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Refusing To Exchange A Movie
Posted by on
MCCOUMB, MISSISSIPPI -- I recently purchased the movie Room Of Death from Blockbuster video brought the movie home and the movie was in a french format I returned to the store to exchange it for the English version only to be told by the lady at the store that I it was my fault she talked to me in a rude and embarrassing manor in front of other customers I looked at all the other movies on the rack this was the only movie in french out of over 300 I called customer service at 800-406-6843 talked to them for over a half hour was promised that some would call to settle this problem but no one called not from the store or customer service I am going further with this matter so that this will not happen to someone else.

It's my conclusion that they don't care about their customers, I am still stuck with the movie and NO satisfaction if this is their policy I have no problem the movie cost $9.99 small matter, over the past few months I have spent over $400.00 on other movies that is what matters.
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User Replies:
MRM on 08/27/2009:
You can change the language to English in the dvd menu.
Anonymous on 08/27/2009:

TheMightyBoosh on 08/27/2009:
Agree with OP... that's stupid.
BokiBean on 08/27/2009:
If there were no language options other than french, they should have exchanged this movie for you with no questions asked. I had the same thing happen to me and they were extremely apologetic about it and gave me a free movie..

If the movie was french with subtitles or English dubbing options, however, I can see how its the customer's responsibility to check it out before they rent it. Languages are clearly shown on the back.

MSCANTBEWRONG on 08/27/2009:
It would have been good customer service to a) ask the OP if they wanted the French version @ the point of purchase and b) exchange the movie for the English version. Lesson learned OP...double check the languages on any future purchases.
Anonymous on 08/27/2009:
Considering Blockbuster may soon be a thing of the past, you would think they would be more accommodating, especially since all the OP wanted to do was make an exchange for the same move, but in a different format.
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Hiding pornography in the horror film section
Posted by on
DEERFIELD, ILLINOIS -- I had begged my Blockbuster, well not begged. Rather slyly kept hinting that they need a horror film section.

So they get one, the first 3 films I rent were no less than horror porn. With rape scenes, I'm serious. I can barely believe it myself, what with their family friendly whatever.

I don't want to talk about it, because then it'll be a whole "Well we told you horror films were bad", and then me saying "rape pornography with a crappy horror themed storyline, is NOT a horror film!" Since, I'm sure those of you who have complained here know. It seems a requirement to be hired at Blockbuster, is to have a IQ barely above that of a retarded child. So trying to explain this to them, would be a complete waste of time.

If Blockbuster wants to rent pornography, they should have a back area for it. They should not try to hide it in the drama section, and horror section of their stores. They're not kidding anyone, it's known their family friendly image is a sham.

They are a company that has consistently promoted mysogynistic, woman-hating, and woman-devaluing media. This last stunt with the horror-porn is it. I'm not about to go to a store, who thinks I'm so stupid as to believe a porno movie with a horror tint to it, is a horror film. Apparently I guess the guy who runs Blockbuster and decides what films they provide is retarded to. "Duh, I didn't realize it was porn me sorry. Me didn't know"

Amazing, how we as Americans, are giving our jobs to the most ignorant, and stupid people our country offers. It's not that amazing we're outsourcing now, if you think about it this way. It's virtually impossible to get a job these days, unless you act like a mindless zombie.

