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Blockbuster Inc.
1201 Elm St.
Dallas, TX 75270
214-854-3000 (ph)
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Great, Timely Customer Service
By -

ALBANY, NEW YORK -- I've subscribed to Blockbuster Online for years and a recent negative review I saw posted here prompted me to write about my experience. My account allows two movies to be out at a time and I noticed one movie was cleared from my queue on 09/30 and a new one had yet to be shipped each time I checked. I kept a watch on it for about a week and finally on 10/07 I sent an email to customer service to see if something was up. After completing the form, I was notified I'd receive a response within 24 to 48 hours.

Within just a couple of hours I received a response from a customer service representative apologizing for the delay stating it was due to updating their distribution lines. They also included a free in-store rental coupon and a promise to prioritize my account. Sure enough, the next day a movie shipped. My experience with Blockbuster has been nothing but fantastic for years. I find their shipping to be timely, resolutions quick and selection better than Netflix. My initial email to them was cordial and their response left me completely satisfied. Thanks, Blockbuster!

Stop Calling Me!!!
By -

MADISONVILLE, KENTUCKY -- So for the third time this week I have received a phone call from a Blockbuster Store in Hoboken, NJ looking for my overdue movies. Problem is, I live in Kentucky, my name isn't **, and I don't have a Blockbuster account. I have called this store 3 times in the past month asking them to remove my cell phone number from this person's account, and they still haven't done it. They aren't even taking this seriously. First they tell me I need to come into the store and show ID proving I am not the person on the account. That would be great, but I'm not spending money for a plane ticket and a rental car just to drive to Blockbuster and show them my driver's license.

Second time it happens I go down to the local Blockbuster here in town and explain this to the woman working at the counter. She was very nice and even called the store in question for me telling them they need to remove my phone number from this account as I am not the person they are looking for. Today was the last straw. I get yet another phone call from Blockbuster telling me I have an overdue movie and they are going to charge my credit card retail price if I don't return it by Saturday.

So I call the 800 number listed on Google Finance and speak to an executive customer service representative. Not only did this guy not believe me they wouldn't remove the number until I sent them my cell phone bill and a copy of my driver's license.

It's bad enough one of your customer's is using my cell phone number as contact information on her accounts, but now you're treating me as if I am the one doing something wrong. I called T-Mobile, and according to them, I am the only owner of this cellular number. So I want to know this, if Blockbuster is requiring me to send in copies of my cellular bill and a copy of my identification, why didn't they ask ** to show this information when she opened the account? If I have to prove who I am, shouldn't she have to prove who she is?

Total Access Price Increase
By -

I'm sure everyone has seen the commercials on TV advertising BlockBuster Total Access as compared to Netflix whereby if you subscribe to a plan, you can get DVDs shipped to you in the mail and exchange them at a store for another DVD. I am currently on the $9.99 plan which allows me 1 DVD at a time and anytime I get a DVD in the mail, when I am done with it, I can take it to the store and exchange it for a DVD from the store while I am waiting for my next DVD to arrive in the mail. It also includes 1 e-coupon per month which is good for 1 free DVD or Game Rental from the store.

Other than a few times when they have been slow to send the next DVD, I have been pleased with the plan. Last night I was just looking around the Blockbuster website and in the Help section, found out the prices of their plans are going up. My plan is going up from 9.99 to 16.99 plus tax and the e-coupons are being eliminated. They have cheaper plans but they limit the number of DVDs you can exchange at the store. If I choose to stay on the 9.99 plan, I will only be able to exchange 2 DVDs at the store per month.

I am writing to let other people know about this. They are supposed to send their customers an email stating the price increase before it goes into effect. I haven't gotten an email yet. It sounds like everyone will be at the new prices by 9/15/07. You can go into the Help section on and get more information about this. It would have been nice if they had let everyone know via email instead of having to find out by accident. Also, I don't like the fact that they have eliminated the free DVD/Game Rental monthly coupon. If I do stay on my current plan and I have problems with slow service again, I will definitely drop the plan.

Poor Customer Service / Faulty Policies
By -

WOODLAND HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- God forbid you ever lose your Blockbuster rental card because according to the customer reps anyone who has possession of your card can rent from any store. No one checks ID or verifies who the person is. Subsequently you become the victim of fraud, for example my card was stolen and before I noticed it missing the perpetrator had rented over a dozen 360 games at various stores within my county. I contacted the corporate office in which I was told the fraud dept would contact me within 3-5 business days and that my acct was on hold and nothing could be charged to my credit card.

On the 6th day I had heard from no one when I contacted the office again, I was told that the acct was open and that 322.00 had been charged to my credit card! I promptly asked for a supervisor ** who was worthless. She couldn't even answer a simple question "Why was I told my credit card would not be charged and is it or is it not your policy to rent without asking for identification?" (in stores that you never opened an acct in). She kept repeating that the fraud dept would contact me. Was she even listening?? She was stuttering and obviously did not have a clue how to resolve my issue, she then blamed the fraud on my 12 yr old son, because he is also a card holder!

In any case this is by far the worst customer service I have ever received. Not only was the customer service worthless at the corporate office, it was even more unprofessional at the actual store locations where I was hung up on several times trying to resolve the issue myself! The rental policy is not posted in writing anywhere. All that is listed in the terms and agreements is that if you don't return the rental your credit card is charged. The person that stole my card rented games from all these stores on the same day. The total of these games far exceeds the 322.00 that was so far charged.

