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Scratched Movies
By -

BEAUMONT, TEXAS -- I will never rent from Blockbuster Express again. The last three times I've rented movies (from three different kiosks), I've received movies that were scratched, causing them to freeze or skip while playing. The first two times I complained to Blockbuster Express and they refunded my money and gave me promo codes for free rentals. I guess that's fair but it doesn't do me a lot of good to get a promo code a week later when I couldn't even finish the movie I rented that night. I've never had this problem with Red Box, but Blockbuster Express is closer to my house. It's worth the drive at this point to use Red Box!

Blockbuster Express Kiosk Charged Me $26.50 for a Movie I Returned the Next Day
By -

WOODSTOCK, GEORGIA -- On Dec 14 2010 I rented a DVD from a Blockbuster Express Kiosk in Woodstock, Ga. I returned DVD next day and I should have been charged $1. My debit card was charged $26.50. I called customer service and they told me there is nothing they could do as their records showed movie was not returned. They instructed me to email customer service and have a tech visit kiosk to see if movie was there.

I got an email back from them stating their records show movie was not returned and they will not refund my money. No Tech visited kiosk as I requested. Be very careful about renting from Blockbuster Express. You will have no proof movie was returned and they will charge you if their system malfunctions.

Charged but Never Received Movies
By -

On 9/25 I went to the kiosk here at our local grocery store, which by the way is always out of order. However, I was about to checkout and swiped my card and movies did not dispense. Computer told me I was not going to be charged. So I tried 4 other times... come to find out they debit over 25.00. It was my birthday and here I am calling the customer service. However after speaking to representative and a supervisor who was supposed to be releasing the hold, I left it alone.

Today 9/30, I have called twice and been hung up on. Then I have been told that there is no supervisor to speak to. I ask for corporate number and guess what there is no number. I will never rent from these idiots again. By the way they are not affiliated with Blockbuster at all. Go figure.

Goodbye Blockbuster!
By -

I stopped using Blockbuster about 5 years ago because I was sick and tired of having to return a movie by noon on its due date. I always had late fees because of work and/or class and I would leave the house, forget the movie, and would not have the opportunity to return to retrieve it until long after the noon deadline came and went. When they eliminated their late fees back in 2005, I started going back. It was nice knowing that if I forgot to return my movie, I could return it the next day or the day after and not incur a fee.

Last fall, they reinstated the late fees on video games. I wasn't terribly happy about this because my husband likes to rent video games and he's not always the most punctual with returns. This spring, they reinstated the late fees for all movies as well. This irritated me to no end for the reasons I illustrated in the first paragraph. Two weeks ago, my husband rented 2 movies and 2 video games. Naturally, he didn't return them until after the 12:00 deadline, giving us a $4 charge on our credit card for late fees! If Blockbuster had a sensible return deadline (like midnight), I wouldn't have incurred this fee. I've had enough. Goodbye Blockbuster, hello Netflix and Redbox!

Very Polite and Professional Employee
By -

MABLETON, GEORGIA -- I go to the blockbuster on Floyd Rd in Mableton Georgia. The young African American guy that works there is so nice and polite. He is always professional. Every time I visit the store he doesn't have a problem with finding the items I need. You don't have to ask him for help, he just volunteer his help. He is the youngest guy that works there. He is the only one there with a joyful spirit.

I try to go there on days when I know he is going to be there. It really makes a different when you can walk in a place of business after a long day of work and see a person with a genuine smile on their face and welcomes you with such warmth while they are working and doing their job. I really enjoy going to this store because of him. All of my friends and family travels to this store from Powder Spring, Austell and Lithia Spring area.

Very Rude and Chatty Blockbuster Employees.
By -

ALHAMBRA, CALIFORNIA -- I have been going to this particular blockbuster since I was a kid- I am now much older and have noticed a lot.. including the rudeness of the people that work there. There is this black lady who used to harass me a couple of years ago- until I complained to the managers which didn't help- so I complained to the company. This Black lady liked to talk about me when I wasn't around, my grandmother heard her once talking about me in a very rude manner to another employee. The managers are pretty rude too. Especially the hispanic manager. He is not friendly, he is always in a bad mood, and he never seems to care about anything.