As well as for Blockbuster to think it's justifiable to sell videos that depict woman violence. Then claim well horror films depict violence towards women. Horror is the only genre that shows women being strong and defending themselves, realistically. Yet people just mindlessly believe, that mainstream films like Scream and well, anything by Wes Craven, are representative of the entire genre. That's why Blockbuster probably feels they can sneak these "gems" in there, and nobody will be the wiser.
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User Replies:
rhondam718732 on 06/13/2007:
I live in the NW burbs of Illinois as well and have visited many Blockbusters over the years of moving, etc. I can hardly believe that yours didn't have a horror section set up? Come on. Also, porn horror? Are you for real?
DBone on 06/13/2007:
Maybe they thought you said (w)horror section!
Anonymous on 06/13/2007:
I sincerely doubt there is actual 'porn' in the horror section. What was the movie rating of the movies you rented? R? NR? MA?
chemman on 06/13/2007:
Do you actually believe the head of Blockbuster personnally views each movie before allowing the movie on its' shelves? I'm sure they make most of their decisons based on the MPAA ratings. If you want to complain, then the complaint should be directed at the movie industry that makes these horror movies, not Blockbuster for carrying them. One of the most horrific rapes scenes I have seen depicted in a movie was in the remake of "Hills Have Eyes", which was a mainstream horror flick with an "R" rating, so is Blockbuster not supposed to carry this film?
Justusryan on 06/13/2007:
Don't they have boxes that you can read the back of before making a selection?
heaven17 on 06/13/2007:
You sound awfully sensitive for someone renting horror movies. My only suggestion would be to do a little research on any titles you may plan to rent or try romantic comedies.
What were the three movies you rented that you consider 'porn'?
runaway on 06/13/2007:
I would hope that if anyone was giving your letter ANY credibility it would be lost after your comments "It seems a requirement to be hired at Blockbuster, is to have a IQ barely above that of a retarded child", "decides what films they provide is retarded to", and "we as Americans, are giving our jobs to the most ignorant, and stupid people our country offers." Where I live, even the "retarded" know enough to read the back of the box and look at the labels for rating information before renting the movie.
lobo65 on 06/13/2007:
Like the others said, if you are that easily offended then YOU need to do some research before renting movies. It's not that hard to find reviews online.
One-Eyed Willie on 06/13/2007:
At what point did the Blockbuster employee twist your arm and strong arm you into renting these movies? If you are sensitive to these types of films I suggest looking up reviews on the internet. Oh wait the internet is filled with porn too. Chemman, I too thought of the Hills Have Eyes scene. I'm pretty okay with horror movie scenes, but that one kind of tweaked me the wrong way a little.
Anonymous on 06/13/2007:
Stick to the rated "G" movies.Disney,etc.
iDuckie on 06/13/2007:
just as an FYI, there is a difference in "soft core" porno vs "hard core" porno. Blockbuster does NOT rent hard core. A lot of horror franchises have built themselves on characters having sex in the movies. Look at Friday the 13th. It's guaranteed in those movies if you have sex, you will DIE. You should really learn the rules of a horror movie.
spiderman2 on 06/13/2007:
Get over yourself Violet. As sensitive as you try to come off how many times did you use the word "retarded" in your letter. That is offensive. so let me quote you and say this "It seems a requirement to be hired at Blockbuster, is to have a IQ barely above that of a retarded child." So, that means they are smarter than you right?!?
chemman on 06/13/2007:
One-eyed, Yeah I'm a big fan of horror books and movies, but that scene was a bit much for me to stomach. I suppose that means the writer/director did his job really well. I liked the movie overall, I just warn people that I recommend it to that there is one very intense scene.
Anonymous on 06/13/2007:
I am sure the parents of a child that acutlly has a mental disability will find your letter insulting. I have a feeling that the real reason that you are angry at Blockbuster is because you wanted a job there and they did not give you one. Face it who would give a job to someone that can't even spell believe. Also if horror films are too scarry for you don't rent them.
Anonymous on 06/13/2007:
Were you not horrified by the porn?
Anonymous on 06/13/2007:
Howdy violet,

You do have a valid complaint. A family establishment need not harbor Pornography. If you choose to stay away, you are contributing to their error you so pointed out. You found it, You report it. Replay the undesirable scenes to your nearest police station and they will make the call either way. You come off to us like a responcible wannabe citizen, just take it all the way. OR you come here and get all kinds of diverse opinions.
Anonymous on 06/13/2007:
I'm starting to think that there are differing opinions on the meaning of 'soft porn' going on here.

