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Credit Card (Involuntary account closing)
By -

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- To: Whom It May Concern,

I was a loyal Bloomingdale's and Macy’s customer that without a doubt paid my monthly bills in a timely manner without hesitation for my Bloomingdale’s and Macy’s accounts. But unbeknownst to me I recently noticed my accounts for both stores had been closed. I inquired as to the reason and was told they were closed due to excessive returns. I was also told I had been given several chances to explain, but according to the (3) individuals I spoke to, I had not responded. This is the first untrue statement. I spoke to numerous individuals over the phone and I responded via email about my return habits. The next thing I was told, and I wasn't told this until I got to the store today, is that I will not be allowed to return any more merchandise on this account. Therefore, items that are too small, too big, or just not the right size or color cannot be returned. I will have to leave them on my account and continue to pay my bill like the valued, loyal customer I've been for the last 3 or 4 years. I would like to know how this could possibly make sense to any honest hard working American today. I am treated like a loyal, valued customer while paying my balance off, but when I attempting to return any item that is not worn, or damaged I am treated like a local criminal. I started off by asking myself why would a store I have spent more money in than I have returned merchandise cancel my account without any regards to me. I mean just as a valued customer, which is what I am being told I am each and every time I provide my credit card number to customer service electronic voice for assistance. Which is quite the opposite of the (2) individuals from your credit department I spoke to on the phone today in the customer service department (September 20th – around 4:30), they were really rude and nasty towards me and that’s putting it mildly. In fact, when I asked the man (credit department) what am I supposed to do with the items I just received from UPS that did not work for me and made a special trip to the store to return today, his reply was, he did not care what I did with the items. I know I deserve more respect than that, no matter what the circumstances are behind Bloomingdale’s actions. And I was totally appalled to say the least by his and his supervisor’s behavior. The treatment I received from this credit department agent along with his supervisor belittled me and made me feel as though I am being singled out and targeted for something more than the fact that I have made numerous merchandise returns to your store. I was told by numerous sales people in Bloomingdale’s that customers return on a daily bases and no one ever question these customers. I was also informed that these large returns are usually made by Bloomingdale’s customers that are middle aged, white females. But me being a Black Female that returns merchandise that has never been worn, merchandise that is never damaged, merchandise that has the tags still on them and ready for reselling, that only have one thing that doesn’t fit the Bloomingdale’s image - I’m Black, and I cannot make returns without being chastised. I come into Bloomingdale’s to do legitimate transactions and I’m being scrutinized for making returns. I feel I have been treated unjustly and I will not stop unveiling my concerns until someone addresses this matter further.

Policy for in store returns: (copied and pasted from online site)

New In-Store Returns Policy: Online purchases can be returned at any Bloomingdale's store. Please take unused item(s) with price ticket(s), and invoice/receipt, to a register in the appropriate department. In-store exchanges are subject to store's availability. Your account will be credited immediately when making an in-store return.

*No where in this return policy (which I copied from the site do I see stipulations on returns pertaining to frequency of returns, amount of returns, monetary value of returns, or race of the customer). I’ve actually gone through the entire site to see if there is something I could be missing; something I could have possibly overlooked explaining to me the circumstances upon which I am being punished for normal online customer transactions.

Bloomingdales contract agreement: (copied and pasted from online site)

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All content, graphics, code and software used on or incorporated into this web site, and the arrangement or integration of all such content, graphics, code and software, are subject to copyrights held by or licensed to Bloomingdale's, and all rights thereto are specifically reserved. Permission is granted to electronically copy and print hard copies of pages from this web site solely for personal, non-commercial purposes related to the placement of an order or shopping with Bloomingdale's. Any other use of this web site or content or information contained in this web site is strictly prohibited, unless the written permission of Bloomingdale's first is obtained. and Bloomingdale's, as well as page headers, custom graphics, buttons, images and other content on this web site, are subject to trademark, service mark, trade dress, copyright and or other proprietary or intellectual property rights or licenses held by Bloomingdale's or Macy's, Inc. Other trademarks, product names and company names or logos used on this web site are the property of their respective owners. Except as expressly authorized, the use or misuse of any trademarks, trade names, logos, images, graphics or content from this web site is strictly prohibited.

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For more information on Bloomingdale's customer service, please call 1-800-777-0000.

*Again, no where in Bloomingdale's contract policy is it listed that an account is subject to being closed based on Bloomingdales illegal discretions.