Great, Timely Customer Service
By -

ALBANY, NEW YORK -- I've subscribed to Blockbuster Online for years and a recent negative review I saw posted here prompted me to write about my experience. My account allows two movies to be out at a time and I noticed one movie was cleared from my queue on 09/30 and a new one had yet to be shipped each time I checked. I kept a watch on it for about a week and finally on 10/07 I sent an email to customer service to see if something was up. After completing the form, I was notified I'd receive a response within 24 to 48 hours.

Within just a couple of hours I received a response from a customer service representative apologizing for the delay stating it was due to updating their distribution lines. They also included a free in-store rental coupon and a promise to prioritize my account. Sure enough, the next day a movie shipped. My experience with Blockbuster has been nothing but fantastic for years. I find their shipping to be timely, resolutions quick and selection better than Netflix. My initial email to them was cordial and their response left me completely satisfied. Thanks, Blockbuster!

New Rental Policy
By -

WAKE FOREST, NORTH CAROLINA -- I don't know if it's nationwide or not, but the Blockbuster by me just changed their rental policy and their new one sucks. They no longer offer the no late fees, you now only get games and movies for three days after that it is $1.99 a day. They've lowered the rental prices, games went from $8 to $6, but you used to be able to keep them for two weeks without being charged for it. I don't know how much their movies are, I never rent movies from them since I use Netflix, but I did rent an occasional game from them for my Wii.

Does anyone know of any good game rental places online? (Blockbuster is the only rental place within 30 miles of me.) I know Gamefly has had problems and Blockbuster is offering one in store for $21 a month for one game out at a time, but I don't play games often enough to want to pay $21 a month. I usually only rent about one game a month. I know I won't be renting any more games from Blockbuster, three days just doesn't give me enough time to even really play it (I don't have time to sit and play a game all day).

Customer Unfriendly Drop Box System
By -

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND -- Renters Beware! I am currently disputing an inaccurate $52.52 charge placed on my Bank of America credit card by BlockBusters on September 9, 2005. The situation: I rented 4 movies from BlockBusters on 8/21/05, Lord of the Rings III, Hostage, 7 Seconds and Muppets Wizard of OZ. I returned 2 of the 4 movies - Lord of the Rings and Muppets Wizard of Oz on that Friday 8/26/05. They were returned in the drop box. On Wednesday, August 31, I returned the other 2 in the same drop box.

The next thing I know, it is September 14, and I am online checking my Bank of America balances and I have a $52.52 charge on my credit card!! I called BlockBusters and spoke with a ** who told me NONE of the movies were returned and the charge would not be reversed. I asked her if she was sure they were not there. She informed me that she just had done inventory and again she said they were not there. I asked her how that could be possible because they were returned on TWO SEPARATE days! How did they all get missed during the drop box check in process on two separate days?

I asked to speak to the manager, she said his name was ** and she wasn't allowed to give his last name, but he wouldn't be in until Friday after 12 noon. In my complete frustration, I called my local police department, requesting to file a report about these missing movies; I think they were stolen from inside BlockBusters. That is the only conclusion I can come to since ** said she was sure that they were not there and that is where I left them.

Unfortunately, the officer said I could not file a report because the movies were not taken from my possession. The officer told me that BlockBuster would have to file a report since the tapes went missing while in their possession. On September 14th I went online to email BlockBusters corporate office requesting a refund and an investigation done about the missing movies. As of today, September 21, 2005, I have not heard anything regarding my email. I called BlockBusters on September 15th, figuring there had to be a manager on duty during the day.