Is this company run by a bunch of incompetent morons or do they really not care that a bunch of kids run their stores and the loss in damages could all be avoided if they had a concrete policy in force? Not one person either in store or on the phone could explain to me how a stranger was able to use my card to the extent that he did. Some say they ask for ID, others say if you never rented at that store before they require you to open an acct. Others say "We should ask for ID" ?? WHAT IS IT PEOPLE?? Because while everyone is trying to figure it out I'm just waiting for the fraud dept!

Blockbuster "No More Late Fees" - a LIE and a SCAM
By -

CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- Just to keep everyone informed: I have not had a Blockbuster Video rental membership in over 2 years. This happened while a friend was visiting and I simply couldn't believe it. A friend wanted to rent a movie while he was visiting me over the holidays. I told him I had no memberships to any movie rental places so he said he would put the movie on his card. This movie was a 9 day rental. The movie was rented on Saturday January 1st and the receipt stated the movie was due back Sunday Jan 9th. I still have the receipt for the rental. My friend left on Sunday January 2nd and I returned the movie Monday January 3rd.

I DID NOT use the drop box to return this DVD. Instead, I walked in the store (yes, the same store where it had been rented) and I asked the person behind the counter if I could have a receipt showing the date I returned the DVD. The person flat out said to me, "We don't give customers receipts showing when they return movies". I calmly asked, "How do I know my friend won't be charged for the entire amount of the DVD if I have no proof it was returned?" The girl smirked and said, "We don't charge people for things like that", and went on her way. I left the store saying nothing else.

I thought this was strange because a customer is entitled to a receipt regardless. I went to another Blockbuster and asked the manager if this was their policy (the girl at the place the DVD was rented informed me the store manager was not there). She told me the same thing... "It is our policy NOT to give customers receipts showing when a rental is returned". Sure enough, yesterday, January 7, I received a call from my friend asking if I had returned the DVD. I told him I had and the store had refused to give me a receipt showing I had returned it.

He informed me the Blockbuster had called him saying the DVD was a 2 DAY RENTAL and his account had been charged THE FULL PRICE OF THE DVD!! I still have the receipt stating the rental was indeed for 9 days. I fully intend to meet with the area supervisor over Blockbuster in my area concerning this matter. When I phoned the store a little while ago I was told it would be nearly impossible to remove this charge ( and, in the mean time, if matter is resolved to THEIR satisfaction within 30 days, it would be turned over to collections).

So, Blockbuster have certainly helped their faithful customers by getting rid of late fees. Now, they simply charge you the entire price of the item rented AND they refuse to give you proof you returned the rented item!! My friend is now having to take time off work to come 250 miles just to go to this particular Blockbuster to try to resolve this matter. Beware renting from this crooked company. I'm sorry it happened to my friend but I tried to warn him several months ago to stop doing business with them. Live and learn.

Stay AWAY from the kiosk rental
By -

They lie and say you did not return or you were late. then charge you

when you were not late.

they don't give receipts! how convenient for them.


A better idea
By -

I am not a great fan of Blockbuster, but I love the Blockbuster Express Kiosk machines. Unfortunately, I have had read several complaints about them. My experience is I have rented form them dozens of times without any problems. I rent at the kiosk and through the Internet and it all works great. I have not had any problem with damaged discs or problem charges. And, they only charge a dollar a day. Most of the complaints I have read are ridiculous.

Nothing but kindness, all Blockbusters should follow this Blockbuster store's example.
By -

I've had some terrible experience with another Blockbuster in my area (Read my other review about Blockbuster) But the Blockbuster store in South Pasadena (across the street from the Jamba Juice) reminds me how there are still some very kind people in the world.
The South Pasadena Blockbuster store deserves praise for the respect and kindness I have been given at their store. Need them to call another location to see if a movie is there? They'll do that.
Need to order a movie? They'll order it for you.
I hope Blockbuster reads my review and honors them.

New Rental Policy
By -

WAKE FOREST, NORTH CAROLINA -- I don't know if it's nationwide or not, but the Blockbuster by me just changed their rental policy and their new one sucks. They no longer offer the no late fees, you now only get games and movies for three days after that it is $1.99 a day. They've lowered the rental prices, games went from $8 to $6, but you used to be able to keep them for two weeks without being charged for it. I don't know how much their movies are, I never rent movies from them since I use Netflix, but I did rent an occasional game from them for my Wii. Does anyone know of any good game rental places online? (Blockbuster is the only rental place within 30 miles of me) I know Gamefly has had problems and Blockbuster is offering one in store for $21 a month for one game out at a time, but I don't play games often enough to want to pay $21 a month.

I usually only rent about one game a month. I know I won't be renting anymore games from Blockbuster, three days just doesn't give me enough time to even really play it (I don't have time to sit and play a game all day)

Solution to those long check out lines
By -

EAST WINDSOR, NEW JERSEY -- I use blockbuster online and then go to the stores to return DVD's in the mail envelopes so that I can get free one's. This review is more of a suggestion than a complaint, but while waiting on blockbusters 20 person long line with two associates checking people out as fast as they can, I thought to myself wouldn't Blockbuster really improve on this checkout process if they implemented a few self check out stations where people could just scan/deposit/checkout and go instead of waiting in those long lines? It would work like the Shoprite self check out where you'd go in, scan your mail envelope and deposit into a slot, then scan your replacement DVD place it in a slot to remove the theft clamp and scan your blockbuster card and then zip out the store in 30 to 40 seconds tops. What do you think of this idea?

I don't know about you, but many times I've just decided to skip the replacement movie altogether and just drop my return in the post office box because the line is such a turn off especially on a Friday night. Any thoughts?

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