean i could of just taken some movies it was that full.....I did go inside at that point and "made them aware" ...some people are just slackers,,or just dont care,,,,,pretty sad if you ask me :(
Posted by PO'ed Edward on 2012-01-16:
Once upon a time, employees at blockbuster were nice, understanding and willing to bend over backwards as customer service should be. BUT, lately, they are rude, crude and super arrogant
(and they wonder why they are going DOWN). bb always had issues with their By Mail program as far as getting your DVDs to you in a timely manner and/or out of sequence, if you're doing a TV series. 90% of the time they do alright, but since the beginning of 2012, I have gotten DVDs out of sequence or a wrong DVD sent. On Jan 13th and on Jan 16th of 2012, both customer service employees and their supervisor, jody were total 100% jerks as well as the adjectives used above to a customer for 5 yrs till now. I need season 1, disk 5 for the Lost TV series and received the wrong disk, called to make sure the replacement disk 5 is sent out Friday morning hoping to be here by Saturday or Monday. They did neither till Monday morning which means I will be waiting 10 days for disk 5 to get here and then I can watch disks 6 and 7.
For their screw-ups, I’m treated like a piece of CRAP. Hope blockbuster employees know how to mop floors.
Posted by Longtime Customer on 2012-03-08:
I've been a customer of Blockbuster since the early 90's and the service lately has been staggeringly BAD. They just sent me the 44th movie in my queue (43 movies not available?). When I go to the stores, they seem to stock only empty shelves. What's the point of going there anymore?
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Block Buster Express Charge Twice
Posted by American-Woman on 09/24/2010
MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA -- On 10 September 2010, I rent a movie at Block Buster Express Kiosk at Safeway Store address 555 E Calaveras Blvd, Milpitas, California. I returned the movie about 6.55 PM before 9PM dateline. The machine charged me again for another night (late fee) .

I called the Blockbuster 1877-300-2128 and they said sorry about the double charges and gave me a coupon for next time rental and they said they will send a technician to fix the Kiosk problem . On 19 September 2010, I use my coupon for a movie, this time I brought the movie back at 5 PM, the machine charge me $1.09 for late fee. The coupon they gave me is worth nothing. I called the customer service again and tell them the problem, At first, I think something wrong with the software and so I asked them to fix the machines. They told me that they will reverse the charge but they never do it. After I read so many complaints about the Block Buster Kiosks will charge you twice at different locations in U. S, I know they do it on purpose .

The Block Buster Express Kiosks at Safeway store 555 E Calaveras, Milpitas will charge you twice for every movie you rent, no matter how soon you return. So many people have been ripped off by Block Buster Express at the above location. I suggest people should go to Red-Box until Block Buster fix their machines .
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Posted by bcd on 2010-09-24:
Blockbuster, Inc. filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection yesterday. Hope that makes you feel better.
Posted by MRM on 2010-09-24:
Mama Nooo!
Posted by MRM on 2010-09-24:
I usually go to Blockbuster store to rent movies and taking advantage of the coupons. I hope they'll stick around when I rent the movie "Iron Man 2" next week!
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-09-24:
LOL i know what you mean. the blockbuster down the road from me is going belly-up. they're even selling the shelves! so i know they prolly won't have iron man 2 unless they already paid for it (which i doubt)
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-24:
I know you probably know all about it, MRM, but have you tried RedBox yet? I've seen some Blockbuster "RedBoxes," but haven't tried them yet. The original RedBoxes are swell.
Posted by MRM on 2010-09-24:
I havent tried RedBox yet. Until BlockBuster goes kaput, I'll look into it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-24:
I love Redbox. I like how you can reserve a movie online before picking it up, and return the movie to any other Redbox location.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-09-24:
i've used red box but... i have personal issues with it.

1) dunno about the online system but the boxes only cater to the masses - meaning, only the most popular flicks. so if you want to rent something unusual, they might not have it.

2) dvd quality. i haven't used RB in a while but my boyfriend reported that the last time he got dvds from them they were pretty scratched up.