Kelly Brown

We Provide Services to Bloomingdale and Dealt With Chronic Slow pay....We Discontinued Our Service and Are Now Still Owed
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Rating: 1/51

CHEVY CHASE, MARYLAND -- For almost 6 years we provided to Bloomingdale (at their request) weekly pick up and delivery service for repair service for shoes and handbags. All went well at first and we collected at each delivery the amount owed for repairs then turned into a slow pay and then a slower pay...much time was wasted on collecting and many promises were made to improve and get to timely payment...then all payments stopped.

After listening to hollow promises for too long we discontinued the service but the balance owed is almost $1000.00 for services we have provided. Emails and phone calls are not effective. The Better Business Bureau locally forwarded our complaint to the BBB in the city where the headquarters is located and that BBB does not handle B to B complaints.. We have a staff of three and we can no longer waste production time chasing them...nor sit in small claims if that is even possible since we are told "it is headquarters" to blame and they are many states away!

Terrible shopping experience
By -

Bloomingdales have put me through a kafkaesque situation and I could not place an order.

I have lost a lot of time and some money in calls. Bloomingdales have lost a 2.8 k order. And a client. 

First, I have tried to buy online.  When I have finished and have include 34 items in my shopping cart and given all personal info and credicard, my order was not accepted. No clear info why, seems to be a credit card issue.

I called my credit card company on US. No problem on their side. Call Bloomingdales after trying the live chat (by the way, very poor service) and they explained me that the problem was the IP origin, I was acessing from Brasil and this is not accepted.

WHY THERE WAS NO INFO REGARDING THAT ON THE WEBSITE???? Why not showing a message before I include 34 items in the shopping cart????

Well, in a stupid decision, I follow the suggestion from the chat representative to place my order by phone. And I have done that!!  34 items with a very patiente representative. She told everything was OK and placed the order. I gave her my brazillian phone. She said nothing about it.

As I received no status from my order I called again. Discover that my email address was spelled wrongly and my order cancelled, but that I could replace it, however many items were not available any more. Well, I gave all personal and credit info again, billing address, shipping address, both on US. And my brazillian phone again. And I got happy because the info was OK, as she told me. 

It wasn't. I received a message saying there was a problem on my order, to call customer service. I did, and the representative explained there was a problem in my credit card, that do not accept my order. I called my credit card. No problem in their side again, they told me that the order was accepted.

I called again customer service. New info then, the problem was that the phone I gave did not match with the credit card phone record. I called again the credit card, confirm the phone. 

Called again customer service, inform the phone number as register on the credit card. And received the last stroke. I should provide a phone in US that should be register in my name where Bloomingdales could reach me. As I do not have a US phone, I would not be able to buy.


By the way,  I have placed an order same day at Bergdorf Goodman. They have already ship it!!!  I have bought before at Amazon and Net a Porter and have never faced problems.

OnLine Order
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Rating: 1/51

TEXAS -- I placed an online order at Bloomingdale's on line with expedited delivery for an additional shipping fee. I paid for delivery today or tomorrow. I just received an email telling me delivery won't be until Monday. No explanation, no reason. I need my order before Monday, that's why I paid extra for expedited shipping. It's my first and last order with Bloomingdale'. So frustrated!

Rude Collection Agency
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Rating: 1/51

NY, NEW YORK -- I see the same complaints on Macy's and Bloomingdale's websites about the barbaric collection agency they use.

Who do we contact besides the BBB and Attorney General's office?
Why is there no number to speak with customer Service? Why have these companies gone down hill so rapidly?

Bad in so many ways
By -

Yesterday I tried to order some cosmetics online. No problem with my profile pulling up, all correct information. When I tried to check out however, it asked for a 5-digit zip code. The zip code was correct, and after a couple of phone calls, I was told that their system did not read the 0 in the zip code (leaving out a good part of the country with a zip code starting with 0). Then I tried placing the order by phone, and my Bloomingdale's credit card was declined, much to my surprise as I had no balance. Turned out they reduced my credit limit because I hadn't used the card in a couple of years (mind you, I had just finished paying on a 0%/1 year purchase). What the credit limit was reduced to, nobody could tell me, though I know it was below $143, as that was the amount of the purchase. I am not sure my credit limit would allow me to buy a lollipop. They said I could use another credit card or requalify for theirs, not bloody likely! I cancelled my card and told them to go to hell. Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and Saks are happy to take my money.

False Advertising
By -

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- This morning (Saturday, 7/31/10), my wife and I went to the Bloomingdale's in Boca Raton for their advertised, “One Day Home Sale.” We were told that one of the items we wanted (Wusthof Gourmet 14-pc block set closeout) was sold out at a Pre Sale prior to this One Day Home Sale. What? My wife and I traveled from Delray Beach to buy this item, only to find out that their one day home sale was false advertising.

We were going to purchase other items, but after this, walked out of the store absolutely disgusted with the way Bloomingdale's does business.

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