heaven17 on 06/13/2007:
Kid-7, in all fairness, we still don't know what the OP considers 'porn' here. You may just get her laughed out of the police station.
Anonymous on 06/13/2007:
As I stated, She will know either way. AND for FYI police station personnel is not in the business of laughing at people. They will treat you with just as much respect as you come in the door with. Besides, I think the OP knows what Porn is and is not. The OP stated that he/she wanted to see Horror. I also think a watcher of Horror knows porn when it's shown. You're valid wondering what the op considers Porn. Why don't you ask the op your self for explisit detail? However tell ghostbuster to leave the room.
Anonymous on 06/13/2007:
ghostbuster, you're a riot.
heaven17 on 06/14/2007:
I watch a lot (a LOT) of horror myself and I can see how some movies can be, well, intense, to say the least. But porn? That's up to the individual, in my opinion. I mean, the horror genre isn't exactly known for its subtle advertising; with most of them , you really can judge a book, er, movie by its cover.
Buyer (or renter) beware.
I suggest the OP stick to PG-13 horror (and, VioletYoshi, please, for the love of GOD, don't ever rent I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE! You'll probably implode).
Nightstalker on 06/19/2007:
Let me put this to you as simply as possible... mmmkuy? If you flip the box over and look at the back you'll usually find a large square box with different letters in it. Some have a "G", some have a "PG", "PG-13" or even an "R". "R" is bad, mmmkuy? And a lot of times they even list the reasons these movies required an R rating. Be on the lookout for descriptions such as, "Graphic Nudity", "Graphic Violence", "Sexual Violence", "Graphic Sexual Violence Involving Nudity and Cheez-Whiz", Etc... And if ya want to whine about nudity in movies, do yourself (and us) a favor and keep your prudish butt in the Disney section.
sum1special313 on 09/24/2007:
Being one of the "mindless zombies" that has worked for Blockbuster, I must say that your comment about Blockbuster INTENTIONALLY carrying pornographic films is misinformed at best. At least 4 times since I've worked for the company, we've pulled titles from the shelves once we realized that it was actually porn. True, the employees are supposed to watch as many of the films we carry as possible to insure that we are in fact maintaining the "family friendly" environment, but every Tuesday there's usually at least a half dozen movies coming out. Having families of our own and other responsibilities means that some times, we don't know what's in a movie until after its been on the shelf for a week or so. However, the Horror section of the store is for... HORRIFIC movies. Duh.

Learn more about the rating system, pay more attention to what the box says. Not only will a movie list whether its an R rated film, but usually it will tell you "for strong language, adult content, sexuality, etc." It is not the Blockbuster employees sole repsponsibility to make sure we babysit your choices.
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Blockbuster Always Out of Stock and Rude!
Posted by on
ALBANY, NEW YORK -- I don't have time to write a long review of this terrible establishment since I am supposed to be babysitting my nephew, but I feel compelled to share my horrible experience when I made the mistake of entering this business earlier this evening.

I arrived to rent a movie with my nephew for him to watch tonight and there were two that he really wanted to see: The Transformers and The Simpsons The Movie. I didn't have time to search the entire new release wall for two DVDs so I approached the front desk and asked him for either of the movies I listed above. The grumpy cashier no doubt making minimum wage told me "We don't have either of those in yet". I couldn't believe it because it seems like every time I go to Blockbuster they NEVER have the movie I'm looking for. I don't even know why I have a membership. After explaining how it would make sense to order more copies of popular movies so they would not keep running out and waiting for one to be returned in order to satisfy my needs, I scoffed and said "Great now I have to go disappoint my nephew" and turned away even though he looked like he was about to say something because I had heard enough and I was not about to end my call with my coworker.

In the end, we ended up renting some puppet movie called Force America which I hope my nephew is watching right now (or sleeping). I just couldn't let this injustice that Blockbuster keeps forcing me to endure stand. I doubt I will return to that place of business again.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 09/17/2007:
Eileen,or whoever you really are.Those two movies are not out on dvd at the moment.