3) humans. human instincts cannot be replaced by machines. sure the machines never ask for a raise or quote labor laws if you don't give them a 15 minute break, but they don't care about you either. Say you try to buy all 3 xmen movies - will the machine tell you "hey we have the box set if you want to save some money"? Probably not. But the human will. (at least the ones at my local BB will... or, rather, they did...)
Posted by MRM on 2010-09-24:
Pepper, thanks for the tidbit!
Posted by clutzycook on 2010-09-24:
Pepper, I don't have any advice for your 2nd and 3rd points about RB, but a solution to your problem in #1 would be to get a netflix subscription. They tend to have some of the more obscure movies available. Some of them can even be had instantly.
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Blockbuster Customer Service
Posted by Wontootree on 10/12/2009
Blockbuster's service has gone to pot over the past couple months. I have emailed them to complain about ten times and finally sent them the following email. You won't believe Fredrich's (a customer service rep) response... then again you probably will.

Understand that I have received quite a number of responses over the past couple months. Every one of them tries to come up with a possible explanation for the latest example I wrote to you about. Not one person has taken the time to look at the big picture. Here goes one last time before I cancel and go back to Netflix…

1. There have always been more than enough movies in my queue and the top ones are always available. The representative who creatively explained that my problem was that the ones at the top weren’t available until tomorrow has no idea that Tuesday’s releases are available by mail on Monday. This is scary because there aren’t that many policies he needs to know to do his job. I never add new releases to my queue until the weekend before their release.

2. For years and years and years, aside from at most a handful of times, every time I dropped a movie off at the store, a replacement was shipped to me the very next day. ALWAYS.

3. For at least the past two months, nothing is ever shipped the next day, nothing is ever shipped the day after that, and on the third day I usually receive an email saying that the movie I returned to the store has been received by your warehouse. I don’t care about this and I turned this email notice off in my online options many years ago, but for some reason at the same time my problems began, I started receiving these notices again. Anyway, on the third or fourth day I am usually sent one or two movies and a few days later the remainder.

4. Every weekend I add the big name releases that are releasing on Tuesday and move them to the top, so my queue is not filled with obscure titles that need to be shipped cross country. As I stated previously, if I returned my three movies over the weekend, three of the new releases were always shipped to me on Monday. ALWAYS. For the past few months, not one time have they all been shipped to me by the end of the day Wednesday.

I will ask again. Can someone please pass this problem up to someone with authority past the level where the representative has the choice of a dozen canned responses to choose from. This is not an isolated instance. I want to know what changed over there that made a great service a horrible one. Thank you… again.

Oh, and please DO NOT say “please let me know if there is anything else I can help you with” unless you actually help me this time. Thanks.

Fredrich's response:

I understand that you are waiting for your third movie to be shipped.

Our goal is to ship the movies that are most important to you as reflected by the top priorities you've set in your queue. Instead of sending something from the middle or bottom of your queue, we may skip a shipment for an extra day or two so that we'll always send the titles you want most.

It appears that five of your top selection are yet to be released on 10/13/2009. Once these titles are made available, rest assured that they will be shipped to you.

We recommend you keep 15 or more "Available" movies at the top of your queue to keep movies coming and ensure prompt shipment.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help you with.

Blockbuster Customer Care

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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-12:
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-12:
Go to the movie theater!
Posted by PepperElf on 2009-10-12:
public library!

hey you can't beat free.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-12:
Netflix was doing this same thing for a while. IIRC, they call it "throttling" and use it on their highest volume customers. the newer, or lower volume customers get the movies shipped first. ANNOYING!

(and yes, I giggled at the reply from the employee; he clearly just chose a canned answer having zero to do with the inquiry)_
Posted by MRM on 2009-10-12:
Speaking of movies, I will rent Land of Lost when it comes out tomorrow, as well as, Year One.
Posted by MRM on 2009-10-12:
And as usual, I will copy the movies, bypassing the copy-protection scheme, and return the movie the same day. I can watch my movie whenever I like!
Posted by MRM on 2009-10-12:
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-12:
Posted by Skye on 2009-10-12:
ComCast, On Demand. We will purchase a movie, usually have it for 48 hours, if we like it, I'll order from the website I use.