I was wrong, all I got was the Assistant Manager named **, who said there was nothing he could do and he was recently transferred to this store 2 weeks ago! He told me I would have to speak with **. I called again on September 20th and spoke with **, another assistant manager, who said he didn't see the movies, and there is nothing he could do, I would have to speak with **. He told me that ** comes in at 8:30am. I asked if he could have ** call me since I have made numerous unsuccessful attempts to talk with him. ** said, “No, the manager does not make calls.”€

Finally, today, September 21, 2005, I got to speak to **. Once again, he said the movies were not there. I informed him that the movies were returned on TWO separate days in the drop box and I do not understand why they cannot find them. Completely frustrated, I asked ** for the name, number and address of the District manager. He gave me the name **, informed me that he was on vacation, and gave me a voice mail number 800-940-2232 ext **. ** said he did not have office addresses for any District, Regional or Corporate offices. He said Mr. ** has been using an 8700 Liberty Road, Randallstown, MD 21133 store as an office.

I am requesting an investigation be done about these movies and a charge reversal be done on my credit card about this inaccurate $52.52 charge. I would also like to speak with some about ideas that would prevent this kind of situation from ever happening to anyone else. It is unfair for a company to have a system in place where the customer has to provide the burden of proof, but that company has designed the system in such a manner where the customer is never able to provide the proof! That is unfair! I would appreciate a prompt response either by phone, regular mail or email. Thanks for your time and attention.

Blockbuster Poor Service
By -

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- The Blockbuster store I am referring to here is located at: 13011 SW 112th Street, Miami, Florida 33186. 305-388-5562. It is store No. 12404. I have been a Gold Member from blockbuster and have never had a problem with their service until tonight. I went with my 10 year old son and wife to rent some movies. There were two employees on the night shift at this location, one by with the tag name of ** and another by the name of **.

I took one movie from the shelf in the wall and ** said to me: "You can't rent that movie." So I politely replied: "Why not? It's on the shelf." And she said to me with an attitude: "Because it's not out until tomorrow, can't you read the sign?" (She was referring to a small hand written paper sign with tomorrow's date on it). At this point, the other one ** jumped in saying sarcastically to **, "Looks like we are going to have to make bigger signs for some people."

Astonished, I looked back at ** and said to her: "Please don't give me an attitude, I'm a customer." And she said, "We're not giving you attitude you're the blind one that can't read the sign!" And she turned to ** and said: "Some people are so dumb, I just can't wait to go home." (It was 10:40pm).

This really offended me and I replied, "Wow, you guys really need to learn about customer service." And I continued browsing what was on the shelves. At this point I felt like walking out of the store and changing to Netflix or something. But then I reasoned that this was not the Brand's fault but rather an employee training/ selection issue.

When it was time to pay, there was no one on the counter. They had me wait about five minutes intentionally and then ** showed up to process my order with an evil grin. I said to her, "You guys are making a mistake treating me like this. I'm a Blockbuster Gold Member and I've always been a good customer spending lots of money in this store." She replied: "Oooh a Gold Member, WOW!" I said, "Yes a Gold Member and not only that, I will be complaining with your store manager about your sarcasm."

And she said: "Well Mr. Gold Member you have $7 dollars in late fees, and this is how we make our money so you have to pay up before I can rent you any of those movies." I said, "Yes, I know and of course I'll pay it, but at any rate this is not how you make your money, but clearly how the company makes it."

Then ** went on to type in the computer system that I'm a "complete **" for other employees to see when in reality I was the victim of their lack of customer service skills. I have never been called an ** in my lifetime. And this front line employee goes on to type it in my Blockbuster Receipt as well! And yes I have the copy of this receipt, with the word ** typed in and with the blockbuster branding on it! Talk about proof of a customer being mistreated with verbal abuse.

I feel aggrieved with the lack of customer service from this store. I was treated with verbal abuse and sarcasm from two employees in front of my wife and 10 year old son, and have the proof. Three witnesses and a typed blockbuster receipt with the words "complete **" on it. I'm sure these two employees were probably having a bad day and decided to vent it with me, but why should I as the customer have to put up with this? If you went to any store and someone put on your receipt "complete **", what would you do? PS. The CSR No. on my receipt from ** is **. I don't have the other CSR number but she had a tag with the name of **.

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