Anonymous on 09/17/2007:
p.s.what did your brother say when you called him from the store?
Anonymous on 09/17/2007:
Well now Eileen is on the worst customer list at six places we know of in Albany. The NIC strikes again!
Crown Jules on 09/17/2007:
So your brother got a job at your workplace and now is your co-worker? Good for him.

I vote this review Not Entertaining. You've done much better with your other stories, Eileen.
Skye on 09/17/2007:
Come on, can't you guys tell who this is, parading as Eileen?? His reviews crack me up. He should write short stories for Mad magazine.
Suusan B. on 09/17/2007:
No - - they didn't have the movies you were looking for because THEY HAVEN'T BEEN RELEASED ON DVD YET!

You must be a wonderful babysitter if you don't even know if your nephew is watching a movie or sleeping.

So please consider that I'm scoffing at you as you've just got to be every retailer's nightmare.
Anonymous on 09/17/2007:
My vote is it's from the Stew Nation.
DebtorBasher on 09/17/2007:
I rate this review a 2 out of 10 on the Stew Meter...I mean, on the Eileen meter...very disappointing...didn't even ask for any freebies!
Skye on 09/17/2007:
Susan, don't waste your time. This "Eileen" isn't a woman, it's another member pretending to be someone else, and writing these entertaining reviews.
Skye on 09/17/2007:
I concur with DB. I'm sorry, but I cannot even find the rating for this, on the STEW meter :O
Anonymous on 09/17/2007:
For the love of stapler,tell me it isn't so
Skye on 09/17/2007:
Steve, Steve, Steve, sorry hon, yup~
MRM on 09/17/2007:
I am looking forward to Death Proof on DVD tomorrow!
Skye on 09/17/2007:
And I'm looking forward to Grindhouse tomorrow!!
MRM on 09/17/2007:
Unfortunately, Grindhouse will be released on DVD next month.
Anonymous on 09/17/2007:
Death Proof is the Quentin tarantino one of the two,if I'm not mistaken
MRM on 09/17/2007:
This is out of topic but I would like to know if anyone in here has UNAUTHORIZED CHARGE of Apple iTune to their credit card. It has happened to me twice now on two different cards.
Skye on 09/17/2007:
How much was the unauthorized charge for??
MRM on 09/17/2007:
It was a TEMP transaction for $1. But I did not see the POSTED transaction as the account was cancelled.
Skye on 09/17/2007:
Thank goodness it was only $1.00, but multipy that unauthorized charge by millions of people, and the bucks add up.
DebtorBasher on 09/17/2007:
I have to agree with Alley on that one!!!! If you do try to help them, they act annoyed because you are interrupting them...step aside and let the next person in line step up...come back when it's important enough to hang up your phone.
DigitalCommando on 09/17/2007:
I just hate it when I go to Mcdonalds and they don't have flaming lobster tails and caviar, I keep going and they never have it. Why can't these people satify me? Whine Whine Puke. This post can't be real, could it? Are we off on a tangent? It feels like a tangent. Note to self: Reinstall Brain.
mdh7341 on 09/17/2007:
Wait, so Blockbuster didn't have bootlegged copies of movies that aren't out on DVD yet, and you're upset? Go on RLSLOG and download them (if you can get off your cell phone long enough). Plus, I think you meant you rented Team America, which is rated 'R'. I have been reading these posts for a while now and thought right off the bat that this person was fake, because all the stories were the same. I wish someone would see Eileen's picture and say it was them.
mdh7341 on 09/17/2007:
Oh, and my 1st vote on the site was 'Not Helpful'. You're welcome Eileen (Stew).
Anonymous on 09/18/2007:
What ? No drive through ?
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Where Is Your Adult Video Section?
Posted by on
I want to complain about the fact that your stores lack an Adult Video section. Other video stores have this, so why can't yours? I understand Blockbuster may be a family video store, but can't you at least have a room in the back clearly marked "Must be 18 or older to enter", and have an employee unlock the door when you want to go in to rent porn? You eliminated Late Fees for consumers having problems with them, so why can't you do anything for us consumers who just want to rent some porn? I hope you make the necessary changes to satisfy our needs so we can continue being loyal consumers at your store.