Nothing to go out and rent, wait for in the mail, or have to deal with mailing back.

I don't much of a future for Blockbuster anymore. Maybe for game rentals.
Posted by ejack053824 on 2009-10-12:
I like Redbox to. Blockbuster has gone to the crapper!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-10-12:
MissMarple is right, Redbox is great.
Posted by KCRovert on 2009-10-12:
Can't go to the theater, jtf. too many people out there these days think of the theater as their own personal living room...talking, kicking chairs, chatting or testing on their cells phones. It's just too hard to withstand the desire to throttle them!
Posted by andbran on 2009-10-13:
i have blockbuster online and love it. now i mail mine in and get them within 2 days. and sad to say i have about 150 movies in my queue. i usually wait a week when the new releases to put the new ones in front.
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Blockbuster failed to credit me back.
Posted by AvoidBlockbuster on 08/01/2009
MOORPARK, CALIFORNIA -- I rented a PS:3 game 9 months ago from my local blockbuster store. I kept the game late and was charged for the value of the game. I returned the game a few days later and was expecting to be credited back the game value less a restocking fee. After a few weeks, I noticed the credit never appeared on my bank statements. I contacted my local Blockbuster store and they said they show the credit going through. I contacted my bank and they show no such credit into any of my accounts. I contacted the Blockbuster corporate office on 3 separate occasions, getting different answers and directions each time. They were completely unaware of what to do next and were no help. Finally, I was told to contact my bank and get in touch with the dispute department. After opening a claim, Blockbuster made it terribly difficult to obtain any records I might need to proceed with the dispute. At this point, my bank cannot proceed with the claim because Blockbuster will not provide detailed proof of my exact bank account that was credited. Blockbuster owes me over $50 and they will not help resolve this matter. Once I get the money they owe me, I plan to cancel my account and tell anyone who cares to listen that this company isn't worth their time.
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Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-01:
I'm having a hard time following this. If you kept the game so late that you paid for it, why not just keep the game?

If you expect them to refund you the price of the game...where did the late fees go?

Posted by madconsumer on 2009-08-01:
you returned the game after all. they should refund the difference between the late charges and the full price.

i stopped using blockbuster years ago when they started charging late fees for movies not returned by a certain time.
Posted by bcd on 2009-08-02:
When a merchant credits a debit or credit card they must provide a receipt containing the transaction ID if requested by the customer. That receipt is not required by the customer to file a dispute. Be sure to file that dispute within 90 days of the original transaction.

Your statement that Blockbuster will not provide you with information as to which account was credited does not make sense because it must be the account that was used on the initial charge. You will need the original receipt (which of course indicates which account was used).
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Blockbuster Express issues fraudulent charges against accounts
Posted by TEEman on 08/21/2010
I rented a movie for $1 on the Internet www.Blockbusterexpress.com on 7/10 via their website www.blockbusterexpress.com. I picked up the movie (DVD) at the machine located at Tops Super Foods. I watched the movie and returned it to the machine before 9 PM on 7/11 so there would be on charge. The movie was a 24 hour rental due before 9PM.

I mistakenly inserted the container without the actual DVD and got a message no DVD was included but the container was not returned. The machine should return the container as without it, there is no way to return the DVD. Anyway, I went into the store and the clerk told me this had been done before, she even showed me DVD’s in plastic bags. The clerk told me to bring the DVD back in a plastic bag. I went home immediate, got the DVD and returned to the store in a zip lock bag, before 9 PM on 7/11, with a copy of my online rental receipt so there would be no mistake it was my movie being returned ON TIME.

When I got home, I also email Blockbuster Express via the website that I had done this. That I mistakenly had put the container in without the DVD but that the DVD was in the store in a plastic bag with my online rental receipt.

