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Posted by on has begun posting personal information. They have posted home addresses; sales price; pictures of people, homes, and children; listed occupations and employers; the names and addresses of neighbors (with links to their page) in one place and available just by searching "a name". They will not remove as they say all information is public. This is done not for real estate purposes. They are using names without permission to advertise their business and make money from AdSense and advertisers. They gather information from public records and through the web, including social networking sites.
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Anonymous on 09/13/2009:
Honey, no offense, but that IS public information. Type your name and city into google and tell me what you get. PUBLIC record.
CalliK on 09/14/2009:
I don't get it, but since there's a buck to be made and greedy people are everywhere, I suppose I will soon. I realize those are public, but never so easily available (knowledge of city isn't even necessary - just name). Plus, names are being used to advertise a business without permission. If this is legal, laws need to be changed like they were in California after Rebecca Schaeffer was murdered.
Anonymous on 09/14/2009:
It is no different than having your name and address published in the phone directory.
CalliK on 09/14/2009:
I pay for it not to be, as I believe most people now do. Also, people who choose to have their addresses in the phone directory (people who CHOOSE to have their addresses published) don't have their pictures, children's pictures, profession, etc. listed. There are unscrupulous people everywhere. Some will exploit legal loopholes to exploit people for their own profit, some will exploit the information provided for other, sometimes darker, reasons. It may be legal, but that doesn't make it right or ethical.
CalliK on 09/14/2009:
Anonymous on 09/15/2009:
Calli, I am just saying. If you own property I can find out anything I want to know about you. It isn't hard to do. Heck, I have found addresses on several celebrities, not that I would actually go to their houses uninvited, but privacy ain't really private. So much is public record, that you can go to the local library and do a records such and see if a person has been in jail, sued, bought property, paid taxes etc.
CalliK on 09/15/2009:
I understand what you're saying. And I'm saying it's not right, particularly having it all so easy, no library or effort involved, and somebody making money victimizing people like this is just disgusting. This is so easy that somebody could get in the site, plop in an address, and find out who, and how many people, own the property. Even less secure for single females. But, somebody's getting rich, and that's all that counts. A real estate company sells property, not names. There is absolutely no reason why names have to be included, either on the site or through the search engine.
sharlet on 09/26/2009:
I recently added my complaint to this site, and it's available to read now. In regards to what LadyScot is saying- it is 'technically correct' that the information they are posting is "public record". Unfortunately Blockshopper has turned the tables in a way that threatens the safety of many individuals. In the past, you could search an address under public records, and come up with a property owner. No public records office made information available by a personal name unless there were legitimate legal reasons to do so, and then paperwork had to be filled out justifying this. It is very important to not be glib about what blockshopper is doing. There is no reasonable advantage to have personal names this available if all they are doing is providing real estate research. Property value, tax info, etc- OK. But now they've made it easy for every stalker, rapist, abusive spouse and mentally ill person to find anyone they want with a few keystrokes. And if your info isn't up there yet- it soon will be. As their own site describes, they are expanding! Getting our legislators attention is the only way to start putting some privacy laws in place to block this unethical use of information.
PepperElf on 09/26/2009:

Everything on there is public information
you only have to pay to get the detailed report

but if you're looking for the address and phone number only? Free to the public
sharlet on 09/26/2009:
Regarding Zabasearch-

Excellent- yet another one. Although I tried a variety of names & didn't come up with near the number of hits as Blockshopper.
Skye on 09/26/2009:
OP, I can understand your frustrations. I'm sure you've googled yourself and things come up.

I've been debating whether or not to write up my own complaint, regarding a certain ancestry site. I'll just mention it here.

When I google our last name, my married name, someone in my husbands family sure put a lot of time and effort into creating a family tree. Nothing was left out. My husbands mother's maiden name is out there, as well as my maiden name.

How convenient for someone who wants to commit identity theft.
CalliK on 09/26/2009:
Not only are these kinds of people putting us in danger, they are using our information without permission to make money. OK, I understand about public information, but our names? Anybody can do anything with our names? The blockshopper sleazebags, and apparently others like them, are using our names in a way we don't want. That IS identity theft. Folks, we have to get the laws changed. I've written every one of my elected officials, and haven't had one response. But, if enough people write, at least one of them might hear us.
Anonymous on 09/26/2009:
Calli, it is not even remotely close to identity theft. My goodness. Public records are PUBLIC, not theft.

Additionally, just about every company you do business with has the right to sell or rent your name, address, phone number to other companies, unless you expressly opt out.

Who do you order pizza from? Many national chains sell, rent and trade their customer lists.
Inat on 03/26/2010:
the concept of blockshopper is actually a good idea :)
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