Dr. Adanre Jeecheroo
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User Replies:
tander on 04/09/2005:
Do you have a sexual problem that requires you to watch porn?
Dr. Jeecheroo on 04/09/2005:
No, I would just love for my local Blockbuster to satisfy my wants and needs since I am a consumer.
qtpi on 04/09/2005:
Um, it is not really Blockbusters responsibility to solve your wants and needs.
Anonymous on 04/09/2005:
Dear Dr. Jack@#f, go to your local "toy shop". Obviously you need attention. Contact tx or biz. They can surely help you with your NEEDS!
Anonymous on 04/10/2005:
Now Ziff,(Dr.J-O), you know, he is complaining about the lack of "sissy porn". Let him live. Tax and buz can handle his NEEDS
Dr. Jeecheroo on 04/10/2005:
What the hell kind of name is zzrokk? It's actually worse than "siffer". Anyway, the closest toy shop is probably in Houston, which is at least a half hour drive from here. My complaint is valid; your random bickering isn't.
Dr. Jeecheroo on 04/10/2005:
Oh, and siffer, I'd like to praise you on your "originality" of saying I like to watch gay porn, even when you know nothing about me. Good job, kid.
Slimjim on 04/10/2005:
Alright everyone, leave Cheech alone. There's nothing wrong with a young man wanting visual stimuli when ruffen his bone after huffen a bone.
tpebop on 04/10/2005:
this must be a joke you obviouly have internet why on earth would you need a video store ths must be an inflamatory rant intended to raise ire find a new hobby
Dr. Jeecheroo on 04/10/2005:
Porno on the Internet sucks. It's just a bunch of misleading links that give you a crapload of popups, spam in your inbox, and really f's up your computer. Oh, and siffer, show me the post where I said I was gay, because I don't remember.
Anonymous on 04/10/2005:
Slim, said it all! Dr. J-O and buz, are on bad terms right now. The Dr. is just lonely. Tax, what government agency would HANDLE this?
Anonymous on 04/10/2005:
By the way Doctor, seeing as you are in the rural part of Texas isn't there a nearby cattle ranch? It won't be hard to SPOT the BULL!!!
Dr. Jeecheroo on 04/10/2005:
Then you can't prove anything sif-boy, cause you're a loser. And I bet that zzorkk or whoever is really mad in disguise.
Anonymous on 04/10/2005:
Huh? Don't try to type and think with ONE hand.
Anonymous on 04/10/2005:
C'mon now! The Doctor is that guy that hangs out in public restrooms. Go Greyhound!!!
Anonymous on 04/10/2005:
(LOL) Good one buz, now save some of that built up anger for when 'the doctor' and 'vaSoftback come to "visit".
tpebop on 04/10/2005:
even if internet sucks at least you could fid the material you desire for sale with a little searching
Anonymous on 04/10/2005:
Thanks for the laugh!
Anonymous on 04/10/2005:
The doctor can't have anything requiring an adult signature sent to his home. His 'nanny' opens all his mail.
Anonymous on 04/10/2005:
LOL at zzrokk
Rattrap007 on 04/10/2005:
Wooo! P0rn r0x0rz man!
Dr. Jeecheroo on 04/11/2005:
That means you apply siffer.
Dr. Jeecheroo on 04/12/2005:
Anonymous on 04/12/2005:
Hey doc, heard from Blockbuster yet?
Dr. Jeecheroo on 04/12/2005:
No, but hopefully if I get enough people to email them with the same concern, they'll actually make the decision of putting an Adult section in all of their stores. It worked with the late fees.
Anonymous on 04/12/2005:
Bizbuz, has a wide selection of XXX films. Get in touch with him, but remember to specify what kind of films you like. He has an over abundance of "guy flicks".
mjholly on 04/13/2005:
Hey, if BB puts in an adult section, I will boycott their stores. I am opposed to family oriented store chains carrying porn videos. I suggest you go to your local adult bookstore or videostore if there is one where youi live or find an adult or porn website on the Internet to order from.
Dr. Jeecheroo on 04/13/2005:
So you would boycott Blockbuster's stores if they had a back room that you need an associate's permission to get back to? You sound like an old hag.
Anonymous on 04/13/2005:
Isn't this a classic debate. The Doctor vs mjFolly. Or should I say Dr. Wacko vs Unibomber II?
Ringo on 04/14/2005:
Its not a Complaint its a suggestion. Besides BBI said they will never have more than R-rated material.
Anonymous on 04/14/2005:
Thanks for your insight on this matter. Good luck on your XXX search since "BBI" already turned your request down.
Anonymous on 04/28/2005:
:(... Loser.
Dr. Jeecheroo on 05/04/2005:
You call me a loser, yet you doubleposted to an outdated thread.
Anonymous on 05/05/2005:
I see you responded Sherlock! How's the porn search going? Popcorn chicken for dinner tonight?
Kronenberg on 10/07/2005:
I understand Blockbusters decision not to carry porn, but theres also nothing wrong with a consumer making suggestions- why is everyone so harsh?
Dr. Jeecheroo on 10/08/2005:
Kronenburg, zzrokk knocks reviews all the time. He isn't satisfied unless they're reviews about raw chicken wings at a sports bar. This is what happens when you get divorced, kicked onto the streets, and have a 16 year old daughter who has a 2 year old child.
Ms.Consumer on 12/23/2005:
I hate shopping in those video stores (like 20/20) with the big porn sections. It reduces the amount of space available for non-porn movies and forces closeness to porn-fans. The men always come rushing from behind the black velvet curtain with 3 porn vids clutched in hand, eyes averted. Get your kicks somewhere else.
good customer on 06/29/2006:
thank you to everyone for making this the funniest post on a consumer website!!!!
Doctor---- don't go on webpages for porn. you could try filesharing software such as Limewire or Bearshare. If anyone feels strongly about Blockbuster then try going to
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Customer Service at its finest
Posted by on
FRESNO -- I had a problem when I purchased the $30.00 entertainment pass. I originally purchased it as a birthday present for a friend who lives on the other side of town the day before the party. My mom was not at the store with me.
Unfortunately on the backside of the entertainment card the fine print stated that the people on the account that purchased it could only use it and it could only be used at the blockbuster where it was purchased. As my brother was driving away from the store I read this. I went back in to return it and was told it was not refundable. This was less than 10 minutes after I had purchased it.
So that evening I called and talked with the assistant manager 'Candida'. I asked if I could exchange it for $30.00 worth of gift certificates and was told 'No'. My mom then talked to her and explained that I was 14. At this point Candida said 'Well, maybe you shouldn't let your 14 year old go shopping by himself. Thank you, goodbye!' and promptly hung up on her.
After this, I carefully read the fine print. It stated that you had to be the primary account holder to sign up for the program, which I am not. So we went in today, the 4th of July, and the day of the party to attempt one more time to return it.
The manager at the counter, Cat, understood what we were saying and then said the store manager, the only one who could handle it, would be in at 5. My mother then asked if she could contact him for us and explain the situation.
Cat said yes and my mother then asked her to call. Cat called, explained the situation. After this it was shortly resolved that I could exchange the card for $30.00 worth of gift certificates.

I would like you to congratulate Cat, at the 5606 E. Kings Canyon Road, Fresno, California on her dedication to customer service. Without her Blockbuster would have definitely lost our patronage, as we were sorely disappointed in the service we had received until then.
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