The next week I noticed two charges fo $1.06 each were pending my bank account ( on hold) for the one night rental and one night late fee on this movie. I emailed Blockbuster customer service and never got a response, but the late charge both charges were deleted from my account on hold and not applied to my balance.

Now over 2 weeks later, I got a charge back on the $1.06 rental plust now I am got billed $26.50 for the movie. I called Blockbuster 800 number, and they said they couldn't do anything that the store had to call them. I went to the store and they said the Blockbuster guy that checks the machine had been there twice but refused to take mine or another movie with the same problem. They called the help desk and was told I had to call Blockbuster, but I had and the help desk (I think I got India) said the store had to call them.

Last week I again emailed Blockbuster Customer service explaining the movie was at the store inside awaiting pickup and that their representative had refused to take it back. He allegedly said he had to talk to his supervisor. I also went back to the store yesterday and the movie is still there.

But this is plain old fraud. I returned the movie and on time. I have emailed and called Blockbuster. The store keeps giving me the runaround. They claim it isn’t their business, yet the machine is on their property and they took the DVD. It sits under the cash register's desk at the store. And I have paid $26.50 for a movie I returned on time. Plus as of 8/23, there are DUPLICATE charges against my bank card for this rental. And when I called today, they couldn't understand why, but they couldn't do anything eiter. Firms that use India for customer service calls should state so in they contracts. I know I would not use them.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-21:
Im not surpised by this. A lot of thise video store managers are annoying, think they have some "entitlement". Blockbuster must be getting desperate. Im suprised theyre actually still in business, with netflix, on demand, and the red box, I no longer go to blockbuster for movies any more.
Posted by drugdoc121 on 2010-08-21:
This is an incredible predicament and frankly, sucks!
Posted by smarty_consumer on 2010-08-21:
Dispute the charge with your credit card company.

Redbox has the scanner code on the disc itself so this can't happen.

Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-21:
I can't believe Blockbuster is still in business. There are too many other options now. You'll probably never get your money back. Sorry.
Posted by MRM on 2010-08-21:
Theres a Blockbuster store still open in my area and they are not planning to close down any time soon.
Posted by Venice09 on 2010-08-21:
We have one too, MRM, but I was never a frequent patron. I have no idea how their business is doing. We get our movies for free at the library!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-21:
I've heard for the past few years that several locations of Blockbuster were going under, but the one in our town is still here. For how much longer, I don't know? I know I stopped going there. I prefer Hastings or Red Box.
Posted by MRM on 2010-08-21:
I visit my local Blockbuster due to the proximity to my house and they have great rewards for membership.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-21:
Does Blockbuster have better movies for rent than the full-length feature film showing here today at M3C?

Ript and I are going to start charging admission to our shows.
Posted by clutzycook on 2010-08-21:
I didn't know that Blockbuster had rental kiosks now. Gotta at least give them props for attempting to stay in business. I still prefer Redbox, though.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2010-08-22:
The DVD's used by Blockbuster Express and Redbox use codes that electronically scan the DVD as it's being returned. You should always make sure you put the DVD back in the case after use before you return it. Blockbuster Express uses black cases that the discs slide in to on the end, while Redbox's open like a CD case. And the DVD has to be put back in the case code side (or label side) up.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-08-22:
personally i'm not a big fan of the rental kiosks. you only get what's popular and... the other people renting might not be too gentle on the dvds
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-22:
I think the $20 monthly blockbuster service is a good deal--unlimited through the mail, plus I get 5 in-store exchanges per month as well (and during last Christmas through March, it was unlimited). If I had TiVo, I could get on demand as well, but I'm leery of them. I don't use the Blockbuster machine because the closest is too far from my house. I don't really see how the availability of competition makes them any less a viable business (I don't think the problem is with the business model itself; the problems appear to lie in management decisions).
Posted by BBX on 2010-08-23:
Thank you for your continued communication to Blockbuster Express. Refunds have been submitted in the amounts inquired about and an email was sent to you with the details.In addition, a promo code was provided for a free one night DVD rental of your choice due back by 9pm the day after rental. We do apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and thank you for allowing Blockbuster Express to serve as your entertainment of choice.
Posted by TEEman on 2010-08-24:
Well I got your voicemail yesterday that it would be resolved by the end of the day. I see this comment from yesterday also.
As of the close of banking today. No refund yet. No email and no promotional rental. Guess I will see if it comes tomorrow. Sorry but not holding my breath, but at least someone responded is at least a positive manner. Now if I get my refund, and I am afraid that might be a big if, all will be finalized.
Posted by TEEman on 2010-08-25:
Well I have to take my hat off to My3cents. BBX, (actually NCR -- the parent company that owns Blockbuster Express) got involved as I guess they Googled this complaint. And today, I finally got both the full price of the DVD movie and the duplicated rental fee refunded. Now lets hope it doesn't get re-charged. But I am done with Blockbuster Express. It took 7 weeks on intensive follow-up with emails all over the place, numerous calls. And if I had not placed this review on my3cents, I wonder if I would have ever gotten satisfaction.
I never got the email for promo free rental they claimed I would get for the mistake but the are refunds were my primary concern.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-08-25:
Blockbasters is anti 2A...all their stores in states that allow a person to defend themselves are posted....signs saying responsible people that abide by the law are prohibited, criminals and scum that have no regard for the law are welcome. As in being posted against me legally carrying my handgun for protection. I do not do business with them and encourage others not to also. Sorry for the rant.
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Incident - The Hardy Boys - Scratched Disc Received
Posted by Larry6905 on 05/17/2009
To Whom It May Concern;
Dear Michelle T., and Michelle T's Supervisor,

I tried several times yesterday Sat May 16, 2009 to report the problem on your website but your website was down for "remodeling" to improve your customer experience.

I pay for and enjoy watching the DVD’s on my free time - weekends. I had no idea that I could not report the problem after I returned a video.

* BLOCKBUSTER Total Access Premium
* $34.99 / month (plus taxes)
3 at-a-time, Unlimited mailings
Unlimited in-store movie exchanges

I would suggest you email these kind of requirements when enrollment begins or as you change the rules, not when a problem arises. It makes it seem as if you do not care about your customers problems as much as you care about not being wrong.

I would ask that you send me 2 coupons because the Hardy Boys was a 2 disc series and I was unable to watch the series as well as unable to report the problem (due to no fault of my own) and I got no empathy (from Customer Care Rep Michelle T.) for the problem, just excuses which really makes me want to change to Netflix.

As a courtesy I'd like to request you forward my complaint to a supervisor. I am very disappointed in the response I received from Michelle T.

I paid for the Total Access Premium so I could receive undamaged DVD's in the mail and then return them to the store for a free in-store rental. I find it humorous Michelle suggests my regular service as a solution to being shipped damaged DVD. Is that Blockbuster's official answer to shipping damaged DVD's instead of workable ones. I don't think that's what I signed up to get and I believe it maybe illegal to falsely charge for a DVD rental and send unworkable DVD’s with no reimbursement for the charge of the rental.

I appreciate you sending this letter to Michelle T’s superior and hopefully they will respond in a more caring fashion then she did. Her signature is very disingenuous.


Larry Simpson - a very dissatisfied customer

-------------forwarded message---------------

On May 17, 2009, at 4:15 PM, Michelle T. wrote:

Dear Larry,

Thank you for contacting Blockbuster Customer Care.

I understand that you received a damaged movie, "Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse Club Featuring The Hardy Boys 1956-1957 - Disc 2".

Since "Walt Disney Treasures: Mickey Mouse Club Featuring The Hardy Boys 1956-1957 - Disc 2" has already been checked in, I don't have the ability to report the problem for you.

In the future, we would very much appreciate reporting an issue online before sending the damage disc back. This helps us track down the damage DVD before getting shipped to another customer. Additionally, if you ever receive any damage discs, you can always take the DVD in its return mailer to a local Blockbuster store and exchange it for a free in-store rental as part of your Total Access benefits.

As a one time courtesy, I'm sending you an e-coupon. Just print it out and present it to any participating Blockbuster outlets for a free movie rental. You will be receiving a separate email within 24 hours and please also check your spam folder.

To ensure consistent, prompt shipments, please keep more than 15 "Available" titles at the top of your queue.

Should there be anything else, feel free to let us know.

Always here to help,

Blockbuster Customer Care

Customer (Larry Simpson)
05/17/2009 03:52 PM
Hello, We received the Hardy Boys disc 1 and 2 and disc two was badly scratched I tried to report it yesterday but your website was down. So I returned to the store and wrote on the envelope damaged and put a sticky not on it. I came home to report and see that I can only report the DVD's I currently have in my possession.

I'd appreciate it if you credit my account.

Larry Simpson
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Posted by goduke on 2009-05-18:
Illegal? Really?

In any DVD rental world, you have the possibility that you can get a scratched disk that doesn't work. As a matter of fact, I just got one from Netflix. Here's what I do: put it in an envelope and send it back. If I can get to the site and report it as scratched, I do. If I can't, the sun still comes up tomorrow.

I seriously doubt that the Total Access program guarantees that you'll never get a scratched disk. That's a bit unreasonable.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-05-18:
There are no guarantees in life, especially when it comes to DVDs. Unless a customer reports a problem, Blockbuster has no way of knowing the DVD is scratched. If I'm not mistaken, you rent a two-disc series for the price of on DVD, so you've been compensated.
Posted by RestaurantGuy on 2009-05-18:
Just re order the dvd. You have unlimited dvd rentals so return the damaged one and then go to the website and re order it. Doesn't cost you anything
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Posted by 1soaringeagle on 10/11/2012
PORT ORCHARD, WASHINGTON -- I wish to state to state a complaint regarding the management at the Mile Hill store in Port Orchard which needs to be addressed. Manager has no idea of how to use people skills and his demeanor is beyond professional. He does not even dress the part of a professional. I want to come into a store and feel like a welcome mat is in place where I can feel happy about my visit, not feel like I need to get out as quick as possible. This store needs people friendly employees, especially from the manager.

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Posted by madconsumer on 2012-10-11:
where i live, blockbuster video stores all closed. then soon after, red box video placed their units all over.
Posted by melissa253 on 2012-10-11:
What exactly happened?
Posted by BigAl on 2012-10-12:
As madconsumer alluded to, your disappointment should be shortlived. They will not be around much longer.
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Unfair Charges For Lost Movies
Posted by Angela.parker on 06/13/2012
Charged 2x not if more, to replace a DVD. $32.28. Rip off. Hello Netflix !
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Posted by KevinTX on 2012-06-13:
Reminds me of library book late fees.... these have been around for ages... don't lose the videos and you won't have to pay.

Just go buy a new one and take it to blockbuster and say, "THERE, done. THEN, charge them $9 per gallon of gas used."
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Zoo Keeper, Rio
Posted by Nancy.gunther34 on 10/26/2011
EVANSVILLE, INDIANA -- Tape did not work at all (Zoo Keeper). Called and was given 3 prom codes for a 2.99 Movie and said I could use it on that amount. Tried on the Blockbuster express machine, did not work. I had to get a movie for a dollar. Rented two and one of them worked, but the other did not. It started out fine, but then messed up. My grandson (3)was very upset. We have no stores at all in evansville in. I was a loyal customer until this happen. It was not worth calling about the mess up movie. I have one promo code left and almost afraid to try it. I haven't decided if I will ever rent from you again, plus I was upset when you closed your doors. We do have red boxes, but unless you can send me something good, I will have to turn my business elsewhere.

Thank you,
Nancy Gunther

P.S. The e-mail-do not send me advertisement/it is my work place.
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Posted by billbl on 2011-10-26:
This happens often with DVDs from the rental stores/machines especially movies geared to kids.
Kids don't know how to handle the discs and end up scratching them badly. Unfortunately if the scratch is too bad the player can't compensate. In some/most cases the player cannot get past the scratch so the rest of the movie is unviewable.

I also think some people scratch them on purpose.

At least with VCR tapes you could fast forward past the bad spots.

Best thing to do is report the problem, get a promo code and re-rent it. I know, that's a PITA but what are you going to do.

Hopefully they will pull the DVD from rotation before somebody else rents it.

Another thing is try to clean the disc with a soft cloth then reinsert it. Sometimes that will work.

Posted by GenuineNerd on 2011-10-27:
It helps to clean a rented DVD before playing if there are visible fingerprints or small scratches. Most stores sell DVD cleaning kits; you could also use water in a spray bottle (do not use Windex) and clean the disc with a paper towel gently, moving upward from the center of the disc.
Posted by GenuineNerd on 2011-10-27:
Also Blockbuster's stores and Blockbuster Express kiosks are separate businesses. NCR uses the Blockbuster name under license. Blockbuster store promo codes will not work in the kiosks. And while Redbox prices all of their DVD's at $1.00 (soon to be $1.20), Blockbuster Express uses a two-tier pricing system, with the newest titles being $2.99 (often times titles that Redbox won't have for another few weeks), while older titles are $1.00.
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Scratched movies
Posted by Kathleen1227 on 01/16/2011
BEAUMONT, TEXAS -- I will never rent from Blockbuster Express again. The last three times I've rented movies (from three different kiosks), I've received movies that were scratched, causing them to freeze or skip while playing. The first two times I complained to Blockbuster Express and they refunded my money and gave me promo codes for free rentals. I guess that's fair but it doesn't do me a lot of good to get a promo code a week later when I couldn't even finish the movie I rented that night. I've never had this problem with Red Box, but Blockbuster Express is closer to my house. It's worth the drive at this point to use Red Box!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-16:
It's safe to say you've "scratched" Blockbuster from your list of choices...
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-16:
Blockbuster, is just about obsolete these days.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-16:
We still rent from Blockbuster, but it's so expenive now. It's $5 to rent a new release. May as well just buy the movie.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-16:
Yaya they got redbox dollar a night a movie, and netflix you don't need blockbuster anymore.
Posted by clutzycook on 2011-01-16:
I was just in a Blockbuster this afternoon. I haven't set foot in one in months. They had NOTHING!
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-16:
You know whats so weird, we also have not set in Block Buster since 2007, but went the other day, and they also had NOTHING. We have a much better movie collection at home. Though, their new realease's are only $2.99 each, for a 3 day rental.

They took away all the games.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-16:
We paid $5 to rent Case 39 and $3 to rent Mirrors 2
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-16:
Mirrors 2 I thought was a BOMB.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-16:
Haven't watched it yet
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-16:
It's very GRUESOME.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-16:
Ooh maybe I should skip it then
Posted by Skye on 2011-01-16:
I thought it was more gory then story. The first Mirrors at least had a good story. Mirrors 2, even I had a hard time watching.

You know I'm just looking out for ya. I know what you like and what you hate. I knew Case 39 would be just right for you :)
Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-01-16:
Haven't been to a blockbaster since they put signs up allowing criminals in their place and not law abiding citizen...they are anti 2A.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-01-16:
Thanks Skye. I appreciate that. Case 39 had a few gruesome scenes and that was about all I could handle
Posted by ontario_girl on 2011-01-16:
Scratched discs are not the fault of the company. They're the fault of your fellow movie renters.
Posted by Venice09 on 2011-01-17:
But shouldn't the discs be inspected upon return before being rented out again? That way the person who scratched it can be held responsible, and the next customer won't be stuck with a disc that can't be watched.
Posted by ontario_girl on 2011-01-17:
At the store I worked at, we always checked discs and resurfaced them if they were scratched. But I have also rented from Blockbuster and noticed that they don't bother to even look at the discs when they're returned. If people took care of the property they were renting, the discs wouldn't be scratched to begin with. Or at least badly scratched anyway. I had someone return a disc once that was covered in what looked like their Thanksgiving dinner! Turkey and something that I'm almost sure was mashed potatoes...
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